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12-21-04  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!
    Sorry for the lack of updates lately, folks.  Between our real job and getting ready for the holidays, it's been pretty hectic here at the Krypt.  But we're looking forward to having a couple of downtime days this weekend, relaxing with the family, and maybe even watching some movies.
    Another year gone.  I want to thank everyone for their support and emails.  We had a great year and looking forward to an even better one next year.  So thanks again, and wishing you and your families a happy and safe holiday.

    Once again, we have lost some great people this last year who contributed much to the horror genre, whether they were in front of the camera or behind it.  These people will always be remembered by us horror fans for their work and will live on.  You are missed: Larry Buchanan, Sheila Keith, Janet Leigh, Fay Wray, George "Buck" Flowers, Max J. Rosenberg, and Robert A. Burns.

    It's really been awhile since we've updated this.  The last pic was from Hammer's PARANOIAC, starring Oliver Reed.  Unfortunately, we received no correct answers.
    We have a new photo up, one with a considerable less budget....Give it a try and let us know. 

    We will be giving away a free copy one this great movie.  This is probably the best zombie comedy that I have seen since RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD.
    So how do you get your chance at this packed DVD?  This is going to be a tough one.  All you need to do is click HERE and tell us your name (real names please) and your favorite zombie movie.  Your name will then be entered into our drawing.  If your name is pulled, then you win.  It's that simple.  Good Luck!

    For fans of the Tales From The Crypt comic books, movie, or HBO series, here is one DVD really needs to be in your collection.  Check out our review section for our take on this must have DVD.

    One of the true kings of low budget filmmaking, Larry Buchanan passed away last Thursday, December 2nd.  He was 81.  Stories of Buchanan and his guerrilla filmmaking ways are amazing.  While his films may not be top notch, we have always found entertainment in there.  And isn't that what counts after all?
    He will be missed, but the legacy of his movies will always be a part of my collection.  Here's what Roger Corman had to say about Mr. Buchanan.

"I have known Larry Buchanan and his work for over 30 years. He is one of the most inventive directors I have ever known. He is a maverick filmmaker who uses any guerrilla tactic in his arsenal to get his pictures to the screen. He is a quintessential survivor in independent cinema, while never compromising his reputation as a gentleman. In short, Larry cares for films, for his players, and for his craftspeople."

    My little section called Famous Moments, a place where you can input your own little anecdotes of movie memories that left an impact on you, has been taken down.  The reason is simple.  Somebody liked to use it for an advertising link, posting new entries almost everyday with advertising and links.  With that format, it's really hard for me to edit them out.
    So until I change it over to a message board type, where they can be easily deleted, that section has been taken down.

    Another day of high-class entertainment...well, kind of.  Once again, we didn't get to as many movies as we'd hope.  But this was for a good reason this time.  We kind of went off the track a bit and threw in a movie that didn't fit the "Turkey" title that we had going.  And that was THE DEADLY SPAWN.  It's been years since seeing this early 80's classic, and now that it's come out on a beautiful looking DVD, we decided to throw that in to break some of the turkey overload we were doing.  And of course, we were so impressed with the movie and DVD, that we basically re-watched the movie again with one of the audio commentaries, which was also extremely entertaining.
    But we did get through the uber-turkey film of them all, THE GIANT CLAW.  It amazes me that the cast could even keep a straight face during filming.  Unless maybe the shots of the giant bird wasn't shown to them until after their filming was done.  Then we watched NIGHT OF THE LEPUS, staying in the animal theme.  Once again, kudos to Janet Leigh, Stuart Whitman, and Rory Calhoun for being able to keep a straight face while giant rabbits rampaged through the towns.  Then we fought like hell to stay awake for Ray Dennis Steckler's INCREDIBLE STRANGE CREATURES WHO STOPPED LIVING AND BECAME MIXED UP ZOMBIES.  Man, is that a tough one to sit through.  Then we finished up with another turkey classic, BLOOD FREAK.  I'd love to have known what those religious producers were thinking when they came up with that idea.
    So, that's it for another year of turkeys.  Not to say you can't enjoy these any time during the year.  Though I'm starting to think that watching all these turkeys back to back might be doing something detrimental to my health.

    Since we were so blown away from watching DEADLY SPAWN after all these years, we quickly had to add it to our Reviews page.  We also have our review of the real special edition DVD of Peter Jackson's BAD TASTE.  Once you read this review, you're definitely going to want to pick this title up.

    We have also added a review up for Leslie Halliwell's THE DEAD THAT WALK in our Reference Review Section, under General Reference Books.  Don't worry, this won't be a book you'll need to run out and find.

    We all know the Tales From The Crypt moniker, whether it's from the comics, the movies, or the HBO series.  But if you want to learn the history behind these groundbreaking comics and their creators, who were quickly silenced for 'corrupting the children' for the 50's.  But their work lives on, even today.
    Now there is a documentary that gives all the details of these great comics and the men behind them.  It's simply called TALES FROM THE CRYPT - FROM COMIC BOOKS TO TELEVISION.  It has the full length documentary, showing stuff that wasn't on the broadcast version, interviews with EC artists, director George Romero, and much more, giving you 4 hours of horror history of a very important part of the horror genre.  Check out their website HERE for more information.

    The Wasteland crew have added some more great additions to their guest list for their April show.  They've added the one and only Count Yorga, Robert Quarry!  But not only did Quarry star in the YORGA films, but also worked with Vincent Price on DR. PHIBES RETURNS and MADHOUSE, as well as being in SUGAR HILL and the great DEATHMASTER.
    And then there's Sybil Danning.  I think all Wasteland fans are familiar with Danning from her many, many genre roles.  Whether it's in the horror genre, action, sci-fi, sword & sandal, she's made quite a few classic films.
    And rounding out the rest of the guest list are John "Bud" Cardos, Greydon Clark, Gary Kent, Marilyn Eastman, Karl Hardman, Kyra Schon, Bill Hinzman, Reggie Bannister & Gigi Porter, Eileen Dietz, William Smith, and of course Tom Sullivan.
    For more information about the one convention that you should never miss, click HERE!  Come on out and join the fun, and see how a show should be done!

    Any Chicago area horror fans looking for something to give your holidays more of a gruesome spin?  Well the fine folks at the Gene Siskel Film Center are having a Occult Cult Films series, and will be playing some awesome titles.  Want to see the British film BLOOD ON SATAN'S CLAW on the big screen?  How about rare film BURN, WITCH, BURN?  Or maybe even Jacques Tourneur's I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE?  Well, below is a listing of all the films and the times that they are playing.  Not sure how many of the titles were going to catch, but we're going to hit as many as we can.  It's not often one can see THE CONQUEROR WORM from a 35mm print.

Dec. 3rd at 6:15pm
Dec. 7th at 8pm

Dec. 3rd at 8:15pm
Dec. 6th at 6pm

Dec. 11th at 5:15pm
Dec. 13th at 8:15

Dec. 17th at 8:30pm
Dec. 21st at 8:15pm

Dec. 27th at 8:15pm
Dec. 29th at 6pm

Jan. 3rd at 8pm
Jan. 5th at 6:30pm

Jan. 3rd at 6:30pm
Jan. 4th at 8:15pm

    As I'm sure a lot of you have heard that there are plans to remake EVIL DEAD, with Sam Raimi producing through his Ghost House company.  I've been reading a lot of message board comments about fans wanting to string Raimi up for this.  I'm kind of surprised that he would still be held in such high regard when he hasn't done anything in the horror genre (not counting their remake of JU-ON) since ARMY OF DARKNESS (and was that really horror?)  Raimi has never been a big horror fan, and has said on many occasions that they only reason they started out with a horror movie was they thought it would be easier to get their foot in the door by doing that.  So why the big deal?  So, yea he has made some good movies, by why the dedication to a guy that hasn't directed a horror movie in over 10 years?
    In Variety, Rob Tapert recently stated, "For ones that work, or for quality product, it has a very long life. Where most films need to be blockbusters to have a 10-20 year life span on video and DVD, a good horror film can generate a steady stream of video revenue even with very little theatrical gross."
    That is why they are doing these remakes.  Producers are the ones that make money off the movies.  By producing the films, they can have the long term returns.  And let's not forget people, Hollywood is a business.  Always has been, always will be.  Maybe years ago, they allowed some talents in there, and still do today to a smaller degree.  But mostly, it all comes down to the $$$.

    Okay, we've updated to a new photo.  Hoby Abernathy correctly guessed the last photo, which was from Richard Stanley's DUST DEVIL.  Check out the new one and see what you think.

    This week in 1984, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET opened in the US....that was 20 years ago!

    Midnight Marquee Press has been publishing great books for years.  And now they've recently added some other great titles.  We have several of their books in our collection and plan on adding quite a few more, especially the new on on Michael Reeves and ITALIAN HORROR title.  How can you go wrong there?  Click HERE to get to their website to place your orders.  Trust me, these would make great presents for any horror fan.


11-14-04  JU-ON REVIEW
    We have a review of the original Japanese version that just came out on DVD.  Check out our Review section to read all about it.

    You've read (hopefully) about the book and the DVD GREASEPAINT AND GORE here on our site.  If you haven't gotten both of them, now is your chance to save a little money.  Tomahawk is having a sale if you buy both the book and DVD together.  Yes the postage is going to cost you a bit, but these are well worth it to have in your collection if you are a fan of Hammer and British horror.  You can check out Tomahawk's website HERE.
    With new books coming out next year on the film NIGHT OF THE DEMON, as well as on Hazel Court, makeup artist Bob Keen, and THE WICKER MAN, they are something to be on the lookout for.

    We do want to apologize for leaving out someone who did send in the correct answer for our last Photo.  Apparently there was some sort of mix-up and we lost the email.  So we send out a belated congrats to Rick Hayden for getting the LOST CONTINENT photo.  Not only did Rick know the photo, he actually loves the movie as well.  Nice to know there's more of us out there.

    For those who haven't discovered it yet, we have a section called FAVORITE MOMENTS.  This is a forum where you the viewer can submit your own memories of what scared you.  Feel free to head on over there (the link is on the left under Features) and let us know what scared you.
    But also, the main reason for this note is to please ask people not to use this section or our Guest Book as a place to advertise your own site.  I don't mind leaving an email or website address, as long as your adding something to it, and not just doing a blatant self plug.  If you do, these will be deleted.

    Well, we made it through another Halloween season.  Our weekend marathon last week wasn't as extensive as I'd hope, mainly since we spent most of the day Sunday watching Bravo's 100 Scariest Movie Moments.  With all those commercials, I should have just taped it and came back to watch it afterwards.  But no, I just sat there for the whole 5 hours, watching them back to back.
    While there were a few titles that I didn't necessarily agree with, like having the remake of THE RING in there instead of the original RINGU, for the most part is was okay.  Since they had JAWS as number 1, I couldn't really complain about that.  Though they did have SCREAM higher than HALLOWEEN???  How can that be?  I'm guessing the audience they were polling was a little younger than I expected.  And I was really surprised to see AUDITION at #11.  I guess that some of these cult foreign movies are not only just hip with the kiddies.  I have the whole list posted on our Message Board.  Feel free to add in your own comments, what they missed, what you think shouldn't have been in there, or just your comments.
    And now that Halloween is over, we are now working on our schedule for our 2nd Annual Turkey Day Marathon.  We started this last year, and decided to make it an annual event.  With a slight nod to MST3K who used to have their marathons on Comedy Central over the Thanksgiving weekend, we spend the Friday after Thanksgiving watching some of the bad movies in our collection.  So far on this year's schedule is THE GIANT CLAW, NIGHT OF THE LEPUS, and Ray Dennis Steckler's INCREDIBLE STRANGE CREATURES WHO HAVE STOPPED LIVING AND BECAME MIXED-UP ZOMBIES.
    If you want, go over to our Message Board and give us some suggestions, or maybe what you might be watching in your own Turkey-Day Marathon.

    We've got reviews up of KILLER CROCODILE (with part 2 coming soon) and the import release of DERANGED.  Check them out HERE!

    Sorry folks, but didn't realize that it's been over a month since out last Mystery Photo update.  No winning entries this time, except for Mr. Ken Kish of Cinema Wasteland.  It was the Hammer film THE LOST CONTINENT, which is a very bizarre and strange film for them, but one that I highly recommend.
    Check out the newest pic and give it a guess.

    We have inducted a new member to the Society of Mad Scientists: Dr. Herbert West.  We hope to have more inductees coming soon.  Check our newest member HERE.

    Check out this official site for this new Italian horror film called RED RIDING HOOD, which has recently been picked up by MTI Home Video for release.  It was written by Ovidio Assonitis, who brought us the awesome...well, entertaining...uhh....the movie TENTACLES (come on, what's more scarier than Shelly Winters?!?!), and with Sergio Salvati as the DP.  Fulci fans know that name from his work with him on films like HOUSE BY THE CEMETARY.
    Click HERE for the official site.  The trailer looks pretty interesting.  Maybe the Italian film market is making a comeback???

    The horror genre has lost another great actor.  Sheila Keith might not have been world famous with the movies that she made, but to fans of British horror films of the 70's, she was one not easily forgotten.  She first really came to light as the sadistic warden in Peter Walker's HOUSE OF WHIPCORD (1974).  She would go on to make a total of 5 films with Walker.  Later that same year came Walker's FRIGHTMARE (released on video here in the States as FRIGHT MARE 2).  This is probably her most known work, and her best, where she plays the cannibalistic mother who just can't get enough of those brains.  She also was in Walker's THE CONFESSIONAL (a very underrated, and very twisted film), COMEBACK, and HOUSE OF THE LONG SHADOWS, where she acted along with Peter Cushing, Vincent Price, Chirstopher Lee and John Carradine.
    In his book Making Mischief: The Cult Films of Peter Walker, author Steve Chibnall said this about Keith, "Sheila Keith gives (writer) McGillivray's most inspired creation a terrifying life with a performance of demonic intensity."  While she hadn't worked in few years, her short career still had quite an impact on the genre, and will definitely be missed.
    If you haven't experienced any of Keith's work, you should definitely seek out FRIGHTMARE and / or HOUSE OF WHIPCORD, which are currently available on DVD.

    We did journey through the land of Ohio to experience our first all-night movie marathon.  And I must say we did have a great time.  We didn't stay for all the screenings, but hit the ones that we wanted to see the most.  And that was for SAW and THE MACHINIST.  Without going overboard, let's just say that I thought SAW was great.  You need to see it.  As for THE MACHINIST, actor Christian Bale should get some sort of an award for what he put himself through for that movie.  The man lost around 60 pounds for the role.   There are some scenes of him standing in his underwear which is extremely disturbing.  But that is just a small part of what makes this movie exceptional.  The storyline is great, and once again, director Brad Anderson shows that he can make one hell of an atmospheric film.
    We did all we could to try and sleep through GOZU, Takashi Miike's lastest film to hit the States, but just couldn't drop off.  From the parts of it that I did see, it looks pretty silly.  We did stay awake for Argento's DEEP RED.  The print wasn't the greatest, with the second reel really being deep red, but it was still cool watching that one the big screen.
    Since they were running behind, they canned the screening of THE INCREDIBLE 2-HEADED TRANSPLANT, which we really wanted to see.  We also wanted to stay for RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD, but since they just started CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, which we had no desire to see, and it was already daylight, we decided to call it a night...or morning, and head back home.  With a 7-hour drive ahead of us, without having any sleep over the past 24 hours, we knew it was going to be a tough drive...and it was.
    I'm sure we'll be planning on making that same trip out next year and do it all over again.  Maybe this time we'll stay for the whole thing....

Well, it seems that you need to update your domain register every year.  Apparently, since changing over to comcast, we forgot to update our email contact address.  So when they sent us the email to update it, we never got it.  This cause our site to go down for a couple of days earlier this week.  Sorry for that, but everything is back under our control...for what that's worth.

    Yes, believe it or not, but it's been 6 whole years since we started this little piece of the web for our little ramblings.  We appreciate the support everyone has given us over the years.  A little while back, we mentioned a big trivia contest for our anniversary.  While I was hoping to have it ready for the exact date, with all the other Halloween season stuff going on, I've been too busy to have it done.  But it still is coming.  I'm hoping to have it done by Halloween.  But since this weekend is going to be spent watching a bunch of movies (see below), I'm not sure how much I'll get done.  But none the less, it's coming sooner or later.  Stay tuned.

    If you were like me and were very disappointed in what Anchor Bay called their release of Peter Jackson's amazing debut a 'special edition', then your prayers have been answered as well.  Now before you get too excited, this is an import release, a region 4 PAL release.  But if you have a multi-region player, then just check out the extras on this recent release of BAD TASTE:

  • Anamorphic Widescreen version (1.66:1)

  • Audio commentary by actors Craig Smith, Mike Minett, Pete O'Herne, and Terry Potter

  • "Good Taste Made Bad Taste" Featurette

  • "Behind the scenes" slideshow presented by Peter Jackson

  • Interviews with Pete O'Herne, Terry Potter, Mike Minett, and Craig Smith

  • Audio interview with composer Michelle Scullion

  • TV news clip

  • Photo Gallery

  • Trailer

    Now that is what I call a special edition.  Interested?  Then send your order to our buddy Tony at Xploited Cinema (Tell him we sent you!) and sit back and enjoy.  Our copy is already on it's way here, and we can't wait to hear the audio commentary with the Boys.

    Are you fans of stylish and atmospheric mood music?  Need some background for your gothic castle or dungeon?  Then you need to check out the latest release from Nox Arcana.  If you've heard of and enjoy Midnight Syndicate, then this is right up your alley.
    Their newest release is called NECRONOMICON, which is the title of the book that H.P. Lovecraft wrote about, being the book of rituals and lost knowledge.  This cd has music based on Lovecraft's work.
    We have their first release and really enjoyed it.  So if this is anything like the first one, it's well worth it.  You can order it from their website.


    I've posted a little note in our Message Board about what you are planning to watch during the Halloween weekend.  Our final titles are still being discussed amongst here at the Krypt.  Go to our Message Board and let us know what's on your plate for next weekend.

    Well, it seems that Universal hires some of the same clueless people to work on their dvd releases as 20th Century Fox does.  On the liner notes for the recently released CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON Legacy collection release, they give a brief overview of each of the three films.  In REVENGE OF THE CREATURE, they say that John Agar plays the creature. Actually Agar plays Professor Ferguson, while the creature was played by Tom Hennesy and Ricou Browning.  And in CREATURE WALKS AMONG US, it states that the creature was played by Jeff Morrow. Once again, they're wrong. Morrow plays Dr. Barton, while the creature is played by Ricou Browning and Don Megowan.
    So once again, what is it?  It is that they have someone who just doesn't know what they're writing about?  Or is it that they just don't care?  For us fans, these films really are the classics.  And I think they should be treated a little bit better, other than just some cash cow for these studios.  But then, as we all know, it's all about how many they sell, not whether it's accurate or not.
    A special thanks to Stephen Weakley for letting us know about this.  It's nice to know there's more of us out there.

    For fans of awesome soundtracks, the folks at La-La Records are having a sale on some great titles at some great prices.  They are featuring their releases of RE-ANIMATOR and FROM BEYOND for $15.98 each, while CREEPSHOW, THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT, TERROR TRACT, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, CABIN FEVER, SAINT SINNER, and THEY are only $9.98 each!  You can read our reviews for most of these releases if you're not sure, but I can tell you that the CREEPSHOW soundtrack is a must for everyone.  But don't wait too long since the sale ends November 1st.  You can order them from their website HERE.

In case you're going, we will be heading out to Columbus Ohio to witness this awesome lineup of films at this year's movie marathon.  We are very excited to see not only SAW and THE MACHINIST, but also to see DEEP RED on the big screen, as well as RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD once again.  They are also screening THE INCREDIBLE 2-HEADED TRANSPLANT, CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST (nap time for me!), GOZU (Takashe Miike's newest), and THE LAST HORROR MOVIE.
    So there will be plenty of enough entertainment to go around.  If you're going, just look for the long haired man they call Stone, and I'll be the one next to him...with no hair....
    For more info about the show, click HERE.

    Check out Lions Gate's official horror site, which now features some cool shirts from their movie SAW.  I may just have to pick up one of those with the severed foot....what a nice shirt to wear to first!

10-17-04  H.H. HOLMES REVIEW
    Just a little bit of an update for now.  We've added a review to a great documentary on the serial killer from the late 1800's, H. H. Holmes.  Check it out in our review section.  We should have a bigger update in a couple of days.

    And while on the subject of documentaries, at the end of this month, there is a new documentary coming out that covers the history of Tales From The Crypt.  From the comics, to the movies and television.  The website will officially open this Wednesday.  So save this site, and check it out then.  These magazines were a very important part in our horror history.

    While browsing some news sites, I came across this interview with Jeff Katz, an executive at New Line Cinema, at the Creature-Corner website.  Katz was talking about the sequel to FREDDY VS JASON, and the possibility of Ash from the EVIL DEAD series being introduced.  Creature-Corner asked if New Line was worried that bringing in the Ash character from a series that wasn't that successful at the box office might too obscure for mainstream audiences.  He replied:

Katz: It’s not about box office and what would make for the most commercial sequel. It’s about delivering a story that will be better than the first and a story that makes sense given the continuity of the franchises.

It's not about box office???  Not about the money???  How stupid do they think we are?  Movies have always been about making money.  Do you think someone would want to invest $10 million on something that they 'may' make their money back?  It's all about the money.  Always has been, always will be.  Hollywood is a business, plain and simple.  Let's not forget that.  So when some executive says they're more worried about giving a good story then making money, that is your first clue that it's a line of bullshit.   

    We have finished out little review of the latest show from the Wasteland crew.  Check it out in our Convention section.

    This last one was another tough one, though Mr. Terry Luster did let me know at the Wasteland show that he recognized the eye-shot from Jess Franco's FACELESS.
    We are going with another tough one this time out.  Come on, we have to keep you thinking, right?  Give it a look and see what you think, or if you are...lost?

    In two weeks, we will be heading to Ohio to witness the all-night horror movie marathon held at the Drexel Theatre in Columbus.  In the last week, they have confirmed a couple of premieres that will add very nicely to the already great lineup.  Here's what they have confirmed:


    We were almost not going to make it with the recent auto repairs that I've had, but when they added SAW and THE MACHINIST, I knew we had to make it out there for the trip.  For more information, check out their website HERE.  Hope to see you there!

10-5-04  JANET LEIGH - R.I.P.
    Janet Leigh pass away yesterday.  Obviously best known for her role in Alfred Hitchcock's PSYCHO, but she was also in John Carpenter's very underrated THE FOG.  And of course there's always NIGHT OF THE LEPUS, but for some reason I don't see that being mentioned in her obits.  Leigh had been suffering from an inflammation of the blood vessels, according to the Daily News.
    But none the less, she was great in the movies, and it's a shame to see the horror genre lose another one of it's most memorable scream queens.  She was 77 years old.

    It still amazes me that it has been 5 years since Ken & Pam started their little show.  And each year, it's better and better.  And as always, we had a great time with the guests, the great flicks, seeing old friends and meeting new ones.  Thanks for everyone stopping by and saying hi.  We'll see you there next April.  Our official report will be up very soon.
    Speaking of which, you might want to mark your calendars now for the show.  The Wasteland crew is pulling out some more great guests.  Are you fans of Al Adamson's SATAN'S SADIST?  Well John "Bud" Cardos and Greydon Clark will be there.  Fans of the low budget films will know these names.  Not only did they work on SATAN'S SADIST, but they have done tons of other stuff in the genre.  Just check out their credits on the Internet Movie Database.  Whether they were acting, directing, doing stunts or production work, they have been involved in a great number of classics.
    And speaking of classics, the one and only Reggie Bannister will be attending the April show.  We all know him from the PHANTASM series, but he was also in the recent BUBBA HO-TEP.
    And how about William Smith?  If you don't know the name, you'll know the face.  The guy was the father of Conan for Christ's sakes!  Not to mention being in the classic GRAVE OF THE VAMPIRE, and tons of other great cult classics.
    Other guests so far are Elieen Dietz, Marilyn Eastman, Karl Hardman, and Tom Sullivan.

    And while we're pimping conventions, we figured we'd give a plug to our buddy Ghastlee who is holding another Scary Camp show next May.  We had a fun time last year, and are planning to return again to Dayton to do it again next year.  So far, Ghastlee has these guests lined up:  Dee Wallace Stone, Ted V. Mikels, Tom Savini, Sid Haig, Kyra Schon, Bill Hinzman, Reggie Bannister, Irwin Keyes, Sharon Ceccatti-Hill and Clayton Hill, and more to come.  Check out there website HERE for updates.

    Just as a reminder for those who have forgotten, but next weekend is the Cinema Wasteland Show.  Yea, it may seem like I'm always pimping this show, but if you've been there before, then you know why I do.  It is simply the show that we have the most fun at.  We've been there since the beginning, all those 5 years ago when Ken & Pam started it, and have never had a show where we didn't have a great time.  From seeing our old friends, making new ones, watching great movies until the wee hours of the morning, doing the meet-and-greet with the guests, and of course browsing the dealer room, it is always a great time.  If you've never experienced it, then you are missing out.  Give it a won't be disappointed.
    For more information about the fall show, click on the banner below.  Hope to see you there!

    Believe it or not, but next month will be our 6th year here at the Krypt.  Yea, it's hard for us to even believe that we've been at this since 1998.  A lot of great websites have come and gone since we've started this, and to be honest, I never thought that I would still be running this for this long.  But running this site has always been what I started it out to be, and that is fun.  There's nothing more enjoyable then hearing some of the feedback I get from people reading through my ramblings on these pages.  Plus it gives me a chance to meet other fans throughout the world, whether it's at conventions or just thorugh email.
    So to mark this milestone, we are working on a huge contest that will start on our anniversary date, which is October 19th.  We're not really sure exactly what we are going to be doing, but we will be pulling some cool things out of our prize coffin.  Stay tuned!

    Next month, Ohio fans will have three different Horror Movie Marathons happening, though two of them are on the same the same town...But hey, there's not such thing as too much of a good time, right?
    The first one is the Incredible 2-Headed Horror Marathon at the Drexel Grandview Theater in Columbus.  It starts on Saturday night, October 23rd at 10pm, and runs until noon the next morning.  The final film is hasn't been finalized yet, but they have confirmed the titles THE INCREDIBLE 2-HEADED TRANSPLANT, Dan O'Bannon's RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD, either DEEP RED or SUSPIRIA, and Takashi Miike's GOZU.  There are also working on getting other titles like UNDEAD, HAUTE TENSION, THE LAST HORROR MOVIE, and a few others.  Check out their website HERE for more details and updates.
    The next one is Nightmare at Studio 35, also in Columbus, and also the same night.  They are featuring the films THE EXORCIST, SHAUN OF THE DEAD, CREEPSHOW, RINGU, INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS, YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, BLACULA, and others.  Check out their website HERE for more info.
    And then the last one, which takes place in Delaware, Ohio, is the Strand Theatre's All-Night Shriek-O-Rama.  That starts on October 30th, and runs until noon the next day.  Their lineup includes LASERBLAST, OCTOMAN, HORROR EXPRESS, JENNIFER, UNDERTAKER AND HIS PALS, and more.  While they don't have anything up on their website yet about this, keep checking HERE for updates.
    Remember folks, if we don't help support things like this, they will go away.  We will making the trip out to Ohio for the Incredible 2-Headed Horror Marathon this year to give it a try.  Seeing that many movies in one night, you really can't go wrong with any of these.

    I just wanted to make one more little comment about this whole thing.  I did pick up the DVD for ALLIGATOR PEOPLE when it came out.  And much to my surprise and disgust, when I read the synopsis on the back of the DVD, I just shook my head.  It says:
    "A young wife (Beverly Garland) is abandoned by her husband (Lon Chaney) on their wedding day."
    So I suppose I shouldn't be that upset since they at least mentioned Lon Chaney's name.  Granted it was the wrong character they were talking about, but its something, huh?
    Apparently the people working at 20th Century didn't watch the movie, or maybe just didn't care that much to make sure everything was correct.  So should I be that upset?  I guess not really.  I just get more depressed that there's probably quite a few of us fans out there that would dive at the chance to work on DVDs like this.  But instead, they get someone who hasn't see the movie, let alone like it, and the real fans like us just sit at our computers and complain...ahhh, what a wonderful life.  I guess we should be grateful that they released in 2.35:1 ratio.  Okay, I'll shut up now about the whole thing....

    Hate to exclude the rest of the world, but I guess you're still welcome to come out if you want to!  But the Music Box Theatre has got some great midnight shows coming up that I wanted to mention.  The first 2 weekends in October (1st & 2nd and the 8th & 9th), they will be screening Dario Argento's SUSPIRIA.  On October 15th & 16th and 22nd & 23rd, they will be playing the original TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE.  On November 5th & 6th and 12th & 13th, they will be showing EVIL DEAD 2.
    For those of you haven't seen these films on the big screen, especially something like SUSPIRIA or TCM, you really want to experience this.  Seeing them on the big screen is nothing like seeing them on your TV.
    For more information about the Music Box Theatre, check out there website HERE.

    We forgot to update this last time.  This last one seemed to be a tough one, since no one sent in a correct answer.  That bloody face in this last photo was that of the late, great Oliver Reed, after taking a header into the car windshield.  Pretty nasty, huh?  It was the from the film BURNT OFFERINGS, which also starred Karen Black, Bette Davis, and Bergess Meredith.
    Well, this new one is another nice head shot...sorry, I must be reading too many old Famous Monsters...Enjoy!

    Spanish horror icon Paul Naschy will see his film ROJO SANGRE released here in the states by Fangoria International.  The film is about a old actor who is down and out, who goes a little crazy, impersonating some famous butchers, such as Jack the Ripper and Ivan the Terrible, to torture people who are out to get him.  Fangoria is partnered with Media Blasters, and they plan to put out a DVD loaded with extras.  Fango editor Tony Timpone says, "After Christopher Lee, Paul Naschy is the last classic international horror star.  Like THEATER OF BLOOD did for Vincent Price, ROJO SANGRE serves as the ultimate expression of Naschy’s nearly 40-year career in fear. Naschy’s films have been butchered in the U.S. in the past, with bad dubbing, senseless editing and unnecessary censoring. Thanks to our partnership with Media Blasters, we will finally do Naschy justice."
    Not only starring in the movie, but like a lot of his films, Naschy also wrote this one as well.  Naschy told Fango, "I wanted ROJO SANGRE to be a very interesting movie, with a hard mix between the reality of life and fantastic elements—the devil’s world.  I also wanted to represent contemporary Spain and the big lies that plague show business. Horror fans will find in ROJO SANGRE a new vision in a complex genre."
    For a review of the movie, along with just about everything else you'd want to know about Paul Naschy, you can find at Mark of Naschy website.
    After the seeing the results of Naschy's involvement in an American film, the terrible TOMBS OF THE WEREWOLF, it will great to see something that sounds like it will be another Naschy classic.  We are looking forward for this release.

    I'd like to say that after those last two conventions, we had to take a little break from this and rest up a bit, therefore no updates in two weeks.  But that's not really the case.  When I got this newest computer, it came with a DVD burner, so I've been playing around with that for the last week or so, trying to get some of these laserdiscs I have archived on DVD.  It's a little bit of work, but actually kind of fun, and well worth any of the hassels.  But now on to the update...

    Not to continue on my recent Ramblings about these newer horror fans that don’t seemed to know their history, but I recently read a review on one of these bigger horror sites that had me shaking my head.
    There was a review of ALLIGATOR PEOPLE, which is coming out on DVD next week.  The reviewer enjoyed the film, even in its cheesiness, so that’s always a good thing.  But no where in the review does he mention Lon Chaney Jr.  He does mention his character, saying “there’s this crazy guy who lives in the swamp”, but never says it was Chaney Jr.
    I’m not trying to sound anal about the whole thing, or criticize the reviewer, but how could they not mention the fact that Lon Chaney Jr. was in the movie, especially when they mention the character?  I don't think it was a case of just forgetting, since they mentioned the character twice in the review.  Plus, Chaney’s name is on the DVD cover.  It’s not like this is some no-name actor who was in the background of some of these low-budget features, but the guy who played the Wolf Man, not to mention Dracula, the Mummy, and Frankenstein!  It made me think that the reviewer really didn't know who Chaney Jr. was, which is really the shame of the whole thing.
    This is what I meant about fans not knowing their horror history.  Need some help, or want to know what to do, just ask.  Classes are starting soon!

    In our 2-week downtime, we've actually not only watched some movies, but also got some reviews written as well!  Imagine that!  This time out, we review the much talked about HAUTE TENSION and a great documentary on the men behind the Hammer monsters called GREASEPAINT AND GORE.  Check them out HERE.

    And here would be a great addition to the above Hammer documentary.  Next month (on the 5th), Image will be releasing FLESH & BLOOD: HAMMER HERITAGE OF HORROR.  This was released on video by Anchor Bay years ago, and is a great look at the studio that dripped blood.  It features interviews with the likes of Ray Harryhausen, Raquel Welch, Veronica Carlson, Jimmy Sangster, Caroline Munro, Ingrid Pitt, Val Guest, and more.  This documentary is narrated by Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, and is the last thing they worked on together.
    Once again, if you are a fan of Hammer Films, this is definitely a must for your collection.

    Issue #16 of the great Hammer magazine, Little Shoppe of Horrors, is now available.  They have also started their own website.  For ordering information, check out their website HERE.  Mr. Klemensen always puts out great magazines with tons of information for us Hammer fans.  Worth every penny.

    One of the double feature releases that MGM put out on their Midnight Movies series is the rare film THE GHOST OF DRAGSTRIP HALLOW.  While this film is one of those 'wacky' teen movies from the late 50's, it does feature a rare appearance of Paul Blaisdell, the man responsible for creating such monsters as the SHE-CREATURE and the aliens from INVASION OF THE SAUCER-MEN.  In this film, he was called upon once again from AIP for him to revamp his SHE-CREATURE costume to use for this film.  AIP did this before, mainly so they wouldn't have to spend the money to pay for a new costume.  But not only is the SHE-CREATURE back, but Blaisdell  basically plays the title character, trying to scare away the local kids.  It's probably the first 'Scooby-Doo Ending' ever done...even before Scooby Doo came out!
    So while it's only a brief glimpse, it's cool to add to the collection another film of this very underrated monster maker.

    Hopefully, during this 3-day weekend (for most of us), everyone is taking the time to enjoy some movies.  And if you are, you may want to throw in a couple of these two in honor of their birthdays.  Tomorrow, the 6th, is Paul Naschy's birthday.  And then on the 7th, Dario Argento is celebrating his birthday.  So we are wishing them well on their birthdays, and hope to sneak in a one of two of their movies this weekend!

    If you are getting tired of the same ol' straight-to-video releases from Hollywood Video, then do yourself a favor and order up a copy of LADY TERMINATOR.  Consider it an early Christmas present to yourself.  This is one wacky ride of horror and action from this bizarre film from Indonesia, made back in 1989.  It's got it, horror, gore, and plenty of violence.
    Mondo Macabro USA is putting this out, so you know it'll be just like their other releases and look incredible.  They are releasing it in it's uncut & widescreen version, for the first time ever!  It will also contain a 30 minute documentary on Indonesia exploitation movies, trailers, alternate scenes, background information & still galleries.  This is a must for any collection of the unusual type of film.

    In case you  didn't notice, but October 1st is right around the corner.  And you haven't made your plans yet, now is the time to do it.  The Cinema Wasteland staff will put (once again) putting on one hell of a show in less than a month.  With guests like the four 'baddies' from LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, RABID start Marilyn Chambers (though I think she made some other movies too), David Durston & Lynn Lowry (director and star of I DRINK YOUR BLOOD), Don Edmond (director of a couple of those ILSA movies, among many others), Jeff Lieberman (director of BLUE SUNSHINE and the best killer worm movie out there...SQUIRM!), and many more, you don't want to miss out, do you?  Click HERE for more information about the show.  See you there!

    We have our pics up from the show last weekend.  Didn't get as many photos as we'd hope, but there's still some good ones in there.  Check them out in Convention Photos Section.

    We have also put up a new rambling, and no, it's not about autographs...really!  Check it out HERE.

    La-La Land Records have put out another great release.  This time, it's the 50th Anniversary edition from the original 1954 movie, and not that one with Raymond Burr running around either.  Check it out HERE.

    If you are a fan of the Kult Klassic film KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE, then Percepto Records is going to make your day.  Next month, Percepto will be releasing a deluxe edition CD that will have the entire score by John Massari, as well as the theme song from The Dickies.  The CD will also include a 24-page full color booklet covering the film, with interviews, rare photos.
    You can check out Percepto's website HERE.

    We have some entries in our Poster Gallery, both in Italian Gallery and the Misc. Gallery, that have some great artwork.  Check out the one for THE CHANGELING...boy, do I wish we have posters like that here!
    And speaking of posters, we have added quite a few more Turkish posters that we are selling.  Check them out HERE.  Remember, these go fast, so if you are interested, please email us right away.

    We have some copies of this great book on this interesting director.  ABEL FERRARA: THE MORAL VISION by Brad Stevens.  We have the hardcover version from FAB Press that retails at $40.  We are offering them for $30.  We only have a couple copies, so if you are interested, act fast.

    The last Photo showed Donald Pleasence getting munched by a mutant plant, from the film MUTATIONS.  When is that going to be hitting DVD???  Congrats to Terry Luster and Will Wilson for sending in the correct answers.
    Try your heads out on the newest pic HERE.

    Shortly before our little computer crash last month, we had sent the emails out to the winners of our Monster Legacy Trivia contests.  Also, thankfully we sent out the prizes before the crash, which had all the info as far as who won and their info.
    But in any case, we wanted to thank everyone who participated, and hope to have another contest up soon.  The answers for this one are below.

What Director Was Original Hired To Direct FRANKENSTEIN? - Robert Florey

What Is The Only Other Movie Where Bela Lugosi Played Count Dracula? - ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN

Who Was The Actor Who Kills Larry Talbot At The End Of The Movie? - Claude Raines

    Actress Fay Wray passed away over the weekend at the age of 96.  Of course, she is most known for her role in the original KING KONG.  But she also played in a few straight horror movies before KONG, such as DOCTOR X, THE VAMPIRE BAT, and MYSTERY OF THE WAX MUSEUM (all starring the great Lional Atwill), and even the best version of THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME, which some could consider horror.

    Well, if you did, here's the reasons why it was a good idea to do just that.  This October (19th), the Director's Cut DVD release will feature a 3-disc set as reported.  The film will be 20 minutes longer than the previous version, and will even feature a new audio commentary from del Toro.  But not only will it have all the features from the first 2-disc release, but also another 3+ hours of NEW STUFF!!!  Talk about a fan-boy's wet dream.  But as del Toro has said in many interviews, that is just what he is, a geeky fan boy, and wants put out something that he himself would love to get.  Got to give him credit for that...course he's a hell of a director to boot as well!
    The retail will be about $35, or you can the special gift set that comes with a bust of Hellboy from Sideshow, which will retail for around $60.
    I am so glad I didn't get that first release.  But could someone please tell me what they even bothered with releasing it like that in the first place?  Kind of like the UNDERWORLD double release, but at least with HELLBOY, the announcement of the second release was out there BEFORE the first release came out.  Where for UNDERWORLD, they announced it two weeks after the first release.  Don't they realize they are really pissing off their customers?  Or do they just care about making money...sorry, stupid question.

    This rare version of the Jekyll/Hyde story, starring Christopher Lee (in the lead role) and Peter Cushing was never released in the states here on video or laserdisc.  And now, with a release date of January of next year, Retromedia and Image Entertainment will be releasing it DVD.  It will have a digital letterbox transfer, original trailer and still gallery, along with a reproduction of the British pressbook that will come inside the package.
    This is actually a pretty good version of the Jekyll/Hyde story, even though the names have been changed (to protect the innocent).  Lee does a great job with this role, coming from the very prim & proper English gentleman, then going to his lab and shooting up!  And of course you have Peter Cushing in there as could you go wrong.  I would highly recommend adding this to any collection.
    Shame we couldn't get any commentary.  Maybe a British edition???

    I, for one, was excited to see Freddie Frances' THE CREEPING FLESH hit DVD over here.  It's always been a favorite of mine.  But since it has a $20 price tag (even at Best Buy), I've been putting off on adding to my collection...and now I know why.
    There seems to be a lot of British editions coming out over there with commentaries, but are missing that when the get over here.  And this one seems to be no difference.  There is a Region 0 PAL disc that contains audio commentary with Christopher Lee and Hammer historian Marcus Hearn.  The disc also contains the trailer for the film, along with trailers for some Hammer films as well.  In an anamorphic widescreen version, the disc will also have a 24 page booklet with rare stills and info about the whole story.
    Our buddies at Xploited Cinema has it listed for only $25.95, which is just a tad bit more than the American release that doesn't have the extras.  We're not sure of the picture quality comparison, but will probably be getting this from them for ourselves anyway, and will let you know.


    And while on the subject of British releases of British horror films, NIGHT OF THE BIG HEAT, which also stars Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee and directed by Terry Fisher, has also been released on a PAL Region 2 DVD.  I don't believe this has a release coming up here in the states, but am not sure.  I don't even think this has ever even hit video over here?  I remember getting my copy from AMC (back in the B.C. days).  But the release also contains commentary by Lee and Hearn, as well as screenwriter Pip and Jane Baker.  Once again, it has Hammer trailers along with it's own.  It also has a 4-page booklet with info about the movie.
    Xploited Cinema has a price of $25.95.

    Probably one of this best films, Balitmore Movie Mogul Don Dohler's classic tale of alien invasion arrives to DVD at the end of next month from Troma.  The disc will have audio commentary by Dohler, along with behind-the-scenes footage, outtakes and bloopers (these are always entertaining).  It will also have the original trailer from 1980.  I'm sure it will have a lot of other Troma related extras.  But who cares about that, as long as we get to see this long awaited title hit DVD!
    If you are not familiar with Dohler's work, I would highly suggest this film, or ALIEN FACTOR, which is also out on DVD.  You really can't go wrong with these home-grown low budget horrors.

    We wanted to get this little update done, or what started as little, before we left for Baltimore in a few days.  But with all this DVD news, we figured we put in our little two cents in like we always do.
    Anyway, as always, if you are going to Horrorfind, stop by and say hello!

    Sorry for the delay, but we finally got our review of the great time we had last weekend at the Flashback Weekend Convention.  Click HERE to get to our review or the Convention Photos link to the left.

    No correct answers were sent in for this last Mystery Photo.  What's up with that?  It was from Peter Walker's mucho underrated FRIGHTMARE (known as FRIGHTMARE II on video).  It's probably one of the better Walker films and should be in everyone's collection (This means you Hoby).  The film stars Walker regular Sheila Keith in one of her best roles.  Not to be missed.  We've put up a new one, so check it out HERE.

    We have a few Turkish posters that we are selling.  Check out the artwork on these on the link to the left.  Some of them are incredible.  We have more coming in soon and will update the pics when we get them.  Most of these are in mint condition.  Any questions, just drop us an email.

    We have a review up on the new DVD of trailers from Ban 1 Productions, entitled HORROR ON 42nd STREET.  Check it out in our Reviews Section.

    For any of you out there who, like me, use to spend many hours going through the horror section at the local video store (before BB), then you will remember the video in the big box of THE DEADLY SPAWN (aka THE RETURN OF THE DEADLY SPAWN).  While made on a very low budget, it was one bloody movie.
    And now it seems that it's finally going to see the light of day on DVD from Synapse Films this October (26th).  The film has been digitally remastered from the original 16mm camera negative.  It will also feature two different audio commentaries.  The first one is with producer / writer Ted Bohus.  The second one is with director / writer Douglas McKeown, producer / artist Tim Hilderbrant, actor Charles Hildebrandt, and FX artists John Dods and Tim Sullivan.  There will also be outtakes, an alternate opening sequence, theatrical trailer, and still galleries of the behind-the-scenes photos, makeup FX, and the premiere in New York City.
    We had recently picked up Synapse's release of LEMORA: A CHILD'S TALE OF THE SUPERNATURAL and were blown away by the quality.  We hadn't watched our old video tape of it in a long time, but just couldn't believe how great the print looks.  So we are very anxious to see this release coming from them.

    Yea, just after recovering from last weekend's show, next weekend we'll be loading up the Kyrpt-mobile and heading off to Baltimore for the Horrorfind Convention.  So once again, if you're out there, stop by and say hello....buying something would be nice too, but not necessary.

Yea, even though we are back online, we have been busy getting ready for the 3rd annual Flashback Weekend / Horro'Rama Drive-In Convention tomorrow.  In case you hadn't heard, headlining the show is the Father of the Dead, Mr. George Romero!  He will be there, as well as four stars from DAY OF THE DEAD.  Not to mention many more guests like Sid Haig and Bill Moseley (fresh from their filming Rob Zombie's DEVIL'S REJECTS), EVIL DEAD Makeup Genius Tom Sullivan, Joe Bob Briggs, Angela Bettis, Dee Wallace Stone, and many more.
    Not to mention that they will be having the Chicago premiere of Dario Argento's latest film THE CARD PLAYER and Tobe Hooper's TOOLBOX MURDERS!
    If you are planning on attending the show, as always, stop by our table and say hello.  You can check out more details on their website HERE.

    No?  Then what are you waiting for?  After many years of getting this started up, the Horror Channel now needs your help in telling your local cable, satellite providers, and whoever else, that you want the Horror Channel.  Click HERE to be taken to their petition page and do your part for the horror genre.
    And after you are done with that, check out their main site HERE.

    Well, not sure if anybody had the right answers sent in or not, since we might have lost any of those emails sent while we have having technical difficulties.  But none the less, it was a promo shot from THE FOUR SKULLS OF JONATHON DRAKE.  If you have seen this rare little gem, it's worth seeking out.
    For our new one, keeping with the skull theme (enough of a hint), check it out and see what you think.  Click HERE to see the new Photo.

    For Hammer fans, the names of Roy Ashton and Phil Leakey are very familiar names.  These are the two makeup genius that came up with some of the memorable monsters in our favorite Hammer films.  This DVD, entitled GREASEPAINT AND GORE: THE HAMMER MONSTERS OF PHIL LEAKEY AND ROY ASHTON, is a companion piece to the book of the same title by Bruce Sachs and Russell Wall (See our Review of this book in our Hammer Studios section in our Reference Library).  The DVD contains two different documentaries, one on each of these so underrated artists.  The one on Phil Leakey runs 80 minutes, while the one Ashton is 72 minutes.  There are interviews with tons of people from Hammer, such as Hazel Court, Barbara Shelley, Janette Scott, Eddie Powell, Christopher Lee, Freddie Francis, Jimmy Sangster and Val Guest.
    Unfortunately, this is only available in the UK and only from Tomahawk Media, and runs close to $40 in American currency, and is only Region 0 NTSC disc.  But none the less, I think I'll be ordering a copy for myself.  That just sounds too cool to pass up.
    Check out some of the other cool stuff this place is offering, like books on the making of THE WICKER MAN and CURSE OF THE DEMON, not to mention Hazel Court's autobiography.

    We have recently added a review for the made-for-TV movie TERROR TRACK in our Soundtrack Review section.  This release was put out by the fine people at La-La Land Records, who have consistently put out some great quality products...'nuff brown-nosing, there?  But serious, being a huge fan and collector of soundtracks, it's great to see some small outfit do such a great job all the time on their releases.  Keep up the good work fellas!
    And speaking of which, next month, they will be releasing the soundtrack for the original mother-of-all-monsters, GODZILLA.  This is the 50th Anniversary release of the original motion picture soundtrack that has been newly remastered.  This will feature the complete score, along with 4 extra bonus tracks.
    For more information, go to the La-La Land Records website.  They are taking pre-orders, and will be shipping the orders out August 4th.  With a great price of $13.98, you really can't go wrong if you're a fan of the Big G.

    I also wanted to mention that while we were without a computer for that last month, it didn't take long for our email box to get filled up (mainly with spam crap).  So if you had sent us an email about anything, most likely it got bounced back to you.  Well, now that things are back to normal, if you had sent us one and never got a reply, please send it again and we'll take care of it this time.

    Yea, I'm sure everybody knows that del Toro's HELLBOY hits DVD next week.  And I was very excited about picking it up.  Until I remembered that their is another special edition version coming out in November, with 3 dics this time.  Plus this also might be the uncut version, that has supposedly an extra 15 minutes of footage.
    With the studios putting out those multiple releases, it's really jerking the consumers around.  But since we buy all the different releases, do you think they're going to stop?  As much as I liked the film, I can wait until November.

    For those fans of Dee Snider's awesome horror musical CD VAN HELSING'S CURSE, you might have a chance to see this as a live performance.  Snider and company plan to take their CURSE on tour in October.  Sinder will be hosting each of the performances, providing the narration, as he did on the CD.  According to Snider, "Van Helsing's Curse will embark on a theater tour in October. Snider will host each date of the tour, providing narration and setting the tone for the performances. He offers insight to what music fans can expect this fall:
"Our staging is very old world versus new world with regards to the music. The new world rips out a guitar break, the old world counters with a searing violin solo. We worked throughout the record with that kind of tension, where both schools of music are working together but competing at the same time. And visually, on stage, we want to present that as well.
    This is a very visual entity. The string section is going to be old school Goths, made-up and dressed accordingly, with flowing dresses, velvet jackets and ruffled shirts -- a very Anne Rice look. The electric section is very new-school, Hellraiser meets Marilyn Manson, from the hair to the makeup and attire. Our choir will be a group of druids with hooded robes and skewed faces."
    They are also possibly working on a DVD production of the show, that will not only feature the music being performed but also dramatic footage as well.  Since we love this album, we are looking forward to this very much, and hope they bring it to the Chicagoland area.
    We have just added a review of the VAN HELSING'S CURSE CD in our Soundtrack Review section.  Check it out HERE.  Or you can check out the website for Van Helsing's Curse HERE.

    Apparently during my downtime from the internet, we lost two greats from the horror genre.  The first was George "Buck" Flowers, who had passed away on back on June 18th.  Fans of John Carpenter's films would surely know his face, since he was in quite a few of his movies, including THE FOG and ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK.  He was also in a lot of early cult movies from the 70's like a couple of the ILSA movies.  He was a familiar face that was always nice to see turn up in any movie.
    The other passing was that of Max J. Rosenberg.  You might not know the name, but you knew his work if you were a fan of British horror movies, especially from the 70's.  Rosenberg was 1/2 of the British company Amicus Films, which made quite a few great films, such as TALES FROM THE CRYPT.  He passed away on June 14th at the age of 89.

    Up until last week, we have always had a dial-up service.  Yea, I know...let's stop with the giggling, okay.  Now that we have a mucho-faster service, we are able to actually watch some of these trailers that are available.  Trust me, I have really been enjoying that.
    One of the movies that I had been hearing mentioned a lot but had never seen any clips or any coverage, was the movie SAW.  So once I was able to see the trailer, now I am very interested in seeing this little film.  It kind of reminds me of SE7EN.  Below are some posters from the movie.  The one in the middle is the official poster, while the two on the outside were possible options?  Not sure, but even the the MPAA would never let that poster art to be used, I think it's much better than the middle one.  Looks too much like something from CLOCKWORK ORANGE or something.
    But the movie opens up September 17th, and stars Danny Glover & Cary Elwes.  For the official site (where you can see two different trailers) click HERE.


7-15-04  WE'RE BACK ONLINE!!!
    After well over a month, we've seemed to overcome yet another computer tragedy.  We had finally gotten around to switching from the antiquated dial-up to cable internet.  But while trying to get that working, we somehow fried our computer...stupid computers....
    We have ordered a new computer (screw Gateway!) from Dell and hopefully will have it by the end of the month (unless they discontinue the model I ordered again).  But we were able to get this piece of junk running (knock on wood) for the time being while we wait for the new one to arrive.
    We have had a few changes though.  Since we have changed our internet provider, some of the email links on this site may not work, until we go through and correct them.  And since we haven't had access to our emails for over a month, I'm sure any emails that were sent had gotten bounced back to you.  We apologize for any inconveniencies.  For the present time, use this email address:
    It's going to take a few days to get back into the swing of things, but hopefully will have a regular update some time this weekend.  There's been a bunch of stuff that has gone on since our last update, so we have a lot to comment on.

    In just a couple of weeks, Chicagoland will be invaded by horror fans once again.  On July 31st to August 2nd, at the Holiday Inn Ohare in Rosemont Illinois.  They have quite a lineup of guests this year, including the father of the dead, George Romero.  Joining Romero will be four stars from DAY OF THE DEAD, along with Sid Haig and Bill Moseley, fresh from their filming the sequel to Rob Zombie's HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES.  Other stars scheduled to be there are Joe Bob Briggs, Dee Wallace Stone, Angela Bettis, Tom Sullivan, and more.  For a complete list, check out their website here.
    But one of the real highlights of the convention will be the screenings of Dario Argento's newest film THE CARD PLAYER and Tobe Hooper's THE TOOLBOX MURDERS.

    This is sad news, but it looks like Rob Zombie had to cancel out of his appearance at this year's Horrorfind Weekend Convention.  Maybe next time.  Brad Dourif has also been taken off the guest list.
    But in some good news, they have added Gaylen Ross to their DAWN OF THE DEAD cast reunion.  Don't forget fans, she was also in CREEPSHOW...though she was buried up to her neck in the sand most of the time....

    While I know there has been a bunch of announcements and releases since my last update, one of the first DVD announcements that I seen when I got back on the web that really got me excited was the release of 1959 classic movie THE ALLIGATOR PEOPLE, featuring one of Lon Chaney Jr.'s best performances...kind of...
    Anyway, the film will be released in beautiful 2.35:1, along with the trailer, and a SRP of around $15, how could you not be happy???

    You might have heard in the news about a tiger that had gotten loose from it's owner down in Florida.  The owner is Steve Sipek, who not only starred in a few Tarzan movies (under the name Steve Hawkes), but also was the man responsible for the cult classic BLOOD FREAK.  For more details, check out the link here.

Yes, it's been bit since out last update.  But this one should make up for it.  We got a bunch of new stuff, such as new additions to our Poster Gallery, new Mystery Photo, our Scary Camp report, and even a new section to our site, giving honors to those wacky Mad Scientists that we love.  Read on for more details.

    In case you hadn't notice, but we have changed out Navigational bar around a bit.  When sort of condensed it to hopefully make it a little easier to move around the site.  By placing your cursor over the link, it should pop up explaining what that link is.  Any questions about it, any of the links, or anything else about our site,  feel free to email me.

    Congrats to Terry Luster on getting the last Mystery Photo, which was from Eddie Romero's TWILIGHT PEOPLE.  Never heard of it?  Well, if you enjoy those movies like MAD DOCTOR OF BLOOD ISLAND, then you'll want to check that one out.  It's on DVD, so look for it.
    This next one is not a screen shot from the movie, but a promotional still from it.  Good luck.

    At then Cinema Wasteland show back in October of 2003, Robert A. Burns was making I believe his first convention appearance.  I knew that he was the set designer for the original TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE movie, among a few other classic films.  But I wasn’t overly excited to meet a simple ‘set designer’.  That all changed when I went in to hear him during his Q&A session.  He said something to the fact that a set designer has done an excellent job when nobody watching the movie realizes that there was set designer.  That is so true.
    Burns’ work on TCM probably added so much to the haunting images that film gave off.  Yes, you did have a guy running around with a chainsaw and a mask made from human skin (which Burns made as well), but then there was the furniture throughout the house, the little knick-knacks that were scattered about.  Those images made as much of an impact on me as did the characters.
    Burns went on to work on other great films like HILLS HAVE EYES, TOURIST TRAP, THE HOWLING, RE-ANIMATOR, and many more, including getting in front of the camera for PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER.  Did you know the autopsy room / morgue in RE-ANIMATOR was a set, and not a real place?  Not me.  That is the true talent of a great set designer.  And Burns was just that.
    Burns was also at the April 2004 Cinema Wasteland show for the TCM celebration.  He was extremely friendly to anybody and everybody who went up to talk to him.  He would have plenty of great stories for anybody who would listen.  His Q&A session that first year had me laughing, and in amazement when I learned about some of his work.  And when he came back this last April for the Chainsaw show, it was still as entertaining and very informative.
    So it was very sad news when we heard of his passing over the Memorial weekend.  It seems that he had developed cancer, which was too far gone to be able to treat.  I guess it does make me feel a little better knowing that at the last two Wasteland shows, he was able to meet his many fans, and to realize that the work he did on those films some 30 years ago, are still being watched and admired today.
    He will be surely missed.

    If you’ve been to the Cinema Wasteland show, then you know who A. Ghastlee Ghoul is.  Well this past Memorial Day weekend, we journeyed over to Dayton, Ohio for Ghastlee’s first annual (?) Scary Camp show.  When didn't end up with as many pictures as we normally do, but you can still check out our review of the show HERE.

    We have added a few more acquisitions to our Poster Gallery, some new Hammer ones, as well as a couple of entries in the Spanish and Italian wings.
    And speaking of posters, we have come across some Turkish posters that we currently have for sale.  Click HERE to see what we have.  Keep in mind, these are all we have, so if you're interested, I'd act fast.

    And while we're on the subject of buying stuff...we also happened to of just acquired a extra copy of Scott Allen Nollen's book Boris Karloff: A Critical Account of His Screen, Stage, Radio, Television, and Recording Work.  Published by McFarland, Nollen had also written Boris Karloff: A Gentleman's Life, which is one of the best books on Karloff that I have read.  This title was published by in 1991, and has a retail price of $48.50.  But we are offering it for only $35.  This 473-page hardcover book is in mint shape and would be a nice addition to any horror fan / Karloff fan's collection.  Interested?  Email us.

    Rusty Nails and company again are putting on another great little film fest for fans of Troma films and Lloyd Kaufman.  On June 18th-19th, they will be screening several Troma films, and Mr. Kaufman will be there for the screenings.  For more informationi, check out the Movieside website.

    In case you didn't notice, we have finally gotten around to updating our little poll at the top of this page.  This has probably been our most popular poll, and it was great to seeing all the votes coming in.  Below are the final results.

Which Frankenstein theory do you feel is correct?
40% - It is man's attempt to become god-like.
19% - Frankenstein's monster is symbolizing an outsider, someone not of the normality of outcast.
11% - It's just a movie...leave it at that.
9% - It's about making a person deal with the consequences of his actions.
8% - All of the above.
6% - A mad scientist creates a creature from dead body parts...end of story.
2% - It is man's attempt to eliminate the use or need of women.
2% - It is suppose to teach you not to judge people on their appearance.
2% - None of the above.

    And now are latest is kind of a continuation on that subject, but not where you actually have to do much thinking.  To break in our latest section to the Krypt, we want to know who your favorite Mad Scientist is?  We know that there are way more choices than the 10 that we have listed, but we are limited to the number of choices, not to mention the fact that the list would be pretty long.  So check out the quizlet above if you haven't already, and cast your vote.

    The 1931 version of FRANKENSTEIN has always been one of my favorite movies.  And one of the reasons for that is the character of Dr. Frankenstein.  Always looking to push the boundaries, or even break through the barriers, these mad scientists are always running forward into their experiments without thinking and / or caring about the after effects.
    So we wanted to give these characters a place to be honored.  So we invite you do take a look into the Society of Mad Scientist.  Right not, at this unveiling, we only have a couple entries, but there will be many, many more.  If you have any suggestions, please feel free to email us and we'll take a close look at it.

    Mr. Zombie himself is now scheduled to be appearing on Saturday at this year's Horrorfind Weekend this August.  If you're planning on attending this year, I'd start making your plans now.  It's going to be very crowded there I think...
    Also recently added to the guest list is Ashley Lawrence, star of HELLRAISER 1 & 2, and also Greg Nicotero is joining the DAY OF THE DEAD lineup.  Don't forget that not only did Greg work on the effects, but was also an actor in the film as well.

    For all you other Cronenberg fans that were always disappointed with the bare-bones release of his film VIDEODROME, you day has come!  Criterion will be releasing a 2-disc special edition of this awesome movie in August.  Cronenberg has approved the transfer of the unrated version of the film.  That is making me wonder if there is more footage than the R-rated release?  Or will this contain footage that was used for the TV prints that was never used in the regular release?
    But besides that, just check out all the extras that this edition will contain:  It will have two different audio commentaries.  The first one with Cronenberg and cinematographer Mark Irwin, and the second with actors James Woods and Deborah Harry.  Both of these should be great.  It'll be interesting to hear what Woods and Harry have to say about this film after 20+ years.
    The edition will also contain Cronenberg's short film CAMERA, which was created for the Toronto Film Festival in 2000, and starring Les Carlson, who was in VIDEODROME (as well as DEAD ZONE & THE FLY).
    A 30-minute documentary by VIDEODROME video FX artist Michael Lennick about the films makeup and special effects.
    Fear on Film, which is a 1/2 hour discussion between John Carpenter, John Landis, and Cronenberg, hosted by Mick Garris.  This took place back in 1982.  I'm really looking forward to seeing this.
    It was also have a short promotional featurette from 1982 that was also created by Mick Garris.
    It was also feature the entire movie Samurai Dreams, which was the Japanese soft-core porn that James Woods character was buying in VIDEODROME.
    Then there will be the trailers, galleries, publicity stills, marketing, and much more.
    We can't tell you how excited we are about this release.  It's so nice to see someone finally give this film a nice special edition release.  Now how about doing the same thing for Cronenberg's THE FLY?  I had heard reports that whoever owned the rights to it wanted to release it, but just using the same transfer from video.  Cronenberg refused to have anything to do with it, unless he had approval of the transfer.  Kudos to him.  Let's just hope that someone, like Criterion does just that!   

    In case you didn't know, but coming up next week are three birthdays for three horror icons...well, two horror icons, and one who's only made a few horror films.  But on the 26th, it is Peter Cushing's birthday.  And on the 27th, both Vincent Price and Christopher Lee share a birthday.  So what I always try and do is spend some point during the Memorial weekend  watching some of their films to celebrate and honor them.
    Of course, this year will be a little difficult for us, since we will be going to camp that weekend....Scary Camp, that is.

    For fans in the Dayton, Ohio area (or Chicago that don't mind a drive), next weekend is the first annual(?) Scary Camp convention, hosted by A. Ghastlee Ghoul.  If you've been to one of the Cinema Wasteland shows, then you know who Ghastlee is.  He's trying his hand out on this convention thing, and from the looks of it, it looks like he's got a decent show lineup.
    Guests include the one and only Sid Haig, along with Tom Sullivan, Conrad Brooks, Alex Vincent (from CHILD'S PLAY 1&2), Kyra Schon, Bill Hinzman, James O'Barr, and many more.  Check out their site HERE for all the details.  Hope to see you there!

    Starting next month, in Chicago, the Gene Siskel Film Center will be showing a series of Polanski's films, including many of his classic titles, such as ROSEMARY'S BABY and FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS.  We couldn't find any details on their website, but am going from the information in their newsletter.  Here are the dates / times for the films they are playing:
    CHINATOWN - June 11th at 8pm, June 16th at 6pm
    CUL-DE-SAC - June 12th at 7:45pm, June 14th at 6pm
    THE FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS - June 19th at 6pm, June 24th at 6pm
    FRANTIC - June 26th at 6pm, June 29th at 8:15pm
    KNIFE IN THE WATER - June 5th at 3:15pm, June 7th at 8:5pm
    MACBETH - June 5 at 5:15pm, June 8th at 6pm
    THE PIANIST - June 25th at 7pm, June 28 at 6:30pm
    REPULSION - June 26th at 8:30pm, July 1st at 6pm
    ROSEMARY'S BABY - June 19th at 3:30pm, June 23rd at 6:30pm
    THE TENANT - June 20th at 3pm, June 22nd at 8:15pm

5-18-04  WHAT A WEEKEND...
    We are finally recovering from the extra long and busy weekend.  We took Friday off from our real world so we could make it to the famous Biograph Theater for the Movieside Filmfest for a screening of SPIDER BABY, SWITCHBLADE SISTERS, and COFFY.  Not to mention an appearance by the man who gave us those great movies, Mr. Jack Hill.  It was great to see all of those films on the big screen, especially SPIDER BABY which is a personal favorite of mine....just love that movie.  It was also great to see that the theater was pretty well packed for the screenings.  There were a couple of Q&A's with Hill where he answered plenty of questions, and told some great stories.

    On Saturday, we headed over to the Buffy Show to see Charles Cyphers.  The name might not be familiar but if you are a fan of John Carpenter's films, you'll know the face.  Cyphers played the sheriff in HALLOWEEN 1&2, as well as having roles in THE FOG, ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, and more.  We had a nice chat about Carpenter and these conventions.  Very down-to-earth guy.
    Plus, I didn't realize there was that much merchandising behind the Buffy series...But it looked like Mike and Co. once again put on another great show for the Buffy fans.  Looking forward to the Flashback show in a couple of months.

    Then on Sunday, we headed back to the Biograph to finish out the Movieside Filmfest.  That night, they were screening George Romero's DAY OF THE DEAD, THE CRAZIES, and CREEPSHOW...and of course, Mr. Romero was there.  Once again, seeing these films again (first time for THE CRAZIES) on the big screen is awesome.  For those who never had the chance to see these films, or others like it, on the big screen, it really is a different experience than watching them on your TV at home.  It's a whole new experience, and one that I would recommend to everyone who is a fan of these movies.  You need to help promote these types of screenings to keep them going!
    Romero also did a couple of Q&A's.  I've had the chance to see him on a few occasions, and have always found him to be very fan-friendly and really seems to enjoy being there talking to his fans.  He talked about his latest projects that are 'very close, but nothing definite', such as the fourth DEAD movie.  We can only hope.

    This was the third year for Movieside's Filmfest, but the first time we had heard about it.  I must say that it was one of the best film fests that I have been to.  They came up with a great selection of films to screen, had some great guests, and all of this in a great old-time theater.  Kudos to them and we are looking forward to their next one.


    If you are like me and love trailers, you will want to be watching for this new DVD coming from Ban 1 Productions.  42nd STREET FOREVER! VOL. 1 will be released on June 29th, and features trailers from 40 different films from the 60's, 70's, & 80's.  Titles like MUTATIONS, THE DEVIL'S RAIN, CHATTERBOX, VIRGIN WITCH, FREAKS, and many more.  All the trailers have been re-mastered from prints, so the quality is going to be awesome.
    For more information about this DVD, check out them HERE.

    Thanks to DavisDVD, we found out what some of the extras are going to be for Shriek Show's upcoming release of Lucio Fulci's ZOMBI 2.  It will be a new 2-disc edition, with the movie in a 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer, with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio.
    But the bonus material (originally reported as being over 4 hours) is an audio commentary (but no word on if it's the original commentary that was on the laserdisc with Ian McCulloch).  But there is suppose to be over 2 hours of interviews with the cast and crew, including makeup effects artist Gianetto De Rossi.  Add that with a huge still photo gallery, poster reproductions inserts and trailers, it seems that this is going to be one to add to the collection (along with the original DVD release and the laserdisc that I still have!).
    The SRP is $29.95.  But Blue Underground is suppose to be putting out a single disc edition with the movie along with trailers, TV & radio spots, poster and still galleries, and having a SPR of $19.95.  I'd be more than happy to pay the extra $10 for 2 hours of interviews...hope it's worth it!

    It seems that the guy who runs Frightvision conventions, who has been screwing dealers, fans, celebrities, and whoever else he can, is finally getting his due.  Carl Thompson was arrested earlier this month on felony theft charges in Westlake, Ohio, after running out on his last convention stiffing several people quite a bit of money.
    This just makes me appreciate even more people like Ken Kish at Cinema Wasteland, Mike Kerz at Flashback Weekend, and Dave Hagen at Monster-Mania.  These guys are putting on shows for all the right reasons.

    For Chicagoland fans, don't forget about some cool stuff coming up next weekend.  First of all, if you are a fan of Buffy and Angel, then make sure you check out the Buffy / Angel show put on by the folks at Flashback Weekend.  Guests include David Boreanaz, Christian Kane, Stephanie Romanov, Elizabeth Ann Allen, Camden Toy, Charles Cyphers.  Fans of John Carpenter should recognize Cyphers since he was in a lot of Carpenter's earlier work like HALLOWEEN 1 & 2, THE FOG, and ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK.  For more info about the show, click HERE.
    Also running next weekend is the Movieside Film Festival mentioned below in our last update.  So for us Chicagoland horror fans, we are going to have a busy weekend.

    David Durston, director of the classic I DRINK YOUR BLOOD, will be appearing at the Cinema Wasteland show this fall.  Along with him, will be Lynn Lowry, starred now only in BLOOD, but also worked with Romero on THE CRAZIES and David Cronenberg in SHIVERS.
    Once again, it looks like Ken and Pam are setting up for another great show.  For more guests and updates, check out their site HERE.

    It seems that George Romero has once again come online.  While many parts are still in development, it's nice to see him still trying to have a way to communicate with his fans.  Check it out HERE.  Don't forget, Romero will be in town next weekend for the Movieside Film Festival.  See below for more details.

    I've got to give Mr. Zombie a lot of credit.  Early this month, he had added P.J. Soles to the cast of his DEVIL'S REJECTS.  Soles is no stranger to genre pics with HALLOWEEN and CARRIE under her belt.  And now Zombie has added Steve Railsback to the cast.  Some of the newer fans may recognize him from ED GEIN, but veteran fans know him from HELTER SKELTER, ESCAPE 2000, LIFEFORCE, and many others.
    So the credit to Zombie is for the fact that he's casting people that he likes for his movie.  Instead of casting the newest celeb-of-the-day like Jessica Biel or Jennifer Garner which would make the film more marketable, Zombie is sticking to his guns and is going for people that he grew up watching.  So many filmmakers would be tempted by getting who the studios would want, in hopes to make it a bigger sell.  Kudos to you Mr. Zombie.  And thanks for putting some of our genre faves in front of the camera again.

    EVILSPEAK is finally hitting DVD this July, in it's uncut form, which was only released on video in a very edited version.  This classic tale of the little kid that is always getting picked on at school gets his revenge...after contacting Satan on his computer...Like we haven't all thought of doing that at one point....
    The disc will be in widescreen (1.77:1) and come with an audio commentary with star Clint Howard and Eric Weston, along with poster and still gallery, theatrical trailer, and a 'collectors booklet'.
    Though, according to the press release on Fangoria's site, it states that this version has never been seen before in the states, since a lot of the gore was cut out to get an R rating.  Well, we had this movie when I worked at the theater (years and  years ago), and I remember quite a bit of the gore that was cut out of the video release.  Are they saying that there's footage that wasn't it the theatrical release?  We'll try to get some more info about this.
    But in any case, as much as I love this movie, and am so happy that it's coming out finally, do you think they could have come up with worse cover art???

    On August 10th, Warner Bros. will be releasing their new special 2-disc edition of THE LOST BOYS.  It will feature a newly remastered anamorphic transfer, with a 5.1 mix.  But the real bonus is over two hours of extras.
    First there is THE LOST BOYS: A RETROSPECTIVE documentary that has interviews with director Schumacher, Keifer Sutherland, Corey Feldman and Corey Haim, and more.  There will also be at least 6 different featurettes on the movie, from covering the makeup with Greg Cannon, the director, the vampire's lair and many more.  Add that will the usual trailers, music videos and the like, this looks like to be a nice edition to the collection.

    Also coming from Warner Bros. on the same day, is a film that was banned in England for many years (not that is something new).  Tod Browning's haunting tale FREAKS will be hitting DVD, with audio commentary (not sure by who, but maybe David Skal???), a documentary called "Freaks: Sideshow Cinema", a prologue that was shown for the theatrical release and three endings.  This is the film that basically ruined Browning's career.

    Next up is a great little double feature disc of the original VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED and it's sequel CHILDREN OF THE DAMNED.  Both films will have commentary, but no details by who.
    They will also be releasing THE BAD SEED, which will feature commentary by Patty McCormack and Charles Busch, a new documentary about the making of the movie, and more.

    We have posted our reviews for two of the latest Hammer DVD releases, FRANKENSTEIN MUST BE DESTROYED and DRACULA HAS RISEN FROM THE GRAVE.  Check them out HERE.

    We also updated this as well.  And before I forget again, the last clip was from Jean Rollin's FASCINATION, starring the one and only Brigitte Lahaie.  Congrats to Terry Luster and Stacey Earley for the correct answers.
    Also, we forgot to announce what the pic was from last was from Jack Hill's awesome classic SPIDER BABY!  Anyway, check out the new one and see what you can come up with.  Just a hint, I may have used movie before, but not sure....think I'm going to have to start keeping track of what movies I'm using....

    Can you believe it?  3 updates in the same week?!?!  Could it be the end of the world?  But once I heard about this film festival, I had to make sure more people knew about it.
    Movieside Film Festival is on May 14th-16th, and have special guests Jack Hill and George Romero.  On Friday, they were be having a Q&A with Hill, along with screenings of SPIDER BABY, COFFEY and SWITCHBLADE SISTERS.  Romero will be there Saturday and Sunday, with a Q&A and screenings of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, DAY OF THE DEAD, CREEPSHOW, and THE CRAZIES.  For more info, click on the link above.  For area horror / cult fans, this is not to be missed.  See you there!

    You know, first they released a die-cast replica of the cuda from PHANTASM.  While I thought that pretty damn obscure, I knew there were several people who loved that car in those films.  But now, they have come out with a replica of the demonic vehicle from the 1977 film THE CAR.  After a buddy called me to tell me the news, I was off to the local Toys R Us, and low and behold, sitting there was this shiny black death car that I remembered so well from my childhood.
    Kudos to RC2 for putting this out.  Check out their site HERE, along with some of the other movie car replicas that they are offering.

    It seems that monster toys and collectibles are flooding the shelves these days.  While this isn't a bad thing (unless you're a collector), I have a suggestion for those toy companies out there.  While Majestic Studios are putting out the much sought after Zuni Fetish doll from TRILOGY OF TERROR (which was at the top of my list), how about somebody putting out a replica of those little brain creatures from FIEND WITHOUT A FACE?  Would that not be the coolest thing to have one of those sitting atop your computer???
    Come on people...let's get to work on this!

    While this really has nothing to do with horror...unless you where to pronounce it "horr...or whore...Anyway, on Saturday, I took my son to the Court's Hollywood Memoribilia & Autograph show.  We were looking for Godzilla stuff since he's now officially jumped on the team.  The main headliner at this show was none other than Mr. Val Kilmer.  He was there to meet and greet all of his many fans....and charge them $30 for an autograph.  I guess Hollywood is no longer knocking down his door.  I'm sure he'll fit in nicely at these shows next to Adam West, the Soup Nazi from Senfield, and one of Munckins from WIZARD OF OZ.
    Of course, that doesn't top that last week at a Star Trek show in Chicago, William Shatner was charging $60 an autograph!  And I'm sure those Trekkies were just lining up for it too.  I'm not sure which is more pathetic...Though I do have to give Creation a nice little nod of admiration of their genius.  Besides Shatner, Lenord Nimoy was also at the show.  But...and here's the awesome part...Shatner was there only on Saturday, and Nimoy was there only on Sunday.  So if you wanted to see both of them, you'd have to pay for both days!  I hope to be as smart and shrewd as those Creation people.  Of course, I'm sure it was just due to their hectic know, making all those commercials for Priceline and all.

    The legendary George Romero is signed on to be this years Flashback Weekend.  There's plenty of others scheduled to be there to make it another great show.  Check out their website to find out all the details.  Don't wait too long to make your plans....July isn't that far away!

    We have a new Trivia Contest starting today.  We will be giving away one set each of the three different Legacy Collections that Universal is putting out on April 27th.  Click HERE to go to our Trivia Page.  Good Luck.
    We also have the answers for our Ten Evil Eyes Trivia contest.  This one didn't seemed to go over too well.  But if you want to see the answers, click HERE.

    The details of Blue Undergrounds' release of the much underrated DEATH DREAM have been announced.  It will have a brand new transfer, with two commentaries (one with director Bob Clark, and the other with screenwriter Alan Ormsby).  There is also a featurette about Tom Savini and his work on the film, as well as an interview with the star of the movie Richard Backus.  Plus, there is suppose to be an alternate opening and ending (which should be really interesting, since I've never heard of these).  Add a trailer and a still gallery, and you have another title that needs to be in your collection.
    Also, PREDATOR will be hitting DVD again, except this time in a 2-disc special edition.  While I really only enjoy the second half of this movie, I will probably have to add this to the collection.  It will be in widescreen (1.85:1), have audio commentary with the director John McTierman, several documentaries and feturettes, including one on Kevin Peter Hall, the tall actor who played the title character.  Then there are some deleted scenes, outtakes, screen tests, and much more.
    The SRP is $26.98.

    We have also updated our Mystery Photo with this update.  Congrats to Hoby Abernathy, Brian Huey and Chris.  Check out the latest and see if you know it.

    We have also added a couple of great review sites on our links page.

    Are you one of those that missed out on the original releases of all those Universal classic monsters?  Well then it's only a week and a half before you have the chance to fix that mistake.  On Tuesday, the 27th, The Monster Legacies will be released.

    The Frankenstein Legacy will contain the original FRANKENSTEIN, THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, SON OF FRANKENSTEIN, and HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN.  This set will contain plenty of extras such as original documentaries, trailers, and much more.
    The Dracula Legacy will contain the original DRACULA, the Spanish version of DRACULA, DRACULA'S DAUGHTER, SON OF DRACULA, and HOUSE OF DRACULA (which had never been previously released on DVD).  This set will also contain plenty extas.
    And lastly, the Wolf Man Legacy will include the original WOLF MAN, WEREWOLF OF LONDON, FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLFMAN, and SHE-WOLF OF LONDON.  And same as before, plenty of extras.
    You can also order all three of the Legacy series in one Monster Legacy set, which also comes with three monster busts from Sideshow Toys.

    For all the details about the films and the exact extras, check out the official site HERE.  We may be having a little contest dealing with these classics, depending on what they want to see us to giveaway...So stay tuned, and we'll let you know the details when we can.

    While we haven't finished all the reviews that we're working on, check out our Review section for a few to keep you busy in the meantime, including one for the original TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE.

    It seems that Mr. Zombie is going all out finding cult stars to be in his HOUSE sequel.  He as added Ken Foree and Michael Berryman to the cast of DEVIL'S REJECTS.  According to Mr. Zombie, "Yes, the rumors are true Ken Foree has signed on to play Charlie Altamont aka Captain Spaulding's pimp brother. If that ain't enough for you horror fiends Michael Berryman has signed to play Clevon, Charlie's dim witted sidekick."
    To be honest,  Foree joining the cast doesn't do much for me, but I am very excited to hear Berryman jumping on board.

    Over at the Cinema-Nocturna website, they have scored an interview with the one and only Jack Taylor.  Who's that?  Well, this guy been in quite a few films and has worked with a bunch of different people, from Jess Franco, to Paul Naschy, and even more recently with Roman Polanski in THE NINTH GATE.  Check out their great site, and also this very interesting interview.

    I usually don't have a problem with people posting whatever they want in our message board, or guest book for that matter.  But if they are just plain ignorant, I delete their posts.  I would really prefer to have the message board a place for opinions, remarks, and comments from you viewers, not a place for ads and arrogant opinions (unless they're coming from me).
    So when someone uses it to promote something, I get a little picky.  And earlier this week, someone from Creation posted a huge message promoting a couple of their upcoming con-ventions.  Sorry people...deleted.  Why?  Well, first of all, since I'm the one paying for this site, I guess I can do what I want.  But in all seriousness, as many times as I've been screwed around by Creation, I'll be damn if I'm going to have my website be a spot where they can promote their con-ventions where all these guests are lined up to sell their $20 autographs to their "fans".    You want to know more about their shows, check out their website.  Okay, I'm getting off my soapbox now.

    Well...if it has 4 hours of extras?  It would be really tough for me to say no.  As posted on the Gorezone site, Media Blasters will be releasing a 25th-Anniversary Edition of Lucio Fulci's ZOMBI 2 in a 2-disc edition that is to feature 4 hours of extras!  Now we have no clue as to what these extras are to be, but are really curious to hear what they could come up with that would fill 4 hours.  As soon as we hear more, we'll post it here.  Of course, Blue Underground is suppose to be releasing their own edition of this film as well.  No word on what extras, if any, are going to be on that one.
    Media Blasters will also be releasing the rare Joe D'Amato's horror/porno film EROTIC NIGHTS OF THE LIVING DEAD in two different versions: The cut version at 88 minutes, and the 112 minute uncut version.  Let's hope they can pull this one off.
    And in other great news, it seems that Media Blasters will be releasing one of the best, and most twisted cartoons out there, INVADER ZIM, onto DVD.  There's not much info posted on their site now, but click HERE to find out what they have so far.

    We have added a few new additions to our poster galleries, mainly in the Hammer section.  Don't forget, we are always looking for new acquisitions for the gallery.

    We should have a few new reviews up in the next day or two.  They will include a low budget film that has been drawing attention as of late, called 13 SECONDS, as well as the import DVD double feature of THE QUATERMASS XPERIMENT and QUATERMASS 2.
    And yes, we've even seen the new DAWN OF THE DEAD movie....We won't have a review of it, but we'll be posting our thoughts on it...both here and the Message Board since there's been a bit of a discussion going on there.

    For those of you who didn't get around to getting one of the best DVD releases of last year, now is your chance.  Now available at exclusively through Fangoria's website, you can pick up one the best cult classics out there, I DRINK YOUR BLOOD.  Not only do you get the film in it's uncensored director's cut, but the DVD is also filled with extras.
    It comes with audio commentary with the director David Durston and actor Bhaskar (who recently passed away).  There's an interview section with the director and some of the cast.
    The price is only $19.99, plus $5.00 for shipping.  Don't wait too never know how long before they might decide to go out-of-print again!  These things will be selling faster than rabid-filled meat pies!

    This is one of the strangest stories that I've heard coming out of Hollywood in a long time.  Even though Paul Schrader was fired by Morgan Creek when they didn't like his version of the prequel, hired Renny Harlin to completely reshoot everything, it seems that both versions might be released on DVD.  Harlin's version is to be released this August.  But when the DVD release comes about, both version will be available.  No details if they'll be separate editions or in signal release.
    I personally think it's a great idea, that way the public can see which version they like better.  Plus, it's also stops one of those rumors-in-waiting about how great or terrible Schrader's version was.  Now we'll be able to see for ourselves.

    Here's another strange story.  It's been hitting the net over the last few days about the similarities between the new French slasher film HAUTE TENSION and the 1995 best selling book Intensity by Dean R. Koontz.  The problem is that Koontz's name isn't listed anywhere in the credits.
    Now here's the part I get lost at.  This was from a posting about the Sundance Film Festival, where there was a midnight screening of the film (click HERE to see the article).  The article was dated January 22nd, 2004.  Why are we just hearing about this now, almost 3 months later?
    But back to the story.  According to the article, during a Q&A after the screening, someone asked the director Alexandre Aja about the strong similarities between his movie and the Koontz novel.  His reply was "The beginning is quite similar," he conceded, "but it's a classic story: two girls in a house with a killer ... It's a tribute to all slasher films."  Hhmmmmmm.
    Now here's the ironic part of the whole story.  Koontz has been complaining for years that nobody has made a good adaptation of one of his novels into films.  And now someone did, except they didn't have the rights to it???  Now that is funny.
    Still find it strange that this story is 3 months old...anybody hear any updates?

    Another year, another great show, and another report filled with photos.  This was one hell of a show this time out.  If you are a fan of the TEXAS CHAINSAW movies, then you better hoped you didn't miss out on this great opportunity to see so many people involved in these movies.  But if you weren't there, then maybe it'll make it a little easier for you to cope with by seeing all the photos in our show report, by click HERE, or going to our Convention Photo section.
    Congrats to Ken and Pam and the whole Wasteland staff for making it another great experience for not only us, but everyone else that traveled out to Ohio for another great show.  And also thanks to everyone who stopped by our table to say hi.  It's always nice to put faces with those email addresses.  Hopefully we'll see you there again in October.

    DEEP RISING was the correct answer for the last Mystery Photo.  If you want to see one of the best examples where makeup effects and CGI working together (this was a few years before BLADE 2, which is another great example), check out the movie.  It's a great little (actually quite big) monster movie that is well worth the 90 minutes of your life.  Congrats to Hoby Abernathy and Bud Bornhoft.
    This next one is a classic, that I'm hoping everyone knows and loves as much as I do.  Good Luck.

    For those fans of Midnight Syndicate, here's another one that will steal your money.  Nox Arcana is the new project from Joseph Vargo, who was with Midnight Syndicate in the beginning, but had since parted ways with them.  With this new musical project, Vargo gives more great atmospheric music for us fans who love those creepy movie music for our minds and imagination.  Check out their great website here, and order their cd...if you enjoy Midnight Syndicate, you'll want to add this to your collection as well.

    Sorry for the lack of updates over the last couple of weeks, but we have been kind of busy between the real world and just trying to get ready for the Cinema Wasteland show next weekend.  This is looking to be another great show.  I'm sure we won't have another update until after the show.  But once again, if you're going, stop by and say hello!

    I was kind of surprised at the lack of guesses with this last entry.  Did you not recognize Viggo Mortensen there?  Well, that was a few years before he became a King.  Congrats to Eric Alexander and Hoby Abernathy for sending in the correct answer.  Fair warning though, this new one is a tad bit gruesome.  Let's see how this one goes over...

    As you might have heard, with the 50th Anniversary of the Big G, they are re-releasing the original film that started it all.  It's only playing the small venues, but click HERE to find out the cities where it will be showing.  It's being shown in it's original uncut form, so you are going to want to see this, the mother of all monster movies.  I know it's coming to Chicago in July, so I will be there at some point.

    For those poor folks to missed out on one of the best DVDs to come out in last year, now is your chance to snag get one.  Fangoria will be re-issuing I DRINK YOUR BLOOD on DVD, with all the same extras as the Grindhouse release (except for the autographs).  You'll see the uncensored Director's cut, deleted scenes which includes the original ending which was thought to be too much of  a downer.  There is also interviews with the director and stars, not to mention audio commentary by director Durston and star Bhaskar.
    Coming out on April 12th, you can only get this disc from  So I wouldn't wait too long, or you might just miss out again on this awesome movie, and incredible disc.  You don't want that to happen again, do you?

    Criterion will be pulling their original release of Fritz Lang's M this month, only to release it again, in an all new edition.  It will feature a pristine transfer from a newly restored film elements.  And it will also have a bunch of new extras.  It will be released sometime this year.

    ...but since La La Land Records has always put out some great releases, we figured that some of our readers might want to hear about this.  They are taking pre-orders for their release of THE BEST OF LONE WOLF CUB.  This cd is a compilation of original soundtrack recordings from all six LONE WOLF films.  Composed by Hideakira Sakurai and Kuuihiko Murai, this score combines the traditional Japanese musical styles with the 70's westerns.
    It has a running time of about 50 minutes and will come with a booklet that has production stills and promotional art, as well as a look at the Lone Wolf film series and it's music.  The pre-order price is only $13.98.
    La La Land Records have a history of  putting out nothing but great cds, so while this isn't really in the horror genre, we are really looking forward to this release.

    I got to take a second to give kudos to Lions Gate.  They had picked up the US distribution for the gory French film HAUTE TENSION, a film that has been developing a reputation over the last year or so.  Well, the film had received an NC-17 rating (go figure) by the MPAA.  But Lions Gate has decided to stick with that rating and release it with that rating.
    Lions Gate president Tom Ortenberg told Variety, "We are looking to do our part in destigmatizing the rating.  Without getting into the argument about which films should fall under it or not, we at Lions Gate would like there to be an adult rating that does not have a stench associated with it."  Lions Gate felt that by cutting the film to get an R-rating would be "gutting" the movie.  They are planning to release the film this August.
    I'm sure that it won't be playing at all the multiplexes that DAWN OF THE DEAD has been hitting, but if it does show up in your neighborhood, make sure you go to promote the rating and the film.  And also to promote Lions Gate for having the balls to take a stand and release it uncut.

    The Wasteland crew have added yet another TCM guest to their upcoming show, and this one is a double treat.  Lou Perryman was not only the poor L.G. who was skinned alive in TCM 2, but he was also the assistant cameraman on the first TCM movie!  Add in the fact that he's never done a convention, and you are looking at a once in a life time show.  Where else are you going to see 8 guests from the original classic film, plus another 4 guests from the sequels.  Not at one of those shows with the cookie-cutter guest lineup.  Only at the Wasteland show.  It's not too late to make your plans!

    We've actually got some new reviews up this time out, including the classic Japanese horror film ONIBABA that hits DVD next week.  Check them out.

    We've posted a new photo to give you something to ponder upon.  Congrats to Brian Smith, Eric Alexander and Hoby Abernathy for sending in their correct guesses on that last one.  It was from Dario Argento's PHENOMENA.  Good luck on the new one.

    For those fans who didn't have the chance to see Spain's favorite werewolf, Paul Naschy, at the Fango show years ago, now is your chance.  Naschy will be appearing at the Chiller show next month in New Jersey.
    And in other Naschy news, it seems that he will be the villian in Brian Yuzna's new film ROTTWEILER.  Course after BEYOND RE-ANIMATOR, that's not getting me too excited.  Hopefully he'll put him to better use than he did with Santiago Segura.

    It seems that the director of the original RINGU and it's sequel is now in talks to direct the American RING 2.  So...will he be remaking his version of RINGU 2, or making a sequel to the American THE RING? 

    Well, I think we went a little too obscure this time.  Maybe not on the movie, but definitely on the clip.  It was from DOG SOLDIERS.  Didn't get any emails this time out, wrong or right.  So we'll try it again.  Good luck.

    And it looks like this little game is a little tougher than I even realized.  Only had one entry on this contest, and they only had 2 correct answers.  So we're going to change the rules a bit.  Instead of having to get all 10 correct, we'll take whoever has the most answers correct.  How's that sound?  Want to give it another try?  Just click here to be taken to the Trivia Page.  Come on...what can you lose?

    That's right folks.  Less than a month to go before we head off to Ohio for the first Spring Wasteland show, celebrating the 30-year anniversary of the original TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE.
    The Wasteland staff has dug up 11 different guests related to the TCM trilogy (we're pretending that part 4 never happened, as well as that remake...shhhh), with 7 of them being from the first film.  They have recently added Ken Foree to the guest list.  Foree may be most well known for his role in Romero's DAWN OF THE DEAD, but don't forget that he was in TCM 3!  Plus this is also the first time ever to have all three Leatherfaces together at one show!
    Plus there will be the usual great entertainment, including another great selection of movies.  How about seeing William Girdler's ultra rare EXORCIST 'inspired' film ABBY, starring William Marshall.  But then there's also BEYOND ATLANTIS, starring Sid Haig and John Ashley, and directed by Eddie Romero.  And then what's a Cinema Wasteland show without a screening of  Bill Rebane movie?  Ever hear of DEMONS OF LUDLOW?  Well, there's a reason for that.  Plus, one of my favorites, GRAVE OF THE VAMPIRE, starring cult favorites Michael Pataki and William Smith.  Definitely a must see.
    We hope to see you there!

    The years of waiting is over.  If you weren't one of the lucky ones to be able to check this movie at one of the limited screenings, you now only have to wait until May 25th for Don Coscarelli's BUBBA HO-TEP.  And this looks like to be one loaded DVD.  It will have two different commentary tracks.  The first one will be with Coscarelli and Bruce Campbell, while the second one is by Elvis (Campbell in character).  There will also be 7 minutes of deleted scenes, a 20-minute documentary about the making of, plus docs on the creation of the mummy, the musical score, and transforming Campbell into Elvis.  There's also trailers, and animated photo gallery.
    The SRP for this release from MGM is a bit high at $27.98, but will come with a limited-edition packaging and a behind-the-scenes scrapbook with comments by both Coscarelli and Campbell.

    In other great news from Mondo Crash on their Euro Thriller Collection, here's some addition details on their release of Paul Naschy's HORROR RISES FROM THE TOMB.  The disc will feature the original US release of the film, as well as the uncut international version.  But it will also feature a video gallery that will have original posters, lobby cards, press books, and stills.  There is also interviews with the cast and the director, as well as filmography and biography of the director and star.  And don't forget the trailers.  This is some awesome news for Naschy fans. 
    But Mondo Crash isn't stopping there.  They will also be releasing Leon Klimolvsky's NIGHT OF THE SORCERERS and Eugenio Martin's A CANDLE FOR THE DEVIL.
    The only thing that makes me nervous, is the ads for HORROR and SORCERERS, they list the exact same extras for both discs.  Same wording and everything.  Let's just hope that this is good as it sounds.  All titles have an SRP of $14.97

3-01-04  SO IT'S BEEN A FEW DAYS...
    Yea, so it's been a few days since our last update.  Been busy with a few things...or just being lazy.  But we don't want this site to turn into some of those other cob-websites that only update once every other we better get cracken!  Here's just a couple of quick notes for now.  We are working on a bigger update (no, really!) that should be up in the next day or two.

    Who would have thought that the creative (if not demented) mind that gave us BAD TASTE, MEET THE FEEBLES, and the goriest zombie movie ever, BRAINDEAD, would get an Oscar...okay, so a lot of Oscars.  And to really make my Oscar night, while accepting he even mentions his early works, BAD TASTE and MEET THE FEEBLES!  Now I can just see some of these film buffs / critics quickly writing down these titles, amazed that they hadn't heard of them before.  Boy are they going to be in for a surprise.
    But in any case, it was great to see Jackson and company get the recognition he deserves.  Let's just hope that he remembers his roots, and doesn't go on to make "real films" like some others have.

    And another nice surprise during the Oscars was when LORD OF THE RINGS won the Visual Effects category, one of the team was William Randall Cook.  Name doesn't sound familiar?  I remember when he was a real madman....or technically, an I, MADMAN.  Randy Cook played the title character in the 1989 film I, MADMAN.  And not only playing the stitched-up psycho, but he also did his own makeup, and did the stop animation in the movie.  He also worked on the underrated THE GATE as well (don't touch that sequel though).  So kudos to him as well.

    It seems that will be the title of the sequel to Rob Zombie's HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES, as reported by Creature-Corner.  No other real news about the film, other than what was reported before, of the Firefly family being on the run from the law after their crimes have been discovered.  I know they were originally shooting for a Spring release, but the last I heard was that Zombie had finished the script, and that was about a month or so ago.  Maybe for a Halloween release???

    Just after I had packed up my horror toys, deciding that I don't need to be collecting any more of those, I come across this new little thing from X-Plus and AMC (the best thing to come from them since they started showing commecials).  I was not only amazed at the detail of this thing, but also that they took something that was pretty obscure.  This ain't your Freddy, Jason or Michael here, but one of the true classics of the horror / sci-fi movies...THE SHE CREATURE.  This is retailing for only $40, and I must say that it's well worth every penny.
    They  have also put out one from another one of Paul Blaisdell creations, the mutant from THE DAY THE WORLD ENDED, which is even more obscure than the She Creature.  Kudos to both X-Plus and AMC for picking these two.  Now where's the creatures from INVASION OF THE SAUCER MEN and IT CONQUERED THE WORLD???  They are working on some more, such as the giant beast from WAR OF THE COLOSSAL BEAST.  Check out their website here for more details and ordering.  Or you can get them also from our good friends at House of Monsters.

    We have some news about the Flashback Weekend coming up this summer.  Mike & Company is coming up with quite a few names for this year's show.  Here's who he's got so far:
Angela Bettis (MAY, CARRIE)
Tom Sullivan (the man creator the EVIL DEAD)
Bill Moseley (TCM 2, HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES)
Sid Haig (HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES, SPIDER BABY, BEYOND ATLANTIS, BIG DOLL...oh hell, there's too many to mention!)
Dead Reunions with 3 from DAY OF THE DEAD (Lori Cardille, Joseph Pilato, and Gary Klar) and 2 from DAWN OF THE DEAD (Clayton Hill and Sharon Ceccatti)
Julia Adams and Ben Chapman from the original CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON,
Brinke Stevens
And also Joe Bob Briggs to host the whole thing.
    I'm sure there might be some more names coming, but this is a great lineup so far.  So mark your calendars.  It's July 30th to Aug. 1st.  For more info, click HERE.
    And if you are a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel show, then you also want to check out Mike's Buffy show in May (14th-16th).  They have Angel himself, David Boreanaz, making his only convention appearance there.  Also scheduled is Christian Kane, Stephanie Romanov, and Elizabeth Anne Allen.  For more info on that show, click HERE.

    And also adding to their guest list, Ken adds another dead guy to his lineup: Leonard Lies.  Well, the name might not jump out, but if you're a fan of DAWN OF THE DEAD, then you've seen his face.  Poor Leonard is the zombie bastard that got Savini's machete stuck in his skull.
    So if you're thinking about going to a show, don't miss out on another great show!  Check HERE for more info.

    Well, since we had gotten that last update on Friday, and were pretty bored here on Saturday, we came up with an interesting idea for a trivia contest...either that or we seen it on another site and decided to rip it off...not sure.  But in any case, here's what we got.  Click HERE or on the Trivia link on the Nav. Bar on the left, and you will be taken to a page with 10 sets of Evil Eyes.  All you need to do is be the first one to correctly identify all 10 movies that the eyes are from, and you will win a DVD full of Trailers from Something Weird.  I'm sure there are some easy ones in there, but there's also a few tougher ones.  So good luck, and let the games begin!

2-13-04  HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!
    We've had planned on having this update done a few days ago, but then figured we'd wait until today.  Since this is sort of a holiday for us, right?  Anyway, on to the update.

    We are very happy to now carry these great CDs from Midnight Syndicate.  For those who are not familiar with their work, if you are a fan of atmospheric music, then you need to check them out.  You can now order them directly from us.  For more information, click here!

    Glad to see that there were a few John Ashley fans out there, and who knew our last Mystery Photo.  It was from BEAST OF THE YELLOW NIGHT.  For those who aren't familiar with it, or the Blood Island have some homework to do!  The ones with the correct answers are Bill Holmes, Chris Huziak, Stephen Weakley, Rick Lassiter, and dbuscemi.
    Good luck on the new one!

    We have a new entry in our Psycho Babble entry, from none other than Joe Bob Briggs.  We found this tidbit in his latest book Profoundly Disturbing.  Didn't think we'd ever hear anything like that out of him.

    We have added a review of a classic Hammer film in our Review section.  Don't know why we waited this long for it.  We have also added our review of the new book The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Companion in our Library section (under Biographies).  Check it out, it's a great book!

    I don't know why I still get irritated when Hollow-wood (Hollow as in empty of intelligence or creativity) announces a new remake.  You think we would have learned by now.  But I guess I'm still hoping that latest remake just might be the one to break the chain of bad ones.  I had no intention of seeing the TEXAS CHAINSAW remake until Roger Ebert gave it such a bad review, I figured I might actually find something entertaining in there.  Sorry, not this time.
    But now Hollow-wood has announce remakes of BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, ROSEMARY'S BABY, HOUSE OF WAX, and lastly THE HILLS HAVE EYES (even with Craven producing).  Now while BRIDE and HOUSE seemed to be remakes by only stretching your imagination (something that they can't seemed to do when trying to come up with something original), HILLS is suppose to be written and directed by Alexandre Aja, who is making on the news with his film HAUTE TENSION.  Now, is that particularly a bad thing?  While we haven't seen HAUTE yet, I've heard nothing but good things.  Maybe this will give Aja a chance to show Hollow-wood something new and original...even if it's only a remake.

    It seems that director Don Coscarelli has made the deal with MGM to release his 'old Elvis vs old Mummy' movie, with a street date of May 25th.  Marked that date on your calendars folks, because that is a movie that you want to see.  No real details on what extras might be on the disc, but there's talk of Coscarelli doing commentary along with Bruce Campbell doing commentary as the King.  That should be interesting...

    We have also added quite a few new links to our site.  In the Actors section, there's quite a few additions from the TEXAS CHAINSAW movies.
    We have also added a link to a site called Oh My Gore!  This site has some great downloads, including some incredible wallpapers.  Check them out.
    And then we also have added a new section of links for Model kit sites (banner to added shortly).  This is a little side hobby we have been doing over the years that is a very dangerous one to get into.  It's not cheap, and it's very time consuming.  But for me, it is very relaxing (unless you're looking at all the cool kits that are out there).  So we figured we'd see if we couldn't spread the disease around a bit.  There's just few links now, but more will follow.
    If you know of any model kit sites, or any horror sites that you visit frequently, let us know.

    Sorry for the long delay folks, but we were waiting for the prize to arrive from MGM.  The lucky winner is Leo Medina.  Contrats to Leo, and thanks again to everyone who participated.  Stay tuned for our next contest.

    Things have been pretty busy around here as of late.  And for once, it has nothing to do with the 'real workplace'.  We've started up again painting our resin models kits, some of which we purchased around 6 years ago.  Then add on top of that, we've been trying to get through some of this new reading material that we've been piling up around here as well.  From reading Peter Cushing: The Gentle Man of Horror and His 91 Films, to Set Visits (wait until you read some of Christopher Lee quotes I found in there!), to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Companion.  I figured I really didn't need to, or want to for that matter, hear any more stories about the making of this film.  But I have found this book extremely enjoyable, with tons of great information.  Hence our new little quote above.  I'll be having a review of the book up shortly in our Library section, but for right now, I would highly recommend it.
    And while on a shameless plug, plus speaking of TCM, don't forget that it's only two short months away from the Cinema Wasteland spring show (April 2nd-4th in Cleveland, Ohio).  With 9 guests from the first 3 TCM movies, it's one that you can't miss.

    In some great news for us Naschy fans, HORROR RISES FROM THE TOMB (my personal favorite of his films) will be coming to DVD from Crash Cinema as part of their Mondo Crash line, as posted on DVD Maniacs.  The release date is March 30th, and is said to have both the US version as well as the uncut European version.  Not sure of the differences, but let's just hope that their good quality prints.  The disc will also feature interviews with both Naschy and director Carlos Aured, as well as still gallery and filmographies.

    And to add to that great news, Warner Home Video will be releasing those Hammer titles reported earlier on April 27th.  Coming to DVD for the first time are FRANKENSTEIN MUST BE DESTROYED, DRACULA HAS RISEN FROM THE GRAVE, and TASTE THE BLOOD OF DRACULA, which being released for the first time over here in it's uncut version!  They all have a SRP of $19.95.  Start saving that money people.

    We have a new photo up with this update.  Unfortunately, nobody was able to come up with the correct answer for that last one.  That woman happens to be Oscar winning director Roman Polanski from his film THE TENANT.  And he's not really missing a leg, it's just bent back underneath him.  If you haven't had the chance to see this excellent, but very bizarre film, I would recommend it.
    Good luck on the new pic!

    We also have a few new reviews up in the usual place.  Careful, if you haven't seen CABIN FEVER, there might be a few spoilers in there...

    We recently caught the trailer for this latest Hollywood blockbuster.  While we were not impressed in the slightest with his MUMMY RETURNS cartoon, I have to admit, the look of this film alone is going to get me to see it.  I know I said the same thing about UNDERWORLD and was slightly disappointed, but the production designs for VAN HELSING looks incredible.  You can check out the official site HERE, where they have info about the film, as well as screensavers and wallpaper.

    I've always been a huge fan of the characters of Frankenstein and his creation.  And when a new project is announced dealing with those characters, I'm always looking forward to what it will bring to it.  But after reading about this latest venture, I think those feelings my change.
    It seems that horror author Dean Koontz will be writing a pilot (and producing) for a proposed TV series for the USA network where both Dr. Frankenstein and his creation are still alive in modern times.  But it seems that in this new twist, over the years, the doctor is evil and the creature has become good (ever see any of those Hammer films?).  And the creature teams up with a female homicide detective investigating a series of brutal crimes...
    People...this is not a joke.  Well, it is...but only in a sarcastic way.  Don't those people remember that made-for-TV movie HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN a few years back???  Do we need to have Frankenstein's monster running around solving mysteries?  Please tell me there's something  a little more original out there than that...Please!

    The first reports of these LEGACY collections made no mention of any extras carried over from the original releases.  But as reported by DavisDVD, it seems that they audio commentary and documentaries will be the same on the movies for  FRANKENSTEIN, DRACULA, and THE WOLF MAN.
    With a retail price for each of the 2-dics sets only around $26.98, that's great price, considering when these discs first came out, they had an SRP of $24.95 each!  This should be great news for those out there who missed out on adding these classic films to your collection.
    Now if they'd only release HOUSE OF DRACULA by itself...

    We've have added quite a few new titles in our Books section, including the new TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE COMPANION.  Check them out.

    Only a couple of months to go before we start our yearly convention cycle.  And this year looks to be quite a busy year for us, with lots of great shows coming up.
    First up is the first Spring show for the Cinema Wasteland crew during the first weekend in April (2nd-4th) in Cleveland, Ohio.  If you are a fan of the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE movies (and we ain't talking about that new piece of crap), then this is the show you want to be at.  With 9 guests from the first 3 CHAINSAW movies, what more could you want?  And besides all of that, you still have the best show for all around entertainment.  Great guests.  Great movies.  A great time.  This has always been our favorite show.  No way you can not have a good time here, folks.
    After that, over the Memorial Day Weekend, we will be heading to Ohio once again (Dayton this time) for Ghastlee Ghoul's Scary Camp.  They have Sid Haig as their headliner guest, with also Tom Sullivan, Bill Hinzman, Kyra Schon, and more.  Sure to be a good time.
    Then we have a couple of months off before we hit the Flashback Weekend in Chicago at the end of July (30th to Aug. 1st).  No guests have been announced yet, but usually Mike and company come up with some pretty interesting names.
    And then only after a short couple of weeks after that, we make the journey east to Baltimore for the Horrorfind Weekend IV.  Last year was the first time we made it to this show, and had one hell of a time.  So we are planning it to do it once again.  They are coming up with another huge guest list, including George Romero, Jeffrey Combs, and Adrienne Barbeau, plus plenty of other great names.
    Then of course, only two weeks after that show, is the Monster Mania show.  We are still trying to work out being able to go to that one, but we're still hopeful.  But Monster Mania's Dave Hagan is coming up with what looks to be like another great show.  We had a blast last time there and hope to do it again this year.
    And what better way to close the convention year but with another Cinema Wasteland show.  No real news about what Ken has planned for this one, but I'm sure he'll be promoting it at the April show.  And as always, whoever Ken does get, it will be another great show.

    We have added a few new reviews this time out.  No movies this time, but a soundtrack and a couple of books.  We have our review of the soundtrack for the new film THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT, as well as the new book on John Carpenter and another great interview book by Tom Weaver.  Check out the book reviews here.

    We don't usually promote or advertise people on eBay, but we came across this guy who truly offers some great products and great prices.  Last month, I bought several stills from this guy and was very happy with the product.  He offers quite a few rare still shots, like from the 50's AIP movies to tons of Hammer Horror shots.  Plus the prices are around $4 each, which is cheaper than most sold at conventions.  Yea, these are reprints, but the quality is excellent.  Check out his auctions by clicking here.

Best Wishes to Mr. Carpenter.  He turned 56 today.

    Mr. Reis, over at DVD Drive-In, has started a campaign to suggest titles that we would like to see come out from MGM on their Midnite Movies banner.  Over this last summer, MGM got a lot of my money, with the amount of great titles that they put out.  How can one pass up COUNTESS DRACULA and VAMPIRE LOVERS (released uncut for the first time in the US) on one DVD for only $10!  So let's make sure they know how much we appreciate it, and that they keep on doing it.  Click on the logo below for more info.

    Congrats to this entries winners.  They were Stacy Earley, Stephen Weakley, Monster Mark McConnaughey, and Vatonges.  The winning answer was BLOOD BEAST TERROR, starring Peter Cushing.  Nice job people.  That was a tough one.
    So let's continue on that note.  Check out our newest photo and get those minds working.

    If you are one of those poor souls that never got around to picking up the Blood Island films from Image when they came out on DVD, now is your chance to not only get them, but also save quite a bit on the price.  On March 2nd, Image is releasing a box set that contains all three of the Blood Island movies (BRIDES OF BLOOD, MAD DOCTOR OF BLOOD ISLAND, and BEAST OF BLOOD), and also Al Adamson's BRAIN OF BLOOD.  They feature all the same extras as the original releases, which have audio commentary by Sam Sherman.  These commentaries are excellent, giving the viewer not only a history of these films, but also a history of both Hemisphere Pictures and Independent International as well.  Sherman is full of great stories of the 'old days' which still amazes me at how films were made, marketed, and distributed back then.
    The SRP is around $45, which is a great deal.  But you can even find it cheaper at online places like Deep Discount DVD which is listing it at around $32.  Can't beat that.  These discs are highly recommended.

    Universal will be releasing their classic monsters again in three different box sets.  Frankenstein: The Legacy Collection will feature FRANKENSTEIN, BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, SON OF FRANKENSTEIN, GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN, and HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN.
    Dracula: The Legacy Collection contains: DRACULA ('31), DRACULA (Spanish Version), DRACULA'S DAUGHTER, SON OF DRACULA, and HOUSE OF DRACULA (which was not previously released.
    Each collection retails around $27 each, and will be unleashed on April 27th.  There will also be a Monster Legacy Gift set that will include all three collections, along with figurines of Dracula, Frankenstein and the Wolf Man.

    Earlier this week, during a chat room discussion on the Home Theater Forum, some interesting news came from 20th Century Fox about some upcoming titles.  There should be a special edition of PREDATOR coming out around the time of the ALIEN VS PREDATOR hits the theaters.  There's talk of also a special edition of David Cronenberg's THE FLY that might come out this year.  TERROR TRAIN will probably be hitting DVD some time around Halloween.  Plus, DELLAMORTE DELLAMORE might be put out by them, or they may even license it out to someone like Anchor Bay or Blue Underground.

    Cinema Wasteland's first April show is only 2 1/2 months away!  Don't miss out on not only a great show, but also the 30th Anniversary of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE.  Forget that remake piece of crap.  Let's celebrate the original classic film with 6 guests from the movie, plus a lot more!  For more info, click here.

    For fans of one of the best cult classics out there, Ted V. Mikels ASTRO ZOMBIES, here comes a nice little addition to every fan's collection.  Click here to check out the great looking figures from the sequel MARK OF THE ASTRO-ZOMBIES.  For only $20, each are signed by Mikels, these are a great deal.  Click here for pics and more details.

1-10-04  IS IT JUST BE ME...
    As I mentioned earlier, I was going through some different websites and their "Best Of" polls for last year.  One of them had an entry for Best Poster Art.  The winner was FREDDY VS JASON, with CABIN FEVER and TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE for second and third.  I guess either nobody remembered that the TCM poster was basically a rip off of HANNIBAL, and that the FREDDY VS JASON just lacked pretty much any sort of originality or style for that matter.  While we didn't think UNDERWORLD was a great movie, at least they had some pretty good poster art.  And it looks like the makers of VAN HELSING are going in the same direction as well.
    And now they have released the poster art for Hollywood's latest remake, DAWN OF THE DEAD.  While it's no where original, at least it's not a poster full of the stars' faces from the movie, like they were doing before.  I also have to give them credit for somebody knowing their zombie movies since this looks like a lot of the foreign artwork from Lucio Fulci's ZOMBIE.  But that's okay.  So I do give them credit for that.  And plus, to be honest, it's not really a bad poster.  It could have been much, much worse.
    Which leads me to my next comment.  Below is a British Quad poster of HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES that we have recently picked up from (check them out...they have a great selection, and some pretty good prices).  I do like the American artwork for the movie, but the one below just blows it away.  Now why can't more films have poster art like this???

    One of the best Japanese horror film is finally making it's way to DVD.  For those of you that have spent many hours paging through different reference books, especially Phil Hardy's, you will remember the shot of the woman with some sort of demon mask on.  That was from ONIBABA.  This 1964 black and white film is a must for any serious student of the genre.  The story is about a woman and her daughter-in-law trying to survive why her son is off to war in 14th century Japan.  They struggle to make a living by robbing the bodies of dead soldiers who die in battle near where they live.  But then the mother comes across a samurai with a strange demon mask, and seals her fate.
    The DVD will be released by Criterion Collection on March 9th, and it sounds like to be another great release from them.  It will feature a new 2.35:1 anamorphic transfer, and will also include a new video interview with the director, Kaneto Shindo.  It will also feature on the set footage taken by actor Kei Sato.  Along with a still / production art gallery, and English translation of the Buddhist fable that the film was inspired by, and the original trailer.  The SRP is $29.95.
    Can't wait for this one.

1-3-04  REMEMBERING 2003
    Unlike a lot of the websites out there, we've never really done a "Best & Worse Of" from the past year.  I think the main reason is that a lot of the films that we watch during the year don't necessarily come out that year.  They hit DVD or maybe that we just finally get around to seeing them (most likely the latter).
    So what we'd like to do is a couple of different things.  First of all, we are going to post a entry on our Message Board with some titles that we seen this year that we enjoyed.  Please give a second and post any thoughts that you might have.
    The second thing is a few Highlights and Lowlights of the last year for us here at the Krypt.  Those of you that have been here for the last year will remember me bragging or bitching about some of these.
    One of the biggest Highlights for me this year was all the older movies that I had a chance to see at some of the art house theaters in Chicago.  From the recent Fulci's ZOMBIE, to CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON in 3-D, to even the Mario Bava Film Fest.  We will continue to try let you local people know about these upcoming screenings.
    Another Highlight for me was the day I heard that Fangoria and Creation had separated their convention plans.  Don't know if Fangoria and Chiller combining will be any better, but I seriously don't see how it could get worse.  Of course, I've noticed that Creation is trying to come up with their own horror convention...I wonder how long they'll last?
    And of course, how could I not mention about all the damn DVD titles that have come out this last year???  It damn near made me have to get a part-time job just to keep up with all that was coming out.  From MGM's Midnight Movies and awesome Double Feature discs, to the continued excellent titles that Something Weird is putting out with Image, and also the newer but incredible titles that Mondo Macabre US has been releasing.  Keep up the great work out there, and we'll keep buying them!
    That has to be computer problems we went through a few months ago.  From having a bad hard drive and motherboard, only to contract a worm blaster virus after getting the new hardware, needless to say, it was a couple months of plain hell.
    The only other real downer is the fact that Hollywood is still stuck on remakes.  I had hoped that the overall bashing it got on the remake of PSYCHO would have stopped all of this.  But to no avail.  Now we get terrible remakes of TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and whatever else they think they can make a quick buck off from the cattle out there in the multiplexes.  Is there no hope?  I guess it's just up to us diehard fans to teach the newer fans the differences and to learn about the "old ones".
    And let's not forget the ones who have passed away this year.  Ones that have given us hours and hours of entertainment, and still will for years to come thanks to their movies.
    Bhaskar, Rene Cardona Jr., Leslie Cheung, Anthony Eisley, Alex Gordon, David Hemmings, William Marshall, Anita Mui, and Jim Siedow.  You will be missed, but not forgotten.

    We got a little more obscure with our last photo.  We used this lesser known film in hopes that those who did know what it is will seek it out, since it deserves a bigger audience than it has.  And the film is THE JOHNSONS.  Seek this one out people, it's well worth the viewing.
    We only had two winners this time out.  Congrats to Chris Huziak and Cmver.
    We went with another lesser known film again.  So we'll see how this one goes.  Good luck!

    We've updated out Mini-Poll with a little bit more thought-provoking question.  Or at least one to make you think that people are just plain crazy.  For years, people have been "uncovering" the reason meanings behind movies.  One of my favorites has always been the Frankenstein story.  So check out our poll above and cast your vote.
    The results for our last poll about your favorite Paul Blaisdell monster really gave me hope.  It's nice to see that they are a lot of people out there that are still into the old classics.  For those who might not know who Paul Blaisdell is, check out our Tombs of Fame section.  Then you have some movies to seek out.
    Here's the breakdown of the results:





  • VOODOO WOMAN - 11%



    The contest is done, but we are waiting for the prize(s) from MGM first before we announce the winner(s).  Depending on what we get, we may have more than one winner.  We will let you know when we hear anything.  Sorry to make you wait.  I just don't want to announce a winner, only to not have anything from MGM to show up.  I'm sure you understand.