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    The guest list for the Indianapolis HorrorHound show just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  George Romero has now been added to the lineup.  Another guest announced that has worked with Romero on several of his films is Michael Gornick.  Gornick had worked as cinematographer for Romero on films like Martin (1977), both Dawn of the Dead (1978) and Day of the Dead (1985), and Creepshow (1982).  He has also worked in quite a few other roles, including director when he did Creepshow 2 (1987).  And joining him from Day of the Dead, will be actors Jarlath Conroy & Terry Alexander.
    And it sounds like they have more guests to announce as well.  Stay tuned to their website for more updates. 

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    Want your life to have a challenge?  Want an excuse to watch more movies?  Want to win FREE PRIZES?  Well we have a new contest that is starting the first of the year, and will continue throughout the entire year.  By joining the Kryptic Army, each month you will have a new “mission” to be completed during that month, which basically means watching a couple of movies.  The more months you participate, the more chances you have at winning a prize at the end of the year.  Prizes will consist of DVDs, autographed merchandise, and more.
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    We have posted our review for the latest from Nox Arcana in our Soundtrack Review section.  You can find them in our Reviews section, or just click HERE to get there.

    Even though we still have a few weeks to go before Horror Society's B-Movie Madness 2 (taking place on January 16th at the Portage Theater), they are already working on their next event, Women of Horror 2.  This will take place on May 1st at the Portage Theater.  They are putting the call out for entries, both short films and feature length, that has a female writer, director, or producer.  April 17th is the cut-off day for submissions.  For more information, click HERE.

    Our last photo was from the Hammer thriller Paranoiac, starring the wonderfully entertaining Oliver Reed.  One of our favorites of their black and white thrillers.  Kudos to Aaron Christensen, Dave Friedman, Bruce Kowalski, Mike Shields, and David Schmidt for coming up with the correct answers.  This time out, we're going to go with a classic film.  Make sure you take a good look and think about it before sending in your answer, since this character has been in quite a few movies.....
     Good luck, and as always,  just click HERE to send us your answer and good luck.

    Back in my video store rampages, I came across two different movies, The Spirits of the Dead and The Asphyx, that turned out to be the same movie!  And though the movie had gotten a DVD release some time ago, there is going to be an import special 2-disc edition of this film, coming out in February from Odeon Entertainment.  The move has been digitally re-mastered in HD from the original negatives, and is the first time the film will be available in the original 2.35:1 widescreen format.  The disc will also contain the UK version as well as the US theatrical version.  Not really sure what the differences are, but at least now will get to find out.
    The film is about a family that discovers the "asphyx" which goes into a person right before their death.  This starts to them to think that if it was possible to capture the "asphyx" before a person dies, they could escape death.  But then, as with all scientific experiments, things don't go as well as planned.
    Other extras include a featurette on restoring the film, deleted and extended scenes, trailers, and still gallery.  This does sound like it's an import disc, so if you didn't get an import player from Santa, you might want to look into it....

    We'd thought we'd leave you with this special little twisted poem that we came up with for the holidays.  Sure, it might sound a little like the traditional Silent Night Holy Night, but we changed it a bit so we wouldn't be sued by anybody!  Enjoy!

    This will be out last update before Christmas, so we wanted to wish everyone out there the best of holidays and hopefully Santa Claws will be bringing you something good this year, like a nice black horror t-shirt or a marvelous monstrous DVD.  We'll have our year-end summary with our next update....hopefully!  Actually kind of excited to look back on this year and highlight all the good moments, and great films that we've had a chance to see.
    We are also working on a big project for next year that we will be rolling out before the end of the year.  We're still working out the details, but we think that it's something that will fit perfectly with our goals here at the Krypt, as well as making it fun and exciting for those out there that wish to participate.  Stay tuned for more details.

    Shout! Factory will be releasing some fun films next April from the Roger Corman archives, some of which has never been released on DVD.  Humanoids from the Deep will be getting another DVD release, but no details if it's any different than the original release.  But there is going to be a 2-disc special edition of Joe Dante's Piranha.  We're a big fan of that movie, so we're excited to see what extras they are going to have on there.  And lastly, there is going to be a double feature disc of Up From the Depths and Demon of Paradise.  Neither film is particularly great, but entertaining is a bad B-movie sort of way.  Up From the Depths was directed by Charles B. Griffith, but was dramatically re-cut by Corman.  Demon is sort of a Creature from the Black Lagoon rip-off.  But having both on one disc is well worth adding it to any cult movie fan's collection.
    Thanks to DVD-Drive-In for the info.

    It seems that Elvira had such a good time at the Cincinnati HorrorHound Weekend, that she's coming to the Indianapolis show next March.  They are going to have one hell of a guest lineup, and they still have a few more names up their sleeve.  The block of rooms for the show have already sold out.  So if you have any plans of going, I'd start making plans now, including finding a room!

    Yes, we didn't get a new photo posted last week.  We were already behind on our update and planned on getting one posted, but just didn't get to it.  But since not too many people identified it correctly, we thought we'd give it a little more time.  Not that it helped any.....The photo was from the first of Amando de Ossorio's famous Blind Dead series, Tombs of the Blind Dead (1971).  The correct answers were sent in by Shannon Abernathy and Kristin Wicks, though we'll give a special mention to Eric Engelmann for at least picking out that it was a Blind Dead movie.
    For our next photo, we're going to a great little black and white movie.  You might have seen this photo in a reference book or two over the years.  But let's see if you can remember what film it is from.  Good luck, and as always,  just click HERE to send us your answer and good luck.

    It was the start of a bummer of a Friday when I read the news that Dan O'Bannon had past away on December 17th.  O'Bannon only directed two films, but also wrote a few classic films as well.  Such as one called Alien.  While he didn't work on a ton of films, the ones that he did made an impact and a lasting impression.  And of the two films that he did direct, Return of the Living Dead (1985) and The Resurrected (1992), really are masterpieces.  Return of the Living Dead has become a cult phenomena, and rightly so.  It is filled the right mixture of humor, gore, and punk rock, giving a film to be enjoyed for generation after generation.  It's one film that NEVER gets old.  The Resurrected is a film that definitely needs more attention.  Being based on a story from H.P. Lovecraft, it might be a little more gory than what Lovecraft would have cared for, but it is one of the few films that really captured the feel of Lovecraft's work.  If this is one film that you haven't checked out, please seek it out.
    O'Bannon was only 63 when he passed away, finally losing his 30-year-old battle with Crohn's Disease.  He was an amazingly imaginative and incredibly talented writer, not to mention his work in many other facets of the film business.  Our thoughts and prayers goes out to his friends and family.  Because of his work in the horror & sci-fi genre, he will be missed, but never forgotten.

12-15-09  BUSY WEEKEND
    Sorry for the delayed update this week, but we had a pretty full weekend.  Fellow HorrorHound writer Matt "Video Invasion" Moore came out to experience some of Chicago's highlights, which included going to the famous Kuma's Corner and discovering some other fine food from the Midwest.  For me personally, this was my third trip to Kuma's and the second time we ordered the Slayer Burger.  This time out, we were determined to conquer the burger....and we did.  Sure, we did pay the price for the rest of the day (and everyone else around me later that evening), but damn is that an awesome meal.  For those not familiar with this place or the meal, here's what it consists of: A pile of fresh cut fries, topped with a huge 1/2 lb.s Burger, Cherry Peppers, Andouille Sausage, Onions, Jack Cheese, all topped with Chili and Anger (actually says that on the menu)!  It was quite a testament of endurance, will power, pain control, and just plain stupidity, but I was able to devour this monster.  And now that I've done it.....I'll never attempted it again.  Damn near killed me, but what a way to go!
    For more information about Kuma's Corner, head over to their website by clicking HERE.  If you're ever in Chicago, I highly recommend you check this place out.  But just a warning, you will have to wait to get in there.  There is always a long wait.  But good luck.
    We also attended Horror Society's Holiday of Horrors at the Portage Theater and had a blast.  Though it was pretty chilly outside, it did seemed to have a pretty good turn out.  Mitch and company continue to put on well organized and fun show.  How could one not have a great time this time of year by sitting in a theater with like-minded horror fans, and watching a beautiful print of Silent Night Deadly Night?  Director Lewis Jackson was there to talk about his film Christmas Evil, which was also screening at the festival.  What an interesting guy.
    But don't worry if you missed the event folks, because they already have their next festival already lined up.  On January 16th, they will be screening Brain Dead and Night of the Demons, with director Kevin Tenney attending.  They will also be screening Incest Death Squad, from Wisconsin filmmaker (and noted Bill Rebane expert) Cory Udler, who will also be attending.  They are also screening the short film Hypochondriac, with writer and star Marv Blauvelt in attendance.
    As usual, there will be plenty of fun, vendors, giveaways, and lots more to keep you entertained.  So mark your calendar and stay tuned for any updates.  You can check out the Horror Society's site HERE for all the details as well.

    It was a pleasant surprise to see that the New York Times had a nice piece on the passion of Paul Naschy.  It was all over the internet sites, but it was nice to see that something as big as the NY Times would take the time to write a night piece on Naschy and his passing.  You can check it out by clicking HERE.

    First off, we have posted our review of last month's HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati.  While we didn't get as much photos as we try to get, I think there's enough in there that makes it worth a look.  Just head over to our Convention Reports and scroll down for the HorrorHound Section for all the details and photos.
    And secondly, I know that Christmas is close and the year is almost over.  But it's never to early to start making your convention plans for next year.  And two shows that I think are going to be huge are the HorrorHound show in Indianapolis and Cinema Wasteland in Cleveland.  The HorrorHound takes place on March 26th-28th.  So far, their guest lists consists of Clive Barker, Tom Noonan, Joe Bob Briggs, Paul Clements, Greg Nicotero, Terry Alexander, John Harrison, Wayne Toth, Miguel A. Núñez Jr., and Tom Savini.  I know they have just gotten started too, so I'm sure there's going to be more names.  We always have a blast at these shows, especially at the Indy one.  If you haven't made it out to one of these yet, I think this would be the one you want to start.  For more info, just click on the banner below.

    Two weeks after that show, will be one show that any serious horror fan can not miss.  And that would be Cinema Wasteland.  The show takes place on April 9th-11th in Cleveland, Ohio.  While they do have quite a few guests already announced, the big draw (for me anyway) is the Zombie Reunion!  They Al Cliver, Ian McCulloch, Ottaviano Dell'Acqua, and the one and only Richard Johnson.  In case you didn't know, Johnson not only starred in one of the best haunted house movies ever made, The Haunting (1963).  But he also starred in tons of films, quite a few of them being Italian made, besides Zombie (1979).  Films like Island of the Fishman (1979), Beyond the Door (1974), The Great Alligator (1979), and many more.  We simply can't wait for this show, even if it was just for these guests.
    But it doesn't stop there.  The Wasteland staff has plenty of other guests already announced.  People like
Sharon Ceccatti-Hill, Bill Hiznman, Jim Krut, Tom Savini, Kyra Schon, and Howard Sherman.  Who knows.  Maybe we'll even get some more guests announced.....
    For all the details about the show, just click on the banner below.

    Our buddy Joe Wallace has expanded his unique sense of humor into some awesome T-shirt designs.  These are ones that are coming straight out of his deranged little mind and won't be found anywhere else.  Just check out a couple of his designs below to see the kind of warped mind is behind these creation.  We love the fact that these are original and nothing like the countless other T-shirts that we've seen over the years.  Just click HERE to be taken to their website where you can find ordering information and whatever else you might need.  Tell them we sent you.


    It was great seeing so many people come out last night to the Portage Theater for the Terror in the Aisles 3.  That shows that us horror fans are not stopped by a little cold weather.  It was a lot of fun seeing a lot of familiar faces there, as well as meeting up with some new friends.  Can't wait until next week to do it all over again for Horror Society's Holiday of Horrors film fest.  Hope to see everyone back there again!

    The fine folks at WildClaw Theatre have created the perfect holiday greeting card to send to your fellow horror-fiends.  Created by WildClaw's poster artist Charlie Athanas, we have a glimpse of something coming from the sky, either delivering a present, or snatching one who was, right out of the sky.  It's up to you to decide.  This is the perfect card for us horror fans.  Nothing over the top, but clever enough for those in the know.
    You can order your cards at Red Bubble, by clicking HERE.

    In other WildClaw news, mark down March 15th, since that will be the date of the world premiere of their latest stage play.  It will be Charley Sherman's adaptation of William Peter Blatty's Legion, the real sequel to The Exorcist.  It will be directed by Anne Adams (director of The Revenants) and will be playing at the Viaduct Theatre in Chicago.

    I have to admit that our last photo was a pretty tough one, but we had mentioned it in our Turkey Day marathon.  It was from William Grefe's Sting of Death (1965).  If you've ever wondered what a 1/2 man 1/2 jellyfish would look like, now you know.  Even if it looks the head of the jellyfish was a plastic bag.  Great stuff there folks, if you really enjoy those B-movies.  But we do have to give congrats to Hoby Abernathy, Aaron Christensen, and Mike Shields for recognizing this rare gem.
    Our next photo is from a film that is a little bit more well know, but is still a cult film.  Give it a look and see if it looks familiar.  But don't look too hard, or you might strain your eyes. 
As always,  just click HERE to send us your answer and good luck.

    We have posted our review for the new movie Coffin Rock.  Head over to our Reviews section to see what we thought.

    Ti West's House of the Devil will be hitting DVD on Feb. 2nd.  But even better news is that there will actually be more special features on the standard DVD than the Blu-ray edition.  Just when we thought the studios were forcing us into that new format, we got one that seems to be fighting the system.  The standard edition will have 2 different audio commentaries, one with director West and actress Jocelin Donahue, and one with West, producers Larry Fessenden & Peter Phok, and sound designer Graham Reznick.  There will also be 2 different featurettes, In The House of the Devil and Behind The House of the Devil.  Plus deleted scenes and theatrical trailers.  The Blu-ray edition will just have the West/Donahue commentary and the In The House of the Devil featurette, as well as the trailer.

    While we lose our heroes and people that we admire throughout the year, it has been quite a while since I have felt the lost that I do now.  Since I got the call this morning with the news that Paul Naschy (aka Jacinto Molina) had past away, it's been a pretty downer of a day.  It was quite a few years ago, during my tape trading days, when I asked my good friend Jon Stone just "who is this Naschy guy?"  And since Stone was a huge fan of his work to begin with, it didn't take long for his passion to pass onto me.  I had asked him to send me his favorite Naschy film for me to try.  But like all good horror fans, you can't get that down to just one.  So he sent me Horror Rises from the Tomb (1973) and Night of the Howling Beast (1975).  And from those two films on, I was hooked, and I never looked back.
    Naschy was not just a guy who made a few horror movies.  He loved the fantastic cinema.  He wrote, directed and acted in horror movies because he was a fan.  He wasn't worried about typecasting or wanting to make "real" films.  He worked in the genre that he loved so much.  And I personally can't give the man enough credit for just that alone.  Not to mention all the entertaining films that he made over his 40+ years in the film business.
    I guess one of the reasons was that I was still hoping that one of these days that here in the States that Naschy's name would be right up there with Cushing, Price, Karloff, and the Chaney's.  And maybe one day that will happen.  But unfortunately Naschy won't be around when it does.
    But that shouldn't stop us.  If you are a fan of his work, bust out one of his movies in the next day or two in remembrance of the man and his work.  And better yet, find a friend who isn't that familiar with his work and make the introduction.
    Our thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family.  Rest in Peace, Senor Naschy.  You will be missed, but never forgotten.

    We've made it through another round of films that could be considered the best of the worst.  But that doesn't mean they weren't enjoyable to the palette.  Sure, some of them were hard to get down, but we managed through it again.  I will say that these Turkey Day Marathons are not to be done by yourself.  This could be dangerous.  But when you have a nice group of like minded fans, it makes these movies even more enjoyable.  Our buddies AC and Putrid came out for the fun, along with my son Nick and his friend Austin.  So we had a strong force to get through some of these.
    I'm going to working on a separate page to keep track of these marathons that I've been holding for the past 6 years, with a list of the films and a little write up on each.  That way, if you ever want to have your own Turkey Day Marathon, you'll have a nice list to choose from.  But for now, here are the films that we consumed this year:
Sting of Death (1965)
Graveyard Disturbance (1987)
Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare (1987)
Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus (2009)
Boarding House (1982)

    We finally got our report of this year’s Music Box Massacre 5 and the Flashback Weekend.  It only took a little over a month.  We’re almost getting caught up, and hopefully will have our report of the HorrorHound show shortly.  So stay tuned.  To read our report on the Massacre & Flashback, head over to our Convention Reports section to hear about it, along with see photos of the guests that appeared.

    First off, there are a few changes to the Terror in the Aisles 3 film fest, taking place on December 5th, at the Portage Theater in Chicago.  Originally, they had planned on showing [REC] 2 at the fest, but due to circumstances beyond their control, that fell through.  But to replace that film, they will be screening a holiday favorite, Bob Clark’s Black Christmas.  There will also be screenings of the short films Treevenge and Chemical 12-D.  As well as music by My Damn Butterfly & Modern Day Rippers, along with vendor tables, vintage movie trailers, prizes, and auctions for Vital Bridges.  Doors open at 7pm and you can see all of this for only $12!
    For all the info, go to their Facebook page HERE, or their MySpace page HERE.


    And to keep in the holiday horror spirits, the following weekend (Dec. 12th) at the Portage, the Horror Society will be holding their own Holiday of Horrors Film Fest.  They will be screening what John Waters called “the greatest Christmas movie ever made”, the 1980 film Christmas Evil.  Not only will this be shown from a 35mm print, but director Lewis Jackson will be attending as well.  Next up with be the film that caused quite a controversy when it first hit theaters, the one and only Silent Night Deadly Night, screened from a 35mm film print.
    The last two films are New Year’s Evil, which is a favorite among horror fans as being one of the best of the worst.  Starring ‘70s starlet Roz Kelly as a popular DJ hosting a New Year’s Eve party, when someone keeps calling the station promising to kill someone every hour until midnight, when he kills her.  Lots of terrible fun!  The film is a short film called Black Santa’s Revenge, starring Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead).  The doors open at 5pm and the first film starts at 7pm.  Tickets are $12 for the whole evening.

    It dawned on me after posting our last photo that we might have actually used a different photo from this same film before.  Oh well, when you have a movie this good, you just can't help it.  The movie in question was th2 1972 film Tower of Evil (aka Horror on Snape Island).  This film was release on DVD, but not sure how available it is.  But if you haven't seen it, we highly recommend you check it out.  It's a great little film.  Congrats to our winners this time out.  Kudos go out to Hoby Abernathy, Aaron Christensen, Bruce Kowalski, Mike Shields, & Will Wilson.
    In honor of our recent Turkey Day Marathon, we've chosen a film that follows this theme to perfection.

    Nox Aracana returns again with another holiday CD release.  This one is called Winter's Eve, with follows on the same path as their previously released Winter's Knight.  While these might not be an over-the-top horror themed score, it still has the same haunting melodies that we've come to love from their work.  We will be having a full review up on their new release shortly.  But if you're interested, head over to their website, by clicking HERE, and take a listen to some of the tracks.  If you're not familiar with Nox Arcana and their work, then I strongly suggest picking up one or two of their CDs.  Plus, they do make wonderful Christmas presents....

    We have posted our review of the soundtrack from The Hills Run Red.  We haven't had a chance to check out the movie yet, but we did enjoy the score.  For more info, head over to our Soundtrack Reviews by clicking HERE.

    Synapse Films have picked up the rights for Embodiment of Evil, the film where Coffin Joe returns after 40 years!  José Mojica Marins started his Coffin Joe trilogy back in 1964 with At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul, which introduced the audience to the twisted and demented Coffin Joe character.  He followed it up in 1967 with This Night I’ll Possess Your Corpse.  Marins tried many times over the years to finish the trilogy but it wasn’t until last year that he finally completed it with Embodiment of Evil.  Being a big fan of the first two films, we picked up an import release of Embodiment when it first came out and just loved it.  So if you haven’t had the chance to see this film, Synapse will be releasing it on DVD next year.  There’s even talk of doing some theatrical screenings as well.  We’ll keep you posted when we hear something.
    In other DVD news, the British horror/thriller film Goodbye Gemini, starring Judy Geeson, Martin Potter and Sir Michael Redgrave, will be hitting DVD from Scorpion Releasing early next year.  The film deals with Geeson and Potter being twins and getting mixed up with a small time criminal.  The film was directed by Alan Gibson, who would later directed Dracula 1972 AD (1972) and Satanic Rites of Dracula (1973) for Hammer Films.  The DVD will feature audio commentary with Geeson and producer Peter Snell, and will also include a new 16x9 high definition transfer (1.78:1) from the original camera negative.

    Okay, so even though we were busy most of the weekend hanging out with a bunch of the Chicago Horror crowd, I had every intention of getting an update done this last weekend.  But life is funny that way.  About the middle of last week, our internet goes down.  Apparently our wireless router goes bad.  So we go buy a new one and somehow think that we could just plug it in, and off we go.  Silly rabbit.  In fact, I'm not sure why these new computer things just don't have 3 simple words for their installation instructions:  "Call Tech Support".  Maybe even prefaced with "You're Too Stupid."  So after spending several hours on the phone, they were able to get it working....sort of.  I did have the internet, but with a connection about the speed of dial-up.  Next day comes and I call tech support again to find out why it's so slow.  After another couple of hours, turns out my brand new router is bad.  So the next day we go out and find a new one.  We take it home and hook it up, thinking that, maybe...just maybe, we could do this on our own.  So we hook it up, install the software, and.....nothing.  At that point it was too late for me to want to talk to another tech guy, so I put it off until tomorrow.
    So I get home from work, with a big smile on my face knowing that in a few short minutes, I'll be able to call tech support again, and hoping that I'll actually be able to get online.  As I come downstairs, my son, with his laptop open, says "So I see you got the internet working."
    "No", I quickly point out.  "It's still not working."
    "Well it's working fine for me", he says with a smug.
    I make my way down to my office and fire up the computer.  And much to my amazement, it connects to the internet.  And not only am I connected, but also back to the speed that I should have had all along.  Now I was really in a quandary about this.  Do I make the call to tech support to ask why it's not working and to make sure that it's working the right way?  Screw that.  I'll save that call for the next time it's not working.  But I am really curious as to how this thing just decided to start to work properly again.  The only answer I can come up with is that this is the reason that I spend my time watching movies and writing about them, instead of trying to keep up with this never ending learning process of computers.

    We will be heading out to Ohio (round on the end, HI in the middle) this weekend for the HorrorHound Weekend.  Really looking forward to this show since they have a pretty damn good guest lineup, as well these shows are always a good time.  So we probably won't have an update this Sunday, but we'll see if we can't sneak one in on Monday sometime.
    If you're still on the fence about maybe coming out the show, they have added a few more guests recently, including Corbin Bernsen.  And don't forget about the Night of the Creeps reunion, and Jenny Wright (Near Dark and I, Madman) making her first convention appearance.  For all the details, head over to their official website by clicking HERE.

    On November 14th, Roger Corman was presented an Oscar.  At the beginning of his speech before giving Roger Corman this honorary Oscar, Jonathan Demme puts it best when he simply says, "What took you so long?"  That pretty much sums it up.  It's a shame that they couldn't have done this during the normal Oscar ceremonies, but when it comes down to it, Corman is about as far away from the Oscars and big studios that you can get.  So I guess it's only fitting that it would be done this way.
    If you haven't seen the footage, you can watch it HERE.

    Last weekend we made a trip out to Berwyn to Horrorbles, the Chicagoland hot spot for Horror.  They had recently moved to a bigger building and had been working on their basement.  Now it's finished and they have official opened it, calling it the Galerie Des Terrors.  The really great part about this is that Horrorbles is becoming something much more than just a retail outlet.  It's giving horror & sci-fi fans a place to hang out, doing some shopping, and now even learn something.
    They are holding classes for a variety of different subjects, from model building, horror screening writing, gore and horror makeup lessons, and much more.  For all the details, head over to their website by clicking HERE.

    Before we head off to HorrorHound, while we were getting this small update done, we figured we might throw out a new Mystery Photo for you to work on until our next update.  Our last photo was from the 1977 movie The Car.  I can vividly remember seeing the trailer for this on TV when I was 12 years old, especially the shot I used for the photo, but never had the chance to see it in the theater back then.  But when I got to see it years later, I loved it.  And still do today.
    We got quite a few people that knew that pic as well.  So congrats go out to Hoby Abernathy, Horne Cecil,  Aaron Christensen, Dave Friedman, Rick Hayden, Bruce Kowalski, and Will Wilson.
    So let's give a look at our new photo and see what you can come up with.  This is another classic film from about that same era.  So consider that a clue.  As always,  just click HERE to send us your answer and good luck.

    Okay folks, now that the spooky time of year is over, and before we get to the terrifying season known as Christmas, it's time to get ready to celebrate when movies go bad.  In only a few weeks, we'll be spending the Friday after Thanksgiving not at the shopping malls where the real horror is, but sitting in front of our TV watching some of the best of the worst films around.  We've been doing t his for the past 6 years, and it has become a tradition now.  Of course, we won't be offended if you decide to have your own Turkey Day marathon. In fact, we encourage it.  And we'd love to hear some suggestions that you are going to watch, or think we should add to our menu.  Just drop us an email with your ideas.

    One of the few movies we seen this year that we felt was not only scary, but also one of the most original takes on a very old genre, was Bruce McDonald's Pontypool, starring Stephen McHattie.  After hitting the festival circuits throughout the year, it looks like it's finally going to get a DVD release on January 26th, thanks to IFC Films and MPI Media Group.  We've probably hyped this movie up too much, but we really can't say enough about it.  So if you haven't seen it, at least rent it.
    Although, I must say that I'm not impressed with this new DVD box art.  Actually looks pretty terrible and would not get me to rent it from that box art alone.  Looks like something from some low budget label would put out.  Come on, people.  Let's be a little more creative, shall we?

    It's only taken a month, but we've finally got our report up for last month's Cinema Wasteland report.  Of course, other than the photos, it's pretty much the same report as always.....simple the best show out there.  But head over to our Convention Reports to at least see the photos!

    The final lineup has been announced for Terror in the Aisles 3, taking place on December 5th, at Chicago's Portage Theater.  Previously announced was the screening of the uncut version of Night of the Creeps, with Fred Dekker in attendance.  But now they have also added The Blair Witch Project, with co-director Eduardo Sanchez appearing, and the Midwest premiere of Jaume Balagueró & Paco Plaza’s [REC] 2.  If you haven't seen the first film, or have just seen the American remake Quarantine, then you need to check out the original, then come to see the sequel.
    They will also be screening the short film Treevenge, a chilling tale about a Christmas gone wrong.  As well as the usual live music, vendor tables, vintage trailers, prizes, and auction for Vital Bridges.  Tickets are only $12 for the whole show, which can be purchased through

    And don't forget about Horror Society's Zombie Outbreak this Saturday at the Portage Theater.  For more information on that show, just click HERE.

    We knew that last photo was going to be a tough one, but wanted to see just how many demented fans were out there.  And doesn't seem like too many, since the only correct answer we got from Hoby Abernathy & Will Wilson.  But we know Abernathy lives out in the boonies and Wilson never leaves the house, even to go to the post office, so we can understand how they knew this one.  The photo was from Lamberto Bava's Dinner With A Vampire.  If you haven't seen it, I don't know if I would run out and get it.  Unless of course, you're a fan of the lesser quality of work that Bava did.  Lets just say we dont' feel it's one of Bava's better films.  But none the less, if you're a completist....
    So on to our latest photo.  This one comes from a great childhood memory, so consider that a clue.  Give it a look and see what you can come up with.  As always,  just click HERE to send us your answer and good luck.

    Has anybody else noticed what has become of "extras" lately on DVDs?  It looks like unless the movie comes as a 2-disc special edition, extras mean nothing more than maybe a trailer.  Of course, that's unless you buy the Blu-Ray edition, but we won't get into that right now.  We rented the new Wolverine movie and while this isn't a horror movie, I still want to complain.  The only thing in the "extras" menu was a non-smoking PSA and 2 trailers for un-related movies.  What the hell is up with that?  I'm assuming that there was a 2-disc release for this movie, but I didn't care enough to look into it.  But even if there was, having a couple of trailers and a PSA is NOT AN EXTRA!  It's called ADVERTISING!
    Sorry....back to our regularly scheduled programming....

    Now that the Halloween season is officially over, we should be getting back to normal here....somewhat.  We spent pretty much the whole day yesterday sitting in front of the TV, trying to get at least a few movies in for the month.  We'd been so busy with all the shows and events in October that we just never had the time.  So we got through 6, with a wide variety of films.  Titles like the new disc of Night of the Creeps, Hammer's Curse of the Werewolf, the ultra bad but highly entertaining The Pit, the Italian film The Spider's Labyrinth, and Joan Crawford's Berserk.  But we ended with The Exorcist.  It's been years since I've watched that all the way through, and always amazes me on just how effective that movie is still today, 36 years after it was made.  Why Ellen Burstyn didn't win an Oscar is just a travesty.  Her performance is one of the reasons why we care for the characters so much.  Got goose bumps several times during this movie....again!
    We still have a couple more shows coming up this month, Horror Society's Zombie Outbreak on the 14th, and then we're off to Cincinnati for the HorrorHound Weekend show.  And speaking on HorrorHound, they have added quite a few names to the show next month, such as Linnea Quigley, James Duvall, and a few others.  Head over to their website for the full lineup.  They have also announced some guests for their show next March, including Clive Barker.  Start making your plans now, people.  It's sounding like it's going to be one hell of a show.
    Then on December 5th, at the Portage Theater in Chicago, they have just announced Terror in the Aisles 3, where they will be screening the uncut print of Night of the Creeps, with director Fred Dekker in attending.  Also appearing is actress Wendy Robie (People Under the Stairs, Twin Peaks).  There will be a couple of other films announced soon, so stay tuned for that.
    We're looking forward to all of them.  As always, if you are attending either of them, please stop by and introduce yourself.
    We hopefully will have our reports of some of the events that we've been to this last month, such as the Cinema Wasteland show, the Music Box Massacre 5, and the more recent Flashback.  Along with some new movie reviews and whatever else we come across that we feel the need to comment.  Like I said, back to normal.

    Being a die-hard horror fan, that usually means that I'm usually wearing a black horror t-shirt.  Go figure.  Usually pick a new one or two at each of the shows that we go to, and they really add up over the years.  One company that consistently puts out quality work and awesome designs is Fright-Rags.  They are always adding new original designs from our favorite movies.  If you haven't ever checked out their work, like the design from Bram Stoker's Dracula to the right, now is your chance.  Just head over to their website, by clicking HERE, and take a gander at some of their stuff.  I'm sure you'll find a couple that you are going to have to add to your collection.  Just make sure that if you do order something, tell them we sent you there.

    We have a few soundtrack reviews with this update.  First off, we start with sort of like a "Best Of", called the Definitive Horror Music Collection, which is a 4-disc set of tracks from horror films from the 20's to today.  Then we also take a look and listen at the latest two releases from La-La Land Records, Night of the Creeps and Child's Play.  Head over to our Soundtrack Review section for more details.

    Since we have our own movie poster gallery, you know that we love that medium and still think it's an art form that needs much more appreciation.  But we received an email about another site that also has tons of images from movie posters.  Unfortunately they are not all horror, but it does have it's share.  And the site is a tad bit more well designed then our gallery.
    The site's name is Free Film Posters, which you can get to by clicking HERE.  When you have a few minutes, check it out and see how the time flies as you look at the many different movie posters they have there.

    We recently had the chance to see Ti West's new movie House of the Devil.  If we had not known this was a new film, we would have sworn it was made in the 70's.  It's a great little throw back to that style of filmmaking.  If you get the chance to see it at one of the limited screenings, I strongly suggest you take advantage of it.  And if you're in the Chicago area, then you will have that chance when it opens up at the Music Box Theatre on November 13th.  Not sure how long it will be playing, so mark your calendar now and don't miss it.
    For more information about the movie, head over to the official site HERE.

    We had mentioned this news bit some time ago, but now it looks like got some updated info.  John "Bud" Cardos' 1977 film Kingdom of the Spiders, starring William Shatner, will be hitting the stores in January of next year with a special edition DVD of the film, which had previously been released in a no-thrills cheapie edition.  Now the announcement stated that this would be an uncut version of the film, which we didn't know there was a version different that what was previously release.  So we for one are looking forward to see just what this footage actually is.  But none the less, the disc does come with some great extras.  Such as an audio commentary by director Cardos, producer Igor Kantor, spider-wrangler Jim Brockett, and cinematographer John Morrill.  This is all moderated by Scott Spiegel and Lee Christian.  There is also a new interview with William Shatner, a featurette on the 8-legged stars of the movies and Jim Brockett who handled them, some behind-the-scene footage, poster gallery and original theatrical trailer.
    We have always been a fan of this movie, so we are very excited to see it get the special treatment.  Make sure you do yourself a favor and add it to your collection next January.
    But before that comes out, Scorpion Releasing will put out The Silent Scream, directed by Denny Harrs.  The film stars Barbara Steele, Cameron Mitchell, and Yvonne De Carlo.  The film will have a new high definition transfer from the original Inter-positive, a 5.1 surround mix, audio commentary by writer/producers Ken and Jim Wheat, and star Rebecca Balding.  The disc will also have featurettes, a retrospective of the film, one on the Wheat brothers, and that final audio interview with director Denny Harris', who passed away back in 2007.

    Yes, we know it's been a while since our last Mystery Photo.  But we're back on track to give you a new ocular quiz each and every week.  Our last photo was from The Walking Dead, starring Boris Karloff, which has recently been released on DVD.  Congrats to our regulars who were able to identify the correct movie.  They were Hoby Abernathy, Aaron Christensen, Dave Friedman, and David Schmidt.
    For this week's photo, I'm going to the vaults for this one.  It's going to be a tough one.  So think long and hard on this one.  As always,  just click HERE to send us your answer and good luck.

    The month of October is a little more than half way over and it has just been flying by.  While it's been great to have this many cool events going on, sometimes there's just not enough time to enjoy the Halloween season ourselves.  But since we only have the Flashback Weekend coming up next week, we're hoping that we can make up for lost time these next couple of weeks.  We did sit down and watched Trick 'r Treat tonight, so that was a nice break in the madness.
    Thanks to everyone who attended the Music Box Massacre and stopped by our table to chat.  It was another long endurance test, but as always we had a really fun time.  And again, sometimes we really regret being stuck behind our table instead of sitting there watching the movies with the rest of the die hard fans.  Who knows, maybe one of these days....

    Now even though next weekend is the Flashback Weekend, and Halloween is the following week, that doesn't mean that our season is over.  Mark your calendars for November 14th for Horror Society's Zombie Outbreak Film Festival.  They really have an amazing line up of a films this time, and we are really looking forward to them.  Here's the list of titles that are scheduled for the festival:

Chemical 12-D - With director Mac Eldridge
The Basement
- With director Walter J. Walsh
- This is the $70 zombie film that made such noise at Cannes Film Festival.
- This is the zombie movie made by 12-year old Emily Hagins
Zombie Girl the Movie
- This is the documentary about Emily Hagins and her quest to make a zombie movie, with director Justin Johnson attending
Tales from the Script Promo
- With co-stars Ron Fitzgerald and Claire Ryan.
Sub Hub Trailer
The Return of the Living Dead

    Other guests include Kitty Zombie, author Scott Kenmore, the Undead Comic, and Sam the Zombie Hunter.  There will also be zombie photo ops, Return of the Living Dead Trivia, Giveaways, and a raffle of a H2 poster signed by Rob Zombie and Sheri Moon Zombie.
    So make sure you mark that date down and we'll hope to see you there.

    Been a little while since our last photo, but still seemed to have stumped most of you.  The photo was taken from William Grefe's Stanley  Grefe was at the Cinema Wasteland earlier this month, so it was our little tribute to him.  That is a shot of Alex Rocco about to take a dive into a pool with a few snakes swimming around.  Hoby Abernathy and Mike Shields are ones that recognized the film, so kudos to you.
    So here's our new photo to test that gray matter.  Let's see what you can do.  As always,  just click HERE to send us your answer and good luck.

    There seems to be more and more soundtracks of our favorite older films getting a release on CD these days.  La-La Land Records, one of the top producers of soundtracks, both new movies and older cult classics, will be releasing 2 titles in a limited release on October 27th.  The titles are Tom Hollands Child's Play, with music by Joe Renzetti and Fred Dekker's Night of the Creeps, with music by Barry De Vorzon.
    If you are in the Burbank, California area, on October 28th at Dark Delicacies, they will be having a signing / release party for these two titles.  Dekker and De Vorzon will be there, along with Tom Holland.  The CDs for Child's Play will already be pre-signed by Renzetti.  Both of these titles are getting limited releases, so if you are remotely interested, I would place your orders now before they become out-of-print, like so many of these soundtracks do.


    We also have just recently picked up a limited edition score of Terry Plumeri's score for the 1988 film Scarecrows, and William Lava's fun and entertaining score for Al Adamson's Dracula vs. Frankenstein.  Once again, what a great time to be a horror film fan with titles like these are getting releases.  We're hoping to have reviews up these scores up shortly.
    And while on the subject of soundtracks, we have posted 2 new reviews in our Soundtrack Reviews.  The first one is for the upcoming film Forget Me Not by composer Elia Cmiral.  The second one isn't really a movie soundtrack, but a musical soundscape for fans of the zombie genre.  It's called Zombie Influx.  Check out our reviews for them HERE.

    Shortly before writing this, I was struggling with the decision to either work on this update, or sit and watch a movie.  It’s already close to a week into October, and I haven’t watched a SINGLE MOVIE!  But since I haven’t had much sleep these last few days, I’m afraid that if I sat down in front of the TV, I wouldn’t make it past the credits.  So here we are instead.  Hopefully I won’t fall asleep at the computer….though I have come close a few times….

    Last night, I had the honor to be one of the judges for Deathscribe 2009: WildClaw Theatre’s 2nd Annual International Festival of Radio Horror Plays.  We had missed their show last year, mainly due to the fact that we were recovering from our trip to Cinema Wasteland.  This year’s festival was also the day following Cinema Wasteland again, but we had planned on trying to make it out, especially since we were asked to be on the judging panel.
    I must say that even though I sort of knew what to expect, as far as what and how they were doing it, I was blown away by the whole show.  From the sheer professionalism of the actors, the foley artists, the musicians, and especially to the 5 writers who created these nightmarish tales, it was an incredible night of ghastly fun.
    The winning tale of the night was Remembrance, written by Chris Hainsworth and directed by Nick Dimond.  It’s a tale of a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease that goes horribly wrong.  It was a story that took the hope of finding a solution to a traumatizing
malady and makes it worse.  Much worse.  As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for.
    The other stories were Bags of Blood, written by Daniel Caffrey and directed by Don Hall, The Most Beautiful Woman in the World, written by Clint Sheffer and directed by Cecilie Keenan, The Dust Gods of Dr. Gaul, written by Jude Mire and directed by Robert Breuler, and The Skinny Man, written by Scott T. Barsotti and directed by Katie McLean.  Each tale did a wonderful job of creating images of horror in the mind’s eye of the audience.  Congratulations to all the entries, and thank you for giving us these wonderful and horrible tales.

    We made it through our 16th Cinema Wasteland over the last 10 years.  It’s amazing that they have been going this long, and continue to create the greatest movie and memorabilia show ever.  That’s right people….EVER!  If you don’t agree, you simply haven’t been there.  As I’ve said many times before, there is no other show like it out there.  We are working on our official write up and have plenty of photos, but not sure when it will be posted.  Hopefully it won’t be too far away.

    While on the subject of Cinema Wasteland, while at the show over the weekend, I was talking to a friend of mine who was at the recent Dark Realms convention.  He told me that he seen a movie poster for a new movie that had a quote from me on the poster.  But he couldn’t remember what the name of the movie!?!?  As far as we know, we have never been quoted on a poster or DVD box.  So we are dying to find out what movie this is.
    So here’s the deal.  If someone can find out what movie this is and we can confirm it, you will have your choice of either an 8x10 lobby card from the original My Bloody Valentine, autographed by director George Mihalka OR a lobby card of Stanley signed by director William Grefe.  So if you can find out this mysterious title, just send us an email (by clicking HERE) and let us know and you can get one of these free gifts.

    Hopefully everyone has already made their plans to make it out to the Music Box Massacre 5 this weekend.   Once again, they have an amazing line up this year covering many different aspects of the genre.  It starts at 12:00pm on Saturday and runs until 12:00pm on Sunday.  As usual, we will be set up in the lobby continuing to preach our gospel.  If you’re coming out, please be sure to stop by and chat for a while.  For all the info about the show, just click HERE.
    Here is the final line up:

The Hunchback of Notre Dame – 11:59am
Isle of the Dead
– 2:15pm
Bucket of Blood
– 3:45pm
The Black Cat
(Master of Horror episode) – 5:00pm
The Brood
– 6:15pm
Re-Animator – 8:30pm
From Beyond –
– 12:30am
Dark Night of the Scarecrow
– 2:05am
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
– 4:20am
Blood Feast
– 6:10am
Maximum Overdrive
– 8:15am
– 10:15am

    Okay kiddies, one quick update before we head off to Ohio (round on the end, HI in the middle) for the Cinema Wasteland Fall show.  For the last 10 years, we have been going this show and have NEVER had anything but an amazing time.  And I'm sure this one is not going to change that.
    And since we won't be having an update this week, other than maybe a small one on Monday, we want to leave you with a review of a new Australian movie called The Horseman.  Not to be confused with the recent Dennis Quaid movie Horsemen.  So head over to our Reviews and check it out.
    If you're going to be at Wasteland as well....please stop by and chat for a few.....

    Not sure when our next update is going to be.  We have something lined up every weekend for the next 4 weeks.  Between Cinema Wasteland, Flashback Weekend, the Music Box Massacre, we are going to be pretty busy.  We are going to try and have something posted, as minor as it might be.  But if you are going to any of these events, please stop by our table to say hello.  We always love to meet the people on the other side of this computer screen.

    With all the conventions, festivals, and other ghoulish plans we are making for the Halloween season, here’s one to remember when October is nothing but a memory.  Horror Society is planning their Zombie Outbreak Film Festival.  They had originally had Lloyd Kaufman scheduled to appear and show Poutrygiest, but that has changed.  But what they have lineup so far is a pretty damn good substitute.  The always entertaining Return of the Living Dead will be playing at the festival.  No matter how many times you watch this movie, it never gets old.
    But they have also added Zombie Girl: The Movie.  This is a documentary on Emily Hagins who is has been making a feature length zombie movie called Pathogen.  The big difference with this film is that Emily is only 12 years old.  This documentary chronicles the making of this film.
    At Cannes earlier this year, a zombie movie called Collin that made a lot of noise.  Even more so since it was made for only $70.  Now you will have the chance to see what was causing all the attention.
    They will also be playing Zombiemania, which is another documentary on the zombie genre.  From its roots in Haitian voodoo rites to the cannibalistic monsters we know today, this film covers it.
    The special guests so far are Justin Johnson, co-director of Zombie Girl and Scott Kenmore, author of The Zen of the Zombie, Z.E.O., and soon to be released The Art of Zombie Warfare.  For all the information, head over to Horror Society.  There will be more guests and movies added, so stay tuned for updates.

    In honor of the upcoming Cinema Wasteland next weekend and their guest Arch Hall Jr., we have reviewed the 1958 film, The Sadist.  This was a complete surprised at how dark this film is.  Check our review HERE.  We have also reviewed Douglas Pipes’ score for Michael Dougherty’s Trick ‘r Treat.  You can find it in our Soundtrack Review section by clicking HERE.

    Any regular visitor’s to this site knows that we are big fans of Nox Arcana and their work.  They have teamed up with Jeff Hartz from Buzz-Works, when he was inspired to create Zombie Influx, an audio tribute classic zombie movies like Romero’s zombie films.  Co-written by Joseph Vargo and engineered by William Piotrowski, the CD combines music and audio cues like broadcasts and news reports to put the listener in the middle of a zombie outbreak!  For more details, head over to Buzz-Works and order your CD today.

    This week's entry into our little history of horror is a Texas based filmmaker that would consider a Roger Corman film a huge big-budgeted picture.  In the 60's, this guy cranked out film after film, with little money, but with a lot of drive.  Head over to the classroom to learn more about this amazingly talented Z-movie filmmaker.

    Only got two correct answers for last week's photo.  They were from Hoby Abernathy and Dave Friedman.  Nice job, guys.  For the rest of you, it was from Paul Naschy's 1975 film Exorcism (aka Exorcimo).  That tells me that there are more people that need to see more works from this horror icon!  Let's get busy out there people!
    For our next photo, we come back to the USA.  It's a pretty memorable shot, so see what you can come up with.  And if you need a clue, we'll be seeing the director of this film at some point next month....As always,  just click HERE to send us your answer and good luck.

    We attended the Zombie Bowling 2, a fundraiser put on by Chicago's WildClaw Theatre.  We had missed the first event like this they did earlier this year, so we wanted to make sure made it out for this time.  It was a lot of fun and so great to see so many creative people out there, going all out on their zombie costumes and designs.  They had several makeup artist there making up anyone who wanted to be 'zombie-fied'.  So excellent job goes to Nora O'Sullivan, Colleen Miller, Coye Vega, Kristen Wicks, Kirsten Pheiffer, Colleen Jones, and WildClaw's own Aly Renee Greaves, all doing incredible work.  It really made the night to see zombies everywhere!

    Return of the Living Dead is one of our favorite films, which stars the incomparable Don Calfa, as mortician Ernie Kaltenbrunner.  Calfa has worked in just about every genre there is, in both TV and film for the last 40 years.  He may not have huge roles, but you always remember seeing him and his performance.  That is the mark of a great actor.
    So we were very excited to hear that he has been added to the guest line up for the Cincinnati HorrorHound Weekend, November 20th-22nd.  They already had a great lineup, and this just made it even better.  For all the details, head over to the HorrorHound Weekend website, by clicking HERE.

TCM 2 at MBM 5
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 has been added to the lineup for the Music Box Massacre 5, starting at noon on Saturday, October 10th and going for a full 24 hours of madness, movies, and plenty of fun!  For all the details, including how to purchase your tickets now before they sell out (they always do!), just click HERE.
    The poster to the right is the latest artwork from the incredible artist Putrid.  He talent and work never ceases to amaze me.

    A good friend and fellow horror fanatic Bryan Schuessler (aka Shu) has a radio program on Blog Talk Radio, each Monday night, now starting at 9pm (EST).  He reviews movies, and basically talks about the horror genre.  There is a chat room when you go to log on, so you can chat with other like-minded horror fans while listening to the show.  It’s a lot of fun and Shu does a pretty good job with lots of fun opinions and facts.  You can find out more information about the show, and even listen to the older shows, by simply clicking HERE.  And come Monday night, we hope to see you there.

    We have added a few more posters to our Poster Gallery, in quite few of the galleries.  So if you have a few minutes to kill and want to see some amazing and talented artwork, head over to our gallery, simply by clicking HERE.  Enjoy!

    We've added another famous face for this week's Horror History.  If you enjoy the sci-fi horror films of the 50's, then you might recognize this actor.  Head over to our Horror History page by clicking HERE for this week's lesson.

    It seems that we posted another tough photo last week, and only got one correct answer, from Hoby Abernathy.  But thanks for all the ones that are sending in their guess anyway.  We appreciate the effort.  The photo was from the 1958 Japanese movie The H-Man, directed by Ishirô Honda who directed the original Godzilla film, among many of the sequels.  The film featured some pretty cool melting effects, especially for that time period.  The film is obviously a statement about the lasting effects of radiation, which has created some sort of new type of monster.  Worth checking out.
    So let's get on to our latest photo.  This might be another tough one, but we don't want to make it too easy for you, do we?  I think that would take all the fun out of it.  As always,  just click HERE to send us your answer and good luck.

    To use the term "it's about time" would be the understatement of the century.  Or at least for the past 50+ years.  Roger Corman will finally be getting an "honorary" Oscar on November 14th for his work in the industry, along with cinematographer Gordon Willis and actress Lauren Bacall.
    Not to get off on a rant here, but it really sucks that these awards will not be part of the new re-vamped Oscars that are in March.  Since upping the Best Movie category to 10 films, and probably shuffling most of the technical awards an un-televised event, they'll need to spend more time promoting the movies that those who star in them.  You know, the true creative people of the industry.  We don't need to spend time congratulating editors, cinematographers, costume or set designers anyway, but the real people who make these films great....the actors!
    Sorry people, but this sounds like the Oscars will be turning more into 4-hour episode of E! Entertainment than it is for celebrating the industry.  Not looking forward to this at all.  But none the less, it is spectacular news that Corman will be getting this Oscar, no matter when it's presented.  All we can hope that the event is recorded and shows up on YouTube.

    A few more films and guests have been announced for this year's Music Box Massacre, taking place on October 10th.  It's only about a month away, so if you're even thinking about going, you better get your tickets now before they sell out.  You can order them through Brown Paper Tickets by clicking HERE.  For more information about the event, just click HERE.
    The new films and guests that have just been added are:

  • The Brood – Star Art Hingle appearing

  • Dark Night of the Scarecrow – Writer/creator J.D. Feigelson in person

  • From Beyond – Another Stuart Gordon classic

    Here are the rest of the films in the line-up:

  • Re-Animator – director Stuart Gordon  appearing.

  • Hunchback of the Notre Dame (Lon Chaney Sr.)

  • Isle of the Dead (starring Boris Karloff, Val Lewton produced)

  • Blood Feast – H.G. Lewis film that created the gore film

  • Bucket of Blood – Roger Corman Classic starring Dick Miller

  • Pontypool – One of the scariest films we’ve seen this year

  • Maximum Overdrive – Stephen King’s one and only directed films

  • Carrie – Brian DePalma’s version of King’s first novels

    Plus, other guests include Greg Hollimon (star of Strangers with Candy) and Tim Kazurinski (star of Shakes the Clown and Saturday Night Live).  There will also be a bi-centennial birthday tribute to Edgar Allan Poe with a reading of some of Poe’s poems.  As always, there are short films, vintage trailers, prizes, dealer tables, live charity auctions for Vital Bridges and more.  The Halloween season is almost upon us.  So make your plans now to spend 24 hours with a bunch of other like-minded die hard fans.  We hope to see you there.

    We have posted our review on this great coffee table book on Hammer Films.  Read our thoughts in our Reference Book Reviews or just jump straight to our Hammer Book section by clicking HERE.

    Yes, it’s back.  We are back on track with a whole bunch of names and faces that we will be adding to our Horror History page.  Please take a second to check out our latest addition, as well as checking our other entries if you haven’t already.  These are people that we feel have made some lasting impact to the genre.  You can either get there from our Features section, or simply click HERE to get there.

    Don't forget that if you're in the Chicagoland area next weekend and are looking for some undead excitement, the Wildclaw Theatre is hosting their Zombie Bowling II: Dawn of the Dude, at the Timber Lanes Bowling Alley, located at 1851 W. Irving Park, Chicago.  It's only $20 to get in and they provide the shoes and the bowling.  You can come dressed as a zombie, or for an extra $5 you can be zombified by Wildclaw's Aly Renee Greaves and her undead makeup specialists.  There will be plenty to do besides the bowling, with Horror Queen Scream offs, Maniacal Laugh-Offs, horror trivia, and much more.  All the proceeds go to WildClaw Theatre for their future events, including the 2009 Deathscribe, which takes place on October 5th at the Music Box Theatre.  For all the details, head over to WildClaw's website by clicking HERE.

    This was a tough one folks, so don't feel back if you missed it.  The shot was from Dan Curtis' The Night Strangler, the follow-up to his successful TV movie The Night Stalker.  We didn't think it's as good as the first movie, but is still entertaining.  Great cast including John Carradine and Wally Cox.  Of course, the rarity of this shot didn't stop Hoby Abernathy from coming through with the right answer.  Kudos, my friend.
    So take a glance at our new photo and see what you can guess.  This might be another tough one, but give it a try.  As always,  just click HERE to send us your answer and good luck.

    I’m hoping most everyone out there reading this knows who Paul Naschy is?  But if not, let’s just say that he’s an icon in the Spanish horror genre.  Writer, actor, director, and werewolf are just a few of the things that he has done in his career that has spanned more than 40 years.  A true fan of the horror genre, Naschy has made an incredible impact over the years, being one the first to really start making horror films in Spain, in a time where they were severely frowned upon.  If you’re not familiar with him, then I strongly suggest you start to look into his work.  More and more of his films are being released on DVD here in the States, giving you plenty to chose from.  So take a few hours from your holiday weekend and spend it with one an entertaining Naschy film!
    So we wanted to take a moment to wish him a Happy Birthday, and to thank him for all his work and dedication to the genre.  Feliz Cumpleaños, Senior Naschy!

    Legendary director of Re-Animator, From Beyond, Stuck, and more, Stuart Gordon will be appearing at this year’s Music Box Massacre 5, on Oct. 10th.  They have added Re-Animator to the lineup as well.  We will be there, as always, set up in the lobby with some other great dealers.  So make sure you stop on by our table and chat for a few in between these great films they have lined up for us this year.  We’ll have our usual array of horror books, posters, DVDs and whatever else we can come up with.  Hope to see you there.
    By your advance tickets NOW before it sells out again!  Click HERE to purchase your tickets.  For more information about the event, just click HERE.

    Facets Multimedia in Chicago continues there midnight screenings in their Night School series.  But in October, they are having an all-horror program, with different movies each Friday and Saturday night.  Each screening starts at midnight and is only $5, or free to Facets members.  This is one time when we wished we lived in the city, since we would be at every one of these screenings.  This is a chance for horror fans, both old and new to check out some classic films, also both old and new.  Below is the schedule of films and dates in October.

  • Friday the 2ndThe Mummy, presented by Suzi Doll

  • Saturday the 3rd - Cat People,  presented by Stephen Reginald

  • Friday the 9th - The Curse of Frankenstein, presented by Phil Morehart

  • Saturday the 10th - Zombie, presented by Patrick Ogle

  • Friday the 16th - Rosemary's Baby, presented by Cary Jones Elza

  • Saturday the 17th - The Hitcher, presented by Amy Boyd

  • Friday the 23rd - Don't Look Now, presented by Dan Mucha

  • Saturday the 24th - The Devil's Backbone, presented by Michael Smith

  • Friday the 30th - [REC], presented by Miguel Martinez

  • Saturday the 31stHaxan, presented with live score by Brian Elza and Bruce Neal

    Growing up in the 70’s, and watching a lot of TV, I became aware of who Dan Curtis was pretty quick.  From the Dark Shadows series and movies, to all the made-for-TV movies, it was hard not to.  With titles like The Night Stalker, The Norliss Tapes, as well as his adaptation of the classics like Frankenstein, Dracula, and many more, his films were always memorable.  But after reading this book , I was amazed at how much I didn’t know about him.  Head over to our Biography Review section to read our review on this new book from McFarland.

    Think we stumped a few people with our last photo.  Only got 2 emails with the correct answers.  This one was a little tougher, even though the bullet hole effect was done by Tom Savini.  The shot is from the 1981 film is Eyes of a Stranger.  I wasn't even aware this had gotten a DVD release until I borrowed it from a friend.  But congrats goes out to Dave Friedman and Will Wilson for coming up with the correct title.
    Here's our latest photo for you to test your horror knowledge.  It's another tough one, so good luck.  As always,  just click HERE to send us your answer and good luck.

    We were just a little bit too busy this weekend to get our update done and posted.  So we are a little late this time out.  Plus the update wasn't as big as we'd hoped.  We got a few other projects that we're working on that is taking more time than we were expecting.  And with the Halloween season almost ready to start, it's going to get even busier.  But we'll see what we can do to stay regular.

    Robert Englund is making his return to Flashback Weekend this October in Chicago.  He will be there promoting his new book, Hollywood Monster: A Walk Down Elm Street with the Man of Your Dreams.  This is Englund's memoirs about his career in the horror genre, with stories about the films he's worked on over the years.  When we meet Mr. Englund, we were amazed at his knowledge and his  passion of cinema and theater.  So the man knows what he's talking about.  So this will be another book that we will be adding to our collection.
    The Flashback Weekend takes place on October 23rd-25th, and has other guests like Lance Henriksen, Tim Thomerson, Jeanette Goldstein, and many more.  Hope to see you there!

    We have added a few book reviews this time out.  We have quite a few more that we will be adding in the near future as well.  As everyone who comes to the Krypt on any regular basis knows our love and passion for horror reference books.  So we have posted reviews of Axelle Carolyn's It Lives: Horror Movies in the New Millennium, Carlos Clarens Illustrated History of the Horror Film, as well as opening up our Film Guide Review section with Legacy of Blood and A Vault of Horror.
    Head over to our Reference Book Reviews section and check out our thoughts on some of these books.  There are some titles that are must haves, as well as a few titles to avoid.

    We also posted our review of Christopher Young's score for Sam Raimi's Drag Me To Hell.  Head over to our Soundtrack Reviews section to check it out, along with tons of other reviews.

    We were tickled to see quite a people, including some new names, that sent in the correct answer for last week's photo.  The shot is from the infamous Italian zombie movie Nights of Terror, also known as Burial Ground, or Zombi 3: Nights of Terror, or countless other names.  Burial Ground was the name of it when it got a release here on video back in the day.  The shot that we posted was the scene where it showed just how smart these zombie were.  When a woman reaches out to close the 2nd story window, one of the zombies throws a spike and nails her hand to the window.  So as she is trapped there, they slowly lift up a sickle and slowly cut her head off.  Of course, there is also the famous scene with the woman breast-feeding his bizarre looking child.  Classic stuff, all thanks to director Andrea Bianchi.
    So a big "job well done" goes out to the following scholars:  Hoby Abernathy, Dave Friedman, Anna McKibben, Bruce Kowalksi, Kristin Wicks, and Will Wilson.
    The new photo is now posted, so take a gander and see what you can come up with.  As always,  just click HERE to send us your answer and good luck.

    Next year will be another great year for Hammer fans.  Sony will be releasing another box set with some never before released titles, some never even seeing a video release here in the states.  Icons of Suspense will feature the following films: Stop Me Before I Kill Again (directed by Val Guest), Cash on Demand (starring Peter Cushing and Andre Morell), Maniac, The Snorkel, These are the Damned (starring Oliver Reed), and Never Take Candy From a Stranger, which is a powerful movie about a child molester that lives in a small community.  It's amazing that Hammer was able to make such a picture back in 1960.
    Once again, this is a great time to be a movie fan, showing the possibilities of what films can finally get a DVD release.

    In other DVD news, the final specs with all the extras for the new special edition of the 1987 film The Gate has been released.  The disc will be release on October 6th, and will feature audio commentary by the director, Tibor Takacs, the writer, Michael Nankin, and Randall William Cook, who handled the special effects/stop animation, who would also go one to win an three Oscars for his work on the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  There is also a featurette on the creatures from the film called From Hell, as well as a featurette on Takacs and Nankin, entitled The Gatekeepers.
    We've been a big fan of this when we first seen it.  It's a fun little horror movie that you can watch with the whole family.  Great stuff, and glad to see it getting the star treatment that it deserves.

    If you don't know the name, then shame on you.  But I'm sure you know his movies.  Castle was the filmmaker that gave us such classics as House on Haunted Hill, The Tingler, 13 Ghosts, Mr. Sardonicus, and many other greats.  Now a bunch of his titles had already been released on DVD, though some are not out of print.  But this October 20th, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will be releasing their William Castle Film Collection which will be a 5-disc / 8 movie DVD set, which includes 3 films being released for the first time.  Not to mention some very cool extras.  Here's the list of films included:

  • 13 Frightened Girls (first time release)

  • 13 Ghosts

  • Homicidal

  • Strait-Jacket

  • Old Dark House (Hammer's remake - first time release)

  • Mr. Sardonicus

  • The Tingler

  • Zotz! (First time release)

  • Spine Tingler: The William Castle Story

    The extras on these include trailers and plenty of making of featurettes, showing us the true genius of William Castle.  He was not a filmmaker as much as he was an entertainer or showman.  Another great extra is the inclusion of the never-before-release pilot episode of the TV series Ghost Story, entitled "The New House", that Castle produced back in the early 70's.  There is also the episode called "Graveyard Shift", starring John Astin, and features Castle in a cameo.  But the biggest featurette is the full-length documentary on Castle, Spine Tingler.  We had the chance to see it last year at a film fest and it's great.  So glad to finally see it get a release.  The set will retail for $80.95.  But when considering you're getting 8 films, plus a feature length documentary, it's well worth the cost.

    Chicagoland fans are going to have a few opportunities to see some great films, as well as some new ones as well if you can make it out to the Music Box Theatre.
    On September 11th through the 17th, they will be showing the director’s cut of Ridley Scott’s Alien, from a new print with DTS Sound.  If you’ve never seen this one on the big screen, it’s a whole new experience.  One that we suggest you try.
    Then you can have a chance to see the movie that terrified me as a kid, Steven Speilberg’s Jaws.  They will be showing at a midnight screening on Friday September 18th.  And if you’re a fan of this movie, then on Saturday the 19th (at 9:30pm & Midnight) and on Sunday the 20th (at 1:00pm), they will be screening the feature-length documentary The Shark is Still Working: The Impact and Legacy of Jaws.  We’ve been waiting a long time to see this, and hopefully it goes well enough to have the film get a DVD release.  These films are being shown as part of the Chicago United Film Festival.
    Fans of radio horror will not want to miss the 2nd Annual Deathscribe, WildClaw Theatre’s Horror Radio Play Festival.  We missed it last year, and are determined not to miss it this time out.  For more info about this event, head over to WildClaw’s website by clicking HERE.
    One film that has been getting a lot of attention overseas is Lars von Trier’s Antichrist.  That will open at the Music Box on Oct. 23rd.
    There are also screenings of Lon Chaney Sr. in the original Phantom of the Opera on Oct. 31st and Nov. 1st.
    And of course, let’s not forget to mention the 5th Annual Music Box Massacre, taking place on Oct. 10th and going on for 24 hours of madness, mayhem, and movies!  As always, this is something that a horror fan should not miss.
    For more information about the Music Box Theatre and their upcoming shows, just click HERE.

    While you’re marking all those important dates on your calendar, here’s another date for you.  On Sept. 19th, the folks from WildClaw Theatre are hosting Zombie Bowling 2: Dawn of the Dude, at the Timber Lanes Bowling Alley, located at 1851 W. Irving Park, Chicago.  For only $20, they provide the shoes and the bowling.  Come dressed for the occasion, or for an extra $5 you can get zombified by WildClaw’s Aly Renee Greaves and her undead makeup specialists.
    There will also be plenty of contests, such as the Horror Queen Scream off, the Maniacal Laugh-Off, horror trivia, and more.  All the benefits go towards WildClaw Theatre’s Deathscribe 2009, which will take place on October 5th at the Music Box Theatre.  So mark your calendars for both events and we’ll see you there.

    If you’re a fan of Hammer Films, then this is a documentary that you don’t want to miss out.  After years of holding their annual Fanex Conventions, Gary & Sue Svehla decided to use those hours and hours of interview footage they had and combine it into a documentary about the Studio that Dripped Blood.  There are interviews with the likes of Christopher Lee, Veronica Carlson, Jimmy Sangster, Ingrid Pitt, Val Guest, Barbara Shelly, and many others.  And the best part is the DVD is only $7.95!  You can order it directly HERE.  For that price, and for all the interviews and information you get with DVD, it’s a no-brainer.
    And while on the subject of Hammer, next month will see the release of issue #23 of the best magazine dedicated to all things Hammer, Little Shoppe of Horrors.  As you can see by the cover below, this issue will cover Hammer's "Cornwall Classics", The Reptile and Plague of the Zombies.  If you've never checked out this magazine, I can't tell you what you're missing.  Each issue is jammed packed with informationi about the famous British studio and those that worked there.  And don't forget that Little Shoppe of Horrors is offering their out-of-print back issues on CD in a pdf file, only $10 each.  That's a lot cheaper than trying to find an original copy!  For more information about the magazine and the new issue, head over to their website by clicking HERE.


    Our last photo was from the 1988 Japanese film Evil Dead Trap.  I remember getting a shabby looking bootleg of this film, with no subtitles, and still being blown away by the visuals.  Kudos out to Hoby Abernathy, Dave Canfield, Dave Friedman, and William Wilson.  Job well done there, people!  If you haven't seen this film, I highly recommend checking it out.
    Now on to this week's ocular testing.  Take a gander and see what you can come up with.  As always,  just click HERE to send us your answer and good luck.

    Thanks to everyone who came out to the show last night.  We had a blast, and it really looked like we were not the only ones.  It was so great to see that many people coming to show support for these kind of movies.  We have our full report posted in our Convention section, or you can just click HERE.

    Since we're talking about great film festivals, in case you didn't know, the date for this year's Music Box Massacre 5 has been set.  It will take place on October 10th, from noon to noon the following day.  A partial lineup has also been announced, along with special guest star Stuart Gordon, director of classic films like Re-Animator, From Beyond, Dolls, Stuck, and many other great ones.  But here are the titles so far:

  • The Hunchback of Notre Damn - the original starring the one and only Lon Chaney Sr.

  • Isle of the Dead - classic Val Lewton production starring Boris Karloff.

  • Bucket of Blood - Roger Corman's cult comedy classic, starring Dick Miller

  • Pontypool - Midwest premiere of one of the scariest films we've seen this year.  Not to be missed.

  • Carrie - One of the best Stephen King adaptations, directed by Brian De Palma

  • Maximum Overdrive - Speaking of King, this is his one and only directorial effort.  With a soundtrack by AC/DC, I couldn't think of another movie that is going to play so well in a big audience of die hard fans.

  • Plus many films and guests to be announced

    So mark you calendars and get your tickets when they become available on August 23rd.  Every year the Massacre has sold out.  Last year, I believe it sold out shortly after the doors opened up.  So if you're thinking about attending, get your tickets sooner than later.  Or you're going to miss out on 24 hours of madness, movies, and more fun than one horror fan could possibly stand!  For updates, keep checking their MySpace site HERE.

    For those out there that didn't get last week's photo, don't feel to bad.  Even our reigning Mystery Photo kings, Hoby Abernathy & Mike Shields, failed to come up with this one.  But once you hear the title, there's going to be a lot of slapping of the heads and kicking of the butts.  The film was from John Badham's 1979 version of Dracula, starring Frank Langella.  The photo is that of one of Dracula's first victims, Mina Van Helsing, when her father comes looking for her in the caverns below the cemetery.  It's one of the best sequences in the movie and still packs a punch today.  But only Aaron Christensen and David Schmidt came up with the correct answer.  So job well done for you two.
    So let's take a look at this week's.  I will give you a hint, it's not from the US.  As always, just click HERE to send us your answer and good luck.

    Being a slight avid collector of horror reference books, we recently came across three new books that we can’t wait to add to our collection.  The first one is called Shadows & Light: Journeys With Outlaws in Revolutionary Hollywood, which is an auto-biography of the multi-talented Gary Kent.  With a career spanning 45 years of making movies, he has just done about every job from actor, stunt man, production manager, special effects, writer, and director.  He started at the bottom and worked his way up.  He was involved in films like Al Adamson’s Dracula vs. Frankenstein, Peter Bogdanovich’s Targets, as well as House of Seven Corpses, The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant and even Don Coscarelli’s Bubba Ho-Tep.  So you know he’s got to have tons of great stories.  The book is available now with a retail price of $21.95 (or $16.46 through


    As interesting as Kent’s book sounds, it didn’t hold a candle to the cover alone of this new book coming out at the end of September.  Hammer Glamour was written by Marcus Hearn, who also co-wrote The Hammer Story.  One of the things that Hammer Films was known for was its beautiful women they used, usually in some stage of undress or at least having a lot of skin showing.  And this book is a celebration of those women.  You might not know the names of Ingrid Pitt, Martine Beswick, Caroline Munro, Yutte Stendgaard, Valerie Leon, Madeline Smith, but you remember their faces (among other body parts!).  The book will retail for $29.95 ($19.77 through  We know that we would be picking this up just from that cover alone, which features the beautiful Madeline Smith, who appeared in Hammer’s Vampire Lovers and Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell.
    And lastly, this last one is actually a collection of artwork from good friend of the Krypt’s.  The book is called Putrid Gore Art by the amazingly talent artist Matt Carr.  We’ve been astonished at Putrid’s artwork ever since we seen his Blood Freak print at the Flashback Weekend back in 2006.  We couldn’t believe that his young guy could not only be that talented, but also were even more amazed at his knowledge of horror films.  So now he has a book out with a collection of his work.  And once you’ve seen it, you will be blown away.  He work has always reminded me of the great Bernie Wrightson.   You can see some of his work on his MySpace page, by clicking HERE, which is also where you can order your copy.  They are only $15, plus postage.  This is a limited print run, so don’t wait too long.  But just a slight word of caution, especially for some of the younger ones out there, Putrids work is very graphic.  So you have been warned.

    Chicago's own Horror Society has set the date for their Zombie Outbreak film festival, which will take place at the Portage Theater on November 14th.  So far they have announced the Chicago premiere of Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead, with director and Troma head guru Lloyd Kaufman in attendance.  The festival is set to start at 5pm and go until 1am.
    There will be more films announced so stay tuned.  For more information about the show, head over to The Horror Society.

                The legendary Tim Thomerson has been added to this year’s Flashback Weekend, joining Lance Henriksen and Jeanette Goldstien for a nice Near Dark reunion.  Also added to the lineup is Full Moon head corpse Charles Band, bring along his traveling road show. 
    For all the details about the show, just click HERE.

    Warner Archives Collection had recently announced some new titles in their pre-order selection.  These are titles that you can only get through them, which are pretty much made to order.  With a price tag ranging from $15 to $20 (plus $5 postage), they're making it really difficult for fans to get these titles.  We know that they would sell a lot more copies from people just shopping at the local Best Buy instead of the selected ones that are going to take the time to order these.  Personally, I don't care for the extra $5 they're going to nail you on for postage.
    But if you're interested, they have announced Hammer Films' 1965 version of She, starring Ursula Andress, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.  They are also releasing the classic monster film From Hell It Came, which features a great tree monster, originally designed by AIP monster maker Paul Blaisdell.  The 1973 made-for-TV movies Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, The Bermuda Depths, and Bad Ronald are also on the list.  But since this is in the process / talks of getting remade, I'm wondering if this won't get a regular release to help promote the new version.  And lastly is Russell Mulcahy's killer boar movie Razorback is also available.
    If you're interested in ordering of these titles, just click HERE.

    After seeing the film last night, we are really excited to see it get released on DVD on October 6th.  But as we reported before, it looks like the Blu-Ray DVD is the only version with all the extras.  After the screening last night, we asked director Michael Dougherty about this.  He told us that he completely understands and had to fight just to get his animated short film, Season's Greetings, to be put on the standard release.  But all the other features, like director's commentary, making-of featurettes, additional scenes, special effects comparisons, and the rest, will ONLY be available on the Blue-Ray DVDs.  And it looks like this is just the beginning.  I think more and more studios are going to be forcing the public more and more to buy the more expensive version of the film, if they want any sort of special features.  Then eventually, some titles will start to only come out on Blue-ray.
    I personally think it's slap in the face to the fans to start forcing them to move to the higher (and more expensive) format.  Someone tried to point out to me that this really no different than when they would release a single disc edition, as well as a 2-disc edition, meaning if you wanted the extras, you had to pay more.  To a slight degree, yes, they are correct.  But I didn't have to go out and purchase a brand new DVD player to play either of those editions.
    It just bums me out a little more now that I have seen Trick 'r Treat, and would really like to see those extras.  But I don't see myself buying a new player anytime soon.  That is for sure.

Michael Dougherty will be attending next weekend's Terror in the Aisles film festival next weekend in Chicago.  He's joining already announced Evil Dead Makeup Wizard Tom Sullivan and George Mihalka, director of the original My Bloody Valentine.  This could be the only screening in the midwest before the DVD release this fall.  So don't miss out on this chance to see it on the big screen, along with some other great films and guests.  There will also be dealers (including me!), Q&A's, trailers, and much more fun.  So you just might want to get those tickets early, just in case it does sell out.  You just never know.
    For more info on the event, click HERE.  To buy those tickets early, click HERE.
    And some of you out there may be familiar with Dougherty's work outside the movie industry.  A few years ago, we came across these wonderfully demented Christmas cards, only to find a whole series of them.  Who knew that years later the creator would go on to come up with this highly anticipated movie.  You can check out his website, where this stuff is available for purchase, by clicking HERE.

    The Cinema Wasteland crew has added a couple more guests to their upcoming October show.  Making his first appearance at this type of show, cult film star Jamie Gillis will be attending the show.  While Gillis is best know for his work in the adult film industry, he still has his credits when it comes to the horror genre.  He the cross-genre films Dracula Sucks and Dracula Erotica, he played the famous count.  But he also starred in Joel M. Reed's Night of the Zombies, and even more recently has starred in the horror comedy Die You Zombie Bastards.
    Also joining the party at the Wasteland is Troma head honcho Lloyd Kaufman.  Lloyd always has a crowd around him at these shows, but is also very approachable.
    For all the details about the show, guest & film lineup, head over to their website by clicking HERE.

    Our last photo, was from Nightmare Castle, starring the enigmatic Barbara Steele.  Congrats to Hoby Abernathy, Dave Friedman, and David Schmidt for sending in the right answer.  And a special "good try" to those that sent in a couple of other Barbara Steele movies.  You were very close.
    Here's our latest photo to test those eyes and brains.  Let's see what you can come up with.  As always, just click HERE to send us your answer and good luck.

    And while on the subject of Nightmare Castle, which was recently released on DVD by Severin Films, we have posted our review of this classic film.  Co-incidence?  Could be.  So head over to our Reviews section to get the full details.

    This is name that you might not have been familiar with, but you couldn't have been a fan of b-movies in just about every genre out there, and at least be familiar with some of the films that Towers produced.  Unfortunately, Towers passed away on Aug. 2nd (or at the end of July, depending on the source) from heart failure.  He was 88.
    Towers wrote and produced countless films in the cult genre, usually filming in far away countries, and with a mixture of famous faces.  He also worked with legendary filmmaker Jess Franco on several films, including Count Dracula, 99 Women, The Bloody Judge, and many more.  He even produced the 1989 version of The Phantom of the Opera, starring Robert Englund.  He had been working on a new version of Moll Flanders, that was going to be directed by Ken Russell.
    Our thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and families.

    When we read the announcement that there was going to be an American remake of Juan Antonio Bayona's beautiful film The Orphanage, as usual I was shaking my head in disbelief.  Why do we need to remake a film that plays just fine the way it is?  So what if it's in Spanish and you have to read subtitles.  It just boggles my mind that Hollywood thinks there are that many people out there that wouldn't bother with a foreign language film.  And the sad part is, it's probably true.
    But the one element of this story that gives me more hope than I normally would have is that the our favorite indie icon Larry Fessenden is rumored to be directing.  Apparently the script was written by both Fessenden and Guillermo del Toro, who produced the original film.  Guess we'll just have to wait and see, and keep reminding ourselves that not ALL remakes are bad.  Just most of them.

    FINALLY!!!  It looks like Stateside Naschy fans will finally get his 1973 film Hunchback of the Morgue, which many (including me) consider it one of his best films.  In the film, Naschy plays a hunchback that works in the city morgue, but is always being mistreated by just about everyone from the local kids to most of the hospital staff.  But he falls in love with a young girl who is dying.  He meets up with a doctor who says he can save her, if he was to help him in his secret experiments.  The film has some excellent gore, a great story, and is a lot of fun.  No details on any extras, but if it's just the movie by itself, it's one for any collection.
    And while on the subject of Naschy, here is also the box art for Troma's upcoming release of The Hanging Woman.  It looks like they took the artwork from the German poster that was under the title Bracula: The Terror of the Living Dead.  At least they came up with interesting artwork.  This disc hit September 29th, and features some great extras, which includes audio commentary by director Jose Luis Merino, interviews with him and Naschy, lobby card gallery, and even 2nd Spanish feature from 1965 called The Sweet Sound of Death.


    It looks like the best spider invasion ever made that stars William Shatner, Kingdom of the Spiders, is getting a special edition treatment.  Not details yet, other than the Bud Cardos directed movie will be release on DVD next January.  I'm really hoping they get at least audio commentary from Cardos.  We met him a few years ago at one of the Cinema Wasteland shows and he had plenty of great stories.
    The same company, Shout! Factory, is releasing The Stepfather this October 13th, and will feature a new hi-def widescreen transfer, along with audio commentary by director Joseph Rubin, and a documentary about the movie with has interviews with the director, the producer Jay Benson, and star Jill Schoelen.  There's no mention of Terry O'Quinn, which is a damn shame if he wasn't able to participate.
    And of course, the much awaited release of Richard Stanley's Hardware is coming from Severin Films will be hitting the streets on September 29th.  The 2-disc set will feature a new widescreen transfer with tons of extras.  The print is being taken from Stanley's own uncut print, which will be the first time that cut will be released here in the States.  The set will come with audio commentary by Stanley, a new making of documentary that features interviews with the cast and crew, the original super-8 version of Hardware, called Incidents in an Expanding Universe, a couple of short films by Stanley (The Sea of Perdition & Rites of Passage), deleted scenes, extended scenes, and some behind-the-scenes footage, trailer, as well as Stanley talking about a sequel.
    Being a huge fan of this movie and of Stanley, we are really looking forward to this disc.  Stanley is an incredible filmmaker that was chewed up and spit out by the Hollywood system.  So it's great to see the films that he did do, get a top-of-the-line treatment.

    On Sunday, August 23rd at noon, at Chicago's Portage Theater, they will be screening a new low budget film based on the story Haunter of the Dark, by H.P. Lovecraft.  The film is called Pickman's Muse and was directed by Robert Cappelletto.  A few months ago, we had the chance the chance to see a few minutes of the film and it looked pretty good.  So come out and support the independent filmmakers, especially if you're a fan of Lovecraft's work.  For more info, check out their MySpace page HERE, where you can see the trailer.

    For you Fulci fans out there in the Richmond Virginia area, Gorehound Features is presenting a midnight screening of Zombie at the Byrd Theatre on September 19th.  For more information about this event, just click HERE.

    Back in January if 1978, which put me at 12 years old, I was spending the night at my sister's house.  That evening, along with my new nieces Angle (age 5) and Aimee (age 3), we sat down to watch a made-for-TV movie that ended up scaring the two girls to death.  It featured a kind of mud-monster that was attacking a few people on this secluded island.  It scared my nieces so badly, that for years to come they refused to go into their basement again, since the mud monster might be hiding down there behind the stairs.
    It took many years to try and find the name of the movie, since I only remembered certain parts of it.  Didn't remember the names of anybody in it since it was so long ago.  But once the internet came along, I was finally able to discover the name: The World Beyond.  It was actually a pilot episode for a possible TV series which never got picked up.  The episode was simply titled The Monster, .  The general story is about a guy who briefly died but was revived, and is now getting messages from the "world beyond" to go to this island and save a young woman.  Once he finds this place, as well as meeting up with the woman he is suppose to save, they come across the mud monster.  The film starred Granville Van Dusen, JoBeth Williams, and Barnard Hughes.
    But even after knowing the title of the movie, it seemed impossible to find a copy of it on video or DVD.  So the search continued.  Then a couple of weeks ago, I found someone on the internet that had the movie.  And quickly went about acquiring a copy for myself.  Sitting down and watching this movie that I hadn't seen for over 30 years, but still vividly remembering certain parts, was both surreal as well as having this huge feeling of accomplishment.  That I finally was able to see this film that had made such an impact on my life so many years ago.  It makes even more jealous of the younger generation that could find out this same type of information on some movie they caught the other night on TV with just few clicks of the keyboard.
    So was the movie as good as I remembered?  Well, it was very dated and slightly cheesy.  But as I sat watching it, I seemed to be watching it through the eyes of a 12 year old boy once again, and enjoying it just as much as I did the first time.  It's times like this where movies really can be sort of a time machine, taking a person back to a time and a place long, long ago.

    Thanks to everyone who sent in a movie title that featured an asylum or sanitarium.  We got some great movie titles sent to us, some of which made me add them to my "must re-watch" list.  But the lucky winner of the Blackthorn Asylum CD was David Bose.  David's movie was John Carpenter's In the Mouth of Madness.  Thanks again to all who participated.

    We had heard this title floating around here and there, but never really paid too much attention to it.  But we've recently seen this movie and was extremely impressed with it.  I had heard it was sort of a zombie movie, which is really kind of a stretch.  We don't want to give too much away, but it was very refreshing to see a film come up with something very different and original for once.  The way the filmmakers use voices, sounds, and the reactions on people's faces to scare the audience give me hope.  Stephen McHattie does an incredible job as this shock-jock that has been fired so many times that he's now doing mornings at small town in Canada.  And then one cold morning, something happens that is a lot more exciting than school closings.
    I'm not sure when this is due out on DVD, since I can't seemed to find any current release dates.  One site stated it would be release back in July, but according to a report on Fangoria's site back at the first part of July, IFC will be releasing it in October.  So whenever it comes out, keep you're ears open for it.

    Okay people, we only have 2 weeks to go before getting the chance to see the Midwest premiere of Michael Dougherty's Trick 'r Trick at the Portage Theater.  Not to mention getting to see Evil Dead and the original My Bloody Valentine (uncut) as well.  Throw in special guests makeup man Tom Sullivan and director George Mihakla, short films, vintage trailers, a sexy sideshow, and all this for $12.  Make your plans.  Buy your tickets early HERE before it sells out.  And we'll see you there!

    Last week's photo was a little tougher than we expected.  We got the correct answers from Hoby Abernathy, Aaron Christensen, and Mike Shields.  The photo is from Norman J. Warren's sci-fi horror flick Inseminoid (aka Horror Planet), with that being Judy Geeson all crazy looking.  Fun and wacky little movie if you haven't had a chance to see it.
    Here's our latest photo, and again we're going to go with a black & white classic (sorry Will) that I hope everyone has seen.  Just as a clue, it stars a European cult actress who made a few of these types of movies.  As always, just click HERE to send us your answer and good luck.

    Last weekend, at the Fantasia Film Festival, Brazilian cult film maker Jose Mojica Marins (aka Coffin Joe) was in attendance and was given a Lifetime Achievement Award.  They were premiering his latest film Embodiment of Evil, the 3rd film in his Coffin Joe trilogy that he started back in 1963 with At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul.  Marins arrived on stage in a coffin to accept the award.  For a filmmaker to make the kind of films that he was making, at a time and place where religion was not something to scoff at, he continued on doing what he loved and what he believed in.
    Recently in the UK, there is a Coffin Joe Box set that contains 8 of his films, along with a new documentary of Marins called The Strange World of Mojica Marins.  Embodiment of Evil has also been released in the UK.  No word yet on any releases here in the States.  If you haven't experienced any of his work, we highly recommend you starting with the first two films in the Coffin Joe trilogy, At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul and This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse.

    For you horror fans to the north of us, namely in the Wisconsin area, there is a new website that is trying to build up the horror community there.  So any time somebody sets out to do that, we commend them.  The name of the website is and you can get there just by clicking the name.  The site is going to be based more on building the local community with interviews, reviews, and local events, rather than news and such.
    One of the first events that they are doing is the first Annual Oshkosk Zombie Walk, which will take place on September 5th, starting at 7pm.  There will be an after party at the Time Cimena, where they will be trying to raise money for the theater.  This theater hasn't been open for about 10 years, and they are trying to raise funds for much needed repairs.  Anybody that is trying to keep one of these older theaters from being replaced by one of these thousand multiplexes needs are support.  So even if you can't make it to the Zombie Walk or After Party, go to the website and see what you might be able to do to show some support.

    The new anthology film that has been getting a lot of buzz lately has been confirmed for the Terror in the Aisles 2 Film Festival that is happening on August 15th, at the Portage Theater in Chicago.  Here's the details:

  • Trick 'r Treat - Chicago Premiere of this new anthology film starring Brian Cox, Anna Paquin, and Dylan Baker

  • Evil Dead - With makeup master Tom Sullivan in person, along with his traveling Evil Dead Roadshow

  •  My Bloody Valentine - Uncut version of the original 1981 film, with director George Mihakla in person

  • Short films: Gay by Dawn and Hellcat and Tala - Chicago premiere!

  • Blue Material - A Very Sexy Sideshow

    There will also be vintage trailers, dealer tables, prizes, surprises, a live charity auction for Vital Bridges and more!  All of this for only $12!  That's only $4 a feature my friends!  You can beat that price.  You can order pre-sale tickets now by going to:  If you're even thinking of going, you might want to order those tickets now just to make sure.  Since this is probably the only time it will screen in the Chicagoland area, you are really not going to want to miss this.
    For more info:

    So much for our once a week update policy....

    We don't often do updates during the week, unless it's something important.  So when we came across this news, we felt that we had to mention it now rather than wait until our weekend update.  Clayton Hill, known to horror fans as the sweater zombie in Romero's Dawn of the Dead, passed away on Sunday due to complications from pneumonia. He was 78 years old.
    Clayton did much more than just play a zombie.  On Dawn, he also worked as a weapons coordinator on the film.  He would later work as a casting director, location scouts, security, and more jobs than I'll ever have in two lifetimes.  But more importantly, he was one of the nicest zombies around.  And boy, did Clayton have some great stories.
    I have been going to conventions for over 20 years now, both as a fan and as a dealer.  Out of all the people that I have met over those 20 years, Clayton was one of the nicest human beings you could ever meet.  Both him and his wife Sharon (who was the Nurse zombie in Dawn) were always so happy to meet and talk with their fans.  They had genuine smiles on their faces when people came up to meet and talk to them.  I first met them when they were set up next to us at the Flashback Weekend in Chicago, back in 2004.  Throughout the weekend, we talked about movies and conventions, and just about everything else.  I was just amazed at some of the stories that Clayton had, and even more so at some of the stuff he had done in his life.  But his friendliness was incomparable.
    We miss you already, Clayton.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Sharon and their friends and family.

    Nox Arcana has released their 10th CD, entitled Blackthorn Asylum.  This audio journey takes the listener through the darkened hallways of an old abandoned sanitarium.  All of the terror, the loneliness, and cries of madness that filled the walls while it was opened, continue to do so years after it was closed down.  All one has to do is listen.  You can read our review of their latest release by heading over to our Soundtrack Reviews.
    We also have a copy of this new release to give away to one lucky winner.  Here's all you have to do.  Since this release deals with a haunted sanitarium, the Blackthorn Asylum, we want you to send us an email with the name of a horror movie that featured an asylum of some sort.  Could be the main setting for the movie, or just has a scene in one.  Let your mind wander.  But be careful that it doesn't wander too far off, where you can't make it back.  Otherwise, you just might end up wandering the halls of Blackthorn Asylum for years to come, like many others!
    Well give everyone until next week to come up with a movie title and send it in.  We will draw 1 lucky winner from the list of emails that we get.  This is a pretty easy one, so don't wait too long or you just might forget an miss out.  Just click HERE to send us an email with your movie title.  Can't wait to hear some of these titles.

    While stumbling through the internet, which we're often prone to do, we came across another site that features original soundscapes inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, simply called AKLO.  Now we've only heard the small sample on their site, but they do have us intrigued.  Hopefully will be able to report more on them soon.  But if you're a fan of this type of music, as well as being a Lovecraft fan, you may want to check them out.

    One of my fondest memories as a young horror fan was being able to catch Mad Monster Party on TV.  It was always a moment of joy when you discovered this title listed in the TV guide, even more so if was going to play at a time when you could watch it.  This had already gotten a DVD release, which has been out-of-print for a while.  But now, on September 8th, Lionsgate Home Entertainment will re-issue it with a Special Edition.  Directed by Jules Bass and released in 1967, this was a big favorite amongst monster kids at that time.  Not only do you have the wonderful Rankin-Bass stop animation, who gave us the classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and many others, but you also have an island full of all the classic monsters.  And running the island, Dr. Frankenstein, was given voice by the legendary Boris Karloff.
    This special edition doesn't seem to have much on the extras side, but we're happy none the less.  It will include "Groovy Ghouls: The Making of Mad Monster Party", 2 bonus Sing-A-Longs, and the original theatrical trailer.  We're really hoping this Making-Of featurette is a good one.

    We have added a few posters in our Poster Art Gallery.  If you haven't taken the time to stop by and check out some of the poster art in there, please take a few minutes (though it may find yourself in there much longer) and take a look at some of the many cool works of art we have on display there.
    You can find it in our Features section, or just click HERE to be taken directly there.  And please let us know what you think.

    We have posted a new review of an older Spanish film, called A Candle for the Devil.  Unfortunately, it has not been released on DVD (or video for that matter) in the States yet, but there is an import release.  But until then, you can head over to our Reviews section for our thoughts.

    Our photo from last week was a film that goes by two different names, depending on which side of the pond your own.  The original title is Night of the Eagle, but here in the states, it was released as Burn Witch Burn.  The fact that this film hasn't gotten a DVD release yet is just a crime, plain and simple.  Years ago, it did get a laserdisc release, and there were rumors of it coming out on DVD some time ago, but it still hasn't happened.  This needs to be corrected, since it is an incredible film.  So if you ever do get the chance to see it, please do.
    Kudos gores out to Hoby Abernathy, Aaron Christensen, David Schmidt, and Mike Shields for knowing the film.
    This week, we're going with something a little different.  As always, just click HERE to send us your guess.

    While we're still waiting for the 3rd and final feature to be announced, there are some other items of interests to mention.  Besides Evil Dead makeup man Tom Sullvian being there, you can also meet George Mihalka, director of the original My Bloody Valentine.
    Besides Evil Dead and the original My Bloody Valentine (the uncut version), they will also be screening a couple of short films: Gay by Dawn and Hellcat and Tala.  Once we get confirmation on the 3rd film, we will let everyone know.  Keep your fingers crossed on this one folks.
    There will also be Blue Material performing, a sexy vaudevillian sideshow featuring the lovely Jill from Lix.

    Here at the Krypt, we love movie trivia.  And if it's horror movie trivia, that's even better.  So when we heard about this upcoming book on the subject that is soon to be coming out, we thought we would mention it here to let other horror trivia fiends out there know about it.  It's called The Horror Film Quiz Book and features 1000 questions on different horror films throughout the years.  But not just on the films themselves, but also the people involved in the making of them.  The questions range from easy to some more difficult ones that will have even the biggest horror fan scratching their head.  It's a great way for horror fans to improve their horror knowledge!
    The book, written by Chris Cowlin and Mark Goddard, and will be released on October 31st, and will have a retail price of $19.95.

    Not really sure what happened with last week's update.  We were at Horror Society's Summer Slaughter on last Saturday and had a great time, but didn't get home until about 2am.  So spent most of the day Sunday just veggin' out, thinking about all this stuff I need to work on, and not doing any of it.  Nice, huh?
    Anyway, the Summer Slaughter was a blast.  Kudos out to Mitch and the rest of the Horror Society gang for putting on a fun time.  There seemed to be a pretty decent turnout there and was kept pretty busy just talking horror with the Chicago horror crowd.  If you didn't make it out there, you need to hit the next one.  It's always a fun time.

    And while on the subject of it, remember last year at the Portage Theater, getting to see The Deadly Spawn on the big screen with director Doug McKeown present?  Well, promoter Rusty Nails is at it again with something just as good.  Next month, on August 15th, the Portage Theater will be playing a triple feature of horror!  Two of the titles have been confirmed, and they are Evil Dead and the original 1981 version of My Bloody Valentine (the newly restored uncut version).  Tom Sullivan, makeup wizard from Evil Dead, will also be there in attendance.  We've known Tom for years and is one of the nicest guys out there.  His knowledge and real life horror stories about low budget filmmaking is staggering.  Plus, if you've never had the chance to see Evil Dead on the big screen, it's a completely different experience than watching it on your TV.
    There will be a third film, and possibly more guests announced, but they have not been confirmed yet.  Well announce those as soon as we find out about it.  So mark you calendars now, and make sure you come out to the Portage Theater on Aug. 15 for some great films and a great time!

    Our last photo was from the film Vampire Circus, showing David (Darth Vader) Prowse getting his back side blown off.  That effect always amazed me for a film that was made in the early 70's.  Really thought they killed the guy!  Congrats to Hoby Abernathy, Aaron Christensen, Michelle Hudecek, and Kristin Wicks for sending in the correct answer.
    For our next photo, we're going to go back to one that might be a little tougher.  But maybe you can work some magic and come up with the correct answer!  As always, just click HERE to send us an email with your guess.

    In case you missed our previous announcement, Dead Snow started this last Friday for a limited engagement at selected theaters, including Chicago's Music Box Theatre.  If you haven't done this already, now is your chance to catch this great Norwegian film about Nazi Zombies!  If you're a fan of Peter Jackson's zombie films, then you should enjoy this one.  You can read our full review HERE.  Otherwise, make sure you head over to the Music Box before it's gone.  We were there last night with a bunch of other horror nerds and had a great time.
    Also showing at the Music Box next weekend is midnight screenings of the new film Deadgirl, starring Shiloh Fernandez, Noah Segan, Michael Bowen, Candice Accola, and Jenny Spain (as the title character).  You can read our review of the film HERE, but this is one dark and disturbing film.  Nothing over the top like an Italian cannibal movie, but one that will have you thinking about the movie for quite some time.  Actress Jenny Spain will be appearing for a Q&A after the screenings.

    Chicago's Facets Multi-Media is continuing their Night School Film lecture series with a bunch new films that have a couple in there we feel need mentioning.  They are Riki Oh: The Story of Ricky - July 25th, Larry Cohen's God Told Me To - August 1st, and Michele Soavi's Cemetery Man (aka Dellamorte Dellamore) - August 29th.  They are also showing other cult films as well.  For all the details, head over to their website by clicking HERE.
    In August, they will have another film series called Cinema and Surveillance, which will feature films like Rear Window, Peeping Tom, Blowup, The Conversation, Blow Out, and Caché.

    Tim Lucas' Video Watchdog magazine is celebrating their 150th issue with a big sale.  This sale even includes his massive book Mario Bava: All the Colors of the Dark.  Normally priced at $250, you can order it now for only $150 (plus $19.95 for postage), saving a whopping $100.  If you haven't seen this thing that embarrasses all other reference books, it's epic in scope and details.  So now is your chance to pick up one up before they prices not only go back to the normal $250, but even much higher once it goes out of print.
    For more information about this book, and everything else that is on sale, just click HERE.

    We knew it was only a matter of time, but Paul Davis' feature-length documentary Beware the Moon, on the making of John Landis' An American Werewolf in London will finally be getting a DVD release, as part of the new 2-disc Special Edition of the film to be released this fall.  We have seen clips of Davis' feature and it looks incredible.  He did an enormous amount of work finding different actors and production people that worked on this film.  You know I hate to double dip when it comes to movies, but this is one that will be worth it.
    Other features on the DVD will be another new featurette called I Walked with a Werewolf, which is about makeup artist Rick Baker and his passion for the Wolfman character and his groundbreaking and Oscar-winning work for American Werewolf.  There will also be a lot of the features carried over from the previous DVD release, such as some featurettes on the making of the film, interviews with Baker and Landis, outtakes, storyboards, and commentary by actors Griffin Dunne and David Naughton.
    Phantasm 2 finally hits DVD over here in the states, after years of waiting.  But only to get a bare-bones edition with nothing more than a trailer.  So my suggestion would be to make sure you have one of the import releases that has all the extras.
    But one title we were really excited to hear about was the release of the 1987 film The Gate, in a "Monstrous Special Edition!"  This was one of my favorite movies from the 80's, which was really well done and is a perfect horror movie for all ages.  We don't know a lot about the extras other than it's suppose to be filled with items like audio commentary by the director, interviews with the cast and crew, stills, trailers, and other features.  So we are really looking forward to this October when Lionsgate releases this.  If you haven't seen this movie, put this on your "To Buy" list.

    For you Chicago area horror fans, don't forget to head over to the Portage Theater next Saturday for Horror Society's latest film festival, Summer Slaughter.  The films features at this event are Monsters, Blood Shed, Consumption, Frat House Massacre, Serial: Amoral Uprising, and Tokyo Gore Police.  It takes place at Chicago's Portage Theater and the doors open at 4:30pm.  We will be set up there in the lobby, along with some other great dealers.  So come on out and hang out with other Chicago horror fans, and check out some fun movies as well.  Make sure you stop by our table and say hello!
    For all the details about the show, head over to The Horror Society by clicking HERE.

    As we had mentioned with our photo last week, it was kind of a trick question.  Sure, that is the car Christine, but that is not the movie Christine.  The film was another movie based on Stephen King stories, called Cat's Eye.  In the beginning of the film, the cat, which is the character that travels through each story, is being chased by a large rabid St. Bernard dog, which chases the cat out into the street, nearly getting hit by Christine.  There are other nods to King and his work throughout the movie.  It was nice to see that some knew the film right away, and others figured out when they realized it wasn't Christine.  As I mentioned, we like to keep you thinking!  So kudos out to Hoby Abernathy, Angela Hermann, Victor Ives, Charles M. Kline, Mike Shields, Jessica Wells, and William Wilson.
    So let's keep those brains working and see what you can come up with this week's photo.  Just click HERE to send us your answers.  And as always, Good Luck!

    We have a couple of new reviews with update, one old and one new.  First up with a short film made in Wisconsin called The Wintress.  The other one is a Czechoslovakian film from 1970, called The Witches' Hammer, which is about the inquisition and the witch trials.  For all the details, head over to our Review Section.

    Flashback Weekend has announced another two guests for their October show, making their first appearance in the Chicagoland area: Emily Perkins and Katherine Isabelle from the Ginger Snaps movies.  Joining names like Lance Henriksen, Jeanette Goldstein, Tony Todd, and others, this has the makings of another great show.  For more information on this show, just click HERE.
    HorrorHound Weekend has announced some new additions to their Cincinnati show this November.  Once though-lost actress Jenny Wright and actor Clayton Rohner will be apearing.  While Wright was in Near Dark and Lawnmower Man, Rohner was in films like Relic, April Fool's Day, they both starred in one of my favorite films, I, Madman
    Also joining the fun will be Quinn Lord, who plays the masked trick-or-treater in Michael Dougherty's Trick 'R Treat, which will be hitting DVD this fall.  Lord is the one that is on the poster art.  And while he's only 10 years old, he's still had his share of genre work, appearing in TV series Supernatural, Blade: The Series, and even the Masters of Horror episode "We All Scream for Ice Cream". 
    For more info on the HorrorHound show, just click HERE or just click on the banner below.

    Another film that has been sadly lacking a DVD release is finally going to get one.  Back in 1987, years before he would rise to superstardom on the TV show Lost, Terry O'Quinn became known to us horror fans as The Stepfather.  Since then, we've seen O'Quinn in many different genre films over the years and have always been impressed with him.  But he has never been more scary than as Jerry, the psychopath in The Stepfather.  And now, we'll finally get to add that DVD to our collection.
    The DVD will be released on October 13th, which just happens to coincide with the release of the remake.  See...once again this just goes to show that remakes are not a total waste of time, if it can get the original to be released on DVD!  The DVD will feature a new high definition widescreen transfer and have a few special features, such as audio commentaries and interviews.  More details will be release at some point.  But even with no special features, we can't wait for this to come out.  If you haven't seen this film, then definitely add it to your To-Watch list.  You won't be disappointed.
    Another film to get a DVD release, which will make all Paul Naschy fans happy, is the release of The Hanging Woman (aka Beyond the Living Dead, and many other titles).  Troma will be releasing this 1973 film in a uncut widescreen print.  No details on any extras, if any.  But hopefully the print will look good, and it will be uncut.  With all the different titles out there, I'm sure there's more than one cut of the film floating around.  Let's hope for the best.

    We didn't get the update done that we had originally planned this weekend, mainly due to the fact that we were switching over to a new computer.  Our last one, which was a whopping 6 years old, was about ready to kick the bucket.  So we decided we better replace it while we can still access some of our saved files and programs.  So we have spent most of the weekend doing just that.  But we do have a few things here to make your stop worth while.  At least we hope so.

    Back in 2003, two brothers from Australia made an impressive zombie movie with hardly no money.  That film was Undead.  And since then, Peter and Michael Spierig have been working on their next feature, Daybreakers.  And now it is finally finished and will be opening up next January.  Once again, the look of their film is amazing.  I'm sure they had much more money than their first film, but this still looks much, much bigger.  The story concerns a future when there are most vampires in the world than humans.  In fact, the human race is dying out, which is going to cause a  problem for the vampires who need their blood to survive.  With an all-star cast including Ethan Hawke, Sam Neill, and Willem Defoe, this looks to be pretty interesting.
    You can click HERE to check out the trailer on YouTube and see what you think.

    We have updated our Chicago Horror Page that has several movie events and festivals happening next month.  So make sure you head over to there and mark your calendar for those.  Maybe we'll see you there.

    Another film that looks pretty interesting is by Jennifer Lynch, daughter of David.  The film stars Bill Pullman, Julia Ormond, Pell James, French Stewart, and genre icon Michael Ironside.  The DVD comes out this Tuesday and promises to give the viewer one hell of a twisted ride.
    You can check out the trailer on YouTube by clicking HERE.

    We have posted our review of the new film Homecoming, that opens in theaters July 17th.  Head over to our Reviews section to see what our take on it is.

    Coming soon from Alpha Video, there will be a series of DVD documentaries that go through the history of Fantastic Films, with interviews with stars & directors, as well as fans, critics and other film scholars.  They start with the silent films, moving through the Universal classics, giving us fans a look at these great and memorable films.  Of course, we were involved with these to a degree, but we still think they are fun and interesting to watch.  Any fans of the horror and sci-fi genre will enjoy seeing the clips and interviews from some of their favorite stars.
    You can check out the trailer on YouTube by clicking HERE.  Stay tuned for more information.

    Got a few responses this time out for our last photo.  Even though it was easier than the last one, it was still a tough one since there a few movies that have similar shots of people being burned to death....usually witches.  The shot is from Michael Reeves unforgettable film Witchfinder General, starring Vincent Price in one of his most memorable roles.  Kudos out to Kristin Wicks, Gert Verbeeck, Hoby Abernathy, Aaron Christensen, and Will Wilson for sending in the right answers.
    So check out our latest photo and see if you can get this one.  But make sure you think a bit before you send in your first thought.  It's kind of a trick one.  We want to keep that gray matter working over the summer.  As they say, no rest of the wicked!  As always, just click HERE to send us your answer.  Good luck!

    If you're are in the area of Vandergrift, PA, or are close enough for a worth while road-trip, this September the Riverside Drive-In is holding another amazing weekend of classic horror films on the big drive-in screen.  These are films that you probably won't have that many chances to see on a big screen.  I know if we were closer, we definitely would be making the trip out for this and their amazing lineup.  Here's what they have scheduled:
    On Friday, September 11th, they will be screening Witchfinder General, Scream and Scream Again, The Crimson Cult, and Terror-Creatures From The Grave.  Then on Saturday the 12th, they will be featuring an all Hammer lineup with these films:  Vampire Lovers, The 7 Brothers Meet Dracula, The Satanic Rites of Dracula, and Vampire Circus.
    For more information, head over to DVD Drive-In by clicking HERE.

    The one and only Elvira has been added to the guest lineup for the HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati this November.  She will be joining Michael Gross, Tom Savini, Richard Brooker, and many others.  For all the details, check out their website HERE.

    Well, I think I really delved too deep into the obscure for last week's photo.  We had no one with the correct answers, but with a few good guesses.  The shot was from the Spanish film Satan's Blood, released on DVD by Mondo Macabre.
    This week's photo should be a little easier, and from a film that I hope everyone has seen at least once.  Take a look and see what you think.  As always, click HERE to send us your answer.

    We've have a new review posted this week.  It's for a film called Night Train, starring Danny Glove, Steve Zahn, and Leelee Sobieski.  Head over to our Reviews section to check it out.

    Probably one of the most sought-after movies to be released to DVD, Fred Dekker's Night of the Creeps will finally be hitting DVD this fall.  And it looks like it's a special edition that is well worth waiting for.  The disc will be release on October 20th, and will feature two different commentaries: one with director Dekker and one with actors Tom Atkins, Jill Whitlow, Jason Lively, and Steve Marshall.  There will also be several featurettes about the making of the film, the cast, the special make up effects, as well as deleted scenes, a look at post-production and much more, including the original theatrical ending of the film.
    We're very excited to see this film get the special edition treatment that it rightly deserves.  And I know that if it wasn't for the fans and other certain people in the DVD business that spend a lot of time trying to convincing studios that this is needed, things like this would never happen.  So this is looking to be another great Halloween for DVD releases.
    The classic horror fans will also be excited about Warner Home Video releasing the "Karloff & Lugosi Horror Classics" collection on October 6th.  The 2-disc set will feature 4 of the films that had not been released before.  We will get to see The Walking Dead (which will feature commentary by Greg Mank), Frankenstein 1970 (which will feature commentary by Charlotte Austin and Tom Weaver), You'll Find Out, and Zombies on Broadway.
    Any movie featuring Boris Karloff or Bela Lugosi is not only worth watching, but having in your collection.

    Horror Icon Christopher Lee has been recently knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.  Lee is no stranger to horror fans, since it was his performances of Dracula and the Frankenstein's tormented creature in Hammer Studio's Horror of Dracula and Curse of Frankenstein, that helped put the studio on the map.  Lee would continue to play in horror films over the years, which helped make him an international star.  His roles in other non-horror films, such as the James Bond film The Man With The Golden Gun, as well as roles in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy and George Lucas' Star Wars films, gave him even a more widespread notoriety.  Working on over 250 films and has been working in the business for over 60 years, is simple staggering.  He is even currently in New Mexico filming a new movie now.
    We've always thought Lee was an exceptional actor, always giving the screen a very powerful presence.  But over the years, it seems that Lee has been trying to rid the shadow of his Dracula.  Hopefully has come to accept this.  I think the highest compliment an actor could ever receive is to be remembered for a role that they did over 50 years. 

    WildClaw Theatre has started taking submissions for this year's DEATHSCRIBE 2009: The Second Annual International Festival of Radio Horror Play.  Last years was a great success, so they are continuing that with this year's festival.  They are looking for 10 minute scripts that are "scary, imaginative, chilling, intelligent, suspenseful, horrific, or downright grotesque."  The deadline for submissions is July 15th.  The selected radio plays will be performed by WildClaw members at the Music Box Theatre on Monday, October 6th.
    For more information and details about the festival, head over to WildClaw's website by clicking HERE.

    It seems the this uncut footage that we're talking about is not "seconds" like some uncut films have, but more than 44 minutes of extra footage.  According to the reports on Clive Barker's website, there is more footage of the attack on Midian by the Sons of the Free, we see Narcisse get decapitated, and also where Lori stabs herself and Boone bites her to save her, and we even have some deleted stop motion footage!
    That was the one thing I remember after seeing this film for the first time is the amount of stuff they cut out from the original story, Cabal.  So it's going to be great to be able to actually see all of this footage finally.
    If you haven't gone over to Barker's site and signed the petition, please do so now.  We need all the support we can get to show the studios that there is a demand for an uncut version of Nightbreed.  Just click HERE to add your support.

    I was reading some news about the upcoming DVD release of Michael Dougherty's Trick 'R Treat film, coming to DVD this October.  According to Dougherty, “There will be a standard-edition DVD which will pretty much just have the movie, and then the Blu-ray disc will have all the special features, ’cause that’s the way things are moving these days."  So in other words, if you want to see any of the special features, you'll have to get the Blu-Ray edition.  That means that you'll obviously have to have a Blu-Ray player, but that you'll also be spending more money on the disc.  Blu-Ray discs are typically $10 to $20 more than the standard disc.
    Sure, we have not made the transition to Blu-Ray and at this point, have no intention to.  I just don't like the fact that it's excluding shoppers from getting something UNLESS you convert to a higher priced item.  That's a bunch of hooey, if you ask me! 

    Last week's photo was a bit more for the fans of classic horrors.  The photo was from the 1945 film The Picture of Dorian Gray, which really is a must see for all horror fans, or film fans in general.  A great adaptation of Oscar Wilde's novel, starring Hurd Hatfield, George Sanders, Donna Reed, and Angela Landsbury.  Congrats to Hoby Abernathy, David Schmidt, Dave Friedman, Charles M. Kline II, and Victor Ives.  Job well done, folks.
    So this time out, we're pulling out all the stops and are really hoping to stump everyone.  Just as a warning, this one's a tough one.  So give a gander, and if you think you know it, just click HERE to send in your best guess.  As always, good luck!

    First off, Phantasm 2 has finally gotten a release date for over here in the States.  On September 15th, you'll finally be able to get your copy of this great sequel to one of the most original horror films made.  No details on what extras are going to be on the disc but hopefully it will be at least what was on the UK release.
    For Coffin Joe fans with region free players, on July 27th, Anchor Bay UK will be releasing the new Coffin Joe movie, Embodiment of Evil, along with the new Coffin Joe Box set.  Embodiment is the 3rd movie of the Coffin Joe trilogy that he started back in 1964 with At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul, followed up with This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse in 1967  This film is in black and white, until Coffin Joe goes to Hell, where the film switches to color for an even more surreal trip.  And now, some 40+ years later, Coffin Joe returns to continue his reign of terror!
    The box set will contain 8 of his movies:  At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul, This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse, Awakening Of The Beast, End Of Man, Strange Hostel Of Naked Pleasures, Hellish Flesh, Hallucinations Of A Deranged Mind, and The Strange World of Coffin Joe.
There will also be a documentary on the man behind Coffin Joe, José Mojica Marins.  This explores the life of this cult icon, featuring clips from his movies and interviews with the director.  Can't wait to see this one.

    Last weekend, right after our last update, we learned of the passing of Don Edmonds.  Edmonds is most known in the horror / cult genre for directing the first two films in the infamous Ilsa series ( Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS - 1975 and Ilsa, Harem Keeper of Oil Sheiks - 1976).  But Edmonds wasn't just a director, but a writer, producer, actor, production manager, and even stunt coordinator.  Even though we personally are not huge fans of the Ilsa movies, we give him a credit for making a couple of films that are still popular among us fans.  That says a lot about a filmmaker, to have their films still be watched and remembered close to 40 years later.  That also says a lot about horror fans keeping these films alive and not forgotten.
    We haven't heard the reasons behind his passing, but were saddened by the news.  We were lucky to have the chance to at least meet him at one of the Cinema Wasteland shows a couple of years ago.  Our thoughts go out to his friends and family.

    This week we also lost a icon when it comes to cult films: David Carradine.  We'd rather not get into how he died since the thought of Carradine having a rope tied to both heads....well frankly that is even a little too disturbing for us.  But we will remember him from all the fun and cheesy movies that he was involved with, especially one of our favorites, Roger Corman's Death Race 2000.  Long live Frankenstein!
    Our thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family.


    We have another new review this week.  This time out we take a look at the new film Deadgirl.  This is a twisted little story about a couple of high school misfits who happened to find a dead naked woman chained to bed in an abandoned mental hospital.  But wait...she's not dead after all....or is she?
    Head over to our Reviews section to check it out.

    Sure, we picked an easy photo this time out.  But it was kind of a test.   We were just curious to see how many people would send in their answers for an easy one like this.  And it seems that there were quite a few.  We got  responses from quite a few new names this time out, which  we were thrilled to see.  That tells me that people are looking, but just may not know the photo.  But that's fine.  It just means that you've got an undiscovered film you can enjoy!  But please, don't be afraid to take a guess!
    So kudos to all the winners this week:  Hoby Abernathy, Aaron Christensen, Kristen Pfeiffer, Andrew Janzen, Charles M. Kline II, Mike Dudley, William Wilson, and Mike Shields.  There might have been a couple more names that either accidentally got lost or just never saved.  So if you did send it it and you're not listed, sorry about that.
    The last photo was from the film that really is a classic, Return of the Living Dead.  Great movie.  For our next photo, this one might be a little tougher.  Obviously, it is a little older of a film, but let's hope we get a good response for this one as well.  As usual, just click HERE to send us your answer.

    We have seen this news bit on many other websites out there, but feel that we also need to do our part to see this happen.  After years and years of rumors of an director's cut of Clive Barker's Nightbreed, it seems like it could actually happen.  Apparently the footage has been discovered.   But it seems that the studio executives just don't see the need to put out a special director's cut edition of this film.  Like we've seen many times before, these suits sitting in their offices really have no clue what's going on in the world of fans.
    So it's up to us, the fans, the let them know that we are very interested in seeing this uncut version finally get a release on DVD.  And here's all you got to do:  Head over to Clive Barker's website (just click HERE) and read through the whole story.  Make sure you send an email, expressing your hopes of this special edition.  If enough of us fans out there can show these suits what the fans really want, maybe we can make it happen.

    Back in the days of big plastic clamshell VHS tapes, one movie that we stumbled across was release from Transworld Entertainment, and was simply called The Strangeness.  Since we had never heard of this and it was some sort of low budgeted cave-dwelling monster movie, we had to pick it up.  Much to our surprised, we were entertained by it, especially with the stop-animated monster at the end of the film.
    With not too many people seeing this movie, let alone know it, I was floored to see the big coverage it got in Stephen Thrower's excellent book Nightmare USA.  And now, what has floored me even more, is the news that this movie is getting a special edition DVD release from the folks at Code Red DVD.
    According to their site's news blog, they have found a 16mm element of the film and have done a new 16x9 widescreen transfer of the film, mastered in Hi-Def.  They are also planning to do an audio commentary with the director, actor & co-writer Christ Huntley, and producer, actor & visual effects artist Mark Sawicki.  Other extras promised are some short films they did in the early 80's while at USC.  They are planning for a release date of August 18th.  We can't wait!

    This much talked about and anticipated horror anthology that the studios have been sitting on for over a year now, will now finally be getting a DVD release this October.  Director Michael Dougherty was at the Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors convention in New York over the weekend and made this announcement, as well as a few other goodies.  The 4-issue comic book that had previously announced will not be released in a single graphic novel format, also in October.  The soundtrack for the movie will be released sometime in September.
    But the biggest news is that starting in July, there will be limited screenings throughout the world.  Below are the festivals that have been confirmed so far.  Not sure of any Chicago area screenings yet, but we'll keep you posted.

  • FANTASIA FILM FESTIVAL, Montreal, Canada July 9-27

  • TORONTO AFTER DARK, Toronto, Canada August 14-21

  • MORBIDO FEST, Mexico City, Mexico (MySpace)

  • FANTASY FILM FESTIVAL - Berlin, Hamburg, Koln, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Stuggart, and Munich Germany - August 18-September 9, 2009

  • FANTASTIC FEST, Austin Texas, September 24-October 1

  • SCREAMFEST, Los Angeles, California - October 16-25

    For updated information, you can check Dougherty's MySpace page HERE, where you can see the trailer, or his Twitter page HERE.

    Nox Arcana have a new CD coming out on June 21st, entitled Blackhorn Asylum.  According to their website, the new cd is about a "forsaken sanitarium that is haunted by the souls of the dead and plagued by the dark essence of evil."  We have enjoyed everything that these guys have put out and I'm sure this one will be no exception.  Stay tuned for a review of the CD.

    I'm sure they didn't want to release the original movie that Quarantine was based on until well after the movie was out and gone.  Didn't want people to compare it to the original.  But now, on July 14th, if you don't have one of those import discs already, you will be able to finally get a copy of Jaume Balagueró & Paco Plaza's original masterpiece, [REC].  The disc will be presented in a 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen, with both English and Spanish (with English subs) dialog tracks.  Apparently there's not much on the extras front, other than a making of featurette.  But at least it's finally getting a domestic release here.  If you've only seen the Quarantine version, we strongly suggest you check out this original version.

    We have a new review posted, one for a film that you need to put on your "must see" list.  It is the Norwegian Nazi zombie film entitled Dead Snow.  Head over to our Review section to read our full review of it.  The film is suppose to get a release here in the States on June 12th, but I haven't found any sites pre-selling the DVD.  But if you are in the Chicago area, the film will be playing at the Music Box Theatre starting July 17th.  We strongly recommend this film to all horror fans.

    Even though we listed all those upcoming conventions in our last update, we forgot to mention some of the guests announcements that some of these shows have made.  At the Cinema Wasteland show this October, they have added Arch Hall Jr., Fred Williamson, and Lynn Lowry to the guest list.  They already had announced Martine Beswick, Caroline Munro, Cerina Vincent, William Grefe, Nick Phillips, Joel M. Reed, George Kosana, John Russo, Joe Shelby, Russ Streiner, and Nick Tallo.  For all the details and info about the show, just click HERE.
    For the HorrorHound Weekend, they have announced their first guests for their Cincinnati show in November.  And those guests are Michael Gross, Chris Durand, Richard Brooker, and from Night of the Creeps, Jason Lively and Jill Whitlow.  For more information about this show, just click HERE.

    Our last photo was from the French cult film Baby Blood (released as Evil Within on video, in a cut version).  The story about an alien fetus forcing it's female carrier to kill for the blood it needs to grow.  It's one that you don't forget.  And even better, there is a sequel coming out, called Lady Blood, with returning star Emmanuelle Escourrou, who even co-wrote the sequel.  From what we've seen on the previews, it looks worth the watch.
    Anyway, back to our photo.  The ones with the right answers were Aaron Christensen, Hoby Abernathy, Kristin Wicks, and David Schmidt.  Congrats to everyone, and thanks to those who keep trying.
    For this week's photo, since we have a couple of tough ones in the near future, we're going to go with an easy one this time out.  As always, just click HERE to send us that email.  And as always, Good Luck!

    People who know me, know that I'm a pretty big fan of Spanish film star Paul Naschy.  So I was pretty happy to hear that he will be receiving a couple of awards for his work.  On June 6th, at the International Film Festival of Alicante, he will be presented with an honorary award for his film career.  And on June 8th, he will get an award for his work in European Cinema.  Naschy is an icon is the horror genre, that unfortunately not too many people know about.  But we're working on changing that.
    And one way that will help that will be the release of a new book, entitled simply Spanish Horror, by Victor Matellano.  The book will cover the Spanish horror film throughout it's history, and has an introduction by Christopher Lee and a preface by Naschy.  We don't have a release date for it yet, but will post it here when we do.

    Hello.  My name is Jon and I am a collector.  I recently discovered, again, on just how bad it can get when one is a collector.  As we've said before, for those who don't know or understand this affliction, be grateful.  So here's my story for this week's meeting.  I have been trying to get the film A Werewolf in a Girl's Dormitory from Netflix for the last month.  It's had the "Long Wait" status for quite some time.  So when I got the news that it was finally being shipped, I was excited.  Only to discover the disc was cracked when it got here.  So I sent it back and reported it broken.  So they shipped me another one right away.  It also was broken.  And so was the third disc they sent.  I called Netflix up, who I must say are wonderful to talk to.  Great customer service.  They told me to hold on the broken disc, in case the same one is getting sent back.  So the forth one shows up, and it's broken as well.  But the fifth one finally arrives and it's not broken!  I quickly burn it and even watched it right away, just in case something else was going to happen.
    So after watching the film, I go to file it away in the collection....only to find that I already have the movie!  So after all that trouble and waiting and waiting, it was all for nothing since I already had the freaking movie.  Had me thinking that maybe I might have a problem, but I guess when you've reach over 2500 titles (97% of them being horror titles), there's going to be a mix up every now and then.  This wasn't the first time, and I'm sure it won't be the last.

    After a long wait, we have added two more sections to our Sub-Genre Guide in the British Horror category: Amicus Productions and Pete Walker films.  We're hoping that it doesn't take this long to get other entries up.  You can get to our Sub-Genre guide through the Features page, or you could simple just click HERE.

    Okay horror fans, let's get off the couch and make this thing happen this year.  Click HERE to be taken to an on-line petition to get legendary makeup artist Jack Pierce a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  We horror fans know that if it wasn't for Pierce's work, we might not have the classic Universal monsters that we know today.  Pierce is the guy who created the look of Frankenstein's creature, as well as the Mummy, the Wolf Man, and countless others.  Sure, we all know who Tom Savini and Rick Baker are, but let's give some kudos to one of original monster makers.....Jack Pierce.
    So if you haven't already, please take a few minutes and sign this petition.  We are close to 3000 signatures, but with the amount of horror fans out there, we should be able to get a hell of a lot more than that.  And if you have already signed it, pass the word on to your horror fiends and get them to do it as well.

    On June 20th, at Chicago's Viaduct Theatre, they will be celebrating their 1-year anniversary in Chicago with a big zombie party.  With music, movies, games (like zombie twister!), and a lot of fun, so mark your calendar to come on out.  Come in zombie makeup, or have get your makeup done there, because there will be a zombie costume contest  For more info, head over to the Horror Society's page by clicking HERE.

    Got a few more responses than normal these week, which is always a good thing.  Of course, when you have the iconic Vincent Price up there, how could you not?  The shot was from the wonderfully dark film Theatre of Blood, starring a who's who of British actors.  Kudos goes out to Aaron Christensen, Hoby Abernathy, Kristin Wicks, AJ, Mike Shields, Mike Dudley, and Will Wilson.  Job well done, people.  And just for a bit of trivia out there for those who might not know, the actress that Price is about to fry in that scene, Coral Brown, later became Price's wife!
    But enough of that, let's get on to our photo for this week.  It's a little bit....different than our last one.  But enjoy.  As always, just click HERE to send us your guess.  Good Luck!

    Our season is only a few months away and will be here before we know it.  Already there is plenty of stuff to start making your plans for.  I know this year seems like it's going to be even crazier than before.  I know we might be missing a few events, but this is what we know about so far.
    As we mentioned in our last update (see below), we have the Horror Society's Summer Slaughter Film Festival taking place in July, at the Portage Theatre.  But the first big convention to hit the Chicagoland area is going to be a new show, called The Ultimate Horror Convention, held on Sept. 11th-13th, at the West Chicago Northwest hotel in Itasca, Illinois.  They've already got a pretty big guest lineup, but really it's nobody that we haven't seen at countless other shows.  I'm pretty sure we'll be set up there and hopefully it will be a good time.  First time shows always make me nervous, but we're hopeful.
    The Chicago Horror Film Festival will take place on Sept. 25th-27th, I believe once again at the Portage Theatre.  We had a great time there last year and plan on being there again this year.  This is one of those shows that you really want to come out and support, not only to the show, but also to the filmmakers as well.
    The first weekend of October, we have the Cinema Wasteland show, which we always make it out to.  But if you're not going to that, there is also the Madison Horror Film Festival, taking place in Madison Wisconsin.
    The next big show in the Chicagoland area is going to be the Flashback Weekend.  They have switched hotels and moved their show from the summer time to October.  The show will take place on Oct. 23rd-25th this year and will be at the Wyndham O'Hare Hotel in Rosemont.  We always have a great time at the Flashback Weekend, and looking forward to another great time.  For all the info about the show, just click HERE.
    And somewhere in between these last two shows, at least we hope, will be the Music Box Massacre V, which will take place, obviously, at the Music Box Theatre in Chicago.  The date hasn't been announced yet, or anything else about the show, but we will post it when we find out.
    Lastly, HorrorHound Weekend will be hosting their first show in Cincinnati on November 20th-22nd.  We are hoping to make it out to there, but not sure just yet.
    So there's plenty of events to start making plans for.  You don't want to wait until the last minute and miss out on some great fun.  So start getting organized and hopefully we'll see you there at one of these.
    We have also updated our Chicago Horror page with a lot of these events listed, as well as a couple of other local ones.

    Yesterday, we had a little get together with some of our local horror friends.  Nothing major, but just a bunch of like-minded horror fans getting their geek on by playing some horror trivia and stuff.  As we've mentioned several times before, the horror community in the Chicagoland area has grown immensely over the last several years.  The more people you can get involved in your area for different events and get-togethers, the more we can learn and support the genre.  Whether it be group gatherings for movie screenings, or just getting some people for a Share-the-Scare day, the more we can organize and help support the genre and the fans.  If you're from the Chicago area, you can always join the Yahoo Group Chicago Creepster to find out what's going on.  As well as The Horror Society for local news, as well as their film festivals that they put on every few months.  Those are always a fun time.
    But if you not in the Chicago area, check out to see if there's some sort of network where you are at.  And if not, then start your own!  You never know who might be out there just waiting for someone to do just that.

    And speaking of The Horror Society, they're next film festival will be taking place on July 11th at the Portage Theater in Chicago.  They will be screening the following films: Monsters, Blood Shed, Consumption, Frat House Massacre, Serial: Amoral Uprising, and Tokyo Gore Police.  We've been to the last two festivals that they have put on and have always had a good time.  So mark you calendars and come on out for the fun.  For more information, including a trailer for the festival, just click HERE.

    Might as well stay on the subjects of film festivals.  Taking place at the end of September (25th-27th) in Southern Indiana will be the 3rd Annual B-Movie Celebration, which will feature tons of great films over the 3-day event.  They will be screening films like Abby, Black Christmas, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Horror of Dracula, I Was A Teenage Frankenstein, Quatermass and the Pit, and plenty of other great titles.  They don't have much information on the official site now, other than the title list, but I'm sure they'll be updating it soon.  Just click HERE to get to the site.


    Congrats to Hoby Abernathy, Mike Shields, Aaron Christensen, Amon Sutekh, and Vic for naming our last Mystery Photo. It was the giant mollusk from The Monster that Challenged the World, a great good old fashion 50's monster movie.  It is available on DVD, so if you haven't seen it and are looking for a fun time, check it out.
    Now let's take a peek at this week's photo and see what you can come up with.

    It's finally going to happen.  Richard Stanley's post-apocalyptic masterpiece will be getting a special edition DVD released from Severin Films this fall.  The movie had gotten a video release here in the states, but like it's theatrical print, it was cut slightly to avoid an X-rating.  But now it will be coming out in it's full uncut and unrestored version, transferred from Stanley's own print.  So far, the extras will include an audio commentary, deleted scenes, behind-the-scene footage, and even an hour long Super-8 version of the film!
    We can't wait for this new edition to come out.  Stay tuned for more details.

5-13-09  SICK-AS-A-DOG
    We had all intentions of having some sort of an update done this last weekend.  But a combination of getting sick, and realizing (again) just how you change as you get older, really took it's toll on us.  We had fighting off a sore throat / cold last week, and thought we had it beaten.  But then waking up Saturday feeling like crap, then heading off to Chicago for the 14-hour movie marathon known as the Sci-Fi Spectacular 3, really kicked our ass to the curb.  Not getting that much Saturday night just made things worse.  Another lesson in life, showing you just how tough and immortal we are when we're young, pulling all-nighters without a glitch.  But I can't say that anymore.  So here's a small update just to hold you over until the weekend, where we hope to be back to full strength.
    The Sci-Fi Spectacular was another success, seeing a nice crowd coming out to see some classic films on the big screen.  Congrats as always out to Rusty Nails for making these things happen. Can't wait for this year's Massacre.  Who knows, maybe we'll even be able to get a Summer Massacre???

    We really thought we would have everyone stumped on this one.  Even more so when we kept getting emails with Curtains and Terror Train as their guesses.  Sorry folks, but the photo was from Pete Walker's The Comeback.  Not familiar with Walker's work?  Well there's no better time like the present.  Look into Frightmare, The Confessional (aka House of Mortal Sin), and House of Whipcord for starters.  Our only ones with the correct answers were two of our usual suspects, Hoby Abernathy and Mike Shields.  Nice job, guys.
    So check out our photo here and see what you can do.  If you're not sure, go ahead and send in your guess.  If it's not correct, we'll let you know so you can keep trying.  Just click HERE to send us that email.

    Chicago area horror fans still morn the loss when House of Monsters closed it's doors.  But for the last few years, John Aranzaj has given us another outlet with his store Horrorbles.  Last weekend, they held their Grand Re-Opening in a brand new location....actually the building next to where they use to be.  But they have much more room there to browse their incredible inventory.  So if you're in the area, or even if it's a bit of a drive, gather your horror friends and make a road trip out of it.  For all the information you need, just head over to their website HERE.

    This afternoon, we headed off to Chicago to see The Revenants, the latest play by the WildClaw Theatre.  Compared to the previous play, Dreams of the Witch House, this one is much more cerebral, which comes in handy since the theme is zombies.  The story, by Scott T. Barsotti, really asks the question if you're loved one turned into a zombie, just how long could you go without killing them?  Sure, when we're at home watching those zombie movies, we laugh and chuckle, thinking we'd have no problem taking out our loved one if they were the undead and trying to eat us.  But if it REALLY was happening, would that decision be THAT easy?  I don't think so.  That is the main theme with The Revenants.  And due to the performances given here, especially by the two "living" characters, they show just how difficult it would be.
    With a much smaller cast this time out, and with only two of them being....alive, the cast did a great job showing the emotional attachments we get to people, whatever state they may be in.  Jenny Strubin brings out the emotional responses that we would feel, not wanting to admit that these undead creatures are no longer our loved ones.  Ryan Patrick Dolan really shines here as the one who the most rational thinking, but yet is still trying to drown his real thoughts and feelings about the situation.  Brian Amidei and Laura Hooper have the difficult role of the undead.  One might think that would be simple.  But they are able to still have enough humanity come across at times where you would question if they really are dead, or if there might be a little bit of your husband/wife still in there.
    As much as I hate to be cliché or get the puns out, this is really the best way to describe it: It's a zombie play with brains.
    Click HERE to get to the WildClaw website for all the details.

    After posting our last Mystery Photo, we started to think that we had already used that one before, but couldn't remember.  Happens when you get older.  But that didn't stop Aaron Christensen, Will Wilson, Mike Shields, and David Schmidt from sending in their correct answers anyway.  The shot was from the strange 1973 film A Bell From Hell.  If you haven't seen it, we recommend you trying to find a copy of it.  It will get the grey matter working upstairs, that is for sure.
    So here's a shot of our latest Mystery Photo.  I think I just might stump most of you on this one.  Let's wait and see.....
    As always,  just click HERE to send us an email with your guess.

    Don't forget that next weekend the 3rd Annual Sci-Fi Spectacular will take place at Chicago's Music Box Theatre.  The final movie lineup is listed below, with special guest Gary Lockwood in attendance.  For all the details about the marathon, just click HERE.  We'll be set up there so hope to see there for another fun-filled day of great movies.  Advance tickets are only $20, which gives you the chance to see some incredible films on the big screen.  And just because it's called the Sci-Fi marathon, don't be fooled.  There's enough horror in there to keep any horrorhound's appetite sated.

- The Incredible Shrinking Man - 12:10pm
- War of the Worlds - 1:45pm
- Planet of the Apes - 3:15pm
- 2001: A Space Odyssey - 5:30pm
- The Brother From Another Planet - 9:00pm
- Aliens - 11:15pm
- The Fly - 1:45am

    We have posted our review of a new independent film called The House of Black Wings.  Since we're usually not big fans of the lower budgeted stuff, we were a little nervous going into this.  But we were pleasantly surprised by it.  Head over to our Reviews section to learn more.

    Okay sure, just because we're writing for them doesn't mean that we're not sincere when we tell you that issue #17 just hit the news stands and it a great issue.  If you are a fan of Don Coscarellie's Phantasm series, then you will love their 30th anniversary look at this great series.  It's filled with tons of poster art and different collectibles from the series.
    Of course, there's plenty of other great articles in there as well, especially the Video Invasion articles by Matt Moore.  Being an old video hound, it's always so cool to see all those old covers that we used to see on the video store shelves, just collecting dust.  But Mr. Moore not only gives us a look at the covers, but he always gives us plenty of info on the company itself.  Always entertaining and informative.
    If you have trouble finding this magazine, you can always become a subscriber.  Just click HERE for more information.

4-26-09  BACK ON TRACK
    Things should be getting back to some sort of normalcy here at the Krypt.  While we are still working on doing some redecorating, we're hoping to have more time to spend  back on the site, as well as getting back to the movie watching.
    But I did want to take a second to say thanks to all of you out there that sent us an email of condolence about the passing of our dog, Renfield.  He was a 14-year old Siberian Husky and we knew his time was near.  But we all know, that doesn't make it any easier.  So getting those emails from our readers, with their stories and kind thoughts, it really meant a lot of me.  Thank you.
    As we always say at the passing of one of our favorite directors or actors, he will be missed, but not forgotten. 

    We have posted our reviews of David Gregory's Plague Town and the soundtrack for the Last House on the Left remake.  They are both available in our Review section.

    Cardiff was most known for his work as a cinematographer.  While most of his films were in the mainstream, he did work on a couple of genre films like Ghost Story (1981) and Cat's Eye (1985).  He also directed a few films as well.  But to me, he will be remembered for the last film that he did direct, which is the 1974 film Mutations (aka Freakmaker), starring Donald Pleasence and Tom Baker.  Truly a unique and original take on the mad scientist films, crossing humans and plants.  Always a good time.
    He won his first Oscar for cinematography for the 1947 film Black Narcissus, was nominated 3 other times before he was given an honorary Oscar in 2001.
    Our thoughts and prayers goes out to his friends and family. 

    After a brief sabbatical, we are back with a new entry in our Horror History lesson.  This time out, we want to introduce one of the men responsible for giving Hammer horror some of their most memorable monsters.  Head over to our Horror History section for this week's lesson.

    Yesterday, we set up at the latest film festival put on by the Horror Society, The Women of Horror.  The festival was featuring films that were either made by women, such as written or directed by, or that featured a strong female lead.  As always, we had a great time.  Even though the constant rain might have hampered some people not to make it out to the festival, there were still plenty of people there to have a good time.  More and more these Chicago shows really point out the fact that Chicago has a huge horror community that is growing stronger and larger every year.
    The Horror Society already has set their date for their next festival, July 11th, and the theme is going to be Summer Slaughter.  So we are looking forward to attending another fun time.  Mark you calendars and come out to have some fun, watch some good independent films, and support your local horror community.
    For more information about the Horror Society, you can visit them by clicking HERE.

    Yes, we're back folks with finally a new Mystery Photo.  But first, let's give some credit to those who picked up the big monster from The Giant Behemoth from our last photo.  Kudos goes out to Mike Shields, Hoby Abernathy, and Will Wilson.  For some reason, I thought there were a few more that got this one, but for some reason either lost their email or never saved it.  So if you did send in your correct answer, I apologize.
    So let's take a look at our latest photo and see what you can do.  Just click HERE to send us an email with your guess.

    Click HERE to check out the trailer for The Revenants, the latest production from Chicago's WildClaw Theatre, which is now playing at the Angel Island Theater.  For more details about the show, just click HERE to go to WildClaw's website.

    Not much of an update this week, due to the loss of our family dog.  But we did get our report posted, with the usual photos from our recent trip to the Cinema Wasteland show.  You can find them in the usual spot, in our Convention Reports, or just by clicking HERE.

    The first thing I hear after arriving at the Cinema Wasteland show last weekend, was the sad and terrible news of the passing of Lou Perryman.  Not just that he had passed away, but that he was murdered in what looks to be a completely random act of violence.  Perryman was suppose to appear at the Wasteland show that weekend.  But he just was at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Truly tragic.
    Of course, us horror fans not only know him as the loveable L.G. from Tobe Hooper's Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.  But he also worked on the original Chainsaw film as an assistant cameraman, as well as appearing in several other film, including a small party in Hooper's Poltergeist.  We had the chance to meet him a couple of times at the Cinema Wasteland shows when they held their Chainsaw reunions and he always seemed to have a great time and loved meeting his fans.
    As always, he will be missed, but due to his work in the horror genre, he never forgotten by us fans.  Our prayers and thoughts go out to his friends and family.

    Yes, we did survive two shows back to back, and it was a killer.  Sure, both shows were great and we had a blast each time.  But it can wear you down, that is for sure.  So at least, with this 3-day weekend with nothing to do except relax and enjoy the time off, it's nice to be able to do just that.  Of course, since we have so much to get caught up with the website and much for the relaxing part!
    We do have our review of the HorrorHound Weekend from a couple of weeks ago.  It was another great time and was amazed at how many people turned out for the show.  Recession or not, horror fans like to have their fun at these shows.  You can either head over to our Convention Reports section, or just click HERE.

CINEMA WASTELAND - While at the show last weekend, they have announced some of the guests that will be appearing at their October show (Oct. 2nd-4th - Make your plans now!).  B-Movie directors that made the lowest of the low budget films (but were sometimes damn entertaining) are coming to Wasteland in October.  First up is William Grefe, who directed films like Stanley, Death Curse of Tartu, Sting of Death, Mako: The Jaws of Death, and a few other choice classics.  Also there will be the man who brought us 250 pounds of Maniacal Fury in Criminally Insane, director Nick Phillips.  He also directed Satan's Black Wedding, Criminally Insane 2 and many more cult titles.  Next up is Joel M. Reed, who co-directed the infamous Bloodsucking Freaks, Blood Bath, Night of the Zombies, and more.
    Along with those guests, Wasteland will also be welcoming back Caroline Munro, best known for her roles in Hammer's Dracula 1972 AD and Captain Kronos, not to mention a James Bond film, and plenty of other genre credits.  Fellow Hammer alumni Martine Beswick makes her first Wasteland appearance this October.  Another Bond girl that worked on Hammer's Dr. Jeykll and Sister Hyde, Prehistoric Women, and many other great films.
    Other guests listed include Cerina Vincent, guests from the original Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead.  For all the details, head over to the Wasteland website HERE.
FLASHBACK WEEKEND - We seen that they have moved their show date back to October, though not sure why they would want to compete with all the other horror events going on, but they have announced a few more guests to their lineup.  Along with the previously mentioned Lance Henriksen, they have also added Tony Todd, Mercedes McNab, and local horror host Svengoolie.  I'm sure there's more to come.
    But the Flashback crew are also having a Slasher Night at the Midway Drive-In Theatre, where they will be screening While She Was Out, starring Kim Bassinger, and the recent remakes of Friday the 13th, and My Bloody Valentine.  This takes place on April 18th, with the gates opening at 6:30pm.
    For all the details about the convention and the drive-in event, just head over to their website HERE.
    We mentioned this before, but please make sure you make it out to the latest film fest from our friends at the Horror Society.  This time out, they are spotlighting films that were either written, directed, or produced by women, or have strong women in the lead roles.  They will screening both short films (like Phobia, Wretched, Side Effect, Death in Charge) and feature length films (Women Studies and Wicked Lake).  They will also feature guests from the films as well.  For all the details, head over to Horror Society's page by clicking HERE.  We'll be set up there in the lobby, so hope to see everyone there!

    Starting on April 20th, at the Angel Island Theater, WildClaw Theatre continues to bring horror to the stage with their latest presentations, Revenants.  As stated on their website, it's "a relationship drama....with zombies."  While we missed their first play, The Great God Pan, we did make it to their version of Lovecraft's Dreams of the Witch House, which we enjoyed quite a bit.
    WildClaw has consistently done a great job of bringing horror to the stage, giving the audience a memorable moment that will last a lifetime...even if it's not on DVD.  If you've never seen a live stage production and aren't really into the theater scene, but are a horror fan, I think you will be entertained.  Correction...I KNOW you'll be entertained.  These productions don't run that long, so don't wait....go out and get your tickets now.
    And don't forget that WildClaw is now accepting submissions for their Deathscribe 2009: The Second Annual International Festival of Radio Horror Plays.  If you missed out on the 2008 version, you can hear those on the WildClaw website.
    Click HERE to get to the WildClaw website for all the details.

    Chicago area film fans may want to check out a new series of screenings at Facets Multimedia starting on Saturday, May 2nd.  According to the website, they will be holding midnight screenings of cult films ranging from Street Trash, to Holy Mountian, to Quadrophenia, to Night of the Hunter, to Eat The Rich, and even George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead.  Each film will be followed with a lecture/discussion of the film that will be lead by one of the staff at Facets.
    Tickets are only $5 for each screening/lecture, or you can purchase a Night School Pass for $40 that will get you in to all the screenings.  These screenings are free to Patron Circle Members.  For all the details, film listings, dates and times, check out their website HERE.

    Okay folks, it's been a few weeks since our last update, which gave everyone time to try and get our last photo.  But we didn't get that many.  Of course, I honestly didn't expect any since I thought this was a pretty obscure title.  But kudos to those who did come up with the right answers.  And those people were Hoby Abernathy, Ryan Olsen, Michelle Hudceke, and Mike Shields.  The photo was from the Swedish movie Terror in the Midnight Sun (aka Invasion of the Animal People), or by it's Swedish name Lymdinvasion i Lappland.
    For this week's photo, we're still in the mood for some classic monster fun.  So take a look at this one and see what you can come up with.  As always, just click HERE to send us your answer.

    Director Fred Dekker must really be happy now that the 2nd lost classic film that he did is now making it's debut on DVD this October.  His other film, Monster Squad, was another much sought after film that finally made it's debut a couple of years ago with much fanfare.  This October, Sony Pictures will release Night of the Creeps in a director's cut special edition, that will contain the original ending.  According to Red Shirt Pictures Michael Felsher, they are "going balls to the wall with the special features."  We've always enjoyed this strange and wacky horror film and are tickled that it's finally making it's way to DVD.  With a lot of the cast still around and doing the convention circuits, I'm assuming there's going to be a nice documentary on the making of the film.  We'll see in October.

    And while on the subject of DVD's, we have posted our reviews of the two latest titles from Dark Sky Films: The She-Beast starring Barbara Steele and Ian Ogilvy, and The Centerfold Girls, starring Andrew Prine and Tiffany Bolling.  So head over to our Reviews section to see what we have to say.

    When you do 5-6 conventions a year, you are always meeting new dealers that you set up next to or that you just happen to meet during the show.  This last Cinema Wasteland, we were set up next to Terry from Screaming Brain Studio.  As you can see right away in his artwork, Terry has a very unique and twisted artistic talent.  With the amount of different variations of Freddy & Jason, Frankenstein and Dracula (not saying that is a bad thing), it's always cool to see something different.  So if you get a chance, check out Screaming Brain Studio's website HERE and check out his wonderfully demented artwork.  Tell him the Krypt sent you his way!

    If you're in either the Portland Oregon area, or Seattle Washington area, you can have the chance to attend the Deep Red International Festival of Fantastic Films.  They are spotlighting films from around the world, both old and new.  Titles like Frank Henenlotter's newest film Bad Biology, David Gregory's Plague Town, Jonathan Lewis' Black Devil Doll from Hell, and many more.
    For all the details, film lineups and guests attending, head over to the official website HERE.

    We finally have our links page updated, with a link on our Features page.  There's still a lot more work to be done, but we have gone through and cleaned up some of the cob-websites that were there, as well as adding a few more new ones.

    It might be a little while before our next update.  As we've been posting here, next weekend is the HorrorHound Weekend in Indianapolis.  Then the following weekend we'll be heading out to Ohio for the Cinema Wasteland show.  So with two shows back to back, we're going to be pretty worn out and it make take a while to get something up on the site.  We'll try to post something in between the shows, but no promises.

    Clint Howard had to cancel out of his appearance at the HorrorHound Weekend next week due to a change in his work schedule.  While this is a major bummer for us, we do understand that when the work becomes available, you got to do it.  I'm sure we'll catch him at another show eventually.
    But they had already added a new name to the list, and then even added a couple more when Howard cancelled.  The first one, I believe making his first convention appearance is Luke Goss, star of Blade 2 and Hellboy 2: The Golden Army.  We thought he did an excellent job in both of those movies, and think he's a great addition to the lineup.  Then they also added Amy Steel, the final girl from Friday the 13th: Part 2.  She's another guest that we've never met before over the years, so that will be another first.  And while on the subject of Friday the 13th, America Olivo who starred in the new remake, will also be attending the show.
    Don't forget that is only 1 week away, so we're hoping to see you there.  For all the details, guest lineup, and other info, just click HERE.

    Our last photo must have been a little tougher than we would have expected, since we didn't get all the usual suspects this time.  Only got the correct answers from Will Wilson, Hoby Abernathy and Cindy Allen, who were able to name the movie as Salem's Lot.  Have to say that I think that film still holds up today and next to TCM, is probably some of the best work that Tobe Hooper has done.
    But I think with this week's photo, I have a feeling I might stump the lot of you.  So let's see what we can come up with.  As usual, just click HERE to send us your answer.

    I know that people like us, that are very serious about being a horror fan, tend to have normal people frown upon us.  Thinking that we spend way too much time on something so meaningless to them.  But a buddy of mine (who will remain nameless to protect his identity and good name) told me of a forum for...ready for this....flashlight enthusiasts.  That's right, people.  There is a forum out there where people can post and discuss different types of flashlights.  And this apparently isn't a selective thing either, since some of those have posting in the several hundred thousands!  Yes, we said several hundred thousands.
    Now, we are not passing any judgment on those people, since we all know that what we are into is considered odd.  But I wanted to post this so that other horror nerds, nuts, die-hard fans, and scholars can feel a little bit better knowing that there are other people out there that are just as interested in something that normal society might find a little odd.
    So the next time you are the DVD store and start to wonder, "Do I really need another black t-shirt?  Shouldn't I stop all of this and get a life?"  Just least you're not collecting and discussing flashlights!
    And just in case if you think I'm kidding about this flashlight forum, just click HERE.

    This week's entry into our history lesson is an actor that probably everyone has seen before in a movie or two.  But maybe you just didn't know who he was.  Hopefully we can change that with this week's lesson.  Let's head over to the classroom and learn a little about actor Michael Gough.

    Little information is known about this new DVD company Mya Communications, but they keep announcing some great titles for us fans of Euro-horror.  On May 19th, they will be releasing Jorge Grau's The Legend of Blood Castle (aka The Female Butcher  aka Blood Ceremony).  Grau is known for his zombie film Let Sleeping Corpses Lie.  The disc will include a 1.77:1 anamorphic transfer, deleted and alternate scenes, original Italian opening credits and a still gallery.  While no where near as good as Sleeping Corpses, the film is still a fine entry into the Spanish horror genre.
    Severin Films will be releasing Nightmare Castle (aka Faceless Monster) onto DVD on May 19th as well.  While this film has been released previously on DVD, this is the first official release and will have a new HD transfer from an original negative, in it's original aspect ratio.  The disc will also feature a new interview with director Mario Caiano, as well as a featurette with star Barbara Steele.
    And now, since we've gone from Spain over to Italy, there's only one logical spot to stop for our next film....Wisconsin!  That's right folks, those out there that never thought this would be possible, MVD Entertainment is releasing a 2-disc special edition DVD of Bill Rebane's The Giant Spider Invasion.  This classic B-movie will now get it's share of the spotlight with a newly restored director's cut of the film, along with an interview with director Rebane, the original theatrical trailer, and audio commentary by the director as well.  Plus, even more of a bonus, there is also a rare 8mm version slide show!  All this for a mere $19.95.  Only in America, my friends.  Only in America.

    We have posted our report for last weekend's Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors convention, held last weekend in Chicago.  We got plenty of pics, so check it out.  You can either click HERE or head over to our Convention Reports page, located in our Features section.

    In the latest issue of Fangoria (# 282), they have brought back their Chainsaw Awards.  One of the categories is an entry for their Hall of Fame section.  But as I'm reading through their list of past inductees, I was shocked and amazed that the name Boris Karloff is not in there!  Sure, we have Vincent Price, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, but no Karloff, the biggest horror icon ever!?!?!?  Yea, I know Lugosi is not in there either, but let's tackle one icon at a time.
    So my goal is plain and very simple: To get Boris Karloff in to the Hall of Fame.  How do we do this?  Even easier.  Just click HERE to be taken to Fangoria's page about the Awards.  There is an email address ( where to send in your ballet.  They also have listed all of the other categories and what has been nominated.  So send them an email with your picks, and for the Hall of Fame entry, please put nominate Boris Karloff.  Next year, we'll get Lugosi in there, as well as a few other names that are sadly missing from there.

    Flashback Weekend has announced their first guest for this year's show.  The one and only Lance Henriksen.  A huge favorite amongst genre fans for his many films over the years.  From Omen 2, to Nightmares, Pumpkinhead, Aliens, the TV show Millennium, to one of our personal favorites, Near Dark, Henriksen always gives an incredible lasting performance.  So we are very excited at this announcement and are looking forward to the show.
    Keep in mind though that while the Flashback shows usually were held in the summer months, this year is has been moved back to October 23-25.  So please mark your calendars.

    And while on the subject of conventions, don't forget that the HorrorHound Weekend in Indianapolis is only two weeks away.  We'll be set up there and plan on having another great time!  Where else are going to be able to eat free White Castles and meet the immortal Clint Howard?!?!?  Of course, they have quite a few other guests as well, such as a Lost Boys Reunion, Adrienne Barbeau, Derek Meers, Bill Moseley, John Saxon, John Kassir, Jason Mewes, Doug Bradley, and many, many more.
    For all the details about the show, just click HERE, and hopefully we'll see you there!

    I know it's been a while since we've added a new name to our History lesson, but I think we have a good one this time out.  If you're a fan of British horror films, especially Hammer, then hopefully you already know this person.  If not, I'm sure you know his work.  Head over for this week's Horror History lesson by clicking HERE.

    Our last photo was from Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park....oh wait....wrong movie.  That was Roger Corman production of Carnosaur.  Well, I was close anyway.  Got quite a few names this time out that was able to spot this lesser dinosaur effort.  How can you go wrong with any dinosaur movie, right?  Right?  Kudos goes out to Hoby Abernathy, Don Crabtree, Aaron Christensen, David Schmidt, Mike Shields, and Will Wilson.  Nice job, people.
    So take a glance at our latest photo and see what you can come up with.  We'll even give you a didn't need to go to the theaters to see this one.  Just click HERE to send us your answer.  Even if you're sure, go ahead and give it a try.  As you can see, we don't list the ones that send in the wrong answers, so you have no worry of public embarrassment.  And sometimes, if I'm in a really nice mood, I'll even steer you in the right direction.  Good luck!

    Fangoria Graphix will be releasing the series of graphic novels that were created and written by Spanish horror icon Paul Naschy.  The series are based on his Waldemar Daninsky, the cursed werewolf.  The series are under the title Werewolf, with the first three volumes subtitled: The Return of the Werewolf, The Origin of the Curse, and The Silver Katana.  With incredible artwork by Javier Trujillo, the series will be available in both English and Spanish.

    If you were one of those that never made it out to the theaters to see My Bloody Valentine in 3-D (or if it wasn't playing in 3-D in your area), now you will have the chance to see it on our home screen.  On May 19th, Lionsgate will be releasing a standard DVD and a special edition DVD, as well as a Blu-Ray edition.  All three editions will have the film in both 2-D and 3-D, and will come with 4 pairs of glasses.  I wonder if the glasses from the theater will still work for these????
    The extras will include audio commentary from director Patrick Lussier and co-writer Todd Farmer, a making-of featurette, a featurette on the special makeup effects on the movie, deleted and extended scenes, and a gag reel.  The price tag is going to range from $30 to $40, depending on which version you want to get.
    In other DVD news that will make fans of Euro-Horror very happy, we've got some other announced titles coming out at the end of June.  Mya Communications will be releasing Joe D'Amato's Horrible & Sergio Martino's Island of the Fishman (aka Screamers).  Severin Films will be putting out Lucio Fulci's last film, Door Into Silence.  Redemption will be releasing Norman J. Warren's Prey and Robert Hartford-Davis' Black Torment.  And lastly, Midnight Choir will be releasing Umberto Lenzi's So Sweet...So Perverse.

    Got a few new reviews with this update.  In the DVD department, we tackled the newest release from Dark Sky Films, The Cremator.  Next up is the recently released Swedish vampire film, Let The Right One In, that has been making a name for itself every since it started hitting the festivals last year.
    And since we liked that movie so much, we decided to review the soundtrack for it as well, in our Soundtrack Review section.  Where we also reviewed the soundtrack from the latest entry in the Underworld series, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.

    While we've been helping out HorrorHound magazine here and there over the years with poster materials and different things, we now have officially joined their esteemed collection of writers.  Starting with issue #16, which is currently on the newsstands, we will be having a regular column in the magazine, featuring reviews of a double dose of classic films that you might want to check out.  Very similar to our "What to Watch" subject that we do now, but more of a detailed version.  If you've never checked out this magazine, I would highly recommend it, and not just because I am now involved.  We've been a fan since it started, which is why we are so proud and happy to be a part of it now.  Not to mention the fact that they also put on a extremely fun convention too.
    For more information on the magazine, click HERE.  For info on their conventions, click HERE.

    We had hoped to get a decent update this week, but we've been pretty busy trying to get prepared for the first big show of the year.  And that would be Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors show next weekend in Chicago.  They've got a pretty decent guest line up for a Chicago show, including some guests that have never been to this area.  So we're all hoping for a good turn out, not to mention just having fun being able to hang out with other horror fans.  So as always, if you are coming out to the show, please stop by our table and check in.  We always like to put faces to the names.
    For more information about the show, just click HERE.

    Our last photo was from the original The Thing From Another World.  Now some might have considered that one too easy.  But my reasoning for it was to hopefully spark a little fire into some of those out there that still hasn't seen the original version.  Sure, we'll familiar with John Carpenter's brilliant remake.  But the original, why no where near as graphic as the remake, is still a highly effective film and really is a must see for all fans.
    Got quite a few emails this time out with the correct answer.  Which shows me that there are still quite a few of us out there that know our classics.  Job well done.  The kudos goes out to Hoby Abernathy, Will Wilson, Mike Dudley, Mike Shields, David Schmidt, Don Crabtree, and our own Aaron Christensen.
    So take a look at our latest photo for another classic....well, sort of.  Click HERE to send us your answer.

    This week's entry, we take a look at one of the best Jack the Ripper movies out there.  Check out our blog HERE for more details.

    If you want to know when we've posted an update, scroll down to the bottom of this page (or just click HERE) and join our mailing list.  Then each time that we post an update, you'll get an email letting you know all the details.  It's pretty easy.  And don't worry, your email does not get given away, sold, or any other sort of distribution than what you're signing up for.

    We heard the news on the message boards that Robert Quarry has passed away this last Friday at the age of 83.  Quarry was known for his roles in a few AIP movies, such as Deathmaster, Sugar Hill, Dr. Phibes Rises Again, Madhouse, and his most well known films Count Yorga, Vampire and it's sequel The Return of Count Yorga.  It seemed that Quarry was all set to become the next AIP horror star, but then AIP decided not to make any more.  And since Quarry had signed a contract with AIP that he could only make horror films with them, he was left out in the dark.  Very sad, since he could have given us so much more.
    Quarry always had that special screen presence that grabbed hold of his audience.  His smooth look and voice, along with that stare, he could easy grab your attention.  Whether he was playing the bad guy, like in Sugar Hill or Dr. Phibes Rises Again, or the anti-hero in the Count Yorga films he did, he always left an impression.
    We had the great opportunity to meet Mr. Quarry at the Cinema Wasteland show back in April of 2005.  He was very friendly and love to talk about these old films.  But like we say every time with one of these passing, Robert Quarry may have passed away, but thanks to all the horror fans out there, he will never be forgotten.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family.

    We have posted our review of the documentary His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th.  I'm sure most fans have already picked up this.  But if you are still on the fence, check out our review to see some more reasons why you need to add this to your collection.  You'll find the review in our Reviews Section...where else?
    We also have also have posted our reviews of two new soundtracks: Christopher Young's score for The Uninvited and Ramin Djawadi's score for The Unborn.  You can find these in our Soundtrack Review section.

    Heard from a couple of familiar names this time out with our last Mystery Photo.  It was from Bob Clark's Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things.  I know this film is held with fond memory to a lot of fans.  I know I need to sit and give it a re-watch one of these days.  But kudos goes out to Hoby Abernathy, Don Crabtree, Mike Shields, Mike Dudley, William Wilson, and Steve Bejma.
    This week, we went with more of a classic film that I hope most people will know.  If not, for shame.  As always, just click HERE to send us your guess.

    The upcoming HorrorHound Weekend has had some guest changes over the last week or so.  Thomas Jane, Heather Langenkamp, and Tom Atkins have had to cancel to work coming available to them.  Sure, it sucks if you were really excited to see them, but you can't blame them for taking a job.  Same goes with blaming HorrorHound, or any convention for that.  It happens.  Deal with it.
    But they have added a guest that I personally makes up for all three of those cancelations.  And that would be the immortal CLINT HOWARD!  Oh sure, you think I'm jesting.  But Howard is in one of my all time favorite movies, the 1981 film Evilspeak.  Of course, he was also in films like Ticks, Ice Cream Man, and Carnosaur.  No matter what he's in, or how big of a role, Howard is always entertaining to watch.  So I for one, am very excited that Mr. Howard as been added to the HorrorHound lineup.
    For all the details about their upcoming show, as well as a full guest list, head over to their official site HERE.

    Also let's not forget that in two weeks, we will be starting our Kryptic World Domination Tour at the Fango's Weekend of Horrors, taking place March 6th-8th, at the Chicago Wyndham O'Hare.  They have a pretty decent guest lineup this year, such as George Romero, Tobe Hooper (making his first convention appearance at a Chicago show), Doug Bradley, Lamberto Bava, Ruggero Deodato, H.G. Lewis, and many, many more.
    So we're looking forward to a great time seeing all the Chicago regulars there.  As usual, we'll be set up in the dealer room, selling our wares of horror reference books, DVDs, and poster.  So make sure you stop on by and say hello.  Always looking forward to meeting fellow horror fans.
    For all the details and info about the show, just click HERE.

    What a great surprise to see that Horror 101: The A List of Horror Films and Monster Movies has been nominated for a Rondo Award under the Best Book of 2008.  Being a part of that book, I'm tickled to see that it has become that popular.  Of course, all the praise goes to Dr. AC himself, and all the contributors of the book.  So head over to the Rondo Awards website, by clicking HERE, and send in your votes in all the categories.

    It looks like Anchor Bay UK will be releasing the film that gives us the return of Coffin Joe.  Embodiment of Evil is the third film in his Coffin Joe Trilogy that started back in 1964 with At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul, followed in 1967 with This Night I Will Possess Your Corpse.   So over 40 years later, we finally get to see this trilogy come to an end.  From the trailer that is online, it looks pretty interesting.
    Anchor Bay UK has also acquired the rights to many other Coffin Joe titles, including the two we previously mentioned, but also The Awakening of the Beast, End of Man, The Strange World of Coffin Joe, Hallucinations of a Deranged Mind, Hellish Flesh, The Hostels of Naked Flesh and The Strange World of Mojica Marins!  There is nothing on their website other than a Coffin Joe Collection that has a release date of July 6th, 2009.  So who knows what it will consist of.  And hopefully we will get to see these get a release over here in the States as well.
    In other DVD news, Joe Spinell's The Last Horror Film will be getting a special edition DVD release on May 19th, thanks to Troma.  This was released already on DVD under the title Fanatic, but this edition seems to have quite a few extra goodies on it.  Such as the featurette My Best Maniac, which is a 30-minute conversation with Spinell's best friend Luke Walter.  There will also be an audio commentary by Walter and Tromo's Evan Husney.  Other extras include Buddy Giovinazzo's short Mr. Robbie (aka Maniac 2) starring Spinell, an interview with Maniac director Bill Lustig, and the original theatrical trailer.
    And thanks to the one and only Johnny Legend, we will be getting special editions of three classic titles.  The first one is 50th Anniversary Edition of William Castle's The House of Haunted Hill.  This disc will have a featurette where Legend will visit Haunted Hill and give a history of the film.  There will also be a profile of actress Carol Ohmart, with comments by Jack Hill.  The disc will also feature Vincent Price appearances on classic TV shows, original trailers and TV spots, as well as other Castle and Price previews.  For fans of both Vincent Price and William Castle, this special edition is a long time coming.
    Legend will also be releasing The Sadist, starring Arch Hall Jr. in the title role.  This disc will feature a new anamorphic 1.66:1 transfer, interview with Hall by Ray Dennis Steckler, Arch Hall Jr. Video Songbook, and trailers for The Sadist and other Hall films.
    The last film is a release of Tod Slaughter's 1936 film Sweeney Todd, on a double bill with Slaughter's film Crimes at the Dark House (1940).
    We're looking forward to all of these releases, especially the Castle one.

    For Chicagoland horror fans, here's a chance for you do a couple of things.  First off, you can help support Chicago's own horror theatre group WildClaw Theatre.  And secondly, you get to dress up as a zombie, bowl a few frames, and hang out with other like minded horror fans.  They will be having a Horror Queen Scream-off, Zombie-oke, the Ultimate Horror Movie Trivia contest, Zombie Beauty Pageant, and raffles with prizes.
    It takes places on Saturday March 14th, from 9pm to close, at Timber Lanes, 1851 W. Irving Park, Chicago.  The tickets are $20 in advance, or $25 at the door.  All the proceeds from this will go directly towards WildClaw's next production, The Revenants, by Scott T. Barsotti, directed by Anne Adams, which opens on April 20th at the Angel Island Theatre in Chicago.
    For more details about the Zombie Bowling, or the theatre company in general, just go to WildClaw Theatre's website by clicking HERE.

    Okay, so this isn't "horror" per say, but if you ask me, a few of the films listed sound like horror to me.  So whether your a fan of horror and / or sci-fi, then start marking your calendar, since May 9th will be the date for this years Spectacular.  It will take place from Noon until 2am at the Music Box Theatre in Chicago.
    The films they have listed so far are:  The Incredible Shrinking Man, War of the Worlds, Planet of the Apes, Brother From Another Planet, Aliens, and David Cronenberg's The Fly.  They will also be showing 2001: A Space Odyssey, with special guest star Keir Dullea in attendance (Horror fans will also remember that Dullea also starred in Bob Clark's Black Christmas).  There will also be vintage 35mm trailers, dealer tables, prizes, surprises, free energy drinks, and much more fun.  For more info, check out the Sci-Fi Spectacular MySpace Page HERE.

    Here's a few other titles of interests that the Music Box Theatre will be showing in their Midnight Movie series:
    Let The Right One In - Feb. 27th & 28th and March 6th & 7th
    Steven Speilberg's Duel - April 3rd, 4th, 10th & 11th
    Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead (with Lloyd Kaufman in person) - April 17th & 18th.
    The Shining - May 8th
    For all the details and a complete list of what they have on their Spring lineup, click HERE.

    We usually don't mention the Chiller Theatre shows here too often.  Over the last few years, they've turned more into a pop culture show than the horror show they used to be.  But with the recent guests that they have announced, we thought we at least needed to mention this.  If you are a fan of Italian horror, then you might want to start booking your trip.
    First off, and the main attraction is the 30th Anniversary Reunion of Lucio Fulci's Zombie.  Attending the show from that film are Ian McCulloch, Richard Johnson, Al Cliver, Ottavaino Dell'Acqua, makeup artists Giannetto De Rossi & Mirella De Rossi.  Of course, we know that McCulloch had been in a few other films like Contamination & Dr. Butcher M.D.  Al Cliver has been in quite a few films in just about every genre that Italy was making.  Richard Johnson was also in Beyond the Door, Island of the Fishman (a personal favorite of ours), and of course The Haunting.
    Also attending the show is a plethora of other Italian stars:
    Luigi Cozzi, director of Starcrash, Contamintion, The Killer Must Kill Again, among many others.
    House By The Cemetery Reunion: Giovanni Frezza (yes, that annoying little kid with the blonde hair) & Silvia Collantina (yes, the annoying little red-haired girl).  Frezza was in other films like Demons, A Blade In The Dark, and Manhattan Baby, while Collantina was also in Murderock and Big Alligator River.
    Zora Kerova, who was in Cannibal Ferox, New York Ripper, and Anthropophagus.
    Malisa Longo was in Fulci's A Cat In The Brain.
    Beatrice Ring starred in Fulci's Zombi 3 and Lamberto Bava's Graveyard Disturbance
    And lastly, Michael Sopkiw, who was in 2019: After The Fall of New York, Blastfighter, and Lamberto Bava's Devilfish.
    The show is on April 17th-19th.  Other horror related guests on the lineup so far include George Romero, John Amplas (Martin, Day of the Dead), Tom Atkins (The Fog, Halloween 3, Night of the Creeps), and many other guests.  For more information about the show and the rest of the guest lineup, click HERE.
    We're still trying to figure out if we can make it out there, since this is a huge draw for any fans of Italian cinema.

    Our photo from last week is from Paul Schrader's remake of Cat People.  While completely different than the original, it still packs one hell of a punch.  Especially for our buddy Ed Begley Jr. when he gets his arm ripped off by a black panther.  Good stuff there folks!  If you haven't seen it, check it out.  Those lucky ones that sent in the correct answer for this photo was Mike Shields, George Neilson, Hoby Abernathy, Doug Mitchell, Joe Parsins, and Will Wilson.
    Now check out our newest photo and see what you can come up with.  Just click HERE to send us an email with your answer.

    We have two new reviews posted with this update.  The first one is for an independent film called Nightmares.  The second one is for a Norwegian film called Cold Prey that had recently gotten a DVD release over here.  Check both of them out in our Reviews Section.

    We mentioned before on our website that Jess Franco was going to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award on the Goya Awards, which is Spain's version of the Oscars.  This took place earlier this month.  We wanted to post this video, even if you don't speak Spanish (which we don't), it's still very cool to see.
    First of all, the fact that Franco is getting a lifetime achievement award is amazing.  I think it's great that they are giving him credit for what he's done, even if some of the films are of....shall we say, lesser quality?  But none the less, for a guy to make close to 200 films in his career, with many of them being great films, he deserves this. 
    It was great to see him being introduced by cult icon Santiago Segura (Accion Mutante, Day of the Beast, Beyond Re-Animator).  Also having comments made by actor Jack Taylor (Count Dracula, Female Vampire), Ricardo Palacios (Blood of Fu Manchu), Antonio Mayans (Oasis of the Zombies, Mansion of the Living Dead).  They even showed a shot of director Alex de la Iglesia in the audience.  And also seeing his wife Lina Romay right by his side was also very touching.
    And lastly, I wonder when the Oscars are going to start showing clips with full frontal nudity shots in there???  Holy crap!  I think I'm going to have to move to Spain.
    We have posted the Youtube video on our Blog HERE, or you can go directly to the YouTube link HERE.

    The new issue of the best magazine covering Hammer Studios will be coming out next month.  The new issue, #22, will be covering the modern-day Dracula films, like Satantic Rites of Dracula and Dracula 1972 AD.  It will feature interviews with people like Caroline Munro, Christopher Neame and others.  There's articles on Alan Gibson, who directed the two modern-day Dracula films, as well as an article of the rock band Stoneground, the band that played at the beginning of Dracula 1972 AD.  You can pre-order it for only $9.95.  You can also pre-order issue #23, which comes out in September.  That issue will be concentrating on the Cornwall horror films, The Reptile and Plague of the Zombies.  You can pre-order both for only $20, postage-paid.
    For more information,  head over to their website for all the details by clicking HERE.  If you are a fan of Hammer Films, then you will love this magazine.  It's always chocked full of information about the movies and those who made them.

    This week, we are recommending the 1982 film The Sender.  To read more about it, click HERE to get to our blog.

    Nice to see our regulars were able to recognize our last photo, since it wasn't the most well known film.  Though, it would be nice to see some new names in here every now and then.  So go ahead and give it a try.  You never might be right?  So kudos goes out to Hoby Abernathy, Mike Shields, Will Wilson, Kevin Hart, and Michelle Hudecek for naming The Mad Butcher (1971), starring the one and only Victor Buono.
    So just click HERE and send us your guess on our latest photo.  This scene was always one of my favorites from this movie.  Let's see what you think.

    Okay, besides going to see My Bloody Valentine in the theater a few weeks ago to experience the 3-D effect, it amazes me why we still go to the theaters to see movies anymore.  Sure, it's great to get the real theater experience that you can only get at the theater.  Doesn't matter how big or expensive your home theater set up is, it just doesn't duplicate seeing the movie on the big screen.  But over the years, with DVDs coming out so quickly after the movie leaves the theater, and the DVDs getting to be about the same price as one single ticket, it makes me wonder why we even bother.
    To make it even worse for us horror fans, we know that when these films get released on DVD, it's going to have one of those two famous words that gets horror fans excited....Uncut or Unrated.  This sometimes is followed by a nice tag line like "Too Intense for the Theaters".  Doesn't matter if that footage is only a couple of minutes, they still got us.
    Earlier today while surfing the web, I came across this quote that was on Shock Till You about the upcoming Friday the 13th remake.  Co-Producer Andrew Form of Platinum Dunes is talking about the DVD release for their new remake, and stated:  "There will be an extended, unrated cut of the movie that's ten minutes longer."
Okay's where I'm confused.  As horror fans, we want to support these types of films in the theater, to support the studios that produce these films.  But when they keep releasing the DVD with more footage that we were going to see in the theater, along with the ticket prices constantly going up, it really makes it harder for me personally, to justify that expense.  I know that there's gore and intensity that our pals the MPAA won't let them get through with an R rating.  I know that the filmmakers are filming the harder stuff knowing they will be able to add it to the DVD.  Trust me, I'm all for that.  A few years ago, I remember Bill Moseley saying at a convention that the movies in the theaters are really an extended trailer for the DVD release.  He's 100% right.
    So my problem is that why should I pay $10 to go see an edited movie in the theater when I can wait 4 months and buy the uncut version, with all the other extras, for $15?  I do want to support these movies in the theater.  I want to show the studios that horror films are a marketable genre (like they didn't know this already???).  But it just makes my selection of what I do go to see in theater much more selective.

    Mark your calendar, Chicago fans.  April 25th, at the Portage Theater, the Horror Society will be hosting their next film festival, Women of Horror.  Their goal for this is festival is to "show the female side of the horror genre in a way that most of the horror fans are not familiar with."  So if you have a film that features a female in the lead, dominant role as opposed to the victim, or are a female director or producer, then contact the Horror Society for more information about submitting your film.
    The festival will start at 5pm to 12pm.  For more information about the festival, click HERE.

    We have a couple new reviews this time out.  The first one is for Dan Curtis' Dead of Night, a 70's made-for-TV anthology that has recently been released by Dark Sky Films.  We also have a review for a recent documentary that just came out on special makeup effects artists.  It's called Fantastic Flesh: The Art of Makeup EFX.  Well worth checking out.  But you can read all our thoughts on these to by heading over to our Review Section.
    We have also posted our review for the soundtrack for the new movie While She Was Out, starring Kim Basinger.

    Toby Wilkins, director of Splinter and the upcoming Grudge 3, has been added as a guest at the Chicago Fangoria Weekend of Horrors.  Don't forget folks, that show is just over a month away.  For more info about the show, just click HERE.  Hope to see you there.

    We have added another name in our on-going history lesson.  So head over to our classroom and learn about Alan Ormsby and why he is so important in Horror History.

    Okay this that last photo was a little easy.  I admit it.  But I figured I'd throw one of those out there every now and then to maybe get some new people sending in their guesses, figuring the other ones are too hard.  But other than our regulars, not too many new names this time out.  I would hope that everyone recognized the very first woman to die graphically on film, in H.G. Lewis' immortal Blood Feast.  A "job well done" goes out to Hoby Abernathy, Mike Shields, George Banks, William Wilson, and Kevin Hart.
    This one might be a little tougher, though the guy in the photo is pretty easy to recognize.  Let's see what you can come up with.  As usual, just click HERE to send us the email.

    Earlier last year, we reviewed Mike Baronas' tribute to Italian filmmaker Lucio Fulci with this DVD Paura: Lucio Fulci Remembered - Vol. 1 (see our review HERE).  Baronas has been selling this DVD online and at the many conventions that he has been appearing at last year.  But now, thanks to Tempe Video, you should have an even easier chance to pick up this great DVD.  If haven't picked this one up yet, don't wait.  It's chocked full of great interviews with tons of people from the Italian film industry.

    For this week's recommendation, we're going south of the border for a trip into the Mexican horror genre for Juan López Moctezuma's Alucarda.  For more info, head over to our blog by clicking HERE.

    A little while ago, we mentioned some upcoming documentaries that is being produced by Midnight Marquee and Longthrow Multimedia International, on different subjects like Robert Wise, Samuel Arkoff, and Hammer Studios.  We were fortunate enough to be able to be part of the one on Hammer Films while we were in Baltimore in the summer of '08.  For fans of Hammer Studios, both old and new, should find something in here to enjoy.  The newer fans will get a good history and background on the famous Studio That Dripped Blood.  But even the more experienced fan should enjoy seeing some of the Q&A footage that is incorporated into the documentary.
    I don't believe it's available for sale yet, but should be soon.  Their first disc, on Samuel Z. Arkoff, is available HERE.  But keep checking back with them for the Hammer title.  We will also try to mention it here as well.  They also have documentary on Robert Wise coming out as well.  Stay tuned for more info.

    First off, I need mention that early last week, my web provider was having email issues.  Which means there were emails that were sent to me but we never got.  I should have known something was wrong when I didn't get an email with the new Mystery Photo from reigning champion Hoby Abernathy.  So if there's anybody else that might have sent in their answer, or just sent me an email and never got a response, I do apologize.  If you send me an email and do not get a response within the next couple of days, it means that I never got it.  I seemed to be plagued by email problems, which seems to raise it's ugly head about ever 3 or 4 months.  So if you don't get a response, or it gets bounced back to you, please keep trying and let me know that there are issues so I can take it up with my provider.
    Now back to the photos.  Last week was from the classic film Trog, starring Joan Crawford, who was at the end of her career way before she agreed to star in this film.  Got quite a few emails with the correct answer on this one, so job well done everyone.  The lucky list consists of Hoby Abernathy, Mike Sheilds, Michelle Hudecek, Will Wilson, and Kevin Hart.
    Our latest photo is from one of the most important films in horror history.  So hopefully you get this one.  Just click HERE to send us that email.

    Here at the Krypt, we've been big fans of the late Don Dohler for quite a few years.  Dohler was a low budget filmmaker out of Baltimore that made some fun movies that were made with a lot of passion.  Dohler gave us such films as The Alien Factor, Fiend, Nightbeast, Galaxy Invaders, and a few other titles.  He also created the filmmaking magazine Cinemagic, which would inspire such people as Tom Sullivan, make up creator of Evil Dead.  And now, John Paul Kinhart's documentary, Blood, Boobs & Beasts will now see a DVD release from Troma Entertainment on Feb. 24th in a 2-disc edition that will also feature Dohler's film Nightbeast.
    This is a sad but heartfelt documentary that gives us Dohler's history and his current filmmaking productions.  Then partway through the filming, Dohler develops cancer.  It really is a must see for fans of low budget filmmaking, horror fans, and just movie fans in general.

    While on the subject of Don Dohler, we thought that we would use this time to recommend one of our favorites from him.  And that would be his first feature, The Alien Factor.  Check out our blog by clicking HERE for more info.

    Most serious horror fans agree that remakes, especially when coming from Hollywood, historically suck.  Sure, there might be an occasional good one, like Carpenter's The Thing or Cronenberg's The Fly.  For for every one of those, we get a dozen When a Stranger Calls.  But Hollywood remakes is something that we just need to accept and deal with.  But the brighter side is this, that on occasion, good things happen because of these remakes.  Case in point:  My Bloody Valentine.
    Back when they first announced a remake of My Bloody Valentine was going to happen, I was excited.  Why?  Simply because that meant that there would be a re-release of the original 1981 version on DVD.  Maybe this time it would have all the gore sequences that were cut out put back into the film.  And that is just what happened.
    And then there's the remake itself.  This time, being presented in a digital 3-D format.  From all reports we were hearing, this was going to blow away horror fans.  Sure, we've all heard that before.  But throughout the industry, reports kept coming through of the amazing 3-D effects that were being used, as well as the return of the 80's slasher feel, and plenty of blood and gore.  We knew that as much as we expected a disappointment, we didn't want to miss the chance to see this on the big screen with the 3-D effects.  So we caught an advance screening Thursday night.  Simply put, the film is awesome.
    Okay, not to say there's no flaws and it's a perfect film.  But first off, for a Hollywood remake, it blows away it's competitors.  We felt the 3-D effects were amazing, and not just used in the typical 3-D gimmick shots, but was well used throughout the film.  Then there's the gore.  Good Lord!  I can't remember the last time I seen that much gore in a big Hollywood film.
    So in case you haven't figured it out yet, we loved this remake.  We highly recommend you checking it out, and make sure that it is at a theater that is showing it in 3-D, since there are some showing it in the normal 2-D format.

    This is a name that you might not recognize, but you will mostly like be familiar with some of his work.  Purdom once was a stage actor, working with Sir Laurence Olivier's company.  He came to Hollywood in the 50's, but then ended up in Italy where his career flourished into the features that we remember him from.  Cult films like The Sinister Eyes of Dr. Orloff, Absurd, Night Child, Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks, City of the Walking Dead, and of course, Dick Randall's Don't Open 'Til Christmas, in which he not only starred in, but also directed.  For me personally though, I will remember him from Juan Piquer Simon's Pieces.
    Purdom passed away on January 1st, from heart failure.  Thanks to the recent Pieces DVD from Grindhouse Releasing, his work will live on.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family.

    Yesterday at Chicago's Portage Theater, we were at the Horror Society's B-Movie Madness festival and were happy to see so many Chicago horror fans fight the cold weather to come out to support this event.  Granted, I don't think they had expected to be as cold in the theater as it was outside, but that's a separate issue.  But it was so great to see all of these horror fans coming out and having a great time, despite the weather.  This shows just how dedicated we fans are.  We support our own.  Major kudos to Mitch, Brian, Bryan, Kirsten, Coye, and everyone else from Horror Society for putting this event on.  We had a great time talking movies all night, and are looking forward to their next event.  Stay tuned for more details.

    If you do live in the Chicago area, next weekend at the Portage Theater, they are screening some of the classic Universal Horrors there.  Starting at 6pm, they are screening the original Wolf Man, starring Lon Chaney Jr.  Then at 7:30pm, they are showing Frankenstein with Boris Karloff.  At 8:45pm is Dracula with Bela Lugosi.  And then finally at 10:10pm, they are screening The 7th Faces of Dr. Lao.  Not sure how that title fits in there.  For more info, just check out the Portage Theatre website HERE.

    Only got one correct answer for last week's Mystery Photo.  If you were one that was watching a lot of videos (especially the ones in the big boxes) then you probably seen this film.  The film was Breeders (1986) and is filled with some gooey rubber make up effects and plenty of T&A.  Gotta love the 80's.  Will Wilson was the only one to come up with this one.  So our next film is a little easier.  Maybe.  Check it out and let us know what you think, by click HERE and sending us that email.  Good luck.

    We're back this week with another entry in our little horror history lesson.  This week, we take a look at Filipino director Eddie Romero.  Head over to our Horror History section to learn a little bit more about this important director.

    And while on the subject of Eddie Romero, this week's film recommendation is for his 1973 film The Twilight People.  Is it a great film?  Not by a mile.  Is it entertaining?  You bet!  This film is a twist on Most Dangerous Game and Island of Dr. Moreau.  Click HERE to find out more.

    This April, Dark Sky Films continue to unleash some great and important films onto DVD.  They will be releasing She-Beast (1966), which stars Barbara Steele, Mel Wells, and Ian Ogilvy.  But more importantly, this is the first feature film directed by a 23-year old Michael Reeves.  He would direct only two more films before his untimely death in 1969.  The later of those two, Witchfinder General, is one of the best movies on that subject and is a must see for all horror fans.  She-Beast may not be the best of this filmography, but as it's interesting to see this young and talented director's first work.  This disc will feature a newly 16x9 enhanced widescreen transfer from original vault material, and with audio commentary by actors Steele & Ogilvy, and producer Paul Maslansky.


    Centerfold Girls (1974) stars cult favorite Andrew Prine as a psycho killing off young women who have posed for men's magazines.  You really can't go wrong with a Prine movie, especially with co-stars like Tiffany Bolling, Aldo Ray, and Ray Danton.  This DVD will also feature a new uncut transfer from the original camera negative, as well as a featurette that will have interviews with Prine, and co-stars Francine York and Jennifer Ashley, and producer Arthur Marks.
    Both discs with have a retail price of $14.98.

    The boys at HorrorHound have added a few names to their Indianapolis show, taking place on March 27th-29th.  Thomas Jane, star of The Mist and Deep Blue Sea, has been added to the lineup.  Also on the list is Chris Carnel, who plays the minor in the remake of My Bloody Valentine.  There's a few other names added as well.  So to get the full lineup, check out the website by clicking HERE.

1-11-09  WELCOME TO 2009!
    Sorry for the delayed update, but we decided to take a week off after the grueling holiday times.  It was a nice break, but we're glad to be back to the site.  This year looks very promising for us as well as the horror genre.  There's a few big movies coming out in a few weeks that will either put the genre back in the limelight, or just bury it another foot deeper in the ground.  We're hopeful, but cautious.
    We also are looking forward to another year of having great times at the conventions and horror related get-togethers that we attend throughout the year.  Building the horror community, whether in your own hometown or making friends and connections around the world, is the best way to learn more about the movies and the genre in general, as well as being able to 'talk shop' with horror fiends, both new and old.  So let's start making our plans for another Kryptic World Tour, 2009 style.

    Next Saturday, the 17th, we'll be heading to Chicago's Portage Theater for the Horror Society's B-Movie Madness.  Can't think of a better way to start out the new year than getting together with other horror fans and enjoying some low budget horror.
    One of the films playing there is our buddy John Pata's Better Off Undead (see our review HERE), which is the best low budget zombie movie we've ever seen that was made in Wisconsin.  Pata will be there for the screening and Q&A, plus plenty of other fun stuff going on.  There will be a few dealers there, including us.  So head on out next Saturday for some good low budget fun.
    For more details, just click on the graphic to the right.  Tickets are only $10, so don't delay.

    What a way to start the new year then sitting down to a Jess Franco movie.  Not only did we sit down and watch his film The Screaming Dead, we then watched it again, under the title Dracula, Prisoner of Frankenstein.  We are professionals here....don't try this at home.  Head over to our Reviews section to check it out.

    This January 19th will be the 200th birthday of Edgar Allan Poe, one of the greatest American writer.  According to IMDB, there has been 201 movies based on his work.  And that's not counting the ones that were just "inspired" by his work.  God only knows how many people that his work has influenced over the  years, in all sorts of mediums, whether it be in writing, film, or other visual arts.  So even though that we all know that horror is still not given the credit it deserves, the fact that Poe work is taught in schools (at least the ones that I went to), it just shows the power of his work.
    So if you're planning on having a Share the Scare event with some friends, and are pondering, weak and weary over a quaint and curious movie of forgotten lore, why not break out some of the many titles that are based on his work.  I know that just with Roger Corman alone would fill out an entire evening with some great pieces of cinema.
    Happy Birthday, Mr. Poe.  And thank you for your legacy.

    Starting in theaters Friday the 16th is the remake of My Bloody Valentine.  As much as we really don't look forward to Hollywood remakes, we have heard nothing but great things about this movie.  It promises to be a great throwback to the 80's slasher films, not to mention being pretty gory.  Plus, if you have the opportunity to see the film in the 3-D format, it is suppose to be even better.  Usually we would avoid these types of remakes just as a general rule.  But I think we are going to have to take the chance to hope for the best.
    Plus, there is going to be an early advance screening of the film in selected theaters.  Just click HERE, put in your zip code and it will show what theaters it will be playing at around you.  But there will be a special late night screening of the movie on Thursday the 15th.  So make sure you put in that date if you want to catch the advance screening.
    And while we're on the subject of this movie, don't forget that the original version is being re-released on DVD next Tuesday in it's uncut version for the first time!  This is one double dip that we are more than happy to take.

    Fangoria has announced that they will be bringing back their sister magazine Gorezone, which ceased publication back in the early 90's.  Now, we are all for more horror magazines.  But we're a little confused why anybody would want to start a 2nd publication with the way the economy is.  According to Fango, this new version of Gorezone will feature "the best in underground, independent, and international horror cinema, along with expanded coverage of the latest horror comics, dark musick, lifestyle, and more".  Is it just me or does this sound they're trying to do what Rue Morgue is already doing?  Maybe they should concentrate on the magazine they currently have instead of re-inventing a new one.

    What a sad way to have our first update of the new year have a message of someone's passing.  Cult filmmaker Ray Dennis Steckler passed away Wednesday, January 7th.  He was 70 years old.  Steckler was most known for his film Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies, but also had made other films like The Thrill Killers and Rat Pfink A Boo Boo.  There wasn't a part of the filmmaking process that Steckler didn't know.  Sure, he might not have been a high class talent, but he could get films made.  And after watching a Steckler film, you could guarantee that you'll never see another one like it.

    For this week's recommendation, we are going to a movie that is now 20 years old.  Can't believe it's been that long, but if you haven't seen it, you're in for a real treat.  To find out what movie and for our full blog on this movie, just click HERE.

    Since we missed our update last week, we gave you even more time to come up with an answer to our last photo.  Must not be too many 80's slasher fans out there.  The film was from Sorority House Massacre.  Kudos goes out to Will Wilson and Hoby Abernathy.  Have to give you credit since that was a tough one.  So check out our latest and see what you can come up with.  Just click HERE to send us that email.

    Being a fan of horror movies and hot sauces, there's no better place to combine those two favorites than Haunted Hot Sauces.  We just love their Ghoul Drool, plus their packaging is unbelievable.  Great idea for gifts.  But now they have added a new flavor to their menu.  They have teamed up with legendary punk guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein (formally of The Misfits and currently Gorgeous Frankenstein) to deliver Doyle's Made In Hell Hot Sauce.  For more information about it, along with the other cool stuff from Haunted Hot Sauce, just click on the graphic to the right.  And take some time to browse our their website.  They have all sorts of cool things there.