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    While this year has been a very long and tough one to get through, we're almost there and are very looking forward to start next year on fresh ground and on the right foot.  While we're still trying to get started on our Year End recap, we just wanted to post a little remind to make sure that you don't forget what really is important over the holidays.  It is not the gifts or the food or all the different reasons that we are suppose to be celebrating this time of year.  What is important is simply the people around you, most especially your friends and family.  They are the ones that make all of this crazy ride all worth while.  And it is so easy to forget that throughout the year, with so much stupid and petty crap that gets in the way.  So make sure you let those special people in your life that count know just that.

    Italian actress Barbara Bouchet (pictured to the right) has just been announced as a guest at next April's Cinema Wasteland show.  She made quite a few giallos in her day, especially one of our favorites, Lucio Fulci's DON'T TORTURE A DUCKLING.  But she also appeared in films like BLACK BELLY OF THE TARANTULA (1971), AMUCK (1972), THE FRENCH SEX MURDERS (1972), and THE LADY IN RED KILLS SEVEN TIMES (1972).
     She is just another name that is a first time guest at the next Wasteland.  If you're a fan of Italian giallos, then you definitely want to be there since they already have Sergio Martino, who made a few of those in his day!
    For all the information, just click HERE.

    While on the subject of Alberto de Mendoza, how ironic that we had been working on our review of Severin's new blu-ray release of HORROR EXPRESS.  But now, I guess in tribute to him, we have posted our review.  Just head over to our Reviews section to get all the details.

    Just like the saying goes, it seems to come in 3's.  This week , we have lost three names from the horror / sci-fi genre.  While they might not have been huge names, we felt that we needed to mention of them.  The first one was Susan Gordon, daughter of director Bert I. Gordon.  Susan appeared in some of her father's films, such as ATTACK OF THE PUPPET PEOPLE (1958), TORMENTED (1960), and PICTURE MOMMY DEAD (1966).  She also appeared in many TV shows, including a very memorable episode of The Twilight Zone entitled The Fugitive.  She passed away last Sunday at the age of 62, losing her battle with cancer.  We had met her a few years ago at a show that she was attending with her father, Mr. BIG.  Such a friendly and kind person that we had a great conversation with her, even though we had really come there to see her dad.
    The second one was an actor we had just recently watched in HORROR EXPRESS.  His name is Alberto de Mendoza and was a big star in the Spanish film industry.  He was 88 years old when he passed away this last Monday.  While he didn't make too many horror films, he did work in Italy for some time, making two great genre films there with two of its top directors.  They were Lucio Fulci's A LIZARD IN A WOMAN'S SKIN (1971) and then Sergio Martino's THE STRANGE CASE OF MRS. WARDH (1971), starring the lovely Edwige Fenech.  While watching HORROR EXPRESS, we were always amazed at how much his character, with the long hair and beard, that he looked like Paul Naschy.
    And lastly, we just came across this earlier today, it seems that Don Sharp, a director who worked for Hammer Films on a few films, passed away earlier today.  Sharp had directed WITCHCRAFT (1964), CURSE OF THE FLY (1965), DARK PLACES (1973) and the cult favorite PSYCHOMANIA (1973).  For Hammer, he gave us more action/adventure and dramas than horror, but all entertaining.  Those titles are: THE KISS OF THE VAMPIRE (1963), THE DEVIL SHIP PIRATES (1964), THE FACE OF FU MANCHU (1965), and RASPUTIN: THE MAD MONK (1966)
    Sure, these names and faces might not be the ones that are known by everyone, but their input in the genre is what is important to us fans.  And for that, they will be remembered by us, and for the future fans to come.  Our thoughts go out to their friends and family.


    Yes, our classroom is still open.  Nothing of this holiday break crap!  So don't be late and get over to the classroom to learn about an icon in the Spanish movie business.
    As a reminder, the reason for this section of the site is to help point out certain people that we feel need to be not only remembered, but appreciated for their work in the genre.  Some of these people, both alive and dead, made some sort of significant contribution to the genre that we love so much.  And because we are all student of the genre, it is our duty to remember these people and their work.  We are the historians.  We are the ones that pass this knowledge on to the next generation of fans.  Because if we let the memory of these people go and the work they did, it was all for nothing.
    So please...spend a few minutes in our classroom and learn who these people are and the work they gave us.  You never just might stumble across your newest favorite movie in the process.  Stranger things have happened.

    Our photo from last week was from HORROR EXPRESS, oddly enough the same movie that we have just posted our review for.  Coincident?  Who knows what inspires me to come up with a certain photo.  Though, those that no me usually can have a pretty good idea!  But kudos goes out to the following for sending in the correct answer: Hoby Abernathy, Aaron Christensen, Steve Sapsfor, David Schmidt, Mike Shields, and Wayne Teeter.  Well done!
    This week's photo might be a little tougher to crack.  I'm sure that if you've seen the movie, you just might remember it.  At least I hope so.  If you haven't seen it, then you can always add another title to your Need-to-Watch list.  Just click HERE to send in your answer.

    The great thing running a website with several people helping out is when there is a mistake made, you can always find someone to blame.  But when you're the only one running the joint...makes it kind of harder.  Anyway, we mentioned that we had posted our review of "Ti West's" movie STAKE LAND.  As we all know, the movie was directed by Jim Mickle, not Ti West.  So we apologize for that little bit of misinformation, and it has been corrected.

    In another couple of weeks, 2011 will be coming to a close.  This has been an interesting one to say the least.   It definitely had its ups and downs, but I can honestly say that I'm glad it almost over and looking forward to next year.  We will be working on our detailed Year In Review over the next couple of weeks, going through all the movies we've watched, the conventions that we've attended, and all the other stuff that made this year so interesting.

    Down to our last few weeks until our 2nd Tour-of-Duty in the Kryptic Army has been completely, with plenty of soldiers making it through some tough battles, especially last month.  Almost lost a few of you on that one.  So that means after the first of the year, we'll be drawing the winners of this year's soldiers who have fought hard throughout the year.  And we've got some good ones too!
    Hopefully everyone will be ready to sign up for another tour next year as well.  We've got plenty of more interesting themes and movies to discover, so hopefully you'll be in the trenches with us again.  And if you know anyone who might be wiling to fight along side of you, make sure you tell them about the Army and get them to join.  We could always use more soldiers.

    Some of the conventions that we attend on a normal basis every year have added a new guest or two that we wanted to mention.  We recommend all of these shows since we always have a good time there.

  • Cinema Wasteland - They have added cult actor Bo Svenson to their April lineup.  From playing the creature in Dan Curtis' FRANKENSTEIN to the twisted NIGHT WARNING, to Ovidio Assonitis'amazing AMOK TRAIN (aka BEYOND THE DOOR 3) to the tons of action films that he appeared.  Looking forward to seeing this guy.  For all the info, click HERE.

  • HorrorHound Weekend - They are continuing adding more and more guests to celebrate their Women in Horror them by adding names like Julie Adams, Heather Langenkamp, and Marilyn Burns.  But they have recently announced the addition to Pam Grier!  Being a huge fan of Eddie Romero's TWILIGHT PEOPLE, this has made me very excited.  For all the information on this show, just click HERE.

  • Flashback Weekend - Chicago's longest running horror convention has just started to announce their guests for their show next summer.  Looks like they are doing a Women of FRIDAY THE 13th since announcing Adrienne King, Amy Steel, and Kimberly Beck.  Just click HERE to get to their website.

    We finally have gotten our review done and posted of Jim Mickle's incredibly entertaining and well made vampire movie.  Head over to our Review section to read our full report.

    On one hand, I'm very shocked and disappointed to find only a few people that knew last week's photo.  I'm hoping it was more that you just didn't recognize it as opposed to never seeing it before.  The film in question is Robert Wise's THE HAUNTING.  And no, not that piece of garbage remake that was made in the '90s either.  If you haven't seen this movie, then you really must seek this out.  It really is one of the best haunted house movies ever made.  And if you're participating in our Kryptic Army, then this is a great title to add to your agenda.  But we did get a few that identify the movie correctly and they were: Hoby Abernathy, Aaron Christensen, Dave Friedman, Steve Sapsford, and David Schmidt.  Well done!
    Now lets get to our latest pic.  We figured since the weather has been getting quite a bit colder, at least here in the Midwest, we thought we'd dig this one out of the ice for you.  Just click HERE to send in your answer.  As always, good luck.

    I'm sure this is old news by now, but cult filmmaker Ken Russell passed away last Sunday (Nov. 27th) following a series of strokes, according to his son.  Russell was known for the strange and often controversial films that he made such as THE DEVILS, starring Oliver Reed and WOMEN IN LOVE, another Reed performance that had him wrestling in the nude with Alan Bates.  But he also did the musical TOMMY for The Who.  In the horror genre, besides THE DEVILS if you want to include it, he also directed GOTHIC which was the tale of the famous weekend where Mary Shelly would write her famous story about the mad doctor and the creature he creates.  He also did LAIR OF THE WHITE WORM, which stars a young Hugh Grant and is entertaining.
    The real shame is that in his later years, it was nearly impossible for Russell to get any projects funded.  It is another one of those sad cases where it takes a filmmaker to die before all these high praises come out about his work.  Where was all of this when he wanted to make another movie?
    Our thoughts go out to his friends and family.

    We have posted our little report on the films that we endured during last week's annual festivities.  Hard to believe that next year will be our 10th Anniversary marathon.  Going to have to make it something even more special.  To read our report, along with our reports for the past 8 years, just click on the link to the left and enjoy.

    For those that are looking for the perfect gift for the horror fan out there, or if you want to get a great deal on for your own holiday present, then now is your change.  Tim Lucas, the author of the massive tomb Mario Bava: All The Colors Of The Dark, is having a sale on this book.  Normally, this retails for $260 (not including shipping), but if you order this before December 10th, they are taking $100 off the price plus FREE SHIPPING!  That means for only $160, you can have this incredible book delivered right to your door, and have it in time for the holiday.  Yea, I know what you're thinking....$160 for a single book seems pretty steep.  But trust me, once you see how big this thing is, not to mention all the information and photos in this thing, it really is worth every single penny.  Not to mention that this will only go up in value, so it makes a great investment.
    So you only have 6 days left to take advantage of this deal.  Just click HERE and order your copy today!

    While the Halloween season is over, it doesn't mean that there might not be some cool things happen at one of Chicagoland's favorite theaters.  There's a couple of titles that will be having midnight screenings coming up that we thought worth mentioning.  Ridley Scott's ALIEN will be showing on Dec. 30th, while Lucio Fulci's HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY will be screening on 20th and the 21st.
    But also, director Ti West will be appearing in person to screen his latest film THE INNKEEPERS, which looks to be a great new ghost story.  The film starts in normal release on Feb. 3rd, but West will be there on that opening day for a Q&A, as well as a special screening of his last film HOUSE OF THE DEVIL right afterwards.  We have such high hopes for INNKEEPER, and just loved HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, so we highly recomend any Chicago horror fans to make sure you check out this event.  For all the details, head over to the Music Box's website by clicking HERE.

    Well, it seems our last photo was bit more of a brain teaser than I thought it would be.  Maybe the character from this movie got to a few of you out there.  The movie is BRAIN DAMAGE, from cult filmmaker Frank Henenlotter.  We did have a couple that were able to recognize the movie, so kudos goes out to Steve Sapsford and Will Wilson.  Nicely done!
    This week's entry might be easy for some...and maybe not so easy for others.  But we hope that a lot of people get this and know what movie it is from.  I'm sure if you are able to name the movie, you'll be in the winner's club....and you won't walk there alone.  Just click HERE to send us your answer.  Good Luck!

    For the 9th year in a row, I have survived an onslaught of cinematic madness.  Hard to believe we've been doing for this for this long, but I know it has something to do with having moral support of fellow film fans that want to put themselves through the test of turkeys as much as I do.  While we didn't set a new record for the number of films (though we did tie last year's total of 7 films), we did set the record for number of attendees.  Joining returning from last year was Craig Clark, Joe Wallace and Jen, and the ever present Aaron Christensen.  My son Nick was there later on during the marathon once he got home from work.  And taking a break from the kitchen every now and then was my wife Dawn, though with the amount of amazing food that she made for everyone, it is amazing that she had any time, not to mention that if the movies didn't kill us, the copious amount of food that we all ate would have!  But making his Turkey Day debut was fellow Chicago film fan Jason Coffman.  And I have a sneaking suspicion that he may be back next year!  So that gave the total count of 8 people this year.  Like mold, it just keeps getting growing and growing.  Even better is when I hear that I have inspired other film fans to start their own Turkey Day Marathons on Black Friday as well.  Maybe some day we can make this a official holiday!
    We will have our official report posted soon, but here is the official lineup from Turkey Day 2011: NIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST (1958), CURSE OF THE SWAMP CREATURE (1966), THE X FROM OUTER SPACE (1967), THE MONSTER THAT CHALLENGED THE WORLD (1957), HORROR OF THE BLOOD MONSTERS (1970), THE KILLING OF SATAN (1983), and lastly THE ASTRAL FIEND (1976).

    This announcement got us very excited.  The Chicago Cinema Society will be hosting a special event at the Portage Theater where they will be screening two films from two of most inventive filmmakers ever to pick up a camera.  On December 17th, at 7:30pm they will screen director's Alejandro Jodorowsky's SANTA SANGRE from a rare 35mm print.  Well known in the cult film circuit, SANTA SANGRE is an amazing film filled with incredible visuals that you will not forget.
    At 9:45pm, they will be screening an animated short film by Robert Morgan entitled BOBBY YEAH, which won Best British Film at the London Animation Festival and Best Animated Short at teh Fantasia International Film Festival.  This will be the Midwest premiere.
    But then at 10:10pm is another Midwest Premiere, of director Alex de la Iglesia's THE LAST CIRCUS, again screened from a 35mm print.  Cult fans are well aware of de la Iglesia's films, like ACCION MUTANTE and DAY OF THE BEAST.  His latest film has nominated in over a dozen categories at the Goya Awards (Spain's version of the Oscars), including Best Film.  If you are familiar with de la Iglesia's work, then you know you'll want to catch this rare opportunity.  And if you're not familiar with this work, this is a great time to change that.  Just click HERE to see the trailer for THE LAST CIRCUS.
    For more information, head over to their Facebook page HERE or their event page HERE.  No matter what, make sure you check out this event.  This is the first that we've heard of the Chicago Cinema Society and so far, we love what they are doing.

    And speaking of Chicago, get ready for Terror In the Aisles 10, with special guest Kane Hodder.  Taking place next Saturday (Dec. 3rd), once again at the Portage Theater, they will be screening 3 films that Hodder stars in, plus one more special feature.  The doors open at 5pm, with Adam Green's HATCHET staring at 6pm.  Up next is Hodder's first appearance as Jason in FRIDAY THE 13th PART 7: THE NEW BLOOD which starts at 7:30pm.  After this film, Hodder will be doing a Q&A session.  Then at 9:30pm, they will screen the unrated version of HATCHET 2.  Then lastly, to end your night of horror, check into the MOTEL HELL, which will be starting at 11:30pm.  Hodder will be signing copies of his book Unmasked in the lobby.
    As always, there will be vendor tables, prizes, live charity auction for Vital Bridges, and more surprises.  Tickets are $15 at the door, or $13 presale prices, which you can get through

    While we still have two convention reports that we need to get written and posted, we have finished our write up / report of this years Music Box Massacre 7 that took place last month.  We didn't have our camera this year so we don't have any many photos as we usually do, so we apologize up front.  Head over to our Convention Report section or just click HERE.

    Back in September when we made our little Vacation of the Dead trip, one of the places that we stopped was the Evans City Cemetery, where the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD was filmed.  Anybody who  has seen the movie (which should be everyone reading this) knows the little chapel or small building at is in the beginning of the movie, where Johnny and Barbara park their car.  Over the years, this building has become in a state of disrepair and the cemetery is thinking of tearing it down.  Gary Streiner, brother of Russ who played Johnny, who also worked on the original movie, has started a fund raising project to Save The Chapel.
    Now, up until our trip in September, I've never been one on visiting movie location sites.  But after being in that cemetery where one of my favorite movies was filmed, the feeling was indescribable.  Standing there, in the same spot where they were standing some 40+ years ago, in front of the same chapel and the same tombstones....let me say that it was pretty damn cool.  But even then, you could see how run down the little building is and that it doesn't look like it will be here much longer.  And if you had EVER thought of visiting that cemetery, being able to see that chapel just adds to the memories, mainly since it is so mem.  So it must remain there!
    So that is where all of you movie fans can come into play.  Gary Streiner is trying to raise enough money where they can fix this chapel so it can remain there for years to come, so more and more fans can make the pilgrimage to see where this iconic movie was filmed.  All they need is a little bit of cash.  I know that the holidays are here and we all don't have money falling out of our pockets.  But if all the fans out there were able to throw in a few dollars, it can all add up.  I know that there are a lot of other more worthy causes out there to support, but this one is for the horror fans.  So if you can send in something, even if it is just $5, every little bit helps.  They have an official site up called Fix the Chapel as well as a Facebook page.  Check them out, read the details, and see if there is something you can do to help out.  As horror fans, I think this is one thing that we need to keep going for future horror fans to be able to make that trip and experience the same thing we did a couple of months ago.

    As much as it amazes me on some of the movie titles that get released on DVD, it amazes even more so when certain titles have their soundtrack released!  So needless to say when I seen these two titles were getting a release, it blew me away.  BEYOND THE DOOR (aka CHE SEI?) is one of my favorite movies that were 'inspired' by THE EXORCIST, if only because I remember watching this as a kid and having it scare the crap out of me.  DigitMovies will be releasing a score that features 19 minutes of music that has never been released of Franco Micalizzi's score.
    And if that didn't just make your day, DigitMovies will also be releasing another fan favorite of Assonitis' films, TENTACLES, by composer Stelvio Cipriani.  This CD will not only have 38 minutes of music that had been previous released, there is also a new 16 minutes of material and alternate takes that will be coming out for the first time.  How could you go wrong about a movie about a giant octopus battling two killer whales?  So you know that score is going to redefine EPIC!  Well...we think so.
    For more information about these scores, plus plenty more, head over to Screen Archives Entertainment for tons of great titles.


    Okay kids, today's lesson is about a filmmaker from Wisconsin.  Yea, I know...who makes films in Wisconsin?  But you'd be surprised what talent might just come out of that state!  Plus, since it is just past Turkey Day, this would be a great time to put some attention to this filmmaker.  So head over to the classroom and discover a B-movie filmmaker who is quite a character.

    I thought our last photo would stump everyone, but am thrilled to see that a couple people were still able to come through on this.  Granted, I'm wondering if anybody enjoyed the movie when they watched it as much as I did.  The movie is THE VELVET VAMPIRE, which has one hell of a cool looking poster.  Unfortunately, looking at the poster for 90 minutes is a lot more entertaining than the actual movie!  But none the less, kudos to the following for sending in the correct answer: Chris Kinniery and Stephen Sapsford.
    So let's get to this week's photo.  Something a little different and a little more messier.  Take a peek at this scene and see if anything comes to mind.  Just click HERE to send in your answer.  As always...Good Luck!

    Don't worry, we're not selling out, filling our site with ad banners all over the place, blindly promoting whatever is new.  Our sponsor is us.  So please take a second to read this and take it to heart.  Just a little advice from 'ol Man Kitley, as Putrid likes to say.
    Those of you that have seen us at one of the many conventions that we set up all year round know that we mainly sell horror reference books.  You've heard (probably many times) before my old adage "you can never have too many reference books".  And that is something that I still believe in and practice.  With the way that books and magazines are going, with this new fangled internet thing that seems to be sweeping the country, we always fear that the old fashion "print" format will fade away like the 8-track, CDs and soon to be DVDs.  But we want to try to keep that alive as best we can.  Not only to keep books alive, but also to keep continuing our other adage, about Discover the Horror, very much alive.  With each reference book you buy and read, it opens up a whole new world of knowledge and information to you.  It might help you seek out other films and filmmakers that you might not have known before.  It might help you understand just how a certain movie was made, sometimes under unbelievable circumstances, which in turn might make you appreciate the film more than you did.
    So with the holidays coming up, this is the perfect opportunity to help both of these causes out.  If you have someone that is also a horror fan, buy them a book for the holidays.  There are still plenty of great books, both old and new that are coming out that are well worth your money.  It is something that they can use to help them to educate themselves about their favorite genre.
    As far as where you can find them, we would advise staying away from eBay, since for some reason, the prices on the books there these days is unbelievable.  Sure, you can find good deals every now and then, but you have to look for them.  Yes, I would love to be able to keep the mom & pop shops open, but those seem to be fewer and far between just to find.  If you do find one, chances are they won't be carrying the kind of books that I'm talking about.  But if you have one of those old used book stores around you, or even a Half-Price Bookstore, I would STRONGLY suggest checking out those places first.  You can find some great deals in places like that, sometimes at some really great prices as well.  But if those options don't work, then our suggestion would be to head over to Amazon, where you can find tons of great titles out there, for quite a bit cheaper than buying it retail.
    From review books, biographies, to poster art books, there are tons of books on horror movies still coming out.  So lets do our part and letting the publishers know that there is still a demand for this kind of material.  And in print form, not some downloadable format.  If you're looking for suggestions, feel free to drop me a line and I'm sure I could come up with a recommendation or two.
    Okay...back to our regularly scheduled update. 

    Okay...back from our last convention of the year and it was a doozy.  HorrorHound's shows are getting better and better (not to mention bigger and bigger) each and every show.  From seeing the tons of people that showed up for the show, the great guests that we had the chance to chat with, and seeing all of our old friends and making new friends, it was one hell of a way to end the year out.  I want to give a special shout-out to Doug Jones for being such an amazing human being.  He really made our weekend.  Such an amazingly talented man, re-defining the word friendly.  I know there wasn't a fan walking away from his table without a smile on their face.  Speaking of Mr. Jones, if you haven't seen him in the episode of the TV series Fear Itself called Skin and Bones, directed by Larry Fessenden, then put that on your To-Do List immediately.  Wow.  One hell of a episode!
    Thanks to Nathan, Aaron, and Jeremy from HorrorHound (as well as the staff) for making this show a great time, each and every time.  Can't wait for Columbus to do it all over again.  At some point, we'll have our full report on the show posted.  Granted, we still have to do our write up on the last Wasteland show, as well as the Music Box Massacre....but we're getting there.
    And speaking of HorrorHound's Columbus show next March, here is who they have lined up for their guest list so far: Natasha Henstridge, Heather Langenkamp, Tyler Mane, Danielle Harris, Adrienne Barbeau, Lisa Wilcox, Cerina Vincent, Christine Elise, Denise Crosby, Judith O'Dea, John Paul, Lori Cardille, Taso Stavrakis, Mike Trcic, John Vulich, Mark Tierno, and Debra Gordon.  For all the information about the show, head over to the official site by clicking HERE.

    Okay Troops, we only have a little over a month to go to finish out the year.  We've made it through some tough battles, especially the one you are dealing with right now.  But I'm sure there is not one soldier out there that regrets signing up for their tour of duty.  Even for those out there that are on their second tour.  We said it wasn't going to be easy, but you'd have a good time.  Then again...really depends on what movies you picked for this month's mission...But none the less, in another 6 weeks, we start a whole new tour of duty, filled with horrors beyond your imagination.  Are you up for it?  Can you handle it?
    But what better way to deal with the horrors that you will witness, than having more troops along there with you.  So in these last few weeks of the year, start spreading the word of the Army and see if you can get some more volunteers to join our crusade!  Just reminder to remind them that not only will they be getting the chance to experience so many new movies that they have been missing, but also having the chance to win some pretty cool prizes.  Just tell them to head over to our Kryptic Army page (HERE) and see if it is something might be up to.  We've had our share of casualties, of members that have joined up, made it through a month or two, and have never been heard from again.  We can only hope at some point we find the bodies, or maybe in some bamboo cage submerged in water forced to watch Ed Wood movies over and over again.  Oohhh....I shudder at the horror.

    We mentioned this a little while ago about make up master Dick Smith was going to receive an Honorary Oscar Award for his unbelievable work in the film business.  You can't be horror fan and not know Smith's work.  Not only from films like THE EXORCIST, but also to the countless make up artists that he inspired, instructed, and guided over his massive career.  He was always trying to advance the make up field and helping other artists to fine tune their own abilities as well as to take what he started a little further.  He is truly one of a kind, in a business that can be so competitive and cut-throat.
    This ceremony happened a short time ago, and thanks to the wonderful world of the internet, you can see the clip of Rick Baker presenting Smith with the award on YouTube.  I strongly suggest that everyone take a few minutes and check out this clip, as well as the one of J.J. Abrams' introduction.  You can see it by clicking HERE.

    Next Friday will we be hosting our 9th Annual Turkey Day Marathon.  Once again, we will be having a good number of people coming in to join us for our journey into the best of the worst.  While we don't have our menu finalized, here are some of the titles we've picked so far: NIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST, NIGHT OF HORROR, Al Adamson's HORROR OF THE BLOOD MONSTERS, and Larry Buchanan's CURSE OF THE SWAMP CREATURE.  I'm sure we'll be adding a couple more titles before we start. anybody else holding their own Turkey Day Marathons?  We'd love to hear what you will be watching!

    Since we are always preaching our "Discover the Horror" moniker, I think one of the best ways to do that is when you're watching a documentary on either a type of film or even a particular person.  They might talk about a film that might have gone unnoticed by you over the years.  Trust matter how big a fan you might be, there could always be something hiding in the dark corner of the genre somewhere....just waiting for you to discover it.
    We've come across two of them recently that we feel every horror fan needs to see.  The first one is MACHETE MAIDENS UNLEASHED, which deals with the exploitation films that were made in the Philippines in the '60s through the '80s.  Talk about tons of hours of entertainment coming from that little island country!  Sure, they might have been doing things the safest done there, or even following the law, but they got their films made to show at the countless drive-ins here in the states.  In this documentary, you will meet some of the people behind the films, like Eddie Romero, who was responsible for giving us the BLOOD ISLAND movies.  Plus, with all the films that Corman was having produced over there, such as by director Jack Hill, there is more than enough movies to add to your Netflix queue or even better, to your collection.  This documentary talks to a bunch of different people involved in the business over there, from actors to directors to producers.  It really is a must see for fans of low budget exploitation films.  For the trailer, just click HERE.
    The other one isn't quite out yet, but it definitely another must see.  And it is CORMAN'S WORLD, a documentary about the legendary Roger Corman.  Just check out the trailer HERE and see if it doesn't look like something that every cult movie fan needs to see!  Not sure when this is coming out, but keep your eyes peeled!

    We've just posted our reviews of two newly released scores.  One from an old classic and one from a new film.  The first one is the new score from Bear McCreary for the new anthology film CHILLERAMA.  We haven't seen the movie yet but was impressed with this score.  The second one is from the cult classic film DARK NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW.  Listen to this score and find out one of the reasons that movie was so scary.  Click HERE to read more about them.

    Class is now back in session.  While at the recent HorrorHound show, someone mentioned that this person needs to be added to the Horror History page.  And there was no way I could even argue that point.  So head over to the classroom and read on.

    In all the years that we've been doing this Mystery Photo quiz, I don't think I've ever received the amount of emails as this time.  I said it was going to be an easy one, but holy crap!  I was getting responses literally minutes after posting the photo.  Of course, it is from the best killer worm movie ever made, SQUIRM.  How can one forget that wonderful image of the worms crawling underneath the skin of this poor guy, only to be later completely swallowed up by thousands of them.  Oh...the things one does to be an actor.  But a big kudos out to all the ones that sent in the correct answer.  And they were: Hoby Abernathy, Todd Barwick, Aaron Christensen, Craig Clark, Richard Garcia, Victor Ives, Chris Kinniery, Erik Martin, William Michihara, Stephen Sapsford, David Schmidt, Jason Siegel,  Mike Shields, Lisa Stewart, Wayne Teeter, and Steve Weakley, Tom White.  Great job, people.  You should be proud. that I had thrown you a little bone, you didn't think I was going give you a second one that was going to be THAT easy, do you?  Of course not.  So let's take a gander at this little photo and see if you can get them back to back!  Good'll need it.  Just click HERE to send in your guess.

    Okay folks, just because the Halloween season is officially over, that doesn't mean that we can't make every day Halloween.  I  know I do.  And I know that nothing we see in October can be as scary as trying to do Christmas shopping on Black Friday.  Funny how during the season when everyone is suppose to be at their best, they act like they do.  But for horror fans like us, we treat each day like the same.  We watch horror movies all year round.  So whether it be Halloween or the 4th of July, this is who we are.  And I'm so proud to know so many other people out there that are exactly the same.  We are the serious fans of the genre and help keep it not only alive, but the most popular genre out there!
    Last week, when we seen Vincent Price's daughter Victoria in Chicago giving a presentation on her father, she told the crowd that even though she herself wasn't a fan of horror movies, she thanked everyone there because we were the ones that have kept her father's legacy alive all these years.  And that, my fellow fiends, is something that we are all proud to be part of.

    Richard Gordon, along with his brother Alex, were born in London but moved to the states in the '40s to get involved in the film business.  While Alex went to the west coast, Richard went to New York and started his career as a producer, importing titles from England to play here in the states, as well as producing them.  Through the late '50s through the '70s, Gordon gave us some wonderful and entertaining films, such as THE HAUNTED STRANGLER (1958), FIEND WITHOUT A FACE (1958), CORRIDORS OF BLOOD (1958), ISLAND OF TERROR (1966), HORROR ON SNAPE ISLAND (1972), HORROR HOSPITAL (1973), HORROR PLANET (1981), and plenty more.
    He passed away on November 1st, at the age of 85.  Being one of the original "Monster Kids", someone who's passion for the genre turned into a career, it gives hope and inspiration to other Monster Kids, both young and old.  Our thoughts go out to his friends and family.

    We have posted our review of a classic film score: Hammer's THE DEVIL RIDES OUT from the amazing James Bernard.  If you're not familiar with his work, you need to be.  Head over to our Soundtrack section to read more.

    We won't be having an update next weekend since we will be attending our last convention of the year.  This will be the third show the HH crew has set up in Cincinnati and it gets better each and every year.  They've got a fantastic guest line up as usual.  So if you're coming out (which you should), make sure you stop by our table and say hello.  We love to meet our followers and Army members face to face.  For all the details about the show, just click HERE.  Hope to see you there.
    And while on the subject of HorrorHound, issue # 32 is now shipping and should be available in stores shortly.  But why wait to pick it up at a store?  Get a subscription and have them come right to your front door!  A subscription would make one hell of a Christmas gift too!  Just saying.

    Chicago's own Facets Multi-Media is holding a film series on the cinematic life of Boris Karloff and "from how he became a reigning icon for 3 decades to the fact that his onscreen villainous persona was a polar opposite to his truly kind personality in real life."  Bruce Scivally, who is running the class, is a film historian, documentary filmmaker and writer.  They will be screening 6 different Karloff films with a discussion afterwards.  They start this Friday on Nov. 11th and run through Dec. 22nd.  The cost is a bit high, at $125 (only $80 for members), but you'll have the chance to learn about this great man and horror icon.  For all the information, click HERE.  Below are the movies they are screening:

  • FRANKENSTEIN (James, Whale, 1931)

  • THE MUMMY (Karl Freund, 1932)

  • THE BLACK CAT (Edgar G. Ulmer, 1934)

  • THE BODY SNATCHER (Robert Wise, 1945)

  • THE RAVEN (Roger Corman, 1963)

  • TARGETS (Peter Bogdanovich, 1968)

    It seems our last photo was a little tougher than we'd thought it would be.  Isn't that always the case?  But for those of you who didn't know it, now is the time to add the movie to your To-Watch list.  And that title is DEATHMASTER, starring the late great Robert Quarry.  You might have heard/seen of his other vampire movie COUNT YORGA, but this one is a little different and very enjoyable, if only for Quarry's performance.  If you like American made movies from the early '70s, then you should enjoy this one.  The kudos goes out to the following:  Hoby Abernathy, Todd Barwick, Stephen Sapsford, and Mike Shields.  The funny this is that I had a few emails asking me if was from DJANGO, and why would I be putting a shot from an Italian western in the Mystery Photo!  But I can totally see where it might look like that.
    Okay, we're going to go a little easy for this one.  Since it is the month of the Turkey, we'd throw out one that definitely fits in.  I'm sure a lot will know this, but if you don't, then it will give you one more title to add to your own Turkey Day viewing.  Click HERE to send in your answer.  And as always, Good Luck!

    This month has been a very, very busy one for us here at the Krypt.  From the conventions to movie fests, it has been one crazy time.  But of course, we've enjoy every minute of it.  And even though we may be tired as hell when it's over, we immediately start to look forward to next year so we can do it all over again.
    But it's not over yet!  Even though our big day is tomorrow, we still have the HorrorHound Weekend in only two weeks.  And then two weeks after that is our annual Turkey Day Marathon.  So we still have plenty of things to keep up busy through most of next month.  But we are planning to get back on track.
    We have just made it through the site's 13th year anniversary and don't see us pulling the plug anytime soon.  Being one of the oldest horror websites out here in world wide web, we plan to keep doing what we're doing, hoping to bring more and more people into our little world, in hopes of spreading our little gospel (or infection) of Discovering the Horror.  This has been a pretty good year for us, and want to say thank you to all of you out that support us, both at the shows and even by just sending in a little email telling us that you enjoy what we do.  It makes it all worth while.
    Speaking of which, we have just returned from seeing Vincent Price's daughter, Victoria, at the Portage Theater in Chicago for the Vincentinnial Celebration.  They screen HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL, then Victoria had an hour long presentation/slideshow about her father.  She had some great stories and plenty of great candid photos of her father.  One of the things that her father told her that she had learned from Helen Hayes, one of Queens of American theater, was that as an actor, you are a public servant.  Meaning that without your fans, you are nothing.  And that is something that Price made sure that he never forgot and made sure to treat his fans with respect.  That is something that I think is sadly missed these days.  But there is also our above quote of the week from Vincent that I still try to remind myself of.  And that was "A man who limits his interests limits his life."  Words to live by...for real.

    Back in 2006, uber-collector and Paul Naschy fan Thorsten Benzel published a book called Muchas Gracias Senior Lobo.  This book was a Naschy fan's dream come true since it is filled with poster art, lobby cards, and tons of other memorabilia from Naschy's movies.  Sure, the text wasn't in English and most of the photos were in black and white.  But it was still a great book, giving fans the chance to see some rare pieces of movie history that they might not have seen otherwise.  Well, the book went out of print pretty quickly and goes for a very high price on the online auction market.  But have no fear if you never had a chance to pick a copy up.  Because now Benzel is working on new edition that will be even better than the original edition.  Two the best things about this new edition will be the text will be in German and in English, but even better that ALL of it will be in color!  So we will get the opportunity to see all of this glorious artwork the way it should be seen.  The book will contain more than 800 rare posters, lobby cards and much more.  Being the big Naschy fans that we are, I was very excited to come across this news.  For all the info about the updated version, which is still in the beginning stages, just head over to the official site by clicking HERE.

    With Halloween almost in the past, we have already started to make plans for this year's Turkey Day Marathon.  Last year, not only did we have the most largest number of people joining us on our cinematic train wreck, but we also got through 7 features, another record for the marathons.  We have a few titles already planned but would love to hear some suggestions from our readers.  If you want to see what we've put ourselves through in the past, just click on the Turkey Day link to the left.  If you can think of an interesting title that you think we should add to our line up, drop us an email (just click HERE) and we'll put on our list of titles.

    After reviewing and loving the soundtrack for Jim Mickle's STAKE LAND, we decided to look more into composer Jeff Grace's other works.  One of the earlier ones that he had did was for a couple of Ti West's earlier films, TRIGGER MAN and THE ROOST.  We able to pick up the soundtrack for a great price at Screen Archives Entertainment and suggest you do the same.  But if you'd like to read our review first, you can do that by heading over to our Soundtrack Review section by clicking HERE.

    While on the subject of soundtracks, the long out-of-print soundtrack of Fabio Frizzi's score for Lucio Fulci's THE BEYOND (aka E TU VIVRAI NEL TERRORE... L'ALDILA') is finally getting a re-release, released by Beat Records.  This release will have a score that runs close to an hour, filing the listener's ears with the wonderful and hypnotic sounds of Frizzi.  The CD will also come with an 8-page booklet with original artwork and liner notes by Frizzi himself on the score, and De Gemini on Fulci.
    You can pre-order the CD now for only $19.95.  This is one of Frizzi's best scores and is one that should be in all horror fan's soundtrack collection.  So head over to Screen Archives Entertainment and pre-order this title.  You won't regret it.

    In a short two weeks, we will be heading to Cincinnati for our last convention of the year.  And I'm sure this is going to be one hell of a blow out to end the year on too.  There has been some changes in the guest lineup, from some celebs having to cancel due to work schedules, but they have also added names as well.  So make sure you check out the site for the latest updates.  But none the less, we know it is going to be another great show.  We will be set up there of course, trying to push off more horror reference books to the mass of horror fans out there, as well as whatever goodies we can scrape up. 
    And you also might want to keep checking into their ever growing guest line up for their first show next spring, this time in Columbus, Ohio.  They have already announced quite a few names, a few that are first time convention guests.  And lets just say that if you're a fan of zombies, especially the Romero type, you might want to start making your plans now.  Just click HERE to be taking to that page.

    I expected that we'd have a few more people with the correct answers for our last photo since we didn't have an update last week, but apparently now.  That poor bastard is one of the victims in Dario Argento's INFERNO.  Sure, this film is no SUSPIRIA, but there are parts in here that are brilliant.  Not to mention just the look of the film is amazing.  If you  haven't seen it in a while, I would recommend checking it out again.  But let's get to the ones that did correctly identify this movie.  That would be Agustin Vero Lima, Lisa Stewart, and Tom White.  Nicely done, people.
    But let us get to our latest photo.  This one might be a little tougher, but we feel is a very memorable scene from the movie.  So take a look and see what you come up with.  Click HERE to send in your answer.  And as always, Good Luck!

    For the first time since the very first Music Box Massacre, back in 2005, we actually went there just to watch the movies.  Every year that we had set up as a vendor there, a small part of us really wished that we could just go and watch the movies.  So this year we decided to do just that.  And it was a blast.  We made it until about 6am before we decided to call it a night.  We still had an hour long drive to make, so I needed to make sure I was awake enough to get home!  But we had the chance to catch some great films on the big screen, and still had plenty of time to chat with other horror fiends that had come out for the same reasons we did.
    Since we were still in a fog yesterday with the lack of sleep, we obviously didn't get an update done.  So we wanted to throw a little something together.  Not as big as last week's update, but we're still alive and kicking!

    Speaking of movie marathons, next Friday in Chicago at the Portage Theater, we will be attending Terror in the Aisles 9!  They had recently announced that not only were they adding AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON to the lineup, but also that David Naughton will also be attending!  So below is the movies & times details.  We will be there, but again not as a vendor but as a fellow fan.  Hope to see a good crowd there!

  • 7PM - TRAILER TRASH (Classic Horror/Sci-Fi/Weird Trailers & Short Films)

  • 7:30PM - SHAUN OF THE DEAD (The Modern Zombie Classic!)

  • 9PM - AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON (30th Anniversary with star David Naughton in Person!)

  • 11PM - DANCE OF THE DEAD (with director Gregg Bishop in Person!)

  • 1AM - DEMONS (Lamberto Bava's 80's Craziness!)

    They will also be screening several short films, such as THE LEGEND OF BEAVER DAMN, T IS FOR TOUCH, TREEVENGE (A must see), BRUTAL RELAX, as well as the trailer for John Pata's upcoming feature film DEAD WEIGHT.
    Also, Scott Poole, author of Monsters in America will be selling & autographing copies of his book in the lobby.  For all the info, just click HERE.

    Just as a reminder, the newly restored print of Lucio Fulci's ZOMBIE will be playing at the Music Box this Friday and Saturday night at the midnight shows.

    We have posted our review of the recently released re-release of Ennio Morricone & John Carpenter's score for THE THING.  This thing has been out-of-print for ages and has been going for big bucks on ebay.  Now, not only get you get it for a cheaper price, but you will also get plenty of more score than compared to that original release.  Head over to our Soundtrack Review section to learn more.

    Our last photo was something a little more contemporary, which seemed to hit home with a lot of you out there.  Nice to see some of these movies haven't moved into obscurity just yet.  Kudos goes out to the following for identifying last week's photo from the film TRICK OR TREAT:  Hoby Abernathy, Aaron Christensen, Dave Friedman, Chris Kinniery, David Schmidt, Bryan Schuessler, Tom White, and William Wilson.'s not the Michael Doughtery film (that is TRICK 'r TREAT), but the one with the Satanic rock and roller and starring Skippy (Marc Price) from Family Ties.  Good stuff, folks.
    Our latest film is a popular one, but might be a little tough to name.  Just make sure you take a real close look at this one.  Just like the guy in the photo did!  Just click HERE to send in your answer.  And as always, Good Luck!

10-9-11  SO IT BEGINS...
    We have survived our first two weekends of the month, but have plenty more events going on in the next few weeks to keep us VERY busy.  But it is something that we look forward to each and every year.  Not sure how big of updates we'll have throughout the month, but we'll try our best to keep you updated!  In the meantime, this week we have one hell of an update, filled with tons of great little tidbits.  So take a few minutes from your busy month of Halloween celebration and read on.

    Last night, we headed into Chicago for a special event being held at the Friendly Towers Deep Hope screening room.  Now, going to religious community is not something that you would normally find me at, but a friend of ours, David Canfield was running the event and we wanted to support him.  Not to mention it sounded like a lot of fun.  And it was.  A lot of fun.  So major kudos out to Mr. Canfield for putting this together!
    Actor extraordinaire Doug Jones was going to be there for a Q&A, as well as screening 3 short films and then a feature film, all of which he worked on.  We've been a big fan of Jones and his work and even had the opportunity to interview him a few years ago at a HorrorHound convention (click HERE to read that) and was an even bigger fan after that.  But now, after last night's events, I am an even BIGGER fan off this man.  He was truly one of the nicest and kindest human's you could meet.  He had such great stories, some very touching, others quite funny.  One in particular was about meeting a young girl in Amsterdam, who was a young artist until her sister was brutality murdered.  Then the creative part in her died.  But after she watched PAN'S LABYRINTH, seeing the young girl overcoming such tragedy, it moved her enough to start painting again.  Pretty powerful stuff, folks.  But I think that is the one thing people tend to forget about how movies can really change a person and have a life-altering affect on them.
    They screened 3 short films that he was in, the first one was called THE CANDY SHOP, but we'll get to that in a minute.  The second one was a musical comedy where "everyone dies in the end".  While not horror by any means, it was pretty entertaining.  The third short film was called THE BUTTERFLY CIRCUS, which starred the amazing Nick Vujicic.  If you're not familiar with Nick and need a little motivation, just look at any of his tons of youtube videos.  But the first short they screened, THE CANDY SHOP, was incredible.  It is a "fairy tale about the sexual exploitation of children".  Made by filmmakers that had become aware of how bad the child sex trafficking epidemic had engulfed the city of Atlanta.  So they did something about it and created this incredible short film, sort of a darker version of Willy Wonka, but with a powerful message.  Doug Jones plays the owner/operator of the candy shop and gives one hell of a performance.  It is still making the rounds of film fests, but you can check out the trailer HERE or the official website HERE.  If you get the chance to see it, please do.
    The after the Q&A, they screened the feature length film ABSENTIA.  With a very low budget, these filmmakers showed just how a movie can be made that can still be very effective and scary, when you just have a talented cast, an original story, and talented people working behind the scenes.  While the film does seem to be a little long, it does what a lot of big budgeted films coming from Hollywood just can't seem to do....make a good and scary film.  So kudos to them for doing just that.  You can check out the trailer and more at the movie's official website by clicking HERE.

    News is still coming in so we don't any real details at this point, other than that actor/musician David Hess passed away yesterday at the age of 69.  Best known for his role as the sadistic Krug in Wes Craven's LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT (1972).  He would appear in a few other horror films, such as Craven's SWAMP THING (1982) and the more recent SMASH CUT (2009), as well as making a few Italian horror films like HITCHHIKE and HOUSE ON THE EDGE OF THE PARK.  No matter what role, Hess always made an impact.  We had met him a few times at different conventions over the years and developed a real respect for him.  He really enjoyed meeting his fans and actually talking with them.
    But what some might know about Hess is that he had a successful music career in the '50s & '60s.  He wrote songs from the likes of Elvis to Pat Boone, and even working at Mercury Records.
    Our thoughts go out to his friends and family.  He will be missed, but never forgotten.

    We made it through another weekend at Cinema Wasteland.  That would be #20.  And I am lucky and proud to say that I've been to every single one of those 20 shows.  It is pretty amazing really, that Ken & Pam have been able to put on a great show twice a year and never change what they are doing.  Which is why we are looking forward to next April to do it all over again!
    They have announced the guest line up for next April as well, that includes a few names that has me pretty excited.  The first one is Italian director Sergio Martino.  If you've seen just a handful of Italian giallos, then you've probably seen one that he directed, since he made quite a few.  But he also directed one of our personal favorites, ISLAND OF THE FISHMAN.  But there is also MOUNTAIN OF THE CANNIBAL GOD, TORSO, ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK, and many, many more.  So meeting this man is going to be quite the honor since he has made so many enjoyable films over his career.  The other guest announced that we are excited to meet is another director, David Schmoeller.  Not only did this guy gives us the uber creepy film TOURIST TRAP (his first feature film no less) but also gave us CRAWLSPACE, starring the insane Klaus Kinski.  While we just love this film, Schmoeller didn't have the most fun making it.  Just check out this short film he made about his experience on the film and working with this mad actor.  Just click HERE.
    The other guests announced are: Jim Kelly, Richard Kiel, Kitten Natividad, John Saxon, Seka, P.J. Soles, Dey Young, Lana Wood, and 6 people that worked on the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.  For all the info, head over to the Wasteland site HERE.

    We have 2 new reviews this week.  Our first one is a movie review of a low budget film called HACK JOB.  Our good friend of the Krypt and mastermind behind Liquid Cheese, Dave Kosanke, was nice enough to jump on this grenade for us.  Head over to our Reviews section to see what Dave thought of it.
    Then we also have my review for the latest from Nox Arcana, The Dark Tower.  You can check out that review by heading over to our Soundtrack section HERE.

    While on the subject of convention, our next one will be in a few weeks when we head over to Cincinnati for our last convention of 2011.  In case you haven't checked out the guest list lately, they have got quite an assortment of names appearing that weekend, not to mention a few different reunions taking place, both big and small.  The big ones are from PET SEMETERY, WALKING DEAD, FRIDAY THE 13th Part 6, to the smaller ones of GHOSTBUSTERS, BLACK CHRISTMAS and HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER.  Plus many other great names, like the recently added Phillipe Nahon from HIGH TENSION.  We will be there as usual, so hopefully we'll see a lot of you out there as well.  For more details and a complete guest list, click HERE.
    But the HorrorHound gang has already started to announce some guests for their Spring show.  First of all, lets not forget that this spring show will be in Columbus, Ohio instead of the usual Indianapolis location.  It will be taking place from March 23rd to the 25th, and will be celebrating Women in Horror at this show.  The guests that they have announced so far are: Adrienne Barbeau, Denise Crosby, Judith O'Dea, and Lori Cardille.  Now, fans of the original DAWN OF THE DEAD will be excited to hear that John Paul (the flannel shirt and poster zombie) will be making his first convention appearance at this show.  Also joining him will be Taso Stavrakis, who appeared in both DAWN as well as getting his head ripped off in DAY OF THE DEAD.  With plenty of more guests to add, we're sure this going to be a show that you won't want to miss.  So start making your plans now!  For all the details about this show, just click HERE.

    Cult Collectibles continues to delivering interesting choices in their Weird Wobbler series.  First they gave us the Black Devil Doll figure, then the Demon Doll, then the little girl from THE BEYOND with half her face missing.  And now, to top it all off, they are giving us Lucio Fulci from A CAT IN THE BRAIN.  Dressed in his flannel coat and little red hat, just like from the movie, this is the first time Fulci has ever been immortalized this way.  And for a mere $19.95, you can have one of the 1000 pieces made.  I'm sure these will be going fast, so I wouldn't delay.  If you pre-order it now, you can save $3, and get it for $16.95.  They will be shipping early December.
    For all the information, head over to Cult Collectibles by clicking HERE.

    While we normally don't promote too much stuff that happens in New York (only because we can't ever make it out there), we do want to make a mention of this movie screening coming up at the end of the month.  At the Film Society Lincoln Center on October 28th at 6:30pm, they will be screening the film DARK WATERS, with director Mariano Baino attending.  There will be a Q&A session with him after the screening.  If you are in the area, please go and check out this great little film.

    For a little closer to home for us Chicago based fans, here is the listing of the classic Universal films that will be showing at the Music Box the last week of this month.  This is your chance to see some of these films on the big screen, giving you a whole different kind of experience than seeing it on your TV.  Seeing them the way they were meant to be seen!  And if you can only make it out one of these, then I would HIGHLY recommend seeing CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON in 3-D.  it really will be like seeing the film for the first time.
    They don't have the start times listed yet on their site, but I'm sure will have them listed once it gets a little closer.  You can get to their site by clicking HERE.




  • THE INVISIBLE MAN - Oct. 23rd


  • THE WOLF MAN - Oct. 24th

  • CAPTIVE WILD WOMAN - Oct. 24th

  • DRACULA - Oct. 25th

  • THE MUMMY - Oct. 25th

  • FRANKENSTEIN - Oct. 26th


  • THE BLACK CAT - Oct. 27th


    And while on the subject of Chicago theaters that are helping horror fans celebrate October in style, the Portage Theater is having their own week of horror films, starting on Monday the 24th and running through the 28th, they are screening tons of great movies, both old and new.  The cost is only $8 on Monday through Thursday and $10 for Friday.  That gets you 2 movies and 4 movies on Friday.  Can't be those prices.  Only downfall is that I believe these are all DVD projection.  Nothing against that, mind you, but I'm a sucker for good old fashion film prints.  Yea, I know...I'm old. is what they are playing:

  • Monday 10/24 - "A Night with Al" Classic Hitchcock!
    PSYCHO AT 7:15
    FRENZY AT 9:00

  • Tuesday 10/25 - "Terror Tuesday!"
    THE THING AT 7:15

  • Wednesday 10/26 - "Wicked Wednesday!"
    CHILD'S PLAY AT 9:00

  • Thursday 10/27 - "Thrilling Thursday!"
    GREMLINS AT 7:15

  • Friday 10/28 - "Fearless Friday!"
    *8:00PM Costume Contest with a $200 cash prize for winning, and $75 cash prize for the Best Kids Costume.
    THE HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES AT 11:00

    Over the last year or so, there have been many different projects being announced or mentioned in the news, all dealing with a new adaptation of Mary Shelly's Frankenstein.  Or should I say, something that might be 'based' on Shelly's novel.  Here's a few of them that are floating around:
    Shawn Levy has "an amazing script" that he will be directing if he can find the right cast.  He calls it a "radical retelling of the legend", which I have to say does not get me too excited. 
    Another film has just annnounced that Aaron Eckhart has been cast to play "Adam Frankenstein" in I, FRANKENSTEIN, written and directed by Stuart Beattie, which is based on Kevin Grevioux's graphic novel.  Once again, this is something quite different from the original source (meaning Shelly's novel).  This story is a "modern-day epic" where the creature has survived to the present day.  But it seems the present day doesn't mean our world, but a "dark, gothic metropolis".
    I'm all up for a new monster movie, but this sounds like a typical Hollywood tradition of taking an established character and throw them into a different story.  Didn't we learn anything from the HELLRAISER sequels?  But one that I know is in development hell right now, is the version from Guillermo del Toro wants to do.  If I would trust anybody with this story, it would be del Toro.  And since he said on a few occasions, that Doug Jones would be playing the creature, I am even more excited about this project.  Jones has continued to bring characters to life, even underneath layers and layers of makeup and rubber.  I  know he would be able to do this role justice.  I'm just afraid that with these new FRANKENSTEIN projects already starting, if they fail to bring in any serious $$, it is going to make the chance of del Toro's getting his off the ground even harder.  We can only hope that one of these will be a big hit, that will in turn make Hollywood decide to give del Toro the go-ahead and the $$.  One can hope, right?

    It is times like this that we can be grateful for Hollywood remakes, sequels, or prequels.  Because if it causes something like this to happen, then I am behind them 110%!  The soundtrack for John Carpenter's THE THING, composed by Ennio Morricone.  There's reports that Morricone wrote the music without seeing any of the film, and Carpenter used it where he thought it fit best, and then added a few musical cues in where he thought needed something else.  When it was originally released on CD in 1982, with a running less than 50 minutes long, it actually included music that wasn't used in the movie.  This CD has been out of print forever and has gone for some pretty hefty prices on ebay.  But there was also a import release that we recently discovered that is a limited release on only 500 copies, but was a 2-disc release that featured both tracks used and un-used in the film.  That also goes for a few $$.
    But now, we don't need to worry about spending on that money because BuySoundtrax is releasing a special limited edition release (only 1500 copies) of a newly recorded score for this classic movie.  According to BuySoundtrax, this new release will has "the music has been produced and arranged by Alan Howarth and Larry Hopkins, and will include newly recorded renderings of the Morricone music (including recreations of the tracks not used in the film) and Howarth has also provided new performances of the music he produced for the film with John Carpenter."  This is going to make the the soundtrack run just a bit over 60 minutes and presented in order that is more like it appears in the movie.
    My only concern is that they are not going to be able to recreate the same sound in these "renderings".  I've heard plenty of soundtracks that are "newly recorded" that are the same notes, but do not sound like they do in the movie.  But we have already pre-ordered this release, so we will have a full report once we get our little claws on it.  But none the less, for only $15.95, and being one of my favorite movies and favorite soundtracks, it is well worth taking that chance on.

    At one point in this site's history, since we are in the Chicago area, we tried to have a page dedicated to all the horror related things going on in the city.  But to be honest, it was so much work just to keep tabs on everything.  Plus, we also realized that this was already being done in the Yahoo Group Chicago Creepster, created and run by our good friend Kristin (aka Kreepylady).  It seems that this month, it has made it to its 5th Anniversary!  She has done an amazing job keeping up with and posting all the different horror related things that are going on in the Chicagoland area.  From haunted houses, to movie screenings, to horror themed events, convention info, and everything else horror related.  If you live in this area and are not familiar with this group, you need to sign up now, because you might be missing out on some great events.  So head over to Chicago Creepsters by clicking HERE and start to mark your calendar!

    I was pleasantly surprised at how many correct guesses we got on our last Mystery Photo.  I was really thinking I was going to stump everyone.  But also because it showed that there are a few people out there that know the work of Lucio Fulci, outside of his gore films that he is famous for.  The film in question is THE PSYCHIC, also known as MURDER TO THE TUNE OF SEVEN BLACK NOTES.  This was made a couple of years before his big success with ZOMBIE.  So three cheers out to the following for knowing this film: Hoby Abernathy, Aaron Christensen, Dave Friedman, Ryan Olson, Bryan Schuessler, Lisa Stewart, and Tom White.
    So for this week, we're going to do something for the season, if that gives anything away.  We'll see.....Just click HERE to send in your answer.  And as always, Good Luck!

    We most likely won't have an update next week since we will be making our bi-annual trip to Cleveland for the Cinema Wasteland show.  But not sure how many updates we're going to have this month, since every weekend from now until about the middle of November is booked with some sort of horror-based event.  And we couldn't be happier about it.  So we'll try to get something updated when we can, but it may be a little sparse next month.  Hopefully everyone out there is marking their calendars with plenty of stuff to keep them busy.

    Just when we thought our October was full enough, along comes this event which just made it even better!  On Sunday, October 30th, at the Portage Theater in Chicago, they will be having an afternoon celebration honoring the late great Vincent Price.  They will be screening two of Price's films, along with an hour long presentation and Q&A with Price's daughter, Victoria, who published a biography of her father back in 1999 entitled Vincent Price: A Daughter's Biography.  She will be signing autographs and taking pictures for free, as well as selling Price memorabilia in the theater lobby.
    The doors open at 1:00pm, with HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL starting at 2:00pm.  At 3:30pm, Victoria Price will give her hour long presentation about her father, as well as an audience Q&A.  Then at 5:00pm, they will screen THE LAST MAN ON EARTH.
    Tickets are only $15 at the door, or you can order them now through Brown Paper Tickets by clicking HERE.

    While this might not be one of our regular convention reports, we have posted our little write up on our trip out to Pittsburgh to the Riverside Drive-In.  There are plenty of photos, including that of the Monroeville Mall and the Evans City Cemetery, where NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD was filmed.  And if you're a food person, there's a few yummy photos in there, as well as the places where you can get that same food!  Just click HERE to get to our report.

    If you read my report on this summer's Flashback Weekend, then you heard me speak of AJ Wagar and Meatspider Studios.  This guy's work just amazed me when we first walked over at his table at the show.  And after sending a bunch of people over to their table to check out his work, which they in turn bought stuff, we became fast friends with AJ and his wife Amy.  So during the show, in a moment of sheer genius, I thought "This guy's work is so cool...I wonder if he could create a 3-D image of my logo?"  So I quickly made my way back over to see what he thought.  And even better, a smaller one with the tentacles out where it could hold some business cards.  And lo and behold, a short time later, look what I got in the mail?!?!  As if I wasn't impressed with this guy's talent to begin with, sitting here at my computer and having this 3-D image of my logo right in front of me.  All I can say is...WOW!
    So I would highly recommend going over to AJ's site and checking out his work.  Don't be put off by the News page not being updated in a while.  You can still see pics of his work as well as the pieces that are currently up for sale.  These are all one of a kind pieces of art here, people.  So if you see something you like, don't put it off or someone else may decide that they need it in their collection too!


    With as cheap DVDs are these days, and with all the obscure titles that keep coming out, it amazes me that Warner Bros. continues to do this Warner Archive program where you pay $20 for a DVD-R.  Now, I'm thrilled that some of these lost films are finally coming to see the light of day.  But it is just a shame that they charge so much for just a burn.  Granted, the ones that I got from them last year look great.  So the quality is there.  But it is really hard for me to pay $20 for a DVD movie, when you're really just paying for a copy and not an actual DVD.  Sure sounds like a "professional bootleg" if you ask me.  If you watch, especially the day after Thanksgiving, they usually have a big sale, like 5 movies for $50.  That is the time to take advantage of it and place that order.  I know I will be.
    They have recently announced a few titles that I will be waiting for their next big sale to acquire.  Titles like THE PHANTOM OF HOLLYWOOD, THE PACK, and maybe THE BLACK ZOO.  I'd love to have these in my collection, but not at $20 a pop.  I've waited this long, I can wait another month or two.

    Here are the features and times for this year's 24 hour marathon.  As always, they have a great line up, with some real classics in there.  This year, we will not be set up in the lobby.  We are actually going to just be there to enjoy the movies this time.  We'll still be around, but are hoping to catch a lot of these great films.  So hopefully we'll still see you there.  For more info about this show, just click HERE.

Noon-WAXWORKS (Silent with live organ!)
6:30pm-WIZARD OF GORE (Herschell Gordon Lewis in Person!)

    As much as I don't care for remakes, re-imagining, sequels, prequels and everything else that is afraid to use an original idea, I also try to keep somewhat of an open mind.  As horror fans, we all know though the ratio is low, there are some films that fit that description that are worth their merit.  When this new THING project was mentioned, when we were sure if it was a remake or whatever, I didn't  pay too much attention to it.  I didn't want to be persuaded one direction or another.  I had read interviews with the director and makeup crew that they wanted the effects to be practical effects when ever possible and use CG when needed.  So that did give me a little higher of hope.  But after seeing the newest trailer out there, I'm not seeing anything but what looks like CGI.  Now, I hope that even if it is, it is still a good movie.  I'm not going to write it off until I do see it.  I mean, we're talking about a big monster movie here, people.  Sure, the odds are against it, but I'm going to hold out for a little bit longer before I pass my judgment on this.  I know...a first for everything.

    This week's lesson is about a Spanish filmmaker that created a new monster by combining something from history, with some great atmosphere and style.  Head over to the classroom to find out who we're talking about.

    Our last photo was from a classic from my childhood.  It would be years before I knew what the film was, but I remember it as a kid and just loving it.  Had no idea at the time that the man glowing was the same one underneath the makeup in FRANKENSTEIN.  The film is THE INVISIBLE RAY and has Bela Lugosi co-starring along side Boris Karloff.  If you haven't seen it, I would recommend you seeking it out.  I does have Karloff in there.  So what are you waiting for?  Kudos goes out to Hoby Abernathy, Aaron Christensen, Damien Glonek, and Mike Shields for correctly identifying this little classic gem.
    So...this might be a tough one.  But I know everyone out there just loves a challenge.  Not much to go on here in this'll have to do some serious digging.  But good luck.  Just click HERE to send in your guess.

    We did survive our Vacation of the Dead and had one hell of a time.  We are actually working on a full report of the weekend and hope to have that posted by next week.  Granted, it is not really a convention report, but since it is horror related, we thought some might enjoy it.
    But many thanks out to the Riverside Drive-in and George from DVD Drive-In for making the weekend so much fun.  Being able to see these movies on the big screen and at a drive-in was a great time.  But now, back to reality and more importantly, getting ready for all the stuff that we have planned for the next 6 weeks!

    This was some awesome news when I read this on the official Hammer site.  It seems that an uncut version of HORROR OF DRACULA has been found!  Film collectors know that there are always those 'rumors' of uncut versions or footage that was shot for a foreign market that never seems to found.  One Hammer movie title that happened to was FRANKENSTEIN AND THE MONSTER FROM HELL.  It came to the point that some shots in film books were explained away that they weren't actually from the movie but still shots taken on the set.  But once the Japanese laserdisc version of the movie turned up, all those scenes that were thought to be rumored where in there.
    And now, again coming out of Japan, it seems that  Hammer superfan Simon Rowson has tracked down a print of HORROR OF DRACULA that has extra footage that has been talked about for years.  One sequence in particular that was a bit longer was Dracula's disintegration scene.  Granted, we're only talking a few seconds, but serious film fans what much just a second or two can mean.  Nothing has been announced as far as when this footage will be released, but I'm sure there will be a special edition DVD coming out, probably some time next year.  But I'm sure once they do announce it, we will be posting it here.

    Only 2 weeks away before we make our bi-annual trip to the best show around, the Cinema Wasteland Movie and Memorabilia Expo.  This year they are having a reunion of sorts.  Cult director Frank Hennelotter, who gave us the BASKET CASE movies, along with BRAIN DAMAGE, FRANKENHOOKER, and BAD BIOLOGY, is making his first Wasteland appearance and is bringing a bunch of people who have worked on his films in the past.  From actors to producers to makeup effects guys, this is going to be a wild and fun always.  As usual, we will be set up there and will be having a great always.  If you're coming out to join the party, please stop by our table and introduce yourself!
    Head over to the Wasteland's site for all the details by clicking HERE.

    Any followers of this site knows our fondness for soundtracks.  So when we came across this new small label that is putting out some interesting scores out, we wanted to make sure everyone knew about them as well.  2M1 Records is releasing the score from one of the best made-for-TV movies ever made, DARK NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW.  The score is by Glenn Paxton's score will now be able to be enjoyed by fans who remember seeing this film on TV, as well as the new DVD release.  They have also released the scores for END OF THE LINE, Stuart Gordon's Masters of Horror episode THE BLACK CAT, and Adam Green's FROZEN.  For more information about them and their site, just click HERE.

    While on the subject of soundtracks, Nox Arcana is about to release their 16th CD, The Dark Tower.  They are taking pre-orders now and it will start shipping Sept. 26th.  Their newest release is a musical companion piece to Joseph Vargo's book series, Tales from the Dark Tower.  So you can listen to the music as you dive into his dark and menacing tales.
    For all the info about Nox Arcana as well as Joseph Vargo, just click HERE.

    For a special Halloween treat, and in part of their festival of Spanish films, the Gene Siskel Film Center will be screening a rare 35mm print of the 1976 dark film WHO COULD KILL A CHILD? from director Narciso Ibáñez Serrador.  While this theme has been redone and reused many times, more recently with the British film THE CHILDREN, but this one still packs a punch all these years later.  They will be screening it on Oct. 28th at 8:15pm and again on Halloween night, Oct. 31st at 8pm.  If you haven't seen this classic, I strongly suggest you do,  It is a quite a dark film, but well worth seeking out.

    This week's lesson is about one of the most beautiful women to come out of British horror films.  Head over to the classroom to see just who we are talking about.

    Even with two weeks to work on this, it seems that only one person was successful in identifying our last photo.  That person would be Hoby Abernathy, and the shot was from Amando de Ossorio's LORELY'S GRASP, also known as NOW THE SCREAMING STOPS.  I had seen this years ago at a midnight screening, where they had actually passed out barf bags.  And this shot in particular always stuck in my head for some reason.  Sure, not a great movie, but we've always enjoyed it.  Plus, it stars Helga Line, which is enough to get me to watch ANY movie!
    So let's check out our latest photo and see if it might be a tad bit easier.  Just click HERE to send in your guess and as always...good luck!

    We won't have an update next weekend since we are going to do something that I have been wanting to do for the last several years, but just never did it.  For the 5th year now, DVD Drive-In has been hosting the Drive-In Super Monster-Rama, which is a 2-night film festival held at the Riverside Drive-in Theater in Vandergrift, PA.  This is taking place next Friday and Saturday.  Every year, they have 4 movies playing each night, all from 35mm prints and all classic monster fun.  This year's line up consists of the films listed in the ad to the right.  If you have any interests in this show, just head over to DVD Drive-In for all the details.  And even if you're not planning on going, check out their site anyway.  They always have some great reviews on there, with plenty of information.
    So this year, we are loading up the Krypt-Mobile and taking our Vacation of the Dead Road Trip!  Because while we are out there, we are planning to visit the Monroeville Mall and the cemetery from NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.  My son is a huge fan of DAWN OF THE DEAD, so he's pretty excited to go to the mall.  Needless to say next weekend is going to be a fun filled, but very busy weekend.  And it is just the start of our season, with plenty of more film fests, conventions, and get-togethers that we're looking forward to.

    As if I didn't have enough stuff going on before Halloween this year, Chicago's Music Box Theatre has done something to make me both happy and mad at the same time.  Starting on October 22nd and running through the 27th, they will be screening 13 of the Universal classics, such as DRACULA, THE MUMMY, BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, THE INVISIBLE MAN, THE WOLF MAN, ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN, IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE, and THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON in 3D, plus 5 more titles.  They haven't released the actual times or dates that the individual titles are playing yet, but if you have the chance to catch any of these classic movies on the big screen, it is a must.  Seeing these films on the big screen is a much more powerful experience then watching them on your TV.  Not sure how many we are going to make it out to, but we're hoping for a few of them, especially CREATURE in 3-D.
    They have also announced the Stan Winston's PUMPKINHEAD has been added to this year's Music Box Massacre's line up.
    Other films that we think are worth mentioning that have recently been announced are below.  For more information about the Music Box, just click HERE.

  • NIGHT OF THE CREEPS - Sept. 23rd & 24th

  • HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2 - Oct. 7th & 8th, and 14th & 15th

  • TUCKER & DALE VS EVIL - Runs Oct. 7th to the 13th

  • CARRIE - Oct. 9th, with live commentary

  • ZOMBIE (Newly restored print) - Oct. 21st & 22nd.

  • THE THING - Nov. 4th & 5th

    Next month, on Oct. 8th, actor Doug Jones, who is more known for the characters that he plays underneath make up and costumes, such as in HELL BOY and PAN'S LABYRINTH, will be appearing in Chicago for the Midwest premiere of one of his latest films, ABSENTIA.  Presented by Horrorbles and Deep Hope Productions, they will also be screening short films that feature Mr. Jones, as well as a Q&A, and more importantly, he will be signing FREE autographs.  Tickets are only $10 and are very limited.  So if you're interested, you'd better buy them now.  For more info, just click HERE.  Also, if you didn't know, we had the chance to interview Mr. Jones at one of the HorrorHound shows.  You can read our interview HERE.

    While we're on the subject of Chicago area film fests, here are a few more announcements.  THE HOWLING has been added to the Midway Drive-in's CHILLORAMA Road Show Tour, taking place on Sept. 17th.  Besides the Midwest premiere of CHILLERAMA, they will also be announcing 2 more features, as well as classic horror trailers, vintage concession ads, and more.  We've been to the Midway several times and have a blast there.  We are planning to make it out to this event as well.  For all the information, just click HERE.

    Terror in the Aisles has added DANCE OF THE DEAD to their lineup, which already consisted of SHAUN OF THE DEAD and DEMONS.  But as a bonus, Gregg Bishop, director of DANCE will be there in attendance.  So make sure you mark your calendar and make those plans to attend for 3 great movies.  This event is taking place at Chicago's Portage Theater on Oct. 21st.  For more info, you can go to their Facebook page by clicking HERE.

    And while on the subject of the Portage Theater, they have a few other films of interests that we want to mention.  On Oct. 8th, they will be screening the original 1932 version of THE MUMMY, along with the 1999 remake.  Then on Oct. 20th, the Silent Film Society of Chicago presents THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, starring Lon Chaney.  Having the chance to see the original version, with the unbelievable talented Chaney is something to behold.  Head over to the Portage's website by clicking HERE.

    We got a couple of new reviews this week.  The first one is for the score for the remake of DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK.  We also have a review for a Japanese movie called COLD FISH.  Head over to our Review section to hear our thoughts on both of these items.

    While on the subject of soundtracks, Perseverance Records are taking pre-orders for their limited 2-disc edition of Simon Boswell's complete score to the last film that Clive Barker directed, back in 1995.  We are big fans of Boswell's work, especially the work he did with Richard Stanley.  So we are pretty excited to get our hands on this one.  Even if it might not be one of my favorite films, still need to have this in my collection.  The price is $19.95 but remember, this is for a 2-disc set that has the complete score.
    For more information, just head to Perseverance's site HERE.

    The last time we heard news about this remake was when Larry Fessenden was attached to it, which then fell through.  I have to say, him being attached was the only thing that had kept any of my interests in this remake.  Once again, I'm not against remakes.  I'm against remakes that don't need to be made.  Just because this was in Spanish, American studios think they need to remake it.  Just sad.  Go rent the original.  It is an incredible film.
    But as it right now, Amy Adams is possibly up for the lead role of the woman who goes back to the orphanage where she grew up to open it up special children.  So we'll see if anything happens with this.  All we have to say on this is just rent the original movie now and give it a watch.

    Class is back in session after a little break.  This time out, we put an actor in the spotlight that is not really known for his horror films, but we felt needs to be mentioned.  Head over to the classroom to find out who we are talking about.

    I'm actually kind of surprised that we didn't have more correct answers on this one.  I guess some of you need to get a little more studying when it comes to Hammer films.  In our little tribute to Jimmy Sangster, we took that last shot from his directorial debut LUST FOR A VAMPIRE.  Sure, not one of the greatest in the Hammer catalog, but still a fun watch.  But here are the ones that did send in the correct answer: Hoby Abernathy, Aaron Christensen, Ryan Olson, and Mike Shields.
    This week's photo is going to be a little tougher.  But don't think too long or your head might just look like this.   Just click HERE to send in your answer.  And as always, Good Luck!

8-28-11  BUSY, BUSY, BUSY
    With the Halloween season steadily approaching, and getting a smile on my face every time I walk into store now and see their Halloween decorations up (at least until the Christmas stuff comes up, which should be anytime now), it reminds me of how much we always look forward to this season.  But also how hectic and crazy it always is.  From conventions, movie film fests, Halloween parties, and whatever else we try to cram in there, it is sheer madness.  Even so, I know we wouldn't have it any other way.  This is our time of the year, so lets make sure we take advantage of it.
    We have been working on doing a little remodeling in our home theater, plus working on a few writing projects, it seems that this month has just flown by.  Haven't watched more than a handful of flicks this month, which is just killing my year-to-date goal.  But in a couple of weeks, we will be heading out to Pittsburgh for two nights of an all-night drive-in movie festival.  They have been holding this event for the last 5 years and we've always wanted to make it but never could.  But this time, we are going to make it happen.  For all the info about this event, just head over to DVD Drive-In and see why we are pretty excited.
    But this site is something that we always try to make time for.  Granted, our updates may not be packed, but we at least try to give you a little something to keep you going, if only a mystery photo.

    One of the men responsible for making Hammer Films what they were was Jimmy Sangster.  He was the one responsible for writing the screenplay for Hammer's CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN, that really started Hammer on their horror trend, which continued into the '70s.  Starting out with Hammer at the in the bottom and worked his way up.  From production manager to 2nd Unit director and assistant director, and then as a writer, which pretty much came by just being asked "why do you write it?"  But Sangster's career is one that any horror fan of British films will know his work.  From the gothic classic remakes that he penned, to the black and white thrillers that he wrote in the '60s, he was one talented man.  We feel that he was definitely one of the key people that made Hammer Films what it was.  In 1997, he published his autobiography called Do You Want It Good or Tuesday?  I was lucky enough to meet him at a Fanex convention in the mid '90s.  He was still amazed that people actually knew who he was and that there was still a following to these films.  He was one of a kind.
    Sangster passed away last Friday, August 19th.  Our thoughts go out to his friends and family.  He is one name in horror history that will live on forever.

    Since the last time we mentioned their November show in Cincinnati, HorrorHound has added quite a few names to their guest list.  The latest name would be Anthony Michael Hall.  Yea, I originally thought the same thing....why him?  But believe it or not, Hall has had a few credits in the horror genre, namely the series DEAD ZONE.  But they have also added Alex Winter, Ted Raimi, and Tom Towles (for a nice HENRY reunion).  For the complete guest list and information, just click HERE.

    Yes, I realize this is a shameless plug, but this is my site, so the hell with you!  The newest issue of HorrorHound should be out in the next week or two, which as you can see features THE THING on the cover, with a retrospective about the original story and the two films.  The retro was written by me (hence the shameless plug), so hopefully the fans out there will enjoy it.  There is also an excellent article on the INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS movies as well.
    But also, the new issue of Little Shoppe of Horrors coming out in October.  This new issues covers Roman Polanki's FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS, which even includes a new interview with Polanski himself!  Like every issue of this mag, it is packed full of great information about whatever film that it is featuring.  If you haven't ever checked out this magazine, I highly recommend you give it a try, especially if you're a fan of British horror.  For all the info, head over to their site by clicking HERE.


    Director John Landis will be at the Dark Delicacies in California on October 6th, signing his new book Monsters in the Movies: 100 Years of Cinematic Nightmares.  But even if you're not able to get out to the show, you can still order your copy from them, and have them ship it to you once it is signed.  The price is $40, which is the normal retail price.  Not sure what the shipping would be, but you can find out by simply emailing the store.  You can always order this book from Amazon and get it for much cheaper, like for only $26, but then it wouldn't be signed.  So it is up to you.  I know I will be adding this to my library, in one form or another.  But if you're interested in the signed edition, just click HERE.

    One writer out there that we admire the hell out is Stephen Thrower.  We are still making our way through his massive tome NIGHTMARE USA, and enjoying every part of it.  But we came across this link of an article he wrote for a British site called The Guardian.  It is about music in horror films.  Not a huge one, but interesting enough that we thought more people should read it, since film music is a very underrated art form and it seems that horror fans are ones that appreciate it more than most.  Just click HERE to get to the article.

    Just a friendly reminder that you only have a few more days to get into your mission report.  Trust me, you are going to have your hands full next month, so don't put it off too much longer!

    Our last photo was from the epic film THE GREEN SLIME.  For some reason, after I posted this, I thought I had used this movie before, but couldn't find where I did.  But that is what happens when I try to come up with something new each week.  So if you do see a duplicate every now and then, it is just me slipping.  Happens when you get old.  But we did have a few people this time out that did get the correct answer.  They were Hoby Abernathy, Aaron Christensen, Craig J. Clark, Kevin J. Hart, Todd Kennedy, and Mike Shields.  Job well done, people.
    So lets take a look at this week's photo.  Sure, it might be a little easy, and if it is, then you'll know why.  But none the less, take a peek and see what you can come up with.  Just click HERE to send in your answer.  And as always, Good Luck!

    With September just a couple of weeks away, it means that stores have already started the Halloween shopping season.  On the one hand, it means plenty of great things for us horror fans to buy and events keep busy with.  On the other hand, it means there are great things for us horror fans to buy and events to keep us busy!  But this is the time of year we all wait for.  If you're in the Chicagoland area, there are plenty of things coming up, including a bunch of fest films and special screenings.  So keep reading, mark your calendars, and hope to see you at some of these events.

    Last weekend, Flashback Weekend returned to Chicago for another fun time.  There were worries that since it was the same weekend as Wizard World that it would take some of the crowd away.  Well, didn't seem that way.  If anything, there were a lot of people that were double-dipping to both shows.  So we had a good time, seeing old friends, meeting new ones, and much more.  We have posted our review of the show, with plenty of pics.  So head over to our Convention Reports section and scroll down to the Flashback section.  Or you could just click HERE.
    And while on the subject of Flashback, they made a little announcement at the show about an upcoming all night horror film fest at the Midway Drive-in that will take place on September 17th.  They haven't announced any films or guests, but that there will be 4 films showing.  We've always had a blast when we went out to those and plan on doing it once again.  For more details, just click HERE.

    The first set of movie titles has been announced for this year's Music Box Massacre.  And let's just say that so far we are tickled shitless with these titles!!!  Below are the ones that they have announced so far:

  • BURN WITCH BURN - Incredible witchcraft movie that more people need to see

  • HOUR OF THE WOLF - Ingmar Bergman film....a little culture for us dregs of society

  • THE ABOMINABLE DR. PHIBES - Classic Vincent Price...a personal favorite of mine


  • THE VAMPIRE LOVERS - One of my personal favorites from Hammer.  Ingrid Pitt...need I say more?

  • CHILDREN SHOULDN'T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS - Bob Clark's early film that I really need to see again

  • THE SENTINEL - Another underrated film with an all-star cast

  • FROM DUSK TILL DAWN - Yea....uh....see our Cinematic Crossroads section for more about this one

  • WIZARD OF GORE - H.G. Lewis' '70s gore classic

    But they have also announced the first gust for the Massacre, none other than the Godfather of Gore himself, H.G. Lewis.   This man is simply a legend and we couldn't think of more of a perfect guest for the fans that comes to this show each and every year.  Can't wait.
    And now for the business.  Right now until Sept. 15th, the ticket prices are only $29, but there are only 350 available at this price.  From Sept. 15th to Oct. 14th, the prices will be $34, and will only have 200 tickets available at that price.  On the day of the show, the tickets will be $38.  You can order your tickets online, but there is a service fee.  If you go to the Music Box and buy the tickets there, you won't have to pay the service fee.  For all the information, head over to the Music Box Theatre's website, by clicking HERE.

    Then the following Friday, on the 21st, they will be another Terror in the Aisles at the Portage Theater.  No details yet, as far as movies or any guests, but we will post it here when we find out.

    If you closer to the northern border of us, near Wisconsin, then maybe you'll want to head over to Oshkosh for the 2nd Annual Oshkosh Horror Film Festival, taking place on October 22nd, at the Time Community Theater in Downtown Oshkosh.  The 12 hour long event will feature horror films, both shorts and feature length, that were filmed in Wisconsin.  The event is to give Wisconsin independent filmmakers a chance to show their work and to help celebrate Wisconsin horror!
    They are still taking submissions for the fest (which is free to submission fee), so if you have a film you'd like to submit, then contact them by emailing John ( for all the details.  There were be various giveaways, raffles, and Q&A with the filmmakers that are on hand.  The event is only $5 to get in and all the proceeds go to the help the non-profit Time Community Theater.  For all the details about the film fest, just click HERE.

    Back in Chicago, the Gene Siskel Film Center is having another film lecture series staring in September, called Designs for Living: The Apartment Genre.  Sure, this isn't all about horror movies, but there are several classic horror films being shown that are worth mentioning.  The lectures will be giving by Pamela Robertson Wojcik, Director of Gender Studies at Notre Dame University and the author of The Apartment Plot: Urban Living in American Film and Popular Culture, 1945 to 1975.  The lectures will take place on the Tuesday night screenings only.  For all the info, just click HERE.  Below are the films listed that we thought were worth mentioning:

  • REAR WINDOW - Sept. 2nd & 6th at 6pm

  • WAIT UNTIL DARK - Oct. 14th & 18th

  • THE TENANT - Oct. 21st & 25th

  • ROSEMARY'S BABY - Nov. 11th & 15th

    Being a fan of the original 1989 film, this is one remake that I'm actually looking forward to.  It has all the elements of a creepy ghost story.  Let's just hope they can follow through on this very promising trailer.  Just click HERE to see it.

    Our last photo was from the classic monster mash from Al Adamson, DRACULA VS FRANKENSTEIN.  That 'head' is that of J. Carrol Naish, who played Dr. Frankenstein. might not be a great movie, but with the right crowd, it is a damn entertaining one.  Kudos go out the following for sending in the correct answer: Hoby Abernathy, Dave Friedman, Erik Martin, Mark McConnaughey, Mike Shields, and William Wilson.  Job well done, folks.
    Now onto our latest photo.  Some might think it's pretty easy.  Some may not.  But it is one film that if you haven't seen it, I think you need to.  So if you don't know it, you'll just have to wait until next week to see what film to add to your "to watch" list.  Good luck.  Just click HERE to send in your guess.

    We most likely won't have an update next weekend since we will be at the Flashback Weekend.  If you are coming out to the show, please stop by our table to say hello.  We're hoping for a great time there and hope to see a big crowd.

    In the span of 24 hours, my October weekends has now been completely booked up.  But we'll get to that in a minute.  Last night, we headed into the Chicago for the Terror in the Aisles 8, and had a blast.  They screened SLEEPAWAY CAMP, TUCKER AND DALE VS EVIL, and NIGHTMARE CITY (aka CITY OF THE WALKING DEAD).  First of all, these kind of film fests are a great chance for like minded horror fans to be there in their element.  Seeing fellow fans, talking movies, and having a great time.  Some of these movies, which we can all admit, are the greatest movies ever made.  But seeing them in a crowded theater, with people that get it, it makes them even more entertaining.  SLEEPAWAY CAMP has never been one of my favorites.  But I can't think of a better way of watching it than that way.  It was great.  Brian Kirst interviewed CAMP writer/director Robert Hiltzik after the film.  I'm sure it was a thrill for Hiltzik to see a theater full of crazy fans that had just enjoyed a piece of work that he did 28 years ago.  This shows just how passionate horror fans can be about the genre.
    Somewhat the same with NIGHTMARE CITY.  Not the greatest Italian zombie movie every made, but with the right audience, it is even better.  And we were  pleasantly surprised at how entertaining TUCKER & DALE was.  Very funny, gory, and a pretty intelligent script.  Well worth the watch when you get the chance.  So when you  have the chance to come out and support these types of film fests, please do.  The more support these types of events get, the more they will continue.  It is all about having a good time and showing the outside society that there is a pretty damn big fan base for these movies.  Bad or not, they are entertaining.
    We knew that it was getting close to October, so we figured that we would get the announcement of the date for this year's Music Box Massacre, which we did.  On October 15th, Music Box Massacre 7 will take place.  Since 2005, Movieside and the Music Box Theatre has been bringing a 24 hour horror movie marathon to Chicago.  And each and every year, we are there for it and have a blast.  They always have a wide range of film titles and guests that will put devilish smiles on any horror fan.  They haven't announced any titles yet, but we know that it will be another great lineup.
    But then, much to our surprise, Movieside also announced that the following Friday (the 21st) at the Portage Theater, they will be having Terror in the Aisles 9!  Once again, they haven't made any announcements of what films will be playing, other than it will be another 3 title film fest.  So taking place right after our bi-annual trip to Ohio for the Cinema Wasteland show, that puts down 2 film fests back to back for us.  So as usual, that is going to once again make our October very busy.  And since we've already seen some stores getting out their Halloween merch, it makes it even easy to deal with this summer heat since we know that it is almost over and our favorite season of the year is almost upon us!

    The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced that legendary makeup artist Dick Smith will receive an Honorary Award.  This will be done at a separate ceremony with a highlight of the evening presented at the actual Oscars, but at least this incredibly talented man, who has not only given us horror fans an incredible body of work, but also has helped bring the art of make up effects to incredible new levels.  From teaching and inspiring just about every make up artist in the industry, Smith's work simply speaks for itself.  He had won his first (and long time coming) Oscar for his work on the 1984 film AMADEUS, and was nominated again for the 1989 film DAD.
    All horror fans know Smith's work for films like THE EXORCIST, THE HUNGER, and countless more, but his talent really is amazing.  Some times his work is so good that we don't even recognize that any work had even been done.  That is the sign of a true genius in his trade.

    In honor of Dick Smith, we are going to honor one of his fellow makeup men, that created a make up empire and dynasty with his family.  Head over to the classroom to discover more.

    I am kind of surprised at the lack of correct guesses for last week's photo.  That makes me think that most might not have seen the movie before, since I've always found it a pretty memorable (even though pretty hokey) moment in the movie.  The shot is from the movie RETURN OF THE FLY, when someone is trying to get rid of an experiment gone wrong.  Cheesy?  Sure.  But as a kid seeing this on really freaked me out.  The only one to send in the correct answer was Hoby Abernathy.  I would credit Aaron Christensen, but we had just been discussing this film, which is where I came up with the idea for the shot.  Maybe I'll give him a 1/4 credit....heheheh.
    So let's get to our new photo.  This week, we're giving a little nod to the gorehounds out there.  This poor guy is the sad recipient of an accident with a guillotine.  Oops...hope I didn't give too much away.  Anyway, just click HERE to send in your answers and good luck!

    Even though the year is a little more than half over, we wanted to give a call out for new recruits for our Army.  Even by joining now, you will still have a chance to win some great prizes, not to mention having the chance and challenge of seeing a couple of new movies each month.  We hear time and time again from our current members that they can't wait to see what the new mission is, and that seeking out the titles is almost as much fun as watching them.
    Last year, we gave away quite a few great prizes, such as autographed memorabilia like a replica of THE STUFF container signed by director Larry Cohen, or a 8x10 from the original MY BLOODY VALENTINE signed by the director and the actor.  And this year, we have quite a few more things lined up.  So don't delay.  You still have 5 months left to participate.  That means 5 chances to win!  All you have to do is sign up for our mailing list (see below) and wait for the mission that is sent out on the first of every month and follow the directions.  And most importantly....Have Fun!
    Also, for those in the Army, please don't forget to check out the Army Message Board, where we are posting all of your entries, as well as our response.  Please feel free to comment back on yours, as well as anybody else's entry.  The best thing about being a horror fan is being able to talk about the movies with other like-minded people.

    Any follower of this site probably knows that I am a huge fan of Hammer Films.  And I've been known to collect a thing or two here and there.  Well, a new item has been released that is going to make me look for a part time job.  I remember hearing/seeing the first couple of these some time ago, but I guess I wasn't paying too close attention to them.  But Titan Merchandise is putting out three different 8-inch busts based on 3 different famous characters from Hammer Films.  The first one was Christopher Lee as Dracula.  I do remember this one and thinking that it was just an okay replica of him.  And at a price of $75, it didn't make me want to run out and order it.  Then they announced the second bust (ironically enough) was going to be the lovely Ingrid Pitt from title character from COUNTESS DRACULA.  This one did look a lot more like Pitt, but still at that price...kind of a tough call.
    But now I see they have announced their third and final one, of Peter Cushing as Van Helsing.  And for this one, they knocked it out of the park.  I think they have done a brilliant job here, with the likeness, the pose, and everything.  And here is my conundrum...I would really like to add this one to my collection.  But if you really can't just get the one and not the rest, right?  That is the discussion/argument that is going on in my head right now.  Luckily, these don't come out until November, so I have plenty of time to figure out how I can pay for these!
    Speaking of COUNTESS DRACULA, if you missed out on picking up the MGM release of the film, fear no more.  Synapse Films will be releasing it on Blu-ray/DVD combo sometime next year.  No word yet on any extras.
    And if that wasn't enough, how did I miss the announcement of another Hammer coffee table book coming out???  Hammer scholar Marcus Hearn, who was the man already responsible for giving us the Art of Hammer poster book, as well as The Hammer Story and Hammer Glamour, now brings us The Hammer Vault, which is "A visual celebration of Hammer Films, featuring rare and unseen treasures from the archives."  So just what are these rare and unseen treasures, you ask?  How about starting with the incorporation documents from 1934, letters to and from some of the company's stars, there are pages from Peter Cushing's scrapbook, pages from Michael Carreras' scrapbook, premiere tickets, production designs and pre-production artwork, a map of Bray Studios, and tons more.
    So obviously this will be another must have for any fan of Hammer Films and reference book collectors in general.  The book will be release at the end of September with a retail price of $34.95.  Although, you can always pre-order it on Amazon for a mere $23.07.  I know I'll be doing just that.
    And lastly, the other Hammer scholar Wayne Kinsey (Hammer Films - the Bray and Elstree Years; Hammer Films - a Life in Pictures and Hammer Films - the Unsung Heroes) has another Hammer book coming out this fall, Hammer Films: On Location.  The book will detail the exact locations where some of Hammer's most famous movies where filmed, such as the coach ride in the beginning of HORROR OF DRACULA and where the scenes from DEVIL SHIP PIRATES where film, where they launched and blew up the boat.  Co-authored with Gordon Thompson, who was a sound recordist and runner at Bray, this will be yet another volume for Hammer fans to add to their collection.  Between Kinsey and Hearn, that gives a collector one massive section in their library.


    We have posted our review of the score for this great British TV series.  Just click HERE to get to our Soundtrack Review section.

    HorrorHound has announced several more guests for their November show in Cincinnati.  If you're a fan of THE WALKING DEAD series, then they are going to make you very happy.  They already had Michael Rooker, but now have also announced Norman Reedus, Jon Bernthal, Steven Yeun, Emma Bell, Addy Miller, and Greg Nicotero as well.  They are also having a FRIDAY THE 13th Part 6: Jason Lives reunion, with actors Thom Matthews, C.J. Graham, David Kagen, Nancy McLoughlin, and director Tom McLoughlin.  There are also some more GHOSTBUSTERS cast coming, including William Atherton (Walter Peck) and Slavitza Jovan (Gozer), joining Ernie Hudson.  I wonder how many people are going to ask Atherton to sign his photo "Dickless"....I have to say it will be cool to talk to an actor who usually plays such bastards and unlikeable characters in the movies.
    For all the details, head over to the official site by clicking HERE.

    Okay people...lets not forget that we have some great things coming up here in the Windy City over the next two weekends.  Next week, there are plenty of great movies to be seen.  On Friday night, at the Doc. Films on the South side, they are screening Lucio Fulci's ZOMBIE, showing at 7:00pm and again at 9:30pm.  This is from a 35mm print as well.  Also coming up in August at the same place, they will be screening JAWS on the 12th, THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI on the 13th, and NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD on the 19th.
    On Saturday the 6th, at the Portage Theater, we will be attending Terror in the Aisles 8.  Where else are you going to be able to catch Umberto Lenzi's NIGHTMARE CITY (aka CITY OF THE WALKING DEAD) on the big screen from a 35mm print?  Put that along with SLEEPAWAY CAMP (with director Robert Hiltzik in person) and the Midwest premier of TUCKER & DALE VS EVIL, you have one great night planned.
    And then of course, the following weekend is the return of FLASHBACK WEEKEND.  With a big guest list, including just added Ashley Laurence (and having Danielle Harris cancelled due to filming) we're hoping for a great turnout and having a lot of fun there.  For all the info about the show, just click HERE.

    Well, it has been a while that I have totally stumped everyone on our Mystery Photo, but it looks like we did it with this one.  That poor fellow is the victim of the title character from Don Dohler's NIGHTBEAST (1982).  If you haven't seen this one and enjoy some low budget fun from Baltimore, then check out this, as well as other Dohler films.  I think you'll enjoy them.
    For this week's photo, we're going with another victim as such.  Don't want to give too much away.  So take a look and see if you can put your mental fingers on the title of this one.

    Kind of a small update this week, but wanted to put out this little friendly reminder to all the Army members out there, that you only have a few days left to get those reports in before the new month and a new mission.  So don't delay and get those movies watched and the reports sent in.  See you on the front lines.

    Our photo last month was from Abel Ferrara's THE BODY SNATCHERS.  Yea, I know it was kind of tough, but some of you were able to get the correct answer.  So job well done to you that did!  Those people were Aaron Christensen, Nancy Cremer, Kevin Matthews, and David Schmidt.
    Our next photo here for this week might be even tougher.  In fact, this is what happens to you if you stare too hard at our Mystery Photo for too long!  So be warned.  Just click HERE to send in your answers and as always, Good Luck!

    Roberts Blossom passed away at the age of 87, on Friday, July 8th, from natural causes. He was a 3-time Obie Awards winner for his off-Broadway performances through the '50s, '60s, and '70s. While he gained his most popularity from playing the supposed Shovel Killer in HOME ALONE, you would think that he was one of those actors that appeared in hundreds of movies because he was so recognizable.  But in reality, Blossom only appeared in a handful of movies over his 40 year movie career, films like CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND (1978) & CHRISTINE (1983).  But it was the 1974 film DERANGED that most horror fans will remember Blossom from, giving a chilling performance as Ezra Cobb (based on real life psycho Ed Gein).
    But what most fans might not know was that Blossom was also an accomplished poet, with his works published in several books.  He was even the subject of a 2000 documentary called “Full Blossom: The Life of Poet/Actor Roberts Blossom,” directed by James Brih Abee.  You can view the trailer for the documentary by clicking HERE.  Not sure if this was ever released, but now I need to find it.
    He is one character actor that will never be forgotten.  His performances will always be remembered, from DERANGED, to even the misunderstood old neighbor in HOME ALONE.  Our thoughts go out to his friends and family.

    It is being reported and confirmed on his official website that Christopher Lee has been added to Johnny Depp's and Tim Burton's DARK SHADOWS movie, though no word on the particular role that he will be playing.  But it seems that Depp will take on another favorite TV personality from the '70s in his next film.  And that would be of everyone's favorite reporter Carl Kolchak from the NIGHT STALKER movies & series.  So word other than that of what he might be doing with this film, but I have to say that we are pretty excited by the news.

    There are some great titles that have been announced to come out on DVD / Blu-ray recently, one of them coming from the "IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME" file.  Of course, that would be the 1932 film ISLAND OF LOST SOULS, starring Charles Laughton & Bela Lugosi.  Criterion will be releasing this film on October 25th, in both DVD and Blu-ray versions (though we're not sure what differences between them will be).  This title is the one that tops the lists of movies to be released on DVD each and every year.  But now, we will be able to enjoy this classic film about one the maddest and twisted mad scientists out there, brought to life by the incredible performance by Charles Laughton.
    The discs will feature a new high-def digital restoration of what they are calling the "uncut theatrical version".  Hope that means the full version.  Other extras will include an audio commentary by film historian Gregory Mank, a video conversation with directo0r John Landis, makeup artist Rick Baker, and genre expert Bob Burns, new interviews with author/film historian David J. Skal, filmmaker Richard Stanley, Gerald Casale an Mark Mothersbaugh (founding members of Devo, who apparently are big fans), trailers, and a new essay by critic Christine Smallwood.  This is one release that horror fans have been waiting for.

    Also coming from Criterion, will be two other classic black and white films: Roman Polanski's CUL-DE-SAC and Kaneto Shindo's KURONEKI.  Polanski's film will have a new director approved restored high-def digital transfer, a 2003 documentary about the making of the film called TWO GANGSTERS AND AN ISLAND, which features interviews with Polanski, producer Gene Gutowski, and cinematographer Gilbert Taylor.  The last of the extras will be trailers, a TV interview with Polanski from 1967, and a booklet with an essay by film critic David Thompson.
    On KURONEKI, the disc will also feature a new high-def digital restoration, a video interview with director Shindo, interview with critic Tadao Sato, trailers, and a booklet featuring an essay by film critic Maitland McDonagh.  This makes a great companion piece to Shindo's ONIBABA.

    Another release just announced that has got me pretty excited is the release of the uncut version of Guillermo del Toro's first Hollywood film, MIMIC.  Now, we've always liked this film, even with its flaws.  But now, we will be able to see the film the way the director always intended.  The film will have 7 minutes of footage back in the movie, restored in 1080p high-def with upgraded sound.  The disc will also feature audio commentary by del Toro, as well as a video prologue with him.  There will also be a several featurettes: "Reclaiming MIMIC", A Leap in Evolution - The Creatures of MIMIC", "Back into the Tunnels - Shooting MIMIC", more deleted scenes, storyboard animatics, gag reel, and trailers.  This will be released on September 27th from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

    Also coming to Blu-ray will be some cult classics from famous cult filmmakers.  Frank Henenlotter's BASKET CASE will be hitting Blu-ray with a new full-frame HD transfer, with a new introduction by the director.  There will also be audio commentary by Henenlotter, along with producer Edgar Ievins, and actress Beverly Bonner; rare outtakes and behind-the-scenes footage from Henenlotter's personal collection.  Other extras include a 2001 video short: In Search of the Hotel Broslin, theatrical trailers, radio spots, and BASKET CASE exploitation art and behind-the-scenes photos.  The other cult director is H.G. Lewis and his gore trilogy, BLOOD FEAST, TWO THOUSAND MANIACS, and COLOR ME BLOOD RED will also be making their blu-ray debut in September.  Extras have not been release yet.

    And now for the little rant.  I know people get excited about films that get a release on blu-ray, all cleaned up and nice and shiny.  But I have to say, that there are some films, like BASKET CASE and H.G. Lewis' movies, that I DON'T want them to look all nice and pretty.  Those films need to look grainy.  They need to look like they've run through the projector a few times.  It gives those films a special feel and gives the viewer a different sense of what these films are about.  We don't want to see these films when they look like they were filmed yesterday.  All that grain and scratching adds to the feel of these low budget films.  It gives them a feeling of realism and of a much older time and budget of independent film production.  So I just don't see myself running out and picking up these new blu-ray editions of these films.  Just seems like a waste of money.

    Even though we mentioned this last week, there has been a new update with the final film added, along with a special guest!  SLEEPAWAY CAMP has been added to the lineup for Terror In the Aisles 8, and will have writer / director Robert Hiltzik there in person!  The event will take place at Chicago's Portage Theater on August 6th, starting at 7:30pm with a collection of vintage horror trailers and short films.  Then at 8pm, SLEEPAWAY CAMP starts.  After that will be TUCKER & DALE VS EVIL, followed by Umberto Lenzi's CITY OF THE WALKING DEAD (aka NIGHTMARE CITY) at midnight.
    Doors open at 7pm and will have dealers, prizes, charity auction for Vital Bridges, and more importantly, free guest autographs!  Don't see that at too many other events!  For advance tickets, you can get them at Brown Paper Tickets by clicking HERE, or get more info at their Facebook page HERE.  Hope to see you there!

    With the trailer for the new prequel/sequel/remake THE THING all over the place, and now with the announcement of THE EVIL DEAD getting the same treatment (though I believe that is a straight up remake, or whatever they call it these days), there is a lot of talk in the horror community about this.  And what do we here at the Krypt think about all this?  Who cares.
    Once the film comes out and we get to see the final product, then I will make my final judgment.  Do I have high hopes for them?  Not really.  Especially for THE EVIL DEAD remake.  I wish them the best, and just might be surprised at the end result.  But I doubt it.  Why?  Because if it is coming from Hollywood, they tend to lack the one thing that can make a movie better than it really is....originality.  So the fact that they are doing a remake, or whatever they're calling it, is showing that they are re-treading on old ground.  With a new eye behind the camera, we can hope that there is going to be something new and different to give the audiences.  But you know us horror fans...we can be pretty fickle.  Make it too much like the original and we'll complain that that its just like the original.  Make it different, then we'll complain about that.
    The surprising thing about the EVIL DEAD remake is that in the press release by Ghost House Pictures, they stated,
"We can't wait to scare a new generation of moviegoers using filmmaking techniques that were not available to us 30 years ago, as well as Fede [Alvarez] bringing a fresh eye to the film's original elements."  Okay, let's look at the comment "using filmmaking techniques that were no available to us 30 years ago".  Back then, they did have Steadycams, but because the film was such a low budget, Raimi and company couldn't afford that and had to come up with something different, like mounting the camera on some 2x4's and running through the woods with it.  This was called "creative thinking", and gave the film such a unique and different look and feel to the movie.  But in Hollywood today, that "creative thinking" is replaced by money.
    We don't like to immediately dismiss remakes because there have been too many that are actually quite good, even in this day and age.  The other benefit to them is that it does bring awareness to the originals again.  So no matter how good the new film is, it will cause people to go out and rent the original.  And that, my fellow film fans, is ALWAYS a good thing.
    For the new THING movie, since I still haven't heard for sure if it is a prequel, a remake, or re-imagining, I honestly don't care.  The trailer doesn't look terrible.  Sure, we know the creature effects will be all CGI.  But again, we're talking about a new monster film.  So I would be lying to say it doesn't have me the least bit excited.  And no matter what, or how good/bad the film is, it will never touch how good Carpenter's version is.  But it just might be entertaining.  If not, we forget about it and move on.
    So the bottom line is maybe we should not be so negative about these projects until they actually come out, and give them an honest response of what we think.  I know that's tough, because I'm just as guilty as doing that as well.  It might be due the fact that we've been down this road so many times before and gotten bitch-slapped.  But all we can do is make sure that if the film is good or not, make sure we give our honest responses as to why.  Lack of originality?  Too many cartoon effects?  By trying to get that message to Hollywood producers, maybe some day they might start listening.  Yea, I know....crazy thought.

    We have our review up of one of the new films to be release under the Hammer banner, and must say that this one fits that more than the other two by far.  Check out our review HERE, but please make sure you check out the movie!

    This week's lesson is about a prolific British director, who made quite a few memorable films in the early '70s for two very popular film studios.  Head over to the classroom to find out who.

    Last week's photo got a lot more responses than I expected.  So job well done, people.  The shot of the unlucky bastard with the pipe sticking out of him is from Charles Band's 3-D extravaganza PARASITE.  Not sure if it was my little 3-D hint that helped people or if you just knew it.  But either way, kudos out to Hoby Abernathy, Gregory Avery, Aaron Christensen, Richard Dean, Dave Friedman, David Schmidt, Gert Verbeeck, and William Wilson.
    This one might be a little tougher...maybe.  Of course, I always say that, don't I?

    These last few months have been pretty crazy for us at the Krypt.  Nothing crazy, mind you, but just not spending as much time at the Krypt HQ as we had been.  Had a huge project to finish for our brothers in Horror at HorrorHound, which is now finished.  So that is going to free up a bit of least for the time being!  Next month is Flashback Weekend, so we are more than excited for our first convention of the summer, not to mention the first one since March!  So we are chomping at the bit for this one to happen.  If you're planning on attending the show, please stop by our table!  Always love to meet our readers.
    We are also working on some other ideas that has been taking up some time, but hopefully we can announce it very soon.  In the meantime, enjoy our little update this week and see you next week!

    Movieside is bringing Terror in the Aisles back from the dead!  And on August 6th, at the Portage Theater in Chicago, they will be screening Umberto Lenzi's classic Italian Cheese-fest CITY OF THE WALKING DEAD (aka NIGHTMARE CITY) as well as the Midwest premiere TUCKER AND DALE VS EVIL.  There will be a 3rd feature added, but it has not been announced yet.  Of course, just like all the TITA events, there will be dealers, vintage trailers and plenty of fun to be had.  The doors open at 7pm.  Come dressed as a zombie and you get $2 discount at the door.  We are not going to miss the chance to see Lenzi's classic on the big screen, in glorious 35mm!  So hope to see you there.

    We knew it was only a matter of time before Lucio Fulci's ZOMBIE would be hitting DVD.  When there were a couple of ZOMBIE convention reunions some time ago, we knew that someone would be taking advantage of that and getting some interviews and material for the DVD extras.  And since this title is a huge one in the horror community, we new it was going to come out at some point.  And now, this October, we won't have to wait any longer.
    Blue Underground is releasing Fulci's ZOMBIE in a 2-disc editions on both DVD and Blu-ray on October 25th.  The film will be presented in a 2.35:1 transfer from the original uncut negative, which will also be 1080p on the blu-ray, which will be supervised by the original cinematographer Sergio Salvati.  But let's get on to the special features, which is the real reason people are going to be buying them.
    First there is the audio commentary with star Ian McCulloch and Jason J. Slater, which is probably transferred over from that first laserdisc release.  But there will also be an introduction by superfan Guillermo del Toro as well as a brief segment where del Toro professes his love of this film.  Recorded at the Cinema Wasteland back in April of last year, we have interviews with Ian McCulloch, Richard Johnson, Al Cliver, and actor/stuntman/zombie cover boy Ottaviano Dell'Acqua.  There will also be interviews with co-producer Fabririzio De Angelis, co-writers Elisa Briganti & Dardano Sacchetti, cinematographer Sergio Salvati, production/costume designer Walter Patriarca, make up artists Giannetto De Rossi, Maurizio Trani, and Gino De Rossi, composer Fabio Frizzi, and Fulci's daughter, Antonella.  There will also be the standard trailers, TV and radio spots, and poster and still galleries as well.  I just hope these are all new interviews and not taken from previously released material.
    The price for these 2-disc editions are $29.98 for the regular DVD set and $39.98 for the blu-ray.  Haven't heard if there is anything different between the two versions as far as the extras are concerned.  So we'll probably have to add this version to our collection, but will have to wait and see on which one we get.

    Another disc that is hitting Blu-ray, which is a favorite of ours, is Eugenio Martin's HORROR EXPRESS.  This will be coming out on Septemberr 27th, with a hi-def 1.66:1 transfer from the original negative.  With an all star cast of Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Telly Savalas, and Helga Line, this is a fun and entertaining little horror film.  The extras on the disc will be new a new interview with director Martin, producer Bernard Gordon discussing the McCarthy era, and an audio interview from 1973 with Peter Cushing.  There is also an interview with composer John Cacavas.  An introduction by Fango editor Chris Alexander, a theatrical trailer, and an Easter egg fill out the extras.

    We have a new movie review, this time out by a guest reviewer, Aaron Christensen, who takes on this little indie-horror/comedy.  Head over to our Reviews section to get the full scoop.

    We have 3 new reviews in our Soundtrack section this time out!  That's right...3!  Maybe that's why we having gotten to too many movies recently because we're listening to soundtracks.  Anyway, we have one film score, THE MAN WHO COLLECTED FOOD, one compilation CD: The Hammer Legacy - The Frankenstein Collection, and one EP from the HBO series TRUE BLOOD.  So head over to our Soundtrack Review section to hear our thoughts on these new releases.

    This week's lesson is another one in the music department.  So head over to the classroom and make sure you listen!

    So our last photo was one of those that if you had seen the movie, you would remember that little part.  Granted, you might not remember the movie, but you'd remember the part.  It was from HORROR HOSPITAL, starring the immortal Michael Gough.  Such a fun and cheesy movie, which Gough just hamming it up and enjoying every second of it.  If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend you check it out.  If you're a fan of '70s British horror, then you'll like this one.  But kudos to those who did remember the movie.  They are: Hoby Abernathy, Aaron Christensen, Erik Martin, Mike Shields, Wayne Teeter, and William Wilson.  Job well done, lads!
    Okay...on to our latest photo.  Some say this might be way too hard since I'm not really showing you anything.  But then again, if you look hard enough, the answer just might be on the end of that pipe sticking out of the screen.  Just click HERE to send in your answer, and as always, Good Luck!

    Sorry for the lack of updates or the small ones this last month or so.  Things have been pretty busy/hectic here at the Krypt.  We're working on a big project for our brothers at HorrorHound, so that is taking a lot of my time right now.  But that should be done in the next couple of weeks, so hopefully things can get back on track here.

    Only a few more days left in this month's mission.  So those out there that still haven't gotten theirs sent in yet, now is the time.  I am also posting my thoughts on everyone's entry on the message board now.  So instead of emailing everyone back, I'm just putting it there.  So please feel free to reply back or even reply on someone else's comments.  It's good to get to know your fellow soldiers.  You never know when you might need them to pull you out of a foxhole.

    We have posted two new Soundtrack reviews.  The first one is for David Julyan's score for HEARTLESSS and the other is the classic score for the film that inspired ALIEN, IT! THE TERROR FROM BEYOND SPACE.  Just head over to our Soundtrack Review section to read more.

    And speaking of soundtracks, La-La Land Records has been releasing some soundtracks on CD ever since they started their business.  From cult classics to long forgotten titles, they continue to release great products.  And now, they are having a huge clearance sale on quite a few of their old titles, including plenty of horror ones in there.  For only $4.98 each, you could pick up CABIN FEVER, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (remake), SEED OF CHUCKY, UNDEAD, WRONG TURN 2, BOOGEYMAN, LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, BOOK OF BLOOD, MIRRORS 2 and TRICK 'R TREAT.  They also have some other great titles for only $9.98, like NIGHT OF THE CREEPS and CHILD'S PLAY.
    So head over to their website by clicking HERE and pick up some great CDs at a great deal.  Tell them we sent you! 

    Since I had a dream about this guy last night, I thought it was only appropriate that we made him this week's lesson.  This guy was one talented actor that worked in about every genre out there.  Head over to the classroom to find out who that is.

    Granted, our last photo was kind of a trick one.  Everyone seemed to know that was the immortal Paul Naschy in the shot, but just couldn't place the movie.  It probably didn't help that he was only in the very opening scene of the movie.  The film is called STATE OF MIND and is available on DVD.  It also stars Jill Schoelen and Fred Williamson as well!  Been a while since I'd seen it, but I remember it being pretty good.  Granted, I'd recommend anything that has Naschy in it.  But the only one to come through with the correct answer is Hoby Abernathy.  Figured he would be able to pull this one out of the air.  Great job, Hoby!  Nice to see you back.
    So lets take a gander at our latest and see if anybody can come up with this one.  Just click HERE to send in your guess and Good Luck!

    While most people celebrate milestones of nice even numbers like 10 years or 15 years, we thought it would be appropriate for us to celebrate our 13 Year Annniversary.  That's right folks, this October, the Krypt will be 13 years old.  While our celebration is in the early planning stages, we will be having a big contest that will include some great prizes.  So stay tuned and be watching here for more details.  As always, it will be fun, but you might have to do some homework!

    Chicago continues to be a great place to be a die hard fan of cult and horror films.  From the midnight movie screenings, special celebrity appearances, and tons of film fests, it is just a great place to be able to check out some amazing films on the big screen (or sometimes a smaller screen) with other like-minded fans.  So here are a couple of up coming things in Chicago that you might want to look into.  
    Facets Multi-Media has started their Night School program again.  Granted, there are only a few horror titles, it is still worth checking out.  Not only do you get to see a great movie, but also there is a lecture afterwards.  The horror titles they are screening are KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE (June 25th) and Roger Corman's MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH (July 9th), they are also screening BLACK DYNAMITE (June 18th) and more.  For more information, head over to Facets' site by clicking HERE.  Then look for the Night School link on the left.
    At the Gene Siskel Film Center, they will be having a selection of films from Japanese director Kaneto Shindo, including his two horror films ONIBABA (1964) and KURONEKO (1968).  If you have not seen ONIBABA, then you are missing out on some amazing Japanese cinema.  So if you live in the Chicagoland area, it would be the perfect time to fix that error and go see this incredible film.  The cinematography is stunning and is a great example of some very atmospheric terror.  They are screening ONIBABA on July 2nd, the 3rd, and the 7thh.  KURONEKO is playing on July 30th and August 1st.  For all the details, click HERE to get to the Gene Siskel Film Center website.

    Any horror fan knows and most likely loves the movie RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD.  So then everyone should be familiar with actress  Jewel Shepard, who played Casey ("Fuck off and die!").  Besides being an author, b-movie scream queen, she is one of the nicest and funniest people that I've met.  We have only met her once, which was at a HorrorHound Weekend convention back in March of '08.  But even that one time, she really made an impression with me.  She was extremely nice and very friendly with her fans.  She really made a point to make every fan that came over to her table memorable.  Following her little comments on her Facebook page really showed the sense of humor she had, giving her fans her wonderful and funny outlook on life.
    So when I saw on her page that she had breast cancer and was about to go in for surgery, I felt the need to let as many people know as I could so they could go to her Facebook page and send her some good cheer and well wishes.  To get to her Facebook page, just click HERE.  Just take a quick second and send her a little message of hope and love.

    While everyone might not know who Don Dohler was, I'm sure you know who J.J. Abrams is.  With the success of LOST, the new STAR TREK, and his latest film SUPER 8, he's a pretty big name in Hollywood, as we all know.  But what some might not know is that Abrams got his start with the help of a guy in Baltimore, who was making his own little monster movies.  That was Don Dohler.  Dohler name is one that more people should know.  Especially if you've dreamt of making your own movies, Dohler is one guy that you could learn something from.  Staying in his hometown of Baltimore, Dohler made several sci-fi / horror films in the late '70s & early '80s.  These were not huge blockbusters, but simple low budget films.  Not made with a lot of money, but made with a lot of passion.
     But before getting into movies, Dohler published a magazine called Cinemagic, giving secrets on how special effects in the movies were made.  This magazine would go on to inspire young filmmakers, including EVIL DEAD makeup man Tom Sullivan.  But it also inspired a young J.J. Abrams.  By contacting Dohler, Abrams actually got involved with the Dohler film NIGHTBEAST and did the music for it.  It is something that to this day, Abrams didn't forget.  So when a big Hollywood guy takes a minute to give some credit to someone that got him started, we think that is pretty damn cool.  And even more so when it is about a man that we think pretty highly of too.
    In a recent article Washing Post, Jen Cheney talked with Abrams on how he got started in the business.  Here is a brief quote of what Abrams had to say about Mr. Dohler: “Don Dohler had also directed a number of very low-budget independent horror films in the Baltimore area. He was sort of the horror version of John Waters. He made these crazy movies that were made with incredible passion and love of genre. Relatively speaking, you know, shoestring budgets — they couldn’t really compare to the production values or casts of mainstream films. But there was a real charm to them. They were kind of like adult versions of the movies that we made when we were kids."
    You can read the whole article by clicking HERE.

    Fans of H.G. Lewis are going to want to put this title on their Want Lists come this September.  Cult filmmaker Frank Henenlotter and Jimmy Maslon have made the ultimate tribute to the man that invented the gore film, Herschell Gordon Lewis.  The DVD will be released through Something Weird Video on September 27th, and will be a feature length documentary on the man who started it all, back in 1963 with his film BLOOD FEAST.  The disc will also feature over an hour of deleted scenes, a trailer reel of Lewis' movies, a gallery of exploitation art, as well as a rare short by Lewis called Hot Night at the Go-Go Lounge.  The retail price is only $14.98.  So mark that on your calendars.

    We have posted our review for this 1964 Italian gothic film, starring Christopher Lee.  Head over to our Soundtrack Reviews to check it out.

    Code Red will be releasing some new titles  onto DVD this year, some making it to that format for the first time.  And the best part is that all the films will be released uncut as well.  The titles are as follows:  MARDI GRAS MASSACRE, HAUNTED, NIGHT OF THE DEMON, VAMPIRE AT MIDNIGHT, CAGED MEN, and many more.  These films will be hosted by Maria Kanellis.  All the movies will feature her introducing the films and at the end of the movie, but not during.  Which is always nice.
    For more information, head over to Code Red's website by clicking HERE.

    Our last photo didn't get as many emails as I thought I would.  And here I thought we had more William Castle fans out there.  For shame.  The shot is from Castle's 13 GHOSTS.  Kudos out to Aaron Christensen and Mike Shields for sending in the correct answers.
    Well, this one probably isn't going to be much easier, but hopefully you'll at least be able to recognize the guy in the pic.  Maybe that will help you narrow it down.  Good luck.  Just click HERE to send in your answer.

    If you've been to more than a couple of horror conventions, then you've probably seen the artwork of Eric Pigors.  Whether on T-shirts, tattoos, or toys, his style is very recognizable and very cool.  He has always had a huge involvement in the horror community, always donating prints and art for benefits for other great causes.  When our good friend of the Krypt, Kreeplady Kristin, was going through some medical issues herself, Eric had no problem donating product to help out.  Well, now it is everyone else's turn to do the same for him.
    Over Memorial Day Weekend, Eric suffered a major heart attack and surgery.  According to the doctors, he is very lucky to be alive.  It is times like this when the horror community needs to stick together and help one another.  He is having a big sale on his site, that has tons of cool stuff for any and all horror fans.  From T-shirts to magnets to greeting cards, I'm sure you can find something.  I'd recommend picking up one of those cool Ouija boards he has.  And everything is at very reasonable prices.  So take a second and head over to his site and buy something.  Every little bit helps.  And even if you can't afford to buy something just yet, just send him an email with some well wishes and support.

    We have our latest entry in our Cinematic Crossroads project.  This time out, the gang tackles the Rodriguez/Tarantino film FROM DUSK TILL DAWN.  Our Special Guest Star for this outing is Adam Rockoff, who gave us the low down on slasher movies in his book Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film, 1978-1986.  Just click the link on the left, or you can just click HERE.  We'd love to hear some feedback on this feature, so please let us know what you think.

    Friday night, we headed into Chicago to the first double feature screening from Shock Theater.  Taking place at the Wicker Park Arts Center (2215 West North Ave), each month on the first Friday, they will be screening 2 classic films on 16mm.  Last Friday, we got to watch William Castle's HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL and Alex Nichol's THE SCREAMING SKULL.  Though it was a little warm in there, it was a lot of fun.  They even attempted to do their own version of Castle's Emergo, but it didn't work.  But I give them tons of props for making the effort.  There is nothing like seeing these types of films with a good crowd of film lovers.  Between the laughing and cheering, it was a real good time.  We are hoping to make it many more of their future screenings.  They have some great titles coming up.
    For more information about Shock Theater and the upcoming titles they will be screening, head over to their website by clicking HERE.

    In a time of remake after remake, this is one that I'm anxiously awaiting to see.  And the main reason is simply that Guillermo del Toro is producing it.  I love that guy, so anything he has his hands in, I'm there.  Not to mention that the original film is pretty damn creepy, and from what we've seen in the trailer, this new version looks pretty damn good as well.  So this might be one of those rare cases where the remake was made for good reason.  We can only hope.
    Here is the latest poster for the movie, which opens up this August.  If you haven't seen the trailer, just click HERE to see it on Youtube.  It looks to have that same creepy look and feeling as the original.  And with del Toro producing, I'm pretty confident that it is going to be just as scary as well.  Guess we'll see in a couple of months.

    We have no problem with directors going back to their older films and cleaning them up for a newer release.  But what we always hated was when they would modify the film itself for whatever reason.  Maybe something that was fine then might be now considered politically incorrect, so it is changed.  Or just changed for whatever reason.  Probably one of the biggest ones was when Stephen Spielberg changed a thing or two in his film E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL, mainly replacing the guns in the hands of the government with walkie-talkies.  Really?  And of course, one could go on and on of what George Lucas did with his original STAR WARS trilogy.  Making a film print look better is one thing, but changing it around it something else.  For film fans, when we seen these films, it made huge impressions on us.  So when we go back and re-watch them, when we see them different than before, for me personally, it takes away some of that effect.  The way these films look were due to the time they were made in.  And the audiences that watched them, the true film fans, remember how they looked and felt.  So when they are modified, us die-hard fans notice.
    But now, it seems that at least Spielberg has learned not to mess with these older films.  When talking about the upcoming blu-ray release of JAWS, he stated that "There’s going to be no more digital enhancements or digital additions to anything based on any film I direct.  I’m not going to do any corrections digitally to even wires that show... At this point right now I think letting movies exist in the era, with all the flaws and all of the flourishes, is a wonderful way to mark time and mark history."
    I couldn't agree more, Mr. Speilberg.  Now could you try to explain that to Mr. Lucas?

    We have posted our review of this independent feature DAWNING.  Haven't seen the movie yet, but we like the score!  Read more about it HERE.

    This week's lesson is about one of our favorite actress's, who has appeared in many genre films, her first at the age of 11 years old!  She also happens to be in my one of my favorite haunted house movies of all time.  Who are we talking about?  Head over to the classroom for this week's lesson in Horror History by clicking HERE.

    Well folks, it seemed we fooled quite a bit of you on last week's photo.  I can't tell you how many emails we got where they thought the movie was Jess Franco's OASIS OF THE ZOMBIES.  Okay, that wasn't the correct film.  But I have to say that it brought a tear to my eye to see so many people that KNEW of that Franco gem.  Okay...maybe 'gem' is not the right word.  But it makes me smile knowing that there are plenty of fans out there that have dug deep in the sands of bad movies to have experienced that particular Franco film.  Pat yourself on the back for that one.  That is a medal of honor to be worn proudly.  But the shot was actually from DAWN OF THE MUMMY, probably the only mummy movie that had flesh eating zombies in there.  Not the greatest movie in the world, but definitely worth checking out.
    So the kudos go out to only two that got the right movie: Damien Glonek and Erik Martin.  Nice job, guys!
    And now for our newest photo, something a little bit more in the classic vein.  Take a peek and see if you can identify where this creepy guy is from.  Good Luck.  As always, just click HERE to send in your answers.

    Well, Summertime is pretty much here.  So what does this mean for us horror fans?  That means that we have 4 months to keep busy until October comes around.  But there is still plenty of stuff to keep us horror fans occupied.  There are a few shows/conventions in the next few months, such as Flashback Weekend and Fright Night Film Fest.  Next weekend, we are heading into Chicago for the Shock Theater Double Feature screening of HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL and THE SCREAMING SKULL, both being screening from 16mm prints.  Going to be a great time!  For more info, you can click HERE.
    So I'm sure there is plenty enough to keep you busy.  If not, then you can just save up all that money for when the shows do start up, then you'll be set.  Or, you can get some friends together and make your own Share-the-Scare movie marathon.  It is even better when you pick a theme and choose the movies around that.  Lots of fun for everyone.

    We are getting close to the halfway point for this year's Kryptic Army.  Last year, we gave away tons of great stuff, including signed memorabilia like a Mexican RE-ANIMATOR lobby card signed by director Stuart Gordon, or a replica of a container of THE STUFF signed by director Larry Cohen.  And we are planning to do it once again at the end of this year.  And it is not too late to join the Army and participate for the rest of the year.  Each month you complete your mission, that adds a chance for you to win in the end of the year drawing.  All you have to do is sign up for our mailing list.  Then on the first of each month, you will receive your mission.  For more details about the Army, just click on the Kryptic Army link to the left.  If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line.  Our Army could always use more soldiers.

    We finished reading this amazing book and wanted to get our review up.  This is one of those books that you better have in your collection.  Head over to our Biographies Review section to read our thoughts.

    Yes, we finally have a new entry in our Horror History section.  Didn't think you'd be getting off for the summer, did you?  This kind education is all year round, my fellow horror fiends.  This time out, we take a look at a famous composer that created one of the most memorable monster marches out there in film history.  Head over to the classroom to discover who we are talking about.

    I guess since the remake of FRIGHT NIGHT is opening soon (which I have to say just looks terrible), we figured it would be appropriate to have a shot from the sequel to the original, FRIGHT NIGHT 2.  We've always enjoyed it almost as much as the first one.  Can't go wrong with Roddy McDowell as Peter Vincent.  Anyway, kudos goes out to the following for guessing the movie correctly:  Damien Glonek, Erik Martin, Ryan Olson, and William Wilson.  Well done, lads!
    So let's take a peek at our latest photo and see what you can dig up.  Good Luck.  As always, just click HERE to send in your answers.

    What?  No Rapture?  Gee...the religious idiots (yea, I know...redundant) were wrong again.  Who would have thought?  Now the world can get back to our normal decadent lives.  Hard enough to take religion serious these days without some yahoos out there claiming silly stuff like this.  Give me a break.  Here's a novel about trying to help people instead of trying to control them?  Now that is a radical approach.

    Having been very impressed with Jim Mickle's post-apocalyptic vampire movie STAKE LAND, we were excited to get to review the soundtrack for it.  This is being released by Screamworks Records, a new division of Moviescore Media that is dedicated to releasing horror film music, something that we are VERY excited to hear.  It is their plan to bring more of these talented works of music to the fans.  According to MovieScore Media's producer Mikael Carlsson, "In the world of film music, some of the most clever, inventive and outright exciting scores are written for horror films.  Screamworks Records is our answer to that, an our aim is to reach both soundtrack aficionados and horror movie buffs with our new brand."  Being a huge fan of soundtracks, we couldn't be happier with this news.  A great soundtrack can do wonders to a movie.  And listening to the score years later can bring that same feeling back that the movie gave you.
    So head over to our Soundtrack Review section to see what we thought of Jeff Grace's score for STAKE LAND by clicking HERE.

    Our friends at Monolith Graphics passed on some news of some upcoming projects from our good friend Joseph Vargo.  He is currently working on the new anthology book called Beyond the Dark Tower, which will contain 13 original gothic stories that continue the saga of the vampire Lord Brom.  This book is the sequel to Tales From the Dark Tower.  In the stories, long-buried secrets will be discovered about the Tower and the Dark Queen.
    Vargo is also in the studio working on the next Nox Arcana album, The Dark Tower, which will be a musical interpretation of his gothic world.  Both the book and the new CD are scheduled to be out at the end of this summer.  Being a huge fan of Vargo's work and of Nox Arcana's, we can hardly wait to hear the new CD.  For all information about Vargo and his work, head over to Monolith Graphics by clicking HERE.

    Next week, on the 26th & 27th, horror fans need to make sure they celebrate the birth of 3 important figures in the horror genre: Peter Cushing, Vincent Price, and Christopher Lee.  Price would have been celebrating his 100th birthday, which that alone should mark a very special event.  Actually, it is.  In his home town of St. Louis, they are holding a week long celebration to Mr. Price, including a guest appearance by Roger Corman.
    But no matter what, these three actors have given us horror fans plenty of hours of entertainment that we will be enjoying for years to come.  Each year, a new generation of horror fans get to discover these incredibly talented actors who gave their all in these movies.  Making them movies, and themselves, immortal.  So pick out a movie or two before the end of the month, and sit back and watch some real masters of menace fill your TV screen and enjoy!


    A few years ago, Jeffrey Schwarz gave us an incredible documentary on the one and only William Castle.  It was released on DVD in a special box set.  But now, SPINE TINGLER! THE WILLIAM CASTLE STORY is coming out on DVD by itself in a very special edition, with tons of new extras.  On June 21st, Automat Pictures will be releasing the disc that will feature not only the feature length documentary, but also over five hours of new material.  There will audio commentary by Schwarz, the editor Philip Harrison, composer Michael Cudahy, and graphic designer Grant Nellessenn.  There will be a making of featurette about making this documentary.  Also included will be interview outtakes that didn't make it to the final cut, featuring Roger Corman, Joe Dante, Stuart Gordon, John Waters, John Landis, and others.  And even more exciting, they have a rare lecture footage of Castle at a USC film school from the '70s!  Rounding out the disc will be footage of Castle at film premieres and festivals, as well as video of the premieres, promotional interviews and more about the release of SPINE TINGLER.
    With a retail price of only $19.95, this is a must have for any horror fan.  Castle is a one of a kind guy, and one that Hollywood is sadly missing these days.

    Getting close to the halfway point for this year's Kryptic Army Challenge.  I know our soldiers have had a lot of fun so far this year, and I know it is only going to get better.  So if you feel you are missing out, all you need to do to participate is join our mailing list.  If you have already, then at the first of every month, you will receive your Mission for that month.  For more details, head over to our Kryptic Army page, but clicking HERE.  We'd always love to have more numbers in our ranks, so step right up to sign up for service.  You won't regret it.  In fact, you just might win some cool prizes at the end of the year!

    Yet another thing that we've been meaning to get to...and we at least started.  We have updated our links section, adding a section for some of our favorite blogs.  Check them out.

    We apologize for the delay in getting a new photo up as well as revealing the title of our last one.  Nice to know that some of you out there are anxiously awaiting to find it out if you didn't know.  But the shot was from Frank LaLoggia's FEAR NO EVIL, a much underrated film.  We did have a few people recognize it though.  They were Craig Clark, Agustin Vero Lima, Phil Meenan, Matt Moore, Wayne Teeter, and William Wilson.  Job well done!
    So let's get to our new one.  Might be a little easy....then again...maybe not.  Good Luck.  As always, just click HERE to send in your answers.

5-15-11  BUSY MONTH
    In case you didn't notice, but we didn't have an update last week.  The real world keeps breaking through into the Krypt and is keeping us from here.  Seriously though, this month seems to be busier for us than October.  From my son graduation from high school next week, to my anniversary, and work being extra awful these days, I just don't seem to have the time and energy to keep a regular update going.  We're going to try and have something up, but who knows.  But I know we'll be back on our regular schedule before too long.  Can't keep me quiet for TOO long!  But in the meantime, no Mystery Photo or Horror History this week.

    Such a sad story to hear of Yvette Vicker's passing, but even more of the circumstances around it.  To horror fans, Vickers has appeared in such cult movies as ATTACK OF THE 50-FOOT WOMAN (1958) and ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES (1959), as well as working with some of Hollywood's top actors, like PAUL NEWMAN.  She also did quite a bit of television work.  Not to mention being one of the early Playboy Playmate.  But some of these actors are just forgotten by Hollywood and the world around them.
    Vicker's body was found in her California home when a neighbor reported to the police after  noticing there were old letters and cobwebs in her mailbox, which made the neighbor thought something was wrong.  When the police arrived, they found the body of Vickers, which looked like she had been dead for quite some time, some reports saying close to a year.  According to the coroner's report, it was heart disease that caused her death.
    Okay folks, here's my thoughts on this.  First of all, it's a damn shame that a person could be dead for close to a year and nobody notices.  No family, friends, or even neighbors not noticing that you're not around?  Who's paying the utilities and stuff?  Doesn't the mailman notice that nobody is picking up the mail after a few months?  it is a damn shame, plain and simple.  Cult movie fans always have a way of keeping these types of people alive.  From websites & blogs, we are keeping their memories alive.
    But also, on more of a personal note, I think the saddest part of all of this is that Vickers could have been dead for that long and nobody noticed.  So make sure that you keep in contact with your friends and relatives.  Sometimes an email or phone call might be the thing to make their day.  Plus it shows that people care.  As fans of these types of movies, it is up to us to make sure their memories are keep alive and well, passing them onto new fans each and every year.

    We also lost another women known for cult films this month.  But not only her film roles, but it was who she worked with that she will probably be known for...Mr. Edward D. Wood Jr.  Fuller met him in the early '50s at a casting call and started dating.  She would be in several of Wood's movies, such as BRIDE OF THE MONSTER (1955), JAIL BAIT (1954), and especially in GLEN OR GLENDA, playing opposite Wood in a semi-bio pic of himself, with Fuller playing his girlfriend dealing with him being a transvestite.  While she never really made it big as an actress, she did do quite well in the song writing department, writing songs for several big names, including Elvis.
    Fuller passed away last Monday from complications of a stroke.  She was 88 years old.  Any cult movie fan can't see an angora sweater and think of her and Ed Wood.  So her memory will be kept alive for years to come.  Our thoughts go out to her friends and family.

    Scorpion Releasing has several great titles coming out on DVD that are going to make some horror fans happy.  British horror fans will be excited to hear that THE DEVIL WITHIN HER, Joan Collins film with an all star cast, along with NOTHING BUT THE NIGHT (aka THE DEVIL'S UNDEAD) that stars Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee will be finally released on DVD.  Both were directed by Pete Sasdy.  Another British director, John Hough, who is responsible for two of our favorite films THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE and TWINS OF EVIL, also directed the very bizarre and strange film THE INCUBUS, staring John Cassavettes.  That will also be coming out on DVD.
    No details yet as far as what extras will be on there, but we're looking forward to a few of these titles.  They will start to come out in September of this year, and continue through the beginning of next year.

    Besides the PET SEMETARY reunion they will be holding at their Cincinnati show this November, there will also be a reunion of two actors who played two of the most scariest serial killers out there: Michael Rooker and Tom Towles from HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER.  They have also added the unbelievably talented Doug Jones and Greg Nicotero to the line up as well.  For all the details, just head over to the website by clicking HERE.

    Our good friend Gert Verbeeck, who runs the review site Cult Reviews from across the pond, is always making us jealous by attending the annual Brussels International Fantastic Film Fest.  One of these days, we just might have to jump on a plane and make it out there for one of them.  But none the less, he sent us a link to his site where he covers the films that he had the chance to see during that festival.  As usual, they seemed to have one great lineup playing there.  So click on this link HERE and check out some of the foreign films that are making some noise in the genre.  And feel free to visit his site Cult Reviews on a regular basis for some great write ups.

    The one thing that makes an anthology even better is when you have multiple directors behind the stories.  And now it seems that we will be getting something that is going to do just that, highlighting the talents of some up-and-coming directors.  With a combination of Drafthouse Films, Timpson Films, and Magnet Releasing, they will be educating horror fans with The ABCs of Death.  With each director being assigned a letter of the alphabet, they will have to come up with means to somebody's end using that letter.  The production will start in June and run through January of next year.    Timpson Films CEO Ant Timpson said the project started from a child, "This project was inspired by my young sons being introduced to the world through their ABCs books. The idea of subverting that format to reveal a study in all the dastardly and humorous ways a person can leave this world appealed on multiple levels.”
    The list of names included in this project should give fans a very wide variety of tastes and styles.  Here are the ones they have announced: Banjong Pisanthanakun, Jason Eisener, Simon Rumley, Srdjan Spasojevic, Ti West , Angela Bettis, Adrian Garcia Bogliano, Ernesto Diaz Espinoza, Bruno Forzani & Helene Cattet, Gadi Harel & Marcel Sarmiento, Thomas Malling, Yoshihiro Nishimura, Tak Sakaguchi & Yuji Shimomura, Timo Tjahjanto, Andrew Traucki, Nacho Vigalando, Jake West, Ben Wheatley and Adam Wingard, plus one contest winner chosen through a worldwide competition.

    We have a new review up this week, a slasher movie that I really enjoyed.  Head over to our Reviews section to check out the full review.

    We love movie posters.  Especially the ones from different countries.  Because they were still more interested in getting people to see the actual movie, not who was in film.  So the artwork they used were usually filled with great images from the movie (sometimes not even the movie they were advertising, but that is beside the point).  And it was just that...ARTWORK!  Not some of this photoshop crap that we've been getting from Hollywood over the last couple of decades.
    Anyway, enough of that rant.  If you are in the Chicagoland area, the Chicago Cultural Center is having an art exhibit of hand painted movie posters from Ghana.  These were usually painted on flour sacks and taken to the different villages to try and get them to show the movies they were distributing.  Much like the way it was done in the '50s and '60s at the drive-ins.  The exhibit is taking place until September 4th, and best of has FREE ADMISSION!  They will also be having some movie screenings in August, such as 7th VOYAGE OF SINBAD and BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA.
    For all the details, just click HERE, or look up the Chicago Cultural Center and look for their Movie Mojo Art Exhibit.

    Each year, we post this information and each year try and figure out a way to make it out to this.  And each year, we never do.  But once again, this year we are going to see if we just can't make it happen this time.  None the less, this just sounds like so much fun and a great time.  To see these classic movies at the drive-in is a great way to re-live the olden days.  Once again, DVD Drive-In presents the Drive-In Super Monster Rama at the Riverside Drive-In, located in Vandergrift, PA.  For their 5th year, they are holding a 2 day event with classic horror movies screening all night Friday and Saturday night.  On Friday, September 9th, they are screening BLACK SABBATH, THE LAST MAN ON EARTH, CASTLE OF BLOOD and ISLAND OF THE DOOMED.  Then on Saturday the 10th, they are screening THE ABOMINABLE DR. PHIBES, DR. PHIBES RISES AGAIN, COUNT YORGA, VAMPIRE and I, MONSTER.  What a great line up!  To be able to see so many great and classic horror films on the big screen is really something special.
    For all the information you need, just head over to DVD Drive-In or just by clicking HERE.  As we said, we are going to really try to make it out to one of these of these days.
    And of course, if that wasn't enough, DVD Drive-in is also sponsoring another 2-day all night movie marathon at Crazy Bob's Harvest Moon Drive-In Theatre, taking place on Sept. 30th and Oct. 1st.  On that Friday, the theme is Savage Cinema of the '70s, and are screening STRAW DOGS, THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13, THE HOUSE BY THE LAKE (DEATH WEEKEND) and THE HILLS HAVE EYES.  Then on Saturday the 1st, the theme is a night of Italian zombies with Dead 'Til Dawn, screening ZOMBIE, CITY OF THE WALKING DEAD, THE GATES OF HELL, NIGHT OF THE ZOMBIES (HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD) and BURIAL GROUND.  Wow.  For more information about this event, just click HERE.
    If you are a fan off these types of movies, then make sure you try and support these types of events here, or at any other drive-ins and movie theaters.  By supporting these types of events, it shows the owners that there are a lot of fans out there that want to see this type of shows more and more.  So do what you can to help support them!


    Just like movie posters, we are also a die-hard fan of movie soundtracks, when we come across some older films getting a CD release of their score, we get excited.  One of the sights that we regularly visit, which we've mentioned before here, is Screen Archives Entertainment.  We check this site every so often to see what new titles might have been announced or released.  So imagine our surprise when we found several new titles that are out or coming out soon.  Granted, most of these we don't remember the actual score, but have no problem adding them to my ever-growing collection of soundtracks.  Listening to movie scores can bring back the images of the movie, as well as the emotional impact that they give us.  Kind of a like an audio flashcard.  Most of the time when we are working on this site, we have a soundtrack playing in the background.  It is a great way to get into the mood.  Not that I'm not always there anyway, but that is besides the point.  Below are the latest titles that have peaked my interests.
    So when you get a chance, check out Screen Archives' site.  If you enjoy soundtracks, I'm sure you'll find something you might want to pick up.


    For this week's lesson, we're doing something a little different.  Instead of someone who passed away or long since retired, we want to put the spotlight on a man who is currently working, and doing a damn fine job in all the hats that he's wearing.  Head over to the classroom to find out who we are talking about.

    Last week's was a little tougher, but that didn't stop a few of you from knowing that it was from the infamous movie SNUFF.  One of those films who's reputation is remembered more than the movie!  But none the less, kudos to Hoby Abernathy, Aaron Christensen, Lance Ford, Mads Jensen, Chris Kinniery, and Erik Martin for sending in the correct answer.
    This week's photo isn't as difficult as some of the more recent ones, but we'll see.  Maybe a little help from above might give you a little guidance.  Click HERE to send in your guess.  And as always, good luck.

    While Sarrazin has played in many different genres over his career, including several appearances in the horror genre (including one of his last roles in William Malone's FEARDOTCOM), it is the TV movie that he did in 1973 that I will always remember him from.  In was in November of that year that the broadcast  premier of FRANKENSTEIN: THE TRUE STORY was showing.  I had  no idea how close (or not so close as the case may be) it was to the original novel, but I was in awe of this film.  And Sarrazin's portrayal of the creature was incredible.  Starting off as "beautiful", but slowing turning into something else, showing the pain and anguish that he felt, and turning that into angry.  Powerful stuff for an 8-year old kid, let me tell you.
    Another powerful performance from Sarrazin was in THE REINCARNATION OF PETER PROUD (1975), which is well worth a look.  So while he never made it as a HUGE star, he did do what all actors want to do.  And that was create a role that will make him immortal.  And how ironic that for me, that role was of Frankenstein's poor creation.
    Sarrazin passed away last Sunday after his battle with cancer.  Our thoughts go out to his friends and family.
    And while not known for the horror genre, being a closet Dr. Who fan, I feel the need to also mention the passing of Elisabeth Sladen, one of the more popular companions of the good Doctor.  She was always a joy to watch her performance with the different doctors that she appeared with.  She passed away on Tuesday, also from cancer.  She will definitely be missed, but not forgotten.

    Our good friend Nicole is part off the team behind Brutal as Hell's Slash & Dine feature, which gives us movie themed recipes that are not only pretty cool, but even if you're not a food person, they are always fun to read.  Their latest update, doing an Easter theme, has them paying tribute to one of our favorite Turkey-Day movies, NIGHT OF THE LEPUS.  Nothing says Easter better than Giant Killer Rabbits!  In the past, they have shown their spotlight on movies like THEY LIVE, BUBBA HO-TEP, and one of our personal favorites, TROLL 2.  So just click HERE to get to the site and enjoy.  Who knows, maybe even you come away with some fun recipes to try out for yourself.

    When we first caught Jim Mickle's MULBERRY STREET (2006), we were immediately impressed.  He took a old theme, changed it into something that sounded ridiculous, but gave us a very entertaining and well made movie.  So we've been keeping an eye on him.  Anybody that is associated with Larry Fessendan and Glass Eye Pix seem to be someone to watch.  Now Mickle's latest film, STAKE LAND, starts at selected theaters next weekend.  Here in the Chicago area, it will be playing at the Music Box Theatre, which we are planning to make it out when it does.  We are very interested to see how he takes on another theme that has been beat to death, and we have high hopes for this.
    And now, Mickle has announced what his next project already is: adapting the Joe R. Lansdale novel Cold in July and bring it to the screen.  We read this book years ago and, like most of Lansdale's work, remember it being pretty powerful.  So we are pretty excited to see what Mickle and company are going to do with it.  Nick Damici, who stars in and co-wrote STAKE LAND, co-wrote their latest project as well.  While they say it might not be a prefect adaptation of the book, but they are trying to keep the feel and the tone of the book rather than doing scene by scene.  While normally I would call fowl on a comment like that, I have been impressed enough with these two guys so far, that I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and see what they can come up with.  But none the less, make sure you support these little guys and their projects.  It is people like us that keeps these kind of projects afloat and lets the real talented people get a chance to show what they can do.

    HorrorHound has officially started to announce their guest lineup for their November show in Cincinnati.  So far, they have their PET SEMETERY reunion with  Dale Midkiff, Denise Crosby, Miko Hughes, Brad Greenquist, and Andrew Hubatsek.  They also have announced Brian O'Halloran and Michael Rooker as well, who seems to be making a comeback, most likely due to his appearance in THE WALKING DEAD.  But his role of Henry in HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER is one that will never lose it's impact.  Stay tuned for more updates.

    Our good friends at Horror Society are planning another film festival for later this year.  They are still working out the details as far as where and when, but it sounds like it is going to be a fun time for horror fans, with some movies (both independent and classic horror) as well as vendors, guests, and much more.  You can click on the banner below for more info, but right now they are just taking submissions for films.  Once they have a firm date and venue, they will be posting it on their site, and we will do the same here.

    Fans of classic horror will have good and bad feelings about the news that MGM will FINALLY be releasing BURN WITCH BURN on DVD.  The only problem is that it is part of their Limited Collection Series, which means it is made-to-order DVD, just like the Warner Archives titles.  Now, we've gotten a few of the Warner titles, but only when they have their 5 movies for $50 sale.  Sorry guys...but very rarely these days will I be paying $20 for a movie.  Especially when I still have a DVD-R that I made from my laserdisc years ago that still works just fine.  The even bigger shame is that this way of doing it, makes it very hard for fans that have not seen this movie take a chance on it.  It is hard to drop that $20 on a movie that you like already, let alone on one that you've never seen before.  So hopefully some day these will get an actual release.  But in the mean time, you can always pre-order them from Screen Archives Entertainment, by clicking HERE.  The are also releasing Jack Hill's BLOOD BATH, which is going to be the theatrical version called TRACK OF THE VAMPIRE.
    Also coming out on a blu-ray double feature disc will be Hammer's THE MAN WHO COULD CHEAT DEATH (1959), starring Anton Diffring, Hazel Court, and Christopher Lee, and Amicus' THE SKULL (1965), also starring Lee as well as Peter Cushing.  This will be released by Legend Films and should be out next week.

    This week's lesson is about one of the men responsible for the look of the early films from Hammer Studios.  Head over to the classroom to find out just who we're talking about.

    Here we thought we had another easy pic this last time but it didn't seem to be the case.  The shot is from Hammer's later film LEGEND OF THE 7 GOLDEN VAMPIRES.  Sure, I know the show doesn't look like something from a Hammer film, but that was the whole point.  But at least we got a few correct answers sent in.  Congrats go out to Hoby Abernathy, Chris Kinniery, Kevin Mattews, and Mike Shields.
    Okay, for our latest shot, this one might be a little tougher.  Might take a little "guts" to figure it out.  So good luck.  Just click HERE to send in your guess.

    We have posted our review of the 19th Cinema Wasteland show.  Didn't get as many photos as we usually do, especially of the other guests.  But we did get quite a few of the Italian Invasion that they were hosting.  So head over to our Convention Reports and look up the April '11 show under the Cinema Wasteland Banner.  Or you could just click HERE.

    And while on the subjects of convention, Flashback Weekend is making their return, as well as back to their Summer date, which we are very happy with.  They have quite the guest list so far, a lot of them never being to Chicago before, or at least not in quite some time.  Robert Englund and Lance Henriksen return this year.  As much as I know these guys will draw a crowd, especially Englund, just thought it was strange since these two were the headliners at the last Flashback show.  But none the less, we're excited to pick up a copy of Henriksen's new autobiography that he will be selling at the show.
    Other guests include Malcolm McDowell, Michael Rooker, Sid Haig, Doug Bradley, Steven Yeun, Andrew Rothenberg, Kane Hodder, Christina Lindberg, Jill Schoelen, Scout Taylor-Compton, Danielle Harris, Catherine Mary Stewart, Kelli Maroney, Linnea Quigley, Jason Paul Collum, John Laflamboy, Mike Bradecich, Joe Knetter, Sarah French, and Chicago's own Svengoolie.
    For all the details about the show and updates, head over to their site by clicking HERE.

    Class in back in session after several weeks off.  So get back to the learning, shall we?  Head over to our classroom to learn about one actor who was a main staple in the early Roger Corman movies.  If you've seen any of those early sci-fi / horror films, then you'll probably recognize this guy.  Take a look by clicking HERE.

    I thought a few people might guess our last photo, but was pleasantly surprised to see that many.  Nice job, people.  The shot was of course from the Russell Mulcahy's 1984 killer boar movie, RAZORBACK.  Have to say, this would make a great double feature with PIG HUNT.  Just a suggestion, if you haven't seen both of them.  Anyway, kudos going to to the following: Hoby Abernathy, Aaron Christensen, Craig J. Clark, Rick Hayden, Mads Jensen, Chris Kinniery, Mike Shields, Wayne Teeter, Todd, Tom White, and William Wilson.
    So this next one might be another easy one.  Let's see who's paying attention.  But I feel a real tough one coming up better start doing your homework now...heheheh....Take a peek at our latest and just click HERE to send us your answer.  As always, Good Luck.

    While some may not realize it, but Mr. Granger has made his mark on the horror genre in a few great films.  First and foremost, he worked with Alfred Hitchcock in two classic films: ROPE (1948) and STRANGERS ON A TRAIN (1951).  Of course, he also was in Joe Zito's THE PROWLER (1981), not to mention making a few films in Italy in the early '70s, such as SOMETHING IN CRAWLING IN THE DARK (1971)SO SWEET, SO DEAD (1972, and AMUCK (1972).  But his performance in the two Hitchcock classics will also set him above the rest of the work that he did.  If you have not seen these two film, what are you waiting for?  Not only is Granger great in them, but it is Hitchcock at his best.
    Granger passed away on  March 27th in his Manhattan home from natural causes.  He was 85 years old.  Our thoughts go out to his friends and family.  He will be missed, but never forgotten.

    For us fans of Hammer Films, author Wayne Kinsey has given us quite a few amazing books on this studio that dripped blood over the years.  While we are anxiously awaiting his latest book, Hammer Films: The Unsung Heroes to arrive, he seems that Kinsey has been  hard at work on yet another book on Hammer Studios.  Co-written by Gordon Thompson, Kinsey will be putting out Hammer Films: On Locations.  The book details the different locations used in shooting some of Hammer's most famous films.  They go over the locations, using screen grabs from the films and comparing them to current shots from today.  For more information, head over to Tomahawk Press.

    Yesterday, we headed into Chicago for the latest Charles Band Road Show.  Normally we wouldn't be that excited about it, since as much as we like Band himself, his movies over the last decade or so leave a lot to be desired.  But, since Stuart Gordon was going to be there, and they were going to screen 35mm prints of FROM BEYOND, RE-ANIMATOR and the first 35mm screening with an audience of Gordon's highly underrated CASTLE FREAK, we wanted to make the trip for that.  Barbara Crampton was also going to be there too, as well as Robin Sydney, one of the stars of EVIL BONG 3D, as well as Band himself.
    We've been to the Portage Theater many times over the years, and know that it has its own usual smell.  But this time, something was different.  There was a new funk to it.  And while we're not entirely sure, we think it was actually due to the scratch and sniff cards they were passing out for EVIL BONG 3D.  It made the whole place smell like a 3-month old sock, that had been soaked in a well used litter box.  Not to mention that while watching the movie, those scratch and sniff cards worked about as well as a government employee on a shut-down day (or any other day for that matter).  The movie itself was just terrible.  While we do give him credit for doing the old school William Castle type promotion, which I think is much needed with today's movies, I think Band should spend a little bit more money and time and actually get some talented people to make these movies, both in front of and behind the camera.  Plus, the whole road show seemed to be more about Band getting some girls to show their tits than anything else.  As lame as that sounds, from what I was told that he does that for every show.  Really makes a point for me to not go to the next one.  We had actually planned to go get some dinner during the whole road show and EVIL BONG screening, but they were running so late that by the time we got back from eating, the road show was still going on.  RE-ANIMATOR, which was suppose to start at 10:30pm, didn't start until close to midnight.
    So yes, seeing the Gordon films on the big screen was very cool, the way they should be seen.  Of course, it would have also been nice if there was a projectionist that knew how to run the thing.  During FROM BEYOND, it seemed to take forever to get the ratio right, with the opening credits being cut off on one side.  And throughout the night, the films would start to roll up slightly.  For a theater that has been around for decades, you'd think they'd have someone there who knew how to run the projectors.
    Overall, it was a mixed bag.  As always, it is great to see these classic movies on a big screen.  They did have some replicas of some of the characters from the PUPPET MASTER series, as well as the GingerDead Man figure on display, which they were actually selling.  Some of them looked pretty damn good.  If only I had a little more disposable income....The Q&A's were good, hearing Gordon and Crampton give insight to the making of the films, though I think the Q&A's could have been pre-prepped a little bit more.  But that's just me.  Not a great day, but seeing friends there, as well having some great Thai and Mexican food, made it worth the trip.

    We have posted our report for our first convention, the HorrorHound Weekend that was held in Indianapolis on March 25th-27th.  We have plenty of photos so you can either remember what was going on there, or see what you  missed.  In either case, I'm hoping you make it a point to join us at the next one.  We are hoping to have our Cinema Wasteland report done next week.
    You can either click HERE to go straight to our report, or just click on the Convention Reports link to the left and look for all our HorrorHound reports.  Enjoy!

    And while on the subject of conventions, both HorrorHound and Cinema Wasteland have announced some of the guests that they have lined up for their next shows.  For their Cincinnati show in November (the 11th-, HorrorHound has only mentioned a reunion for PET SEMETERY, including all of the major cast.  Looking forward to that, plus I'm sure they have plenty more surprises in store for the fans.
    As for Cinema Wasteland, they are going to have having a special Frank Henenlotter show!  Cult fans know this guy for the BASKET CASE series, as well as BRAIN DAMAGE, FRANKENHOOKER, and his latest, BAD BIOLOGY.  He will be joined by a bunch of people that have worked with him in the past.  Gabe Bartalos, the make up artist who started working with Henenlotter on BASKET CASE 2 and has worked on all of his films after that.  Other Henenlotter connected guests include Beverly Bonner, David Emge, James Lorinz, Anthony Sneed, and of course Kevin Van Hentenryck.  Also appearing at the show will be Gunnar Hansen, George Kosana, John Russo, Kyra Schon, Tom Sullivan, and adult film star Vanessa Del Rio.  Stay tuned for more news.

    Well it looks like we've stumped everyone on our last photo.  Sure, the movie might be known to some, but we picked a shot that might make it a little harder to nail it.  The shot is that one of of the victims of Anthony Perkins in his take on the Jekyll & Hyde them, in EDGE OF SANITY.  Did get a few good guesses, so keep trying.  You just never know.
    For this week's, we're thinking it might be a little easier.  Maybe.  Take a good look at it and see what you can come up with.  Good luck!  As always, just click HERE to send in your guess.

    Just returning from Cinema Wasteland for their 19th show, and being sick for over a month, it is time for some much needed rest.  After one film fest, two conventions, and another film fest coming up this weekend, it is more than time for some much needed rest.  But as they say, no rest for the wicked.  We are working on getting our report done for both HorrorHound and Wasteland and hope to have them up in the next week or two.  We'll see.
    We also totally blew it and forgot to have our Kryptic Army Mission ready to get sent out on the first.  I guess since it was the first time in 15 months of doing this, I could get a little slack.  But it was kind of nice to get all of these emails from the Army members asking where the new mission was.  Like that I have people waiting for it each month.  Tells me that people really are enjoying it and for the right reasons.  So thank you for that!
    So hang in there....and we'll have our normal update this weekend.  And by the way, still haven't gotten any correct answers on the last Mystery Photo.

    Obviously  not our regular update this week since we were attending the HorrorHound Weekend in Indianapolis over the weekend.  And what a weekend it was.  We are working on our official write up about the show, with plenty of photos as well, and hope to have that posted before too long.  But in the meantime, I wanted to thank everyone that not only came out to the show, but that also stopped by our table to say hello and chat.  It really was a blast.  From the amazing guests that were attending, to the thousands of fans that came out to have one hell of a horror party, it was a great time.  And of course, seeing our convention friends is just another part that makes these weekends so great.  Of course, we will be doing it all over again this coming weekend as we head to Ohio for the Cinema Wasteland show.  So who knows when we'll have our next update done!

    We are debuting a new project/section to the website with this update: Cinematic Crossroads.  This is a panel discussion of sorts, where some die-hard horror fans go head to head on some movies that tend to divide the fan base.  Our object is to give these films a closer look to see why some like them, and why some don't. Our first film to be tackled....THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT!
    Just click on the link in our Navigational Bar on the left, or you can just click HERE.  Please check it out and let us know what you think.

    Director Stuart Gordon will be joining Barbara Crampton at the Charles Band Road Show at the Portage Theater in Chicago on April 9th.  They will be screening Gordon's FROM BEYOND, CASTLE FREAK, and RE-ANIMATOR, along with Band's latest EVIL BONG 3D.  For more details, head over to Flashback Weekend's site by clicking HERE.  They don't have anything up there yet about Gordon, but they had announced it on their Facebook page.

    Okay Troops....only got a few more days left to get those reports in before the month is gone.  So if you haven't done it yet, what are you waiting for?  In a few short days, a brand new mission will be sent out.  So let's get moving!

    We at least wanted to update this one, since we got quite the response this time out.  For some reason, I thought this might be a little more obscure for most folks.  But apparently I was wrong.  Way wrong, since I think this is the most responses I've ever gotten for a photo.  So great to see people are paying attention.  The shot is that of Sam Raimi resting on a meathook from Scott Spiegel's 1989 INTRUDER.  We almost used the famous band saw kill shot, but thought that was too easy.  Maybe next time!  So here is all the lucky ones that sent in the correct answers:  Hoby Abernathy, Aaron Christensen, DCHorror, Mike Dudley, James Dunn, Richard H. Garcia, Jay Hawkinson, Victor Ives, Mads Jensen, Kristy Jett, Chris Kinniery, Erik Martin, Anna McKibben, John Pata, David Schmidt, Gavin Schmitt, Mike Shields, Wayne Teeter, and William Wilson.
    So let us take a peek at our new photo and see if you can tell where this victim is from.  Don't think we're going to go too easy on you this time, do you?  Good luck!  Just click HERE to send in your answer.

    While I'd still call most of the films playing yesterday at the Sci-Fi Spectacular 5 were really more horror, we were there and still had a great time.  We weren't set up at this one, but just came to watch the movies.  I have to say we were a little disappointed when we heard that NOT OF THIS EARTH was going to screen due to a bad print.  But it was nice seeing another early Corman film, THE DAY THE WORLD ENDED on the big screen and with a full audience.  Not the best movie in the world, but fun.  It was also great seeing Mick Garris' CRITTERS 2 with a full house, because everyone really seem to enjoy that one.  It is a fun movie that still holds up after all these years.  Same goes with Chuck Russell's 1988 remake of THE BLOB.  I've always been a fan of that movie and it never gets old.  Such a well made film, with plenty of gore and great characters.
    But the other film that was playing that I was interested in seeing was the one about the killer tire, simply called RUBBER.  It didn't take long to realize the kind of film that they making and the point they were trying to get across.  I loved the idea and how they did it.  But the problem was that I think that would have made one hell of short film, maybe 30 minutes long.  But to drag it out to feature length, I was more than ready for the movie to be over.  So kudos for the effort at least.
    Both Mick Garris and Chuck Russell were there for the screenings of their movies, as well as for Q&A's and signings.  The Q&A's were great and fun and fact filled info.  I think both of them loved being able to see a theater full of enthusiastic fans watching one of their earlier movies and really enjoy it.  So thanks for them coming out for this, and of course, mucho thanks to Rusty Nails for continuing to put on these great film fests for the Chicago fans.  They are always a good time.

    Since next weekend we will be at the HorrorHound Weekend in Indy, we won't be having our regular update next Sunday.  We might get something posted on that Monday, but not sure.  All depends on how worn out we are from it!  Not only is it the first real convention of the year, it's a big one, with a amazing guest lineup that we are looking forward to seeing.  So it is going to be a great time.  If you are making it out to the show, please swing by our table to say hello.
    Of course, the following weekend might just be a repeat, since we are heading to Ohio for the Cinema Wasteland show.  So not sure just when we'll have our next update done!  But when we do, I know we'll have plenty of photos and stories from both shows.

    Michael Gough was one of those actors that no matter if he was in the lead role or just a supporting one, he was always fun to watch.  It really a shame that most fans know him as Alfred in the BATMAN movies, but his career is so much broader than that.  From working with Hammer and Amicus films in supporting roles like in HORROR OF DRACULA (1958), THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (1962), DR. TERROR'S HOUSE OF HORRORS (1965), and THE SKULL (1965), to those films where he was  the lead, such as HORRORS OF THE BLACK MUSEUM (1959), KONGA (1961), BLACK ZOO (1963), and a few more.  His performances in such films like HORRORS OF THE BLACK MUSEUM are so over-the-top they are so entertaining to watch, since you know that he had to have been having such fun with those roles.  It was great seeing him pop up in even newer films like Tim Burton's SLEEPY HOLLOW (1999).
    But even outside the horror genre, Gough was always working in little roles here and there.  In one of the online obits, they had a quote from him that I think really showed how he felt about his career.  He said, “It’s the best way to be.  You don’t have the responsibility of a star, you’re not as expensive as a star, and you get lovely parts. And you don’t have to worry about status or pecking order.”
    Gough had been battling ill health for some time now and passed away last Thursday.  He was 94 years old.  He is one character actor that definitely will never be forgotten since his work will live on and on, with new movie fans each and every years discovering this man's great body of work.  Our thoughts go out to his friends and family.

    Hammer fans?  Get ready for another incredible issue of Little Shoppe of Horrors, the best magazine out there dealing with all things Hammer!  Their latest issue, # 26, will featuring HANDS OF THE RIPPER as their main feature.  There will be their usual in-depth article on the Making of HANDS OF THE RIPPER by Bruce G. Hallenbeck.  Plus they have interviews with the director and some of the actors from the film as well.  And of course, there is always the usual items that fill the magazine with such interesting and informative reading.  There really is no other magazine out there like Little Shoppe of Horrors.  If you love Hammer and British horror films, then this magazine is definitely for you.
    For ordering info and / or more about this magazine, just click HERE.

    The folks up in Oshkosk really know how to help celebrate their horror community.  Just like did last year, this spring they will be starting their 2nd year of Friday Night Frights at the Time Community Theater.  Every other Friday, they will be screening a classic horror / sci-fi film at the theater.  And the best part, besides getting to see some great and fun movies, is that it is FREE!  How can you beat that?
    This program was started to not  only get to show case some fun movies, but also to give people a place and chance to hang out and watch some flicks.  And even better, it is helping to raise money for the theater.  Last year, they raised over $3000!  Not bad, if you ask me.  Below is the list of movies they are playing and the dates.  If you are in the area and are free on that evening, we highly recommend you go out and support this theater and the great people behind all of this!
    For more information about Oshkosh Horror and their events, just click HERE.

  • THE TERROR (1963) - April 1st

  • BEAST OF YUCCA FLATS (1961) - April 15th

  • PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE (1958) - April 29th

  • I BURY THE LIVING (1959) - May 13th

  • THE TINGLER (1959) - May 27th

  • TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE (1959) - June 10th

  • KILLER SHREWS (1959) - June 24th

  • HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL (1959) - July 8th

  • MANSTER (1960) - July 22nd

  • LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS (1960) - August 5th

  • KILLERS FROM SPACE (1954) - August 19th

  • NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968) - August 26th

  • THE BAT (1959) - September 16th

  • HORROR EXPRESS (1973) - September 30th

    I guess since the last few photos I had been posting were a little tougher, that when I posted our last photo, the shot of the beautiful Lina Romay from Jess Franco's FEMALE VAMPIRE (known for several other titles as well), people seemed to have just jumped on it.  But it brought a smile to my face that this Franco film is that well known, as it damn well should be.  This was the film that hooked me on Franco, realizing that there really is a madness behind those eyes of his.  So kudos go out to all the following to sent in the correct answer:  Hoby Abernathy, Aaron Christensen, Nancy Cremer, Christopher Curry, Jerry Downing, Jennifer Francis, Brian Fukala, Michael Jarema, Mads Jensen, David Schmidt, Mike Shields, and Wayne Teeter.  Job well done, folks.
    But in case I hadn't mentioned this recently, there are methods to my madness when it comes to picking these photos.  If you don't recognize the photo, but pay attention next week to see what it is from, that title is going to bury itself in your psyche somewhere...almost like a sleeper cell.  Then at some point, while your browsing through titles, you're going to come across that movie and the image is going to pop right back up in your mind.  And maybe it will then make you want to watch it.  Hopefully at that point, the film in question is a good one...
    But enough explaining....let's get to this week's photo.  Is it a tough one?  It is another easy one?  Guess you'll have to take a peek and see for yourself!  Just click HERE to send in your answer.  Good luck!

    Okay Troops, we're almost at the halfway point for this month's mission.  So far we've been getting some interesting titles sent in.  Some that we're surprised that have never been seen before, but I guess that is one of the reasons I started the whole Army thing in the first place.  Thrills me to no end that it is getting people to watch some more great movies.
    Of course, if you're new to the site and not really sure what I'm talking about, just head over to our Army page (by clicking HERE) and read what it is all about.  We are always looking for more soldiers in this never ending quest to Discover the Horror!

    The same folks that brought you the Weird Wobbler from DEMONS, Cult Collectibles, are all set to bring another great image from one of our favorite films.  Anybody who has seen Fulci's THE BEYOND remembers the little red-headed girl getting her face blown off.  Well now, thanks to Cult Collectibles, you can have that little girl with half her face blown off sitting on your very own desk!  We never thought we'd be interested in this new bobble-head phase, but thanks to people like Mark Murray at Cult Collectibles, he is making ones that are unique enough to make us want to add them to our collection.
    They are taking pre-orders for THE BEYOND bobblehead, which you an order through their website by clicking HERE.

    In honor of Barbara Steele appearing at the upcoming HorrorHound convention, we thought it was time for us to re-visit this classic film.  And since we did, we figured we might as well add a review of it.  Head over to our Review section to check it out.  And if don't have plans, why don't you come out to the HorrorHound Weekend in a couple of weeks and have the chance to meet this true icon of the genre?  Click HERE for all the info.

    Okay, I'm sure we've all heard that Guillermo del Toro's $150 million dream project of Lovecraft's At The Mountain of Madness has been passed by Universal.  Trust me...I'm not too happy about this either.  Basically since it all came down to del Toro wanting to keep the R rating because he wanted to make this movie "intense".  I have heard/read people complaining about del Toro and all these announced projects that he's working on that never seem to happen, and really getting sick of it.  In my eyes, del Toro can do no wrong.  The fact that he is sticking to his guns and letting this project possibly not happen right now because he wants to keep it with an R rating shows this guy has something that most people working in Hollywood don't have.  The balls and guts to walk away from something unless he is completely happy with it.  Have we forgotten that this is the same guy who fought the studio, delaying the first HELLBOY movie for some time, all because he was determined to have Ron Pearlman play the lead?  Had he been like most other Hollywood soulsuckers, he would have jumped at the very first offer he had to make the movie with Jean Claude Van Damn was the star!
    This guy has done for the horror genre more than any other director in a very, very long time.  He is a die hard fan, but also one that doesn't just want to crank out low quality films.  So no matter how many projects he has in the fire, or get delayed, or pushed back, or cancelled, the fact that he has that drive to keep working on so many things keeps me happy.  Or he could be like these other types that make one movie every 5 years and is still regarded as a icon.  Give me a break.  So, del Toro, you keep doing what you're doing.  I know that when the time is right, we will get to see your versions of FRANKENSTEIN and the MADNESS hit the big screen at some point.  And they will be more than worth waiting for.

    It was 15 years ago today that we lost the Italian Godfather of Gore, Lucio Fulci.  This was only months after he made his first and only American convention appearance at the Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors show in New York, January of 1996.  We were one of the lucky ones to attend that show, even though it meant getting stuck in Pennsylvania for two days because of a massive snow storm, it was more than worth it just to meet this great man.  I can remember getting to the hotel the Friday night before the show, wondering if Fulci was actually going to be there.  After checking in at the front desk, turning around to go to my room and seeing an old man standing there by himself, wearing the red and black hat that he wore in CAT IN THE BRAIN, and realizing that one of my favorite directors was standing only a few feet away from me.  Before I could say anything, he was joined by some other people and walked away.  But at least I knew that he was here.  And now matter what or how bad the rest of the show was going to be, it didn't matter.  Lucio Fulci was there.  For photos from that show, head over to our convention page for our little write up on his appearance, by clicking HERE.
    While a lot of people think that most of Fulci's movies were schlocky, it really was because of his budgets.  Had he been given the budget, he could have continued the great run of classic films that he did in the period between 1979 and 1982.  He was making film after film, back to back.  He was working on HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY even before THE BEYOND hit the theaters.  But once producers saw how much money his films were making, they thought he could keep repeating that, but with a much lower budget.  And the fact that horror films were the only thing that he was getting offered, it was hard for a man who had worked in every genre of films out there, to keep wanting to do the same thing over and over again, but with a lot less money.
    But when he was on his game, he gave us amazing films, ones that are still talked about, written about, and watched by a new generation of fans each and every year. the sign of a true master filmmaker.  And that is what he will always be remembered for.  So...on this anniversary, what a better time to break out one of his films and have your own tribute/memorial of the late, great Lucio Fulci.

    I guess we're kind of on an Italian kick this week.  But when we came across this little news bite, we figured we'd have to pass it along to our fellow fans of Italian movie soundtracks.  Now we haven't heard any of this yet, so this isn't a review as much of just to let you know that it is available for pre-order, which I know we will be doing.  But the complete score for LA CRIPTA E L'INCUBO (aka CRYPT OF THE LIVING DEAD), starring Christopher Lee, will be released in its complete form for the first time.  The music by Carlo Savina provides the listener with "the classic sounds of the British Hammer films witha  range of gloomy and tensive themes alternated with a recurring and sad love theme."  That sounds like a real winner to me.
    It's great that companies like Cinevox Records that take the time and effort to bring these lost scores back to life, for new generations of fans to listen to and enjoy.  I know that title will be joining my collection very soon.  You can pre-order the CD for only $19.95 by clicking HERE.

    This week's lesson is about a small time filmmaker from Louisville Kentucky that almost made it to the big time, had it not been for a tragic accident that took his life.  Head over to our classroom to find out who we are talking about.

    Okay folks, while we did stump most of you out there, I have to say that I was surprised to see a couple of correct answers come in for last week's photo.  The film is the 1983 Filipino-made film THE KILLING OF SATAN.  This film really needs to be seen to believe.  It is outrageous, crazy, funny (though not intentional) and down right entertaining.  I'm sure this one will be screening at this year's Turkey Day Marathon.  It is out on DVD and is definitely worth your time, especially when watching in a group of like-minded film fans.  I'm sure you'll enjoy it.  So kudos out to Mads Jensen and William Wilson for knowing this cult films.  Job well done!
    And now on to this week's photo.  We figured we might take it a LITTLE easier this week, since we' have had a few tough ones lately.  But don't think we're getting soft or anything....Also, for those at work, there's a bit of nudity in this one, so be careful.  So here it is....take a look, and click HERE to send in your answer.  As always, good luck.

    After a long, cold and snowy winter, the start off the 2011 Kryptic World Tour is almost at hand.  In a couple of weeks, we will be having 4 weekends of events that we are planning on being at.  Almost reminds me of October!  But we are really looking forward to seeing a bunch of our convention friends and family, and being able to escape from reality for a little while.  Here is what we have planned so far:

  • Sci-Fi Spectacular on March 19th at the Music Box Theatre - We won't be setting up at this show, but will be there to take in the great movies they are screening.  From the original Corman classic NOT OF THIS EARTH, to CRITTERS 2 (with director Mick Garris appearing), the new bizarre movie RUBBER (about a killer tire) to Chuck Russell's incredibly fun remake of THE BLOB (Russell will be appearing as well), to plenty of other great movies in this 14-hour marathon.  For all the details, just click HERE.

  • HorrorHound Weekend in Indianapolis on March 25th to 27th - With an incredible guest lineup for this show, it has all the makings for another great show.  From many different reunions from HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY to KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE, to a collection of guests from '80s slasher movies, to other cult icons like Barbara Steele and many, many more.  We are very excited about this show and am looking forward to having a incredible time, hanging out with tons of friends, and making plenty more.  For all the info about this show, just click HERE.

  • Cinema Wasteland in Strongsville Ohio on April 1st to 3rd - The very next weekend, we head to Ohio for the best show around.  There is nothing like Wasteland.  This time out, they are celebrating Italian director Ruggero Deodato and his films, with stars from many of his films attending.  For all the details, just click HERE.

  • Full Moon Film Fest, featuring the world premier of EVIL BONG 3D on April 9th at the Portage Theater in Chicago - Charles Band presents his Full Moon Horror Road show, with screenings of RE-ANIMATOR, FROM BEYOND, CASTE FREAK, and his latest feature EVIL BONG 3D.  Barbara Crampton and Robin Sydney will be appearing as well.  For more details, just click HERE.

    We were amazed and thrilled to read the news that Blue Underground would be releasing this long lost movie from 1981.  Coming to DVD for the first time, THE NESTING tells the story of a mystery writer, who suffers from agoraphobia, moves into an old house to help her with her writer's block.  But once at this old house, strange things start to happen and people start dying.  As she uncovers the history of the old house, she starts to uncover more and more of this great early '80s mystery.  John Carradine and cult star Gloria Grahame co-star.
    Blue Underground will be releasing this on both regular DVD and Blu-Ray in a director's cut version for the first time, in a 1.85:1 widescreen.  They will also include trailers, TV spots, and poster still galleries.  I know we are really looking forward to adding this title to our collection when it comes out on June 28th.

    Our good friend and amazing artist Putrid has made his Fright Rags debut with a collaboration with Jeff Zornow with a excellent design for CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD.  You can check it out by clicking HERE.  Also check out Fright Rags new CRITTERS shirt.

    For Chicago area horror fans, this Tuesday at the Hungry Brain at 9:00pm, there will be a Horror 101 lecture by Adam Hart Megan Milks.  Hart's lecture/discussion will be on "What's the Point of a Monster?: Freddy, Jason and the Villains of Horror" that will focus on the slasher films of the '70s and '80s.  Milks will discuss Women in Horror, "specifically the notion of the Monstrous Feminine and how it's exploited in the genre."  Both Hart and Milks teach classes in various horror subjects.
    We would love to come out to this, but just not sure if we could make it during the week.  But if you are in the city, we would highly recommend checking it out.  And best of all, it is free.  Free horror lectures...pretty damn inviting if you ask me.  The Hungry Brain is located at 2319 W. Belmont (708-608-6054).

    From Midnight Marquee, who gave us the Fanex Files DVD, comes another documentary DVD called Midnight Madness.  This 2-disc set features a history of the horror & sci-fi genres in 4 different sections.  The sections covered are: The Golden Age of the Horror Film, The Atomic-Crazed Fifties, Teens Invade the Drive-Ins / The Studio That Dripped Blood, and lastly The Swinging Sixties to the Awesome Eighties.  There are interviews with countless names from then genres, like Forry Ackerman, Samuel Z. Arkoff, Veronica Carlson, Roger Corman, Freddie Francis, Christopher Lee, Ingrid Pitt, Robert Quarry, Robert Wise, and many more.
    We were honored to be a part of this little project, working with Gary and Sue from Midnight Marquee, and looking forward to seeing it for ourselves.  For ordering information and to view some clips from the DVDs, just click HERE.

    Yes, we know classes have been out for a little while.  But hopefully we can get them back on a regular basis.  This week, we cover a great British actor who you might know for his work with Hammer Films.  Head over to the classroom HERE to find out who this is.

    It seems that our last photo was even tougher than our previous week, since we didn't receive any correct answers, or even guesses for that matter.  Looks like I've stumped even the mighty Hoby Abernathy on this one.  Well, the shot was from the god-awful film BLACK ROSES, one of those heavy metal horror movies that came out in the late '80s.  I remember seeing the poster art for this film and being very excited about seeing it.  But I think there was much more talent and work that went into that poster than the movie.  Oh well.
    So while we're on a roll with really tough ones, let's throw this one out there.  Watching this movie the other day just blew me away.  And seeing this shot, I immediately knew I needed to use it for a Mystery Photo.  And so here we are.  Take a look, get that brain working, and take your best shot.  Good luck!  Just click HERE to send us your answer.

    Chuck Russell, director of the amazingly entertaining remake of THE BLOB, not to mention NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 3 and THE MASK, will be attending the Sci-Fi Spectacular next month at the Music Box Theatre.  He will be joining Mick Garris, and a ton of other sci-fi and horror fans as they come out to enjoy several great films.  For all the details about the show, just click HERE.

    We have posted our review for Alex Heffes' score for THE RITE.  Head over to our Soundtrack section to check it out.

    We have posted our review of Gary D. Rhodes Lugois bio book, Bela Lugosi: Dreams and Nightmares.  For any serious fans of this horror icon, it is a must read.  You can read our review in our Library section.  Just click HERE.

    Once again, I am amazed at how Mr. Hoby Abernathy seems to pull these answers out of his hat.  Okay, so maybe living way out in the middle of South Dakota, you don't have a lot of things to do, but still.  We knew this close up shot was going to be a tough one.  So with a bow of honor to him for being the only one to come up with the correct answer for our photo last week, we here at the Krypt salute you.  Well done, sir.  The shot was the poor Dagmar Lassendar on the end of a poker stick in Lucio Fulci's HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY.
    So this time out, we are going to go with something possibly a little easier, but definitely more cheesier.  So good luck!   Just click HERE to send in your answer.

    "The Sultan of Sleaze" was a title that Friedman wore with pride.  One of the original "Forty Thieves", who were like the traveling carnies, but dealt in exploitation films, such as nudie cuties, supposed 'sex-education' films, and all sorts of other sorted goodies.  Friedman learned his philosophy from the carnies....""Sell the sizzle, not the steak".  But years later, when the nudie cutie fad was starting to become old news, he and his partner H.G. Lewis created a brand new film genre, the likes that nobody had ever seen before....the gore film.  That film was BLOOD FEAST, and the rest is history.
    Friedman's legacy is one that will be talked about for years to come.  Film scholars will be studying and teaching about this lost art of what Friedman and his buddies where doing. 

    Just a friendly reminder to you soldiers out there that haven't reported in yet.  You only have a week left.  Don't let your fellow soldiers down.  And of course, if you're not a member of our Kryptic Army, just head over to our Army page for all the details.

    Director John Landis has recently been working on a book on movie monsters, called Monsters in the Movies, which according to Landis is "an overall compendium".  With "thousands of photos", the book will covers from all the genres, not just horror.  Also included in the book are "conversations" that Landis had with talents like Rick Baker, Christopher Lee, Ray Harryhausen, David Cronenberg, Guillermo del Toro, and many more.  Being somewhat of a book collector, I have to say that I'm pretty excited about this.
    Unfortunately, it is only available for pre-order from right now, but hopefully it will show up on these shores before too long.

    One of the things that we are always asked at conventions is if we have any books on how to do special makeup effects, specifically gore effects.  Over the years we've seen a few different makeup books, but most of them dealt with stage and theater makeup.  And other than Tom Savini's book, we didn't know of too much else.  But yesterday while at our good friend's John Pata, he showed me a book that I was amazed that I had never seen before.  It was called Special Effects Makeup by Janus Vinther.  Just browsing through the book, I couldn't believe all the different things the book was covering, from simple gunshot or cut wounds to full body gore.
    So if any makeup fans out there that are looking for a good how-to book that won't cost you a fortune, just click on this Amazon link.  You might even want to do your own search to see if you could find it even cheaper.  But we figured we'd at least get you in the started in the right direction.  Good Luck!

    Yesterday, we made a trip up north for a double feature that was playing at the House of Horrors.  Don't know what that is?  How about Oshkosh Horror?  No?  Well then, just click HERE to find out more of all this crazy horror stuff that happens up north in the land of cheese.

    Yes, Dario Argento has cancelled from the HorrorHound Indy show, which is a major bummer.  BUT...they have added a name that I think is one hell of a replacement.  And that would be the iconic Barbara Steele.  From her start in the horror genre with Mario Bava's BLACK SUNDAY (1960) to the countless Italian movies that she made, like CASTLE OF BLOOD, NIGHTMARE CASTE, SHE-BEAST, LONG HAIR OF DEATH, to the tons of films she's made outside of Italy, like SHIVERS and PIRANHA, she has made a big impact on the genre.  So I know that I for one, am very excited to meet this legend.
    And to make this show even better, they have also added a couple of more names to their HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY reunion.  So joining the already scheduled Catriona MacColl, Giovanni Frezza, and Silvia Collatina, will be Carlo De Mejo and Dagmar Lassander.  De Mejo also was in Fulci's CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD (1980) and MANHATTAN BABY (1982), as well as Luigi Cozzi's CONTAMINATION (1980) and Bruno Mattei's THE OTHER HELL (1981).  Lassander was in Fulci's THE BLACK CAT (1981), Mario Bava's HATCHET FOR THE HONEYMOON (1970), and Lamberto Bava's DEVIL FISH (1984) and the cult classic WEREWOLF WOMAN (1976).
    They have also recently added Kristannna Loken from TERMINATOR 3, Kyle Gass from IDLE HANDS and JACOB'S LADDER, and Tiffany Shepis.  For all the details, head over to the convention's website HERE.  This is going to be another epic show, so hopefully we'll see you there.  If you're coming out, please make sure you stop by our table and chat!  We love to meet other die-hard fans!

    It seems that our last photo was a bit easier, since we got quite a few correct answers sent it.  Though....not as many as I would have hoped.  Looks like some people need to start getting more in those  Hammer films.  The shot is that of Ralph Bates from Hammer's LUST FOR A VAMPIRE (1971).  Congrats goes out to the following: Hoby Abernathy, Gregory Avery, Aaron Christensen, Chris Kinniery, Kevin Matthews, Ryan Olson, David Schmidt, Mike Shields, and Wayne Teeter.
    So of course, that means that this week's is going to be even tougher.  Granted, the movie is not that obscure, but maybe this shot might be a little harder to nail down.  So...why not give a look at take a stab at it!  Just click HERE to send in your answer, and as always, good luck!

    One of the last of the great horror stars, the 88 year old Christopher Lee is in the Guinness Book of World Records for holding the most film acting roles.   And today, he receives the Academy Fellowship at the Orange British Academy Film Awards.  Now I won't lie.  I've have my issues with Lee over the years, mainly due to his occasional negative remarks about being known for his horror roles.  You know the roles, the ones that made him famous.  But with all that aside, that has never stopped me from enjoying his performances, or taken away the fact that he is a very talented actor.  So anytime that an actor who has played in so many horror films, is now being given the highest honor an individual could receive in recognition to their contribution to film, is a great thing, no matter what.  What is even funnier is how that some of these films were actually considered trash back then, but have now become respectable and even classics after all these years.  Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

    Admittedly, we usually aren't too excited about the latest film from Full Moon Entertainment.  Nothing against them mind you, I just usually don't care for them.  Even to the point that when I heard about a World Premiere of Band's latest movie, EVIL BONG 3-D: THE WRATH OF BONG, I didn't even bother mentioning it.  But, once my fellow Chicago horror buddy Bryan from Shu-izms told that this little event is much more than just that feature, I quickly marked it on my calendar and plan to be there.
    On Saturday, April 9th, at Chicago's Portage Theater, and being sponsored by Flashback Weekend, they will be screening the world premiere of EVIL BONG 3-D: THE WRATH OF BONG from a 35mm print, complete with 3-D effects as well as Sniff-O-Rama.  No matter what one might think of the film, you have to give Band credit for putting on this road show and this type of presentation.  Something that is sorely missed today.  According to Band, the movie will feature “the record amount of naked alien beauties, boobies, and reefer hits to ever be presented in 3-D”.
    But not only will you see this feature, but they will also be having a Barbara Crampton triple feature: RE-ANIMATOR, FROM BEYOND, and CASTLE FREAK, all from 35mm prints!  And even better, Barbara Crampton herself will be there in person.  Other guests include Band himself, as well as Robin Sydney, star of all three EVIL BONG movies.

    This is yet another reason why I love Guillermo del Toro so much.  We've always know that he is a fellow horror fan, just like the rest of us.  He geeks out on collectibles and memorabilia, just like most horror fans.  Only difference is that he has a little bit more money than we do.  But on the new CRONOS DVD, we get a little tour of his Bleak House, where he keeps his collection, and it was freaking incredible.  This is a person that wants to surround himself with things from the genre that he loves.
    But it doesn't stop there.  He mentioned some time ago that his brother was building him a real life replica of the title character from the 1977 movie THE CAR.  And now, as you can see from the photo, is it done.  How freaking cool is that???  This is the sign of a film geek that has made it.

    We were sent a link to this blog that has been posting some pics of some amazing looking video box art, from all around the country.  Some of them really bring back memories of watching through video stores, when they use to be huge and filled with all sorts of great looking covers.  Just lick HERE to check them out.

    Here is another site that we've recently come across that we are really enjoying.  They have some great stuff in here, including some Mystery Photos that will really get your brain working.  Just click on the banner below to get there.  I think you will enjoy what you find there.

    We have posted our thoughts on the newly release MONSTERS, with mixed thoughts on it.  Head over to our Reviews section or just click on the banner below, to get more details on what we thought about it.

    I know we posted an update last week about this, but the final lineup has been announced, which is listed below.  But they have also announced that director/writer/creator of Masters of Horrors, Mick Garris will be attending this time out.  His film CRITTERS 2 will be screening, which is a pretty fun and entertaining sequel.  All the fun starts at 11:30am on March 19th.
    Here is the lineup:

  • Noon - NOT OF THIS EARTH (1957)

  • 1:45pm - KRULL (1983)

  • 4:00pm - CRITTERS 2 (1988)

  • 6:15pm - NAKED LUNCH (1991)

  • 8:30pm - RUBBER (2010) - Midwest Theatrical Premiere

  • 10:00pm - THE BLOB (1988)

  • 12:00am - EVENT  HORIZON (1997)

    Fans of Lamberto Bava's DEMONS should start making their plans now for the April Chiller Theatre show.  For their Italian Invasion 4, they will be having director Bava there, as well as actors Bobby Rhodes and Geretta-Gerretta, makeup man Sergio Stivaletti, and composer (and ex-Goblin member) Claudio Simonetti.  This is all taking place on April 29th through May 1st.

    Okay folks, today's lesson is about a man who won Oscars for his work in the industry as a cameraman, even help develop a way of filming sitcoms that is still being used today.  But horror fans should know him for not only the horror films that he filmed, but also the 2 films that he directed, since those are still being considered classics today.  Which they rightly so should be.  So head over the classroom to learn a little more about this man.

    I have to say that I am pretty surprised and impressed with all the correct answers for last week's photo.  I figured that was a little cult film that hasn't been seen by too many people.  So it brought a smile to my face each time I got another correct answer.  Shows that people are still watching the older films.  Job well done.  But the ones that knew the shot was from the 1977 film DEMON SEED, were as follows:  Hoby Abernathy, Gregory Avery, Wendy Bodine, Aaron Christensen, Craig J. Clark, Dave Friedman, Rick Hayden, Mads Jensen, Agustin Ignacio, and David Schmidt.  Great job, people.
    Of course, after so many got our last one, I almost feel bad putting this one up, since I think its going to be an easy one.  But I guess we'll just wait and see.  Just click HERE to send in your answer, and as always, good luck!

    The Horror & Exploitation fandom lost another great figure last Friday.  Tura Satana, star of Russ Meyer's FASTER, PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL! and Ted V. Mikels' ASTRO ZOMBIES passed away on Feb. 4th due to reportedly heart failure.  Satana made a name for herself from an early age, of growing up in hard times, working as an exotic dancer and nude model, before making her mark in the Meyer film.  Always playing the strong domineering female character, Satana showed audiences that "women could be gorgeous and sexy and still kick ass."
    Our thoughts go out to her friends and family.  She will be missed, but she will never be forgotten.

    There have been some reports floating around that Tom Cruise just might be starring in del Toro's AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS.  Now, as much as we really don't care for Cruise, we must try to look at this objectively.  Years ago, when he was cast as Lestat in INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE, we were not happy.  But as it turned out, Cruise did an exceptional job in that role.  Now, since this film still hasn't been officially gotten the greenlight (though with James Cameron producing, how is it NOT going to???),  Cruise's name added to the marquee would do a lot of things.  Give this film a bigger audience than it might have otherwise.  It would bring more money to the production.  Could mean more merchandising.  But even with all of that, I really hope they go with someone else.  I want the movie to be about the story, not about the star of the film.

    Chicago area fans that are looking for something to do tomorrow night, head over to the Claudia Cassidy Theater for a Q&A and discussion of Women in Horror.  Best selling author L.A. Banks (The Vampire Legend series), Ken Hite (H.P. Lovecraft expert), Aly Renee Amidei (WildClaw's Carmilla playwright), Sourcebooks iDrakula editor Marie Macaisa, and Carmilla herself, actress Michaela Petro.  The event will be hosted by Brian Kirst.  And more importantly, this is a FREE EVENT!  So what a better way to spend a Monday night then to learn something about the horror genre that you might not know.
    For more info about the event, just click HERE.

    EVENT HORIZON has been added to the lineup for this year's Sci-Fi Spectucular.  Also playing will be Quentin Dupieux's film RUBBER.  If you have not seen the trailer for this, go online and look it up.  It is about a killer tire.  Yes, that's right...a killer tire.  As silly as that sounds...I have to give them credit for making the trailer look pretty damn cool.
    Also with that, they will also be playing the short films BLOOD KIN by Del Harvey and Greg Nicotero's UNITED MONSTER TALENT AGENCY.  And of course, vintage trailers and more.  For all the details, check out their facebook page by clicking HERE.

    Our last photo was from a movie that features some old fashion stop animation.  Something that you don't see too often anymore, due to the technical advances of computer animation.  But it is something that always brings a smile to my face.  Sure it is dated, but fun.  This shot came from the 1977 film CRATE LAKE MONSTER.  Not a great movie by any means, but is definitely worth watching because of the title creature.  Kudos goes out to Hoby Abernathy, Craig J. Clark, David Schmidt, and Mike Shields for naming the correct movie.
    Our next one comes from somewhat around that time, but deals with a completely different kind of monster.  Take a peek at the photo and see what your little mind can conceive.  Good luck!  Just click HERE to send in your guess.

    I would like to take a second to point out something that I think, as horror fans, sometimes we forget.  And that is that this is a great time to be a horror fan.  First of all, the availability of films today is staggering.  From Netflix, to streaming video, online retailers both inside and outside the country, you can find just about any title you might be looking for.  And even the "impossible" titles get fewer and fewer each and every day.  Those old enough, especially the ones growing up in England in the late '70s & early '80s, might remember the Video Nasties scandal over in the UK, where one could actually go to jail for simply owning a copy of a movie.  Times have dramatically changed since then.  And for that, we should be very grateful.
    The internet has opened up a massive doorway and meeting place for fellow fans.  Long gone are the times when a fan didn't have the chance to be able to find like-minded fans to talk about movies with.  With a huge place to network, chat, discuss and dissect films and filmmakers (both for better and for worse), it not only gives fans an outlet, but also justification of what they are doing is not just a waste of time. 
    As horror fans, we know that it is one of the oldest genres out there.  We know that it is one of the most profitable genres.  And we know it will always be considered the black sheep of the family, and never given the credit it rightly deserves.  We know that there are still certain groups that would love to throw us horror fans in the same league as Devil worshippers, serial killers, and the rest of the deviant brand of society.  But then again, nobody is perfect.  All we can do is continue to educate ourselves, that way, if need be, we can prove to them that we are not the disheveled and un-washed masses (not counting those ones at movie know who you are) that they claim we are, but intelligent, respectful, and highly talented group of people that just happened to like watching such things as zombies tearing out someone's brain to snack on.  Nothing wrong with that, is there???
    On a small side note on that, if you can the chance, we highly recommend you view the new documentary Video Nasties:
Moral Panic, Censorship & Videotape.  Directed by Jake West, this shows what England through at that time, when there certain people that were trying to save their children from the corruption that watching horror movies could cause.  Scary times, my friends.  Especially when you realize that they had no evidence other than strictly opinions.  It is things like this that we have to remember, or as they say in the documentary, so when it happens again, we will be ready.

    Friday night we headed into Chicago for a night of horror filled fun and friends.  Our 2nd stop was to to see the 1980 slasher film MANIAC on the big screen at the Music Box Theater.  Been years since we'd seen it so it was great to be able to see it on the big screen.  Many kudos to the Music Box to continually have such screenings.
    But before we did that, we took in the cultured route and went to see a stage play.  But this was no ordinary stage play.  This was Carmilla, the latest presentation from Chicago's WildClaw Theatre.  Being a lifelong fan of horror movies, it is such a pleasure to be able to see the same things I love in the movies, but have them played out in the flesh, right in front of me, a mere few feet away.  Never being a 'theater' person, seeing it only as a novelty, WildClaw has done great strides in changing that for me.  This is the 3rd production of theirs that I have seen, and each time, I feel drawn more and more into this world.  Granted, I'm sure horror element has a great deal to do with it.  But none the less, I found myself being highly entertained by their latest presentation, that of J. Sheridan LeFanu's Carmilla.
    What looked to be their biggest or grandest production yet, WildClaw gave me a night of lesbian vampires, blood, gothic landscapes, Victorian accents, and a lot of fun.  Adapted for the stage by Aly Renee Amidei, and performed by some wonderful and talented players, it was like watching an old Hammer film live in person.  Okay, maybe not as much sex and nudity as in a Hammer Film, but still highly entertaining.
    I do want to mention that while everyone in the play did a great job, I would like to point out Scott T. Barsotti was really exceptional as the gypsy hunchback.  Barsotti is the WildClaw member who wrote THE REVENANTS, which was the last WildClaw production that we had seen.  I've meet Scott a couple of times at some WildClaw events, but didn't recognize him until about 1/2 through the performance.  His portrayal of the character of the gypsy Martin, would have fit perfectly in quite a few Hammer films.  Steve Herson, playing the doctor, also reminded me one of the many 'medical characters' from Hammer's gothic pictures.  And of course, Michaela Petro fit the part of Carmilla, with her blazing wide and entrancing eyes.
    If you have never checked out any of WildClaw's previous productions, head over to the Chicago DCA Theater and put that streak to an end.  For more information about WildClaw and all that they have going on, just click HERE.  You can click HERE to see what the Chicago Tribune thought about Wildclaw's latest.

    Any Chicago area fans that want to see a series of great horror films AND get an after film lecture?  The Gene Siskel Film Center is holding another film lecture series, called The Mask of Sanity: Psychological Horror Films, which starts next Tuesday at 6:00pm.  Each Tuesday, they will screen a movie which will then be followed by a lecture by Jim Trainor, as Associate Professor at the School of Art Institute of Chicago.  The film and lecture is every Tuesday, with the film only screening the following Friday or Saturday.  According to Trainor, the lector series will "will focus on close analysis of individual films, the director's history and creative vision, specific techniques and their origins, and the relationship of films to contemporary events or anxieties."
    Below is a list of the films in the series, along with the dates.  Several years ago, we attended a film lecture series there and not only had a great time, but also was able to see some classic films on the big screen.  For more info, just HERE.

  • REPULSION (1965)- Feb 1st

  • EYES WITHOUT A FACE (1959) - Feb. 5th & 8th

  • PLAY MISTY FOR ME (1971) - Feb. 11th & 15th

  • CACHÉ (2005) - Feb. 18th & 22nd

  • PSYCHO (1960) - Feb. 25th & Mar. 1st

  • THE STEPFATHER (1987) - Mar. 8th

  • SAFE (1995) - Mar. 15th

  • BADLANDS (1973) - Mar. 22nd

  • DIABOLIQUE (1955) - Mar. 29th

  • OPEN WATER (2003) - Apr. 1st  & 5th

  • THE BIRDS (1963) - Apr. 8th & 12th

  • VIRGIN SPRING (1960) - Apr. 15th & 19th

  • DELIVERANCE (1972) - Apr. 22nd & 26th

  • TBA - May 6th & 10th

    On March 19th, Movieside Film Fest will be holding their Sci-Fi Spectacular 5 at the Music Box Theater.  So far, the movies they have announced are KRULL (1983), NAKEN LUNCH (1991), and THE BLOB (1988).  When we get more details, we'll post them here.
    Also, Facets Cinematheque's Night School program will be starting in February again.  On the 19th at midnight, they will be screening THE BONEYARD (1991), presented by Facets Lew Ojeda.  They haven't listed the rest of the film in the program yet, but when they do, we will list them here.  Or you can check their site for updates as well, by clicking HERE.

    While at the Music Box Friday night for the screening of MANIAC, director Bill Lustig mentioned a couple of titles that his company Blue Underground will be put re-issuing on Blu-ray later this year: Lucio Fulci's HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY and ZOMBIE.  He mentioned that both are being transferred from the camera negative and that both will have new features, especially for ZOMBIE.
    In other DVD news, DVD Drive-In posted on their site that some rare horror titles that will be coming out on DVD this year.  The first one is the 1956 film THE BLACK SLEEP that has an all-start horror cast.  This is one film that I had always read terrible reviews for, but once I actually sat down and watched it, was surprised at how much I liked it, but also how good it really was.  You can read our review of it HERE.  Another classic, which was one that I wasn't overly impressed with, was QUEEN OF BLOOD (1966).  Not a bad film mind you, but one that I guess I just expected more from.  But in either case, is one that everyone should check out and get your own opinion.  And lastly is the 1972 film DAUGHTERS OF SATAN, starring Tom Selleck.

    We have posted our review of the latest release from Phantom Soundtracks.  Real soundtracks from fake movies.  Great concept and great music.  Check out our review HERE.

    Recently posted on Fangoria's site, in an upcoming interivew with Luigi Cozzi, he mentioned that Michele Soavi would be finally making his return to the horror genre.  That right there, is incredible news.  But they mention that he is working on a sequel to his last horror film, DELLAMORETE DELLAMORE.  Now, I'm tickled to see him coming back to the genre, and that DELLAMORTE is one of my favorite films.  But a sequel?  I am very hopeful for this, but really am curious as to where he is going to take this one.  Hopefully Soavi can put some life back into the Italian horror film industry.

    This week's lesson is on a character actor who has worked with many different directors and appeared in countless horror movies in his career.  His face and voice are two things about him that makes him easy to remember.  Head over to the classroom to learn more about him.

    Seems our last photo "stumped" quite a few people.  That poor fellow was a very young Bruce Dern, who not only lost his hand, but is about to lose his head as well.  The shot is from HUSH...HUSH, SWEET CHARLOTTE (1964), starring the incomparable Bette Davis.  Kudos to Hoby Abernathy, Dave Friedman, and Mike Shields for knowing the movie.
    But let's get on to this week's latest ocular testing....Feast your eyes, as they say, and see what you can come up with.  This one is  little bit more fun than the last few.  Just click HERE to send in your answer, and as always, Good Luck.

    Okay case you were paying attention, you only have a week left to get in those mission reports.  A week from Tuesday is a new month and a new mission.  Don't want to be late on the first month of the new year, do you?  So let's pick up the pace and get to work!

    Chicago area fans have the chance to see one of the best examples of '80s gore/slasher films of that time.  Really before the MPAA started to get all righteous and stuff.  MANIAC, starring the incredible Joe Spinell, will be screening at two midnight shows at the Music Box Theater next Friday and Saturday night (27th & 28th).  Featuring a brand new print of the film, director Bill Lustig will be there for a Q&A as well.  If you haven't seen this film, it really is a must see.  And even if you have, seeing it on the big screen is even better.  Spinell gives one hell of a performance here.  Plus, the film is filled with effects by Tom Savini.  I'm know we will be out there one of the two nights.  Hope to see a big crowd out there.

    We have posted our review of Dario Argento's TENEBRE.  Although, the first part of the review is almost a confession of sorts.  Head over to our Review section to find out why.

    In this week's little lecture, we talk about a director that is probably more famous for a film did DIDN'T direct, then the ones he did.  Head over to the classroom to find out who we are talking about.

    Well, we figured we were going to...STUMP a few people with last week's photo.  It is a rare flick, even though it did get a release or two on video back in the '80s.  While not a fast past movie, J.S. Cardone's 1982 film THE  SLAYER is still a fun watch.  The death scenes, as you can see in last week's photo, are pretty interesting and well done.  Kudos go to Hoby Abernathy & Kristin Wicks.  For some reason I think there was one other person that sent in the correct answer, but can't find the email.  And I have a feeling it was one of the ones in our Share-the-Scare a couple of weeks ago when we screened this.  So if I did miss you, let me know, and apologize in advance!
    But let's get to our latest film.  We seem to be on a amputation theme going on.  If you need help on this one, maybe someone could give you...a hand???  Yea, I know....that was pretty bad.  Can't help myself.  Anyway, good luck and just click HERE to send us your answer.

    Somehow we forgot to mention the passing of another famous name from the horror/sci-fi genre, that of Anne Francis, who along with Leslie Nielsen, battled the terrors on THE FORBIDDEN PLANET.  She had appeared on countless TV shows throughout her long career.  She passed away on January 2nd, from complications from a recent diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, according to her official website.
    Our thoughts go out to her friends and family.

    Now that the holidays are thankfully over, we can concentrate our kicking off our 2011 World Tour, which we will be doing officially in March at the HorrorHound Weekend in Indianapolis.  It has been 2  months since our last convention, the last HorrorHound one, and we are chomping at the bit for the next one to start.  Seems like forever!  So below are the shows that we currently have lined up or are planning to be at.  Hopefully there are a few more added in there, as well as maybe film festivals and what not.

  • HorrorHound Weekend Indianapolis - March 25th-27th - Guests include: Dario Argento, Norman Reedus, David Della Rocco, Sean Patrick Flanery, Tom Atkins, Stacey Nelkin, Dick Warlock, Barbara Magnolfi, Stefania Casini, Catriona MacColl, Lisa Marie, Suzanne Snyder, Harrod Blank, Bill Moseley, Grant Cramer, Mike Martinez, Wayne Doba, Bob Elmore, Peter Giuliano, Ted White, Derek Mackinnon, Diane Franklin, Ken Foree, Steve Johnson, Rhonda Shear, Greydon Clark, Don Post, Giovanni Frezza, Silvia Collatina.

  • Cinema Wasteland - April 1st-3rd - Guests include: Ruggero Deodato, Michael Berryman, Francesca Ciardi, David Hess, Robert Kerman, Carl Gabriel Yorke, Betsy Baker, Ellen Sandweiss, Theresa Tilly, Tom Atkins, John Carol Buechler, William Forsythe, Michael Gornick, Lynn Lowry, Radley Metzger, Judith Ridley, Russ Streiner

  • Flashback Weekend - Aug. 12-14th - Flashback returns to the summer!  Guests include: Robert Englund, Christina Lindberg, Kelli Maroney, John Laflamboy, Mike Bradecich, and Chicago's own Svengoolie.

    Yesterday we received a nice little package in the mail.  It was the new Weird Wobbler Demon Doll bobblehead from Cult Collectibles.  This is the same company that gave us the Weird Wobbler from BLACK DEVIL DOLL FROM HELL.  But now, you can have your own little Geretta Geretta Demon Doll from Lamberto Bava's DEMONS in your home.  I have to say that when all these monster bobbleheads started coming out, didn't think they would be something I would even care about.  But as I've picked up a few in the last year, I have to say they make a nice little addition to the collection.
    For more information about this, as well as info about their future products, such as character from Fulci's THE BEYOND and CAT IN THE BRAIN, head over to their website by clicking HERE.

    Blue Underground has announced that it will be releasing Dario Argento's DEEP RED on Blu-ray, as well as a standard DVD edition this April.  The regular DVD will feature the uncensored English language version of the film, while the Blu-ray version will also have the full length Italian director's cut of the film.  Both versions have been newly transferred in high def from the original camera negative in 2.35:1 widescreen.  There will be interviews with Argento, co-scripter Bernardino Zapponi, and the band Goblin: Claudio Simonetti, Massimo Morante, Fabio Pignatelli and Agostino Marangolo.  Along with the US and Italian trailers, there will be a couple of music videos on the disc.
    Not only do we hope that the quality is going to be out of this world, but also hope that a Blu-ray release of SUSPIRIA is on the way as well.

    Just as a reminder for Chicago horror fans, WildClaw Theatre will be hosting a free screening of John D. Hancock's highly underrated LET'S SCARE JESSICA TO DEATH this coming Wednesday at the DCA Theater.  But there are two things even better about this screening.  First of all, it is FREE!  And secondly, director John D. Hancock will be there to introduce the film and then a Q&A after the film.  If you have not had a chance to check out this film, now is your chance to see a very creepy and surreal film from the early '70s.  They just don't make them like this anymore.
    For more information about this screening, just click HERE.  For more info about WildClaw Theatre and their new play Carmilla, click HERE.

    This week's entry in our Horror History lesson is one of our favorite character actors.  This guy worked in tons of films, in many different genres, and is always a blast to watch perform.  Head over to the classroom for this week's lesson.

    Really surprised at the few correct answers on last week's photo.  I thought it would have been a lot easier, but apparently I was wrong.  The shot is from Dario Argento's TENEBRE....not INFERNO, which a lot of people seemed to guess.  But we did get a few that had the correct answer.  Those were Hoby Abernathy, Aaron Christensen, Agustin Ignacio, and Mike Shields.  Job well done, folks.
    But let us get on with this week's photo.  This one is going to be a tough one, I think.  So look hard and think harder and see if you can name this film.  Good luck, and as always, just click HERE to send in your answer.

    Not sure if anybody caught this little contest we through out there last week, or maybe nobody has been able to guess all the correct shots.  But we figured we'd announce it again.  By clicking on the link to the left (or HERE), you are taken to our page for our 100 Overlooked and Obscure Movie list.  But the banner consists of 18 films from that list.  Be the first one to send me all of the 18 shots  correctly identified and you will win something from our Kryptic Prize Coffin.  So take a good look at the photos, then just click HERE and send me your answers.  Good luck.

    We lost two actors at the very beginning of the year that we wanted to mention.  The first one is Pete Posteltwaite, a British born actor who was one of those faces that as soon as we seen him on the screen, we knew he was going to give one hell of performance.  While he didn't have a lot of roles in the horror genre, he did make a few appearances, such as in SPLIT SECOND (1992), ALIEN 3 (1992), LOST WORLD: JURASSIC PARK (1997), DARK WATER (2005), THE OMEN (2006, and Lamberto Bava's GHOST SON (2007).  Even in mainstream movies, such as the more recent INCEPTION (2010), he was always easy to remember since his performances were always on the money.  He had even been nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his work in the 1993 film IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER.
    Postelthwaite passed away last Monday at the age of 64, from cancer. 
    Jill Haworth was another young Brit, who had a very promising career after getting high praise for your role on the stage in the original Cabaret, but for some reason was passed up for the movie version.  She was also in Otto Preminger's EXODUS (1967).  But for us horror fans, we will always remember her from the genre pics that she appeared in, such as IT! (1967), co-starring Roddy McDowell, TOWER OF EVIL (1974), co-starring with Bryant Haliday.
    She also passed away last Monday, due to natural causes.  She was only 65 years old.
    And then lastly, which we just seen the news coming through yesterday, Spanish director Juan Piquer Simon (aka JP Simon) passed away at the age of 74, after a long fight with lung cancer.  Simon is probably best known by horror fans for his epic slasher movie PIECES, which is one of the best cheesy slasher movies out there.  With the acting and the gore both trying to out do the other, it is one hell of a fun movie.  Plenty of gore, plenty of W-T-F moments, and a great genre cast!  But besides PIECES, Simon also gave us SLUGS, which UNis also a lot of fun, as well as the very underrated ENDLESS DECENT.
    For movie fans, we are the ones that keep these great names and faces alive.  By watching their movies over and over, we will keep their memory and their work alive.  Our thoughts go out to their friends and family.


    Okay, this little bit of info was recently brought to my attention that has put me on a new quest.  John Hough's 1973 film THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE is one of my all time favorite films.  This movie was the first VHS I ever rented when I bought my first VCR.  I've read the original Matheson novel a couple of times, and have seen this movie more times than I can remember.  So imagine my surprise when someone points out that there was a review of this film on Netflix, stating the film was cut.  According to this reviewer, the VHS, the laserdisc, and even the DVD are all the cut print.  He gives 3 different detailed descriptions of the sequences that were cut.  I never remember seeing any of those.  Apparently, when the film was screened on a Cinemax or some other cable channel in the full uncut version.
    So since this is one of my favorites, I am DYING to find out more information about this and hopefully obtain a copy of this version.  If there is ANYBODY out there that has ANY information, please drop me an email and let me know.

    The original film, which came out back in 1989, and is based on the book by Susan Hill, was one that somehow managed to sneak my attention for many years.  Once I finally did stumble upon it and snagged a copy, I was amazed at how creepy the film was.  Well, now with Hammer back in full swing, a remake of this film is on their plate now.  With Daniel Radcliffe in the lead role, which I have to say looks like good casting, and with James Watkins (EDEN LAKE) directing, I am very hopeful that they do the original film justice.  If all else fails, at least it will get some attention to the original, which is much needed.  If you haven't seen the original one, do yourself a favor and find a copy.  If you like gothic ghost stories, you'll enjoy this one.

    This week's lesson is about a great British character actor.  Though he was mainly known for comedic roles, he appeared in many gothic horror pictures for Hammer Films.  Head over to the classroom to find out who we are talking about.

    Well, as I figured, not that many people were able to correctly identify our last photo.  But trust me, it was a tough one.  The shot is from the Spanish film GRAVEYARD OF THE DEAD (aka NECROPHAGUS).  It was released on DVD, but is probably not the easiest to find.  It is a great movie?  Well.....not sure if I would say that.  But it is fun and entertaining.  But lets get to those scholars who were able to name that cult film.  Kudos out to Hoby Abernathy, Mads Jensen, Chris Kinniery, Bruce Kowalski, and Mike Shields.  Nice to know that I can throw a tough one out there and someone will get it.
    So since last week's was a so tough for most of you, we're going with one that is a little easier.  At least we think so.  Take a look and see what titles pops up in your head.  Good luck.  As always, just click HERE to send us an email with your guess.

    Welcome to a new year at the Krypt!  Glad you are here, and hope to see you stopping by again and again over.  As we start this new year, we look forward to another one full of new and exciting adventures.  2011 will be our 13th year of running Kitley's Krypt, which just might make us one of the longest running horror websites.  Not bad coming from just one yahoo   Guess I'll have to have some sort of special contest or event to celebrate that milestone this October.  And for each and every year that we have been hard at work here, trying to bring you an entertaining and informative view to the horror genre and all that it entails, we have been blessed by readers who get it, support us, and who keep coming back.  We do work hard to make this different than the countless other sites and blogs out there, giving it our own personal feel to it.  I'm glad people are enjoying it, since it is the only way I know how.  So thank you, to reader out there who comes back time and time again to see what we're up to now.  You are the reason we do it....that reason, and that we'd probably go crazy without some sort of outlet....

    FALL IN SOLDIERS!  We have made it through our first year in the Army.  Damn proud of you.  Especially the ones that were there fighting from the beginning, through each and every month last year.  I know we had some new recruits that started later, and even seemed to have a few causalities with some starting out but went MIA.  But I know we have gotten some new blood in the ranks and am sure we will be bigger and even stronger this year.  We want to thank everyone who has participated this last year, even if you only made it in for one month.  We hope everyone had fun with our missions and hope to see everyone back for another year of fun.
    But now it is time for the accolades for those who have been working so diligently getting those mission reports in every month.  Everybody's name when into a drawing, once for every month that you successfully completed.  Then we pulled one name for each of the 12 months.  And here are the lucky winners and what they have won:

  • Anna McKibben - Mexican Lobby Card of RE-ANIMATOR, signed by director Stuart Gordon

  • C.J. Horne - 8x10 color still from MY BLOODY VALENTINE still, signed by director George Mihalka and actor/stuntman Peter Cowper

  • Craig J. Clark - Mini poster reprint of BASKET CASE, signed by actor Kevin VanHentenryck

  • Erik Martin - Container of THE STUFF, signed by director Larry Cohen

  • Hoby Abernathy - CD soundtrack from CREEPSHOW & DARK WATERS book mark, signed by director Mariano Baino

  • John Pata - H.G. Lewis collage still, signed by Lewis.

  • Lance Ford - Mini poster from DARKNESS, signed by director Leif Jonker & actor Gary Miller

  • Lee Marohn - Collage still of KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE, signed by Stephen & Charlie Chiodo

  • Michelle Hudecek - Mexican lobby card from TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE: THE MOVIE, signed by director John Harrison

  • Nancy Cremer - Mini poster of TRICK 'r TREAT, signed by director Michael Dougherty

  • Stephen Weakley - Mini poster reprint of BLOOD FEAST, signed by director H.G. Lewis

  • Wayne Teeter - Lobby card from STANLEY, signed by director William Grefe

    We have finally gotten around to getting our Convention Report done and posted from our last convention of the year, the HorrorHound Weekend show in Cincinnati last November.  Head over to our Convention Reports to check it out.
    Also, look for HorrorHound Issue #27 on sale now!

    Are you ready?  Are you always looking for a good movie to watch that you haven't seen before, possibly one that you might not even heard of?  Or maybe one you rememer hearing about, but has slipped your mind.  Well, we have finished collecting and compiling a list of 100 Overlooked and Obscure Movies that we feel that everyone should see.  Are these are great films?  Some of them...Yes.  Others...maybe not.  But we feel that they ALL are worth seeing.  For the complete list and more details, just click HERE.  Thanks to everyone who sent in their suggestions.  Couldn't have done it without you.
    And to start off the year with a little contest, here's what we're going to do.  There are shots from 18 different films in the banner below.  The first one to send us an email naming all 18 movies will win a prize from our Prize Coffin.  You can see a bigger version of the graphic by clicking on it, which will take you the page that lists all 100 titles.  So really, at least you'll have the movies listed there.  You just need to figure out which 18 out of the 100 listed are represented in our banner.  Good Luck, and most of, have fun with it.

    Chicago based readers will want to make sure that they check out the latest WildClaw Theatre's play, a new adaptation of J. Sherridan Le Fanu's Carmilla, a vampire tale that was original published in 1872, which predates Stoker's Dracula by 25 years.  This has been adapted many times for the movies, including Hammer's VAMPIRE LOVERS, staring the late Ingrid Pitt.
    This new version, written by Aly Renee Amidei, opens on January 14th, at the Chicago DCA Storefront Theater, and will run through Feb. 20th.  The play stars Michaela Petro as Carmilla and Brittany Burch as Laura.  If this is as good as what Wildclaw has been delivering on a regular basis over the last few years, then this will be well worth your time.
    But wait Chicago horror fans...there's more.  WildClaw has several other events planned over the next couple of months.  There is a Carmilla post-show discussion, where you can talk to the director, cast members, designers about the show.  There is also a screening on John Hancock's highly underrated film, LET'S SCARE JESSICA TO DEATH, with the director there in person for an introduction and Q&A.  And more!  For all the details, head over to the official website by clicking HERE.

    This week's little history lesson is about a star that you might already know.  Or at least one of his movies.  But none the less, we want to make sure everyone knows who this underrated and very talent actor was.  Head over to the classroom to learn more.

    Our photo from last week was from William Castle's first real horror movie, MACABRE, which is a damn shame that it did not get a wide release on video or DVD.  But it is really worth trying to get a hold of.  I'm assuming since it is sort of rare that we didn't get that many correct answers.  But that didn't stop Hoby Abernathy, Aaron Christensen, Dave Friedman, and Mike Shields from getting it correct.  Nice job guys.
    So let's take a peek our first photo of the new year and if anybody can get this one.  We felt like starting the year off with a real tough one.  So good luck as always on this one, because you're going to need it.  And as always, just click HERE to send us your answer.

    Another year gone and another one right behind the corner.  Once again, the year was filled with great movies, plenty of convention and film fests, and plenty of time spent with great horror friends, which is really what it is all about.  You people out there have made this year a great one, and am really looking forward to this new year, for many different reason.  So let's take a look at back at this last year and what some of our highpoints were.

Kryptic Army
    Last January, we started a new little project called our Kryptic Army.  Our goal was to come up with a concept that would give people a new challenge each month to seek out two horror movies that they hadn’t seen before, following a certain theme.  We weren’t sure how big of a success it was going to be.  While we were hoping for more people participating, those that have been seemed to be having a great time with it.  After all, that is what matters.  But no worries, because our numbers seem to be growing each month.
    It has been a lot of fun for me to try and come up with something different each month.  Originally, I had only planned to do this for 2010.  But the response has been big enough, with plenty of soldiers wanting to continue this project, everyone wanted to know if I was going to start over next year.  How could I say no?  So I want to send a huge thanks out to all our Kryptic Army members for their continued support in this project.  We have a lot of more things planned for next year, so hopefully you will stay in the trenches for another year full of fun and frightful flicks!  See you on the front lines!

 ZOMBIE Reunion
Out of all the conventions that we go to each year, we see plenty of celebrities.  Some of them we’ve seen before, sometimes several times.  And being a 20 year veteran of conventions, very seldom is there a guest or guests that has us really excited or drooling to meet.  Sure, there might be an occasional “Holy crap…can’t wait to meet him” sort of moments.  But very few names out there that get us THAT excited.  But at the Cinema Wasteland show in April of this year, they had a ZOMBIE reunion, which included the legendary Richard Johnson.  First of all, ZOMBIE is probably my favorite of Fulci’s movies, so a reunion for that is a pretty big deal for me.  And secondly, the fact that Richard Johnson was going to be part of that reunion put it to a whole new level of awesomeness.  I have been a fan of Johnson’s work ever since he joined Robert Wise’s THE HAUNTING and proceeded to scare the crap out of me.  So two of my favorite movies, Richard Johnson stars!  So needless to say, I was extremely excited to be able to meet this man.  Joining him from ZOMBIE was Ian McCulloch, Al Cliver, and Ottaviano Dell’Acqua.  So this was a very special reunion for me, making me feel like I was at my very convention again.  Shame too, because that is a great feeling to have, and I just don’t have it as often enough as I’d like to these days.  So a special thanks goes out to Ken and the Wasteland for putting on this show, and to Mike Baronas for making it happen in the first place!

Turkey Day Marathon
When I started this tradition many years ago, I had no idea that it would still be going this strong, as well as more people wanting to join me on this festive day.  This last marathon, we had the most people in our little Turkey Party and it was a lot of fun.  But that is really what it comes down to….being a movie fan, a true movie fan, there is nothing better than getting together with other like minded movie fans and watching movies.  There is so much to get out of it, since after the movie is over, or something even during, there is always something you want to share or discuss or even complain about.  Being on your own and trying to do this is not unhealthy, it could worry any relatives that just might happen to be around.  So like they say, it works better in numbers.  So in 2011, make it a point to have your old little Share-the-Scare movie parties, for whatever reason or holiday.  Make it a theme night, or any excuse to have some friends get together and watch some movies.  And then do it on a regular basis.  It is easy to make it happen when you set your mind to it.  Because after all, spending time with friends is what life is all about.

Naschy Blogathon
In 2009, we lost one an icon of the genre, and also one of my personal heroes, Paul Naschy.  At the end of this last November, during the 1 year anniversary of his passing, the guys over at Mad Mad Mad Mad Movies planned a week long Naschy blogathon to celebrate and to remember this great man and his work.  I knew right away that I was going to have to participate in one form or another, which we did just that, posting a review and more each day.  But what really made me happy was the amount of postings that people were sending in, showing just how much love there is for Mr. Naschy, and that his fans are never going to let this man’s legacy ever die.  So major kudos out to the Vicar of VHS & the Duke of DVD for coming up with this great idea, and also to everyone who participated as well as the ones who came back each day to see the new postings, reviews, reports, and the rest.

 Hammer Has Risen From the Grave
2010 was also the year that we finally seen a new Hammer Film playing in the theaters, with the release of LET ME IN.  I will say that it was pretty cool seeing the Hammer banner up there on the big screen.  After so many years of hearing that Hammer is coming back from the dead, it finally happened.  Granted, we all know that this new Hammer will never be like the old Hammer.  But as long as they are making good genre pics, we’re okay with that.
    But in reality, for us horror fans, Hammer never died.  We have always kept that studio and its films alive and well.  This last year, we seen the release of another great book by Hammer scholar Marcus Hearn, The Art of Hammer, a coffee table size book that is filled with the beautiful artwork from Hammer’s movie posters.  It is one of those books that you can get lost in, just browsing through it over and over again.  But we also have another book that has been released from another Hammer scholar, Wayne Kinsey.  He has already written a few books on the history of this great studio.  But now his latest book, Hammer Films – The Unsung Heroes: The Team Behind the Legend, is paying tribute to all those people that were responsible for making the films look like they did.  Sure, the actors and the directors have a lot to do with it, everyone knows that there are plenty more people behind the scenes that are working just as hard.  So we are looking forward to adding this new book to our collection.

Goals 2010
For 2009, our goal was to break 200 horror movies and we got to 218.  So we set the stakes a little higher for 2010 and set a goal of 250.  By the time we got to September, I didn’t I figured I would have been lucky just to break 200 again.  But the months of October and November really came together and ended up watching a lot of titles during those two months.  Granted December started off a little slow, but it also helped being without a computer for a week and a half.  Got a few movies watched during that down time that was for sure.  So our final number for 2010 is 277.  Way more than I thought I was going to hit.  I really don’t see the point of setting a goal any higher than 250 or 275 for next year, but we’ll just see what happens.

Remember Those We've Lost
    Once again, let’s take a look back at some of the greats that we lost this year, who all had a contribution to the horror genre in one way or another.  They will be missed, but never forgotten because film fans like us will keep their memories alive by watching their movies.

Roy Ward Baker, Chas. Balun, Lisa Blount, Dino De Laurentiis, David Durston, Frank Frazetta, Dennis Hopper
Don Leifert, Kevin McCarthy, Leslie Nielsen, Michael Pataki, Ingrid Pitt, Jean Rollin, Zelda Rubinstein

Movies, Blu-rays, DVDs and More
This year we made the big jump to blu-ray.  We fought it long and hard too, since we really didn’t want to start with a new format, still not really sure this is the future of movies, and since at the time they were a lot more expensive than regular DVDs.  But since a lot of the newer movies only have the extras on the blu-ray version, they were forcing my hand.  Didn’t like it, but no way around it.  But also, the blu-ray player we got has a wireless internet, letting us stream movies from Netflix (which is one of the greatest inventions known to man).  Plus, more and more titles are being dropped to $10 not too long after they come out.  You just have to make sure the quality of the blu-ray disc is worth the upgrade, since there are a few blu-rays that just transfer over the print from the regular DVD, not giving you any better quality.  Your best bet is to check out the reviews first (I always hit before buying anything). 

    What have we picked up on blu-ray that just blew us away?  The first set of movies that we got when we got the player was some of my favorites.  The first one, being one of my all time favorite films, is John Carpenter’s THE THING.  This is one movie that I could watch over and over and over.  It never gets old and never gets boring.  The blu-ray is pretty amazing and very clear.  There are things that you will see that you haven’t before.  Does this change the movie?  Not at all.  But for videophiles, it is pretty damn cool.  Another one that we got had just come out on blu-ray: Lucio Fulci’s CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD.  Again, looked pretty damn amazing.  Though, we were really more excited about the extras on the disc.  Great title for the collection.  Then we also picked up Michael Dougherty’s TRICK ‘r TREAT, which the blu-ray edition is the only way to get the extras.  Just love this movie.  Other titles that we have picked up since then that we feel are well worth the $10 we paid for them are:  PLANET TERROR, HIGH TENSION, THE MIST, HELLBOY and a few others.  And we just got in our first blu-ray Hammer film, VAMPIRE CIRCUS.  Can’t wait to throw that in to see how it looks.

    As for regular DVDs that came out this year, horror fans had another great year.  DARK NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW finally made its way onto DVD and it looks fantastic.  THE GREEN SLIME, a personal favorite of mine, was released by Warner Archives in a re-mastered widescreen edition, which just blows away all off those full frame video tape transfers.  Plus, more Hammer films came out in an impressive box set called Icons of Suspense, which features a much underrated film NEVER TAKE CANDY FROM A STRANGER.  So while the year in the theaters hasn’t been that great, there still have been plenty of older movies coming out to keep everyone happy.  And while on the subject of movies, let’s get to our Best of 2010 list.

Okay folks, here is our list of films that we seen in 2010 for the first time.  Doesn’t mean they came out last year, but were new to us.  I do have to first say that this year did seem to have a lot less stellar films than normally.  There were some good ones, but very few that just completely knocked our socks off.  But let’s take a look at what we came up with, listed here in alphabetical order:

10 RILLINGTON PLACE (1971) – Wow.  Can’t believe that I had never heard of this film until late in 2009, and then was able to find a copy early last year.  Based on a true story that changed the way Britain looked at the death penalty.  Richard Attenborough plays real life serial killer John Christie with an incredible creepy performance.  This is one film that will knock your socks off.

BEST WORST MOVIE (2009) – Great documentary made to show off the cult following of the infamous TROLL 2.  The little kid from the movie grew up and decided to make a film about how this terrible little film has developed such a strong following.  With participation of most of the original cast, it  was incredibly entertaining.  Shows that even the worst of the films out there can still be remembered and appreciated.

DREAD (2009) - Based on the Clive Barker short story, we felt this film really packed the same punch that the original story did.  It will make you feel just what the title says.

HOUSE aka HAUSU (1977) – This Japanese movie hit the art house theaters briefly then hit DVD.  And it is an amazing film to watch.  Very surreal, and very strange, but the visuals alone are worth your time.  Sometimes it is a little hard to follow, but just sit, and watch, and enjoy.

THE HORSEMAN (2008) – Again, not really a horror movie as much as a revenge flick, which we normally are not that big of fans of.  But this one is an exception, mainly due to the performance of Peter Marshall and the realism of the whole film.  This is not a big flashy and glamorous Hollywood film, but made in Australia.  Not a happy movie, but one that will keep your attention and really packs a punch.

JASON X (2001) – What?  Did I make a huge mistake?  How could I put one of those Jason sequels on my Best of List?  Well, first of all, admittedly, I had never seen this film until this year.  Is it one of the best movies ever made?  Not by a long shot.  But here’s the deal: for what it is, it is one entertaining movie.  It has everything that a FRIDAY the 13th movie should have.  And it should be fun.  This one delivers all of that and more.  Maybe it was because I had re-watched a few of the other FRIDAY sequels to see if they had gotten better over the years…mainly no.  But this one, really caught me off-guard and I really enjoyed it.  So there!

LET ME IN (2010) – A remake of one of my favorite films is not an easy on to go into.  Didn’t matter that it was being remade by the newly reborn Hammer Films.  But have to say, that even though it is a pretty much straight up remake, they did change a few things that I really didn’t mind.  The only thing I could have done without was the CGI added for the girl’s attacks.  But all in all, a very strong cast (especially in the supporting cast) and nicely done.

MOON (2009) – We almost didn’t add this title here because technically, I don’t think I would consider it a horror film.  But it is such a well made film, with a great story and a strong performance by Sam Rockwell, that it needs to be on the list and needs to be seen.

RARE EXPORTS (2010) - While some don't consider this a horror film, I do think that it has enough dark elements and terror that I will consider it one.  In any case, it simply is a great little movie, showing a very twisted take on old St. Nick.  A must see, and one that should have repeated viewings every holiday season.

THE WOLFMAN (2010) – Sure, I really wanted it to be better than it was.  But all the little nit-picks aside, I think it was a pretty strong film.  There was more gore on screen than I would have expected.  The CGI effects were a little over the top, but the fact that they were also used in combination of real make up effects, I looked pasted a lot of it.  But most of all, it was like seeing a Hammer film on the big screen, some 30-40 years ago.  Not since SLEEPY HOLLOW have I seen a period piece that just looked beautiful.  So since being a big Hammer enthusiast, it hit home more with me than most audiences.

WILD BEASTS (1984) -  Not a great movie by any means, but will just blow you away with what the filmmakers were able to get away with on this film.  Animals at a zoo get a taste of PCP in their water supply and go on a rampage.  From elephants at an airport, to rat attacks on the street, to even a cheetah chasing a girl in a convertible down the street, this movie is over the top.  Granted, for animal lovers out there, there are a few mondo-type scenes that were even a little too much for me.  But overall, this is a movie like you’ve never seen before, or ever will again.  It was released on VHS here, but never on DVD in the states.