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12-30-07  2007 IN REVIEW
    First of all, as we do every year, we’d like to take a moment to remember all the celebrities that had made some contribution to the horror genre that passed away this last year.  Whether they were actors, directors, or writers, these people have made an impact on the genre, and to film fans like us.  And because of fans like us, these names will never be forgotten.  And I think that is the best gift that fans like us can give to any of these talented people….the gift of immortality.  Thank you for all those wonderful films, performances, images, and memories!

Bob Clark, Yvonne DeCarlo, Freddie Francis, Charles B. Griffith,
Karl Hardman, Bruno Mattei, Tony Tenser, Roger Watkins

    We are still battling the real world with our day job.  It seems to grow worse by the day, and we’re hoping that there will be some major changes coming shortly.  And that may result in some major changes here at the Krypt, as far as conventions and such go, but we’ll just have to wait and see.  But we know that something has to change.
    For 2007, I would have to say that the major highlight for me in 2007 was the publication of the HORROR 101 book.  Sure, I only had a minor part in it with two essays and the photos.  But it showed two things to me.  First of all, this book featured my first real published work.  To some that might not have been a big deal, but for me it was.  And I’d like to thank Aaron Christensen for letting me be a part of this wonderful project.
    And second of all, I learned something even more valuable from AC.  And that is that if you want something to happen, like getting a book published, just do it.  Aaron showed me that putting all that time and hard work into something that you believe in can happen.  And that gives me hope.  Now I just need to learn something about procrastination and motivation and I’ll be on my way!
    Of course, one of the other highlights, just like every year, is every time we head off to a convention.  With every show, we see our old friends and make even more new ones.  As we keep trying to spread the gospel of the horror genre, we're amazed to find so many other people that are either doing the same thing, or are ready and willing to let you guide them to some unknown horror.  That still gives me hope that there are still fans out there that are interested in the both the genre's history and contributions from around the world.  Just remember to keep Discovering the Horror!

BEST OF 2007?
    One of our goals for next year is to start keeping track of every movie that we watched throughout the year.  That way, at the end of the year, it's pretty easy to compare your notes to see what you've actually seen that year.  I know now when I try to think of all the movies that I've seen this year all run together with the ones that I've seen years before.  But as we were going through our updates over this last year, trying to think of all the movies that we've seen, there's one that keeps coming to mind that I was having a hard time thinking of another one to top it.  And that would be Robert Rodriguez's PLANET TERROR.
    This is one movie that I could watch over and over again, and still be entertained time and time again.  From the dialog, the music, the wacky action, the blood and gore galore, it's pretty tough for me to find a flaw here.  Plus it's just so damn fun to watch.  Plus, having had the opportunity to watch this in the theater as part of the original GRINDHOUSE double feature, packed full of other genre fans, was also one the highlights of the year.

    2008 will have a few anniversaries for me to be celebrating.  Back in April of 1988, I traveled off to California for my first horror convention, Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors.  That weekend, I had the opportunity to meet some major horror celebrities for the first time, not to mention that it was really the first time I had met ANYONE famous.  But these were the people that I had only read about in books and magazines.   People like Tom Savini, George Romero, Clive Barker, Tobe Hooper, Roddy McDowell, Anthony Perkins, and the list goes on.  So for me, it was one of the best times I’ve ever had at a show.  And now, 20 years later, with more conventions under my belt that I can even start to count, I still have a blast at them.  Granted, now that tends to be due to the company that we keep there as oppose to the celebs.  But in either case, we still have a great time.
    Then a short month after that first horror con, I went to another very scary place.  A church.  And I got married.  It still amazes me that my wife Dawn has put up with me for these last 20 years (25 years, if you count the “dating phase”).  Just picture someone who cooks like a gourmet chef (and actually loves to cook), but then also puts up with someone who collects horror DVDs, posters, and is slowly turning their house into a haunted movie theater!  Now that is true love.  Or she’s just waiting for me to kick the bucket so she can sell my collection.  Not really sure which is the case, and at this point, don’t care.  I just know that if it wasn’t for her, I don’t think I’d be here today.
    And the last anniversary coming up is that of what you are currently reading now.  Back in October of 1998, I officially launched Kitley's Krypt.  I never would have believed that 10 years later, I would still be at it.  This site has changed over the years, some changes minor, some major.  But the one thing that has always stayed the same was my devotion to the horror genre and the hopes of helping others out there expand their knowledge and love the genre as well.  Has it helped anyone out there?  I would like to think so.  Maybe not the thousands I had delusions about when I first started.  But just helping out one newer horror fan making that decision to check out a film that he probably wouldn’t have looked at twice before, does make all the work here worth it.
    So our plans for 2008 is make this landmark pretty special, especially when it gets closer to October.  We are hoping to have several big giveaways and other stuff to help celebrate our 10 Years of Terror.  So stay tuned for that.

    Only got 2 correct answers for the last Mystery Photo.  And the kudos go to our regulars Hoby Abernathy and Aaron Christensen.  The pic is of the great Boris Karloff in one of his last films, THE SNAKE PEOPLE.
    This time up, we have a little tougher one.  So let's see if I can stump everyone on this one, even our regulars.  I think I got them on this one.  I will tell you it's not some obscure movie, but one that was pretty popular in the late 80's.  Good luck!

    Well, kind of.  While working on some plans for next year, we discovered that we had totally forgotten that we had interviewed Caroline Munro last April at the Cinema Wasteland show, but never got around to putting it up.  Well, now it's done and posted in our Interview section, which can be found under the Features link.

    We have finally gotten around to transferring most of the pages from our old site.  Now back up and running is our Psycho-Babble page, our page dedicated to those wacky mad scientists in our S.M.S. page, and we also have the last of our Convention reports posted as well.
    We have also transferred over, with a slight change in appearance, what use to be called our Tombs Of Fame section.  It is now simply called Kryptic Salutes.  These pages will highlight people working the genre that we feel need to be pointed out.  Some of the names you might now, some not.  But we feel that each of them have made a impact on the genre, and is someone that all fans should know a little bit about.
    So check them out and let us know what you think.  You can find these pages all under the Features section.

    Yesterday, we came home from work, and due to a cold/flu coming on, just felt like a wet rag.  While we tried to get some work done on this site, we mainly were just sitting here in a daze.  So we figured if we're just going to sit and not get anything accomplished, we might as well sit in front of the TV and get some movies watched.  So we did.  As a matter of fact, five of them.  One right after another.  What a much needed re-fueling it was, too.  For details on what we watched, and to add in your own thoughts in, check out our Blog.

12-24-07  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!
    First and foremost, we want to wish everyone out there Happy Holidays!  And hoping that you have some time off to enjoy with your friends and family.  Since when it comes down to it, that's really what counts....besides of course, our DVD collections, posters and the other important stuff that we have.  But friends and family are right up there too.

    We have posted our review for Christopher Wayne Curry's latest book, FILM ALCHEMY: THE INDEPENDENT CINEMA OF TED V. MIKELS.  It's in the Biography section in our recently revived Reference Book Reviews, which can be found in our Reviews Section.

    For Chicago area fans, the Music Box Theatre will be hosting a midnight screening of Clive Barker's HELLRAISER on January 11th & 12th.  Clive Barker will be there for the screening on the 12th.  But you have to buy your tickets in advance through Ticketweb to get in.  If you're interested, I would get your tickets soon, since I'm assuming it will sell out.
    For more information about the Music Box, click HERE.

    This year at the Flashback Weekend, they will be hosting the 40th Anniversary World Tour of the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.  So far on the guest list they have George Romero, John Russo, Marilyn Eastman, Krya Schon, Bill Hinzman, Judith O'Dea, Russ Streiner, and George Kosana.
    They also have listed the babysitters from Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN, Danielle Harris, Scout Taylor-Compton, and Kristina Kelbe.
    More guests to be announced.

    Mike Shields and Hoby Abernathy were the only ones to send in the correct answer for the last Mystery Photo.  That was the lovely Juliet Mills in BEYOND THE DOOR, another great EXORCIST "inspired" movie.  See our DVD news below for some great news about this movie!
    So check out the latest photo to see if we get can a few more answers this time out.  Click HERE to send in your answer.  Good luck.

    Here is some great news for us fans of cult titles, once again proving that just about ANY movie can get a DVD release.  BCI/Navarre has made a deal with Code Red to exclusively distribute their DVD titles.  Here's some of titles that they are going to be releasing over the coming year:  SOLE SURVIVOR, BOARDING HOUSE (A great Turkey Day Movie if there ever was one), THE DEAD PIT, THE UNSEEN, BUTCHER BAKER NIGHTMARE MAKER, THE VISITOR, THE MUTILATOR (Once again, hope it's the uncut version), THE NESTING, NIGHTMARE, SPASMS, TERROR CIRCUS (Is this BARN OF THE NAKED DEAD???), and a few other non-horror titles.
    But the one title that I'm pretty excited to see, oddly enough was our last Mystery Photo, is BEYOND THE DOOR.  They have already recorded an audio commentary from director/producer Ovidio Assonitis.  We're just hoping that it's the uncut widescreen version of the film, and not the cut US print.  Fingers are crossed.
    I know that Code Red has done a great job so far on their releases, so we'll very excited to hear some of these titles that they have announced, since they should be well worth the wait.

    Back again after missing our update over last weekend.  Once again, just too much stuff going on here.  And with the holidays coming up fast, it's keeping us busy.  But we do have a few new things for this update, so hopefully it was worth the wait.

    Our Interview Section is now back up and re-designed.  Unfortunately, we somehow lost most of the photos from the behind-the-scene stuff that Pete O'Herne had sent us for the Bad Taste Cast Interview, but the text is still all there.
    One of our goals for next year is to work on more and more of interviews for the site.  To find our Interviews, just click on the Features section in the above links.
    We also have un-archived some more of our Convention Reports as well.  Those are also in the Features section.
    And lastly, we have also un-archived some of our Reference Book Reviews.  These can be found in our Reviews Section.

    Well, we have finally got around to seeing Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN and have posted our review of it.  The review is for the new 2-Disc Unrated Director's Cut DVD that comes out next week.  So check out our review to see which side of the fence we are on.
    And to celebrate this momentous occasion, while doing a little cleaning here at the Krypt, we stumbled across  a copy of the soundtrack from HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES, signed by Rob Zombie.  So we decided to give it away to one lucky winner.  All you need to do is send us an email letting us know if you liked his version of HALLOWEEN or not, and why.  Don't worry folks, we're not talking an essay here, but a sentence or two of your thoughts.  Think of it as a little poll.  One winner will be chosen from the list of emails that we get.  To participate, just click HERE to open the email, type your thoughts and send away.  Good luck!

    Okay, so the photo wasn't the greatest quality.  But since this film has never gotten a decent release, that's going to be pretty tough.  And since the film is William Girdler's ABBY, and is a...slight variation on William Friedkin's THE EXORCIST, who knows if it will ever get an official release.
    Only Will Wilson, Kevin Hart, and Hoby Abernathy had the correct answers.  Nice job guys.  At least I know there are some people out there that have seen it.
    With this week's pic, we're going to stay on a theme here and see if that will help.  Just remember, there's no penalty for a wrong answer.

    Who is Tony Tenser?  Don't know?  That's a shame.  That means you still have some learning to do.  But that's okay, since after reading this, you'll now know who Tenser was.  Tenser was a British producer who's studio, Tigon British Film Productions, seemed to specialize in the exploitation market.  Tenser was behind such films as Michael Reeves WITCHFINDER GENERAL, Peter Walker's FRIGHTMARE, Freddie Francis' THE CREEPING FLESH, and many other titles.  He was also the executive producer on a couple of early Roman Polanski films, such as CUL-DE-SAC and REPULSION.  So while his films may not have been blockbusting smash hits, but for us horror fans, we knew that we were in for a good time with something that Tenser was involved with.
    Tenser passed away on December 5th, at the age of 87.  If you're interested in reading more on Tenser, I would highly recommend getting the book BEASTS IN THE CELLAR by John Hamilton.  It was published by FAB Press and is one great book.

12-05-07  A SLIGHT DELAY
    We had even intention to have this update done over the weekend.  But since we didn't have a weekend (having to work both Saturday AND Sunday), that made it a little tough.  But we do have something new with this update.  We have finally brought back our Vincent Price Memorial Poster Art Gallery.  For those who were around when we had it up on our old site, it's basically a place to see the different poster art from different movies and from different countries.  Since we are a big fan of poster art, and am a collector, I try to let other collectors and fans see some of the great artwork that used to be used for movie posters.  It really is a dying art form.  So for more details about what the Gallery is about, just click on the Features link above and have fun.  There's a lot of posters to check out.  We have all of the sections open now, except the American Movies Section.  But there is more enough eye candy with the sections on Spanish & Paul Naschy films, British & Hammer films, and the Italian films.  We will have the American Section up shortly.
    So take a few minutes and check it out.  And please give us some feedback on what you think.  We always like hearing from you.

    Somehow we completely forgot to put up a new photo with our last update.  So here's a new one before we forget.
    The last photo was from Wes Craven's THE SERPENT AND THE RAINBOW.  While watching parts of the film, looking for a good frame grab, I had forgotten how good some of that movie is.  It does have it's weak points, but for the most part, I think it's pretty effective.
    Anyway, the ones that sent in the correct answers were Hoby Abernathy and William Wilson.
    So check out the latest pic and see what you can come up with.  Good luck.

    We also have one new review with this update.  It's for one of the latest releases from Dark Sky Films, THE KILLING KIND.  If you enjoy 70's films with a sleazy feel to them, then you'll love this one.  Check out our full review for more details.

    And speaking of Dark Sky Films, we were very excited to hear the news that they will be releasing a rare cult classic film, SIMON - KING OF THE WITCHES.  Just trying to find a video pre-record of this movie was tough enough.  And if you were lucky to find one, the quality wasn't that great.  So we are hoping that Dark Sky does their usual excellent job of giving films a great looking presentation.  Hopefully they will have some good extras, at least of some sort of participation with Andrew Prine.  When we interviewed him a couple of years ago, he had some great stories about the making of this movie.
    But let's not just stop with that great bit of news.  Since the holidays are coming up, what better present to have for your favorite movie fan that getting them a DVD from Dark Sky.  Right now, they are having a 30% discount sale on 12 of their titles.  There are different offers each day, so make sure you check out their website HERE for more details.

    For those in the Chicago area, the classic film CURSE OF THE DEMON (aka NIGHT OF THE DEMON) will be showing at the Gene Siskel Film Center this Friday and also next Wednesday.  After the screening on Wednesday, there will be a lector/discussion by film critic and author Jonathan Rosenbaum.  Even if you have seen this film, having the chance to see it on a big screen is well worth your time and money.  This is one of those films that defines what a "classic" is.  And of course, if you haven't seen it, now is your chance.
    For more information about the screening, check out the website HERE.

    We survived another day chocked full of "rare" movies.....the "rare" meaning they're not well done.  Doc AC came out to participate in the festivities, along with my son, who only managed to survive the first film before having to wander off to do other things that teenagers tend to do.  But the Doc and I had a pretty good time with our viewing choices.
    The first up was KILLDOZER, a made-for-TV movie from the 70's, which was probably the last time I had seen this movie.  I didn't remember much, but knew it fit the bill for the day's viewing.  And really, to give some sort of defense to the film, it's not really a poorly made film.  It's just the dialog is silly, and just the whole idea of the movie is just laughable.  A killer bulldozer?  The ones that move about 5 miles an hour and you can hear approaching about 2 miles away?  How can that be frightening.  But they do their best to make it work.  Clint Walker is the main lead, and has about as much personality as the bulldozer they're running from.  He was a pretty big star in the "western days", back when actors didn't have to show any emotions.  He must have rocked back then!
    Next up was Amando de Ossorio's THE SEA SERPENT.  Now most fans know de Ossorio from his BLIND DEAD films.  But please don't watch this film expecting any remotely close to those stylistic films.  Once again, the dialog is a hoot.  The acting is sub-par, especially from Timothy Bottoms who was trying a little too hard, and Ray Milland, who just seemed to not give a crap about being there.  And of course, you have the wonderful puppet monster itself.  Now that, I happen to love.  As cheesy as it is, it's a perfect Turkey-Day movie.
    After that, we stayed with de Ossorio for the newly released LORELEY'S GRASP.  While I don't have happened to think this was a turkey, I wanted to watch the new print, and AC hadn't seen it.  So without going into any details here, we have our own full-blown review posted in our Review section.
    And lastly, we watched one of Rick Baker's finest career moments, OCTAMAN.  I know I would have enjoyed the film quite a bit more had the print we were watching wasn't so damn dark!  There several moments when the screen was completely black.  And the sad thing is that I really don't seen anybody putting out a nice re-mastered disc of that movie.  Which is sad, since it's a great old fashion rubber suited monster movie.  Great for Turkey Day, that is.  But none the less, I do have to give Mr. Baker credit for the creature.  I'm sure he would rather forget about the film, but I still think the creature still is cool looking after all of these years.
    So another year's Turkey Day gone and another 4 movies down the pipe.  Time to start making that list for next year!

    We do now have official Kitley's Krypt T-Shirts for a whopping $10, plus postage.  The shirt features our logo on a black T-shirt, and comes in Large, X-Large, and 2X-Large.  If you're interested, please send me an email about ordering details.

    We do have a few new reviews posted.  The first one is for Amando de Ossorio's LORELEY'S GRASP, one of our favorites.  Can't go wrong with Helga Liné if you ask me.  We also have reviews of two lower budgeted fair, GONE THE WAY OF FLESH and Bill Zebub's ASS MONSTER.
    And in the Soundtrack department, we have our reviews up for a couple of recently released scores.  The first one being Hammer's CAPTAIN KRONOS: VAMPIRE HUNTER.  And secondly, one that I am still amazed got released, is MAD DOCTOR OF BLOOD ISLAND.

    First of all, I want to thank everyone who sent in their entries into this contest.  We had more entries on this contest than we've ever had before, so it seems that a lot of people had fun with it.  I also would like to especially thank Don England, for not only donating 2 prints for us to give away, but also for creating such a great piece of work in the first place.
    And if you are not one of the two winners, don't think that you can not still get your own print.  Don sells them through his website (Slaughtered Lamb Studios).  Just drop him a line.  They are very reasonably priced.
    Here's the list of movies that are in the print.  Keep in mind, that some of the images, like Freddy's glove, could have been in many different movies.  So if you said any of the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET movies, you got that one in.  So here's the list:
ZOMBIE, CREEPSHOW, THE EXORCIST, OPERA, Freddy's glove, SUSPIRIA, DAWN OF THE DEAD, THE HOWLING, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, EVIL DEAD, PUMPKINHEAD, DR. BUTCHER M.D., Jason's mask, THE BURNING, BASKET CASE, TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD, CANDYMAN, SHOCK WAVES, HALLOWEEN 3: SEASON OF THE WITCH, IT'S ALIVE, HALLOWEEN, THE THING, MARTIN, PHANTASM, and the arm on the left side is from NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 3 (the puppet maker's arm).  Sorry folks, but the axe in the upper left hand corner isn't from a particular movie, but something that Don just threw in there.
    And now for the winners.....Contrats to David Prime & Robert Freese!

    We  have posted our report of the latest HorrorHound Weekend that we attended last weekend.  As always, we had a great time there.  Looking forward to March for their HELLRAISER reunion, and other great things they have planned.
    Plus, we have finally brought over the previous convention reports for the Flashback Weekend shows.  They are in our Features section.  We're still working on bringing the rest of those other show reports over.

11-22-07  HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!!!
    While we are preparing for the real Turkey Day tomorrow, we wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, or if you're one that doesn't celebrate it, hopefully you can at least celebrate having a day off from work.  I know I am.  We are putting the finally touches on our Turkey Day Marathon tomorrow and have plenty of antacids on hand in case it gets too much.
    We had another great time at the HorrorHound Weekend this past weekend.  We want to say thanks to everyone who stopped by and chatted with us there.  Always nice to hear from other like-minded fans.  Hopefully we'll have our report and photos up in our next update, which SHOULD be this weekend.  SHOULD being the key term.  Depends on how we survive tomorrow.

    In our update this weekend, we will be announcing the winners for the England Art Contest.  So you only have a couple of days left to participate if you haven't already.  So don't delay or you will miss out on the chance to win a print of this great piece of art.  Just click HERE to get started.

    We have FINALLY gotten around to getting our reports posted for the Cinema Wasteland show and the Music Box Massacre 3.  We took plenty of photos at both events, so check out our reviews and enjoy.  You can find them in our Features Section in the Links above.
    Plus, we have also FINALLY gotten around to transfer over all our previous reports for the Massacre and the Wasteland from the old site.  So now you can look back at all of those past shows and see what you've missed!

    And while on the subject of shows, next weekend we will be heading off to Indianapolis for the 2nd HorrorHound Weekend.  They've got a pretty good guest lineup, including John Landis!  Joining us for the trip will be our buddies Putrid (aka Matt) and Dave Kosanke from Liquid Cheese.  I know we are once again going to have a good time at the show.  If you're going, please stop by our table and say hello!

    We are going to let this contest go for a little while longer, since it seems a lot of people are having fun with it.  I've gotten a couple of people that had already sent in their answers, only to discover another movie that they didn't notice the first time.
    So just click on HERE to get to our Trivia section, and follow the instructions.  Come on, give it a try.  You've got nothing to lose other than a few minutes.  And you just might be one of the lucky winners.  Trust me, this piece of artwork (featured to the right) is beautiful.  I've got my own copy in a nice frame sitting in our Kryptic Theater, right below our marquee.  Yes, we have our own marquee.

    We have 4 more reviews posted this week.  I guess that makes up for the fact that we didn't have an update last week.  This time out, we review WITCHCRAFT with Lon Chaney Jr., THE DEADLY MANTIS with.....a giant deadly mantis, SEEDING OF A GHOST, a slick and gooey horror from Hong Kong, and the new 2-disc special edition of CREEPSHOW.  Head over to our Reviews section and check them out.
    If you are one of those that still hasn't gotten a region-free player, maybe after reading our review for CREEPSHOW you'll decide that you have to have one now.  Christmas is coming, and what a great idea for a gift, huh?

    Since we are a big fan of movie soundtracks, we are always checking out the new titles that come out.  One place that we always scope out is Screen Archives Entertainment.  They have a huge selection of titles, and always let you know what's new.  Plus, they are have stuff that you would NEVER see at a local Best Buy or the likes.  For example, I was browsing through there the other day and came close to falling out of my chair.  It seems that someone has decided that they needed to put out a CD soundtrack for Eddie Romero's MAD DOCTOR OF BLOOD ISLAND!  I couldn't get my credit card out fast enough to order this title.  Sure, some of the titles are a little pricy, but for as rare as some of these titles are, I don't mind paying the extra $$.  I'm sure once we get this title, we will be posting our review for it.  Of course, you can't order just one title, so we also picked up the recently released score for Hammer's CAPTAIN KRONOS: VAMPIRE HUNTER.  Can't go wrong with Hammer score!
    For more information about this CD or the website, click HERE.

    Now that Halloween is over, and we are coming to an end of our favorite season, there is still one more day of celebrating coming up.  Since 2003, we have spent the Friday after Thanksgiving in front of our TV, divulging ourselves in some of the horror cinema's less than finest features.  Some feel that it's an endurance test.  And there have been some movies on the schedule that do make it seem that.  But most of the time, we are just enjoying the hell out of these turkeys.  So far for this year's celebration, we will be watching Armando de Ossario's THE SEA SERPENT and the 70's made-for-TV movie KILLDOZER  I'm sure we'll be coming up with a couple more to watch.  Maybe this year we'll finally get to ROCK 'N' ROLL NIGHTMARE...

    It seems that we posted another tough photo this last time.  Only got three people with the correct answer.  And they would be Aaron Christensen, Will Wilson, and Mike Shields.  And the mystery title was none other than MOTHER'S DAY.  Ever hear of it?  While it's not one of my personal favorites, I know it does have it's following.
    So check out the latest photo and see if you know it.  Good luck!

10-28-07  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!
I'm sure we won't have another update until after the holiday.  So we wanted to wish everyone out there a happy and safe Halloween this year.  Hopefully you were able to spend time this month watching some of these great movies from our favorite genre.  New ones, old ones, as long as we're watching, it's all the same.  As our buddy Dr. AC says, Keep America Strong....Watch More Monster Movies!

    We have been a little busy this last week trying to get caught up on some reviews that we needed to get posted.  So with this update, we have a total of FIVE new reviews!  Can't remember the last time we had that many at once.  So head on over to our Reviews section to hear what we have to say about WRONG TURN 2, Dan Curtis' FRANKENSTEIN, THE DEVIL'S DAUGHTER, CRAWLSPACE, and Robert Kutzman's BURIED ALIVE.

    And speaking of WRONG TURN 2, we have also posted our review of the soundtrack for the film, that was just released by La-La Land Records.  You can check that out in our Review section as well.

    The winner of our Amicus Collection contest is Doug Lamoreux.  Nice job Doug, as well as to all the other people that entered in with the correct answers.  It's always nice to see that many fans of Amicus films out there.  Or at least know how to do a little research if need be.  Once again, we'd like to thanks the fine folks at Dark Sky Films for donating this prize pack for us to giveaway.  You can check out their website HERE.
    The answers were as follows:

1.  What was the first anthology film produced under the Amicus moniker? - DR. TERROR'S HOUSE OF HORRORS
2.  What is the more widely known title for BRIDE OF FENGRIFFEN? - AND NOW THE SCREAMING STARTS
3.  In the last Amicus production, THE MONSTER CLUB, what famous horror author was played by John Carradine? - R. Chetwynd-Hayes

    Okay folks, this time out we have another great work of art that we are giving away 2 prints.  This amazing collage is from artist Don England, from Slaughtered Lamb Studios.  Just click over to our Trivia page HERE to see the print and to find out what you have to do to win one of these wonderful works of art.

    There is now an official website for the Dr. AC and the Horror 101 book.  You can check it out HERE.

    Last week Photo was from the cult classic SCARECROWS, which had just gotten a DVD release a couple of weeks ago.  If you haven't seen this film, we highly recommend that you seek it out.  It's a great little shocker.  Contrats to Will Wilson and Hoby Abernathy for knowing this little gem.
    So here's our latest photo.  Just click HERE to send in your email if you think you know the movie it's from.  Good Luck.

    In another few weeks, we'll be heading off to Indianapolis once again for the HorrorHound Weekend.  We had a great time there last July, and are expecting another great time.  They have a great guest line up again this time out, especially with John Landis being there.  Any AMERICAN WEREWOLF fan out there is not going to want to miss this one.  Hope to see you there and please make sure you stop by and introduce yourself!

10-24-07  WHAT A MONTH....
    For some reason, the computer gods out there decided it was time to throw a little computer problems at the Krypt, causing us not only being able to send any emails, it was also stopping us from uploading any updates here.  I mean, it's only our favorite time of year, so what could we have possibly wanted to post.  But it seems that we have it back working again, though we're still not sure what the problem was in the first place.  Damn...I could get a job at a computer help desk somewhere.....
    Anyway, back to reality....wait, that's too depressing.....So while we're still hoping for a career change or a winning lotto ticket, we're still working way too many hours, which is putting quite a damper on our October fun.  But we're still pushing on, trying to sneak in some fun when we can.
    We will have some new reviews posted as well, including a few new DVD releases, including one from Dark Sky Films and the newer Wild Eye DVD with their releases of THE DEVIL'S DAUGHTER and the rare CRAWLSPACE.  So keep watching for those reviews.

    As much as we love this time of year, once October rolls around, we tend to have something going on every weekend.  So when those finally end, and we actually have some free time on the weekend (aka Sunday), there's huge burden off our shoulders and we can actually try and enjoy this time of year.  Mainly by watching movies, but enjoying it none the less.
    So got plenty of photos at both the Wasteland and the Music Box Massacre and will be working on getting our full reports posted, as well as bringing back access to all the previous Wasteland shows and Massacres.  So stay tuned.

    Another classic film that only our regulars knew.  And that was from MAN MADE MONSTER, starring Lon Chaney Jr. and Lionel Atwill.  It was just released on DVD in another great collection, so you have no excuse to check it out.  In the first issue of Famous Monsters that I remember buying, there was an article on this film, so it's always been a favorite of mine.  Job well done to Hoby Abernathy, Mike Shields, and Kevin Hart.
    So take a look at our new photo.  It might be a little tough, but that's the whole idea.  We want that brain to be working.  But there's enough clues in the photo to help you out.  As usual, just click on the photo to see a bigger view, and then click HERE to send us the email.  Good luck!

    Sorry for the long delay in announcing our winners for the HATCHET contest, but here they finally are.  A special congratulations goes out to John Hoskins, Michael Richards, and Christine Fidance.  You will all be receiving an mini-HATCHET poster, signed by director Adam Green and actress
Joleigh Fioreavanti.  Your poster prize should be going out in the mail by this weekend.  Thanks again for playing.

    For our latest contest, the wonderful folks at Dark Sky Films has given us a great prize to give away for the Halloween season.  The lucky winner of this contest will be the proud owner of the Amicus Collection!  This set features the DVDs of ASYLUM, AND NOW THE SCREAMING STARTS, and THE BEAST MUST DIE.  All of this can be yours.....just by answering a few questions.  Just click HERE to go to our Trivia page.  And if you don't know the answers, remember a little homework just could get you these 3 DVDs.....
    As usual, the winner will be drawn from all the entries with the correct answers.  Good luck.

    Last April, at the Cinema Wasteland show, we had the honor to not only meet Mr. Griffith, but also sit down with him for a quick interview.  We was a fun interview, full of great stories of the "old days" of low budget filmmaking.  And right now, as I write this, my amazing poster for the not so amazing movie UP FROM THE DEPTHS, is hanging behind me in my office, with Griffith's signature sprawled across it.  And while Griffith wasn't too happy with this directorial project of his, I still love the poster.  And to know that I had the chance to meet and talk with someone who contributed some great work to the genre will be among my favorite memories.
    So it was with great sadness that I heard of his passing a few weeks ago.  His work back in the day with Roger Corman showed the talent of a real screenwriter, able to crank out movies with little or no time, and with hardly a budget.  He will be missed.  So go out and re-watch one of the many classics Griffith had something to do with.  Trust me, there's quite a few.....DEATH RACE 2000...ATTACK OF THE CRAB MONSTERS...LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS...and many, many more.

    Talk about not taking a break...It wasn't that long ago that Nox Arcana had released there Shadow of the Raven CD.  But as we know, they are not ones to sit on their laurels, and have already started work on their next CD.  Entitled Grimm Tales, the ninth album from the band will be about what childhood nightmares come from.  According to Joseph Vargo, "The concept will center around dark fairies, wicked witches, and creatures that lurk in the deepest shadows of childhood nightmares."
    The CD should be out early next year.  And we can't wait.

    Guillermo del Toro is one filmmaker that I would follow no matter what kind of film he would make.  I have really enjoyed all of his films (yes, even MIMIC).  I think that he is one of the most talented filmmakers working in the film business today.  Plus the fact that he's a huge horror fan and wants to continue to make genre films, gives him even more kudos from me.
    So when I heard that del Toro is finally going to start work on his on-again/off-again dream project of H.P. Lovecraft's AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS, I was more than thrilled.  I had this discussion of the weekend about Stuart Gordon and his dream Lovecraft project that never got off the ground.  As much as I love Gordon as a director, I think that del Toro's vision (not to mention the $$$ that he could get) is much more needed to bring the work of Lovecraft to the screen.
    del Toro is set to start on MOUNTAINS right after HELLBOY 2: THE GOLDEN ARMY.  Since Universal is behind it, I'm sure they are going to be throwing a lot of cash his way.  And I have complete faith in del Toro's work and know he won't put out something less than amazing.  Talk about setting your hopes up high.....geezzz...

    The one thing that I love almost as much as horror reference books is documentaries on the horror genre.  And there's two new docs coming out covering two of our favorite directors: Lucio Fulci and William Castle.
    First up is a DVD tribute to Fulci called PAURA: LUCIO FULCI REMEMBERED.  Mike Baronas of Paura Productions had been planning on a book on Fulci, but decided to use the interviews that he had gotten and go with more of a visual medium.  The feature will have interviews with Giovanni Lombardo Radice (aka John Morghen), Brett Halsey, Jared Martin, Florinda Bolkan, and many others who worked with Fulci over the years.  This is set to be released in February of next year, so we will keep you posted.
    For more information about the project, you can check out their official website HERE.
    And for a subject that has been way past due, director / producer Jeffrey Schwarz has created a feature length documentary on one of the greatest showman in the horror genre, William Castle.  The feature, called SPINE TINGLER! THE WILLIAM CASTLE STORY, features interivews with Roger Corman, John Landis, Joe Dante, Stuart Gordon, John Waters, Fred Olen Ray, and many, many others.  For those who might not know Castle or his work, he was responsible for films like 13 GHOSTS, THE TINGLER, HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL, MR. SARDONICUS and a few other classics.  And if you're not familiar with his work, you need to be.  They are a load of fun.
    The documentary is currently looking for a distributor, there will be a few screenings in California in November.  For more information about the project, check out the official site HERE.  We can't wait for this one.

    One of my newest favorite DVD companies is BCI.  After the incredible work they've done with some of the Paul Naschy films and other great Spanish classics like NIGHT OF THE SORCERERS and LORELI'S GRASP, they have announced two more Naschy titles that will be coming out.  Sometime next year, they will be releasing BLUE EYES OF THE BROKEN DOLL (aka HOUSE OF PSYCHOTIC WOMEN) and HUMAN BEASTS.  Now, if I remember correctly, the video release of BLUE EYES under the HOUSE title was cut.  So this should be the first time this film will be officially released here in the states uncut.  Not to mention the fact that it's a pretty damn good film!  HUMAN BEASTS did get a video release from All Seasons Entertainment, but not sure if anything was ever cut from that print.  While it's not the greatest film of Naschy's, I'm still happy to see it get released.  But I highly recommend everyone seek out BLUE EYES.  Can't wait to see what they are going to announced next!

    I had sent in an essay I had written on being a horror fan to our local paper, thinking they might find it interesting enough for the upcoming Halloween season.  Well, apparently after checking out this website, they thought that I would be more interesting than what I had written.  So if you'd like to check it out, here's the LINK to the paper's website.

10-17-07  A TIME FOR REST
    After three weekends of excitement, the last being a 24-hour marathon of madness, it's going to take me a bit of time to get back to the swing of things.  I would like to hope that I will have an update at some point this week, but we'll see how the rest of the week is.
    Once we do get an update posted, we should have our reports of the last Wasteland show, as well as the Music Box Massacre (where we once again had a great time!).
    We will also be posting our winners for the signed HATCHET poster contest.  What's that?  Didn't know about our HATCHET Contest?  Well then you better scroll down through our past updates and see what we're talking about.  And when we do post the winners, we will have yet ANOTHER contest to test your movie knowledge.  If there's one month where you should be studying, this month should be the one.

    Once again, in a couple of days we will be making our bi-annual trip to Ohio for the Cinema Wasteland show.  And with the way my day job has been these last few months, I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to this show.  Just being able to walk away from the real world, spend time with friends, and talk about horror movies, is a much, much needed therapy that I need right now.  So we hope to see our regulars there, and hoping to meet some new friends as well.  So if you are going, please stop by our table and introduce yourself.

    We also wanted to take a moment to mention the passing of one of the most memorable characters in a horror movie.  Karl Hardman will always be known to horror fans as Harry Cooper, the asshole father from NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.  Over the years, we had the chance to meet him at a few different conventions, and he was always fun to talk to.  He really enjoyed talking to the fans of NIGHT and never seemed to get tired of answering basically the same old questions from the fans.  While his character of Cooper might not have been the hero type, the way he talked to his fans, Karl Hardman was a hero.  And as I always say when one of our "horror actors" passes away, us horror fans will always keep his memory alive, and he will never be forgotten.
    Hardman passed away on September 22nd from pancreatic cancer.  Our thoughts and wishes go out to his friends and family.

    Believe it or not, but the moment that we've been waiting for what seems like forever, has finally come to pass.  HORROR 101: The A-List of Horror Films and Monster Movies Vol. 1 is now available.  The official website for the book should be up shortly, but in the meantime you can click on the link above, under our banner, for more into.  If you are on MySpace, you can check out the MySpace page HERE.
    If you're interested in ordering a copy of it now, you can drop us an email HERE.  The cost of the book is $25, or $40 for 2 copies (don't forget, Christmas is coming....).  If you think that's a bit pricey, just figure it's cheaper than buying 3 issues of Fangoria.  And there's a hell of a lot less ads in here.
    We will have copies at our table at the Cinema Wasteland show, as well at the upcoming Music Box Massacre the following weekend.  So please stop by, pick up a book and not only show your support of the genre, but you might even learn something from that ancient art of reading.

    Speaking of the Massacre, we totally forgot to mention this in our last update, but our favorite Italian starlet Coralina Cataldi Tassoni will be attending the Music Box Massacre for a screening of DEMONS 2.  Below is a the lineup and times.  For more information about the Massacre and the Music Box Theatre itself, check out the official website HERE.
    We've always had a blast at the marathon, and really shows the true fans out there.  Don't have too many 24 hour marathons of romantic comedies out there, do they?  So if you're remotely in the area, or even if you're not, make a plan to come out and enjoy the festivities.  Hope to see you there.   

11am - Doors Open
12:10 pm The Cat and the Canary (82 mins.)
1:45pm Freaks (1932) (64 mins.)
3pm Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein (83 mins.)
4:30pm Equinox (80 mins.)
6pm - Peeping Tom (101 mins.) (1962) (Michael Powell)
8pm Monster Squad (with director Fred Dekker in person!) (82 mins.) with live Q & A.
10pm - Demons 2 (with star Coralina Cataldi Tassoni in person!) (91 mins.) with live Q & A.
12:15am - Videodrome (89 mins.)
2am - Halloween 3 (99 mins.) (1982) (dir. Tommy Lee Wallace)
3:50am - The Raven (Roger Corman) (86 mins.)
5:30am - It's Alive (Larry Cohen) (91 mins.)
7:20am - Death Dream (88 mins.) (Bob Clark)
9am - The Demonology of Desire (22 mins.)
9:30am - The Shining (146 Original Version) (1980) (dir. Stanley Kubrick)

Plus: Rusty Nails will be hosting! Count Midnight will appear!
Bring your pajamas, blankets and pillows! Table Dealers in the lobby!
Live Charity Auction! Free Prizes and Surprises!

    Last Saturday, my son and I traveled out to Dixon, Illinois to take part in the first (of hopefully many) Dusk Til Dawn Horror shows at the Midway Drive-In. Recently purchased by Mike & Mia Kerz (who run the Flashback Weekend shows), they are bringing back the drive-ins the way they use to be. We were thrilled to see the people turn out for this all night horror fest, and we had a blast. From all the great movies we got to watch, to the great food from the snack bar, to all people that we talked to there that came out, it was a fun time.
    Many kudos to Mike and Mia for putting their heart and soul into what they believe in.  That must have been one hell of a leap of faith decide they're going to own and run a drive-in theater.  But they are doing it because of their love and passion for the drive-in.  And lucky for us fans, now we have somewhere we can go to enjoy these types of events.  So if you missed this one, make sure you make it out the next time they are doing something like this, or any screening for that matter.  I know we will be there to support them each and every time we can.
    Here's some photos from that night.  But for more photos and info, check out their website HERE.


    They have announced the details for the DVD release of Adam Green's HATCHET, and of course, it will be unrated.  For some reason, I thought I remember hearing / reading that Green said the movie got passed by the MPAA without any cuts.  I may be wrong.  But if that's the case, then they must have cut stuff out before giving it to them.  Another thing was that at a couple of conventions that I was at over the summer, at the Anchor Bay table, they were showing a clip from HATCHET.  But when I recently seen the film, that particular scene really looked like it was slightly trimmed.  So they must have been showing a clip from the uncut version, not the theatrical version.
    But in any case, even the theatrical version was something to make any fan of 80's slasher / gore movies shout with joy.  Green said that he was trying to make a throwback to those types of movies, and I think that's exactly what he did.  It's a no-brainer.  It's gory, got annoying characters that you are waiting to die in gruesome ways, and they do.  End of story.  Plus, Green did come up with a decent folklore background for the movie.  But it is a movie that will kick start a new fad in Hollywood?  Don't think so.
    So come December 18th, fans will be able to pick up the Unrated (or R rated) version of HATCHET on DVD.  The film will feature an audio commentary by Green, cinematographer Will Barratt, and actors Tamara Feldman, Joel David Moore, and Deon Richmond.  Plus, there will be a 90 minutes of features on the making of the movie from beginning to end.  It's not the answer to us horror fans' prayers as we were led to believe, but it's still an entertaining film.

    Only had 2 people send in the correct answer on this last one.  And that was even having a couple of weeks to think about it.  Well, it was kind of an obscure title, but that's why we do it.  Then maybe you'll seek it out.  The film was AXE (aka LISA, LISA, CALIFORNIA AXE MASSACRE, and about a dozen more titles), and it is available on DVD.  I would recommend you check it out.  It is worth seeing.
    Kudos go out to Will Wilson and Hoby Abernathy for knowing this movie.  Nice job guys.
    The new photo might be pretty easy, but let's just see how many people can see the light!?!?!  Send the emails HERE.

9-30-07  NEW REVIEW
    We have another new review posted, that of the new release of Jack Hill's SPIDER BABY, from Dark Sky Films.  Folks, you don't even need to read my review....just go out and buy this disc.

9-23-07  NEW REVIEWS
    Don't have that much of an update this week, other than a couple of new reviews.  First up with have the latest from Larry Fessenden, THE LAST WINTER.  And then we also take a look at Dark Sky Films 2-disc release of Tobe Hooper's EATEN ALIVE.  Check out our Reviews section to read more.

    Just to update what will be playing at the Dusk Til Dawn Horror Show at the Midway Drive-In Theater next weekend.  Along with HATCHET and RE-ANIMATOR, they will be screening EVIL DEAD 2 and ARMY OF DARKNESS.  There is still one more film that hasn't been announced yet.  The doors will be opening at 6pm, with the screening starting around 7:30pm or dusk.  There will be prize-giveaways, along with vintage trailers and concession ads.  We will be set up there as well.  So why not come out and start your October celebration a little early.
    For more information, go to the official website HERE.

9-17-07  OKAY...SO WE'RE A LITTLE LATE....
    Yea, we've been working on this update for 2 weeks now.  And just when we think we're going to be finished, something else comes up and we just don't have the time to get to it.  I guess I could just update the site with what I have done, but I keep figuring it will be done and uploaded right away.  And then like I said, something comes up and I just don't get to it.
    Sure, it would be nice to have several people working on this, to share some of the burden of the webhosting.  But I still am too much of a control freak.  Plus, I haven't been able to find any volunteers will to do all the grunt work for basically for free.  Anybody????
    So in the meantime, while we struggle through our day job, we'll keep trying to get something up here to show that we are still alive and kicking....well, more like a twitch now and then, but there is still movement.

    I can't tell you how many DVD titles came out on the 11th that I needed to add to my collection.  How long have us fans been waiting for some of these films to finally come out (at least over here in the states on some of them).  Titles like SCARECROWS, THE BURNING, TALES FROM THE CRYPT, WITCHFINDER GENERAL....the list goes on and on.
    But now, here's what I don't understand.  I was at my local Best Buy on Tuesday when these titles got released.  And they did not have a single copy of ANY of these releases that I was looking for.  I even had one of the staff look up some of the titles and was told that they won't have in stock at the store, and that you'd have to order them online.  So basically they're telling me not to come into the store.  And guess what, if I do order them online, it's going to be with someone like Deep Discount DVD.  So with the Halloween season right around the corner, why would they not have those new titles on their New Release section?  Wonders never cease.
    Of course, as happy as we are to hear that some of these movies are coming out, there is one little note of  bad news that goes along with it.  While it was awesome to hear that TALES FROM THE CRYPT and VAULT OF HORROR were going to be released on a double-disc set, it seems that VAULT is the cut version.  I still haven't heard if TALE is the cut version or not, but if memory serves, even the cuts on that were minimal.  But we have heard reports that THE BURNING and SCARECROWS are the uncut versions, even though they are stated as being rated R.  So at least we got that going for us.
    But in any case, there are enough DVD coming out in the next few months that is damn near going to make me get a part-time job (like I have time in my life for that!?!?!) just to afford all of these purchases!
    So we definitely shouldn't be hearing from anybody that there's nothing good coming out to watch!

    George Romero's CREEPSHOW is probably one of my favorite Romero films, not to mention one of my favorite films all together.  So when the original release of CREEPSHOW even came out on laserdisc, I was pretty bummed that the only extra it had was a trailer.  Then when I heard that it was getting a DVD release, I was again hoping for the best.  No luck, since it was just a bare-bones release.  But now, our dreams have come true with a new 2-disc special edition is coming out...except it's coming out in the UK.  Do we need to say something about getting  a region-free player again...
    The 2-disc set will contain a feature length documentary, called Just Desserts, that goes into everything about the movie from the origins of the EC Comics to Stephen King to interviews with the actors, make up effects with Tom Savini and much more.  There is also an audio commentary with George Romero, Tom Savini, and DVD producer Michael Felsher.  The movie will feature an all-new 5.1 Surround Sound track, in addition to the original stereo mix.  There is also some deleted scenes.  Though they are not suppose to be the greatest quality, it will be great just to see them.  And then the usual trailers and still gallery.
    We just can not wait for this disc to come out.  Kudos to Mr. Felsher for making this happen.

    Only got one new review this week, and it's from our faithful assistant, Dr. AC.  It's for the film THE MURDER GAME.  Check it out and see what you think.
    We've got a couple of reviews in the work, including one on the new Larry Fessenden movie, THE LAST WINTER.  Stay tuned.

    In our last update, we were giving praise for a massive new horror reference book, Nightmare USA.  And then a few days ago, a package came in the mail that re-defined that.  It was Tim Lucas' book Mario Bava: All The Colors Of The Dark.  Not to take anything away from Nightmare USA, which still is a must for fans, but even that is dwarfed by the size of the new Bava book.  Holding this book makes me feel like I'm holding some ancient tomb from some 80's Italy horror movie.  At over 1100 pages, the book is filled with great photos, awesome poster art, and much, much more.  I just can't get over the size of this thing.
    If you didn't take our advice and pre-order it, you can still get it, but at the price of $260 (postage paid). should have listened to me when I first mentioned it.  For more information, check out the Video Watchdog site HERE.

    Since HATCHET opened a couple of  weekends ago, and did a pretty nice chunk of change for the limited amount of screens that it was showing on, we have a couple of items that we are going to give away this week.  We have 3 mini HATCHET posters, signed by director Adam Green and star
Joleigh Fioreavanti.  So if you want to have a chance at one of these, here's what you have to do.  Since HATCHET is a homage to the good old-fashion American boogey-man / monster / slasher movie, we would like to hear your favorite movie featuring one of these types of monsters.  But wait....we are not including the main guys, like Freddy, Jason, Michael, and even Pinhead.  Let's here some of those favorites that are a little off the beaten path.  Come on now, it's not that hard.  Just put some thought into it.
    Three names will be drawn from all of the entries.  So don't put it off before you forget.  Just click HERE to send that email.

    And speaking of HATCHET, coming up on September 29th, at the Midway Drive-In, they are having an Horror Dusk Til Dawn Event.  So far, they will be screening HATCHET and RE-ANIMATOR, with a few more classic films to be announced soon.  I know we are going to do our best to be able to be there.  As soon as they announce more titles, we'll list them here as well.  Anytime there is a theater that is having an all-night horror marathon, especially if it's a drive-in theater, we're going to do our best to take advantage of that.
    For more details, check out the theater's official site HERE.

    While they still haven't announced the complete lineup for this year's Massacre, what they have listed is still more than enough to get you to come out and enjoy the fun.  Once again, promoter Rusty Nails and the Music Box Theatre have come up with some great titles this year.  For the last 2 years, we've been there and had a great time.  And this time will be no different.  There's going to be great movies, some dealers in the lobby (including us!!!), and special guest stars, including Fred Dekker, director of MONSTER SQUAD and NIGHT OF THE CREEPS.  Where else are you going to have the chance to see great classics like ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN, or EQUINOX, or the Roger Corman classic THE RAVEN on the big screen!
    You can get advance tickets for only $24 by clicking HERE.  Tickets at the door will be $29.  And don't forget, the last two Massacres have sold out.  So you might not want to wait until the last minute to get those tickets.  And if you're going to get your ticket at the door, make sure you get there early!
    And if you are coming, make sure you stop by our table and chat a few...especially during the wee hours of the morning, since we'll need something to keep us awake!

    While the number of films playing in the next season is a little light for my tastes, there are a couple of films that we need to mention that will be showing there.
    At the weekend matinee on October 27th & 28th, they are showing the original NOSFERATU, with a live organ accompaniment.  We've seen this there before with the live organ and it's great.  Highly recommended.
    Here's some titles that might peak your interests at the midnight screenings:
    SHAUN OF THE DEAD - October 5th & 6th
    FIDO - Ocotber 19th & 20th
    LAST HOUSE ON DEAD END STREET - Oct. 26th & 27th.

    And while on the subject of Rusty Nails, there is an official site now for his documentary on horror legend George Romero, called DEAD ON: The Life and Cinema of George A. Romero.  Rusty has been working on this for years, and once it's finally finished, it's going to be something special.  He has gotten interviews with tons of people who has worked with Romero or been influenced by his work.  People like Stephen King, John Carpenter, Dennis Hopper, John Waters, Quentin Tarentino, and many, many more.  Still not sure when this will finally come out, but when it does it will be a must for horror fans to see.
    For more information, click HERE to get to the official site.

    Since it's been a few weeks since our last update, I figured more emails would be coming in for our last mystery photo, but apparently not.  So the only ones to get this one was Mike Shields and Hoby Abernathy.  This either means that these guys just have WAY too much time on their hands, or the rest of you need to get spend more time on some more Euro-horror films.  The last pic was the main vamp-chick from VAMPIRE'S NIGHT ORGY (aka ORGY OF THE VAMPIRES, aka many other titles).  This is basically a Paul Naschy movie...that doesn't star Paul Naschy has the same usual great look and feeling to it.  Even stars Euro-horror faves Jack Taylor and Helga Liné, as well as a few other familiar faces.  So nice job, guys.
    Here's another old classic one, but this time from the good ol' US of A.  Give it a whirl and see what you can come up with.  Click HERE to send in your email.

    Now everyone who knows me, knows that I'm a sucker for horror reference books.  I collect them.  I sell them.  And I promote them.  We recently picked up the latest book from FAB Press, Nightmare USA by Stephen Thrower.  This massive tomb also comes with a massive price of $80.  But don't fret book lovers, you can still grab these on Amazon for only $50.  Now sure you still say that $50 is way too much.  There is where you are wrong.  This book is huge and heavy.  With over 500 pages, and weighing 5 1/2 pounds, this is what a reference book should be.
    Of course, if that doesn't convince you, the subject matter of this book should.  As the subtitle says, "The Untold Story of Exploitation Independents", this book covers films that I would have thought no one else had ever heard of, let alone cover it in much detail like this one does.  Movies like THE STRANGENESS, HEADLESS EYES, SCREAM BLOODY MURDER, and many more.  If you are a fan of those types of films from the 70's and early 80's, then you need to add this to your collection.  Trust me, you will not regret it.
    And lastly, I'd like to quote something from the introduction of this book, since it kind of goes along with our mission statement of Discovering the Horror.
    Author Stephen Thrower says, "Years after one has seen the major contenders, the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRES and HALLOWEENS, one can still discover unexpected marvels: maybe whole films, like VICTIMS or DEATH BED; or maybe just amazing scenes or images, in movies largely unremarked-upon before.  In the attics and cellars of American cinema, under its floorboards, behind the weighty furniture and between the layers of linoleum, strange cine-life forms still lurk, and if sometimes your passion for the obscure gives you the mien of a deranged entomologist, holding aloft a weird insect and trying to convince others of its beauty while they wrinkle their noses in distaste, well, that's obsession: it's not for everyone."'s not just us preaching that.  But honest to goodness authors too!

    I was happy to see all the emails for our last Photo.  Shows that they are still some classic fans out there.  Contrats to Hoby Abernathy, Kevin Hart, Kevin Thoms,  Mike Shields, Will Wilson, Steve Bejma.  Looks like were getting some new names along with the usual suspects.  The photo is that of the mighty Tor Johnson battling it out with Lon Chaney Jr., from the film THE BLACK SLEEP.  This is one the reference books all said was utter trash, but I found pretty entertaining.  Just read our review for it, which we just posted.
    So here's the latest photo for your entertainment.  It's a tough one, unless you're up on your Spanish horror.  Now that we've giving you a nice clue, let's see if we can't get some more new faces....or names that is.  Good luck.

    We have a couple of new reviews posted.  The first being for the much criticized THE BLACK SLEEP, which we hope to change.  And then also our review for ISOLATION, a film that everyone should seek out.  It one of the best horror films I've
seen this year.
    We also have posted our review of the latest release from Nox Arcana, SHADOW OF THE RAVEN.  Fans of Edgar Allan Poe will especially enjoy this new release.  Check it out in our Soundtrack Reviews.  Just click on our Review Section to get there.

    Dark Sky Films will be releasing Dan Curtis' made-for-TV version of Mary Shelly's Frankenstein this Halloween.  The movie stars 70's favorite Robert Foxworth as Victor Frankenstein and Bo Svenson as the creature.  It also Susan Strasberg and John Karlen.  The DVD will feature a new audio commentary by actors Foxworth and Karlen, plus the 1973 FRANKENSTEIN promo, recap and preview from the original broadcast on ABC-TV's WIDE WORLD OF MYSTERY, which was aired on January 16th-17th.  Unfortunately, this is the edited home video release version, which runs approximately 126 minutes, and not the full 180-minute broadcast version.
    At least we'll be able to see one version, since the video is long out-of-print.  Plus, it will nice to hear Foxworth talk about his work on this film.

    I don't know about anybody else, but I am so waiting for this summer to be over.  Sure, the heat and the rain this month has made it pretty rough for us in the midwest.  But with the end of the summer, that means we have a couple of things to look forward to.  First and foremost, that means that October is going to be here before we know it.  And as usual, we are planning to have a very busy month.  Within the first two weekends of October, we are traveling to Ohio for our bi-annual trip to the Cinema Wasteland show.  This will be the 8th year that they have been holding these great conventions.  Who would have ever believed it?  Check out their website HERE for more information.
    Then the following week, we will be set up at the 3rd annual Music Box Massacre in Chicago, all really for another 24-hours of great horror movies and special guest stars.  For more details, check out the Music Box site HERE, or the MySpace page for the Massacre HERE.  We hope to see you there at both of these shows!
    And if we survive those, then we are going to try and spend the rest of the month getting ready for our annual Halloween Party, and watching as many horror movies as we can!  Let's just hope that the hours at work have let up a little by then to give me time for all of this celebrating.  Maybe next year, I'll just take all my vacation during October.......hhmmmmm.
    And then to make these next two months even more enjoyable, are the tons of great movies that are going to be coming out on DVD!  There are tons of classic films hitting DVD, some for the very first time.  Who would have thought the day would come that you would be able to get a double feature DVD of TALES FROM THE CRYPT and VAULT OF HORROR (though we're hoping they are the uncut prints on both).  So for us fans, not only is it a great time to be a horror fan, it's even better since you will have the opportunity to see these great films without all the hard searching that we use to do years ago.  So start saving your're going to need them.

    For those out there that consider Chicago too long of a trip for a movie marathon, if you're in the Columbus Ohio area, then you still might be in luck.  At the Drexel Theater, they are having their own all-night marathon on October 21st-22nd.  While that marathon isn't a full 24-hours, they are still giving you plenty of entertainment for your money.  The movies they have listed are: BLACK CHRISTMAS, Dario Argento's BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE, BURIAL GROUND (aka ZOMBI 3: NIGHT OF TERROR), FROM DUSK TIL DAWN, EVIL ALIENS, and David Cronenberg's RABID.  Not a bad lineup if you ask me.  For more info, check out the official website HERE.

    For fans of music for a darkened room, stormy nights, or just wanting to bring your creep-level up, the latest release from Nox Arcana, Shadow of the Raven is now out.  This release is inspired by the great literary master Edgar Allan Poe.  While we've only heard the sample tracks on the website, we have faith in Nox Arcana's ability to continue to create wonderfully dark and beautiful soundscapes with each release.
    You can order your copy from their WEBSITE for only $10.  What a great way to get ready for the upcoming Halloween season!

    In our rush last week to get our update done, we forgot to list the names of the movies from the Putrid Art Contest.  So before we forget again, the names of the movies from the illustration are as follows: THE HEADLESS EYES, GARDEN OF THE DEAD, the Manson girl from THE HELTER SKELTER MURDERS, FRIGHTMARE, BEAST OF BLOOD, THE BEYOND, ILSA: TIGRESS OF SIBERIA, SHE FREAK, and DON'T GO IN THE WOODS ALONE.
    Once again, nice job to everyone who sent in their answers.  Even if you didn't get them all right, at least you're putting that trivial knowledge to good work.

    Last week's photo was an easy one.  It was from the uber-classic CURSE OF THE DEMON.  If you haven't seen this film, that should be moved to the top of your "must watch" list.  It's one that defines what "classic" is.
    Job well done to Kevin Hart, Mike Dudly, Hoby Abernathey, Kevin Thoms, Steve Bejma, Richard Steet, and Jerry Carmichael.
    So here's this week photo.  It's a little tougher than last week, but let's see if you can do a little research to find out the title.  Good luck.

    I know that Bruce Campbell is a horror icon and considered a god in some crowds.  I was there once myself.  So don't start with the hate mail after these comments.  They are just my opinion.
    So here goes.  A few years ago, when horror icon Bruce Campbell was trying to break away from his horror fame and having TV series after series (though they were just on one of the lesser networks), and doing Disney movies, and whatever else he could get his hands on, he seemed to stay away from the horror cons and horror spotlight.  Then after a while, when those series got cancelled one after the other, and his attempts to make into the 'big time' of Hollywood just didn't happen, it seemed to me that all of a sudden Mr. Campbell finally came to an understanding that he probably wasn't going to be known more than a b-actor, and seemed to embrace it.  He wrote a great book on his life as a b-actor, and made probably one of the best movies of his career, BUBBA HO-TEP.
    But now, it seems that the chance of Hollywood beckoning again has reared it's ugly head, he's got a new non-genre series that was just picked up for a second season, he has decided not to do the sequel to BUBBA.  But here's the weird part.  It's not because of a scheduling conflict, but according to Fangoria's website “[BUBBA NOSFERATU] is dead to me,” Campbell said flatly.  “It sleeps with the fishes.  Don Coscarelli is a very passionate filmmaker.  We got to a few points [developing the screenplay] that we couldn’t reconcile.  I want to keep our friendship, so we parted ways.  So I’m not part of that project.”
    And just when I was starting to give the guy credit for accepting his destiny and embracing it, he does something like that.  Don't worry folks, before too long, when all those other chances slip away, he'll be fighting at the chance to do one of those many rumored ASH VS WHOEVER titles.  Trust me.

    The latest issue of the best Hammer magazine around, Little Shoppe of Horrors will be coming out next month.  This issue is totally devoted to the great Terence Fisher.  Without him, there might not have even been the Hammer that we know today.  And this new issue will be packed full with information about Fisher and the films that he made.  If you've never heard of this magazine and are a fan of Hammer Films, then you definitely want to pick up this issue, and quickly order any back issues they still have, since they go out-of-print very quickly.  You won't regret it.  And you'll learn tons of great info about the Studio That Dripped Blood!

    With the release of Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN less than a week away, we'll finally get to see if Rob really can make Michael Myers scary again.  It will also be interesting to see the fan reaction as well.
    But in the meantime, we have a winner in our latest contest.  And that would be.....Michelle Hudecek!
    Thanks to everyone who sent in emails with their HALLOWEEN favorites.  Made me want to break out at least the original and re-watch it.  Maybe I'll save that for a little closer to October.

    While we were out at the Horrorfind Weekend show, our friends from Mutantville Productions wanted to do a quick interview with yours truly for their coverage of the show.  So if you're interested, you can click HERE to be taken to it.

    We survived our weekend trip out to Baltimore for the Horrorfind Weekend, and more importantly to hook up with some other horror buddies out there, some of which are participates in the Horror 101 book that will be out soon.  We did had some ups and downs, but had a good time for the most part.  For the full report and some photos, head over to our Convention section for all the juicy details.
    We have also retrieved our convention reports from the past 2 Horrorfind shows that we were at, and have them in the Convention Reports section as well.  We're hoping to get the rest over shortly, but it is a time consuming process.  Something that we don't seem to have too much of lately.

    And while on the subject of the Horror 101 book, it looks like the release date is going to be a little closer to the middle of October.  While we were really hoping for a pre-October date, we want it "good than fast" as Dr. AC says.  And as much as I'd like to see this thing finally come to light, I agree 100%.  But that doesn't mean you can't start planning on it for an early Christmas present, right?
    So what we've done is started a new page here at the Krypt to give you as much information about the book as we can.  Also, if you are really interested in pre-orders, we will be posting information about that very soon as well.  Of course, if you want to just send us an email to let us know you're interested, we will send you more info when we know it.
    As our banner says, Discover the Horror, and as Dr. AC says, Keep American Strong....Watch More Monster Movies, this book will help you do both.  So click on the graphic to the right to be taken to the book information page.

We have a couple of new reviews posted.  The first one is a cool little documentary about the Italian horror genre called HANGING SHADOWS.  It features interviews with a bunch of the people behind these great movies.  Also, we have a review for the low-budget short film simply called TREE.  I must say that due to this film and BETTER OFF UNDEAD that we reviews a couple of weeks ago, they have given me hope for low-budget independent horror films.  Check out the reviews, then check out the movies!

    Once again, this October 13th-14th, we will be attending the 3rd annual 24-hour marathon of madness, known as the Music Box Massacre.  For the last 2 years, our wonderful promoter/filmmaker/host Rusty Nails and the Music Box Theatre have joined forces to give us Chicago area horror fans a day to remember.  Tons of great movies and some cool special guests, they are always a good time.  And this year looks no different.
    So make sure you mark your calendar and come out to join the fun.  We will once again be set up there in the lobby.  So make sure you stop by and keep us awake!  For more details on this, you can check out the official site of the Music Box Theatre, or check out the MySpace page for the Massacre.
    While this list is not finalized, here is what they have planned so far.  Understand that these possibly could change, but so far they have some amazing titles in there.  Who ever thought that you could have the chance to see some of these titles on the big screen?
THE RAVEN (1963)
THE MONSTER SQUAD - With appearance by director Fred Dekker.

    Sorry for the long delay in ending this contest, but as you can tell since we've missed an update or two, we've been pretty busy.  But we do have 2 lucky winners in our Putrid Art Contest.  And they are Robert Freese and Hoby Abernathy.  The correct answers are as below.  Congrats to the winners, as well as to everyone who participated.  Now keep reading to hear about our latest contest!

    We have 1 copy of the new soundtrack for Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN that we are giving away.  All you need to do is click HERE and send us an email telling us about your favorite moment from any of the HALLOWEEN films.  We will be drawing one lucky winner next weekend.  So you don't have time to wait.  Send us that email right away and get it done.
    And don't forget to make your plans to catch this in the theater when it hits August 31st.  Then we'll know if for sure if Zombie could make Michael scary again.

    Lon Chaney Sr. fans will be very happy to hear that this October, Image Entertainment will be releasing the "Ulitmate Edition" of THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME. The film has been newly mastered from an original multi-tinted print, and has a new score compiled by Donald Hunsberger, adapted and conducted by Robert Esrael. The disc will have essays by Chaney Sr. expert Michael F. Blake, behind-the-scenes footage of Chaney on the set, facsimile reproduction of the original souvenir program, gallery of original 3D stills (3D glasses included), and an extensive 2D photo gallery. The disc will be released on October 9th, and have a retail price of $24.99.

    Yea, we know it's been a while for a new Mystery Photo.  Of course, it was from the great Toho film THE GREEN SLIME.  Can't tell you how much this movie scared me when I was a kid.  Don't think it was the monsters as much as their shrieking whine that they had.  Kudos for meager 3 who knew this film....or ones that just bothered to send in their answers.  Those honors go to Hoby Abernathy, Kevin Hart, and Mike Shields.  Come on  people, is it that hard?  Or are the pictures too hard possibly?  Or is it that I just forgot to include the email link?  Could be.....
    In any's the new photo to the right.  And here is the EMAIL LINK.  Check it out and see what you think.  It's not that hard is it?

    Sorry about the missing update from last week.  Just didn't get around to it.  And even this week is going to be a little light.  We're trying to get ready to be heading out tomorrow to the Horrorfind Weekend, plus with the 12-hour days we've been putting in, it's just be tough to get anything done.  But we are looking forward to hanging out this weekend and talking shop and networking at the show.  It'll be strange not working the show, but then will give me plenty of free time to do whatever.  So it should be a good time in any case.
    We won't be having an update this weekend, since we will be at the Horrorfind show.  But expect one next weekend, with the usual stuff, including some trivia contest winners, and maybe even another contest!?!?!?!  Stay tuned!

    And while on the subject of conventions, John Landis has been added to the already growing guest lineup.  He will be joined by WEREWOLF star David Naughton, as well as Gunnar Hansen, Shawnee Smith, Roddy Piper, and many more.  Go to the official website for all the glorious details.

    We have 1 review this week, this time out a documentaries.  It's for John Borowski's newest film, ALBERT FISH.  Fair warning people, this has to be the most disturbing films that I've seen.  And that's not due to any graphic visual content, but only in description.
    We also did just get in a new documentary called HANGING SHADOWS, which is about the Italian horror film industry.  It features interviews with just about who's who in that sub-genre.  So look for a review for that coming shortly.
    So head on over to our Reviews section and check them out.

    Not only do we finally have our report done for the HorrorHound Weekend, but we also have the Flashback Weekend done as well.  Hopefully both of them will be worth the wait.  To get there, click on the Features link above, then Convention Reports.
    We're hoping to start transferring over our past Convention Reports from the old site in the very near future.  We'll let you know when we do.

    We have also transferred over our Update Archives and our Review Archives to the new site, so they are accessible in our Review Section.  We will be having a couple new reviews coming up shortly, including one on the new documentary by John Borowski, ALBERT FISH.

    We are working on some full blown reviews, but in the meantime, we've posted our thoughts on a few of the other movies that we've seen over the last couple of weeks.  Just click on the Blog link above.

    While we are working on our official report for the recent Flashback show, I wanted to say a quick remark about this new movie coming out.  Since this movie is getting a lot of underground hype, it makes me nervous.  Even though the film is suppose to be a serious throwback, an old-fashion American horror movie, there has also been a few reports that it has the same silly humor that fills the more recent American horror fare.  During the HATCHET Q&A at the Flashback, director Green was even making remarks as far as how long Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN will last in theaters.  Not sure what was up with that.
    But all I know, from the clips that I seen at the Anchor Bay table, all I can say, it is gory.  When you have woman getting the top half of her head ripped off, all on camera, and is not a quick mili-second shot, this has to be one of the most over-the-top gore sequences that I've seen in quite some time.  I am amazed that scene got by the MPAA.
    So whatever you might read or hear about this movie, at least from what I seen, you can bet it's going to be gory.  And I know that I will be making sure that I catch this one in the theater as well.
    Also, stay tuned to the Krypt, for in the next week or so, we will be having another contest with the winners getting a HATCHET mini-poster, signed by director Green and star
Joleigh Fioreavanti.  So keep watching....

    We will be heading out to Baltimore in a few weeks for the Horrorfind Weekend.  We won't be set up there as a dealer, but are going with Dr. AC to help promote the book.  Midnight Marquee, the publisher, were hoping to have it done by the show, but that's probably not going to happen.  Better right, than soon, as the Doc likes to say.  But we will be hanging out at the show most of the weekend.  I'm sure you'll be able to spot us, just look for the bald guy with the Krypt shirt on.  Since the guest list isn't anything special for me, we plan on spending more time just networking and meeting other fans.  So if you see us walking around, stop us and say hello!

    Okay, so we used a photo from a made-for-TV movie from the 70's.  Pretty tough, huh?  But we still have a few people that knew what it was.  A "Job Well Done" goes to Hoby Abernathy, Kevin Hart, and Mike Shields.  The shot is from the 1977 TV movie IT HAPPENED AT LAKEWOOD MANOR (aka ANTS).  I fondly remember the big box video release that just had a shot of Suzanne Somers' cleavage covered with ants.  Nice marketing job there.
    Now for the ones that were stumped, I want you to take a lesson from one of the ones that did get it, Mr. Hoby Abernathy.  This shows the kind of dedicated fan that he is.  Or maybe that he just has a lot of time on his hands.  In  either case, he's what Hoby sent in with his answer:
    "The photo looks to me like some chick was killed by ants.  So I thought of all the movies I knew that had regular sized (as opposed to giant mutated) ants, like PHASE IV, but it didn't look like that one to me.  When I started investigating ant movies on the Internet, this one seemed the most likely.  So even if I'm not right, I did get a pretty good education on ant movies.  See, your website makes me do my horror homework!"
    See folks, this is the kind of fans that we like to see.  Ones that go that little extra mile and do their research.  We can all learn something from Mr. Abernathy.  And just think, now everyone reading this will always remember this little killer ant movie.  See, we are changing the world.
    So let's take a look at the latest pic and see what you can come up with.

    We are giving one more week for entries in the Putrid Trivia contest.  Just scroll down to our last update to see the details.  You can also click HERE to get to the Trivia page for the details as well.  For fans of the Blind Dead, you will love having this print.  It really is awesome.

    And just when you thought there couldn't be any more DVDs to plan on buying this fall, here's some more that are going to be tempting your money from your wallet.
    Probably 2 of the most popular are going to be the duel releases of the GRINDHOUSE films, DEATH PROOF and PLANET TERROR.  DEATH PROOF is coming out Sept. 18th, and will be the full cut of the movie, featuring the scenes that were part of the "lost reel" footage that wasn't shown in the US release.  The DVD will also feature man different featurettes covering everything from Kurt Russell as Stuntman Mike, to Stuntwoman Zoe Bell, trailers, international poster gallery, and more.  PLANET TERROR, for some reason comes out a month later on Oct. 16th.  It will also feature the missing reel footage, along with audio commentary by director Rodriquez, trailers, deleted scenes, and featurettes on the makeup, the stunts, production design, costumes and much more.  Can't think of too many of us out there not planning on buying these.  Even though I though DEATH PROOF was WAY too talky, the car stunts is worth the cost of the DVD.

    Another news bit that must have slipped by me that made me very happy, was the announcement of an new DVD release of Francis Ford Coppola's BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA.  This release, hitting the streets on Oct. 2nd, will be a 2-disc edition (finally) that will be a newly re-mastered anamorphic 1.85:1 widescreen transfer.  Even with all it's flaws, we still love this movie.  The look and style of it is just amazing, making me forget the weak acting that is in it.  The new release will have audio commentary by Coppola, making of documentary and deleted scenes.  Since this is suppose to be a 2-disc edition, I'm hoping that they are using all of the material from the Criteron laserdisc that was put out years ago.  Got my fingers crossed.

    Tim Lucas of Video Watchdog has been working on his book on Mario Bava for as long as I can remember.  The book, Mario Bava - All The Colors Of The Dark, is finally done and will be coming out in the next couple of months.  With it being 1,128 glossy, full color pages, full color French-fold laminated dust jacket, being almost 11" x 12" in size, this is one muther of a book!  So if you have any interests in the great Mario Bava, this book is going to be THE book to have.
    Now here's the special deal.  This book is going to be for a retail price of $250 (plus another $10 for postage) once the shipment comes in, in late August.  But if you place a pre-order now, you can get this book for only $130, which includes postage.  Now you must be thinking that $130 seems like a lot of money for a simple book.  But when you think that just about anything and everything you're going to want to know about Mario Bava is going to be in this book.  And if you are hesitant, and don't pre-order it, if you ever decide that you do want to get one, you are going to pay a hell of a lot more for it.  And I have a feeling that these might go out-of-print pretty damn fast.  Which is going to make that $250 price even seem cheap.  So do yourself a favor and make a small investment into what is going to be a great edition to any horror book collection.
    For ordering information, click HERE to be taken to the Video Watchdog website.

Didn't see this one coming.  But according to Fangoria, Johnny Depp's production company will be co-producing a new feature film based on the early 70's gothic soap opera DARK SHADOWS.  Of course, Depp will be starring as the famous vampire, Barnabas Collins.  Being a fan of Depp, I think this could turn out to be pretty good, depending on who else is involved.  I would hope that they keep the gothic look and feel of the series.  Guess we'll have to wait and see.

    We really hoped to have our write done before the weekend was over, but just didn't happen.  But we are putting up the finishing touches up, so I'm hoping in the next day or two.  Definitely before this weekend, since we will be at the Flashback Weekend.  If you're going as well, make sure you stop by and say hello!

    We now have our Soundtrack Review page up and have even got 3 more reviews  posted.  This time out, we take a listen to the scores from DEAD SILENCE, ISLAND OF THE FISHMAN, and MAY and other selected works from Jaye Barnes Luckett.  To get there, just click on the Reviews link at the top and then go to Soundtrack Reviews.

    Since there are so many movies that we watch but don't write up full reviews on, I felt that I still should at least comment on them.  And since I am making a goal for myself to watch at least 3 movies a week, I should have new blog posted each week about the movies that I've seen.  All you have to do is click the Blog link above to be taken to it.  Feel free to leave your comments as well.

    Regular visitors to this site have probably heard me mention our artist buddy Putrid.  Not only is this guy one hell of a talent artist, but he really knows he movies.  Not bad for someone in their mid 20's, huh?  One of Putrid's favorite creatures are Amando de Ossorio's Blind Dead.  He has created this incredible montage of artwork, celebrating these Templar Knights.  And we have 2 prints (approx. 12x20) of this artwork that are signed and numbered that we are giving away to two lucky winners.
    So here's the deal.  First of all, click HERE to open the Trivia Page.  Directly under our Trivia Banner, you will see the cover artwork for the new issue of Liquid Cheese.  Under that is a link to open an email to send in your answers.  Below that is the Blind Dead artwork that you are trying to win.  You can also see that artwork by clicking the thumbnail to the right.
    So here's what you need to do:  There are figures from 8 different movies.  Your job is to name as many as you can.  Even if you don't know all of them, send it what you know.  You never know, you might have the most correct answers.  The ones with the most correct answers will win.  If there are more than 2, then there will be a drawing to decide who wins.

    Was it only because I had it up for a few days that we only got 3 correct answers for this week's Photo?  The pic was everyone's favorite B-actor, Clint Howard from EVILSPEAK, one of my favorites of Howard's work, not to mention a great film from the 80's.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  So a hearty "Job Well Done" goes to Matt Black, Hoby Abernathy, & Mike Dudley.  Nice job, people.  Now let's try it again.
    Click HERE to send in your guesses.

    We know that it's been some time since our last update, but we've been trying to get this re-design thing going and it's been a tough road.  We still have a lot more learning to do before we can really get this the way we want.  Or find someone that knows what they're doing and would be willing to help out....hint, hint.

    But in the meantime, we have made quite a bit of changes around here.  Not to many other sections (if any) are open right now, but we hope to add them back in a few at a time, very soon.  Regular visitors to this this site will notice that our Navigational Bar on the left is gone.  Those links are now located on the top and bottom of each page, hopefully making it a little easier and less cluttered.  I'm sure there's going to be some tweaking here and there.

    One thing that hasn't changed with our site is that you still won't see any advertisements on this site, unless it is something we personally stand by or want to promote.  We want to give you a place where can come and not be bombarded with pop-up ads and side banners everywhere, drawing your attention away from the content.  Sure, it may not look as flashy and fancy as some of the other sites out there.  But we're hoping that the content here will keep you coming back, and not the flashy bits.

    But with all of these changes that we're going through here, our mission for this site still remains the same as it always has: To Educate, Expand, and Entertain.  We still want to use this space as a learning ground for all horror fans, young and old, newbies and old-timers.  There is much we all can still learn.  We just have to take that chance.  The horror genre in one of oldest out there and is filled with rich and entertaining offerings to all that are willing to take a bite.  So come on.  Grab hold.  Mouth wide open and bite down hard.  Tasty, isn't it?

    We have returned from the first HorrorHound Weekend and had one hell of a time.  Mucho congrats and thanks to Aaron and Nathan of Horror Hound for putting on a great show.  Even if it was their first show, they had a real nice turn out.  We didn't get as many photos as we wanted, but we did get a few interesting ones....though most of them were taken in the bar for some reason....

    Hopefully by the end of this week, we can have our full report done and posted.  Hopefully.

    And while on the subject of conventions, this year's Flashback Weekend is a must for any fans of the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET series.  They have a total of 8 cast members from the original NIGHTMARE, including most of the major cast.  Plus, they also have 3 cast members from NIGHTMARE Part 3: Ken Sagoes, Rodney Eastman, and Ira Heiden.  So if you add in Englund, Saxon, and Langenkamp, that's 6 cast members from Part 3.  And then from Part 4, they have Lisa Wilcox.

    But even if you're not a big NIGHTMARE fan, they still have plenty of other guests.  They have recently announced that Adam Green, writer/director of HATCHET will be appearing, along with the star of the movie, Joleigh Fioreavanti.  HATCHET has been getting a lot o buzz on the net as of late.  We're hoping that it's going to live up to all that hype.

    Other guests at the show include Ashley Laurence, Charles Band, Ken Kirzinger, Michael Berryman, Warrington Gillette, Bud Davis, Conrad Brooks, Svengoolie, John Dugan, Melissa Bacelar, and Jason Paul Collum.  For more information, check out the site HERE.

    Don't forget people, but this show is less than 2 weeks away.  We've been to everyone of the Flashback shows and have had a great time each and every time.  We'll be set up there as usual, so make sure you stop by and introduce yourself.  Check out the Flashback Weekend website HERE.

    It's been so long since I've updated this photo, that I actually had to go back and take a look to see what it was myself.  Of course, it was from WAR OF THE COLOSSAL BEAST.  Definitely a favorite of mine.  Job well done for Michelle, Mike Shields, Hoby Abernathy, Kevin Hart, Cary Conley, and Steve Bejma.  So take a stab at this new photo and see what you can do.

    Just click on the photo to the right and it will expand.  Then click HERE to send us the email.  Good Luck.

    At the HorrorHound Weekend, we had the chance to meet author Christopher Wayne Curry.  Curry is the author of A Taste of Blood: The Films of Herschell Gordon Lewis.  This title was the first book I read on the wonderful world of H.G. Lewis.  It was a great and informative read, and still is today.  If you're a fan of Lewis, then you do need to check out this book.

    But the real reason for this mention, is not only to say that Mr. Curry was a great guy, but he also told us that he has a new book coming out.  This time, he tackles another filmmaker that definitely deserves more attention than he gets.  And that is the one and only Ted V. Mikels.  The title of the book is called Film Alchemy: The Independent Cinema of Ted V. Mikels.  The book will cover 19 of Mikels' major films, with a full list of cast and crew credits, plot synopsis, behind-the-scenes anecdotes and much more.  Even has an overview of Ted V. Mikels memorabilia!

    This book will be published by McFarland this fall, with a price tag of about $50.  Yea, that is kind of pricy for a book.  But figure it this way, that is more money than Mikels made on his film ASTRO ZOMBIES.  Doesn't seem that much now, does it?  For more information, check out McFarland's website HERE.

    And while on the subject of books and McFarland, I stumbled across another one of their new books that I might have to add to the collection.  And it's about another cult and less known director, Larry Buchanan.  The book is called simply The Films of Larry Buchanan: A Critical Examination, by Rob Craig.  This is a softcover, with a price tag of $40, and is available right now.  The book takes a look at the work of Buchanan and covers more than 20 of his films.  Titles like THE NAKED WITCH, ZONTAR: THE THING FROM VENUS, THE EYE CREATURES, and MARS NEEDS WOMEN are just some of the classic low budgeted films that Mr. Buchanan gave us on a budget that would have made Roger Corman blush.  So if you are a sucker for reference books, then you might want to add these to your Christmas list and hope for the best!

    As we've said before, this is going to be a great year for horror fans.  There are tons of classic movies making their debut on DVD.  And then also some not-so-classic films.  In either case, there is going to be plenty of glorious entertainment to be had.

   First up is the news of a Vincent Price collection from MGM.  On Sept. 11th, MGM will release a box set called  Vincent Price: MGM Scream Legends Collection, which will feature THE ABOMINABLE DR. PHIBES, DR. PHIBES RISES AGAIN, TALES OF TERROR, TWICE-TOLD TALES, THEATER OF BLOOD, MADHOUSE and WITCHFINDER GENERAL.  Now since most of these are already available except WITCHFINDER, I'm hoping that is not the only way to get that movie.  That would be a bad part on MGM.  Same would be for the additional disc that comes with the box set, that has some documentary features: Vincent Price: Renaissance Man, The Art of Fear, and lastly, Working With Vincent Price.  This is also marked as "Volume 1", so who knows what kind of a series they're looking at.  Guess we'll have to wait and see.

    In the first issue of Famous Monsters that I remember reading had an article on MAN-MADE MONSTER.  For years I tried to find a copy of that movie but could never find it.  Then it finally hit video.  The performances by Lionel Atwill and Lon Chaney Jr. were well worth the wait.

    And now it finally comes to DVD this Halloween, as part of a box set from Universal.  They will be releasing a "Horror Collection", which will feature HORROR ISLAND, CAPTIVE WILD WOMAN, NIGHT MONSTER, THE BLACK CAT, along with MAD-MADE MONSTER.  Universal will also be releasing a "Sci-Fi Collection" that will have DR. CYCLOPS, THE DEADLY MANTIS, THE LAND UNKNOWN, THE LEACH WOMAN, and CULT OF THE COBRA.  These should be coming out for Halloween, with a price tag of a whopping $20 for each set.  These are going to be exclusives at Best Buy.  Just think movie fans, for $20 you get 5 classic movies.  Like I said, it's a great time to be a movie fan.

    MGM Home Video is set to put out a 2-disc special edition of Philip Kaufman's 1978 remake of INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS.  The first disc will have audio commentary by the director, and the second disc will have a bunch of featurettes, covering everything from the special effects, sound effects, retrospectives and more.  The release date is set for August 7th.

    MGM will also release a bunch more titles in their Midnite Movies Double Feature discs.  Damn, do I love those things!  They will have RETURN OF DRACULA / THE VAMPIRE, THE BEAST WITH A MILLION EYES / PHANTOM FROM 10,000 LEAGUES, PHARAOH'S CURSE / CURSE OF THE FACELESS MAN, THE BEAST WITHIN / THE BAT PEOPLE, and KONGA / YONGARY: MONSTER FROM THE DEEP.  What great news to have some great classics....well, great movies....okay, some really fun movies like THE BAT PEOPLE to hit DVD.  Plus, anytime we can get some of these old films like BEAST WITH A MILLION EYES, that had never gotten a video release, but where we can see the works of early effects masters like Paul Blaisdell.

    We have mentioned before of the news of a 2-disc special Jack Hill's SPIDER BABY coming this September as well, from Dark Sky Films.  Now we have learned of some of the extras the edition will have, and even got a glimpse of the cover art.  First up, it will contain a new audio commentary by Hill and co-star Sid Haig.  It will also have a retrospective documentary on the making of the film, that will feature director Hill, stars Haig, Quinn Redeker, Beverly Washburn, Karl Schanzer, Mary Mitchel, and DP Aldred Taylor, and even Joe Dante!  There will also be a short featurette on Ronald Stein, the man behind music for the movie.  And there's even a featurette where Jack Hill returns to the original house where the movie was filmed.  I love this movie and can not wait to see this great sounding edition.

    We have also mentioned before about a new box set called THE FLY COLLECTION, containing the original THE FLY, THE RETURN OF THE FLY, and the never released before CURSE OF THE FLY.  Now, thanks to DVD Drive-In, we have learned about some of the extras for that set.  David Del Valle has recently moderated an audio commentary with David Hedison for THE FLY.   Apparently, there is to be a 4th disc in this collection that will have 2 new featurettes.  One will be on the making of FLY movies, and one will be on Vincent Price.  Those will contain interviews with Hedison and Brett Halsey, who starred in RETURN.  This has a release date of Sept. 11th.

    It's really looking like this fall is going to be a great year for us horror fans.  More and more titles are being announced to come out, some for the first time ever here in the States.  Once again, it's a great time to be a horror fan!
    Coming this September from Fox is going to some double feature sets.  The first one will be the original Amicus anthologies TALES FROM THE CRYPT and VAULT OF HORROR.  We can only hope that these are the uncut versions.
    Next up is CHOSEN SURVIVORS and THE EARTH DIES SCREAMING.  I actually don't remember these, but in CHOSEN, you have Bradford Dillman and Richard Jaeckal in the cast.  So how could it not be entertaining?  And Terrence Fisher directed EARTH, and has Dennis Price and Thorley Walters in the cast.  Once again, how can you go wrong?
    Then there is DEVILS OF DARKNESS and WITCHCRAFT, the latter starring Lon Chaney Jr. and I don't think had ever seen a video release.  As well as BLUEPRINT FOR MURDER and MAN IN THE ATTIC.  MAN is an early Jack the Ripper movie starring Jack Palance.
    And then finally, they will be releasing THE FLY CLASSIC COLLECTION.  It will feature the original releases of THE FLY and RETURN OF THE FLY, but also will have CURSE OF THE FLY, which has never gotten a video release here in the states, let alone a DVD release.  While it's not a great film, it is a must for the collection.
    Thanks to DVD Drive-In for the news info.

    We have a new review posted for a low budget movie that we received for review, HOUSE OF CARNAGE.  Hopefully you will enjoy the review more than we did the movie.

    It seems there were a few more people that remember this last pic, from a cheesy little flick from the 80's, called THE BEING.  Yes, that was Ruth Buzzi getting attacked by the title character.  A "Job Well Done" goes to Hoby Abernathy, Rick Hayden , Michelle Hudecek, Mike Shields, Dave Kosanke, Kevin Hart, and Steve.
    Take a look at this one for another classic.  Of course, aren't they all classics?

    And speaking of DVD Drive-In, they are presenting the Drive-In Super Monstermania at the Riverside Drive-In in Vandergrift, PA, on September 7th and 8th.  While this is a little too far for us to come to (not to say that we didn't seriously ponder it), this looks like an awesome time.  They are having all-night movie marathons both Friday and Saturday night.  On Friday, they have a "Nature-Gone-Beserk" theme with FOOD OF THE GODS, SQUIRM, EMPIRE OF THE ANTS, and WILLARD.  On Saturday, they are showing TALES FROM THE CRYPT, HORROR EXPRESS, GRAVE OF THE VAMPIRE, and HANNAH: QUEEN OF THE VAMPIRES.
    It's only $10 per person, per night, which is about the price of one film at today's standards.  They would like to make this an annual event, so if you're in the area, please show up to support these types of events.  If I was closer to PA, trust me, I would be there.  For more information about this event, go to DVD Drive-In.  Tell them we sent you!

    For soundtrack fans, especially those films of the 50's and 60's lower budgeted films, this new box set is going to make you very happy.  Percepto Records has just released MAD, MOD & MACABRE: THE RONALD STEIN COLLECTION.  This 5-disc collection contains scores for 11 different movies, including SPIDER BABY, DEMENTIA 13, ATTACK OF THE CRAB MONSTERS, and many more.
    Each score has been re-mastered from Stein's own personal archives.  The 5-disc set is only $49.95.  For more information about the set, go to Percepto Records.

    Don't forget, but the first annual HorrorHound Weekend quickly approaches and is but a mere 3 weeks away.  They have tons of guests lined up with plenty of great dealers (your's truly included), so it has the makings of a great show.  If you're planning on coming out, make sure you stop by and say hello.
    For more information about the show, go to the official website HERE.
    And then 2 weeks after that show, we will be at the annual Flashback Weekend for another great time.  Fans of NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET are definitely not going to want to miss this show.  With a reunion of most of the main cast, it's sure to be a good time.  Plus they have other guests as well, such as the lovely Ashley Lawrence from the HELLRAISER films.
    Once again, hope to see you there.  Check out their official website HERE.

    If you're near Chicago, here's a couple of dates to see some classic horror movies on the big screen.  On August 10th & 11th, they are screening David Cronenberg's SCANNERS.  And on August 24th & 25th, they are screening William Girdler's THE MANITOU.  These are both midnight shows.  So mark your calendars.  It's been a while since I've seen THE MANITOU and would love to catch that on the big screen.
    For more information about the theater, check out the website HERE.

    If you are a Paul Naschy fan like us, then you were probably as happy as we were with those two DVD releases from BCI.  And to make it even better, they have released the covers of their next two releases: Paul  Naschy's EXORCISM and Amando de Ossorio's NIGHT OF THE SORCERERS.  These will be coming out in August (and will once again be available in a Two Pack at Best Buy).  We were blown away by the quality of their previous releases (NIGHT OF THE WEREWOLF and VENGEANCE OF THE ZOMBIES) and can't wait to see these.
    But doesn't stop there.  This Halloween, they will be releasing another Naschy / de Ossorio set:  HORROR RISES FROM THE TOMB and LORELI'S GRASP.  GRASP had been released here in the stats on video under the title AND NOW THE SCREAMING STOPS, and has always been a favorite of mine.  Can't wait!
    Thanks to DVD Drive-In for the info.


    In other DVD news, MGM Home Video has announced a few of their titles for their fall release, on September 11th.  The first one, Michael Reeves' incredible WITCHFINDER GENERAL, starring Vincent Price.  This was released in the states in an edited version under the title THE CONQUEROR WORM).  There was an import release some time ago, that was uncut.  Though those restored scenes were not the best of quality.  So we're hopeful that MGM does a nice job with this release.  This is one powerful films, and has one of the best performances by Price.
    Another long sought after title that had never gotten a video release here in the states is Bert I. Gordon's FOOD OF THE GODS.  Another classic giant monsters running amuck movie, that only Mr. B.I.G. could deliver.  Both titles will be $14.98.
    Also on that date and coming from MGM will (FINALLY) be the release of the uncut version of Stuart Gordon's FROM BEYOND, as well as AFTER MIDNIGHT, another special edition of RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD and another rare film, SCARECROWS.  Let's just hope that they releases the unrated version.

    Now usually, we don't like to mention all the new remakes that are being made or even announced.  Mainly because there are too many, and they are usually not worth mentioning.  But now they have announced that might be remaking LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE, or depending on how you want to look at it, a re-adapting the original novel from Richard Matheson.  This novel was my favorite haunted house book, and the movie version, directed by John Hough in 1973, is one of my favorite haunted house movies.  But even that movie left out quite a bit in the extreme details (for that time) that were in the book.  So maybe a new version with be able to do that???  But then we they also loose the effectiveness of the book and just fall back on the cheap scares?
    So while we don't have any real hopes for this, we will be watching for more news about it.  And we'll pass it along to you.

    We are starting to post our Mystery Photo on our MySpace page as well, so we got a few more responses this last time than normal.  Last week's was an old classic from the 70's.  It was from William Girdler's THE MANITOU.  A nice "Job Well Done" goes out to Kevin Hart, Mike Shields, Dave Kosanke, William Wilson, Steve, and Hoby Abernathy.
    The new pic is another one from the around the same time....maybe a few years later.  Good luck!

    We've finally gotten around to getting this review up for THE WEREWOLF WOMAN (aka THE LEGEND OF THE WOLF WOMAN) from guest reviewer Dave Kosanke, the man behind Liquid Cheese.  Sorry the delay (to especially Dave), but here it is.  If you are not aware of this movie, then you are going to want to add that to your list.  As I told Dr. AC before he watched it, you will never forget this movie.  And if you're looking for another title to make a great double feature, throw in Jose Larraz's VAMPYRES.
    Click HERE for the review, or you can go to our Reviews section

    There is major work still to be done just to get the site back to full speed.  Then...we can start to work on that new look we've been talking about.  So in the meantime, we're doing our best to try to at least get back to our regular updates.  I'm hoping to get a new review posted in the next couple of days.
    Before the hard drive crash a few weeks back, our buddy Dave Kosanke of Liquid Cheese wrote a great review of THE WEREWOLF WOMAN for us.  So we're going to do our best to get that posted up on the site ASAP, along with some other reviews as well.  It looks like things are getting somewhat back to normal, meaning we haven't had any computer mishaps in a few days.  So that's a good thing.  Now if only the day job could let up a bit and have a few less 12-hour days, then things really could get back to normal.  So hang in least that's what they keep telling me.

    For some reason, in our post last week about our convergence at the HorrorFind Weekend to celebrate the release of Dr. AC's new book, not only did we forgot to mention the title, but we also forgot to post the cover art.  So here you are.  We are very excited about the release of this book.  And that has nothing to do with the fact that I have a couple of essays in there...
    But in all honesty, with this book, the good doctor is trying to do what we do, as well as countless other die-hard horror fans out there.  And that is to educate the younger and newer fans out there of the genre's rich and meaty history.  But this isn't just a book for new fans, but for all fans.  It's a collection of essays from just everyday fans like you and me, giving our insights to some of the genre's most crucial films.  We hope you give it a look when it comes out.  Of course, it will be available through this site.  So if you're interested, please drop us an email HERE and we will keep you posted on further updates.

    After all of these years, the greatest Turkey Day movie will finally hit DVD.  That's right folks....THE GIANT CLAW!  Columbia will be releasing a classic horror box set, called From Here To Obscurity", which includes this uber-classic, along with THE WEREWOLF (1955), CREATURE WITH THE ATOM BRAIN (1955), ZOMBIES OF MORA TAU (1957), and one other title to be announced.
    For fans of cheesy B-movies, there is not one better than THE GIANT CLAW.  If you're not familiar with this film, the title creature is basically a marionette bird being pulled through the air.  Can you image the faces of the actors at the premiere, when they see what this creature looks like for the first time?

    If you crossbred David Mamet with Chuck Palahniuk, stuck their offspring in a deserted warehouse and handed them pipes and bats to do battle with, you’d have something akin to The Earl, a daring new indie work from director Jim Sikora and screenwriter Brett Neveu (adapted from his play).
    Because much of the film’s enjoyment derives from Neveu’s dense, cryptic unfolding storyline, I’m reluctant to give much away synopsis-wise.  Suffice to say that the plot revolves around a trio of twentysomething siblings who meet on an annual basis to engage in a live-action role-playing game – an apparent combo of freeze tag and Gladiator-for-the-playground.  Amidst the bashing and smashing, there are “rules” that seem to flow as freely as the participants’ head wounds.
    While not strictly a horror movie, there’s enough dark comedy and brutal bloodletting to tickle genre fans, with a quartet of equally strong performances from the original Chicago stage cast (John Moran, Steve Schine, Noah Simon and Danny Goldring) reprising their roles.  Sikora’s direction is assured and confident, and his cinematic winks will bring a smile of recognition to many a film geek’s face. Art director Rick Paul (who worked on John McNaughton’s chilling Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer) creates a convincing “found environment” setting, while Pamela Turnmire’s admirable makeup f/x will assuredly evoke a cringe or two.
    There will be a special **FREE** sneak preview gala screening 12:30pm, Saturday, June 9th at The Gene Siskel Film Center (164 N. State Street, Chicago, IL).
    Call Intermission Productions at 708-345-7088 to RSVP, and for more info, check out their MySpace page at
    And tell ‘em Dr. AC sent ya…

    No hits on this week's photo.  It was from WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE?  I'm sure with Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, one would have to wonder how could it be a horror movie.  But trust me, this is one twisted little film, and really is a must for all horror fans.  If you haven't seen it, you should.  Consider it part of your education.
    So check out our new photo and see what you think.

    Just to give a quick update on our plans to upgrade the Krypt.  We have upgraded our software and there's a little bit more learning on our part before we delve into it.  But are still able to use the old Front Page until we really figure out all the bells and whistles in this new program.  So until then, we are planning to get back to our weekly update like we use to.  That's the plan at least.  We still have a lot of broken links that we are still in the process of fixing.  So please be patient.

    Fans of Italian horror most likely know Mattei's work.  If you don't know that name, or his most known pseudonym Vincent Dawn, but you've seen more than a dozen of the Italian zombie films, then you've probably stumbled across some of Mattei's work.  Most notably of that might be the work he did on Fulci's ZOMBIE 3.  Which, according to who you asked, could be anywhere from 10 minutes to the whole thing.  Mattei has worked in just about every film genre, and usually you can find some entertainment in there.....somewhere.   Usually.  He started directing in 1970, and didn't stop until his death.  He had just finished working on his latest zombie movie, ZOMBIES: THE BEGINNING.  Click on the title to see the trailer.
    Mattei passed away from cancer on May 21st.  Whether or not you enjoyed his work, this is a big lost to the horror genre, and the Italian film industry as well.  Our thoughts and wishes go out to his friends and family.

    Once again, these are good times to be a horror fan.  More and more it seems that rare and obscure titles are being announced for a DVD release.  So at least with the gas prices going where they are, it's giving us more reason to just stay at home and watch these movies that are being released.  Here's just a brief recap of some titles that have been announced recently.  Thanks to DVD Drive-In and Fangoria for the info.
    MGM will be releasing the first uncut print in the States of THE BURNING, the '81 slasher film that not only featured some faces before they were big stars, but also some incredible work by Tom Savini.  Much of which ended up on the cutting room floor.  The film will be presented in a hi-def widescreen transfer, with commentary by director Tony Maylam, and a featurette on Savini's work.
    And also thanks to MGM, we will finally get to see the director's cut of Stuart Gordon's FROM BEYOND.  This will also feature a commentary by Gordon and other extras that have yet to be announced.
    There's also news of a new RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD disc, but I'm hearing some rumors that this might not happen as well.  So we got our fingers crossed and will wait and see.
    But they also mentioned a bare-bones release of William Wesley's SCARECROWS!  Now we can only hope that it is the uncut print and that it is re-mastered.  Since the movie takes place mostly at night, this really need a nice clean presentation.  And at least a commentary, huh?
    This announcement really took me by surprised.  Then had me thinking why it had taken so long.  Back in the 70's, when the BBC was making some really cool made-for-TV horror films, they produced a version of COUNT DRACULA, starring Louis Jourdan as the Count.  Granted, Jordan didn't really fit the part, but the film is still a pretty good adaptation and is entertaining.  I don't believe this ever got a domestic video release here in the states, but remember it being popular back in the trading days.  Plus, with a retail price set at $14.98, how can you go wrong?
    And the folks at CasaNegra continue to announce even more great titles for their collection.  WORLD OF THE VAMPIRES and THE LIVING HEAD will hit DVD on September 25th.  And like all of their other titles, these will be newly re-mastered uncut transfers in both English and Spanish languages.  And with each at $19.95, they are both a must for a fan of the gothic horror from Mexico.

    As Naschy fans, we are always excited to hear about him working on a new film.  But then when you hear that the film is being directed by Carlos Aured, it makes it even better.  Aured directed some of Naschy's best films, such as HORROR RISES FROM THE TOME, CURSE OF THE DEVIL, BLUE EYES OF THE BROKEN DOLL (released on video here in the stats as HOUSE OF PSYCHOTIC WOMEN), and THE MUMMY'S REVENGE.
    The new film is called LA GAVIOTA (DEADLY SEAGULLS is the new English title), and started shooting back in April.  For some behind-the-scene photos and more information about the movie (and about Naschy himself), go to the best site on the web dealing with Paul Naschy, The Mark of Naschy.
    But in the meantime, here's the poster art for the new film.  I know that would get me to see it.

    The last Photo was from David Cronenberg's VIDEODROME.  Since we've had so many computer problems, I apologize for the people that I'm sure I'm forgetting to mention that sent in their answers.  But the only email that I apparently still have is that of Rick Hayden.  So this week stand alone.  But that's only because my computer sucks.
    We've posted a new photo with this update.  This one might be a little tougher for you newer fans.  But it's one film that I would highly recommend any horror fan to check out.  But first, let's see who knows it???

    Not much has been going on in the Convention news, at least that we know of.  One bit of news is that the Flashback Weekend has added another name to their NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET reunion.  Nick Corri (who's real name is Jsu Garcia), who played Rod Lane in the film, will be making his first convention appearance.  He will be joining Heather Langenkamp, John Saxon, Amanda Wyss, Lin Shaye, and of course, Robert Englund for the reunion.  Plus, they have plenty of other guests listed.  Not sure why they don't have Corri listed, but it is mentioned on the Forum board.
    You can check out their website HERE.

    This August, we will be making another trip out to Baltimore for the Horrorfind Weekend.  But this time, we won't be setting up as a dealer....well, not really.  We will be traveling out there with Dr. AC himself to help unleash his book that is going to be published by Midnight Marquee.  It seems that quite a few of the contributors of this little tomb will be there as well, which should make this one hell of a fun weekend.  We will keep you posted with more details of the book when they become available.

    Hey folks.  Yes, we are still kicking.  We have been really trying to get back here to the site, but things just keeping happening that is keeping us from it.  From other computer issues to just working so many hours at our day job (which has turned into our evening job), we just haven't been able to spend mush time working on this site.  Not to mention watching any movies or doing much of anything.  But we're really hoping that some changes are coming soon.  REALLY hoping, and REALLY soon.
    And while on the subject of change, we're about to take a chance on some possible major change here at the Krypt.  We have been using Microsoft's Front Page to create and maintain this site since it's inception over 8 years ago.  I have always thought that this site was a little plain and simple, especially compared to the other mainstream sites.  But on that same token, we weren't aiming to be like them anyway.  We didn't feel the need for all those flashy ad banners and whatnot, clogging up the real content of the site.  But we do think that there are some improvements that could be made.
    So with that being said, this weekend we are planning to upgrade our Front Page software to Microsoft's new Expression Web.  Now here's the real kicker.  We have no clue on how this new programming works.  We're hoping that it's pretty much the same, but with more power.  But we're really not sure.  So.....we could have our next update done by the end of the weekend....or maybe not.  We've been wanting to re-design a thing or two here at the Krypt for some time, and with this recent computer breakdown, this seems like the best time.  We are just hoping that the transition is smooth.  At least for the most part.
    Hopefully we will be back up and running at full speed very shortly.  And again, thanks for all the support!

    Apparently it had been a long enough gap for me without computer problems.  So the almost 2 weeks ago, while I was at work, the evil computer fairies came to the Krypt and waved their magic LCD pen and crashed my hard drive.  On a Monday, no less.  There's nothing more enjoyable than turning on your computer, only to hear those lovely couple of beeps and seeing the DOS startup screen telling you it can't find any boot-able drive.  I really do hate computers.
    When I have these little computer outages, I start to ponder things like what if I didn't spend so much time in front of this little demon, the things that I could get done.  First of all, there's tons of movies that I could get to that are just sitting there in the collection waiting to be watched....some even waiting to be taken out of the factory shrink-wrap!  I also have tons of these wonderful non-fiction books that I've been picking up over the years, waiting to be devoured, filling my head with even more trivia knowledge.
    While having this this same discussion this week with our assistant Dr. AC, this thought always surfaces.  And that is after watching all of these movies, or reading all of these books, just who would I talk to about them?  And that, my friends, always will bring me back to the Krypt.  For it is here that I can spout my illustrious thoughts and feelings on this great genre, give my profound (well....sometimes) views on movies, both recent and old, and worse case, give away free stuff.
    So while the site is up and running, there are plenty of broken links and problems on the site all over the place.  We are working on getting those fixed and having the site back to it's normal state in the next few days.  Hopefully.

    When our hard drive crash, we lost all our emails, including the ones that had your addresses where we can mail you your DARK CORNERS DVD.  Please send us an email again with your mailing address.  We apologize for the delay.  Click HERE to send the email.

5-06-07  NEW REVIEWS
    More reviews this week.  This is almost starting to become a regular thing....can't have that now, can we?  Then you people might be expecting it!  But this week, I take a stab at some Italian horror/sleaze with LA BIMBA DI SATANA, while Aaron takes on the original GOJIRA (aka GODZILLA).  You can either click HERE to get to them, or on the link to the left.  And as always, Enjoy!

    I'm hoping that a lot of people were either on vacation last week, or that their internet was down.  Got only 3 emails with the correct answer to the Mystery Photo.  The answer was Hammer's TWINS OF EVIL.  Now I don't want to get on my lecturing soapbox, but for the fans our there that are not familiar with TWINS, or that many Hammer's films, I STRONGLY urge you to look into them.  Hammer really was the catalyst (or a main part of it) that started the Horror genre to rise from the coma of the 50's.  'Nuff said.
    But a nice job to the usual suspects, Mike Shields and Hoby Abernathy, and also a new name, Liz Molloy.  Hopefully we'll see more of her.

    Thanks to all who sent in their "Recent Theater Experiences".  From the emails, it shows that us horror fans are still going to the theaters, though most answers were for GRINDHOUSE.  Of course, even all of us didn't seemed to help out the Box Office.  Anyway, our lucky winners were George Sourile and Rob Taggert.
    Thanks for all the entries, and enjoy your free copy of DARK CORNERS!

    After working every day last week anywhere from 12 to 16 hour days, let's just say that it was a very long week.  We hoped to have this update done Sunday night....then last night, but after a busy weekend catching up on a few things, and then spending most of the day Sunday watching movies with Mr. Christensen and Putrid (for more details on that, check out our blog), and then having to be at work at 5am today, we just didn't get this completed in time.  We didn't want to rush it, so we figured a couple of more days wouldn't hurt.  We got a few new things with this update, including a new DVD Giveaway.  So read on.

    Now regulars to this site have probably read of my affection for the Russian film NIGHT WATCH.  And finally now the sequel, DAY WATCH, will be released here in the States on June 1st.  That is just a month away!  Now if you haven't seen the first film, then you have a month to track it down and enjoy.  Then you will be all ready for the sequel when it hits theaters.  The sequel has the same amazing looking effects and imagery that the first one did.  And it continues the story and the characters from the first film.
    Here's the official poster for the American release.  Hopefully, this time around it will play in a few more theaters than the first one did.  Makes me even more anxious for the 3rd entry to come out.

    This is simply incredible news for Hammer fans.  British DD Home Entertainment and US distributor Sony have made a deal to release at least 13 Hammer titles, some of which have never seen a DVD release.  There's a couple that I am very excited about.  The first one is TASTE OF FEAR (aka SCREAM OF FEAR).  This was one of the first black & white thrillers they started to make after the success of PSYCHO, and is one of their best.  I don't believe this had even gotten a video release here in the states.  The other one is NEVER TAKE SWEETS FROM A STRANGER.  This is a very underrated film that not too many people seemed to know about.  It is a very disturbing film to watch, since the film is about a child molester.  But it is handled extremely well, but still gives a strong point across.
    There's possibly  more titles to be announced, but those haven't been mentioned yet.  Can't wait to see these finally hit.

    Got another double dose of reviews again this week.  And again, one comes from myself (BENEATH STILL WATERS) and one from our assistant Aaron Christensen (SHAUN OF THE DEAD).  Enjoy, and we have plenty more coming.

    The good folks at Union Station Entertainment and Anchor Bay have been kind enough to send a couple of DVDs to give away for the new film DARK CORNERS, starring Thora Birch.  The film is a strange tale of two characters, both played by Birch, one a reality and the other a nightmare.  But which is which, is the real question.
    The DVD gets released on the 22nd of this month.  But why wait?  We have 2 copies to giveaway.  All you need to do is send us an email by clicking HERE, and let us know what was the last horror film that you seen in a theater.  Easy enough, don't you think?  Let's here them, people.  2 names will be drawn from the list of emails that we get.

    Only had 4 entries for the last photo, which ALL horror fans should know.  For shame, people.  For shame.  I'm guessing everyone has been as busy at work as I have been, which would explain the few names.  But none the less, the honored are Will Wilson, Hoby Abernathy, Mike Shields and Mike Dudley.  Now was it because it was the original TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and everyone thought it was TOO easy?  Or maybe it was a little more tricky than I though.  Here's another film around that same time.  There's a clue for you.

    Apparently not satisfied with just releases hard to find (not to mention never heard of) great and entertaining cult films, the folks at Mondo Macabro have actually produced not only a horror movie, but Pakistani's very first modern horror film!  It's called HELL'S GROUND.  You can check out their MySpace page HERE for the trailer and other information.  We're hoping that it's as fun as half the titles that they release on DVD.  If that's the case, then they'll have a big hit.

    As the summer gets closer, we have some other shows coming up fast that we are planning on being at.  Below are the ones that we are planning on being at so far, and some of their guests so far.
    HORROR HOUND WEEKEND - July 6th-8th.  Even though this is their first show, they have plenty of guests lineup, with really too many to name off here.  Just go to the website and check it out for yourself.  It has all the makings of a great show, and we'll be set up there to help with the fun.
    FLASHBACK WEEKEND - Two weeks later, we'll be set up here once again, and ready to have a great time.  They are having a big NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET reunion, with plenty of other guests as well.
    CINEMA WASTELAND - This isn't until October, but there's nothing wrong with making those plans early.  And if you're a fan of the HALLOWEEN series, then you definitely don't want to miss this one.  So far, they have 8 of the actors who have played Michael Myers over the years.  Plus, a couple of DEVIL'S REJECTS and many more.
    There might be a few other shows that we hit this year, but those are the main ones.  Hope to see you there.

    Didn't think we'd get anything does this week, but these things just kind of fell together.  Hopefully things will be getting a little less hectic in the weeks to come.

    We did get a new photo posted.  And this one isn't in black and white.  So good luck.
    The lucky ones that got the trick photo last time were Cary Conley, Mike Shields, and William Wilson.  The film was from George Romero's MARTIN, in one of the flashback sequences.  Nice job, folks.

   We have posted two new Reviews this week.  First Mr. Christensen takes a look at the 70's British film TOWER OF EVIL, while we take on something more recent, WICKED LITTLE THINGS.  Enjoy.

    We don't have that much of an update this week.  This is mainly due to the real job.  And this next couple of weeks are going to be even more crazy.  So there probably won't be an update next weekend since this next week I will be making a journey to the land of cheese and beer....yep, you guessed it...Wisconsin.  We have a complete new computer system coming into my day job that is going to take some major overtime to learn.
    So instead of trying to piece a few things for an update here and there, I'm just going to put it aside for the next week or so, and concentrate on getting through this massive change.  I'm sure everyone can understand.  I will be popping in and out of our MySpace account if we have the time to.  Maybe commenting on a recent movie that we were able to catch during this chaos.
    As usual, I do appreciate all the support and emails that I receive from everyone out there.  Trust me, it keeps the fire going.

    We do have one new review up in our Soundtrack review section.  It's for the recently released THE REAPING.  Check it out.

    If there's any YouTubers out there, check out this click of exploding heads that our buddy Will Wilson has come up with.  Keep in mind,'s pretty gory.  Check HERE.

    We have posted our report for Cinema Wasteland #11.  Still can't believe that they've had that many shows.  So hop on over to our Convention Reports and check them out.  We got plenty of good photos this time out.

    We have also posted our interview with Charles B. Griffith.  If you've seen any of the older Roger Corman films, then you've seen his work.  Or maybe even some cult film called DEATH RACE 2000.  So head on over to our Interview section and see what Mr. Griffith had to day about working with Corman, Oliver Reed and much more.

    If you're looking for another review site and has tons of great stuff and gives you a wide variety of titles to read about, then check out the site below.  Our buddy Matt has recently upgraded from a MySpace page to an actual website.  And it looks great.  So check it out and see what you think.

    According to Richard Stanley's MySpace (doesn't that sound strange?), we may get to see an uncut DVD release of his first film, HARDWARE.
    According to Stanley, "HARDWARE’s fortunes seem set for an 11th-hour upturn,” he says. “With the DVD rights now practically worthless as a result of the industry going slowly but steadily down the tubes, Miramax—or what remains of it—has finally agreed to come to the table. It’s early days yet, but just getting the various parties talking is akin to getting the Israelis and the Palestinians to sit down together. There's unlikely to be any money in it, but if I can crack this particular Rubik’s Cube, we could see a director’s cut scheduled for an autumn release. I’m hoping to drop the crappy ADR lines added for the initial cinema run—mostly to soften the characters and make them seem more in control—as well as reinstating a couple of teeny weeny yet oddly telling things omitted at the time.”
    It also is looking like his latest film, VACATION, might finally start to roll.  The script was written by Stanley and his girlfriend, Maggie Moor, and is about an "aging banker who still fancies himself as a surfer and ends up trapped with his lap dancer girlfriend in a shabby Middle Eastern beach resort after an apocalyptic solar storm destroys the West, forcing the luckless Americans to come to terms with a medieval year-zero environment and a hostile culture that holds them responsible for the world's pain." Apparently the script has attracted the attention of genre icon Bruce Campbell, who wants to play the lead.
    Damn....would it be nice to see Stanley back to making feature films again, and maybe even get this one in the theater.  I was lucky enough to catch HARDWARE when it first came out, and fell in love with Stanley's work.  What a true visual director.  Can't wait.
    Thanks to Will Wilson for the news.

    Since we were busy having a hell of a time at the Wasteland last weekend, obviously there was no updated photo.  Not that it really got more people to give a guess.  We did have one new name along with the usual crowd.  So contrats to George Sulea for joining the ranks of the elite, along with Kevin Hart, Hoby Abernathy, and Mike Shields.  The film is of course, the original THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI.  One film that every serious horror fan should check out.  The influences that film had on the genre is amazing.
    So head on over and check out the latest photo and give it your best shot. It's kind of a trick photo, so put a little thought into it.  And if you've never attempted to send in your guess, what are you waiting for?

    We have a couple more reviews this time out.  First up we have the older Euro-classic A BELL FROM HELL.  Definitely a must see.  And then we also have the more recent and more low budget film, SOFT FOR DIGGING.  Enjoy!

    It's one thing to morn the loss of a person.  But when that person is taken away because of the stupid actions of another person, it just makes matters worse.  For us horror fans, Bob Clark had giving us a few classic films.  Our personal favorite would have to be DEATHDREAM, but there is also BLACK CHRISTMAS and the cult classic CHILDREN SHOULDN'T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS.  And of course, while not in the same genre, this is no better story for the Christmas time then A CHRISTMAS STORY.
    Clark was only 67 years old when a drunk driver (who had no license no less) swerved into his lane, hitting his car head-on.  The accident also took the life of Clark's 22 year-old son, Ariel.  Hopefully this put this person away for a long time for his careless actions.

    Since 2000, we have been taking our journey to Strongsville Ohio for the Cinema Wasteland show.  And it just gets better every year.  We got plenty of pics this time out, and even scored a couple of short interviews with Carolina Munro and Charles B. Griffith.  I'm sure we'll have our official report posted some time this weekend.  Stay tuned.
    But if you're already looking to plan for the October Wasteland show, they have a few guests lined up already.
    If you're a HALLOWEEN fan, then you're definitely going to want to be there.  They have Chris Durand (from HALLOWEEN H20), Tom Morga (HALLOWEEN 4 stunts), Tony Moran (Michael in HALLOWEEN 1 & 2), Don Shanks (HALLOWEEN 5), Tommy Lee Wallace (HALLOWEEN), and George Wilbur (HALLOWEEN 4 & 6).
    They also have William Forsythe and Leslie Easterbrook from DEVIL'S REJECTS, Charles Band, Len Barnhart, Gary Kent, Len Lies, and Tom Sullivan.  Make your plans now.

    We were able to catch an advance screening of GRINDHOUSE last night.  Simply put....we loved it.  I really had expected to enjoy Tarentino's DEATH PROOF more than Rodriguez's PLANET TERROR, but it was the other way around.  I found DEATH PROOF to be a little too talky.  It was still good, but just too much yapping.  But PLANET TERROR is unbelievable.  Tons of gore, tons of violence, and one great scene after another.  We really enjoyed all the little in-jokes, with the scratchy film, the missing reel, and just loved those fake trailers.
    When this opens this Friday, you are going to want to see it.  Trust me.  It is a fun time at the theater.

    As we try and get our final things together for the Wasteland show this weekend, we wanted to get a couple more of these reviews posted.  We got another one from Sazuma and a great documentary on Don Dohler.  Check them out.

    We also wanted to take a second to mention a friend of ours and their store.  John Aranza runs Horrorbles, which is located in Berwyn, IL.  Since the closing of The House of Monsters in Chicago, it was great to see another "Monster" store open up.  They carry a great selection of many different items, from movies to posters to books and masks.  Check them out if you're in the Chicagoland area.  And if you're not, you can always visit their on-line store HERE.  Make sure you tell them the Krypt sent you their way.

    We have recently hired on Aaron "Dr AC" Christensen as our new hunchback assistant.  Aaron will be helping us out with reviews and other such duties.  And you will probably see him behind our table at a few upcoming shows.  The good Doc has joined us in our quest to expand all of our knowledge about the horror genre.  So make sure you give him all a Kryptic Welcome.

    I'm sure you know that we are a huge fan of the Russian film NIGHT WATCH, and even loved the sequel DAY WATCH.  Well now, come June 1st, you'll be able to catch DAY WATCH in the theaters, thanks to Fox Searchlight.  We've seen DAY already and really enjoyed it.  So check out this trailer for it, and remember to mark your calendar for the sequel.


    We have a few more reviews that should be posted in the next couple of days, but here's three new ones to hold you over until then.  Head on over to our Review section to check out our thoughts on FAMILY PORTRAITS: A TRILOGY OF AMERICAN, HORROR BUSINESS, and LAST HOUSE ON THE BEACH.  Enjoy!

    Next week is almost here and it can't come soon enough.  Usually the Wasteland show is the first real show of the season, and we're always chomping at the bit for it to get here.  And even though we did do the Fango show last last month, we are looking forward to this show once again for a great time and to get away from reality once again.  For more information on the show, check out the official Cinema Wasteland website.
    Hope to see all those familiar faces again and as always, make sure you stop by our table and say hello.

    First off, before I forget, last week's photo was from the classic twisted film, THE BLACK CAT, starring the two icons of horror, Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff.  The lucky entries were, as always it seems, Hoby Abernathy, Kevin Hart, Mike Shields, and Will Wilson.  Come on it only these four that know these photos or are they the only ones that are bothering to send in there guess???
    Well, we've been on a black & white kick for a while, so let's try another one.  Good luck.

    Here is a good example of what happens when Jon tries to get work done on the website when he's too tired or pre-occupied.  I totally forgot to list what the last Mystery Photo was.  Of course it was from INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS.  Sorry, if I kept a few of you on edge with that.

    We were quite saddened by this news.  Mr. Francis was a huge talent that really has deserved mush more attention than he ever got.  For us horror fan, his work in the genre is amazing.  From his work with Hammer Studios and Amicus, to many other productions, Francis always delivered.  And not just as a director, but as a cinematographer as well.  He was the DP on classic films like THE INNOCENTS.  He was awarded two Oscars for Best Cinematographer for GLORY (1989) and SONS AND LOVERS (1960), not to mention many other awards and nominations.
    We have the opportunity to meet Mr. Francis many years ago at a Fanex Convention in Baltimore.  He was gracious to sign my posters for TALES FROM THE CRYPT and PARANOIAC.  He and his talent will be missed.  But for us horror fans, he will never be forgotten.  Our thoughts go out to his friends and family.

    We meant to mention this when it was first posted, but kept forgetting about it.  But the guest list so far has been posted on the Flashback website.  It looks like Freddy fans are going to get quite a treat with this year's lineup.  Robert Englund, Heather Langenkamp, John Saxon, and Amanda Wyss will be attending.  Also in the line up is Ashley Laurence from the HELLRAISER films, and Ken Kirzinger, who played Jason in FREDDY VS JASON.  FRIDAY THE 13th fans will have a chance to meet Lar Park-Lincoln and Kevin Blair Spirtas from FRIDAY Pt 7.  From FRIDAY Pt 2, Warrington Gillette, who played the "Unmasked Jason" will also be attending.  Also listed is Bud Davis, from THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN, and Lloyd Kaufman & Svengoolie.
    I'm sure they'll be adding a few more guests as well.  We'll be there as always.  And as always, we'll be having a great time.  Come out and see for yourself.

    We have updated our rambling section, which we are now calling Much of Madness, More of Sin.  We've always like that line from and Poe poem and feel that it's appropriate.  So check it out.  The link is still under our Soapbox banner.

    We had a pretty busy/hectic weekend, so our update today will be brief.  But we should have another update in the next couple for days.  I know that this sounds like a broken record, but we have some great things on the horizon.  So keep checking back.

    We have a new review posted for MAGUS, a movie about an evil sorcerer, played by real life magician Ron Fitzgerald.

    Once again, we got the usual suspects getting the last photo.  Come on out there nobody else that knows these films?  Don't you want to have the honor of having your name mentioned on this very site???  Well, someday you could join the ranks of Kevin Hart, Hoby Abernathy, Mike Shields, and even Will Wilson, who's only seen about 3 black & white movies!  So, let's see if this new photo is one of those 3?

    Sorry the delays and lack of attention as of late.  As always, got a lot of stuff on and are doing our best not to let the real world drive us completely nuts.

    We were up in the land of cheese this last weekend doing a little movie memorabilia show we like to call simply "the bowling show".  And one of the perks of doing that show is that we get to hang out with our buddy Dave Kosanke.  Dave is the editor/writer/publisher of Liquid Cheese, a good old fashion fanzine that covers "movies and music to mangle your mind."  That's right folks, something that you can actually hold in your hand and read instead of looking at the computer screen.  Back in the day, these types of fanzines were our websites.  And it's great to see that people like Dave are keeping them alive.
    If you're interested in learning more about this fanzine, you can check out his MySpace page HERE.  Tell them we sent you.

    The main reason I was mentioning Liquid Cheese is because of a recent article that Dave wrote, called 21st CENTURY HORROR REVIVAL.  Dave has written a great article about how the horror genre seemed to have taken a dip in the late 80's, and is now coming back to life.
    Now there has been many of discussions about how horror films have died away and then been resurrected time and time again since the beginning of film.  And I'm not going to get into that now.  My only point that I wanted to make is that I've never really noticed or paid attention when there are these dips and valleys.  And the reason is simple.  Even though there might not be any NEW horror movies coming out at that present time, or that the genre is not popular at the moment, there are still hundreds of titles and sub-genres out there waiting to be discovered for the first time.  Even the most die hard and dedicated fan out there hasn't seen "everything".
    So the next time the genre is in a slump and you're not getting your fix at the local theaters, do a little homework and get to know some of those older titles that you might not have gotten around to.  Who knows, you might just stumble upon a real gem that opens up a whole new world to you.  It can happen.  Many times, in fact.  So remember, just like our tagline points out, Discover the Horror.

    All you Chicago area fans, don't forget that the Music Box Theatre in Chicago is having a midnight screening this weekend of Gary Sherman's DEAD AND BURIED.  And Sherman will be there both days.  We will be there on Friday night.  Help support these midnight horror shows!

    Last week, on March 6th, Roger Watkins passed away from a heart failure.  Rogers is best known for directing the cult film LAST HOUSE ON DEAD END STREET.  We had the chance to meet him at one of the Cinema Wasteland show a few years back.  Our thoughts go out to his friends and family.

    Hopefully everyone out there knows who Don Dohler was.  Unfortunately, I don't think that is the case.  Those of you who don't, consider this homework.  Check out NIGHT BEAST and ALIEN FACTOR.
    For those who DO know, there is a new documentary coming out called BLOOD, BOOBS, AND BEAST, and is about the Mr. Dohler and his films.  HERE is the official website.
    Now, we are a fan of his earlier films, the ones that he directed himself.  The ones that he had been making with partner Joe Ripple directing, we just were never that impressed with.  We only made it through HARVESTERS, which was...okay, and STAKES, which was...not.  The newer ones featured more T&A and blood then Dohler's older ones.  And like a lot of Dohler fans, I missed that.  Not that we have a problem with the T&A and blood, but as one person states in the trailer, Dohler's films were made from the heart.
    Well, apparently this new documentary shows what really was going on behind the scenes, and shows that Dohler really wanted to get back the films that he use to make, irregardless if it was going to make money or not.  And plus, it shows that Ripple was more interested in making money, than making movies.
    We're really looking forward to seeing this when it comes out.  We'll keep you posted.

    We made it through our first convention of the year, and it couldn't have come soon enough.  It was a nice break from the real world to be able to hang out with other like-minded fans at the show.  The show was so packed and busy, that we really didn't have that much time to get out and take too many photos.  In fact, I don't think we took more than a dozen.  And since we still don't have those developed yet, our official report is going to be delayed for a short time.  But even though we were stuck behind our table for most of the show, that didn't stop us from chatting with a lot of fans, and meeting a bunch of new friends.
    Chicago artist Putrid was hanging out with us on Saturday, amazing us with his knowledge of low budget horror movies.  It was great to hear someone in their 20's, talking about the old big box videos like they were holy relics, and spouting off movie titles that your average Fangoria reader would probably never heard of.  It brings a glimmer of hope to us older fans that there are still young fans out there that are not just obsessed with Freddy and Jason, and the latest Eli Roth movie.  Not that there's anything wrong with that....
    We also met an new/old friend, Lawrence Raffel, formally of Monsters At Play, but is now working for FEARnet.  It's amazing that we both were involved in sort of a message board type newsletter some 15 years ago.  Small world, huh?
    A mucho thanks goes out to our buddy Dr. AC for helping us run the Kryptic table throughout the weekend.  I may have to hire him full time for our PR staff.  Of course, that would make him the ENTIRE PR staff, but that's beside the point.

    Next on the list is our bi-annual journey to Ohio for the Cinema Wasteland show.  Can you believe that this will be their 11th show???  And as usual, it has the makings of another great time.  Kari Wuhrer had to cancel due to family reasons, but there is still going to be plenty to keep the die-hard fans entertained.  Hope to see you there.  And if you are going, as usual, stop by and say hello.
    The Flashback Weekend still hasn't posted their official guest list up on their website, which is kind of surprising.  But they have been announcing a name or two on their message board.  The latest name in their NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET reunion is cult icon John Saxon.  Sure, he starred in the first Freddy movie (not to mention Parts 3 and NEW NIGHTMARE), but also worked in many other films and other countries, such as working with Dario Argento in TENEBRE and Mario Bava in THE GIRL WHO KNEW TOO MUCH (aka THE EVIL EYE).  Hopefully they will be announcing more names shortly.

    I'm sure everyone else was bummed that Guillermo del Toro's PAN'S LABYRINTH didn't take home the Oscar for Best Foreign Film or Best Screenplay.  A huge travesty, if you ask me.  But at least it did take home a few awards.  And the fact that del Toro was there and nominated is a very good start to show these Hollywood types what a real filmmaker can do.  Something original.

    On March 16th & 17th, the Music Box Theatre in Chicago will be having a midnight screening of Gary Sherman's DEAD AND BURIED.  And Sherman will be there in person!
    We do have a few free passes for the Friday night showing.  All you need to do is send us an email with your name and mailing address and we'll send it out.  2 pass limit per address.  Don't wait too long, since it's only a couple of weeks away.

    No, it's not time for another Music Box Massacre (that's in October), but the new Spring scheduled is available on their website and features some great titles for us horror fans.
    Now here's a title that I never thought I would be able to see on the big screen.  At the midnight show on April 6th & 7th, they will be screening I DRINK YOUR BLOOD.  What better way to spend your Easter weekend than seeing this uber-cult classic.
    They are also playing THE DESCENT, as well as some other interesting cult faves.  And on May 5th, they will be holding a 14 hour marathon of Sci-Fi favorites in their SCI-FI SPECTACULAR.  They will be screening films like MAD MAX, THE TERMINATOR, THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL (and star Patricia Neal will be there in person), and many more.
    Make sure you check out their website for more details.

    Glad to see that some people still can recognize these shots from those 'old black & white" films.  Contrats to Hoby Abernathy, Mike Sheilds, Aaron Christensen, an Kevin Hart for knowing the classic film THE INNOCENTS.  This is one for the study books folks, if you haven't seen it.
    So check out this new black & white shot and see if this sparks any memories.  Good luck.

    There seems to be tons of upcoming DVD releases that fans have been waiting for years.  Some time ago at the Home Theater Forum, Warner Home Video had a on-line chat about some upcoming projects.  For Hammer fans, they are talking about re-doing all the Hammer films for the HD and SD market.  Granted, I do look forward to having to re-buy all of those films, but man they sure would look beautiful in all those glorious colors, wouldn't they?
    And FINALLY, we will see the release of HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS and NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS, with new 16s9 transfers from newly restored film elements.  It's about time since I know many fans that have been waiting for these titles to come out.
    They are also working on a special edition of POLTERGEIST, that will also feature a new transfer, 5.1 mix, and extras.  Don't know the details on the extras, but a nice retrospective would be nice, don't you think???
    There is also hope to see a 20th anniversary for BEETLEJUICE and a re-issue of the remake of LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, which will contain the original ending, which was on the original release but quickly pulled for the market.  We'll have to wait and see on those two.
    Fans of Lon Chaney Sr. can expect a second collection some time in 2008.  They are hoping to make a new documentary on Tod Browning and that in the collection.  They will also be releasing Ken Russell's THE DEVILS, Oliver Stone's THE HAND, Wes Craven's DEADLY FRIEND (like that needs a DVD release???), and Joan Crawford's TROG (which definitely needs a release).

    I was so disappointed when my favorite Romero film came out on DVD with a bare-bones edition.  But now, there is going to be a new special edition release for the UK.  Michael Felsher is the man behind getting this done, and we can't thank him enough.  We really enjoyed his work on the recent TCM & TCM 2 releases, so we know he'll not disappoint us.  He says there will be commentary by George Romero and Tom Savini, and a documentary that will hopefully "include as many people who were involved in the film as possible", according to Felsher.  It should be out for a Halloween release this year.
    So if you STILL haven't gotten around to getting a region-free player....isn't it time?

Since we had never been able to get all those other Horror channels, like Monsters HD, we were more than tickled to see that Chiller TV is now on the air, and more importantly, is available to us through Direct TV.  While they still have a small amount of titles on their now, they have a great start.  They are now showing tons of series, from ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS, to FREDDY'S NIGHTMARE to FRIDAY THE 13th: THE SERIES, to even TWIN PEAKS.  Plus they are also showing some films commercial free, which is always a bonus.  So check out their website HERE and if you do have Direct TV, check them out.

2-18-07  FANGO SHOW
    Well, next weekend is finally our first convention of the year, and it can't come soon enough.  This whole real-life work stuff is killing me.  While we are hoping that Creation hasn't put our dealer table in a closet somewhere in the basement, we are looking to have a good time at the show.  Last year, we had a premo spot, and I just don't see being that lucky twice in a row.  Guess we'll just wait and see.
    They have added a couple of last minute guests which one of them really surprised me.  And that was Paul Reubens, aka Pee Wee Herman.  He will be there promoting THE TRIPPER, along with the director David Arquette.  Never thought I'd see the day to see Pee Wee Herman at a Fango show.
    For a full list of the guests scheduled to be there, go to the Creation page.  Fango should be publishing a schedule for the show some time this week, which will probably be on their website.
    So if you are coming out to the show, stop by our table and say hello.  We always like putting faces to the emails.

    We recently spoke with our favorite Italian horror queen Coralina Caltadi Tassoni, who just happens to be in the film that Italian horror fans have been waiting for decades to come out, MOTHER OF TEARS.  She said that she is planning on being at the Fango show on Saturday.  She is not coming as an "official guests" but will be there walking around the show.  So keep your eyes peeled for her.

    Since our convention season is official starting next week with Fangoria, here are some of the other shows that we are planning to be hitting later this year.
    Movie Memorabilia Show and Film Festival - March 17th & 18th.  Featured guests so far are Rusty Nails and James Zahn, with more to come.
    Cinema Wasteland - March 30th-April 1st.  They are having reunions for  FASTER PUSSCAT  KILL...KILL!, HELTER SKELTER, LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, and many other other guests.  Check out the site for full details.
    Wonderfest - May 26th-May 27th.  Not sure if we'll be making to this one or not, but so far they have Robert Picardo, Denise Crosby, Lori Nelson, Mark Stetson, Gary Gianni, David J. Schow, Bob Burns, William Stout, Zacherle, and more.
    HorrorHound Weekend - July 6th-July 8th.  We are really excited about this first time show.  The HorrorHound boys have the makings of a really good time here.  They have tons of guests lined up already, such as Michael Biehn, Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, Ken Foree, and many, many more.  Check out the site for full details.
    Flashback Weekend - July 20th-22nd.  July is going to be a busy month for us.  The site doesn't have their full guest like up so far, but have announced these guests so far:  Robert Englund, Heather Langenkamp, Amanda Wyss, Ashley Laurence, and Ken Kirzinger.  They will have many more guests that they will be announcing soon.

    I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised at anybody getting our last photo.  And that's only since this movie, FROM HELL IT CAME, is pretty obscure, never getting any video or DVD release.  But it's nice to know that there are fans of the great Tabanga, or "a tree monster that likes to chase men is shirts", as Gilda Radner called it in IT CAME FROM HOLLYWOOD.
    Kudos to go Kevin Hart, Mike Sheilds, Aaron Christensen and Hoby Abernathy.  Now check out our latest one.  It's another black and white classic, but with a bit more of a serious tone than the last.  Good luck.

    We have posted four new reviews with week.  And 3 of them, we have the fine folks at Xploited Cinema to thank for.  They continue to offer great import titles at great prices.  Of course, that just means we end up broke quicker, but that's besides the point.
    This time out we take a look at some new titles as well as some classics.  We have reviews for the 80's monster/slasher flick BAD DREAMS, the Italian blob movie CALTIKI: THE IMMORTAL MONSTER, the killer robot movie DEATH MACHINE, and the latest film by Christopher (CREEP) Smith, SEVERANCE.  This will make you never want to go to another office outing, that's for sure.

    If you're looking for some new soundtracks to add to your collection, then you may want to head over to La-La Land Records and check out the sale they are having.  They have a number of their CDs for a mere $5.98 and $9.98, and have some great titles in there.  We highly recommend picking up the CREEPSHOW.  For any price, this score is a must for horror fans.

    We have a few more additions to our Gallery, including some great Thai posters.  Check them out and enjoy.

2-08-07  LATE UPDATE
    Sorry for that bit of lateness on this update.  We have been trying hard for last few days to get this done, was just getting no where.  But hopefully this with keep you busy for a bit.

    It seems there has a been a slight guest change at the Spring Wasteland show.  We just received an email from the Wasteland front office (that being Ken Kish) letting us know that Lori Williams had to drop out due to work reasons.  But being the promoter extraordinaire that he is, Ken was able to track down and get Dennis Busch to join the PUSSYCAT reunion.  Busch played the "Vegetable" and has never done an appearance before.  So for PUSSYCAT fans, this is a rare opportunity.

    When SAW 3 hit the DVD shelves a couple of weeks ago, and it said "Unrated Edition", I thought that maybe they finally realized that the fans were getting pissed off by them releasing the theatrical version, only to release an uncut version later down the road.
    But now, a release in the UK is being called "Extreme Edition". Does this feature more footage that isn't in the Unrated Edition?  We're not sure, but hope to find out soon.
    Why must they keep doing this to the fans? Oh yea, I's all about the money.  And then they wonder why people want to download them for free. Go figure.

    Now here's a re-release that I can be excited about. It seems that Jack Hill's classic film SPIDER BABY will be getting another release, with a bunch of new extras. According to Hill, "We made a HD transfer that is far superior to the earlier job." The disc will also have some new extras, including a new documentary about the making of the film, which will feature interviews with the most of the remaining cast. There will also be a documentary about the composer Ronald Stein. There will also be a new audio commentary track with Hill and star Sid Haig.
    We are a huge fan of this movie and can't wait for this disc to come out. And for this film, it doesn't matter that we already own the previous release. It's just nice to see talent like Jack Hill and Sid Haig getting the props they've been deserving for years.

    It seems that PHANTASM 3: LORD OF THE DEAD will finally be hitting DVD here in the states.  Being released on April 10th, along with another re-release of the original film, this release from Anchor Bay looks to have the same extras as in the UK release, with audio commentary by Angus Scrimm and Michael Baldwin, deleted scenes, and trailers.  It will also be presented in anamorphic 1.85:1 widescreen.  But one feature that might be new is a Behind-the-Scenes featurette.
    But if you're really looking for the ultimate PHANTASM edition, and have a region free player, then you have to get the set that Anchor Bay UK put out, that features an awesome Sphere display case.  It contains all 4 movies, and a 5th disc of extras.  Well worth every penny.  You can still get these by contacting our buddies at Xploited Cinema.

    On May 15th, New Line Home Entertainment will release Guillermo del Toro's PAN'S LABYRINTH on DVD in a double disc edition.  It will feature a anamorphic widescreen transfer with DTS-ES 6.1, Dolby Digital 5.1 EX and 2.0 Surround audio.  It will be in Spanish, but will have English subtitles.
    It will also feature audio commentary by del Toro, a making-of documentary, and several other featurettes on the making of the film, including the Director's Notebook.  It will also have photo galleries and storyboards as well.
    If you have not seen this amazing dark fairy tale from this major craftsman of cinema, then you really need to.  It has been nominated for 6 Oscar nominations, including Best Foreign Film.  See it in the theater.  Give your support to these types of movies.

    While they've only mentioned it on the site, it seems that Mr. Picardo will be the guest of honor at this year's Wonderfest show, this Memorial Day Weekend.  Each year we plan on getting to this show, but never seemed to make it.  But since one of our favorite werewolves is going to be there, now we have another excuse to try to plan to make it out.  No promises, though.

    It seems that this was just too good to be true.  Apparently not enough interests (aka money) getting to the promoter to cover the cost of the guests.  Trust me, nobody is more disappointed than me, especially since we have already paid for a dealer table there.  We're not even sure if there's still going to be a show or what.  Just another bit of news that is really making my week.

    Fango has added a few more guests to the lineup, but still no HUGE stars that we were hoping.  And certainly no GRINDHOUSE panel, at least nothing yet.
    But they have added David Arquette, Marcus Nispel, Dee Snider & Debbie Rochon (wait...are they guests, or just working the show?), Kane Hodder, Ari Lehman, Robert Kutzman, and others.  Check out Creations website for the full detail....though they don't tend to update it too frequently.

    Since we had finally joined the ranks of the MySpace community, along with just about EVERYONE else on the planet, we are taking advantage of the blog craze as well.  You will find a link on our Navigational Bar on the left to get to both our MySpace page, as well as our blog page.  This is where we might post different little things that we're don't feel is worth posting here, such as quick thoughts on movies and what not.  Recently, we've been watching and re-watching the HELLRAISER series, and posting our thoughts about them here.  Check it out and let us know what you think.

    Speaking of HELLRAISER, we've just finished reading the new book by Paul Kane, entitled The Hellraiser Films And Their Legacy.  And we've just posted our review of the book in our Review Section, under Biographies.

    Well, even with the extra time, we didn't get that much for a response on our last photo.  It was from THE RETURN OF THE FLY.  I remember that sequence vividly watching that as a kid, especially when the guy steps on the rat body and the human hands are reaching out from under the shoe.  That's stuff that nightmares are made of.
    Contrats to Mike Shields and Aaron Christensen for knowing this little gem.
    Now you people don't really want me to put something TOO easy up there, do you?  I've always thought that if you don't know it, once you find out the answer, it will always be stuck in the brain, and you'll at least remember that photo and the title.  A little subconscious education, if you will.  At least we're trying.
    So click on over and try out the new one and see what you can come up with.  As always, good luck.

    With the announcements of this year's Oscar nominations, I couldn't have been more thrilled to hear that Guillermo del Toro's PAN'S LABYRINTH had been nominated for Best Foreign Language Film, plus another 6 nominations as well.  I can only hope that this incredible filmmaker can take home a much deserved award and attention that he deserves.
    The other nominations are for Art Direction, Cinematography, Best Makeup, Original Score, and Original Screenplay.

    The website for the Movie Memorabilia & Film Festival has updated their guest lineup for their RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD Reunion show in March.  Right now, they have listed Clu Gulagher, James Karen, Linnea Quigley, Don Calfa, Beverly Randolph, Jewel Sheppard, Brian Peck and John Philbin.  For fans of RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD, this is going to be a great show.
    For more details about the show, check out the website HERE.

    We have a few new reviews posted this week.  For movies, we have THE GATHERING, PREY, and the cult classic DEATH RACE 2000.  We have also posted our review for the soundtrack from PRIMEVAL.  Check them out in our Review Section.

    I figured I wouldn't have too many winners on this last photo, since it was a pretty tough one.  And even when I gave you a big clue.  I said this one would be "five times" as hard.  Well, the photo was from DEVIL TIMES FIVE.  Will Wilson was the only one to send in the correct answers, but thanks for all the interesting attempts.
    Take a look at this week's photo and see what you can come up with.  Trust me, it's not as hard as that last one.

1-22-07  BUSY WEEK
    We had planned on our weekly update as usual, but ended up spending most of the day on Sunday watching movies.  5 of them to be exact.  So by the time we got around to working on this update, it was getting way past our bedtime.  And trust me, you don't want me working on this thing when I'm tired.  The thought process gets somewhat lost between the old brain and the fingers, resulting in some strange language, sometimes might be decipherable.  Sometimes.  But hopefully it was worth the extra day.

    While we still have a lot more to do, and add a lot more items, here's the beginning of it.  We just threw some of the posters that we currently have in stock, but have plenty more to add.  So take a quick look and see if there's anything in there that you just have to add to your collection.  Everything listed is in stock, unless otherwise noted.

    The Chicago Fangoria show is a little more than a month away.  And I must say that I am very disappointed in the guest lineup thus far.  Unless they have some last minute surprise they are going to be whipping out, this is not looking that good.  Yea, they do have some genre faves in there, like Bill Moseley, Sid Haig and Ken Foree.  And while we love to see them at any show, they have been to so many shows, are they really still going to draw in the big crowds?  Yes, they do have Doug Bradley and Jeffrey Combs.  Bradley was at a Chicago Fango show years ago, so that is good.  And I don't believe that Combs has ever had a Chicago appearance.  And then there's Shawnee Smith, another first timer.  But other than that.....what?  Jared Padalecki?  Sorry, but just don't see him being a huge draw.  Uwe Boll?  Oh that's good.  And then a BARRICADE panel.  Do we remember all the different guests last year?
    Looking at the lineup for the Burbank, California show in May, 5 months away, they already have Don Coscarelli, Paul Naschy, Bernie Wrightson, Eric Red, Russell Mulcahy, as well as Doug Bradley and Shawnee Smith.  So what's with the Chicago lineup?  Are we not as important as the west coast?  Why not treat the mid-west fans like you do the East and West coast fans.
    Come on Fango.  If you keep this up, you will lose this market once again, just like you did years ago.  The only difference is that we already have a couple of great shows here in mid-west, Cinema Wasteland Show and the Flashback Weekend.  And this summer, we'll even be adding a 3rd one, the Horror Hound Weekend.
    So let's see if they can pull out an Ace at the last minute.

    It's about time that some more DVD documentaries come out.  And this one looks pretty interesting.  Based on the book of the same name, by John McCarty, this 3-disc set will have 10 episodes, each of which covers one particular director.  Each episode will feature interviews with a bunch of names in the business, from the likes of John Agar to Stuart Gordon, to Richard Matheson.
    The directors that are featured in this set are: Jack Arnold, Tod Browning, William Castle, Roger Corman, Terence Fisher, Tobe Hooper, Roman Polanski, Jacques Tourneur, Ronald West, and Robert Wise.
    The set will be released by Elite Entertainment, and has a release date of May 8th, with a retail price of $29.98.  I know we are looking forward to it.

    Mike Shields was the only entry to correctly name the last photo.  And that would be from the awesome film (that's right AC, I said AWESOME!) THE MAD DOCTOR OF BLOOD ISLAND!  Though, after watching it again yesterday, I still think I have a bit of a headache left over from those super-zooms they were doing.  That stuff would even make Jess Franco dizzy!
    If you thought that last one was a tough one, this one is five times as hard.  So good luck.  You'll need it.

    We've been purposely avoiding posting all the news coming out about Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN.  The main point is that it's all over the web so it's kind of hard to miss it.  So figure it was just redundant.
    But I have read more and more comments about how some are calling it DEVIL'S REJECTS 2 and stuff like that, since the people Zombie is casting are either from REJECTS or are just genre faves, but usually in a negative way.  Like why can't he get new people to be in this movie.
    Now, we know that Carpenter and Romero tended to use some of the same cast when they could.  And even a bigger reason that I like what he's doing, is that he's casting people that he would like to see in his movie, someone who has done something with the genre.  Remember folks, I'm sure there's nothing more that would please the studios than if Rob was casting the latest pretty face from some TV show.  So I give him a lot of credit of casting people that he's a fan of.  I know if I was ever in the film industry, I would be doing the same thing.

    Once again, though we are not huge fans of THE MUNSTERS, we do feel the loss of Yvonne De Carlo.  She did have quite a few other credits to her name, but for us horror fans, she will always be remembered as Lily Munster.  She passed away on Monday the 8th, from natural causes.  She was 84.
    As always, our thoughts and wishes go out to her friends and family.

    This cult favorite will finally be coming out on DVD, though not really sure from who yet, according to Don May Jr., from Synapse Films.  No definite details on when it's going to be coming out, but I would expect some news in the near future.  Since there is a huge MONSTER SQUAD reunion at the Monster Mania convention next month, one would have expected it then.  Unless....the makers are planning on being at that show to do some major interviewing for some nice supplements???  Now that would be the smart thing to do.

    And while speaking of reunion shows, this March, Chicagoland will be able to attend the Movie Memorabilia Show in Burr Ridge, which will have a cast reunion of this cult classic.  At this point, the site has been updated with all the details yet, but according to organizer Frank Slabinak, he is in talks with 8 of the stars, and have confirmed Beverely Randolph, John Philbin, Linnea Quigley, and possibly Jewel Sheppard.
    If you're interested in attending the show, or even getting a dealer table, email Frank and ask for more details.  I know he's got a few more tables left, so don't wait.  This is going to be great show for zombie fans around the midwest.  Don't miss out!

With all these other Horror Channels that have come out, or have been going to come out for years, it seems that NBC Universal is now jumping on the band wagon, with the channel simply called Chiller.  And since it will be available through Direct TV, which is what we have, we are very excited about this.  According to Variety, NBC U will take advantage of the horror TV shows like ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS and films like THE SHINING and PSYCHO, as well as many from the MCA library.  John Gaspin of NBC U, also says that they have acquired programming from others such as 20th Century Fox TV, Songy, Warner Bros TV, and Lionsgate.  They are also planning to show TWIN PEAKS, TALES FROM THE CRYPT, FREDDY'S NIGHTMARES, and FRIDAY THE 13th: THE SERIES.
    So since we've recently joined the ranks of HDTV owners, we are even more excited about this.  Hopefully it will be worth all the wait.

    Well, we had quite a more names this time out with the correct answer, unless I forget to mention them again.  The gooey pic was from that other cult classic, STREET TRASH.  If you haven't checked out that latest 2-disc special edition that Synapse Films put out last year, then you need to pick it up right away.  While we are not HUGE fans of the movie, the 2-hour documentary alone is worth the cost.  They did an amazing job finding all of these people who worked on the film, including Bryan Singer, who has gone on to direct the first two X-MEN movies and SUPERMAN RETURNS.
    Anyway....the special elite who sent in the correct answers were Mike Shields, Will Wilson, Kevin Hart, Aaron Christensen, and Mike Dudley.  So check out the latest one and see what you can do.

1-07-07  NEW REVIEW
    We've posted our review for the new independent low-budget film ALONE WITH HER, starring Colin Hanks.  It's worth checking out.

    We were looking through the latest issue of Fangoria, and was reading about a new film based on the exploits of Ed Gein, called ED GEIN: THE BUTCHER OF PLAINFIELD.  Writer / Director Michael Feifer says, "PSYCHO, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and a lot of other films have played off the mythological side of Ed Gein.  my approach was to bas the film on the reality of Ed Gein, and of that time and place in Wisconsin in the 50's when people were finding out about him.  Rather than a wild horror movie about a guy running around with a chainsaw, this is about a real-life moment in time and a drama about that period."
    Sounds cool enough.  But then he makes a whole mistake of casting Kane Hodder as Gein!!!  Now, this is nothing again Mr. Hodder, or his acting ability, but if this is suppose to be about the "reality of Ed Gein", casting him for the role would be like casting Cedric the Entertainer as Charles Manson.  Plus, they are also adding a character (played by Michael Berrymore) as his henchman.
    Okay, here's the deal folks.  If you want to make up a movie and maybe just something from real life, then fine do it.  But don't make it sound like you're going to make a film that is based on the facts more than the other films.  I would have been much more excited to see a film about Hodder and Berryman playing a couple of butchers in small town than what I've read so far about this one.

    We have also updated our Poster Gallery with tons more poster graphics, mainly Thai posters.  If you haven't checked out our gallery, you really should spent a few minutes there.  We have some amazing poster art in there.
    Also thanks to Jeff Howe for some donations.  And if we ever get off our butts, we'll even have some of those very posters for sale as well!  Stay tuned for that.

    The correct answer for our last Photo was Paul Naschy's THE HUNCHBACK OF THE MORGUE.  Mike Shields was the only one with the correct answers.  Come on....are there not that many Naschy fans out there?  Please say it ain't so!
    Anyway, check out the newest photo and see if this one rings a bell.