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    Okay...while it still won't be officially available until tomorrow, that doesn't mean you can't still go on Amazon and pre-order your copy right now!  Just click HERE to get to the page.  For those in the UK, you can click HERE.  You might notice that the price for this 318 page book is under $20.  We wanted to make sure that it was priced right so fans would make sure they add it to their collection.  None of these $40 paperback books here at the Krypt!  And while you're ordering a copy for yourself, you could always pay it forward and order an extra copy for a friend.  Consider it a gift that gives something much more than just a book.  It can pretty much guarantee that they are going to seek out a lot of these movies that they haven't seen which means even more hours of entertainment....just from your little gift of a book.  Just a thought.
    For those of you movie hounds out there that love having a movie challenge, then how about this one:  There are 101 films featured in Hidden Horror.  Some of you might have seen most of them, some only a few.  So why don't you make it your New Year's challenge to get through each and every one of the titles throughout 2014.  If the movie is one that you've already seen, read the essay in the book then re-watch it again.  Who might look at it a little differently.  If you haven't seen the movie, then watch the movie first then go to the essay.  Guaranteed to be a lot of fun viewing in there, not to mention learning a little something about the movies as well.  Sure, this might be a ploy just to sell more copies of the book.  But honestly, the more fans we can get to discover these movies for the first time, and even discovering new things about them on their repeated viewings, then we have all done our jobs.  This being the first official title to come from Kitley's Krypt Press, we are very proud of it and more than honored to have been part of it.

    If you are in the Chicago area, we will be having the official book launch for Hidden Horror on January 19th, at Spyner's Pub, which is located at 4623 Western Ave, at the corner of Western and Eastwood, which is right off the Western Brown line.  It will take place from 3pm to 7pm.  There were be some food and drink (cash bar), and of course, books will be available for purchase!  So come on out to pick up a book, chat with some other horror-minded folks, and help celebrate the birth of this book.

    He might not be one of the most well known composers when it comes to horror films, but he did work on a couple of them, one of which happens to be one of my favorite scores.  Kilar was born in Poland in 1932 and graduated from the State Higher School of Music in Katowice, Poland.  He stayed there another 3 years working on his post-graduate studies.  He started scoring films in 1959, working on over 100 films in his home country.  His first English speaking film that he worked on was Francis Ford Coppola's BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA, where Coppola had given Kilar free reign on what to do for the score.  He also did the score for Polanski's THE NINTH GATE, which is also another favorite of ours.
    He received many awards during his career, including a lifetime achievement award from the Polish State Cinema Committee in 1991.  He received a BAFTA nomination for his work on Polanski's THE PIANIST.  Kilar was quoted in saying that he would like to be remembered as a "good human being, someone who brought a little happiness, hope and reflection into life and into the world and perhaps a bit of faith."

    In a few days, 2013 will come to an end, as well as another year of service for the die-hard and dedicated members of the Kryptic Army.  That means that names will be compiled, with winners and prizes being drawn and announced on this site at some point in early January.  As we've been saying, we've got some great prizes lined up for this years participates, such as an 8x10 still from John Carprenter's VAMPIRES signed by Carpenter, a slug reproduction from NIGHT OF THE CREEPS signed by Fred Dekker, and a few other goodies.
    But it doesn't stop here, folks.  We will be starting 2014 with another year of fun and challenging missions each and every month in 2014.  All you have to do to participate is to make sure you are signed up on our mailing lists, and then following the monthly missions when they are sent out.  Pretty easy.  I mean, where else can you have the chance to win a prize just by watching horror movies?  So if you're not signed up already, just head over to our Army page where you can sign up.  Or you can do it at the bottom of this page.  But you must be signed up before the 1st to receive the first mission of 2014.  So don't wait.  And we'll see you on the front lines! 

    The Riverside Drive-in in Vandergrift PA has announced it's lineup for their spring weekend of classic drive-in horror movie marathon!  On Friday, April 25th, they will be screening, THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN, the original CARRIE, SUSPIRIA, and the original HILLS HAVE EYES.  All classic 70's goodness!  Then on Saturday the 26th, they will be screening the original HALLOWEEN, THE BEAST WITHIN, PHANTASM, and CHILDREN SHOULDN'T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS.  So once again they have an incredible selection of '70s and '80s classics that will be screening, all from 35mm prints.  How could this not be a great time!
    They don't have a link up with all the details, but you can always check over at DVD Drive-In for any updates.

    Last week's photo should have been a real easy one, but I think a few of you out there put too much thought into it and missed it.  Shame.  But shot is of our beloved hero David Hedison from original THE FLY.  That is what happens when you put your head in a steel press.  Not pretty.  But congrats to the following for sending in the correct answer:  Hoby Abernathy, Dave Friedman, Chris Kinniery, Erik Martin, and Gavin Schmitt.  Job well done!
    So...since this is our last photo of the 2013....should we make it a real tough one?  Or maybe an easy one to end the year on a high note.  Guess you'll have to take a peek and see for yourself.  Good luck!  Just click HERE to send us your answer.


For a year that according to the Aztecs was never supposed to happen, it sure was quite a year for us here at the Krypt.  But before we get into all that, we want to take a second to remember all of those that we lost over this last year that we feel had an impact in the horror genre in one way or another.  Whether a director, actor, stuntman, writer, or producer, these people below gave us something that we can still watch and appreciate even today.  And because of these films, these people may have left this world but their memories will be kept alive by fans like us that refuse to let these movies pass on to obscurity.  So please take a second to not only just read over the list of names below, but remember something that they worked on, something that you enjoyed watching, entranced, intrigued or simply just entertained by their work.  That is how we keep them alive and remembered, and able to pass it on to the next generation of movie fans.

Karen Black, Richard Brooker, David Early, Roger Ebert, Jon Finch, Jess Franco, Julie Harris, Ray Harryhausen,
Anthony Hinds, Jose Larraz, Wojciech Kilar, Richard Matheson, Eddie Romero, Ted Rusoff, Patty Shepard

A few milestones and changes were made these last 12 months for me, both on a personal and professional level.  On a personal one, I celebrated my 25th Anniversary with my wife, Dawn.  Putting up for me this long she surely deserves Sainthood.  Or a trip to the nut house, one of the two.  These last couple of years she has been my regular partner in crime at the shows, along with our son Nick as well, really making it a family business.  I can’t express enough how proud they make me feel and how happy I am that it has really become a family outing for us.  I have also recently switched jobs.  Yes, as much as I would love to have the Krypt as my full-time job, I have to work in the real world to support this thing.  It is always a scary thing changing jobs, but I felt that it was the right time and was just getting too frustrated with the way things were being run at the old job.  Nothing worse than having a high work ethic only to see your bosses not caring enough to fix the problems around.  I found myself getting lazy and just not caring anymore, and that was just killing me.  So when an opportunity came up, I jumped at it.  Only been at the new place for less than a month, but I have high hopes.

Also, I celebrated my 48th birthday this year.  That in itself wasn’t that big of a deal.  Just another year.  But at my party this year, something incredibly amazing happened.  For my birthday last year, my son had bought me a projector and a movie screen for outside, so we have made it an annual event to celebrate my birthday with a double feature movie screening with a bunch of friends.  Last year, my wife Dawn made a cake that looked like a drive-in theater, which was pretty cool.  But this year, she really outdid herself.  The double feature we were going to show was THE STING OF DEATH and ZAAT, two low budgeted Florida based monster movies.  Not great movies, but a lot of fun.  Well, Dawn made a cake that featured the two beasties from these movies, making them out of rice crispy treats and fondant, slaving away for over a week forming them and painting them.  It really was breathtaking how incredible they turned out.  Knowing that I most likely had the first cake ever to feature these two characters, it was unbelievable.  But then posting a photo of the cake on Facebook and getting responses on from the director of STING OF DEATH, William Grefe, as well as cult director Frank Henenlotter once I posted it was also pretty cool, but again it just showed Dawn’s talent.  Once again, the amount of work and trouble that Dawn goes through for me is just staggering and makes me feel so unworthy to deserve such a person.  So if there is anything that I am thankful for, being lucky enough to have her in my life each and every day is more than I could ask for.  

This little website here also celebrated an anniversary, Discovering the Horror for 15 years now and still going strong.  There have been times when I’ve considered shutting it down, giving me more time to spend on other projects, or even just having time to watch a few more movies, but it never happens and it keeps going.  Who knows…one of these days when I have to upgrade the web design programs that I’ve been using since the beginning that it might be the day to make a change.  But we’ll cross that bridge when the time comes.  For now, the support I receive from you out there in the wacky World Wide Web really keeps me going, as well as just knowing that I have this outlet for my passion.  So I want to say thanks for those that continue to come back here.  No words can show my appreciation.

But something that I’ve been involved with this year that I am most proud of is the release of the book Hidden Horror.  Not only am I privileged to be in the same group of so many other talented writers, but the whole concept of this book is so dear to my heart.  Since I'm always waving the “Discover the Horror” banner, this book really sums up that philosophy to a tee.  So when Aaron Christensen first told me about the concept for his 2nd book, I was very excited about it.  He then went through the hard work of recruiting 101 gifted writers from around the world to focus on 101 movies that they felt needed more attention.  Just compiling the list of films alone was no small task.  But the 101 movies that they came up with up with is a dozy of a list, enough to keep even the biggest diehard fan busy for some time.  The amazing amount of work done by Aaron, gathering this motley tribe together really shows in the finished product.  And of course, making all of us writers look even better is the layout accomplished by John Pata, who slaved away for many months on this project (after even contributing an essay himself!) to make it look as good as it does.  Many kudos to him.  Though...just hope he remembered to spell my name the CORRECT way!  But this is something that I am very proud of and deeply honored to be associated with such stellar group of writers and movie fans.  Thanks for letting me be a part of it.

Another incredible thing that happened this last year was that my column in HorrorHound magazine was nominated for a Rondo Award for Best Magazine Column.  Sure, I was the runner up, losing out to John Bowen from Rue Morgue, but honestly if I was going to lose to someone, I’m glad it was Bowen since he also works hard in his column trying to put a spotlight on films that need more attention.  So kudos to him and hope he continues to fight the good fight!  But honestly, just being nominated was a great thrill if only because it means the readers out there enjoy what I’m doing.  That makes it all worthwhile, as well as it meaning that maybe I’m turning some people on to some films that are also off the beaten path.

We set up at 2 more conventions this year than we normally do, making it a total of 8 for the year.  Two of which were first time shows for us, one of which will now be a regular stop in our schedule.  As always, attending these shows is a real thrill for us.  We get to meet some many new fans and dealers, making new friends at each and every show.  We also attended two 24-hour movie marathons in October, even setting up again at one of them, not to mention the other special screenings and double & triple features we hit throughout the year, including a few trips to the drive-ins!  Every time we go to one of these special kinds of events, and see the horror fans come out to celebrate these movies, it shows me time and time again how strong and faithful horror fans are.  And I just love that.

At one of the shows this last year, I stumbled upon a book that I had been just wanting to add to my collection for a very long time, that is without paying an arm and a leg for it.  It was the book on George Romero, The Zombies That Ate Pittsburgh.  I'd seen them on ebay many times before, but I wasn't going to drop $100 for a book.  Sorry...not going to happen.  But at one of the shows, while wandering through the dealer room, I spotted a copy on a table and quietly asked what the price on the Romero book was.  Once I heard "$20", I couldn't get my money out fast enough.  Granted, this guy was just dumping stuff from his collection and had no idea of the value, I wasn't about to pass this chance up.  But the real moral of this story is that if you wait long and patiently enough, you will find what you are looking for.  Sure, it might take awhile but have patience.  This was a book that I'd been looking for for well over a decade, but I knew what I thought was a fair price and was going to wait.  So many things over the years that I've seen with such a high price tag on it, I usually see it at some point later at a much reduced price.  Not always, but you just never know.

We have added quite a few titles this year to our ever-growing horror reference book library, ending the year with a total of 675 titles in the collection, the last one being the recent one on Roger Corman, entitled Crab Monsters, Teenage Cavemen, and Candy Stripe Nurses - Roger Corman: King of the B Movie, which my son got me for Christmas.  Even with the cries that print is dead and bookstores are dropping off the map like Blockbuster Videos, I still continue to see more and more horror reference books being published that I add to my 'want list'.  While the whole e-book thing is the new rage, we're hearing reports that percentage has dramatically dropped since last year.  It is still up like 40%, but when they report it was over 100% the year before, that is a bit of drop.  So there is still hope for book lovers like myself.

It has been years since I’ve gone to see a band play live.  In my youth, it was something that I did a lot of, but it has become more of a hassle and way too expensive for me these days.  It happens when you get old!  But when the news that the Italian band Goblin was going to be touring the US for the first time, and would be playing in Chicago, I knew that I had to go.  Every fan of Italian horror movies know who Goblin is and their work, with their incredible scores for Argento’s DEEP RED and SUSPIRIA, not to mention quite a few others.  So having the chance to see them playing live would be incredible.  And it was.  Since I have passed on my love of their music to my son Nick, he was excited to come along with me to this event.  It was also so cool to see so many of our Chicago friends at the show, not to mention a couple of our buddies, Ken and Justin, that drove all the way from Indianapolis for the show.  That is hardcore!  So with all that together, it just made one hell of a night.  Standing there and hearing these iconic sounds coming from the stage, ones that we’ve heard for years coming through the movies we’ve watched over and over again, was just incredible.  And then getting to meet the band after the show was even better.  It really is one of those experiences that you can look back on later in life and say, “yeah…I was there.”  Great memories.


So now it comes to our “Best of” list.  As always, we do not limit those movies to the ones that came out this last year, but the ones that we’ve seen for the first time this year.  Although, it is surprising to see all but two of these titles had come out either this year or 2012.  Usually don’t see that many new ones that impress me that much.  So let’s get to them.  They are listed in listed in alphabetical order.

AMERICAN MARY (2013) - We had never gotten around to seeing DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUCK, so this was our introduction to the Soska sisters.  Have to say I was pretty impressed.  So great to see such an original story come out these days.  Then again, it obviously didn’t come from Hollywood.  Hopefully their originally continues in their career.

BYZANTIUM (2012) – While the vampire genre has been done to death time and time again, leave it to Neil Jordon to come up with a refreshing take on it.  Taking more than a few things in the vampire mythos and turning them on end, Jordon creates a different kind of vampire race.  Saoirse Ronan is a young looking vampire but with a deep conscious of what she has to do to live, always dreaming of being able to tell the truth of what she is.  Beautiful film.

THE CONJURING (2013) – We were big fans of Wan’s INSIDIOUS, as well as the first SAW movie, so we were hoping he was going to be able to continue the thrills he gave us in those.  And he did.  I think one of the things that really set this movie to a high standard was the great cast.  Very effective, creepy and scary.  Though I did have an issue or two with the story, especially since it was supposedly based on a true story, but I still thought it was a very effective horror movie.

EVIL DEAD (2013) – This was a film that was met with a lot of grief when it was finally officially announced it was actually going to be remade.  Honestly, I never paid attention to any of that rhetoric when the first rumors started about it, because I honestly didn’t care.  Sure, I didn’t think it was going to be any good because remakes generally aren’t.  So I never paid attention to it.  When the trailer first started to appear, I will admit that the makeup and the possessed looked pretty cool.  Even with the slight controversy about the film not having any digital effects, which was later, re-qualified, I wasn’t completely sold yet.  But I did have plans on going to see it, if only just so I can give it an honest opinion.  So we saw it opening weekend.  And other than a few minor issues here and there, I thought it was very well done.  Creepy, scary, and more gore on screen than I have seen in a very long time.  Very impressed.  So whether you take it as a remake, or just as a standalone movie, I think it does what it is suppose to in spades.  This is one of the few remakes that really are worth watching.

GRABBERS (2012) – I had heard about this one from a friend who’d seen it at a foreign film festival and raved about it.  It is a story about some sort of alien squid being landing near Ireland but won’t attack and eat you…if you’re drunk!  One of the few movies that really can do a great job balancing horror and comedy and they do it rather well here.  Shame this movie hasn’t gotten more attention when it finally hit DVD over here, but I would highly recommend seeking this one out.  Lot of fun.

THE LOVED ONES (2009) – This was one that I had heard about when it first came out, but just never got around to it.  Wow…what a kick in the teeth.  While it does go a little excessive when it comes to the pain inflicted here, it is still one hell of a twisted movie and one that will have you clenching your fists on more than one occasion.  A dark and dirty film, but very well done with a great cast.

MANIAC (2012) – Yet another remake that had fans crying foul, though not to the degree of EVIL DEAD did.  The real difference here is that while it is a remake of the basic story as the original, it is quite different, especially in its delivery.  The whole idea of the movie literally being shown through the narrative character is a very unique and chance-taking idea.  But I think it worked.  And I think Elijah Wood does a very commendable job here.  No, he’s not playing the same character as Joe Spinell did in the original, but a different take on him.  And I think it works quite well.

THE PACT (2012) – If had watched this movie just a few days sooner than when I did, it would have made it on my Best of last year.  But since that didn’t’ happen, it is making this year’s list.  So great to see something not only original, but damn creepy as well.  Once again showing that when you have talented people in front of and behind the camera, magic really can be produced.

THE REVENANT (2009) – Our second and last movie in our list that wasn’t from the last two years.  Not sure how we stumbled upon this one but was not expecting to find some a dark and entertaining tale of the undead, gunplay, and vigilantes.  A well written and funny script, good cast, and top notch special effects really set this movie apart.  I’m sure it doesn’t help when the writer/director has worked in special effects for a few years, on films like THE ABYSS, LOST BOYS or PHANTASM 2 & 3, just to mention a few.  Definitely worth checking out.

SINISTER (2012) – Not too many films from Hollywood that come out that I find actually good, let alone pretty damn scary.  This one really knocked me for a loop.  It is creepy and damn scary, but the beauty of it is how effective it is without really showing you the nasty stuff that is going on.  It shows you just enough to let your imagination fill in the rest.  There is even one scene that while you’re watching it,  you know damn well what is going to happen, but when it does just what you’re expecting, it STILL makes you jump.  Very impressed with this film.

Some honorable mentions that all our still within the last 3 years: ATTACK OF THE WEREWOLVES (2011), THE AWAKENING (2011), JOHN DIES AT TH END (2012), MAMA (2013), and RESOLUTION (2012).

We also want to mention some great documentaries that we seen this year as well.

THE MAN WHO DREW BUG-EYED MONSTERS (1994) – I had no idea that this documentary even existed until I stumbled across while doing some research for a Horror History lesson for the website.  It is a documentary on artist Reynold Brown.  This was the man responsible for creating so many great works of art that just so happened to be used for movie posters!  So many pieces of his work will be recognized by horror fans when they see them.  Such an amazing talent.  While this documentary seems to be more about the industry than Brown himself, it would have been nice to stick with the main subject.  But none the less, a history lesson well worth taking.  It is available on youtube.

THE MAN WHO SAW FRANKENSTEIN CRY (2010) – While I’m not too big of fan of the title, which is explained at the very end of the documentary, it is still a great look at one my favorite actors, Paul Naschy.  It has been way too long for a documentary to come out showing the work of this talent actor, director, writer, and all our amazing figure when it comes to the realms of the fantastic cinema.  And writer/director Ángel Agudo did a great job with this piece.  Shame it hasn’t had more access to the fans, but maybe that will change in 2014.

MEN IS SUITS (2013) – This was brought to my attention from our buddy Aaron Christensen who had caught a screening of this at one of the film fests that he had gone to this year.  Writer/director Frank Woodward has taken on a noble cause with this great documentary, putting the spotlight on these actors, or “suit performers” as they are more commonly known as, and showing that they are so much more than just a person in a suit.  Doug Jones is showcased here, probably being one of the more well known of these actors, but they also show quite a few and the tough and hard work they go through for their craft.  And it really is a craft.  Making a creature come to life when you are completely incased in foam rubber, makeup, and mechanical armatures, is no walk in the park.  Yet these people do it all the time, but rarely get the credit they deserve.  You can get a copy of this on Amazon.  Well worth the $20.

Now that we’ve covered our favorites from this last year, it is time to mention a few that were at the other end of the spectrum.

BENEATH (2013) – So disappointed with this one.  Being a big fan of Fessenden and his work, both as a director and producer, I couldn’t have been more disappointed with his return to directing with this film.  I do have to give him MAJOR kudos for not going the CGI route with the killer fish but actually having a real animatronic fish made.  But as cool as that is, it doesn’t make up for the incredible poor script and some of the dumbest characters I’ve seen.  This almost didn’t make my Worst of List because of the great fish….Almost.

BLACKENSTEIN (1973) – For some reason I had never gotten around to watching this cult title, which is pretty surprising actually.  As the saying goes, the only bad movie is a boring one.  And that is exactly what this one is.  Just a boring and terrible film.  Not the blaxploition film that one would expect.  Just a poorly made film from beginning to end, from script to direction to editing.  Really a waste of time.

IRON SKY (2012) – This movie had all the makings of an instant cult classic, but they just didn’t have a clever enough script to hold it together.  Give high marks for production designs, but it was just more silly than entertaining.

RETURN OF THE KILLER SHREWS (2013) – This title was something that we just watched within this week, and will have a full blown review of it shortly.  But for now, let’s just say the original 1959 film has better acting, a better script, and more importantly, better special effects than this new sequel does.  I’ve seen better CGI on the children’s TV show Blue’s Clues!  After getting my hopes up that low budget filmmaking can actually turn out a decent film these days, this one just put that thought back about 20 years.  Just don’t understand how someone making this film can look at these terrible CGI creatures and the attacks and say “Yeah…that looks great!”  A $10 hand puppet from Spirits Halloween store would have been more effective and entertaining.

THIS IS THE END (2013) – The last one on our list was one of those that a lot of people seemed to not only enjoy but thought was funny as hell.  Uh…I just didn’t get it.  Maybe I’m too old, but just didn’t think this movie was funny in the slightest.  Well made?  Sure.  Great special effects?  Top notch!  Entertaining?  No.

    This month has definitely been a challenging one.  Obviously I was too busy with other things to even get an update done last week.  But can't let that go two weeks in a row!  People might start to think I'm dead or something!  But the first of this month, I started my a new job so the hours have been long and stressful, but am slowly getting the hang of it.  But still going to take a while to really get comfortable.  But that is to be expected.
    But we did want to make sure that we wished all of our friends and followers out there a very Merry Axe-mass.  Hopefully Satan Claws will be good to you this year, bringing you some nice little goodies like movies and books!  No matter what your beliefs are, this is the time to reflect on this last year, and really remember the good things and good friends and family.  Those are much more important than the trivial things we let seem into our lives that try to damper them.  Just keep looking forward with a positive attitude and make those changes in your life to make it better.  It can happen.

    In less than two weeks, it will be not only the end of 2013, but also the end of our 4th year service running the Kryptic Army.  As we mentioned in a previous update, one of our goals for 2014 is to build the number of our troops, getting more people involved in our little monthly movie adventures that we send out.  If you know of any other horror movie fan, tell them about the Army and how much fun you're having.  Tell them about the great prizes that you could possibly win!  But more importantly, tell them how many great movies that you have discovered due to your service in the Kryptic Army.  Because when it all comes down to it, that is the reason behind this charge of see those undiscovered treasures out there, where our duty lies in the fight to keep their memories alive and well, and to make sure they are there for the next generation of movie fans.

    Hemlock Books, a publisher in the UK, will be unleashing their latest book next year, called Empire of the B's: The Mad Movie World of Charles Band.  With a forward from Stuart Gordon and contributions from many different people that worked with Band in the past.  This 380 page book will also feature tons of rare stills and posters from private collections.  While we might not be a fan of Band's recent movies, there is no denying his footprint in the land of horror, sci-fi, and exploitation films.  Back in the '80s, he was responsible for some great films coming out.  So this should be a very interesting read and a nice trip back to those days.
    We have several of Hemlock's books and they really put out some nice quality product there.  Granted, it is a bit pricey getting them from the UK, but Midnight Marquee have been re-issuing them under their own label as US editions.  Much cheaper and easier to get.

CONVENTION REPORTS it has only taken a few months, but we have FINALLY gotten our convention write ups done for our last two shows of the year, the HorrorHound in Sept. and Cinema Wasteland in Oct.  Hopefully they will be worth the wait.  So just head over to our Convention reports to check them out.

    We have posted our review of Gary S. Scott's score for the 1981 slasher film FINAL EXAM.  head over to our Soundtrack Review section to read our thoughts.  And while you're there, feel free to check out some of our other reviews.  We have over 120 scores reviewed and counting.  Every movie fan knows how important a score can be for a film.  It really can add to the film and make the emotional impact much greater when done correctly.

    Our last photo was from the slasher film NIGHT SCHOOL, going way back to 1981.  Not one of the best of that era, but not a bad one.  But it seems only one of you sent in the correct answer.  Honestly, I thought there was more than just the one, but I can't seemed to find the email.  So if you did, I apologize.  Not the first time I've done that.  Anyway, Hoby Abernathy was the one that I didn't lose.  So congrats to him.
    This week's photo shouldn't be as tough.  At least I don't think so.  But give it a peak, scratch your head a bit, and see what you can come up with.  Just click HERE to send us your answer.  Good luck!

    It's official...and we have a date!  December 30th is the day that Hidden Horror will be available to purchase through Amazon.  Thanks to everyone for being so patient with us while we make sure this at quality we wanted.  But that is the official mark your calendar!  While the 30th is the date you can start ordering, if you're in the Chicago areawe will be having an Official Launch Party somewhere around the 2nd or 3rd week of January.  Once we have that date set with the location, we will post that as well.  It will give us a chance to get together to celebrate this fine achievement, not to mention maybe sell a few copies in the process.
    It has been such a honor to be associated with so many talented people who have worked hard on this book all with the purpose of bringing some much needed love and attention to so many great films.  This really will be a great checklist of "To-See" movies for 2014.  And since this is our first book to be published under the Kitley's Krypt banner, I couldn't be more proud and excited about it.

    If you are one of those crazy die-hard VHS collectors (and use the word crazy because I used to be one myself), then you know one of the rarest of tapes is TALES FROM THE QUADEAD ZONE.  Of course, now thanks to Massacre Video, you can now acquire this film at a much cheaper price than what the original tape goes for.  Plus, if you're in the Chicago area, there will be special screening of TALES with a Q&A afterwards with director Chester Turner.  This will take place at Lincoln Hall on January 11th at 6pm.  Tickets are only $10 and can be purchased HERE.
    This 1987 anthology was Turner's follow up to his first feature, BLACK DEVIL DOLL FROM HELL, that features "shotgun wielding rednecks, a killer ghost-clown, and a bloodbath involving kitchen utensils".  Co-presented by will also be there, promoting their recent book as well.  If you're a fan of ultra-low budget SOV films, and want to see a rare screening along with a Q&A with the director, then now is your chance.

    I can't tell you how awesome it is to see so many classic horror films getting a release these days, and Shout Factory seems to be leading the way.  Some of the titles that they are putting out are older films that are in desperate need of attention, but also are probably ones that newer fans have either never heard of or never had a chance in finding them on DVD.  Next March, they continue their onslaught of releases with another 4 title release that features HOUSE THAT SCREAMED (1969), which is a classic Spanish horror film with a definite Italian flair to it; THE BAT PEOPLE (1974) is a fun and cheesy little film that features makeup by a young Stan Winston; THE SCREAMING SKULL (1958) is one film that the title is better than the movie but still a classic B&W film that is a lot of fun; THE VAMPIRE (1958) is another B&W film where the title character is created from drugs instead of the traditional ways.
    Granted, being a diehard fan that I am, I would say that each and every one of those titles needs to be in your collection.  But HOUSE is hitting DVD for the first time over here with this release and SCREAMING SKULL has been released but it very poor quality releases.  So it is going to be awesome to see the usual jobs that Scream Factory has been putting out.  Really looking forward to this one.

    It seems they are continuing their famous figures from Hammer films, which is just killing me since I still haven't gotten around to picking up any of the original 3 figures they released.  But since their last one was that of Baron Frankenstein, it is only fitting that their latest would be Christopher Lee's creature from the original THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN.  I have to say this is a much better likeness than their Cushing as the Baron one.  This 8" figure will be released in June of 2014.

    I know I posted something a few weeks ago on how lucky that movie fans are these days, with tons of movies literally at their fingertips.  Or even if they wanted to actually purchase the DVD, they are pretty easy to find, sometimes paying ridiculously low prices.  I'm not talking about these incredibly high (and stupid) prices on these "rare" VHS tapes, but just a simple DVD.  Back in the day, if you were lucky to find a VHS movie at a sell-through price, you'd still be paying around $10-$15 for it.  If you were one of those crazy enough to get into laserdiscs (like myself), you'd be paying $40 for just a single title...for the most basic release.  A special edition one would set you back for over $100!  Again, for a single title!  Years later when the technology advanced enough, $20 to $30 was the normal going rate for a DVD when they first came out.  So right there, you can see the path it was starting to take.
    At the local Wal-mart today, I picked up a DVD set that had 13 movies in it...for $5.  That's less than $0.40 a movie!  Now granted, most of the films I already had.  So for the 3 titles that I didn't have, it would then work out to $1.66 per title.  One of the movies was the Full Moon movie MERIDIAN.  Not a great movie by any means, but worth having.  Just out of curiosity, I checked on ebay and found a VHS tape listed on their for buy-it-now for $39.99!?!?
    So not to sound like a grumpy old man again, but movie fans really do have it so easy these days and have no clue how difficult it was 30 years ago to even finding a copy of a movie that you were looking for.  Searching through the newest TV Guide (who actually remembers those?) and hoping to be able to catch one a rare showing of a movie you've been wanting to see, and having to stay away until then (or set your alarm) because we didn't have DVR it or unless you trusted your 50 lb. VCR to remember to start recording it when it came on.  So just consider yourself very, very lucky to be a movie fan these days.
    Okay...rant is over.  Now get off my lawn.

    We have posted our review for this rare and highly effective soundtrack for a film that definitely needs more attention.  Head over to our Soundtrack Reviews to read more.

    This week's lesson is about someone behind the scenes of the movie making process, but is one of the most important ones.  Head over to class to find out more.

    Any time we post a photo that is from a Hammer film and we get a lot of correct responses, it does my heart wonders.  Always great to see that so many fans out there are still enjoying the movies this studio made all those years ago.  Of course, it might have something to do with the fact that they turned out some high quality entertainment.  Of course, last week's photo was from QUATERMASS AND THE PIT, starring Andrew Keir and Barbara Shelley.  Major kudos out to the following for sending in the correct answer: Hoby Abernathy, Aaron Christensen, Craig Clark, William Harrison, Ken Johnson, Kevin Matthews, Raymond Rich, Mike Shields, and William Wilson.
    Now on to this week's photo.  Might be a little tougher, but see what you can come up with.  Just click HERE to send us your answer.  And as always, good luck.

    Once again, 7 movies and 12 pizzas later, we came out victorious from our 11th Annual Turkey Day Marathon.  For something that I started all those years ago, just trying to push myself through some rough films, but now has grow into something so much bigger and so much more, it just amazes me.  And even more so that these fellow movie-fiends join me every year to sit and wallow in these films, usually with smiles on their faces (well...some of the time), as well as the comments we get, just shows me that as a crazy cinephile, we are definitely not alone.
    So we have posted our write up our this epic event in the usual place, our Turkey Day Marathon Report.  Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

    With our last Army Mission of the year being sent out in the wee hours of this morning, we come to the last of them for the year 2013.  We have had some tough battles this year, especially last month.  But most of you have fought onward and upward and have come through with very few battle scars (though after last month, we might have some cases of shell shock), but have put a lot of movies under your belt.  That has always been our goal here.  Just simply to help people watch more movies.  And I think we've done that.
    But as we get ready for our last mission of this year, we will be asking two things of our enlisted grunts in the upcoming year.  First of all, with 2014 being our 5th year in the Army, with the missions possibly getting harder and more difficult, our plan is to increase our numbers here, getting more recruits to join our crusade.  The more soldiers, the movies being chosen each month, the more options and ideas for everyone else.  So what we are asking is for you to do your part and help spread the word of our cause.  Tell a friend about the Army, and how they can win prizes just by watching a couple of horror movies, something they probably are already doing.
    Secondly, while I post all of your missions on our message board, I would love to see more responses and comments on our Message Board.  While I post my own responses, please feel free to add your own comments to everyone's mission movies.  I know that some of the movies that are posted have inspired other members to check them out.  If you are one of those, once you do watch it, post your thoughts as well.  While our mission is to get you to watch these movies, we also want to get that dialogue going between fellow movie fiends.  Being a die-hard fan, there is nothing better than being able to have a conversation (even though a message board) about a movie that you are passionate about.  So please, let us be a little more vocal.  You can get to the message board through Army's page, or just click HERE.
    And lastly, while on the subject of the message board, we will be posting your original mission reports on a separate page on this site, as well as the message board.  This will archive the different missions, as well as the movies that were watched.  Unfortunately, the message board that we are using only holds so many responses, so everything before Feb. of last year is gone.  But we'll be keeping them from now on.  Once that page is up and running, we'll announce it here with the links.

    After 10 years of creating some amazing tracks of atmospheric music, the kind that is welcomed in any dungeon or crypt, Nox Arcana has released their latest CD which is a tribute to their fans, entitled Legion of Shadows.  Head over to our Soundtrack Reviews section to read more.

    It was 4 years ago yesterday that Paul Naschy passed away from cancer.  He was a writer, director, actor, and most of all, a fan of the fantastic cinema.  We are still a huge fan of him and his work before and work even harder now trying to spread the word about him to newer fans that haven't experienced his passion.  That is still one of our main goals of this site, trying to help other fans discover new movies and to learn about the people that made them.  And Naschy is right up there at the top.  It is great to know that there is enough of us now that his work and his memory will be kept alive for the next generation of movie fans to come and that his work will never be forgotten.
    But even with that said, there are still a lot of people not familiar with the name Paul Naschy, so our work is far from over, which is the same for all Naschy fans out there.  Make sure that we continue to spread the word and love for his films.  Buy a t-shirt, post reviews of his movies, post photos of a Naschy poster you might have recently picked up, anything to keep his name and his work out there.  And even better, when you come across another horror fan that hasn't heard or seen Naschy's work, make sure you fix that and hopefully create yet another follower.
    Continue to rest in peace, señor Naschy.  You will not be forgotten.


    Our entry for this week's lesson is an actor that hasn't been in a lot of horror films, but you might still recognize him.  Lets get to the classroom to find out more.

    It seems our photo from last week stump a few of you.  It was a tough one, I'll give you that, but was just such a cool shot that I knew I wanted to use it for a Mystery Photo at some point.  The film is WHITE ZOMBIE and what is in that shot is actually the title character of the film, Madge Bellamy.  But we did have a few people send in the correct answer.  They were: Hoby Abernathy, William Harrison, and Gavin Schmitt.  Job well done, guys.  Always glad when someone gets it when it is an older movie like this one.
    This week's photo shouldn't be that hard.  Shouldn't be.  Take a peek and see what comes to mind.  Hopefully you're not getting any outside influences at the time.  Just click HERE to send us your answer.

    With only a few days away, our 11th Annual Turkey Day Marathon will commence.  If you're somewhat new to this site then you might be asking yourself just what is a Turkey Day Marathon.  Well, for a lot more gory details, you can click HERE for a run down of what we've been doing on Black Friday for the last 10 years.  But is its simplest of terms, it is a day that we celebrate movies that most might consider "bad".  But as we all know only a boring movie is a bad one.  Some of those movies out there really transcend your normal ratings guide, maybe because the acting isn't top notch, or that dialogue isn't the greatest, or even if you can totally see the zipper running up the monster's back.  But if you are entertained by the movie, then it definitely is not a bad movie, not to mention that they can be a lot of fun.
    Each Black Friday for the last 10 years, I've gathered together some friends to celebrate these cinematic follies and have a great time doing it.  I've always encouraged others to do the same.  There really are some fun and entertaining movies out there that get passed over, shoved aside, or even worse, close to be completely forgotten.  We refuse to let that happen.  So this Friday, we will be doing it once again, with some great titles on the lineup, such as Larry Buchanan's THE LOCH NESS HORROR, THE ATOMIC BRAIN, and Jess Franco's DRACULA: PRISONER OF FRANKENSTEIN, just to name a few.  So if all goes well and we survive, we'll be back here next week for our regular update!
    But please, take this time of the year to find some almost forgotten film that is in dire need of a viewer, remembering that most of these filmmakers were really trying to make the next CITIZEN KANE.  Check out the works of Larry Buchanan, Bill Rebane, Ray Dennis Steckler, or any of the other countless movies out there.  And most importantly, enjoy them!

    We are a huge fan of del Toro's work and have loved most everything he's done.  Whether you have liked or enjoyed any, all, or just some of his movies, one thing can not be denied is his passion and talent, not to mention that he is a huge fan of the fantastic cinema genre.  And this new book shows just that.  Head over to our Book Review section to read our full review.

    It seems I have another little book rant this update.  Okay, not really a rant per say, but a call to action, so to speak.  We all know that the normal retail book stores are dropping quicker than half naked women in an '80s slasher movie.  With Amazon and the likes cutting their prices and having a huge inventory, it really is hard for places like Borders and Barns & Noble to stay in business.  I myself would rather buy something from an actual store than order it online, but when you consider it is 30-40% cheaper online, it makes that decision tough.  And I completely understand that.
    But that being said, the 2nd-Hand or used book stores out there will always get my business and support.  Whether they are one of the many Half Price Bookstore chains, or just a small Mom & Pop book store, I will always stop and look.  And even if I don't find something that first time, I will check back just to make sure.  You can find such great treasures there, sometimes even at some amazingly low prices.  By supporting them, it is keeping them open, but without breaking your budget.  So everybody wins.  They sell some books.  You find some great titles at good prices, and these books now move on to a new home, opening up volumes of information waiting to be absorbed by a new owner.  Not to mention a great place to do some holiday shopping.  Just saying.
    So when you see one of these places, always take the time to go in and look around.  You just never know what you might find there.  And that chance alone is worth the time to browse.

    While we are celebrating the Turkeys this month, not to mention always trying to promote horror reference books, we recently found out about this new title that we are definitely going to have to our collection.  One of the studios in the '50s that was cranking out some great sci-fi/horrror films was American International Pictures.  Not only ones that produced themselves, but ones that they purchased from overseas to screen here in the states, giving the fans a chance to see something from across the pond.  The bottom line is that AIP was one of the great film coming that was playing to the audience and giving them a lot of fun entertainment.
    Now thanks to BearManor Media and Gary A. Smith, we can read all about it in this new book.  We can learn how two small time producers, James H. Nicholson and Samuel Z. Arkoff shows the big studios that they could complete with them, even with a much smaller budget.
    Head over to BearManor's site by clicking HERE and order your copy today, not to mention browsing through their huge catelog of titles.  And if you're looking for something for a book lover on your holiday list, then this is a great place to maybe find something for them.

HOW MANY HORROR T-SHIRTS DOES ONE REALLY NEED? long as we keep finding some really cool ones, I guess the answer is all of them!  But I have to say, as much as I like some of the full color shirts that come out these days, I still get a little nostalgic and really enjoy seeing these old school shirts with just one or two colors.  Sure, the full color jobs are great, but sometimes they are just too much.  These simple ones remind me of old ad mat designs and are simple enough but still cool looking to get the point across.  Well, a good friend of the Krypt, Billy from Razorback Records, knows our undying devotion to all things Paul Naschy, forwarded a link to this t-shirt place that I had never heard of, but they had a Naschy shirt that I think I must have now.
    Pallbearer Press has an amazing collection of T-shirt designs, with some great cult titles and images.  Not only do they have one for Naschy's CURSE OF THE DEVIL, they also have a Blind Dead design (can you have too many Blind Dead t-shirts?), one for LET SLEEPING CORPSES LIE, DEVIL'S RAIN, and even one for ALUCARDA.
    The shirts are very reasonably priced at $15 each, with discounts if you buy a few of them.  We haven't seen one of their shirts in our hands yet, so can't comment on the quality of them, but we will be soon, that is for sure.  To check out their designs, head over to their website HERE.

    Millennium Entertainment will be releasing Hammer's FRANKENSTEIN CREATED WOMAN on blu-ray in January of next year.  While it was just released in a 3-title release with two other Hammer films, this will be the first time in the US for a blu-ray release.  Being one of the stranger entries in their series, the film still packs a punch with the usual Hammer style.  Featuring Peter Cushing returning as the crazed Baron, along with Thorley Walters as his assistant, and the beautiful Susan Denberg as this picture's title creature.  The disc will also have a brand new documentary called Hammer Glamour, as well as an audio commentary featuring Derek Fowlds and Robert Morris, being moderated by Hammer scholar Jonathon Rigby.  The disc will also feature two different episodes of the World of Hammer series, one on the Frankenstein films and one on Peter Cushing.  Sounds like some great extras here.  Of course, its a Hammer film, so it really is a must for any collection.

    This is one of those occasions where I am happy to be proved wrong.  A couple of weeks ago, I questioned whether or not Argento's film SUSPIRIA was ever released on 35mm uncut.  I know the US prints are all cut, but it seems there is a UK print of the film that is uncut, which is featured next month at New York's Museum of the Moving Image.  Part of their series on cinematographers, called See It Big!  Great Cinematographers, they are screening this Italian classic to highlight the talent of DP Luciano Tovoli.  So if you're in that area, the screening takes place on Dec. 15th at 7pm.  Click HERE for more info.

    This week's lesson is about an actor that worked quite a lot in the Spanish horror film genre in the early '70s.  Head to the classroom to find out more.

    Last week's photo was from the very end of FRANKENSTEIN 1970, starring of course, Boris Karloff.  Made in 1958, it might not be the best film out there but I always found Karloff's performance to be pretty entertaining.  Yeah, that might be the only reason to watch it, but still worth your 90 minutes, I'd say.  Kudos to the ones that sent in the correct answer, which would be: Hoby Abernathy, Gregory Avery, and Aaron Christensen.  Looks like some of you need to do watch some more of the classic stuff!
    Let's get to this week's photo, another classic black and white title that we thought had a pretty cool shot here.  Know it?  Just click HERE to send us your answer.

11-17-13  END OF AN ERA?
    I've mentioned before on here about the problems that I've had over the last 9 months or so with getting my subscription issues from Fangoria in a timely manner, meaning 4-6 weeks after they hit the book stores.  I've emailed editor Chris Alexander and never got a response.  I've emailed Fango and always got a polite response, sometimes with an excuse why as to why this issue is late, or usually just a note saying another copy will be mailed out.  But then nothing has changed and I'm still not getting them until weeks later.  I don't think I'm asking for much here, people.  So I'm done with my subscription.  After almost 30 years, I will not be renewing it.  I will still buy it at the stores, because I do think that Alexander is doing one hell of a job there.  But I'm not going to wait for them to fix this problem.  And honestly, I think there is more to it than that.  Here's why.
    This last week, Fango posted on their site that you can now get a subscription of Fango FOR LIFE!  By just paying $399, you will have a lifetime subscription to Fangoria magazine.  Of course, as it points out at the bottom of the offer "as long as The Brooklyn Company, Inc. continues to print Fangoria Magazine".  So first of all, that means you'd have to be a subscriber for at least 7 years before you'd be getting free issues.  Not a bad deal really when you do the math.  But what if Fango goes under?  What if the "Brooklyn Company" decides to sell the magazine?  That means the deal is off, my friends, and you are out of money.
    I also like the part at the bottom where they say "Shipping times may vary for subscriptions".  No shit.  You're preaching to the choir here.
    To me, this sounds like a desperate act to get some needed funds right away to keep afloat.  And with the way that print and magazines are barely treading water these days, even if I was going to renew my subscription, that just sounds like a deal waiting to go south.  I hope I'm wrong, since I do enjoy the magazine, but something just doesn't smell right there.

    We've all complained before on the prices of books before, myself included, many times.  But let us take a little bit harder of a look at what we're paying for, compared to what we pay for a magazine that we buy on a regular basis.  Now first of all, this is no way meant to be a slam towards Fango, or any other magazines out there for that matter.  Just a little bit of math to show where our money is going and that spending a little extra on a book up front is really a much more cost effective investment.  Sound smart, doesn't I?
    Anyway, lets say your average magazine is 80 pages long.  If you were to go through and take out the ads for the magazine, and including the actual cover which is when they start counting page count (is it just me or is that just plain ridiculous?), you only have maybe 60 pages of actual content.  Most magazines out there run $10 an issue, so that works out to about $.16 per page of content.  Sound decent, right?  Now let's take an average horror reference book of say 350 pages that cost $30.  That works out to about $.09 a page.  So in theory, it is cheaper per page to spend the money on a book than a magazine!  Now we know that the magazine size is much bigger than your average book, but that really doesn't come into play when you compare how much of the magazine page actually has content, compared to a regular book.  Plus, we're also not saying that every book out there is worth the price tag.  That is when you need to be a little more diligent and do some research to make sure that it is a worthwhile investment.  But the next time you do come across a new book that is priced at $30 or $40, think about it a little more.  Remember that old saying, "Knowledge is power!"

    While the days before HIDDEN HORROR will be available to the public are slowly counting down, we thought we'd brag a bit about some of the praise it has been getting from some of the press.

    "This book is excellent. Thoughtful and engaging for the hardcore horror fan and a terrific introduction to some awesome movies for the casual movie lover. Definitely THE book to reach for when someone asks, "what should I see that I haven't heard of?" - Shock Till You Drop.

    "Pay no attention to that Dr. AC behind the curtain! Actually, do pay attention, as he and his creepy cohorts pull back the curtain to reveal gem after overlooked gem. I like this book at lot – this is definitely a case where, once you read about it, you’ll be DYING to see it!" - Chicago's own Horror Host, Svengoolie.

    "A long overdue addition to the horror pantheon!" - Robert Englund

    We are very excited to have this project rolling out in the next few weeks.  As much as I love horror reference books at the Krypt, to be involved with one is even better.  So proud to be part of this.  For all the latest details and update, head over to the Hidden Horror Facebook page.

    Chicago's own horror theater group, WildClaw will be unleashing their latest play next month, H.P. Lovecraft's The Shadow Over Innsmouth.  It will be at the Athenaeum Theatre and will run from Dec. 13th through Jan. 26th.  Tickets are $25/Students $17.  Adapted for the stage by Scott T. Barsotti and directed by Shade Murray, we are excited about this new one.  We have seen several of WildClaw's plays over the years, including their previous Lovecraft adaptation, Dreams of the Witch House, and have never walked away without a deviant smile on my face.  We look forward to what they will do with this latest slippery and slimy tale from Lovecraft.
    Also, on Dec. 2nd at the Mayne Stage in Chicago, WildClaw will also be hosting their annual Deathscribe 2013, a collection of original radio short plays that are performed live on stage with actors and sound effects artists that really brings the stories to life.  We have also been to one of these and it is really cool to not only see it being performed live on stage, but also they usually have some great stories that they have picked.  This year's selections are:  Strange Weather by Travis Williams, We Apologize for the Inconvenience by Chelsea Paice, The Monroe County Pumpkin Queen by Joseph Zettelmaier, Record/Record by Mark Harrison, and Cheap Plastic Mask by Jake Carr.
    For all the information about WildClaw Theatre, head over to their official website HERE, or you can always check them out on Facebook as well.

    Fans of movies about werewolves versus the military will be excited to hear that Scream Factor has announced they will be releasing Neil Marshall's DOG SOLDIERS.  We are huge fans of this movie and since the previous blu-ray release didn't have the best reviews, we never bothered to pick it up.  But since Scream Factory usually does such a stellar job with not only their transfers, but also the extras as well, we can't wait to be able to check out this film again.
    They also announced they will be releasing the GINGER SNAPS as well.  No details on any of the features yet, but I'm sure they will be announced soon.

    For our Horror History lesson this week, we're going to do something a little different.  Usually we give you a little tease about our subject and then have you head over to the classroom to find out more.  But this time, while we're not going to tell you who we're talking about, but we're going to post some of his work below.  His is about another talented individual that gets very little credit amongst most of the movie fans out there, mainly because they probably don't even know his name, but yet is probably responsible for getting people to come see the movie he worked on more than most.  Head over to our classroom to learn more.  So before you head off to class, check out some of his man's work below.


    It was nice to see so many people recognize last week's photo.  While Fulci is always known for his gore films of the '80s, it does my heart good for all of you that sent in DON'T TORTURE A DUCKLING, which is what that shot is from.  That would be the lovely Florinda Bolkan in the shot too, though she's not too lovely in that particular scene.  While not the most family fun movie, it is definitely a must see.  Kudos out to the following for sending in the correct answer:  Hoby Abernathy, Gregory Avery, Aaron Christensen, Dustin Moravick, Raymond Rich, Gavin Schmitt, Wayne Teeter, and William Wilson.
    So let us get to this week's photo and see what we can come up with.  A classic?  Or maybe one that shouldn't see the light of day?  You decide!  Just click HERE to send us your answer.

    There are many professions in the film industry that just doesn't get enough credit.  One of them is the actor/artists that have to dub other actors for film that were not filmed in the language where they are going to be released.  If you've ever watched a few movies that were made in Italian somewhere between the '60s and '80s, then you've probably heard the voice of Ted Rusoff.  Rusofff started his career as a singer, but eventually moved into film production over in Europe, since they were in need of people that would be able to dub other actors into different languages, depending on where the film was going to be played.  Because Rusoff was already fluent in a few languages, it was easy for him.  Throughout this long career, he worked on over 1000 films as a voice dubber, as well as over 500 of them as a dubbing director.  That is pretty damn impressive.  If you have watched your share of European films, especially the Italian ones, you've probably noticed over the years hearing the same voice in a couple of pictures even though it was from a different actors.  It is because of people like Rusoff.  If you seen the movie PIECES, it is Rusoff's voice coming out of Jack Taylor's mouth.
    But Rusoff wasn't just a guy that worked behind the scenes.  He appeared in quite a few films, in many different genres and different languages, sometimes working with pretty big stars.  He was said to be a very unique and interesting character too.  Back in August, he was hit by a car and had been in the hospital since then.  He passed away on Sept. 28th.

    Long time readers of the Krypt have heard me more than once spout off about how "film historians" and "professors" tend to teach their theories as fact, no matter how legit or crazy they might sound.  Well, my friend Gavin Schmitt send me a link to a blog from Ken Levine that just made my day.  Levine was a television writer, mainly doing sitcoms, one of which was the series M.A.S.H.  Last Saturday on his blog, he related a little tale that had me in stitches.  While I would of course advise you to head over to his post to read the whole thing, his main point was that over the years he had read plenty of articles and papers where they reference episodes of M.A.S.H. that he wrote, with all the hidden messages and subtext carefully interwoven in the show.  From "comparing Klinger to Jane Austin" to stating that the license plates on the jeeps have a special clue or meaning to them.  Of course, he calls all of it simply "bullshit!".  That they were only trying to write entertaining shows back then, not putting any secret meanings in there.
    But he goes on to ponder the idea of school teachers who are studying other forms of literature and have been testing their students on "intent and correct meanings."  The question that follows is even better, asking the possibility if the teacher "has no fucking clue what she's talking about?  What if she has no idea what the author was trying to say?  Or worse yet, has grossly misinterpreted it?"  As I've said before, I don't have a problem with someone teaching their THEORY...but not as if it is fact, unless they know 100% that is the case.  As Mr. Levine puts it, "If my personal experience has taught me anything it's that books and plays and scripts and Billy Joel records may in fact be just what they seem."  Damn skippy!
    So the next time you're reading a book on film, television, or whatever, and the author is trying to explain to you the real meaning behind something, you can still listen to what they are trying to say, and to understand their point, but you must remember to only take it at face value.  It doesn't mean it is a true fact.

    Director Mike Mendez, who gave us THE CONVENT and GRAVEDANCERS, now delivers his next film which is a throwback to the giant monster movies of the '50s with BIG ASS SPIDER.  The Music Box Theatre in Chicago will be screening this next Friday and Saturday (15th & 16th) as part of their midnight movie series.  Starring Greg Grunberg and Ray Wise, the is a throwback to those fun and cheesy sci-fi horror films that some of us grew up on.  The story is about a 50 ft. spider that escapes from a secret military lab and attacks Los Angeles.  Sounds like a lot of fun to me.  Hopefully we'll be able to make it out there for one of the screenings.  For more information, just click HERE.

    At the end of the month at the Patio Theater in Chicago, they will be screening a triple feature of horror films.  The first one is DEVIL IN MY RIDE, a new horror/comedy about a bride getting possessed on her wedding day.  But the next two might brighten the eyes of Italian horror fans.  They are screening Dario Argento's SUSPIRIA and Lucio  Fulci's THE BLACK CAT.  Both of these films are going to be screened from 35mm prints.  While it should be celebrated anytime you have the chance to see an Argento or Fulci film on the big screen, I'm a little worried about the SUSPIRIA screening since to my knowledge, the only 35mm prints out there are the R-rated version, which has quite a bit of the gore cut out.  I could be wrong...but don't think so.
    Plus, we've heard in the news lately that the Patio has been dealing with a broken boiler, which means no heat.  The last report we heard was that it should be back up and running by next weekend.  Hopefully that will happen because it can get pretty cold here in the Windy City this time of year.
    The event takes place on November 30th and tickets are only $10 in advance.  For more information, just click HERE.

    Recently, Intrada Records has released a 2-disc set of Harry Sukman's score for Tobe Hooper's made-for-TV movie SALEM'S LOT.  Head over to our Soundtrack Reviews to hear our thoughts.

    We have posted our review of one of the latest book by horror scholar John Kenneth Muir, entitled Horror Films FAQ.  Head over to our Book Review section to read more.

    This week's lesson is about a very important person when it comes to a couple of our favorite classic monsters.  Had it not been for him, they just might not be as popular as they are now.  It's possible.  But head over to the classroom to find out who we're talking about.

    Our last photo seemed to be a little easier for our readers.  It was from THE HITCHER, yes the original.  We got quite a few correct answers sent in on this one.  They were Todd Barwick, Aaron Christensen, Erik Martin, Jeff Owens, Mike Shields, Wayne Teeter, Mark Turner, Tom White, and William Wilson.  Well done.  Though, got to say, it does make me want to break out this movie and re-watch it.
    But let's get to this week's photo.  Such a nice fun, family type of a movie this time out.  The kind that makes you walk the streets whistling Zip-a-Dee-Do-Da.  Well, maybe not.

    Yes, now that Halloween 2013 is all but just a memory, when it comes to November it is all about the Turkey.  No, we're not talking about the bird that will be served for Thanksgiving dinner, but the films that are have been labeled Turkeys.  Now that is a very subjective term, since most people might consider them to be "bad" movies.  But as we all know, the only bad movie is a boring one.  So even if the production value, the acting, the dialog, or whatever might be less than stellar, it doesn't mean that it still can't be entertaining.  And it might even take a while to develop this particular taste, once you get it, it is never sated.
    Of course, this month we will be holding our annual Turkey Day Marathon, which will once again be screening several of these "turkeys", as we have been doing for the last 11 years.  So we challenge everyone out there to do the same.  Doesn't necessarily have to be on Black Friday, which is when we hold ours, but any day during this month.  I would highly recommend not doing this alone, just for the sake of one's sanity.  But getting a few friends together to sit and enjoy some of the finer cinematic shipwrecks out there is always a good time.  And if you do hold your own little marathon, we'd love to hear what you watched.

    If you're one that hasn't joined the Kryptic Army yet, keep in mind that even though there are only two months left in the year, there is still a chance you can win something.  And we do have some pretty good items that will be given away after the year is over.  A alien slug signed by Fred Dekker.  A mini-poster reprint of MANIAC signed by director Bill Lustig.  Or maybe something else from our prize coffin that has been getting filled up throughout the year.  All you need to do is join up and watch some movies.  Aren't you doing that already?  Why not do that and have a chance of winning something?
    Now, granted if you were to join up for this month, you will be having to test your cinematic poweress as you have to tackle two Turkeys for the month.  Do you have the guts to be a member of our Army?  I think you can do it.  All you need to do is sign up.  Just click HERE for all the details.  We'll see you on the front line.

    Last night, we held our annual Halloween Party.  It is a lot of work and preparation, both for the food and the trivia games we have.  But because our fellow horror fiends and friends that come out (some even driving several hours) to help celebrate all of our strangeness, it is all worth it and more.  Anytime that fans like us, ones have chosen this path in life, the ones that really celebrates the strange, the weird, the scary, and everything that goes bump in the night, can get together and revel in all things scary, with trivia games, great little conversations, it not only is a really epically good time, but shows that we are definitely not alone in our taste.
    We had some great costumes last night, some interesting illustrations with the Horror Pictionary, as well as getting to watch and listen to fun movie clips, each testing the knowledge of our guests.  So we can't say thanks enough for the ones that were able to make it out and help us enjoy and celebrate our favorite time of year.  And we look forward to doing it all again next year!

    We have posted our review of the Australian film 100 BLOODY ACRES.  Head over to our Review section to see what we thought.

    We knew it was only a matter of time (and it's about time too) but Synapse Films has announced that they will be releasing Dario Argento's 1977 uber-classic film SUSPIRIA on DVD and Blu-ray.  They will be creating an all new 2K scan from the original negative for a possible release either next year or 2015.  But no matter how long it takes them, we know and have every ounce of faith in Synapse in doing another incredible job on their releases.  It is one of our favorite films and cannot wait to see this release.  Definitely one to look forward to.

    In recent years, I can't remember a movie that is more of a perfect Halloween movie than Michael Dougherty's TRICK 'r TRICK.  Making an anthology is a tough one to begin with, but Dougherty came through in spades, making one hell of an enjoyable film that will be always enjoyed during the Halloween season.
    And a few nights ago at a screening of TRICK 'r TREAT in Los Angeles, Dougherty announced that he is working on a sequel.  He told the crowd attending that "I'm a firm believer that October should be filled with Halloween movies, or horror movies."  So while no script has actually been written yet but Legendary Pictures will be working with Dougherty to continue the series, where according to the writer/director "There are a different archetypes I'd like to explore, different types of monsters.  We covered werewolves, vampires, and zombies, but there's whole slew of different creatures out there that we haven't tackled, and I think Sam would probably be pretty good buddies with.  So I think it's time to let them have their time in the sun."
    With the creation of the deviant little Sam, Dougherty has come up with a great character that will be remembered each and every year, especially around Halloween time.  So we can't think of a better way to keep that going then by continuing the story.  We can just hope that Dougherty and company can capture lightning in a bottle once again.

    This week's lesson is about an actor who appeared in some pretty popular films in the '40s, even though they were low budget B-movies, but never really made it to the big time.  But he made enough horror films for us to think he's worth keeping his memory alive.  Head over to the classroom to find out more.

    Last week's photo was a little more obscure, but still one that we really enjoyed once we found it.  It was from the 2009 film HARPOON: THE WHALE WATCHING MASSACRE.  Best slasher movie that takes place on a whaling ship that you've ever seen!  Only got a couple of correct answers sent in on this one.  And they were from Chris Kinniery and Dustin Moravick.  Well done, my friends.
    This time out, we're going with something a little easier.  At least we think so.  So take a good look and hopefully you'll be able to recognize which movie this person just hanging around it from.  Good luck!  Just click HERE to send us your answer.

10-27-13  TIS THE SEASON...
    We were hoping to have a bigger update this week, but just didn't happen.  We spent most of this week getting ready for our upcoming Halloween party next weekend which took up most of our time.  Between working on our trivia games, getting the Krypt cleaned and presentable, the week just flew by.  But we do have a few tidbits of items that we felt we needed to comment on.  So enjoy!

    There was a recent article posted on entitled "Netflix Streaming Is Killing Off Physical Media — And Film Fans Should Be Worried" and I felt that I needed to give my thoughts on this.  Right away, the author makes the statement "before Netflix's DVD-by-mail service put most of America's video stores clean out of business".  Well, I have news for you.  It wasn't Netflix, it was Blockbuster.  They are the ones that came in and shut down all the mom & pop shops because of deals they made with the studios, as well as the huge inventory of new movies they would keep, the smaller shops just couldn't compete.  Once Blockbuster wiped out most of these places, then they started to cut their inventories, only really carrying new titles or more popular ones in the older releases.  But even those were pretty selective.  If you were a great lover of cinema, chances are finding an obscure title at your local Blockbuster was pretty slim.  I really despised Blockbuster for what they did to the video store industry.
    So when Netflix came along and had a huge selection of titles that you could choose from, many older and obscure titles, I was in heaven.  And when they, along with Redbox, really started to put the squeeze on Blockbuster and Hollywood Video, I was thrilled to see it.  It was great to see someone do to Blockbuster what they did to tons of other stores.  Karma, my friends.  This article also mentions that "like Blockbuster before it, Netflix is more interested in what's new and hot than what's old and good."  Once again, I have to disagree.  Netflix's catalog of older movies is bigger now than Blockbuster's ever was, filled with tons of obscure, cult, and classic titles.  Not sure what movies this author was always looking for, but their comment "there was a time I could just hop in my car, go down to Blockbuster, and grab it there" is really only true if you're looking for a new release.  Trying to find a movie from 20+ years ago, especially one that might not be a bigger hit in its day, you probably wouldn't find it at Blockbuster.
    Now this article also quoted Anne Helen Peterson from an LARB article, stating that when it comes to young viewers, "if it's not on Netflix, why bother?"  While I do agree that younger fans these days don't have the drive and passion to seek out films that are not readily available to them that older fans do, but the fact that a ton of movie titles that 30 years ago we never had a chance to see, are all available for instant viewing when they want to, then I don't see that as a bad thing.  Sure, they might not have EVERYTHING, but still a lot more than we did all those years ago.
    With this "possible threat" of Netflix just going streaming, cancelling their mail delivery discs, if that was to happen, fans of horror movies, or even movies in general will still be able to find what they want, with a lot less struggle and worry that we did all those years ago.  And there will be ways around any system in put in place to keep fans from getting what they want.  I can still remember this same kind of rhetoric when DVD's first hit the market.  You can't make copies of these!  No more duping movies onto VHS like collectors had been doing for years.  Now you'll have to buy each and every movie.  Yeah....right.  Just like when studios came up with a copy-guard system on video tapes to stop people from making their own copies.  Didn't take long for fans to find ways around that to still get their own copy.  And if everything goes streaming at some point in time, which I do believe it will, then there will still be ways around that as well.
    I know that horror fans are the ones that have kept the genre alive and strong for all these years.  And THAT will never go away.

    We never watch any series while they are first being broadcast.  We always wait for them to hit DVD.  So we just got around to watching season 2 of AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM.  The wife and I enjoyed the first season, so were looking forward to the new one.  What we didn't expect was it to far surpass the first season and really blow us away.  Just click HERE to read our thoughts on it.

    The news of Clive Barker coming back to write the remake of HELLRAISER has been all over the web today.  My thoughts are this...I really could care less on another remake.  Not meaning that I'm totally against it, since there have been a few remakes, even in the past decade, that I enjoyed.  But I'm not going to get excited over it until I actually sit down and watch it.  If it happens or not, it really isn't going to affect me one way or another.
    Now, that being said, if they are going to do a remake, which is pretty likely, I am at least happy to hear that Clive Barker might be the one writing it.  No one knows that world better than the man that first created it.  And while it gives me hope that Barker would prefer "the power of practical make-up effects" over a "film awash with CGI", if he is the one just writing it, that doesn't mean that is what the studio is going to do.  So again, we'll just have to wait and see.

    Our photo from last week was for my buddy Billy Nocera and his upcoming Evilspeak magazine.  It was from Eddie Romero's MAD DOCTOR OF BLOOD ISLAND, which featured the beautiful Angelique Pettyjohn.  Part of the legendary Blood Island films, it is a lot of fun.  Might be a little cheesy for younger fans, but features a great (not to mention original) monster, with plenty of blood, boobs, and beasts!  We only got two correct answers this week.  They were from Hoby Abernathy and Mike Shields.  Well done!
    So let's see what we can come up with for this week's photo.  Something in honor of the upcoming holiday?  So maybe something completely off the subject?  Guess you'll have to take a look and see for yourself.  Just click HERE to send us your answers.  Good luck!

    A good friend of mine posted a comment the other day that got me thinking.  I know a lot of people doing a movie challenge during the October month, either to see how many horror movies they can watch during the month of October, or even simply to watch 31 films that they hadn't seen before.  While I do applaud anybody who is striving to watch horror films they haven't seen before, I think we need to make sure we don't forget about a very simple task while doing so.  And that is to make sure you have fun.  I really don't see the reason to "force" yourself to watch these movies if you're not going to be in the right frame of mind to enjoy not only in general, but also to really watch the movie.  There's a lot of movies that might not be considered classics or even great films, but might have some elements that are worth noting and even giving some admiration too.  Now some of you out there may just revel in these challenges and enjoy what you are watching.  And for that, I applaud you.  But to those have seem to struggle with it and end up coming out of it with a bitter taste, that is something you need to avoid.  Take a something fun, even if you've seen it already.  Remember, the whole point is to ENJOY the experience, even if the movies aren't that great.  You never know what you can find when you're really looking at the movie as opposed to just trying to get through it to check it off your list.

    We survived another 24-hour marathon, our 2nd one inside of a week, while attending the Music Box of Horrors yesterday at the Music Box Theatre.  We are going on very little sleep today so we are taking no responsibility with this update, for any errors, miss information, and anything else for that matter!
    We'll have our usual report up shortly, but from a great lineup of films to all the people that stopped by our tables throughout the marathon, we just had a blast.

    For someone who has been listening to Goblin's music for 25+ years, in the movies and the soundtracks, words cannot express the incredible experience we had last weekend, hearing that amazing music flow from the stage from some of the original creators of it.  It really was just amazing, plain and simple.  If you are a fan of their music, even if only from the movies and you have a chance to see them, do it.
    And even better, having my son Nick there with me, not only to see him enjoying this for the same reasons I was, but also to help point out some of the band members when they were standing a few feet away from me!

    Are you fans of those giant monster movies from the '50s?  Well director Christopher Mihn has been making his little tribute films of these kind of movies for the last few years.  And now on November 9th, if you're in the Chicago area, you'll have a chance to not only see two of his films, but also meet the director.  On Nov. 9th, at 7pm, at the Fans For Living Screening Room, located 920 W. Wilson Ave, Chicago IL 60640, will be screening two of Mihn's films: THE GIANT SPIDER and TERROR FROM BENEATH THE EARTH.  His films are little tributes or homages to a different era of filmmaking, with the inspirations of filmmakers like Roger Corman and William Castle.  Mihn is even bringing the Giant Spider head to the event so you can get your picture taken with it.  Fun stuff.  So if you like those types of movies, then you may want to head into Chicago for this event.  It really looks like a lot of fun.  Especially when tickets are only $6.
    For more information about this event, just click HERE.

    Our photo from last week must have been a little tougher as well, since we only got two correct answers sent in, from Chris Kinniery and Gavin Schmitt.  The shot was from the 2007 Danish film THE SUBSTITUTE from director Ole Bornedal.  Not a bad little movie and should be checked out at some point.
    Our next photo features a very lovely lady in one of our favorite films.  So take a peek and see if you can come up with what film this shot is from.   Just click HERE to send in your answer.  And good luck!

    We made it home safe and sound from another show, our official last convention of the year.  We only have one more small event that we are setting up at (see below) before the 2013 Kryptic World Tour finally comes to an end.  And after 8 shows this year, with 4 of them in the last two months, we are ready for a nice break from the madness.  Granted, we'll be chomping at the bit next spring to start all over again!  But we just wanted to give a shout out to Ken and Pam Kish for continuing to put on one of the best shows out there.  While it may be much smaller than the other ones we go to, it is still one hell of a great time and one filled with tons of other like-minded die hard horror fans.  If there was ever a time where an older fan like myself can be amongst his peers, then this show is it.  And we revel in it every second of the weekend.  Stay tuned for a full report.

    Over the weekend at the Wasteland show, there were more than a few serious conversations, filled with deep thoughts and intriguing ponderings about life and the existence of man.  Okay, maybe not to that extreme, but conversations none the less.  One of the topics that came up, that a few of my friends there have experienced at some point, was how that being an older fan and one that...let's just say has been around the block a few times when it comes to the horror genre, sometimes when we criticize some of the younger fans for not knowing about certain films or the people that made them, we are called elitists.  Just bitter and grumpy old men who like to say "back in my day", "get off my lawn", and similar sayings.
    But the funny thing about this is that people like myself, who has been running this website for 15 years, or another good friend that has been running a fanzine for even longer, do what we do not only for the love of it, but also to hopefully get other people to share in our passion and watch the movies that we're talking about and to learn more about the genre.  So if we were these 'elitists' that we're being labeled, why would we be trying to spread the gospel?  Shouldn't we be huddled up in our basements, keeping our movies to ourselves, afraid that someone might discover this lost classic that we knew about?  Why would I be  trying to bring some attention to films that I think are in need of being brought into the light, not to mention trying to get the unwashed masses to learn more about the people that made them, if not to get them to be more educated about the genre?
    But when we bitch that these zombie soap opera fanatics we call Walkers claim to be huge zombie fans but don't know who Lucio Fulci is, then we're called elitists.  Go figure.  But here's the thing.  Once that TV show is dead and buried, and these fans find some the newest thing to shamble after, we'll still be here, holding the torch for true and dedicated horror fans.  And if that makes me an elitist, then so be it.  I know I'll be in good company.  Okay...who's up for a screening of AFTER DEATH?

    Shortly before we were going to leave for Cinema Wasteland, we learned of the passing of Anthony Hinds.  For those that might not know, and this is my opinion, though I'm not alone in this, but Hinds was one of the main guys responsible for making Hammer Films what they were.  He was the one that brought the attention to the BBC mini-serial Quatermass Experiment, saying that he thought it would be a great idea for Hammer to do a movie version.  He was one of the major forces behind the scenes, acting as producer and even writing the scripts for a lot of their popular titles.  Some say it was his leaving the company that started its slow downfall, or at least was one of the contributing factors.
    His father, William Hinds, had been a music hall comedian that went under the name Will Hammer.  He later co-founded a film production company with Enrique Carreras in 1934, called Hammer Films.  After WWII, they gave control of the company to their sons, Anthony and James Carreras.  During his career with Hammer, Hinds would produce many of their classic films, and even served as screenwriter on 14 of of them, under his pseudonym John Elder.
    He passed away on September 30th.  He will always be remembered for the fantastic films that he help bring to the screen.  Our thoughts go out to his friends and family.

    Later this month, Sir Christopher Lee will be receiving the BFI Fellowship award for his work in film for over 8 decades.  I know BFI has been celebrating gothic pictures recently, even showing Hammer's THE MUMMY and HORROR OF DRACULA.  I wonder if they'll get to mention those horror films that he made without him getting embarrassed or upset, since he doesn't like to talk about them.  As much as I like and respect Lee, I really wish he would get off his high horse and not talk speak down on the genre films he made.  He made some incredible horror films in his career and he should be proud of them, not to mention the fact that people still remember who is he because of those films.  But some of the comments he made over the years ago about Hammer and these movies really depresses me on how he feels about them, refusing to talk about them.  Come on, Sir Christopher...take a note from your friend Peter Cushing, who loved the fact that he was known for his horror roles and was honored by it.

    Who is Greydon Clark?  Have you heard of the movie SATAN'S CHEERLEADERS?  Or maybe WITHOUT WARNING?  Mr. Clark is the director of those two fine classics, not to mention a handful of other exploitation movies that he worked on in his career.  But now you can read all about it in Clark's new autobiography called On the Cheap: My Life in Low Budget Filmmaking.  We got the chance to meet Clark a few years ago at one of the Cinema Wasteland shows and he had some amazing stories about his career.  So we are looking forward to diving into this book once it arrives and hearing even more details about his work in the field of low budget filmmakingg.  This is a guy that has worked with the likes of Al Adamson, Jack Palance, Martin Landau, worked in many different sub-genres of the horror and exploitation field, worked as an actor, writer, producer, and quite a few other hats in his career.
    It only seems to be available through Clark's website (just click HERE) unless you want the Kindle version, then you can get it on Amazon.  The book is only $24.95 and lists it at almost 500 pages, so we're hoping its a good one.  But the shipping fees are a bit steep at $10.  But for right now it seems, you can get a free DVD from Clark that he will sign as well.  So that sort of makes up for the expensive postage.

    We have two new book reviews with this update, both of them coming from our new favorite publisher, BearManor Media.  The books are Michael G. McGlasson's The Unknown Peter Cushing and The Godfather of Gore Speaks by H.G. Lewis and Andrew J. Rausch.  Head over to our Reference Book Review section to read more.

    We even have a soundtrack review with this update.  This one is for the new collection of scores from the HALLOWEEN series, being released by BuySoundtrax Records.  Head over to our Soundtrack Reviews to read more!

    Yesterday, we attended the Movieside Massacre at the Patio Theater, the first time this event was held at this new venue.  I have to say that it does my heart wonders to see an old theater like this one being kept alive and well.  This is only the 2nd time we've been there, but it is just a beautiful theater.  Yes, the seats are not the greatest, especially when sitting through multiple movies, but that would be my only complaint about it.  It is one of those theaters that really shows younger movie fans what theaters use to be like, and maybe again someday.
    As usual, we had a great time attending the Massacre.  Though, I really wish they would open the doors on time.  Not sure why it consistently opens way later than they advertise.  The doors were suppose to open at 11am and it was about 11:45am when they finally let us in.  If if was because they dealers were still getting set up, then they should have let them in earlier.  Again, this is not the first time for this event so they really should have learned something by now.
    But they had some great titles playing throughout the marathon, as usual.  Plus, they had plenty of great vendors there, quite a few of them being good friends of the Krypt.  Plus, the usual Chicago horror community came out to support, so that is always a great thing.  We'll have our usual report up before too long.

    And while on the subject of 24-hour marathons, after taking a 2-year sabbatical so-to-speak, we will be setting up once again this year at the Music Box's annual 24-hour marathon, the Music Box of Horrors.  We really debated about this but it really was just too good of an offer to pass up.  Besides, not only can we do our usual promoting the website and selling our wares, but we can also get some more press out about the upcoming Hidden Horrors book.  It works out even better that the man who wrote the intro to the book, Mr. Bill Lustig, will be attending the event as well.  So if you're coming out to the show, stop by our tables and chat for a bit.  Not sure which one of Kitley Klan will be watching the tables at any given time, but one of us will be there.  I know there are several of the films in the schedule that I will be sneaking off to watch but I know I'll be out there in between the flicks.  For all the latest details about the Music Box of Horrors, just click HERE.

    La-La Land Records has released a special edition of John Harrison's score for George Romero's DAY OF THE DEAD that contains 2 discs and is limited to only 3000 units.  The first disc contains the film version of the score, which runs 63:45 minutes, while the 2nd disc contains the re-mastered original soundtrack cues, which run 39:41 minutes.  This release also contains in-depth liner notes from film music writer Jeff Bond, along with composer John Harrison and director George Romero.
    But if that wasn't good enough soundtrack news, then La-La Land Records is also have a huge Halloween Sale, with some titles as low as $3.00!  Sure, you might think that these scores must suck to be so cheap.  Wrong again!  Just check out our Soundtrack Reviews to hear our thoughts on quite a few of these titles.  There are a few here that I would consider must haves, such as Bear McCreary's score for WRONG TURN 2.
    Anyway, the sale ends 11/5 and here's a break down on what they have on sale and for what price:




    Once again, it just amazes me at some of the soundtracks that come out these days.  These are the ones that are put out by deviant cinefiles that are dying to get these scores released, since there is obviously no huge market for them.  So they are done for the fans by the fans.  And I just have to salute that.  Italian company Beat Records is releasing a limited release of only 500 copies of IL PLENILUNIO DELLE VERGINI by composer Vassil Kojucharov.  The film is better known in the US as THE DEVIL'S WEDDING NIGHT, starring the forever lovely Rosalba Neri, as well as Mark Damon.
    Being a huge fan of European film scores, this one got me pretty excited and know it will be one that I will be adding to the collection.  Makes me want to break out the movie now too!  If you're interested, you can order it from Screen Archives Entertainment, a great place to spend a lot of money on soundtracks!

    The next Hudson Horror Show will be taking place on Nov. 16th at the Silver Cinemas South Hills 8 in Poughkeepsie, NY.  Here are the films scheduled to play:  ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, John Carpenter's THE THING, INVASION OF THE BEE GIRLS, and great Spanish film HORROR EXPRESS, and plus one other feature that won't be announced until at the show.  The doors open at 12pm and movies start at 1pm.  These guys put on a great show each and every time so if you're in the area, head out and support these kind of festivals.
    You can get all the info at their Facebook page HERE.

    This week's lesson is about an actress who might not have made too many horror films, but the ones that she did were always worth watching.  Granted, this just might be my opinion, but why don't you head over to the classroom to find out who I'm talking about and see if you agree with me or not.

    Well, even after giving everyone 2 weeks to figure out what our last photo is, it looks like I stumped you this time.  Of course, I 'thought' that I had stumped everyone.  But one of those serious students of the genre up there in Wisconsin didn't seem to have any trouble identifying the movie our last photo was from.  The movie was the 1945 version of THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE and the man of the hour is Gavin Schmitt.  Well done, Sir!  You are someone to look up to in the classroom!  If you haven't seen this movie, I would recommend it.  While it is an old black and white one, it does have some great moments and well worth the watch.
    So let's get on to this week's photo.  Maybe I'll go with something a little easier....maybe.  Take a gander, gaze into the abyss and see what you can come up with.  As always, just click HERE to send in your photo.  And...good luck.

    We won't be having an update next weekend since we will be making the trip out to Ohio for the Cinema Wasteland show.  This will be our last real show for the year, which we greet each year with sadness and joy.  It will be nice to have some free weekends at some point, but I know by next spring, we'll be chomping at the bit for our first show.
    This year at Wasteland, they are having a HILLS HAVE EYES reunion, with 6 people involved with the film attending, including Michael Berryman, who is probably one of the nicest celebrities that I have ever met in all my years of going to conventions.  if you're going to this show, please make sure you take time to stop by his table and just say hello.
    But as cool as that is, along with all their other great guests, the one that I'm really dying to meet is William Sachs, the writer / director of THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN.  Sure, this one might not a great movie, but it is damn entertaining and a personal favorite of mine.  So I can't wait to meet him and sit in on the Q&A on Friday night.
    As usual, this show is so much fun and always a good time.  Some of the best dealers and fans coming through the door at these shows.  We have plenty of fun, great conversations throughout the day and into the wee hours of the morning, and love every minute of it.  So, if you're heading out there, please make sure stop by our table and say hello.  And if you're not coming out....WHY NOT?!?!?
    You can get all the info and last minute updates from their website HERE.

    We went into Chicago last night to see THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON in 3D at the Patio Theater.  I've seen it before in 3D, but this would be the first time for my wife and son.  It is not only one of my favorites of the classic monsters, it is a great 3D film as well.  The star of the film, Julie Adams, was in attendance for the screening, along with her son, co-author of her biography.  We were there for the evening screening, which after the film there was a Q&A with Adams being hosted by film historian Foster Hirsch.  Now, I have never heard of Hirsch before and knew nothing of his credentials, which I discovered later was pretty extensive in film educational field, writing 16 books on the subject.  Pretty impressive, right?  Well, not for me.  I have to say that the few real film professors or historians that I've met or come across, they seem to like to teach their theories and ideas as fact.  And I have a problem with that.  Right in the beginning of the Adams Q&A, Hirsch mentions right away about the element of sexuality in the film.  When people kind of laughed it off, he brought up again, asking Adams if she saw that in the film.  He did this a couple of different times during the part of the Q&A before we left.
    Now here's where I have the issue.  I have no problem discussing films, talking about films, hearing someone's opinion, thoughts or even theories on them.  But when I hear someone say that their theory or idea is fact, then I have an issue.  Unless it is coming from the filmmakers themselves, then it is just that...YOUR opinion.  Doesn't mean it's wrong, but it doesn't mean it is right either.  And for you to tell people, and even worse, teach film students that your ideas and theories are fact, then I have a problem.
    That being said, it was great to see that film once again in 3D on the big screen, in a beautiful theater like the Patio.  That was our first time there, but I know it won't be our last.  Adams was very friendly was great to meet.

    We have posted our review of a great little book from BearManor Media, one that every newer horror fan should read.  Click HERE to find out why.

    We also have posted our reviews of two recent blu-ray releases, HANDS OF THE RIPPER from Synapse, and THE FLY ('58) from Fox.  Head over to our Review section to get all the details about these two releases.

    While it hasn't announced it's schedule yet, Chicago's other 24-hour horror movie marathon taking place on Oct. 19th at the Music Box, has added the following new titles to their marathon lineup:






    I have to say that I'm pretty excited to see THE BLACK ROOM, one of my favorite Karloff films, as well as seeing the silent version of THE FALL FO THE HOUSE OF USHER.  And how could seeing SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE on the big screen with a theater full of other horror fans not be a fun time?  For all the latest details on this event, just click HERE.

    Last year, we made a trip out to the Skyline Drive-in, which is just south of Indianapolis for 2-nights of classic drive-in movies.  We had planned to do it again this year, but the dates just didn't work out.  But now they have announced some of the titles that they are going to be screening throughout the month of October, and some of them are just jaw-dropping.  If we didn't have something planned every weekend in October, I would definitely be making the drive down for that.  I mean...Hammer at the Drive-In?!?!?!
    Now I'm not sure if some of these titles are playing on multiple nights or not since they have some titles listed with just one date and others with two dates.  But I'm sure if you contact them HERE you can get all the details.  But here is what is listed on their website:

Oct. 4th-5th

Oct. 11th-12th

Oct. 18th-19th

Oct. 25th-26th

    If you're in the San Pedro, CA area on October 19th, then you are one lucky person.  Because I would just LOVE to be able to attend this.  On the 19th, at the Warner Grand Theatre (478 W 6th Street), Varèse Sarabande Records is hosting a Halloween Concert Gala to celebrate their 35th anniversary.  With composer Steven Allen Fox and performed by the Golden State Pops Orchestra, they will perform some classic horror themes that have been released by Varèse Sarabande over the last 35 years, such as PSYCHO, HALLOWEEN, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, DRACULA, ALIEN, THE OMEN, and many more.  The concert will also include performances by composers like Marco Beltrami, John Debney, Christopher Young, Brian Tyler, and Nathan Barr, including several surprise guests.  For all the info, just click HERE.
    Movie music is such an important part of the movie going experience and is one that I personally don't think gets enough attention.  That is one of the reasons why we have a section on our site for soundtrack reviews, to hopefully point out these great works of music that really should be enjoyed and appreciated as much as the effects and the acting.

    This week's entry in our history lesson is someone that you are probably very familiar with, especially if you like Italian zombie movies, even though you might not even know his name or who he was.  But we're going to try and change that.  So let's get over to the classroom!

    And here I thought throwing this little gory bit from a slasher film would have the whole lot of you confused as to which film this was actually from.  Well...once again you people surprised me with all the correct answers sent in.  And it makes my heart swell to know that this film is admired and loved as much as it is...and rightly so!  The film is exactly what you think it is...PIECES!  Here are the scholars that sent in the correct answer:  Hoby Abernathy, Todd Barwick, Cate Cameron, Jerry Downing, David Greenwood, Chris Kinniery, Anna McKibben, Dustin Moravick, John Pata, Gavin Schmitt, and William Wilson.  Nice job!
    Of course, just because I thought I was going to stump more of you on that last one, going to have to be a real bastard (Bastard......BASTARD!!!) and go deep and pull out a real tough one.  Or is it....Might even get some hate mail on this one.  So take a good hard look and see what you can come up with.  Like always, just click HERE to send me your guess.  Good really might need it this time.

    Back in 2005, a guy wearing a Godzilla T-shirt came up to my table at the Flashback Weekend and we started to talk about reference books.  It seems this guy was in the beginning process of writing his own book on horror movies.  That man was Aaron Christensen and from that day forward, he would become one of my best friends and fellow movie fiend.  That book he was talking about then eventually turned in to Horror 101:  The A-List of Horror Films and Monster Movies, which I was lucky enough to be part of.  Jump ahead to 2013, a new book is now on the horizon, one that will be available very soon to the unwashed masses of horror fans out there.  This new one is entitled Hidden Horrors: A Celebration of 101 Underrated and Overlooked Fright Flicks.
    Compiling this list of 101 films and writers was no easy talk for AC, but he has come up with an amazing array of talent here that highlight some films that truly deserved to be seen by more people.  As AC mentions on the book's Facebook page, "101 horror films you need to see, selected by 101 horror fans you need to read."  That really says it all.
We are hoping to have this new title available sometime in November of this year.  So if you know any horror fans and need a great idea for a Christmas present...then look no further.  We will have details soon as to how and where you can get a hold of your own little copy.  So stay tuned.  In the meantime, you can go over to their Facebook page HERE.

    The official lineup for this year's Movieside Massacre has been posted, which we have listed below.  As always, they have a strong line up of both old and new films in there, with some very cool guests as well.  Of course, this all takes place at the Patio Theater in Chicago on October 12th, starting at noon.  There will be vendors, prizes, charity auctions and plenty of fun stuff to keep you entertained.  As always, we are looking forward to this event.  For all the latest details, check their Facebook page HERE.

  • Noon: Edison's FRANKENSTEIN (Silent with Live Organ)


  • 1:45pm - THE CASK OF AMONTILLADO (Short)

  • 2:00pm - THE TOMB OF LIGEIA

  • 3:45pm - MARTIN

  • 5:30pm - DEAD AND BURIED (Director Gary Sherman in person)

  • 7:30pm - Roger Corman 50's Trailer Competition

  • 8:15pm - APRIL FOOL'S DAY (Director Fred Walton in person)

  • 10:15pm - NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 2: FREDDY'S REVENGE (Star Mark Patton in person)

  • 12:15am - THE GATE

  • 1:45am - HELLRAISER 2

  • 3:30am - DEEP RED

  • 6:00am - WILD ZERO

  • 7:45am - SLITHER

  • 9:30am - FIST OF JESUS

  • 9:45am - ARMY OF DARKNES

    We recently came across this photo of two model kits from Quarantine Studios that really made me think about getting back into painting model kits.  Just take a look at the amazing work on these two.  Just incredible work here.  You can check out their website HERE or their Facebook page HERE.  For some reason, the ZOMBIE kit and BLIND DEAD kit don't seem to be listed or mentioned on their website.  But none the less, the are some talented people working on these, and major kudos for them putting out kits like these, instead of jumping on the whole zombie craze and putting out some more Walking Dead stuff.

    Regular visitors to this site have seen time and time again us posting about these all night horror marathons held at drive-in theaters, especially the Midway Drive-in out in Sterling.  I know it might sound redundant, but there really is something special about these kind of events.  If you are older movie fan like myself, then you might have those same great memories of going to the drive-in in your youth to see those double, triple, and even quadruple features there, and just having a lot of fun.  Last night, we drove over an hour out to Sterling to the Midway for their Horrorfest, where they screened FRIGHT NIGHT, DEATH RACE 2000, FRIDAY THE 13th Part 7, and BARN OF THE NAKED DEAD.  Sure, we could have watched everyone one of those movies at home, in great quality DVDs, in a nice comfortable chair, and not had to try to stay awake on the drive home.  But that isn't what it is about.  It is about a large group of movie fans coming out for these types of events, taking about movies with each other, creating some great movie memories with friends and family.  And the Midway is one of those that really understands that and strives to continue that.  We really hope that they are one of the winners in the Project Drive-in, which ended their 2nd round yesterday, and will be announcing the top 4 who are going to win a new digital projector starting tomorrow.  Hopefully all of the fans of the Midway and Flashback Weekend voted over and over again to make this happen.  Because each time we've gone out to the Midway, it has always been a great time and I would hate for that to end.
    My whole point of this is encourage movie fans to take the time to attend these types of events when you can.  Sure, sometimes it might going out of your way to see something you own yourself on DVD, but it is not the same.  Not only do you show the people putting them on that it is worth all of their time and trouble, but it will also give you some great movie memories, some that you can share with your friends and family, or maybe even meet other like minded horror fans and just have a great time chatting in between the movies.  Trust me, driving home this morning at 5am after staying awake all night watching movies wasn't the easiest thing to do.  But it was more than worth it.  And would do it again in a heartbeat.
    So thank you Mike and Mia and the rest of your crew that run the Midway for giving me more than a few great movie memories over the years, and really, really hope that you continue to do so many years to come.

    Now we haven't seen Argento's latest film yet, even though we've heard plenty of reviews of it, we still want to see it for ourselves.  But no matter how the quality of the film is, I am absolutely in love with this poster art that was made for the film.  It really brings back the memories of the old school approach to poster art, when it was actually "art"!  Even if the movie is a total bust, I would love to have one of these in my poster collection.  So major kudos out to the one out there that gave the okay for this thing to be made, and to the artist that created it.  Well done!

    Are you familiar with the Hammer film DEMONS OF THE MIND?  Well, first of all, you should be.  But if you're not, and would like to find out more about this highly underrated film, then just wait until the issue # 31 of Little Shoppe of Horrors comes out.  Hammer scholar Bruce G. Hallenback once again tackles the feature article, giving us all the information about the making of the film we could want.  This issue will include interivews with the producer Frank Godwin, director Peter Sykes, actors Robert Hardy, Shane Briant, and Virginia Wetherell, and much, much more.
    Each issue of LSoH is like a mini book, packed filled with information about these films that we must keep alive.  Besides the DEMONS coverage, there is also the making of TROG, one on the making of censorship of William Castle's outing with Hammer, the remake of THE OLD DARK HOUSE, plus much, much more.
    For all the information, head over to their website HERE.  Or you can follow their progress on Facebook HERE.

    Oscar winning makeup effects artist Chris Walas has been announced as the first guest for next year's Wonderfest Hobby Expo.  Walas created the amazing and awarding effects for Cronenberg's THE FLY, as well as directing the sequel.  Of course, that is only a small part of this man's amazing career.  He was at one of the Wonderfest shows years ago, so since this will be their 25th Anniversary show, I'm thinking it is going to be a special one.  We are planning to be back there once again.  For more info, head over to their website HERE.

    This week's lesson is about a character known for playing different ethnicities, but also appeared along side some of the genre's greatest.  Head over to our classroom to find out more.

    Okay folks, our photo from last week was from the movie EVENT HORIZON.  I guess more people recognized that twisted face of Sam Neil.  Here are the ones that sent in the correct answer:  Hoby Abernathy, Todd Barwick, Nick Johns, Chris Kinniery, Jason Kretten, Kevin Matthews, Dustin Moravick, Gavin Schmitt, and William Wilson.  Well done, people.
    Now on to this week's.  We're going to go with one that is quite a bit harder.  Or is it?  Might come to you right away, or maybe it's not the one your thinking.  But do your best.

    We made our return from the recent HorrorHound show in Indianapolis. It is just amazing how that show has grown over the years. Hard to believe it has been 6 years since they started these things and now they are just huge.  Must be doing something right. But we did get some photos taken while there and will (hopefully) have our report up before too long. But I have to say that what I enjoyed the most at this show was seeing and hanging out with our friends at the show. Really great times.  And a special shout out to Jockomo's Pizza for letting about 30 of us crazy horror fans crash their establishment on Saturday night.  Not only did they not throw us out, but worked really hard at accommodating us.  This is an amazing place for pizza when you are in Indy.  Tell the manager there the crazy horror guys from Chicago sent you there!
    But HorrorHound has already starting to announce some guests for their Spring Show in Cincinnati, on March 21st-23rd.  Looks like Norman Reedus will be making his return to this show, making that 3 years in a row.  I wonder if his autograph price will go up another $10 like it has over the last couple of years.  Wonders never cease.  But they have announced some guests that I think is a brilliant idea, some very talented people that I don't think get enough credit...the composers.  Harry Manfredini, Alan Howarth, and Richard Band will be at the show, and I've heard rumors it isn't stopping there.  So that is going to be one panel that I'm going to want to sit in on.

    In a few short weeks, we will be making our trip out to Strongsville Ohio for the 24th time.  That's right...this will be the Wasteland's 24th show.  And we are pretty excited about this one.  Not only do we have a reunion of Wes Craven's THE HILLS HAVE EYES, but also the director of the cult classic THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN, writer & director William Sachs will be there.  Not to mention other guests, plenty of film screenings, and tons of more stuff going on that make the Wasteland what it is.  Check out their website HERE for all the details and we hope to see you there.

    On September 3rd, Spanish director José Ramón Larraz passed away. While he started his career as a comic book writer and illustrator, who moved from Spain to France and Belgium, as well as the UK. He got into filmmaking after being inspired by Josef von Sternberg. His first film was called WHIRLPOOL, made in 1970. But it was his film SYMPTOMS, starring Angela Pleasence, that really got him noticed. The film even played at Cannes. The editor of that film, Brian Smedley-Aston, would produce Larraz's next film, which would probably become his most famous, the 1974 film VAMPYRES (see our review HERE).  While his later films might not have made the impact or had the quality of SYMPTOMS or VAMPYRES, it didn't take away from Larraz's talent.
    In 2009 at the Sitges Film Festival, he was given a honorary award for his work.  He was 84 years old.  Because of his work in films, he definitely will not be forgotten.  Our thoughts go out to his friends and family.

    A little while ago, we posted our review of the indy film SADER RIDGE, which you can see by clicking HERE.  It seems that this entertaining film has been picked up for distribution and has been re-titled to THE INVOKING.  So make sure you are on the look out for this under the new title.  If you get the chance to see it, I would highly recommend it.

    Hemlock Books has published some very cool books on Hammer films over the last few years.  But if you are in the USA, getting them from the UK can be a bit pricey, if only for the postage.  But now, Midnight Marquee are putting out their own editions of some of the Hemlock books.  These are the ones that were written by Hammer scholar Bruce G. Hallenbeck.  And best of all, they are doing these at some very reasonable prices.  Right now, you can get the below titles for either $15 each, or all three of them for a mere $40!  So you can get these 3 great books for the same price of one typical paperback edition of a McFarland book!  How is that for a deal?  Now I haven't read all three of these, but have read the Vampire title (read our review HERE) and highly recommend it.  To order your own copy, head over to Midnight Marquee's website HERE.



    Well, the first 5 drive-ins were picked in the Project Drive-in and the Midway out in Sterling was not one of them.  But wait...Honda has announced they are giving away 4 more digital projectors.  So PLEASE...let's make this happen for the Midway.  Please go to this LINK and place your vote for the Midway.  Even if you're not in the area, or even the country, consider it a personal favor to me to help save this great drive-in.  You can vote once a day and also you can vote once a day by texting "Vote80" to 444999.  So you can actually vote TWICE a day.  PLEASE help save this drive-in.
    And while on the subject of the Midway Drive-in, if you want to know why I am so adamant about saving this particular one, come out there next Saturday to find out why.  Saturday the 21st, they will be having their From Dusk To Dawn HorrorFest, featuring 4 classic titles.  The gates open at 7pm and admission is only $10 for adults and $5 for children.  We've been out to the Midway countless times for these kind of events and they are just a blast.  So please come out, show your support of this drive-in, these kind of events, not to mention just having a great time.  For all the details head over to their website by clicking HERE.  And again...PLEASE VOTE!
    Here are the titles they have lined up for us:

  • FRIGHT NIGHT - The original one starring the immortal Roddy McDowell.  Lots of fun with this one.

  • DEATH RACE 2000 - If you have never seen this movie, it really is one of the best cult movies ever made.  And having the chance to see it at the drive-in makes it even better.

  • FRIDAY THE 13th 7: THE NEW BLOOD - Probably one of the best looking make-ups for Jason in the series, and the first one for Kane Hodder.

  • BARN OF THE NAKED DEAD - Wow...This is a great little sleaze title starring Andrew Prine as a demented circus owner.  Not the greatest movie, but one that definitely was made for the drive-in.

    There as been plenty of updates going on since our last update on the two different 24-hour horror movie marathons taking place next month in Chicago.  The first one, The Movieside Massacre, which is taking place on Oct. 12th at the Patio Theatre, has added Dario Argento's DEEP RED to the lineup.  Since Goblin will be playing in town that Sunday night, they felt they needed to pay a little tribute to them.  And what a great way to do it!  They have also added DEAD & BURIED to the film lineup, with director Gary Sherman attending.  And joining Sherman and previously announced guest director Fred Walton will be actor Mark Patton, star of NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 2.  They also will be screening NIGHTMARE 2 during the marathon as well.  Click HERE for the latest info.
    Then the following week at the Music Box of Horrors show, taking place on the 19th at (of course) the Music Box Theatre, they have added another very famous giallo from another famous Italian director, Mario Bava's TWITCH OF THE DEATH NERVE.  Having the chance to see a film like this on the big screen, from a new print even, is an event you don't want to miss.  This film inspired so many slasher films of the '70s and '80s and is just an great film.  They have also added William Girdler's THE MANITOU as well.  Nice to see Girdler getting a little attention.  For the latest details on this event, just click HERE.
    We are planning to be at both marathons, which is going to be another test of endurance, but we are up for the challenge.

    If you are into podcasts, this please check out this one, which is done by some friends of the Krypt.  They are always set up at the HorrorHound Weekend shows, recording interviews and whatnot throughout the weekend.  They were gracious enough to have me on there on Sunday, which has now been posted on their site, which you can get to by clicking HERE.  But they are a lot of fun and filled with great interviews and some interesting entertainment news.  Check them out.

    This week's lesson might be a familiar face if you are a fan of Spanish horror from the '70s.  So head over the classroom to learn more.

    Last week's photo was of the lovely and sexy Brigitte Lahaie from Jean Rollin's FASCINATION, a much underrated film.  But we did get a few people that recognized those eyes.  They were Damien Glonek, David Greenwood, Kevin Mattews, Billy Nocera, and William Wilson.  Well done.
    This week's photo isn't as nice to look at as the one from last week.  But maybe you'll recognize it anyway.  Just click HERE to send in your answer.  And as always, good luck.

    Now the fun really starts.  Granted, we had a pretty busy August, with 2 conventions, a birthday party, tattoo party, and somehow making it home this morning at 5am from an all-night drive-in marathon.  But it looks like September is going to be just as crazy, and just as fun.  As I've been posting here all month, we have a lot of events scheduled coming up, with another all-night horror movie marathon at the Midway Drive-In, the special 3D screening of CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, as well as HorrorHound Weekend, which is NEXT weekend, it is going to be another horror-fun-filled month.  And then it really gets crazy in October!!!!  Can't wait.  So hopefully you've already started making that calendar out with all the great events going on in the next couple of months.  We hope to see some of you out there at them as well, supporting them.  We are one big happy horror family and we need to support each other and these events to make sure they continue!

    For those soldiers that have been fighting in the trenches all year, or if anybody that is still on the fence of participating in our little monthly challenges, one of you lucky ones out there are going to win a slug.  Pretty exciting, huh?  But this isn't just any ordinary slug, but a reproduction of an alien killer slug (thanks to DWN Productions) from Fred Dekker's NIGHT OF THE CREEPS, signed by Mr. Dekker himself.  Yes, this could be yours, just by watching a couple of horror movies a month.  Sounds pretty easy, doesn't it?  Need more info?  Just head over to our Kryptic Army page for more details.  You still have 4 months that you can join in for.  You can always email me if you have any questions that can't be answered there.  I'm here to help.

    We have FINALLY gotten our report posted for the Wonderfest show that took place way back in May.  But it is now up and posted, with plenty of photos of some awesome kits.  But we ALSO have our report from the more recent Flashback Weekend show posted as well, with plenty of photos from that show as well.  So head over to our Convention Report section and check them out.

    In our last update, we mentioned about all these new horror reference books that are coming out, proving that if this is a dying medium, it is not going away quietly.  But while we doing some research on these books, we noticed that there were quite a few that were coming from the same publisher, one called BearManor Media.  The more we looked into their site, we released that we already had a few of their books in our own Kryptic Library.  Not only do they have a great selection of books on different movies and the people that made them, but even better that they all seemed to be very reasonably priced.  Instead of the over top prices some publishers ask, like $40 to $50 for a paperback edition from McFarland, but from the ones that I looked at, most of the titles were around $20 to $25 each.  So we wanted to give them a special shout out for their hard work in getting books like this published and out to the fans.
    Plus, as you can see from the titles below, they have a wide variety of subjects, from cult directors and movies, to more mainstream ones, as well as some from the classic era.  They also have those wonderful script books from  Philip J. Riley.  So when you get a second, head over to their website (HERE) and check out some of the interesting titles they have.  I'm sure no matter what your interests are, you will probably be able to find a couple of titles to add to your Want List.



    Hard to believe that Nox Arcana has been producing some great atmospheric soundscapes for 10 years now.  To help celebrate this milestone, the band is releasing a new album entitled "Legion of Shadows", which is dedicated to their fans.  According to Vargo, because of the support of the fans over the years, he wanted to "create an album that was entirely dedicated to Nox Arcana's fans,, our very own Legions of Shadows."  He goes on to say that his goal for them "has always been to create music from the shadows for creatures of the night, and I wanted this album to really reflect all aspects of this mindset.  There will be a variety of dark anthems with a theme that centers around the mysteries of the night an d it's various haunted denizens, with an underlying story about lost love, melancholy memories of ghosts from the past, and forlorn souls who are empowered by embracing the darkness within."
    We've been a big fan of Vargo's and Nox Arcana's work over the years (just check out soundtrack review section) and am excited to hear their newest project.  Even more so since Vargo stated that this new release will feature his gothic version of Bach's famous Toccata and Fugue.  We are very intrigued.  The CD will be released later on this year.  Stay tuned for details.

    We already know that the Music Box has announced this year's 24-hour marathon, Music Box of Horrors, will be taking place on October 19th, starting at noon.  They haven't announced any more movie titles since our last update, but we'll keep watching.  But their fall schedule has been released which features some other interesting titles for some matinees, midnight screenings and other show.  Here are some of the ones that we found interesting.   You can see their whole schedule on their website HERE.

  • Sept. 13th & 14th - the original FRIDAY THE 13th will be screening at midnight.

  • Oct. 11th - Jim Mickle's WE ARE WHAT WE ARE opens

  • Oct. 25th to the 31st - Roman Polanski's ROSEMARY'S BABY will be playing from a newly digital restoration

  • Oct. 27th - They will be screening the original 1953 WAR OF THE WORLDS, plus excepts of Orson Well's famous radio broadcast.

  • Nov. 1st & 2nd - THE VISITOR - This is one crazy film with an all star cast.

  • Nov. 9th - Fans of stop motion animation are going to want to check out the original LOST WORLD (1925) featuring the amazing work of Willis O'Brien

    Earlier this month, we were invited to be on the Horror Happens Radio show, hosted by Jay K.  You can listen to the archived interview by clicking HERE, or any of his past shows.  He constantly has tons of different guests from the genre field.  Check it out.

   Well, now that September is here, I guess it is time to get back to the classroom to learn more of your Horror History.  So let's get to the classroom and get started.

    Last week's photo was taken from brilliantly visual piece of work of Mariano Baino's 1993 film DARK WATERS.  Truly an underrated film.  Wish more people showed the style shown in this movie.  But kudos to the following for sending in the correct answer:  Hoby Abernathy, Todd Barwick, Chris Kinniery, Gavin Schmitt, Gert Verbeeck, and Will Wilson.  Well done.
    But let us get to this week's photo.  Just gaze into those eyes and see if you can tell what movie they are from.  Some it might be pretty easy.  Others...not so much.  Just click HERE to send in your answer.  Good luck.

    Most people don't think of the horror genre when they think of Julie Harris.  In fact, a lot of people have considered her one of the first ladies of the American theater, from her career that has spanned over 50 years of both on stage and on screen.  He had been nominated for 10 Tony Awards, winning 5 of them, one of those was for the play "The Lark", in which she co-starred with Boris Karloff.  She was even nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress for her role in the 1952 film THE MEMBER OF THE WEDDING.
    But to me, Harris will always been known for her role of the quiet and nervous Eleanor Lance in Robert Wise's 1963 masterpiece, THE HAUNTING.  It is because of Harris' performance that the film is so terrifying.  Because of her, we feel the terror and the tension, never knowing what is really going on.  But because she plays her character so well, she sucks us into the movie as if we were standing beside her.  So it was sad news to hear that she passed away yesterday.  She really was a great talent that we lost.  We may not know where she has gone now, but I'm pretty sure she is definitely not walking alone.  Our thoughts go out to her friends and family.  She will be missed, but not forgotten.

    Okay, maybe I wasn't paying attention when the news of this first broke, but since I am just finding out about it, I'm going to post it here since maybe there area  few out there like me that missed it as well.  But it seems that Criterion will be releasing the much sought-after 1944 movie THE UNINVITED on Blu-ray coming this October 22nd.  This is a new 2K digital restoration that I can only imagine how beautiful it is going to look.  The disc will also feature a visual essay by filmmaker Michael Almereyda, two radio adapatations, one from 1944 and the second from 1949, which both star Ray Milland.  There is also a trailer and a booklet with an essay by critic Farran Smith Nehme, along with an interview with the director of the film, Lewis Allen, that was done back in 1997.  The SRP for this disc will be $29.95.
    Next to THE HAUNTING, this one is right up there with the best of them.  Very creepy, well written and performed, and definitely a must see for all horror fans.  So make sure you put this one your list of DVDs to buy.  it will be worth it.  Guaranteed.

    Who would have ever thought that one might be able to pick up the soundtrack for the 1989 Italian cheese-fest known as KILLER CROCODILE?  But now, thanks to the fine folks at Kronos Records, you will be finally be able to have your very own copy of Riz Ortolani's score for this great little schlock fest.  That is the one thing I love about these small labels, like Kronos, who are not afraid to take the time and money to release a soundtrack from a little cult film like KILLER CROCODILE.  I know we'll be adding it to our collection in the very near future.
    If you're interested, you better act fast since there are only 500 copies being made.  So head over to Screen Archives Entertainment and place your order now!

    We have posted our review of The Hammer Vampire by Bruce G. Hallenbeck.  Head over to our Library Section to read the review of this great book.

    Once again, I am amazed at the number of books that are coming out that have to do with the horror, sci-fi, and or fantasy film genres.  It really is getting hard to even attempt to keep up with all of them.  It seems a lot of them are going the small press or self publishing route.  But if that is the way to get your book out there, then more power to you!  As we've said time and time again, there really is so much more you can learn about the genre just by doing a little reading.  It will open so many gateways to so many great movies that are just out there waiting for you to discover.
    So here are a few titles that we've recently come across on the web.  We don't own any of these, so we don't know really anything about them other than they look pretty interesting to me.  Once we add them to our collection, then we will be able to pass on some better and more detailed info on them.  So stay tuned.


    Our photo from last week was from the classic film CARNIVAL OF SOULS.  Such a great and haunting piece of cinema.  Got quite a few this week that sent in the correct answer.  They were:  Hoby Abernathy, Cate Cameron, Aaron Christensen, Craig Clark, Ken Johnson, Adam Knabe, Doug Lamoreux, John Pata, Mike Shields, George Sourile, Wayne Teeter, and Will Wilson.  Well done, people, well done.
    But let's get to this week's photo.  Are were going to go with something a little more obscure?  Pretty obvious?  Too easy, too hard?  I guess you'll have to take a look and see.  Good luck.  Just click HERE to send in your answer.

    For the second year now, I've had a little get-together to celebrate my birthday, as well as the drive-in movie experience in our backyard.  Being die-hard movie fans, there is nothing better than getting together with friends and family and just having a good time watching some fun movies.  And last night was no different.  A huge thanks to my friends that came out to help me celebrate.  I got to expose them to a couple of movies that most of them had never seen before, ZAAT and STING OF DEATH, two Florida made movies featuring some of the finest in low budget horrors.  Well, damn entertaining ones at least.
    It is times like these that I once again realize just how special my life is that I have so many incredible friends and family.  Thank you for making the trip out to the 'burbs for this.  A special thanks to my son Nick who busted his ass not only helping to get the house cleaned, but also working in the kitchen for the massive corn dog frying that went on.  But no words can describe my gratitude to my wife Dawn for creating what has to be the world's first (and probably last) birthday cake featuring the characters from both of these movies.  The hours she put into creating these guys out of rice crispy treats, covering them with fondant and then painting them, all for a birthday cake, is just beyond words.  Yes, I know....I am one lucky SOB.

    Last weekend was the Flashback Weekend and we had one hell of a time.  There was a great crowd all three days with plenty of fans roaming around.  We'll have our usual write up, with plenty of photos posted at some point.  I know we're still working on our Wonderfest report, which is about 2 months past due(!) but we'll get caught up at some point.  Just stay tuned.

    While on the subject of Flashback and drive-ins, in case you didn't know, Mike and Mia Kerz who run the show, also own and operate the Midway Drive-in out in Sterling, IL.  We've been out there countless times over the last few years when they have their all night horror marathons. seeing some amazing stuff like the original EVIL DEAD, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, NEAR DARK, MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN, THE TOWN THE DREADED SUNDOWN, RE-ANIMATOR, Carpenter's THE THING, and quite a few more.  There really is nothing like seeing some classic horror films at the drive-in.  But after this year, new movies will be only available in digital format, which means the theaters that don't convert won't be able to show movies.  And this "new" system is not cheap, running around $100,000.  But all hope is not lost.
    Honda is going to be giving away 5 digital systems to 5 different drive-in theaters, depending on who gets the most votes.  So this is where you come in.  Just go to Project Drive-In and place your vote for the Midway Drive-in, located in Sterling, IL.  You can vote once per day, so make sure you go back after day until the contest ends.  This doesn't cost you a dime, but can help keep this American institution open for years to come.  So please take a couple of minutes of each of your day to vote for the Midway.  We use to go to the drive-in when I was a kid, and have been lucky enough to take my son to them as well.  But we want to make sure they are still around for the next generation.

    Now if you needed a reason to be voting for the Midway, then here it is.  On Saturday, Sept. 21st, the Midway Drive-in will be hosting another horror movie marathon.  So far, they have only announced two titles, H.G. Lewis' TWO THOUSAND MANIACS and FRIGHT NIGHT (yes, the original).   Now, I honestly couldn't think of a better movie to see at the drive-in than Lewis' classic movie.  And I'm sure whatever other title or titles they list will be entertaining as well.  So mark you calendar and make sure you come out and not only support this drive-in, but also you will have a fantastic time.  We will see you there.  For any updates about this show, head over to their website HERE.  They don't have the event listed on their site yet, but I'm sure will be up very soon.

    We were very sad to hear the passing of Karen Black last week.  She was always such a joy to watch on screen, no matter what type of movie she was in.  While she might have considered some of the movies she appeared in as horror films, we all knew what titles like BURNT OFFERINGS and TRILOGY OF TERROR really were, and she was great in them none the less.  Black was one of those actresses that was immediately recognizable when she appeared on screen.  Starting her career on stage in 1965, she made the move to movies a short time after.  Even getting a nomination for her role in FIVE EASY PIECES.  My first memory of her, though I didn't remember it at the time, was the episode in the TV series Ghost Story that she appeared in.
    She was diagnosed with ampullary cancer near the end of 2010, but thought she had gotten rid of it, even being declared cancer free the following year.  But as we all know, the big C is not that easy to get rid of and likes to come back.  According to the reports from her husband, she outlasted longer than any of the doctors had told her she would, just going to show just how strong of a person she was.  But she lost that battle back on Aug. 8th.  Our thoughts go out to her friends and family.  And as we like to say, she may be gone, but because of the incredible work that she did, she will definitely not be forgotten.

    UNEARTHED & UNTOLD: THE PATH TO PET SEMATARY, the new documentary on one of the best King adaptations, has posted their official trailer for it up on their Facebook page, which  you can get to by clicking HERE.  If you want to see the trailer, just click HERE.  But from what we can see, this looks like it is going to be a very interesting one, covering quite a bit about the film.  We are really looking forward to it.

    One movie memory from my childhood was watching THE FROZEN DEAD on TV late one night.  I couldn't remember the whole movie, but did remember certain scenes, like the wall of arms, or the soldiers that could only do one task, like comb their hair over and over again.  But the disembodied head stayed with me for a long time.  Don't know what I'm talking about?  That is maybe because this movie never got an official DVD release (or even a decent VHS release for that matter).  Until now.  Warner Archives has announced that THE FROZEN DEAD is now available, in a newly re-mastered print.  It is a great movie?  Not by any means.  But with Dana Andrews as a Nazi doctor hiding out after the war continuing his experiments with trying to make the super soldier, and with body parts a plenty hanging around, it is a lot of fun.  You can get it from Warner Archives for less than $20, or you can wait until they have big sales, like on Black Friday, where they usually do 5 titles for $50.  Keep in mind, these are DVD-R's that are made to order.  But I have gotten a few them over the last few years and have never been disappointed with the quality.

    Every FRIDAY THE 13th fan out there is probably anxiously awaiting the release of the new documentary on the FRIDAY series called CRYSTAL LAKE MEMORIES.  But did you know that if you pre-order the disc from the official site, you will get a bonus disc that contains around 4 hours of extended interview material of the cast and crew from the whole movie and TV series.  You can only get this disc when you pre-order it.  The regular release is already over 6 hours long, so now you can get even more.  The pre-order price is only $29.95, and I have to say for that many hours of information, somewhere over 10 hours worth, that is a pretty good deal.  If you're a fan of the series, it really is a no-brainer.  For all the info, head over to the official website by clicking HERE.

    This time of year, there are always a ton of great special screenings going on in the Chicagoland area, which makes one of the few times that I'm glad to be in this area.  So once again, it comes down to marking off the calendar with all the great stuff going on to make sure we make as many as we can.  So besides the Midway Dusk To Dawn show we mentioned above, here are a few other events that will be happening in the next couple months.

  • DRIVE-IN MASSACRE - On Aug. 30th & 31st, Movieside will be hosting a 4-movie marathon at the McHenry Drive-in.  They will be screening MONSTER SQUAD (with director Fred Dekker in person), Lucio Fulci's ZOMBIE, SLEEPAWAY CAMP and finally HOUSE OF EXORCISM.  For all the info, click HERE.

  • CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON 3-D SCREENING - The Patio Theater will be hosting 2 special 3D screenings of the last of the great Universal classic monster films, featuring probably one of the best man-in-a-suit monsters ever!  The star of the film, Julie Adams, will be in attendance.  The screenings will take place on Saturday, Sept. 28th, with the first screening at 2pm and 7pm, with the doors opening an hour before each screening for a chance for autographs and picture taking.  Following each screening will be a Q&A with Adams.  We checked with the theater and the entrance fee includes an autograph signing with Adams.  Can't be that!  If you haven't had the chance to see this film screened in 3D you really don't want to miss this chance.  It is incredible.  For more information about the event, click HERE.

  • MOVIESIDE MASSACRE - We had mentioned this event before (click HERE) but they have added a few more titles to the event.  Come to this marathon, taking place at the Patio Theater on Oct. 12th, and you will have the rare chance to see Edison's 1910 silent film FRANKENSTEIN, with a live organ accompaniment.  Plus, they have also added the great little gem of a movie, THE GATE, along with George Romero's MARTIN.  Special guest Fred Walton, director of APRIL FOOL'S DAY (which is also screening) and WHEN A STRANGE CALLS, will be there.  Pre-sale tickets are only $20, or $28 at the day of the show.  For all the info, head over to their Facebook page HERE.

  • MUSIC BOX OF HORRORS - What is better than a 24-hour horror movie marathon?  TWO 24-hour horror movie marathons!  Taking place on Oct. 19th at the Music Box Theatre, they have announced their 24-hour marathon with some of the movie titles and their guests.  Directors William Lustig and David Schmoeller will be there each presenting one of their movies.  For Lustig, it will be a new restoration of MANIAC COP 2, and for Schmoeller, it will be his film CRAWLSPACE, starring the notorious Klaus Kinski.  Other films announced so far are CHILD'S PLAY, NIGHT MONSTER (starring Bela Lugosi and Lionel Atwill), POSSESSION (a must see film that will leave you speechless), and TERRORVISION.  Now last year, we were told that some of the guests would not be charging for autographs which turned out to be false.  So we're not sure about this event.  We'll be checking with the theatre, but again, what they told us last year didn't happen.  So we'll have to see.  Tickets for this event are $30 if you buy them before 9/15.  At the day of the show, they will be $40.

    While this isn't in the Chicago area, we will want to point out some cool movies being screened up north in Oshkosh, WI at the Time Community Theater.  They have some great titles being screened starting in Oct. and running through Dec.  Titles such as NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD,  both FRANKENSTEIN & BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, NIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST, BEAST FROM HAUNTED CAVE, and even SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS!  For all the details, head over to HERE.

    Well, it has been a couple of weeks since our last photo.  So you're all probably wondering what crazy movie that shot was that has a T-Rex battling a steam shovel.  Well, it is from the film DINOSAURAS!  You have to make sure you add that little ! to the title.  Not the most well known dinosaur movie, but one that is a lot of fun, especially if you enjoy some good old fashion stop-animation.  A big kudos out to the following that sent in the correct answer:  Todd Barwick, Aaron Christensen, Bill Harrison, Chris Kinniery, Doug Lamoreux, Erik Martin, Gavin Schmitt, and Mike Shields.  Well done!
    Now for these week's photo, going with something a little more atmospheric.  Take a peek and see if you can recognize where this little shot is from.  Good luck.  Click HERE to send in your answer.

8-2-13  OKAY...SO I LIED
    Yeah I know I said there wouldn't be an update for the next two weeks, but there were a few things I wanted to point out that I didn't think could wait, mainly because most of them take place this month.  But before that, in less than an hour, we'll be heading off to St. Louis for the Con-tamination convention, making our first appearance there.  We're looking forward to seeing some old friends, making plenty of new ones, and just having a good time.  They've got some great names in their guest list, including the incredible and iconic Andrew Prine, who is a huge favorite of mine.  We had the chance to interview him a few years ago, who just had some great stories, so we're looking to having another nice chat with him.  If you're coming out to the show, please make sure you stop by our table and say hello.
    Okay...let's get on with the news that couldn't wait.

    We have posted our reviews of a couple of movies, one old and one new.  The newer one is for the recent THE CONJURING by Joseph Bishara.  The older one is for Charles Bernstein's score for CUJO.  Head over to our Soundtrack Reviews section to read more.

    Well, it didn't take long for the fine folks from Movieside to announce its first guest for this year's marathon.  They had already scheduled the '80s slasher film APRIL FOOD'S DAY, so why not invite the director Fred Walton to attend!  Walton also directed the well known WHEN A STRANGER CALLS, a film that terrified more than a few babysitters.  For all the info on this event, head over to their Facebook page by clicking HERE.

    I'm sure all of you Chicago area people are already counting the days down to The Drive-In Massacre taking place at the McHenry Drive-in on August 30th & 31st.  Right?  Good.  They have just added a fourth feature, HOUSE OF EXORCISM, which is the re-edited version, along with some new footage, of Mario Bava's LISA AND THE DEVIL.  This feature, along with ZOMBIE, SLEEPAWAY CAMP and MONSTER SQUAD, is going to be one hell of a night at the drive-in.  Plus, don't forget, MONSTER SQUAD director Fred Dekker will also be joining the fun!  For all the information, head over to their Facebook page HERE.

    Then while on the subject of drive-in theaters, the Skyline Drive-In, located just south of Indianapolis, has announced their Super Monster Movie Fest 2013.  We went there last year for their Movie Fest and had a blast.  We were all set to go this year, but they moved their date a little earlier than expected.  So now we're not sure, but are still putting some serious thought into make the trip.  Here's what they have lined up for their two night all-night marathons:

Friday, Aug. 23rd:


  • THE VAMPIRE- Mexican Vampires from the '50s...first to show fangs!

  • THE DEVIL'S COMMANDMENT - Directed by Riccardo Freda

  • THE BLACK CAT - Lucio Fulci Fun!

  • NOCTURNA - Starring Yvonne DeCarlo & John Carradine as Dracula

Saturday, Aug. 24th

  • THE SHE-CREATURE (Roger Corman classic)

  • THE CREATURE WITH THE BLUE HAND - Starring Klaus Kinski

  • SCREAMS OF A WINTER NIGHT - Late 70's low budget anthology

  • HOUSE OF EXORCISM - Re-edited version, with new footage, version of Mario Bava's LISA AND THE DEVIL

  • DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS - Atmospheric and somber female vampire film

    The admission for each night is only $10 per person, and all are being screened from 35mm prints.  Take a second to let this sink in for a minute....getting to see films like THE VAMPIRE or Corman's THE SHE-CREATURE at a drive-in theater.  And the best part is now you can camp there over night for FREE!  Last year we had gotten a hotel room, but this is making it even more tempting for us to make the trip again.  And...if things haven't changed, to entice you even more, at their snack bar,  you can get bacon on pretty much anything you want!!!!  Plus, it might be a little warmer than it was for us last year at the end of September!  For all the information, just click HERE.

7-28-13  IT'S SHOW TIME!
    Well, almost.  We have two conventions the next two weekends, so we won't be having an update.  Or if we do, it would be on the following Monday, if we survive the weekends!  Next week we are heading to St. Louis for our first appearance at the Contamination Def-Con 4 show.  Looks to be a lot of fun and even better since we'll be able to hang out with some of our regular convention friends as well as meet some new fans and followers down there.
    In fact, we don't even have that much of an update again this week, mainly because we've been working on a special project for the Contamination show.  The promoters of the show  has some how been convinced to let me to a little presentation during the show, giving me the chance to really get up on my soapbox!  No, don't rants about autograph prices and the like.  Just some tips about Discovering the Horror.  So if you're coming out to the show, we would love to have you stop in for it.  Not sure when it will be, but we will have flyers for it at our table.  And there will be prizes!  So looking forward to it hope to see some followers of the site there at the show either way.
    Then the following weekend we'll be back here in Chicago for the Flashback Weekend for another fun time.  I have to say while I've seen the cast of DAWN OF THE DEAD and Romero a few times over the years, I know my son Nick is VERY excited to meet the cast, since DAWN is one of his favorite movies.  And I'm more than a little giddy to meet Judy Geeson.  Plus, any chance we get to hang out with our Chicago horror friends is always a fun time.  Hope you see some decent crowds at both of these shows.

    Movieside has not only set a date for this year's Massacre (now being called The Movieside Massacre), but they have also found a new home for it after the strange demise of the Portage Theater.  This time the 24-hour movie madness will be held at the Patio Theatre, located at 6008 W. Irving Park Rd, in Chicago.  The date for this onslaught of horror goodness is from noon on October 12th until noon on the 13th.  So far, here are some of the films that they have announced:

  • FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN - A Universal Classic that every horror fan should see

  • THE TOMB OF LIGEIA - One of the later Roger Corman / Vincent Price films...isn't that reason enough to see it?

  • APRIL FOOL'S DAY - Horror fun from the '80s.

  • HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER 2 - The last good HELLRAISER film.

  • WILD ZERO - Crazy Japanese zombie movie starring Guitar Wolf

  • SLITHER - A very HIGHLY underrated horror/comedy

  • ARMY OF DARKNESS - Do we even need to say anything?

    While this does take place the same weekend that Goblin is playing at the Metro that Sunday evening, I know us die hard fans will be there to tackle both of them.  But the strange thing is that I had heard that the other theater known to also have a 24-hour horror movie marathon had picked that same date for their show as well.  We can only hope that that changes since I would be more than happy to have two 24-hour marathons two consecutive weekends or even in the same month.  So we'll see what happens.  But I really hope they don't make us horror fans choose between the two.

    Anybody that loves monster movies, especially the ones that aren't total CGI creations, whether they are old or new movies, definitely wants to get a copy of this new documentary.  Head over to our Reviews page to learn more.

    This week's lesson is about one of these 'men in suits', and is one that everyone should know who they were.  So head over to the classroom to learn more about this actor and his unique talent.

    Our photo last week was another film from the same company that made our previous Mystery Photo.  Well, technically.  Last week's photo was from THE CITY OF THE DEAD (aka HORROR HOTEL), which was produced by Max Rosenberg and Milton Subotsky, who would shortly form Amicus Productions.  But CITY is an amazingly atmospheric piece of film.  One of those great examples of when black and white films can work.  Congrats out to the ones that sent in the correct answer:  Hoby Abernathy, Humberto Amador, Dan Brenneis, Aaron Christensen, Dave Friedman, William Harrison, Gavin Schmitt, and Mike Shields.
    Now let's get to this week's photo and see if it is as easy as the last couple.  This one might not be a tough one, but it is a fun one.  Click HERE to send in your answer.  Good Luck.

    You know, the same time we were updating our site last week, especially the SALUTE part, the news was breaking about Lianne 'Spiderbaby' MacDougall who had been busted for stealing the work from many other writers, and calling it her own.  We're not going to get into that whole subject because she's pretty much cut her own throat in the community.   But what puzzles me is how could you call yourself even a fan of the genre, not to mention being a college educated writer, and yet couldn't write a simple review without stealing from someone else?  But it reminds me again of the people out there in the horror community that do what we do on a regular basis.  Most of us here do what we do for simply the passion.  It is not our career, though I know most of us would jump at the change to be able to do that.  But we all know that our goal in all of this is to spread our love and passion for the genre to other people.  So for one of these to call themselves a fan but yet can't do their job without stealing is just pathetic.
    I do have to say though, that as much as I'd love to be doing this for my full-time job, if that means I'd have to report on the same things that all the other big sites are doing, making this pretty much look like theirs, covering the latest box office results, the same coverage from Comic-con, the same sequel announcements, only because you have to appease those studios, I think I would get pretty bummed out about the whole thing and start to not liking my job.  Now, this is no way shape or form a criticism of those other sites.  That is what they do, and that's fine.  But it is not what I want to do here at the Krypt and I strive to do something different each week here.  Sure, there is going to be some of the same news items.  But I at least try to give them my spin or personal take or opinion on it.  Whether that works or is worth it, not sure.  That is really up to the people that come back here every week.  And for those that do, I am very grateful.
    And once again, for all of you out there that keep their passion alive for the horror genre, we salute you!

    One of the big news bits that came out of Comic-Con was the new titles announced by Scream Factory that they would be putting out on Blu-Ray.  John Carpenter's ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13, SATURN 3, Sam Raimi's DARKMAN, and Paul Schrader's underrated remake of CAT PEOPLE will all be hitting Blu-Ray next year.  But they also announced a couple of made-for-TV movies, THE INITIATION OF SARAH and ARE YOU IN THE HOUSE ALONE?, both from 1978.  While HOUSE is more like one of those after-school specials from that era, that deals with a teenage girl getting raped.  Not that it isn't a well made and scary, but more of a real-life type of horror film.  But INITIATION is pretty good, with a great cast.
    But of course, the biggest news was that they will be releasing the CABAL CUT of Clive Barker's NIGHTBREED.  Now we are pretty excited about this version of the film getting a release and especially since that means it is going to be cleaned up compared to the version we got to see last year at a screening here in Chicago.  Not to mention that it is one of my favorite films.  But that being said, it will be interesting to see if they edit this version down any or simply put every piece of found footage in the movie.  Here's my problem with it....I think this cut is TOO long, mainly the attack by the police on Midian at the end of the film seemed to go on forever before the Breed started fighting back.  As we all know, there is a reason that movies have an editor that complies the film from everything that was shot.  It needs to flow and it needs to make sense.  The other stuff that doesn't fit can be a nice extra in the bonus section.  But that is just my opinion.  So we will be curious to what they do.
    BUT...thank the gods that people like Russell Cherrington, who has been working hard for years to make this finally become a reality.

    Fans of both Argento and composer Pino Donaggio will be excited to hear that thanks to the fine folks at Quartet Records they will be able to get the soundtrack for Argento's 2005 film DO YOU LIKE HITCHCOCK?  This is going to be a limited release of only 500 copies, so if you are even remotely interested, I would get your pre-order in now, which you can do at Screen Archives Entertainment.  The price is only $19.95.  The cd runs just over an hour, with liner notes having comments from the composer about each of the tracks.

    We had quite a few people this last week sending in the correct answer for last week's Mystery Photo, probably the most ever for one of these.  The photo was a wonderful shot of Terry Thomas meeting the nasty end of a hammer in Amicus' anthology film THE VAULT OF HORROR.  Such a fun little movie with an all-star cast.  So major kudos to all those that sent in the correct answer, which were: Hoby Abernathy, Humberto Amador, Todd Barwick, Cate Cameron, Craig Clark, William Harrison, Bruce Hallenbeck, Brett Harrison, Chris Kinniery, Doug Lamoreux, Kevin Matthews, Gavin Schmitt, Mike Shields, G Edwin Taylor, Wayne Teeter, and Will Wilson.  Well done, people.
    So now that we've had an easy one, let's go with something maybe a little tougher.  Click HERE to send in your answer.

7-14-13  A SAD PASSING
    When you've been doing conventions as long as I have, you tend to get to know a lot of other dealers, some even becoming good friends.  One of these friends is Steve Bejma.  If you've seen Steve at a show selling his artwork, there is a good chance that his father Ron might have been with him.  We got to know Ron, as well as Steve's brother, also named Ron, pretty well from the shows.  So it was very sad to hear that Ron Sr.  had passed away over the weekend.  Our thoughts go out to Steve, Ron Jr. and the whole Bejma family in this sad time.  Ron Sr. was quite a character.
    It had always amazed me, and even made me jealous at times, when I would see Steve there working his table with his father.  I would always try imagine my father coming to a convention with me.  He wouldn't have lasted an hour let alone a 3-day weekend.  This is nothing against him, but just that my father never would have "gotten it", or understood my passion for what I do, let alone all these other people wandering around the show.  To him, it would have been a waste of time and money.  So I was always a little jealous that Steve had that relationship with his dad.  But I am thrilled beyond belief that I can share this passion at the shows with my own son, as well as my wife. This is one of those things in life that you can't put a price on.  So while we mourn the passing of Ron Bejma Sr., I am so thankful that we got to know him over the last several years.  Rest in peace, old man.  You will be missed.

    And who exactly are we saluting?  Well, if you are somebody who has a website or blog and reviews horror movies, or even just talk about horror movies, then it would be you.  Or if you write for a horror magazine or publication, or even your little fanzine, then it would be you.  Or if you write books about the horror genre and/or about the people that make these movies, it would be you.  Or if you organize, promote, or even go to horror film festivals, it you would be you.  Or even if you are just sitting at home watching these movies, reading these books, then it definitely is you as well.  Why?  Because it is because of the fans, that this genre is so big and strong.  It is because of us that we can still find a silent horror film that was make around 100 years ago and be able to watch it.  That we are still writing and reading new articles and books on the people that made these movies, from way back to the silent films like Murnau's, to the Universal classics, the films from Hammer Studios, to even the newer titles, made in Hollywood or our own backyard, that is what has been keeping this genre alive and so strong for all these years.  It is comes down to the fans.  If our passion for this genre wasn't so big, so many of these things would be lost in time.
    So for all of those out there that contribute in any sort of way, even if it just means simply being a fan, we salute you and thank you for helping.

    We all know with the computer age the magazine industry, actually all paper media types, like newspapers and such, have dropped dramatically.  Sales are way down, causing a lot of changes in that media.  This is nothing we didn't know.  But what surprises me is the magazines don't seem to be going out of their way to keep their loyal customers.  Or maybe that is too broad of a statement.  Let me explain the reason for this rant.
    I have been a subscriber of Fangoria magazine since issue #52, which came out April of 1986.  That's right folks, a subscriber for almost 30 years.  Once I started subscribing, I started to order the back issues and am very proud to say that I have a complete collection of the magazine.  That is the only reason I kept up with my subscription during the end of Timpone's reign since it had gone way done hill at that time.  But thanks to Chris Alexander, the magazine has turned around completely and is one that I look forward to each and every issue.  Which leads me to the reason for this rant.  Once my subscription runs out, I will not be renewing it.  I still will pick up the issues when I see them in the stores, even having to pay more, but I won't be subscribing.
    For the last 5 months, I haven't gotten my issue in the mail until 4 to 6 weeks AFTER the issue has already hit stores.  Not a week or two later...but OVER  A MONTH later.  And for the last 5 months, I have sent Fango an email asking what the problem is with me getting my issue so late.  Each time I get a very polite answer saying the stores are breaking the rules by putting them on the stands too early and they will gladly send me another issue.  And then the next month, I go through the same process.  When I finally do get a issue, the next one is already on the newsstands.  One of the recent issues I got, there was an advertisement for some type of convention...that took place two weeks BEFORE I got my issue!  I've sent a message off to Mr. Alexander but never got a reply.  I know some people were complaining in the Postal Zone, which Alexander replied that those problems have been fixed.  Got news for you...not even close.
    Yeah, I know I write for HorrorHound magazine, one of Fango's rivals.  But this has nothing to do with it.  First and foremost, I am a horror fan.  I see nothing wrong with supporting other magazines like Fango or Rue Morgue or Diabolique for the reasons stated at the beginning of this update.  And I'm not saying these other magazines don't have issues with their publications as well.  We're all promoting the genre and that is what is important.  Just wanted to get that straight.  But what I don't understand that if these magazines really want to keep people buying their magazines, keeping this type of media alive, and really would like those subscribers, then they really need to make sure they are treated the right way.  And getting your issue of the magazine, 6 weeks after it hits the news stands isn't the way to do it.

    Now I know little of this movie than from what I've read on their website and the trailer.  Sure, it looks cheesy and one of those Sci-Fi original movies.  But I have to say that anybody that creates a movie poster like this is going to get my attention.  All I can say is...WOW.  Major kudos to whoever's idea this was, whoever created this beautiful piece of art, and anybody having to deal with that film that decided this poster was a good idea.  I may just have to see this movie...if only because of this artwork.
    Could this kind of poster art make a comeback?  Is it possible that producers will realizes that this is a surefire way to get people to come check out your movie?  Doesn't matter if the movie actually delivers what the poster says.  Never did before, so why now?  But it is a great marketing tool that really can bring in the viewers.  It has worked for decades.  So PLEASE...if you are involved in movie production of any sorts and are making a sci-fi/horror movie, PLEASE spend the little extra money and have a poster like this created for your movie.  I guarantee it will be worth it.
    For more information about this movie, head over to their official site HERE.

    We've been meaning to get this review posted weeks ago but just finally got it done.  Readers of this site and especially people who know me, know my fondness of independent horror movies isn't the greatest.  So much so that we usually avoid any and all of these types because we've been let down so many times before.  So it is always refreshing when we come across an indy movie that is worth seeing.  SADER RIDGE is one of those.  Head over to our Reviews section for the full details, but you might want to see this one out.

    Starting next month and running through January of next year, the British Film Institute will be celebrating gothic horror with their program Gothic: The Dark Heart of Film.  This will be a "celebration of Gothic film and TV across the UK with live events, special screenings and much more."  The event will cover four themes: Monstrous, The Dark Arts, Haunted, and Love is a Devil.  For all the info, head over to their site HERE.
    I have to say that I'm thrilled to hear when the horror genre is getting any time of special attention, but when the BFI decides to spend over 4 months to celebrate these incredible works of film, it just makes the little horror fan inside me beam with pride.  It shows us that these films that we love to watch, are not just some penny dreadfuls that we are wasting our time with and should put away such childish things, as they say.  But that they really are a true art form, and definitely one that is worth keeping alive.  Good on you, BFI.  Just brilliant!

    Fans of TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE are going to be excited to hear that Gunnar Hansen, Leatherface himself, has written a book about his experience with this infamous movie, called Chain Saw Confidential, and it will be "an insider's view like no other", according to Hansen.  The book will be available in September of this year and will be a hardcover edition, 240 pages with 16 full color photo inserts.
    This movie was made almost 40 years ago and still has the reputation as one of the most famous horror films ever made.  There is a reason for that.  And that is because it is a great film.  Even though normal every day critics will turn up their noses at a film like this, serious film fans know how amazing this film is, and the painstaking toil it took on the filmmakers, especially the actors who really gave their all in their work here.  We are really looking forward to adding this book to our collection when it comes out.
    So...if you're interested in picking this up, and would like to get an autographed copy, you can pre-order it from Dark Delicacies in California.  In September, they will be having Hansen there for a book signing and you can order a copy from them to get signed and then sent to you.  Yes, you do have to pay postage, but at least it won't cost you extra for the autograph.
    For more information about the signing, just click HERE and go to their Signings page.  For any updated information about Hansen or his book, head over to his website HERE.

    Been a while since we've had a history lesson so we figured we better get at it.  Don't want you kids getting lazy!  This week we take a look at a man who was one of the key reasons some of our favorite Gothic pictures from Hammer Studios look the way they do.  Sure, we have some great talent in front of the camera, but we all know that is only a small part of what can make a movie be as good as it is.  So head over to the classroom to find out a little more.

    Last week's photo was a little tougher than usual, mainly because this film has never gotten a domestic release here in the States, having to rely on gray market copies, or region free DVD players.  But none the less, we did have a few that correctly identified the movie, which was from THE BEAST AND THE MAGIC SWORD, one of Paul Naschy's Japanese co-productions.  Kudos out to the following for sending in the correct answer:  Aaron Christensen, Craig J. Clark, Humberto Amador, & Gavin Schmitt.  Well done people.
    Now let's get to this week's little photo challenge.  Might be an easy one, but we just love this shot.  Click HERE to send in your answer.

    Only took a little over 3 months to get this one written up and posted, but it is now done and available!  Only have the Wonderfest show to do and we're all caught up.  Of course, we've got two shows the first part of next month, so I guess we better get to it quickly!  You can head over to our Convention Report section to read this newest report (and even check out all the other show reports, with 75+ shows covered) or you can take the easy way out and just click HERE.

    Millennium Entertainment has announced they will be releasing Hammer's DRACULA: PRINCE OF DARKNESS, the 1966 sequel to HORROR OF DRACULA, on September 3rd.  They are also planning to release quite a few of the Hammer titles on Blu-Ray, THE PLAGUE OF THE ZOMBIES, THE DEVIL RIDES OUT, as well as QUATERMASS AND THE PIT (FYI people...its QUATERMASS...not QUARTERMASS...No extra R, like everyone is reporting, including Millennium themselves.  Sure a little anal, but let us at least get the title correct).   But for Hammer's first Dracula sequel, they did a great job, supplying a great cast here.  Lots of fun.
    We are really excited to see how this new transfer will look, with hopefully some vibrant colors, that really show off one of the things that Hammer was all about.  This really is going to be the deciding factor on whether I pick it up or not.  Don't want to see the increased blue tinting that they did on the HORROR OF DRACULA UK Blu-Ray.  We'll just have to wait and see.
    But I'm am also interested about the extras on the disc.  The audio commentary looks to be the same one that originally was on the Elite laserdisc release that was transferred over the Anchor Bay DVD release, as with the Super 8mm behind the scenes footage that came from actor Francis Matthews.  There will be a restoration comparison could be interesting to see if there is that big of a difference.  But then besides a restored original trailer, the World of Hammer episode of Hammer Star: Christopher Lee, which has been released on previous editions, this one has a brand new exclusive still gallery, some sort of printed memorabilia, which could be anything, and a brand new documentary called "Back to Black" listed.  It doesn't have a running time or if it is a featurette or feature length, so we're not sure.  But with Lee pretty much refusing to talk about these Dracula films, I wonder who's input they did get.  Hopefully they have some good stuff to make up for that.  But it is really going to be the transfer and how it looks as to whether we will be getting this.
    But once again, and not to get on another rant, but why would an actor who is still known for a roll that he did over 50 years ago, be so bitter towards them.  Sure, he made a lot of films in other genres, but he is predominately known for the horror films he made, especially the Hammer titles.  That's not a bad thing, is it?  So cut us fans some slack, Mr. Lee.  We still remember you and your work because you were so great in them.  So why bite the hand that feeds you?  Okay...done now.

    Another classic title that is getting a Blu-Ray release is from Warner Home Video on October 1st, is Vincent Price's 1953 film HOUSE OF WAX, released in a 3D Blu-Ray.  Not sure if you're going to need a 3D TV or not (hopefully not), but we are very curious.  Not only will the release have a new audio commentary, a  new featurette, vintage newsreels and trailers, but it will also have the original 1933 film THE MYSTERY OF THE WAX MUSEUM, starring Lionel Atwill.  Now that is a nice little extra.  Also on that same date is a Blu-Ray release of THE MONSTER CLUB, being released by Scorpion Releasing.  As much as I'm happy to see that film get a little love, but it is one that I wouldn't have expected.  Hopefully you can set it up to watch it where it automatically skips over the musical numbers!

    I know the convention circuit can keep us busy from the spring to the fall, but there are plenty of other events that go on that is well worth checking out.  Sure, sometimes it makes for a busy month with something on every weekend, but there are just so many great things going on.  Now with the summer half way over now and the fall is creeping its way closer, even more events are popping up.  Usually they start a little closer to October, but it seems things are starting way earlier this year.  So let's take a look at a few of them.

    First up, for Chicago fans, the new documentary ADJUST YOUR TRACKING, will be playing at the Lincoln Hall in Chicago this Tuesday at 8pm.  Tickets are only $5 and the directors Dan Kinem and Levi Peretic will be there at the screening.  This is a documentary about how VHS tapes are becoming more and more collectible, becoming highly sought after by some fans, some even paying ridiculously amounts of money for some of the tapes.  Take a wonderful trip back to the '80s and '90s when videotapes were the best place (and sometimes the ONLY place) to see some of the greatest movies ever made.  For more info on the screening, just click HERE.

    Next up, DVD Drive-In has announced this year's fall Super Monster-Rama, which is going to take place on Sept. 6th & 7th.  This time out, they are celebrating the 100th birthday of the great Peter Cushing with two nights of Cushing's films.  On Friday the 6th, they will be screening BRIDES OF DRACULA, FRANKENSTEIN MUST BE DESTROYED, FEAR IN THE NIGHT and FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE.  Then on Saturday the 7th, they will be screening MADHOUSE, AT THE EARTH'S CORE, ASYLUM and SHOCK WAVES.  All of these features are being shown from 35mm prints.  There are some amazing titles in here folks.  Unfortunately, since that is the same weekend as the HorrorHound Weekend show that we are already committed to, we won't be making the trip.  We made the trip back in 2010 and had a blast (see our report HERE) and would highly recommend it to everybody.  And not only are you going to have a great time, but you will be helping to support one of the remaining drive-ins that are still operating, still showing 35mm prints, and still having these great little all night horror movie marathons.

    While on the subject of 2-night all-night horror movie marathons at a drive-in, we know that the Skyline Drive-In in Shelbyville is planning another event like they did last year.  We attended that one and again just had a blast there.  I don't have a confirmed date yet, but I believe it will be the later part of next month.  Once we have an official date and some titles they will be playing, we will post it here.  But if our schedules work out, we are planning to go to it again.  But our August is already full, so this might be an issue.  But either way, we'll make sure we help get the word out to others that want to make it out for it.  You can check out the Skyline's website by clicking HERE.

    And lastly, our good friends in Oshkosh Wisconsin have announced the dates for this year's Oshkosh Horror Film Festival.  The dates are Oct. 5th & 6th.  Once again, we are already committed to the Cinema Wasteland show, otherwise I know we'd be making the trip up north for this event.  The Oshkosh Horror community is very strong and they really do go out of their way to help promote independent horror films.  For all the information about this event, you can head to their website HERE, or their Facebook Event page HERE.

    While we usually only report about movie fest in the Chicagoland area or close by (only because those are the ones that we can make it to), we heard about the American Cinematheque Theater in Hollywood that just made me drool.  Over this weekend, they had some some really fun triple features.  On Friday, they screened JAWS, TINTORERA: KILLER SHARK, and then a pre-JAWS documentary BLUE WATER, WHITE DEATH.  Then on Saturday the 6th, they screened PIRANHA, GRIZZLY, and ALLIGATOR, with ALLIGATOR star Robert Forster in attendance!  Now that is one hell of a triple feature.  I would have loved to been able to attend that one, with three super fun movies.  Then today they were having a sneak peek of Larry Fessenden's latest film, BENEATH.  Though, having seen this one, I can't say I would recommend it.

    Another great upcoming series they are having that I would love to attend is a tribute to '40s actor Lionel Atwill. Starting on Thursday the 11th, they will be screening SON OF FRANKENSTEIN, FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN, and then MAN MADE MONSTER, all showing some great performances by Atwill. Then on the 18th, they are screening MYSTERY OF THE WAX MUSEUM and DOCTOR X. On the 25th, they are screening two non-horror titles that Atwill appeared in, CAPTAIN BLOOD and SECRET OF THE BLUE ROOM.  You can get to their website by clicking HERE.

    Lionel Atwill was predominately known for his villainous roles, or ones of authority, but he was one actor that I always found entertaining, no matter the role or the size of the role.  One of my first memories of him was in GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN, which is one of the reasons that remains as one of my favorites in the series.  While he worked quite a bit during the '30s and '40s, his career dried up after he was sentenced to 5-years probation for a perjury conviction after he admitted lying to a grand jury during an investigation about a party at his house.  While he was excused of this charge and his record was cleared, his career was permanently affected by this.

    Once again, I can't stress enough for fans to make sure they support these events and the theaters that hold them, whether they are art-house theaters, drive-ins, or whatever.  Keep supporting them, keep showing them that film fans like us want to be able to see events like this continue.

    We have posted our review of Javier Navarette's score for Neil Jordon's newest film, BYZANTIUM.  Head over to our Soundtrack Reviews section for all the details.

    Glass Eye Pix is releasing a new documentary on George Romero's NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, simple called THE BIRTH OF THE LIVING DEAD.  From the trailer that you can see on the movie's website (just click HERE), it seems the documentary really focuses on what was going on at the time the film was made, between the war in Viet Nam, and the political and social issues that were causing drastic changes in our world.  Shot between 2006 and 2011, it was directed by Rob Kuhns, a documentary editor since the late '80s. The idea started him making a documentary about a "little-movie-that-could", this little independently financed and made by people way outside the typical film business. But it grew much more than that.

    Last week's photo was from the Val Lewton classic I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE, a film that all horror fans need to see at some point.  It does the brain good to see what came before the flesh-eating zombies came to be.  Kudos to the following that sent in the correct answer:  Hoby Abernathy, Cate Cameron, Aaron Christensen, Gary Kent, Chris Kinniery, Doug Lamoreux, Steve Sapsford, Gavin Schmitt, and William Wilson.  Well done, people.
    But let us get to this week's photo.  Tougher?  Easier?  Take a look and see for yourself.  Click HERE to send in your answer.

    The year is just a few hours from being half over, and we're still enjoying our little break from the convention scene, getting all ready for the next one in August.  But we know that once August hits, the time is going to fly by, with the conventions, movie marathons, and much more that we already have planned, it will be October before we know it.  Another year to really enjoy all that we love in the horror genre.  But this October will mark the 15th Anniversary of Kitley's Krypt.  While we might not be the oldest horror website out there, I'm pretty sure we're the oldest that has original content each week, instead of just posting news bits that are found on every other sites.  But we really try to do something unique and something you can't find anywhere else.  Sometimes it boggles my mind that I've been at this so long, but it really is my passion and a way of life.  Can't see not doing this.  The horror genre is something I really believe in, drives me to do what I do, and will continue to work on helping more and more people Discover the Horror, even for another 15 years!  I have met so many cool and interesting people over the last 15 years because of this site and couldn't ask for a better audience.  Who knows...maybe we'll  have a nice little giveaway in October to celebrate and to show my appreciation for your continued support.  Thank you to all those who come back each and every week.

    While on the subject of upcoming conventions, our first one will be the first weekend in August, when we head down to St. Louis for the Con-tamintion Def-Con 4 show.  This will be our first time down at this show so we are looking forward to testing the waters of a new show, as well as meeting a brand new set of horror fans.  They have a great lineup so far, which a real mix of talent, both classic and newer.  Then the very next week, we'll be at the Flashback Weekend in our own area.  With reunions from DAWN OF THE DEAD, PET SEMETARY, and LORDS OF SALEM, this is going to be yet another great time.  Then with a triple feature planned at a drive-in, to some other fun stuff planned, once this ball gets rolling, there's no stopping us until Halloween!

    Years ago, before my son was born, I use to read a lot of horror fiction.  A lot.  And one author that I would follow was Richard Matheson.  As Stephen King as said, Matheson "was a seminal figure in the horror and fantasy genres, as important in his way as Poe or Lovecraft.".  We couldn't agree more.  Matheson's stories always seemed like they could happen.  Very simple but very effective stories.  His haunted house novel, Hell House, is still my all time favorite, as well as the film adaption that he wrote, THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE.
    Matheson had his first genre story published in 1950, called "Born of Man and Woman" and was about a couple who give birth to a monster, which they keep in their cellar.  He would later go on to write stories like Duel, I Am Legend, Hell House, The Shrinking Man, Stir of Echoes, and countless more.  Not to mention the work he did for television, writing over a dozen episodes of Twilight Zone, as well as episodes of The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, Night Gallery, Amazing Stories, and many more.  His story Duel, was made into a movie by a young Steven Spielberg, making his feature directorial debut.  He put Matheson "in the same category as Bradbury and Asimov."
    Matheson passed away last Sunday in his home.  His son was asked if his father had any words that he lived by.  He said that he kept a sign above his desk that read "That which you think becomes your world."  I couldn't think of a better way to describe such a talent man.  He will be missed, but thankfully his work will live on to introduce the generations to come to this incredible worlds that he created and to strive his readers to think outside the norm.

    For the first time ever, the band Goblin will be touring the US.  When we first heard news of this, we were pretty excited.  But then when we heard they would playing in Chicago, I knew I was not going to miss this chance to see a band that brought certain films into a whole new element of freaking awesomeness!  I mean, can you imagine watching Argento's DEEP RED or SUSPIRIA without that amazing score?  This newer version of Goblin features three of the original members, Claudio Simonetti, Maurizio Guarini, and Massimo Morante and they will be playing the following dates/cities listed below.  I STRONGLY suggest that you make it to one of these shows.  This really might be the only time to see them here in the States.  Not only that, but we want to show them how much their music has meant to us fans.  And no better way to do that than to go to their shows to show our support!

10/01 – Atlanta, GA @ The Loft
10/03 – Asheville, NC @ Orange Peel
10/04 – Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar
10/05 – Philadelphia, PA @ Underground Arts
10/06 – Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg
10/09 – Cambridge, MA @ The Sinclair
10/10 – Montreal, QC @ Le National
10/11 – Toronto, ON @ Opera House
10/12 – Pontiac, MI @ Crofoot Ballroom
10/13 – Chicago, IL @ Metro
10/15 – Englewood, CO @ Gothic Theatre
10/18 – Seattle, WA @ Neumos
10/19 – Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theater
10/20 – San Francisco, CA @ Regency Ballroom
10/22 – Hollywood, CA @ Egyptian Theater

    Since we've been doing conventions over the years, you see and meet a lot of the same dealers and folks.  One of these gentlemen is Cory Glaberson, who runs the Reel Art store in Berwyn, IL.  We've been in there a few times since they opened and have always come away with some great deals.  Cory has an unbelievable mass of movie memorabilia, from posters, lobby cards, 1/2 sheets, inserts, comic books, toys, and tons of other stuff that would make any movie fan drool.  A few times a year, they have their warehouse sale, which usually makes most everything at half price.  Being a collector of horror posters and whatnot, I have yet to go there and find some incredible finds.  This last weekend was no different.  I know that Cory does a lot of conventions as well, and carries those great deals with him.  But if you ever get the chance to check out his store, especially during one of his warehouse sales, you need to do it.  You can get to his website by clicking HERE.
    One of the things we love about this store is that they carry a ton of classic stuff that we love, like items from movies of the '70s and '80s.  For some people, some of these items might not be worth collecting.  For example, during our recent trip to store, we picked up this one-sheet for the 1987 film DEMON OF PARADISE, which is sort of a CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON rip-off.  Who cares if the movie might not be the greatest one ever made, just look at this artwork!  This is one of the reasons I collect items like this.  This poster was made at a time when the artwork had to sell the movie.  And I know if I seen this at a movie theater in the Coming Soon section, I know I would be back to see it.  As many times as I've said this is a dying art form (if not dead already), I always try to stress that this is the kind of movie poster that we need to keep alive.  The collectors out there, like me, are the ones that keep these images alive and won't let them be forgotten.  Just like the obscure movies that we pass on to our friends so they can enjoy them, by buying and hanging these posters up for our friends to see, it gives them a chance to admire it as well.  Even if they are not collectors themselves, they can and usually will be impressed with the poster and maybe will even make them want to seek out the movie.
    So what is the point of all this?  Well...not sure.  But I know that if you can, make sure you check out Cory and Reel Art, either at a convention near you, or make a journey out to his store.  I think you might come away a happier collector than when you went in.  Maybe a little poorer, but definitely happier.

    Coming out Aug. 20th is a great little 4-pack of titles from Scream Factory calling it their All Night Horror Marathon, which 3 of them haven't seen the light of DVD yet.  They are Lucio Fulci's SCHIZOID (aka A WOMAN IN A LIZARD SKIN, which had been released by I believe Shriek Show a few years back), THE VAGRANT which stars Bill Paxton and was directed by makeup whiz Chris Walas, THE GODSEND and THE OUTING.  All for of these movies for only $10.  Seriously.  Remember back in the day having to spend $20+ on a VHS tape for one single movie?  Scream Factory really seems to be burning up the trail with all these horror titles coming out.
    If these four weren't enough, this Oct. 29th, they are releasing volume 2 in their All Night Horror Marathon.  On this release, they will have another set of movies that all have never hit DVD before.  The titles are an early film from Charles Band's Empire Pictures, THE DUNGEONMASTER, David Schmoeller's CATACOMBS, John Carl Buechler's CELLAR DWELLER, and lastly Joe D'Amato's CONTAMINATION 7 (aka CREEPERS).  Once again, all four movies for only $9.99.  How can you pass these up?  Order them from Amazon and get them even cheaper!


    Our photo from last week was from the film TERROR TRAIN.  Sure, it might have been a little too easy, but it was a nice re-visit, wasn't it?  Amazing how well that movie still holds up after all these years.  Congrats to the following for sending in the correct answer:  Dan Brenneis, Cate Cameron, Albert Gerber, Chris Kinniery, Ashley Lamers, Doug Lamoreux, Mike Shields, Wayne Teeter, and Will Wilson.
    I think this week might be a little bit tougher...maybe.  This might be one of those that you might remember the image, but just can't place the film.  I guess you'll just have to take a peek and see what you come up with.  Click HERE to send in your answer.  And as always, good luck.

    We have no less than 3 book reviews this week.  Can you tell how important we think these are?  Our first review is of Peter Cushing: The Complete Memoirs, this wonderful new edition of Peter Cushing's two autobiographies that have been combined in one book, plus a lot more.  Really a must have.
    Next up, we have a review that I can't believe it has taken me this long to write one up!  It is for Thorsten Benzel's Muchas Gracias Senor Lobo.  Yeah...Naschy NEED this book.
    And lastly, we have a review of Bryan Senn's entertaining film guide A Year of Fear: A Day-By-Day Guide to 366 Horror Films.  This is a great book when you watch to watch a movie but just can't decide!  Not to mention it is really well written.
    For all our reviews, head over to our Reference Library section where you can find these reviews, plus tons more.  Always remember...reading makes you smarter.  Honest.

    June is almost over, soldiers.  So for those of you that are participating in this month's mission that hasn't sent in their mission report, better jump to it.  Only a week left.  As much as we don't like to leave any soldiers behind, you are completely on your own on these missions.  We gave you an easy month this time out, so be prepared for a much harder one next month.  It is going to require some research.  But I know you are up to it.
    Not sure what the Kryptic Army is?  Just head over to our Army page for all the fun details.  And if you're still not sure, please feel free to drop my a line HERE.

    Terror in the Aisles has a couple of new announcements since our last update.  First of all, they have announced their 3rd and final feature for their upcoming Drive-In Masscre at the McHenry Drive-In.  It will be Fred Dekker's MONSTER SQUAD.  Adding that film with SLEEPAWAY CAMP and Fulci's ZOMBIE, it is a triple feature of awesomeness.  Plus, a even bigger bonus is that director Fred Dekker will be there in person!  So bring all of your MONSTER SQUAD and NIGHT OF THE CREEPS items you want to get signed. 
    Also, they have announce the dates for when this is happening.  It will be on Friday, Aug. 30th and Saturday, Aug. 31st.  So Chicago area fans, you have two chances to make it out to this great and nostalgic event.  Make sure you come out and show your support.  We want to show these places like the McHenry Drive-In, as well as the Midway Drive-In out in Dixon, that if they keep putting on events like this, the fans will show up to make it worth it.  Everybody wins!  So please....come out and show them how big of a horror community is out there.
    For all the info about the event, check out there Facebook page HERE.  Or you can head over to the McHenry Drive-In page HERE.

    Well, it didn't take long for them to try and jump on the Anniversary bandwagon with another blu-ray release of THE EXORCIST.  Even though the first blu-ray edition came out only 3 years ago in October of 2010, I guess since this is the 40th anniversary, they figured they had to put out a new edition.  Of course it has both the original version as well as the newer one, which I like to call "The Version I'll Never Watch Again", and has what seems to be most of the extras from the previous release.  Of course, this does have two new featurettes on there, which they had to do just to get the die hard fans to drop another $50 for it.
    The first one is called Beyond Comprehension: William Peter Blatty's The Exorcist.  It has Blatty returning to where "it all began".  We get to see the cabin where Blatty wrote the novel, as well as seeing him visit Georgetown University where the film was shot as well as the famous set of stairs.  The second featurette is called Talk of the Devil, which is about the priest, Father Eugene Gallagher, where Blatty first learned about the true case that he would eventually base his novel on.  At that time, Gallagher talked quite a bit about the true story, about exorcism and about Blatty as well.  This is the first time this footage is available.
    Now, I'm all up for extras.  But depending on just how long these "featurettes" are, am I really thinking about spending another $50 for two short documentaries?  For all we know, these could be 10 or 20 minutes long.  I'm sorry, but as much as I used to be about getting all the extras, it has gotten to the point where they just aren't as appealing to me as they used to.  So I know when this new edition comes out, even at a half price, I think I will pass on it.  With the previous one only out 3 years ago, I think it is a little too soon to be double-dipping.  But that is just me.

    This week, we take a look at a film composer that worked quite a bit with one of the biggest low budget producers in the '50s.  Head over to the Classroom to learn more.

    Our photo from last week was that of the always memorable Andrew Prine from his film SIMON: KING OF THE WITCHES.  No matter what he is in, he is always a joy to watch.  Kudos out the following that sent in the correct answer:  Hoby Abernathy, Aaron Christensen, Doug Lamoreux, Ken Johnson, Mike Shields, and Will Wilson.
    So lets get with this week's photo.  Hopefully after this weekend, you didn't end up like this poor guy.  But give it a look and see what you can come up with.   Click HERE to send in your answer.  And as always, good luck.

    We have couple of new book reviews this time out, both of them newer versions of an older book.  Our first one is for Mike Mayo's updated version of his Horror Show review book.  The first edition, which we still highly recommend, came out in 1998.  So is this newer version worth trading in that first one?  Head over to our review to find out.  Just click HERE.
    For our second book, we have gotten a copy of this latest edition of Horror!  This is actually the 3rd edition of this title, with the last one only coming out a few years ago.  Is this a expanded edition of the previous one?  Or just a repackaged with a new cover?  Head over to our review to find out.  Just click HERE.  Or you could head over to our Library Section and kill some time reading our different reviews.

    While on the subject of books, we wanted to mention a book publisher in the UK that has been putting out some interesting horror reference titles over the last few years.  Anytime anybody puts out a book or two on Hammer films, you already have my interests.  Currently, we do not have any of there books in our the moment.  We do have a couple of them on the way, so once we get the chance to take a look at them, we'll give a better update on them.  But there's a couple of reasons I would recommend at least some of their titles without even seeing one.  The first reason is the author is Bruce G. Hallenbeck.  If you're a fan of Little Shoppe of Horrors, the best magazine out there on British horror (especially Hammer) which has been running for over 40 years, then you've probably read his work, since he has been writing for them for the last several decades.  In other words, he knows his stuff!  He has 3 books published from Hemlock, including the more recent one Hammer's Frankenstein Films.  As we stated, we haven't haven't gotten our copies yet, but the reviews we've read so far have been very good.  The other reason for our recommendation is even simpler: It's because they are books on horror films!!!  Do you need another reason?  Once again proving that print is definitely not dead.
    The cost for the books are pretty reasonable priced, around £12.95 to £16.25 each (approx. $20 to $25).  The only problem is that since these are coming from the UK, the cost to get them isn't the cheapest due to the overseas postage.  But if you search the web a little, you can find some places that might offer some more affordable means to getting them, such as Amazon.  I found two different places in the UK that shipped two of these books out for $4 each.  Granted, I don't have them in my hands yet, so hopefully they will get here in one piece!  But none the less, if you look around, you might be able to find a good deal.  You can check out Hemlock's website by clicking HERE.


    We have posted our review of another great release from Monstrous Movie Music.  This time out, we give a listen to the double feature of THE SHE DEMONS / THE ASTOUNDING SHE-MONSTER.  Head over to our Soundtrack Reviews to hear the details.

    Slowly but steady, we are getting caught up on our convention reports.  Last week we got our HorrorHound report done, and now we have our report for the Spring Cinema Wasteland show posted, with plenty of photos.  Of course, after 23 shows, can't really say much different than what we have in our last 22 reports!  You can head over to our Convention Report page to get there, or you can just click HERE.

    We're back!  Hope you haven't let that grey matter sit idle while class has been out.  Let's head over to the classroom now to learn about an actor who is really known for his appearance in tons of Westerns, but became known in the horror genre for taking over an iconic role.

    Last week's photo was from the film STIGMATA, starring Patricia Arquette.  Kudos to the following for sending in the correct answer:  Hoby Abernathy, Cate Cameron, Dahlia, and Kristin Wicks.  Nicely done.
    So let's get on with this week's photo and see if anybody can recognize this familiar face and which movie it is from.  Click HERE to send in your answer.  Good luck.

    Not a big update this week.  Spent most of the day yesterday doing some yard work, which I'm paying for now.  And if that wasn't enough, my body decided to pick up a real nice sinus infection to suck any and all motivation out of me today.  Plus, it gets hard to type when I'm blowing my nose every two minutes, not to mention trying to see what I'm typing through watery eyes.  Such is life.  But hopefully we'll be back on point next week with a full update.

    Well, it only took us almost 3 months, but we finally got our report posted of our first show of this year, the HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati last March.  Head over to our Convention reports to check it out, or you could just click HERE.

    For those of you who participated in last month's Kryptic Army might have watch the film that last week's Mystery Photo was from....none other than Jess Franco's COUNT DRACULA.  That is our buddy Klaus Kinski up there in the window.  Congrats out to the following for sending in the correct answer:  Aaron Christensen, Doug Lamoreux, & Gavin Schmitt.
    Now on to this week's photo.  Take a good look and see what you can come up with.  Click HERE to send in your answer.  And Good Luck!

    I was very sad to hear the passing of Filipino director Eddie Romero earlier this week.  It was reported that he was in and out of the hospital since earlier this month, before passing away on Tuesday the 28th, at the age of 88.  Romero started writing and selling short stories when he was only 12 years old, selling them to the Philippines Free Press.  Director Gerardo de Leon read some of his stories and got him in the film business by writing screenplays.  His first one was made when he was only 17 years old.  It wasn't long after that before he was directing, which was in 1947.  His last film was in 2008.  That is one hell of a career.
    Getting hooked on the exploitation/horror films that he was making in the late '60s / early '70s, usually with John Ashley, was a great time in my young life of a movie fan.  They were so outrageous and so different than what I'd seen before.  With such outlandish movie titles like THE MAD DOCTOR OF BLOOD ISLAND (1968) or BEAST OF THE YELLOW NIGHT (1971), you always knew you were in for one hell of a fun ride with Romero at the helm.  With other great films in his pocket like BRIDES OF BLOOD (1968), BEAST OF BLOOD (1971), TWILIGHT PEOPLE (1972) and even his women exploitation pictures like BLACK MAMA, WHITE MAMA and THE WOMAN HUNT (both 1973), and SAVAGE SISTERS (1974), his films were always filled with action, blood, nudity, and plenty of horror.
    But while us horror fans might know him from these movies, he was also an accomplished filmmaker in the Philippines.  He was given a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Cinemanila International Film Festival in 2000.  He also won a Hall of Fame FAMAS (The Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences Awards) award in 1986, a Lifetime Achievement Award in 1993, and then a Presidential Award in 2000.
    I know that as long as their are horror fans out there, then people will also know about the infamous Blood Island movies, and all the other great titles that Eddie Romero gave us.  And because of those, he will never be forgotten.  Our thoughts go out to his friends and family.

        After going to conventions for over 25 years, it is pretty tough to get me excited about a guest, but HorrorHound Weekend in September has added one that has done just that.  And that would be David Warner.  For someone that has been in so many cult films, both big budget and low budget, but always giving such a great performance and one that is always remembered.  With appearances in movies like Amicus' FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE, to getting decapitated by a sheet of glass in THE OMEN, to other roles in NIGHTWING, TIME AFTER TIME (as Jack the Ripper), TIME BANDITS (one of our personal favorites), WAXWORK, NECRONOMICON, IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS, and many more, he really is an icon for us cult genre fans.  Looking forward to meeting him.  For all the info about this show, head to their website HERE.

    It's official.  We will be adding the Contamination Def-Con 4 show to our Kryptic World Tour.  It takes place this August on the 2nd-4th in St. Louis.  This is our first time at this show and at a show in this area.  So hopefully we'll see and make a lot of new friends there.
    They have a decent guest line up so far, with guests like David Naughton, the Ladies from EVIL DEAD, C.J. Graham and Kane Hodder for you FRIDAY THE 13th fans, Kassie Depaiva and Danny Hicks from EVIL DEAD 2, and many more.  You can get a full guest line up by going to their website HERE.
    But I have to say the one name on their guest list that I'm really excited about, even though I have met him before, is Andrew Prine.  This man is an icon when it comes to movies from the '70s and '80s.  Just look at his filmography and see all the great movies (and not so great, but entertaining) he was involved with.  Titles like GRIZZLY, THE EVIL, AMITYVILLE 2, CENTERFOLD GIRLS, V, and much, much more.  He has got some great stories about his career, so if you're heading out to the show, please stop by and chat with him for a few minutes.

    Just when you think you didn't need to add any more books on your To Buy list...WRONG!  We've posted our review of Joel Eisner's new book on Vincent Price, entitled The Price of Fear.  Highly recommended.  Just click HERE to get to our Book Reviews.

    We have posted our review for the soundtrack for SCARY MOVIE 5.  Head over to our Soundtrack Review section. 

    A Chicago theater that I have been to more times that I could count, seeing some amazing films on the big screen there, is now apparently closed until further notice.  I honestly don't think it will be closed for good, but to me it seems to be more of a pissing match between the current owner and someone in the city counsel.  I don't know or have all the details, but don't really believe in much what I read from the online reports.  All I can say is that I hope that it gets straightened out and re-opens to let future events be held there.

    While the fate of the Portage is still unknown, we do know that the Music Box Theatre in Chicago has got some interesting titles lined up for their upcoming midnight shows.  Here's a list of some of those titles.  You can get all the info at their website HERE.

  • KISS OF THE DAMNED (2013) - June 7th & 8th

  • ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK - 14th & 15th

  • MANIAC (2013) - Friday June 28th

  • V/H/S/2 (2013) - July 19th & 20th

  • JURASSIC PARK (1993) - Aug. 2nd & 3rd

    While we don't have exact date yet, other than at the end of August, Terror in the Aisles is taking over the drive-in for their Drive-In Massacre film fest.  Although, I wish they would since our August weekends are filling up pretty damn quick and we want to make sure we make this one.  It will take place at the McHenry Outdoor Theater (click HERE for the website).  So far, the only films they have announced is SLEEPAWAY CAMP and Lucio Fulci's ZOMBIE.  We're not sure how many more features are going to be announced or when the exact date is, but when we find out, we'll post it here.  You can also get the info from the Terror in the Aisles Facebook Page.

    While on the subject of drive-in theaters, our favorite one is having a special one night only triple features next Saturday.  On June 8th only at the Midway Drive-in, they will be having a triple DEAD feature playing.  First up will be the new remake of EVIL DEAD (not the original), then the original EVIL DEAD 2 followed by ARMY OF DARKNESS.  Gates open at 7:30pm and the features start at dusk, approx. 8:30pm.  To see all three of these movies, it will only cost you $8 for adults and $4 for children.  Not a bad way to spend a Saturday night, if you ask me.  For all the details, go to

    Continuing their domination of the blu-ray market with new releases of some great classic titles, they have now announced they will be releasing the 1982 film THE BEAST WITHIN, which features some awesome old fashion rubber monster makeup, courtesy of Tom Burman.  They will also be releasing David Schmoeller's CRAWLSPACE, starring the one-of-a-kind Klaus Kinski.  Hopefully they will have a lot of input and extras with Schmoeller, like audio commentary and even his little short film he made about working with Kinski.  Fingers are crossed.

    Last week's photo was from the very first SUBSPECIES movie.  I remember that was one of the things that impressed me about the film was the cinematography and style they had in such a low budget film.  The ones that sent in the correct title was Hoby Abernathy, Mike Cole, Silke Goudo, Chris Kinniery, Erik Martin, Bob Richards, Mark Turner, and Will Wilson.  Well done, people.  You do us proud!
    Now on to this week's photo.  Much like the person in the photo, you don't have much to look at.  Or do they?  I'm sure some of you might find this quite easy, while with others, it just might drive you mad!  But in either case, good luck.  Click HERE to send in your answer.

    Today is a special day of remembrance for this amazing actor and incredible human being.  Up there in the ranks with Boris Karloff and Vincent Price, Peter Cushing was another one of those Gentlemen of Horror.  He loved working in the genre because he knew that is what he's fans wanted.
    As quoted from the book Peter Cushing: The Gentle Man of Horror and His 91 Films, "I do the parts now that I think the audiences want to see me doing.  Who wants to see me do Hamlet?  Very few.  But millions want to see me as Frankenstein, so that's the one I do."  This shows that Cushing wasn't afraid of being typecast.  Like Vincent Price and Boris Karloff, they knew that being remembered for a role, even if it was in a horror movie, is still being remembered.  Isn't that what any actor wants?
    He never let us down then, and with his movies continually being watched today, he still doesn't let us down.  With his performance as Baron Frankenstein, he re-defined the mad doctor, making his character the one to be fearful of, not his creations.  But that was just one small part of his vast amount of films and performances.  From Dr. Who, to Professor Van Helsing, to Grand Moff Tarkin, to all the great characters he created over the years, Peter Cushing is one of my favorite actors, and I know he will never be forgotten as long as their are fans of the horror genre.
    And with tomorrow being the birthdays of Christopher Lee and Vincent Price, there is another reason to watch some more movies!  Long live these incredible icons of the horror genre.  And also to the fans that keep their memories and their movies alive.

    Grindhouse Releasing has recently announced that they will be releasing this rare Cushing film from 1968, where he stars in a bit of a take off on the whole Dr. Orloff and EYES WITHOUT A FACE theme.  He had invented a laser, which accidently burns his model wife's face, which he then stops at nothing to try to repair.  While I wouldn't call this one of Cushing's best films, it is definitely a rare one, especially if it contains the footage of him wrestling with a topless woman, which was usually cut from most prints.
    It will come out on Blu-Ray and DVD on Septemeber 10th, and apparently will also be hitting a few theater screenings as well at some point.  If we hear about them, we'll post them here.

    In the last two months, we've done 4 conventions, amongst all our other projects that keep us busy during the year, hence why you haven't seen any of these convention reports yet.  But we're working on them....slow but sure.  But it seems that time is just flying by and summer is upon us, with all that dreaded heat that comes with it.  But now that we have a slight break in the convention madness, at least for another two months until it gets crazy again, we're planning getting caught up on some of our projects that have been waiting in the wings.
    We had a great time at Wonderfest last weekend, chatting with a bunch of big horror fans (including more than a few Naschy fans), picking up a few items for the collection, and just having a blast there.  We will be back next year, that is for sure.
    In case you're keeping track, our next show for sure will be the Flashback show on August 9th-11th in Chicago.  But while we're not 100 % sure just yet, but it looks like the week before that, we will be heading down to St. Louis for the CON-tamination convention.  This is their 4th show but we've never been down there for one yet.  We've got some good friends down there so it is going to be fun just to hang out with them no matter what.  They've got a pretty good lineup so far, including Andrew Prine, who is a cult icon when you think of all the movies that guy has been in.  We interviewed him a few years ago and he is a super nice guy.  Looking forward to seeing him again.  For more information about the show, just click HERE.

    While on the subject of upcoming shows, the Cinema Wasteland show already had a great lineup scheduled for their October show, with a HILLS HAVE EYES reunion with 6 people from the cult classic.  But now they have added someone to make it even better.  And that would be director William Sachs, the man who help give us THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN!  Being one of those guilty pleasures, this was a movie that I begged and pleaded my parents to let me go see when it played at the local theater when it came out, but since it was rated just didn't happen.  Once I did finally get to see it, it was just magic.  Sure, not a great film, but with some great effects and just a fun movie to watch, how could it not be a classic?  So we are thrilled that he has been added to the line up.
    Now if we could only find actor Alex Rebar and get him to the show...Anybody???
    For more information about the show, head over to their website HERE.

    George Romero makes his return to the Flashback Weekend for the DAWN OF THE DEAD reunion.  It's been a few years since Romero has been to Chicago so what better time than to help celebrate his classic film DAWN OF THE DEAD with the major cast.  Even if you're not a fan of his later works, like myself, you can't take away what he has done for the genre.  And since he is now 73 years old, I don't think he's going to be doing too many more conventions.  So if you haven't met the man yet, then this would be a great time to do it.
    They also have reunions for PET SEMETERY, as well as several guests from Rob Zombie's latest film THE LORDS OF SALEM, including Willard himself, Bruce Davison.  For all the details and updates, head over to their site HERE.

    Well folks, the month of May is almost over.  That means in less than a week our Army Soldiers will be getting their new mission assignments, with two more new movies to seek out and capture.  What could be the topic?  Well, they will just have to wait and see.
    It seems our numbers are growing each and every month and people are having more and more fun with it.  Still not a member of the Army?  All the info you need is on our Army Page.  Never too late to join.  Here are just a few of the comments the soldiers have made regarding the Army and why they are enjoying the fun:

  • As a new "recruit" to the army, I'm enjoying the hell out of being a member of the Kryptic Army. Lots of fun, what a treat for horror fans. I've told friends about it, hope they join. Plus its a great excuse to watch horror movies. I'm able to watch and discover movies I have never heard of. - Tom Brennan
  • I am enjoying the army, and your increasingly challenging missions. I've always enjoyed watching horror films, but may not always have the time. Joining the army has given me an excuse to make the time.  - Wayne Teeter
  • I love the army life! Every month I usually end up watching movies I had never even heard of. Sometimes I watch a few more just 'cause other people make them sound so good (or so bad). - Cate Cameron
  • Because good or bad, it gives me an excuse to see something I may have otherwise ignored. It's fun trying to track down something I haven't seen before in each months category. - Jerry Downing
  • I've been watching horror films for over thirty years, and I still find there are some that I've either never gotten around to or just plain overlooked. The Kryptic Army gives me the nudge to catch up, or dig a little deeper, or even just think a little more about what I watch. - Ray

    Normally we don't like to pimp film projects here because we don't want it to become a place where we are trying to sell you something.  But a good friend of the Krypt, Darren Callahan, is working on a few film project called DESPERATE DOLLS and needs some extra support.  According to the Indiegogo site, here is what the film is about:  "Set in Hollywood in 1968, it is the story of three young actresses with hand-picked nicknames who become entangled in a web of murder, hypnosis, and ghosts.  Considered a smart take on retro exploitation films, the film will have flashes of sex and violence, but keeps focus on a strong, classic style with chilling scares."  So it sounds pretty interesting and Callahan is a talent man, so if you're feeling supportive of independent filmmakers, head over to their Indiegogo page  by clicking HERE and donate what you can.  And even if you can't just pass on the info to help spread the word.

    When I was a little tyke, there was a series of books on put out by Crestwood Publishing that came out in the late '70s that featured individual books on different movie monsters.  There was one on Frankenstein, Dracula, Godzilla, King Kong, Mad Scientists, the Wolf Man.  These first 6 titles were written by Ian Thorne (aka sci-fi writer Julian May using a pseudonym).  in 1981, they published 9 more titles to the series, which included The Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Mummy, The Invisible Man, The Phantom of the Opera, Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man, Murders in the Rue Morgue, It Came From Outer Space, The Deadly Mantis and The Blob.  Then in 1985, the produced a new series called Movie Monsters, featuring 12 titles such as Dracula's Daughter, Bride of Frankenstein, Tarantula and a few more.  This series was more about the particular movie itself, like a chapter book, where the original series were on the sub-genre of movies under that particular title, such as the Frankenstein title covered a variety of Frankenstein movies.  Nowadays, getting a hold of any of these books are going to run you a few $$, especially finding them in good condition.  But as a young monster fan, these books were awesome.


    But we recently discovered that a new publisher, Rosen Publishing, had released something very similar to these back in 2005 to I believe 2007.  We're still trying to get some more definite information, but we found it pretty interesting that these seem very similar to these original books.  But these newer titles were pretty much written all by individual authors.  They are all about the same page count as the originals, around 48 pages, and all are written for the same age group and reading level.  While we don't have any of these newer series in our collection (yet...that is), we are very curious to see what they are like.  The retail prices on them are outrageous, listed at $26.50 per book, but were primarily made for school libraries!  Granted, with a little interest searching, you can find them much, much cheaper.


    I guess the cool thing is that no matter how much people might complain about horror movies and the adverse effect it does on people, especially children, it hasn't stopped them from continuing to publish these types of books to start that young monster fan on his way.  And for that, we salute you!  I cool is it that you can get a book in grade school that has a shot from Lucio Fulci's ZOMBIE on the cover!?!?!?

    While on the subject of books, and since it is pretty fitting on Cushing's 100th Birthday, we have posted our review of the book Peter Cushing: A Life in Film in our Reference Book Review section.  While it might be a new edition of David Miller's Peter Cushing Companion, we're still going to give it a thumbs up.

    We have posted new reviews for 3 soundtracks in this update.  The first one is for E.C. Woodley's score for Brandon Cronenberg's film ANTIVIRAL.  The other two are from the incredible label Monstrous Movie Music, which continues to put out some amazing releases.  The first one is for Walter Greene's scores for THE BRAIN FROM  PLANET AROUS & TEENAGE MONSTER.  The second one is for Nicholas Carras' scores for MISSILE TO THE MOON & FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER.  Lots of fun here, people.  Head over to our Soundtrack Review section to get all the details.

    Our last photo was from the Hammer film X - THE UNKNOWN, which is a great little monster blob movie if you haven't seen it.  Well worth checking out.  But the ones that have seen the movie and were able to send in the correct answer was: Chris Kinniery, Mike Shields, and Will Wilson.  Well done!
    Now on to this week's photo.  While I thought momentarily about going with either a Franco film to tie with this month's Army mission, or a Cushing photo to tie in with his 100th Birthday, we decided to save those for another day.  So this one might be easy, or might not.  You'll have to take a look and see if it comes to you.  In either case, good luck!  Click HERE to send in your answer.

    While we try not to let 'real life' venture into our Krypt, we felt that it was important to point this particular event out because it has so very much to do with the Krypt.  On Tuesday the 14th of this month, it will be my 25th wedding anniversary.  In this day and age, I know that is even more of a milestone.  My wife Dawn and I spent this last weekend in Galena, IL to celebrate this occasion, taking a break from the internet, and the rest of the world.  From doing some shopping at the all the little shops they have there (including a few book stores...yes, can't go by a book store without me stopping in!), eating some great foods, and just relaxing, it was an amazing weekend.
    What does this have to do with the Krypt, you might ask?  Simple...if it wasn't for Dawn, who has not only let me work on this site for almost 15 years, but wants and encourages me to continue as well, there would be no Krypt.  I have known a few die-hard fans like me over the years that can only be that fan when their wife is away or busy, sneaking off to the darkened depths of their basement, before being called back into husband duty.  My situation couldn't be farther from the truth, and I owe all of that to my wife Dawn.  She is always willing to watch anything that I decide to put on the television...most of which she actually enjoys.  While not as fanatical about the genre as I am, she is a fan.  As she as put it several times, this is what defines is who we are.  I know I wouldn't be the person I am today if it wasn't for her.  So a huge shout out and thank you to my wife Dawn, who has stood by me for all of these years, even during those times when she had every right to kick my ass but didn't.  She is the reason for me still being here, as well as really showing me why there is so much to enjoy in life.  Here's to another 25 years.

    We've been looking forward to this show for quite some time and next week it happens.  But that means there will be no update next week.  But this is our last show for a couple of months, so hopefully we'll have time to get all our past show reports done and posted.  I mean...we'll only have 4 to get done after next weekend!
    One of the things that we are looking forward to at the show is the special premier screening of the new documentary by Cortlandt Hull & Bill Diamond called THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA: UNMASKING THE MASTERPIECE.  This will take viewers through the different versions of the classic story by Gaston Leroux, with the main focus on the original version starring Lon Chaney Sr., but also the remakes with Claude Rains and Hammer's version with Herbert Lom.  There will be interviews with Ron Chaney, Carla Laemmle, Daniel Roebuck, Chaney historian Michael Blake, Steve Haberman, and many more.  Not sure when this would actually getting a release somewhere, so if you want to see it, you better head to Wonderfest this weekend!  Hope to see some of you at at the show.

    What can be said about this legend.  That work, legend, was used in just about every obit that I read on Harryhausen.  I wonder why.  Could it be because he created such magical images on screen for movie goers, at a time when we never thought we'd get to see such things, like giant monsters coming from the sea, or flying saucers crashing in to the White House, hordes of skeleton warriors in swordfights with our movie heroes, or dinosaurs attacking and trying to get to Rachel Welch.  But because of Ray Harryhausen, we got to see those.  And for a lot of people out there, it changed their life.
    A young Ray went to see the original KING KONG at the Grauman's Chinese Theater on its initial run in Hollywood.  He has been quoted several times saying that after seeing that film, "I haven't been the same since."  He came away from the movie with the desire to create his own stop-animation creatures.  And that is exactly what he did.  He started to make his own dinosaurs and make his own little short animated films  in his family's garage.  As luck would have it, he eventually got to meet Willis O'Brien, the man behind creating King Kong.  O'Brien gave him tips and pointers on what he needed to work on to improve his talent.  O'Brien later hired Harryhausen to work on MIGHTY JOE YOUNG, which would be Ray's first major picture.  And there was no stopping him after that.
    He gave us a giant rhedosaurus in THE BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS (1953), he showed us a giant octopus attacking the Golden Gate Bridge in IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA (1955), in EARTH VS THE FLYING SAUCERS (1956), he showed us giant space ships crashing into such famous buildings as the White House!  And the list goes on and on.  In the '60s & '70S, he help give birth to the wondrous fantasy creatures in the Sinbad movies, like THE 7TH VOYAGE OF SINBAD (1960), THE GOLDEN VOYAGE OF SINBAD (1974), and SINBAD AND THE EYE OF THE TIGER (1977).  And of course, in 1966, he helped Hammer Films create the dinosaurs in their prehistoric epic ONE MILLION YEARS B.C.
    Needless to say, Harryhausen was an amazing talent.  From his work in stop animation, the incredible artwork that he produced, as well as inspiring so many people to follow their own dreams, he really is one that defines the word "legend".  This legend passed away last Tuesday, May 7th, at the age of 92.  Because of this incredible portfolio of work that he has left us within these movies, he will never be forgotten.  His legacy will live on every time a youngster catches a rerun of one of those Sinbad movies and gets blown away by what he sees.  Gone, but never forgotten.

    Last update I talked about the new version of David Miller's 2000 book The Peter Cushing Companion, now called Peter Cushing: A Life in Art.  We're going to have a normal review of it, but wanted to give a little bit of an update.  We got a copy of the new edition and did a little comparing.  It is in fact the Companion book, but it is not exactly the same.  Right off the bat, you can see that it has 16 full color pages that has some great stills and posters that are not in the original edition, as well as some new black and white photo throughout the book.  While it is laid out the same, with the same chapters and oddly enough even the same page length for each chapter, but the text has been edited slightly.  While a lot of it is exactly the same, there are some slight revisions, as well as completely new paragraphs.  So it is not simply a reprint like we first thought.
    But what I don't understand is why not advertise it as such?  Why not say that is it a re-edited & updated version of the Companion book, with now having 16 color pages, and even more information added?  Who knows.
    But all that confusion aside, it is a nice hardcover edition of this book, and is a lot more reasonably priced compared to what the original paperback versions are going for.  So if you don't have the original, this updated version needs to be on your Want List.  This is about Peter Cushing after all.  If you already have the original, it wouldn't be out of the question to upgrade it.  I know we did.  But then again, that's just me.

    While on the subject of Peter Cushing, May 25th of this month would have been Cushing's 100th birthday.  I know there are many different things being planned to celebrate that, especially over in the UK.  I'm sure there will be plenty of Hammer films being screen on TV, as well as some specials or something to commemorate this event and this incredible actor and amazing human being.  One of the things that we know is going to happen is a Peter Cushing Centennial Blogathon, starting on May 25th and going through the 31st, which is being hosted by the Frankenstenia Blog.  If you want to be involved in the blogathon, contact them through their website.  But starting on May 25th, head over to HERE to get all the different low down on what's going on, as well as to see all the different blogs and info about Cushing.
    Even if you're not participating in anything like this, this month would be the perfect time to break out some of those Cushing movies to re-visit, or visit for the first time you just haven't gotten around to them.  Cushing really was a one of a kind actor, who was always (and still is) a thrill to watch.  From his incredible work he did with Hammer, as well as all the other studios he worked with, such as Amicus or Tyburn, and the rest of them, Cushing was always a joy to watch.

    Welcome back to the Classroom after a few weeks off.  Hope you are well rested and are ready to pay attention!  So let's get to the classroom and learn about this director who worked for a certain British film studio that was known to drip blood.

    Our last photo was from the Amicus anthology film TORTURE GARDEN.  Well done to those that did get it since this wasn't the easier pic to figure out.  So kudos out to the following who did figure it out:  Hoby Abernathy, Cate Cameron, Craig Clark, Kevin Matthews, Jeff Owens, Mike Shields, and Will Wilson.  Well done.
    So now on to this week's photo.  We're going back a few years to when films were black and white.  Remember those days?  Hope so.  But we're not giving you much to go on with this shot, but if you've seen the movie, you'll probably remember this sequence.  So give it a peak and get that brain matter working.  Just click HERE to send in your answer.

    Last weekend, we headed into Michigan for the 5th annual Motor City Nightmares convention.  We had a blast there the whole weekend and just had a great time.  For being able to hang out with our old convention friends/family, to meeting and making a lot of few friends, it really was a great time.  We definitely plan to be there again next year.  Stay tuned for our complete report in the future.

    In two weeks, we will be heading down to Louisville Kentucky for our 2nd time setting up at the Wonderfest Hobby Expo.  We had such a great time there last year and are hoping to do it all again.  It is a great chance of pace to the normal shows that we go to throughout the year.  While they do have some celebrity guest at the show, the main focus of it is the dealer room and the model kits.  If you're in to resin and vinyl kits, then you probably already know about the show.  But even if you're not, just walking around the dealer room and seeing these amazing kits is a lot of fun.  So if you are coming out to the show, make sure you stop by our table and say hello.  We'll be there pushing our horror reference books as usual.  Hope to see you there.

    As a well known 'book guy', nothing thrills me more than when I hear there are new titles coming out that I can add to my collection.  But these days, even with books, we really need to look a little past the cover.  Originally we were going to announce a bunch of new titles that were coming out, proving once again that print certainly is not dead.  Every year we see more and more titles being published about the genre we love so much.  Sure, it does get expensive, but some of these are pretty reasonable in price.  And as we've said time and time again, the more you read about these movies and the people that make them, the more you can enjoy the genre.
    But apparently some of these "new" ones we were going to mention aren't really new titles at all, but books that were previously published that are just getting a new title and facelift.  Not saying that is entirely a bad thing, but hear me out.
    The first one, which is at least being upfront about what it is, is Peter Cushing: The Complete Memoirs.  This is a new hardcover edition that combines Cushing's two autobiographies, An Autobiography (1986) and Past Forgetting (1988), into one book.  They had been previously published together in one book back in 1999 by Midnight Marquee.  This 424 page edition will be released next month with a price of $24.99 (though Amazon has it listed for $17.08).  If you are a fan of Cushing, or Hammer films, or just of actors, then you really need to have this book in your collection.  So many great stories, as well as getting a good look inside the head of this incredible man and actor.
    Since this year would have been Cushing's 100th birthday, it makes sense that publishers are trying to release something to tie in with that.  Which brings us to our second book, Peter Cushing: A Life in Film, by David Miller.  Now back in 2000,  Miller published a book called The Peter Cushing Companion, which was also reissued in 2002, under the same title.  Since Amazon listed this Life  in Film book with same number of pages as the Companion, and both had an introduction by Hammer starlet Veronica Carlson, it got me wondering if this was actually a new book.  So checked out a few recent online interviews with the author about this "new" book.  Nowhere did anybody mention or ask if this had already been published before, in some cases even calling it a "new" book.  Guess some people don't do their homework these days before interviewing.  So I went to the publisher's website to read more info about the "new" book.  They make also no mention about the Companion book or if this is a reprint of it. But they did have an excerpt from the "new" book, which just happens to match exactly a section in the Companion.   So I sent them an email asking them directly, but haven't heard back from them yet.  While we don't have any official confirmation, it really looks like it is the same book.
    Why am I making a big deal about this?  Simply because it is getting fans to purchase book that they might already have because they think it is something new.  The previous edition is out-of-print, so who cares if it is getting re-published, right?  But why couldn't they just state that from the beginning?  None the less, the book is out with a retail price of $24.95 (Amazon has it listed for $18.13).  But...if you don't already either of these books in any versions, then I highly suggest you pick them up.
    Which leads to another title coming out that seems to have done another re-title and new cover of an older book, unleashing it to the unsuspecting public.  The book is called Horror!  The Definitive Companion to the Most Terrifying Movies Ever Made, by James Marriott and Kim Newman.  Which seemed to me to be pretty close to Horror!  333 Films to Scare You to Death, which came out only in 2010.  Now, we have not seen this new book so we are not entirely sure what this volume contains.  But we did contact one of the authors to get their input.  Since Mr. Marriott had passed away last July of 2012, not sure what he might have done with any revision.  But Mr. Newman said not only did he not do anything new for this edition, but he didn't even know it was coming out.  We also send a note out to the publishers to get some more info.  So until we hear from them or see a copy ourselves, we're just going to have to label this one a tad bit suspicious.  Again, if this was an older book that is impossible to find, then kudos to them for re-releasing it.  But this first edition is STILL available!  The "new" book is due out in August, with price of $24.95, though Amazon has pre-orders for $16.47.
    Now we do have a 3rd Cushing book, The Unknown Peter Cushing, by Michael G. McGlasson, looks to be a brand new book.  While only at a 132 pages and priced at $14.95, not sure what to expect with this one.  But I know we'll be adding to our collection no matter what.  I is about Peter Cushing after all and I am a sucker for reference books, especially when they are one of my favorite actors.
    And speaking of favorite actors, there is a new book coming out on Vincent Price, called The Price of Fear, one that has been in the making for 25 years.  Author Joel Eisner had been working with Price before his death to create his official and definitive biography and finally it is now coming out.  Having full cooperation with Price's estate, his daughter Victoria, and hearing from so many people that Price had worked with over the years, it will be one interesting and entertaining read, learning more about this incredibly talented and great men of the genre.  The book runs 244 pages and is priced at $19.95, though you can save a few dollars through Amazon.  But once again, it is one of these books that needs to be in any serious collector of horror reference books.  Like Cushing, Price is one of those types of stars that we probability won't see ever again.  So the more we can learn about him and his work, the more we can make sure that neither of them are ever forgotten.


    We are big fans of hot sauces.  And what better way to combine our passion for that than mixing it up with horror!  And with Halloween only 6 months away, what better way to celebrate than to order some hot sauces from Halloween Hot Sauce!  These make the perfect little gift for your friends who love to spice up their food, not to mention that they look great.  They have three different flavors of varying degree of heat and you can get them just in the bottles, or you can get them in a little hand made cedar coffin!  Or go for the big gift box and get all three in a larger coffin.
    For more info, head over to Halloween Hot Sauce's website by clicking HERE.  Tell Victor the Undertaker, who is the devil there behind these creations that we sent you!

    Chicago fans of Roger Corman might want to head to the Portage Theater on August 14th to catch a rare screening of his 1962 film INTRUDER, starring William Shatner.  This was a very different type of film for Corman, about a man traveling to a small southern town to try and stop the racial integration.  This is a scary film in only because it can show the real darkness of humanity.  No cheesy monsters running around in this Corman film, but a one that makes you take a look at yourself and the society around us.
    This is being screen from a 35mm print, courtesy of the Joe Dante and Jon Davison Collection, and will be screened at 7:30pm.  There will also be a episode of Twilight Zone (A Nice Place to Visit) screened from a 16mm print.
    Also at the Portage this month, is a all-star monster lineup on May 25th, where they will be screening the following films:  ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET DR. JEKYLL & MR. HYDE (at 12pm), HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN (at 1:40pm), HOUSE OF DRACULA (3:15pm) and then the '70s classic BLACULA (at 4:45pm).
    For all the information on the Portage Theater, head over to their website by clicking HERE.

    Finally, after many years of waiting, one of Hammer's later films gets a release on DVD & Blu-ray.  Peter Sasdy's HANDS OF THE RIPPER will be coming out on July 9th of this year and features an uncut print that has been completely restored in high-definition.  This special features include a featurette called The Devil's Bloody Playthings: Possessed by HANDS OF THE RIPPER, a Motion Still Gallery called Slaughter of Innocence: The Evloution of Hammer Gore, trailers and more.
    Plenty of red stuff flowing in this film and is a must for Hammer fans, as well as horror fans.  This film was made in the transition period of Hammer as they were trying to hold onto their audiences who were growing tired of the gothic pictures that Hammer had been making (and quite successfully doing) for years.  So in the '70s, they started to increase the amount of skin and blood on the screen.  So while a lot of people criticize these later Hammer films for going "too far", I've always felt that some of these later films are some of Hammer's best.  So when this disc comes out, run out and buy it, watch it, and then see what you think!

    Shout Factory has announced a Vincent Price box set that will be issued around Halloween time this year.  Haven't seen/heard any details other than it will be the following titles:  FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER, THE HAUNTED PALACE, THE MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH, THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM, WITCHFINDER GENERAL (and apparently the cut version of the film under the US title CONQUEROR WORM) and finally THE ABOMINABLE DR. PHIBES.  Once we get more information on them, we'll let you know.

    And while on the subject of Hammer, the new issue of Little Shoppe of Horrors will be out soon.  They just released the new cover and it looks pretty damn cool.  As you can see by the cover, this issue will be covering VAMPIRE CIRCUS.  There is no other magazine out there that gives you the kind of Hammer coverage than LSoH.  If you want to increase your knowledge of not only Hammer films but of British horror films in genre, start picking up their back issues, since each one is a small book of insight and information.  Each one is always filled with tons of interviews and in-depth researched articles.  Well worth the cost of admission!
    They don't have it listed on the site just yet, but I'm sure it will be up there any day now.  You can always drop them an email if you want to order right away.  Just click HERE to get over to their site.

    We have posted our review of Roque Baños' score for the recent remake of EVIL DEAD.  Head over to our Soundtrack section to read our thoughts on this remake that has been dividing the fans!

    And while on the subjects of movie soundtracks, Monstrous Movie Music is a small label that has put some some incredible movie soundtracks over the years, which we have several of them.  We have even reviewed one of their releases, such as IT! TERROR FROM BEYOND SPACE (click HERE for our review), but have several of them in our own collection.  They basically stick with classic 50's sci-fi & horror titles, but we've really enjoyed what we've heard so far from them.  I would highly recommend the score for THE MONSTER THAT CHALLENGED THE WORLD as well.  Other more recent releases are of THE LAST MAN ON EARTH, MISSILE TO THE MOON, THE BRAIN FROM PLANET AROUS, and many more.  They are a lot of fun for fans of these classic movies.
    Well, now they have another double feature release from a couple of the sci-fi horror films of the late '50s.  It has Nicholas Carras' score for SHE DEMONS and Guenther Kauer's score for THE ASTOUNDING SHE-MONSTER.  This release has close to an hour's worth of music, along with a 20 page illustrated liner book that goes over the music, the compose and the movie.  So head on over to their website HERE and order a couple of them.  I think you'll be pleasantly impressed with their work here.


    For our Army members, they will spend the month of May remembering the late Jess Franco, spending time with at least two of his movies.  Depending on which ones they pick, they are going to  have a great time.  Or...could be at least interesting.  So let's hope for the best!
    Not a member of the Army?  Just click HERE to find out more and join the fun!

    Thanks to everyone who sent in their answer for our England Art Trivia contest.  We had some great titles, some of which I didn't even think of.  Because we got such a good response, we decided to drawn two names!  And those lucky winners are Catherine Cameron, who chose THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY & Lisa Stewart, who picked the episode of Night Gallery series, The Cemetery.  If the two winners can send me an email with your mailing address, I'll get your print sent out to you.  Thanks again to everyone who participated, and an especially to Don England who donated the prizes.  Stay tuned for more trivia prizes and some of England's artwork soon.

    Our photo from last week was from the 1988 film CAMERON'S CLOSET.  That demon there was designed by Carlo Rambaldi, the very same man who created E.T.!  Congrats to the two people that were able to correctly identify that movie.  And they were Mark Turner and Will Wilson.  Well done!
    So let's get on with this week's photo.  Take a look....get the brain working...and see what you can come up with.  Good luck!  Just click HERE to send in your answer.

    Last night, we traveled out to the Midway Drive-in, which is about a 70 miles away, to a triple feature.  They screened Carpenter's THE THING, ALIENS, and then THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN.  While we normally sit outside the van on lawn chairs, it was a little too chilly last night, so we stayed in the van this time.   But none the less, we had a great time.  It was pretty cool to see THE THING at the drive-in, which is where I got to see it the very first time, at the Skylark Drive-in, one of the 2 drive-in theaters Aurora use to have.  Of course, both of them are gone now, being replaced with condos and housing.  Damn shame.
    Maybe it is just me, since I grew up up at the end of the drive-in era, but even though they were slowly closing down at the time, I still had plenty of fond memories of going to these places for double and triple features.  Maybe that is why events like these are so much fun.  Sure, you might not have all the technical stereo sound and all the bells and whistles of one of the newer theaters, but there is something about it, like a special charm to it, like a little step back in time, that makes it more than worth it.  If you haven't made it out to one, then please make it a point to do it the next time the opportunity is there.  I'm sure you'll have a great time.
    It was great to see there were more than a few people that came out to brave the weather for the movies last night.  It is events like these that we continually need to support so they can keep going.  Like all of these types of events or special screenings, it is the fans that keep them alive and breathing.  So please make sure you give them the support to keep them going.  Special thanks to Mike and Mia Kerz who run the Midway and giving fans like me, plus plenty more, the opportunity to continue to enjoy these kind of events.

    Once again, we will be without an update next week since we will be traveling to Michigan for our first time appearance at Motor City Nightmares.  We've heard good things over the years so we figured we'd give it a try and see if we can't spread a little of our 'Discover the Horror' gospel while we're there.  Looking forward to it.  Of course, that will be the 3rd convention report that we'll need to get done!  Work, work, work.  But if you're coming out to the show, as usual, please stop by and say hello.

    While we haven't even gotten around to acquiring the first three busts that Titan has put out in their Hammer series, it looks like they are going to continue this line with even more figures.  The first three concentrated on their vampires series, with Lee's Dracula, Cushing's Van Helsing, and Ingrid Pitt's Countess Dracula.  This time it seems they are going over to their Frankenstein series, with Cushing's Baron.  Does this mean we will have one of Lee's creature soon?  While I don't think they did as good as a job with Cushing's face as they did on the Van Helsing one, it is still pretty cool that they are going this route.  Just too bad they are damn expensive, running about $80-$100 each.  These will be released in October of this year.

    Not sure why, but for some reason I tend to have a lot of friends that are artist, especially that I've met at conventions.  I'm talking illustrators here, that actually create amazing pieces of work with a pen, pencil, paint and paper.  With such talented people like Putrid, Steve Bejma, Chris Kuchta, you'd think some of that would rub off on me.  Afraid not.  Only thing I can draw is flies.  But another artist friend of ours, one that I've known for somewhere close to 10 years, is Don England.  And since I've known him, his artwork has just gotten better and better each and every year.  Just take a look at some of the pieces that he's done below.  This isn't done on a computer, or enhanced by some program, but these are old fashion hand drawn illustrations.  And great ones at that.  Head over to his website to see some of his other amazing work by clicking HERE.
    Don was gracious enough to donate some of his prints to our Prize Coffin for our Krypt Army.  In fact, he gave us quite a few prints, suggesting to mayble use them for a trivia contest here on the site.  What a stellar idea, giving everyone a chance to get one of these great pieces of art.
    So here is what we're going to do:  We are going to have a drawing for a drawing!  All you need to get your name in the drawing is send us one single title of a horror themed movie or TV episode that deals with an artist or a piece of art.  Something like where a painting comes to life, captures their soul, anything like that.  We want to help celebrate this talented guy, as well as all the other people that sometimes can literally put their heart and soul into their work.  This artist doesn't have to be the main focus of the movie or show, but it must have something to do with the main plot.  Easy enough?  Just send your movie/show title to me at with your name.  It will go into a drawing with the rest of the names.  After two weeks, we will draw one of the names and find our winner.  If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line and ask away.  Then you can proudly display one of these great pieces below in your collection.  Good Luck!


    Our lesson this week is about a man who worked his way up, but had the great opportunity to work with a great producer, who took gave him his break behind the camera.  Head over to the classroom to find out more.

    Okay folks, as we warned you, our last photo was going to be a tough one.  Of course, that didn't stop some of you die-hards out there from sending sending the correct guess.  Well done!  The little snapshot was from a 1941 film called HORROR ISLAND, directed by George Waggner, who also gave us MAN MADE MONSTER right before giving us the Universal classic THE WOLF MAN.  While it might not be seeping with horror, it does have some pretty interesting spooky moments, such as the great work with the shadows.  But kudos going out to the following for correctly identifying the movie:  Hoby Abernathy, Gavin Schmitt, and William Wilson.
    So, let's get to this week's photo.  Once again, since we won't be having an update next week, you will have two weeks to figure this one out.  But don't put it off too long...those two weeks will be up before you know it.  So gaze at the photo, get that brain sparking, and click HERE to send in your answer.  Good luck!

    Not only did we make it through another Wasteland show, once again we had a blast as well.  I've said it before and I'll keep saying it, but there is no other show out there like Wasteland.  Sure, it might not draw the huge crowds like other shows, but every single person coming through the door are die hard horror fans.  We had so many great conversations over the weekend with different fans and dealers and just a fun time.  We'll have our full report at some point in the future.  But we are already looking forward to their October show, where they are planning to have a HILLS HAVE EYES reunion, with 6 guests from the movie!

    Since our last update, we have lost a few people that had made an impact in the horror movie industry, to different degrees.  So we wanted to take some time to mention each of these here.  The first one was actor Richard Brooker, who was known to horror fans as the first Jason to ever put on the famous hockey mask.  As a stuntman as well, most people don't realize just how hard of work that is, having to perform under a ton of makeup, doing stunts, and still having to hit all your marks and not kill anyone in the process.  But Brooker didn't have an extensive film career as an actor, but did do a lot of work in the stunt field, usually working with horses.  He would eventually work in the production end of television, such as production manager, producer, and even director, helming over 40 episodes of Bill Nye the Science Guy.  But he was a regular at conventions, spending time meeting all his FRIDAY fans.  His presence will be missed.
    One of the most well known film critics out there was Chicago's own Roger Ebert.  Professionally reviewing movies for close to 50 years, he was one of those that getting a thumbs up from him (or thumbs down) could dramatically effect your box office results.  Now being a horror fan, there were plenty of times where he would dismiss or dislike, or right out trash a movie that I happened to think was pretty damn good.  Sometimes his arguments didn't even make sense to me.  But that is the beauty of film criticism.  Just because he didn't like it, doesn't mean I couldn't.  So even though we didn't agree on a lot of films, I have to give him respect for the simple fact that anybody that has that big of passion of film, and works on passing on that to others, needs to be given credit.  And very few did it as much as Ebert.  The last years of his life were very troubled with bouts with cancer, but it never stopped him from continuing his passion of writing about film.  So his voice will be one that is definitely missed.
    And lastly, last week we lost one of the greats in cinema, Jess Franco.  Now I know some people might say that Franco films were terrible, poorly made, or even god-awful.  And yes, some of his films were pretty bad.  But here's my take on him and his films.  Franco, who is rumored of have made over 200 films in probably just about every major country in the world, loved making films.  No matter what kind of budget he had, he wanted to make the movie.  His later films suffered from these low, low budgets.  But that did not mean that Franco was a hack or couldn't make a decent film.  He made plenty of them in his career.  Just look at THE AWFUL DR. ORLOFF or THE DIABOLICAL DR. Z or even FACELESS.
    It was so cool to see him be presented a honorary Goya award back in 2009, with his faithful and lifelong companion Lina Romay pushing him out in a wheelchair.  Granted, we know we'd never see something like that here in the states, it was great to see him get the respect in his home country.  When Romay passed away early in 2012, fans thought it would only be a matter of time before Franco would join her.  But now, both of them can rest in peace and know that film fans around the world will keep their films and their memories alive and well for generations to come.  They will never be forgotten.
    Our thoughts go out to all of the friends and families to the above ones who have left us.


    Well, I didn't win in this year's Rondo Award for Best Magazine Column, but did make the runner-up.  Thank you to everyone who cast their vote for me, but it just wasn't our time, losing out to John Bowen from Rue Morgue magazine.  I have to say that if I had to lose, I'm glad it was to him since both of us use our columns to fight the never ending battle of trying to bring some of these classic cult and forgotten films into the limelight for newer fans.  It's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it.  And even though we write for different magazines, our goals are the same.  So a special congrats to Mr. Bowen.  Well done, Sir!
    But also congrats to all the winners, especially our fellow horror-fiend Aaron Christensen for winning Best Article with his piece on Christopher Lee and his films in HorrorHound.  Well done!  But for us, maybe next year, as they say.  But we'll keep doing what we're doing and loving every minute of it.
    If you want to see the complete list of winners, just click HERE.

    May 26th of this year would have been Peter Cushing's 100th birthday.  To celebrate this occasion, Hammer scholars Wayne Kinsey, Tom Johnson, and Cushing's secretary Joyce Broughton have been working hard to bring forth the Peter Cushing Scrapbook, published by Peveril Publishing.  With approximately 300 pages, this softback book is filled with Cushing memorabilia from both his professional and private life.  It has rare photographs, letters, watercolor paintings, pencil & ink drawings, his own annotated script pages and costume designs, samples of his contracts, and so much more.
    Peveril Publishing is the company responsible for the book Hammer Films On Location, as well as an upcoming 8-volume series called Fantastic Films of the Decades.  The release date for the Cushing book is Spring of this year, but no set date has been announced.  The only problem for us fans in the states, it's going to be a bit pricing for to get our hands on a copy.  The price is going to be £35 (around $54) + postage.  They are only producing a very limited run of 2000 copies, and won't be available in stores but only through the publisher.  While the price might be a bit high for us here in the states, it might be one to make that investment.  I know we would love to add it to our collection if only just to know more about one of our favorite actors.
    According to their Facebook page, it was sent to their printers at the end of last month, so I would think it wouldn't be too long before it is available.  We'll give out more details when we find them out.

    When the announcement came that not only would Hammer's HORROR OF DRACULA be coming to Blu-ray, but that it would also have the recently discovered footage (as short as it might be) that has been missing all of these years, Hammer fans from around the world rejoiced.  The one thing that Hammer was known for was their color.  When they started remaking the horror classics in 1957 with CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN, audiences were seeing these old standards like never before.  So when the news came out that a new restoration was going to happen, with the newly found footage, it was great news.  And then the disc came out in the UK and reports started to appear about the transfer.  It seemed that the new restoration print has a blue tint to it, which seems to mute out or tone down the rest of the colors.
    Now, I am not the technical expert by no means, like the fine folks at Mondo Digital, Video Watchdog, or any of the smarter and more savvy in this department.  I'm leaving all of that stuff up to them.  But like every fan out there, it matters how it looks to me.  I remember a few years ago when one of the later releases of John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN came out on DVD and it had a blue tone to it, which made it look quite different, and in my opinion, no where near as good as the original.  It seems this new release of HORROR OF DRACULA has the same issues.  These frame grabs were taken from the Latarnia Forums where someone had posted screen grabs from the new blu-ray and the original DVD release.  Take a look below and see what you think.




    So it is obvious that the blu-ray version (on the left) is much more clear and crisp.  Just look at Dracula's eyes in the close up shot.  But it does seem like everything else it just too dark.  Click HERE to go to the forum to see many more grabs and comparisons, as well as some great discussions on this transfer, with a lot more technical details.
    Now, my point of all of this is not to wage a war on anybody or criticize someone's work, since I can only imagine the time and effort that goes into any restoration.  But how and why would someone want to go with a darker look to a film that was from a studio that was known for its color?  All I am trying to say is that if this transfer is as blue as what I'm seeing, it is not going to make me run out and buy this new disc when it comes out over here.  Honestly, I will still get it at some point just because of the uncut footage and the extras, but it won't be until it hits the discount sections.  And when it is time to break this movie out to watch, I'm going to be grabbing the original DVD release that I have and enjoying the colors.

    Flashback Weekend have announced a few more guests for their show coming up in August, one of which makes me VERY happy.  With the soon-to-be released latest feature from Rob Zombie, THE LORDS OF SALEM, the 'witches' from the film will be making their appearance at the Flashback show.  They are Meg Foster, Dee Wallace, Patricia Quinn, and Judy Geeson.  Being a huge Hammer fan, we are delighted that Geeson has been added to the list.  Of course, not only did she appear in Hammer's FEAR IN THE NIGHT (along side Ralph Bates, Peter Cushing & Joan Collins), she also appeared in INSEMINOID (aka HORROR PLANET), as well as a great Spanish film called IT HAPPENED AT NIGHTMARE IN (aka CANDLE FOR THE DEVIL), as well as one of the best movies based on a true life serial killer, 10 RILLINGTON PLACE.
    For all the latest updates on the show, just head over to their website HERE.

    With the month about halfway through, the confessions are to roll in.  Want to have the chance to unburden your soul?  It is easier than you think, not to mention a lot of fun.  All you have to do is join our Army and let the excitement begin.  Need more info?  Just click HERE.
    We have also added some more photos of last year's winners and their prizes.  Just year YOU could be one of these lucky ones!  All you need to do is sign up for our mailing list and.....JOIN US!

    And while on the subject of Flashback, on April 20th at their Midway Drive-in theater in Dixon, they will be holding their annual all night horror movie marathon.  We've been going to these since they started them a few years ago and always have a great time.  You have the chance to see some great movies on the big screen, while sitting in your car (or lounge chair outside) eating some great treats from their snackbar.  So far, they have announced the following movies:  ALIENS, John Carpenter's THE THING, and the 1977 drive-in classic THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN.  Usually they show 4 features, so not sure if there is going to be a 4th one or not.  But even if there isn't, you've got plenty of fun listed right now.  When THE THING first came out, the only place it was playing was at one of our drive-ins here in Aurora.  It was a double feature screening with THE THING along with ENTER THE NINJA!  Great pairing, huh?  So it will be cool to see THE THING again like I did the very first time.

    If you're in the area of Poughkeepsie NY (or don't mind the drive), then make plans to attend the Hudson Horror Show 7 on June 8th, at the Silver Cinemas.  They will be screening 5 feature films, all from 35mm prints, along with having a vendors room, prizes and give-aways, trailers and more.  Here are the four features they have announced:  ARMY OF DARKNESS, THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2, GONE WITH THE POPE, and INFRA-MAN.  There will be a 5th feature, but that one is a secret at the moment.
    For all the information about the show, head over to their website HERE.

    Oshkosh Horror and the Time Community Theater have started their annual Friday Night Frights series, where they screen classic films on the big screen for fans to gather for a great time.  And to make this even better, the admission is FREE!  How can you beat that?  If we were only closer, we would be up there for every one of these shows.  Their first show was last weekend, but their next show is the 19th, with the 1964 film ATOMIC BRAIN.  Other titles they will be screening through October are BLOODY BIT OF HORROR (1965), ATTACK OF THE MUSHROOM PEOPLE (1963), the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968), and William Castle's THE HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL (1959) which will be presented in EMERGO!  Plus, they have many more great titles.  For the complete list of movies and dates, just click HERE.

    For our History Lesson this week, we are going to point out one of those British character actors that appear in some of our favorite films that make them so much more entertaining.  Head over to our classroom to learn more.

    Our last photo was the lovely Valerie Leon and Andrew Keir from Hammer's 1971 film BLOOD FROM THE MUMMY'S TOMB.  Might not be one of Hammer's best, but it is definitely worth watching.  Congrats to the following who sent in the correct answer:  Hoby Abernathy, Aaron Christensen, Craig J. Clark, Bill Harrison, Ken Johnson, Alan Rehbein, Mike Shields, and Wayne Teeter.  Always nice to see those Hammer fans out there.
    Well, back to the tougher ones.  This one is going to really make you think long and hard.  I just thought that is was just a beautiful shot that it couldn't go unnoticed or appreciated.  So take a look, enjoy it, think about it, see if you can't come up with something.  Even if you're not sure, send it in.  I'll tell you if you're wrong so you can keep trying.  Never know...your guess just might be correct.  Just click HERE to send in your answer.  And as always, good luck.  You'll need it this time!

    We got one hell of an update this week.  With not having one last week, and not having one NEXT weekend, we're trying to get caught up with a bunch of stuff that we've been wanting to mention.  So let's get started, shall we?

    We made it through our first convention of the year, the HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati, where the masses collected to what had to have been their biggest show to date.  With the lines down the street from the convention center, as you can see in the photo to the right.  We got this photo from John Buell and from following the yellow line we put in, you can see just how crazy it was with that many people there.  And who knows how long the line went past the photo!  I don't think anybody expected that many people to show up.  So yeah, there were issues, like most conventions out there.
    But it seems that with all the chaos going on, most everyone still had a great time.  I know we did.  Had quite a few lengthily and interesting conversations over the weekend with some really great people, talking about movies, reference books and film schools.  How could that not be a good time?  Of course, it was also great seeing our horror family, the ones that we only get to see at the shows.  You guys make up one of the best reasons we come to these time and time again.
    HorrorHound has already set the date for their next show, on Sept. 6th-8th in Indianapolis.  Plus, they have already announced some of the guests for the show, including Steve Minor, director of FRIDAY THE 13th 2 & 3, HALLOWEEN H20, LAKE PLACID, and many more.  Also scheduled for the show are Danielle Harris, Michael Parks, Sheryl Lee, Dan Yeager, Monica Keena, and Ken Kirzinger.  For all the info, head over to their page HERE.

    Of course the reason we won't have our usual update next week because we will be in Ohio for the 23rd show for Cinema Wasteland.  That's # 23.  This has to be the longest running Horror show out there, especially one that has stayed in the exact same hotel since the very beginning.  Sure, it might not be a huge show, but that just makes it easier for those of us that do go.  No huge lines to get in, celebrities are easy to find and easy to talk to.  Sure, these may be obscure guests to the average fan, but that is just because they haven't dug deep enough into the genre.  So we hope to see a bunch of the you regular Wastelanders there and will be ready to have a great time as usual.  For all the details, head over to their page HERE.

    While most horror fans know Early from his roles in George Romero films, like DAWN OF THE DEAD and CREEPSHOW, he was a staple in the acting community in Pittsburg. He was an instructor in the theater arts, teaching at the Pittsburgh Filmmakers for over 20 years, and even spent quite a few years with the Pittsburgh Public Theater education outreach program. According to those that knew him, he had a passion for the art of acting. It didn't matter if he was on stage, in the movies, in a classroom teaching or even a recording studio.
    We had the chance to meet Early at the very first Cinema Wasteland show, back in 2000.  I can still remember his amazement that people still remember who he was DAWN OF THE DEAD.  He was so friendly and just happy to be there with the other cast members and share his memories from working with Romero.
    He passed away last Saturday from cancer.  He was 74 years old.  Our thoughts go out to his friends and family.

    Best selling author Max Brooks, the man responsible for the books The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, which is now going to be a movie starring Brad Pitt, will be appearing one night at the Waubonsee Community College in Sugar Grove, IL on Saturday, April 20th at 7:00pm.  The title of the presentation is 10 Lessons for Surviving a Zombie Attack.  It does sound like an interesting evening, though the tickets are $39 each, which to me seems a bit pricey.  But none the less, we may have thought about going except we might be heading out to a drive-in for a night of fun.  More details on that later.  But if you're interested in learning more about zombies, you can get more information by clicking HERE.

    Severin films will be releasing a couple of HOUSE movies this June, one of them has never been officially released here in the states in its uncut form, on a Blu-ray / DVD combo.  The first title is the 1976 film HOUSE ON STRAW HILL (aka Trauma aka EXPOSE) will finally hit DVD & Blu-ray with a transfer coming right from an original camera negative.  It will also have director commentary as well as cast and crew interviews.  The film stars Udo Keir, Linda Hayden, and Fiona Richmond in a twisted tale of revenge.  The film developed quite a bit of notoriety due to the steamy love scene between Hayden and Richmon, one that Hayden always claimed they used a body double for her.  Yeah...right.
    The second film is the 1974 film HOUSE OF SEVEN CORPSES, starring John Carradine, John Ireland, and Faith Domergue.  This disc will feature an archive interview with Carradine and a new commentary by Associate Producer Gary Kent and film historian Lars Nilsen.  Each release will have a regular DVD version as well as a Blu-ray disc and will retail for $29.95.

    Our beloved Spanish director Jess Franco has been in the hospital since last Wednesday after suffering a stroke.  We don't have much information other than he is in critical condition.  For a man that has made an incredible amount of films, in so many different genres, with a varying degree of quality, you still have to give the guy credit for being passionate about films.  And he really has some great films in his filmography.  So send some positive thoughts to Senor Franco and hope that he can pull through this.

    You only have a little over a week left to cast your votes for the 2012 Rondo Hatton Awards.  Voting ends on at midnight on April 7th.  There are a lot of talented people that have been nominated in these categories, so please take a few minutes and let them know your opinions.  And of course, we'd love for you to vote for us in Category # 15 for Best Magazine Column, if you're so inclined!
    Just click HERE to get to the official Rondo Awards page and follow the directions.  It is pretty easy to vote.  Do your part and show your support.

    Our buddies at the CCS will be screening BIRDEMIC: THE RESURRECTION for one night only on April 25th at the Patio Theater in Chicago.  The film starts at 9:00pm, with the director James Nguyen and producer Jefff Gross in attendance.  They will be doing a Q&A at some point during the evening.  For more information, head over to the Facebook event page by clicking HERE.

    Now we know that the horror fans are divided on this remake of EVIL DEAD.  Trust me, when it was first announced years ago, I never paid attention to it.  Once the trailers first started to appear, I again didn't bother with it.  But after awhile, I did watch the trailer and was pretty amazed at the amount of gore shown.  Then after reading a couple of reviews from some people that I trust, they may have swayed my decision to see the latest remake coming out of Hollywood.
    But nonetheless, we are very interested in seeing what composer Roque Baños was going to do.  Started working with Álex de la Iglesia back in 1999 in MUERTOS DE RISA (aka DYING OF LAUGHTER), as well as on LA CCOMUNIDAD (2000), his entry in the Spanish TV mini-series FILMS TO KEEP YOU AWAKE, THE BABY'S ROOM, and many others of his films including his recent THE LAST CIRCUS (2010). He also has worked with Jaume Balagueró on films like FRAGILE (2005) and TO LET (2006). He also scored Brad Anderson's THE MACHINIST (2004). So needless to say, we've been a fan of his work for quite some time.
    The score is going to be available for digital download on April 9th.  But also, on that same date, you can get the deluxe CD edition which features 25 more minutes of additional music that is not yet available for download, from La-La Land Records.  We've always been more than impressed with the work that La-La Land Records have done with their releases, so we can only expect another incredible CD from them.  It won't be available on Amazon or other online retailers until May 7th.  For more information, head over to La-La Land's website by clicking HERE.  They don't have anything listed on their site just as of yet, but it should be up very soon.

    No, not the curtains, but for those out there that are already participating in our little monthly experiment, or those that are still thinking about it, check out below for a couple of items sitting in our Prize Coffin.  We picked up both of these at the recent HorrorHound convention last week.  The first one is a 8x10 still from John Carpenter's VAMPIRES, signed by Carpenter.  The next one is a signed print from the amazing artist Gary Pullin, who did this design specifically for the Christine theme at the show.  That's joining the army and spending your time watching some movies, you could possibly be the owner of one of those items, or one of the many other great pieces sitting in our Prize Coffin. don't think we actually HAVE a Prize Coffin?  Think again and look below.
    You may wonder why we go through all this work and give these prizes away for free.  Simple.  Our goal here at the Krypt has always been to help fans discover new movies.  By creating this Army idea, I think that we have come up with a fun way to do just that.  And from the responses that we get from the soldiers each month, I think we have succeeded quite well.  So head over to our Army page and check out what it is all about.  You can also see what the past winners have gotten for all of their hard work.  Or you can also head over the our Message Board and check out some of the different missions and the movies that were watched for each month.  And once you realize just how much fun it is, then go ahead and sign up.  If you like horror movies, then you'll love being in our ranks of dedicated soldiers, always fighting to Discover the Horror!  If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line.


    Our little history lesson this week is going to be a little vague, only because there's not too much information to be found on this actor.  But if you're a fan of Pilipino horror and exploitation movies, then you've probably seen his face.  So let's get over to the classroom and see who we're talking about.

    I have to say that I was pretty impressed with the correct answers that we did get in, as well as quite a few that were really, really trying hard to figure this one out.  And some of you were so close being on the right theme, but just didn't get the correct title.  The shot was from the 1971 film THE BROTHERHOOD OF SATAN, starring Strother Martin and L.Q. Jones.  Kudos going out to Hoby Abernathy, Catherine Cameron, Aaron Christensen, Ken Johnson, Mike Shields, Tom White, and Kristin Wicks for guessing the correct movie.  Well done, people.  You should be proud.
    Now onto our next photo.  This one might not be as obscure, and since we won't have an update next week, you have two full weeks to work on it.  But don't forget about it and miss out.  But take a look and see what you can come up with.  Click HERE to send in your answer.  Good luck.

3-17-13  BUSY, BUSY, BUSY
    These last few weeks seemed to have been keeping us pretty busy.  With our first convention of the year happening next weekend, we have been trying to get our last minute To-Do list checked off.  Of course, that is in between trying to work on the site, get some of our little writing assignments caught up, and trying to constantly get our office organized and sorted out, as well as still trying to finish changing a few posters and stuff around.  You wouldn't believe how much work this is!  I mean, deciding which poster to go where, do I go with a theme or just random titles....that can put a lot of stress on a collector.
    But with all this going on, since we will be heading to the HorrorHound show next weekend in Cincinnati, we won't be having our usual update next week.  But we have a nice 3-day weekend lined up the following weekend, so I would expect quite a bit update then.  And speaking of the HorrorHound show,  we've been looking forward to the conventions starting up again and this first one is going to be a big one.  It is always a great time to be able to see our extended convention family at these shows.  You know who you are!  But we're always looking to make that family even bigger.  So if you're coming out to the show, please stop by our table and say hello.  We always love to be able to put the faces to the names and the people that support us and the site.  And we like nothing more than talking shop with other like-minded horror fans.  So please make it a point during your stay at the show to come by our table.  For all the information about the show, just head over to HorrorHound Weekend's website by clicking HERE.  And if you're not making it out this one, but are coming to the Cinema Wasteland show the first weekend in April, then make sure you find us there.  We haven't missed one of Ken's shows in 13 years, and we don't plan to start now.  For info about the Wasteland show, just click HERE.

    While on the subject of conventions, our favorite local convention, Flashback Weekend, has been announcing more guests for their 2013 show.  They had previously announced a DAWN OF THE DEAD reunion with the four main actors (Ken Foree, Scott Reiniger, David Emge, and Gaylen Ross).  But now they have announced they will be hosting a PET SEMATARY reunion, with director Mary Lambert and actors Dave Midkiff, Denise Crosby, and Miko Hughes.  Also announced was Nancy Loomis, star of John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN and a few other early Carpenter classics.  For all their updates and info, head over to their website HERE.

    We have two new soundtrack reviews posted, both releases from La-La Land Records, one of the best independent soundtrack labels around, who always put out amazing releases.  This time out, we have reviews of their amazing release of Polanski's ROSEMARY'S BABY, which is just amazing.  But we also have our review of one of their newer releases, the Brian Tyler score for Don Coscarelli's bizarre film JOHN DIES AT THE END.  So head over to our Soundtrack Reviews to read all the details and why you should pick up both of these titles!

    The month is half over already, so those soldiers that are still working on those missions, you better get started on them.  The rest of the month will be over before you know it.  And we did receive a nice little photo from one of our 2012 Army winners, which we have posted on the Army page.  Of course, we still are waiting for a few more.  Hint, hint.
    Not sure what the Army is or what it is all about?  Head over to the Army page (just click HERE) to find out all the details.  Or if you still have a few questions, just drop us an email and we'll do our best to answer them.  But the bottom line is that it is a little monthly challenge where you can watch a couple of movies a month that you haven't seen before, as well as put in you in the chance to win some cool prizes.  Just look at what some of the last winners have gotten over the last 3 years.  Not bad for just watching some horror movies, huh?

    This week's lesson is about one of the men responsible for one of the most successful British studios in the history of film.  You might know what studio I'm talking about, but do you know who this man is?  Let's get to the classroom to find out who he is and why he was so important.

    Anybody that has been following our Facebook posts recently might have had some help in figuring out our last photo.  It was from VAMPIRES NIGHT ORGY, which had just been released on DVD by Code Red, along with Paul Naschy's DR. JEKYLL VS THE WOLFMAN.  Besides, any chance we have to put up a pic of the beautiful Helga Liné, we're going to take it!   Anybody that is a fan of Spanish horror should definitely add this DVD to your collection.  And if you're not a fan of Spanish horror films, then this is a great disc to start out with.
    We did get a few correct answers sent in for this photo.  And they were:  Hoby Abernathy, Chris Kinniery, Billy Nocera, Mike Shields, & Kristin Wicks.  Nice job!  So let's get on to this week's photo.  This one is going to be another tough one.  Not that obscure of a title, but this shot might not be too recognizable, but it is one of the disturbing sequence of the movie.  So take a good look and see what you can come up with.  C
lick HERE to send in your answer.  And good're going to need it.

3-10-13  WHY DO WE DO IT?
    As I’m trying to finish up a little re-decorating here at the Krypt, it made me wonder about the rest of the people out there that, like myself, cover our walls/rooms with movie posters, lobby cards, model kits & toys, 8x10’s, artwork, or whatever else we use.  So my question is simply…Why?  Why do we do it?  Is it to remind you of these great movies and/or memories?  To bask in the glorious spoils of what you have found over the years?  Just curious on your answers.
    Here is a quote from Vincent Price, talking about his art collection:

“There’s never a day goes by in my life that I haven’t looked at the things I have.  And that’s all my life because I started collecting when I was twelve.
I don’t look at everything, of course.  I don’t go around and count them.  But there are certain things that I have that bring back the whole minute when I first saw them, the impression I had, the things that made me want them.”

    While he’s talking about actual art, I myself would include move posters and such in that same category.  Either way, I think the point he’s making still rings true, at least I know it does for me.  These mementos can bring back those memories of the movies themselves; the memory of finding the poster after digging through a massive pile at a convention; or even just that memory of being able to meet the director or star of the movie to get this item signed.  For me, these have many meanings to me, like I ones I just mentioned.  But they are also sort of a fuel to my passion for the horror genre.  I can't walk into my office without being energized from all the stuff around me.  And it also helps define who I am.
    Sure, some of us might go a bit overboard on how much we display.  But is this any different than what a museum might do?  The late, great Forest J. Ackerman reportedly told his wife, “What’s the good of having it all if I can show it to people?”

    We've only got two more weeks before we head to Cincinnati for the HorrorHound Weekend, our first convention of the year.  It has only been four months, but it has seemed like forever.  We are so looking forward to get to another show and this one looks like it is going to be a big one.  Getting to see a bunch of our convention friends and family, hanging out for the weekend talking about movies, what more could we ask for?
    Then two weeks after that, we head back into Ohio for the 23rd Cinema Wasteland show!  As usual, they have also have a great lineup of guests and movies, and all the other great things that make this the best convention around.  And then three weeks after that, we head to Michigan to make our debut appearance at the Motor City Nightmares convention.
    So if you're planning on heading out to any or all of these shows, please stop by our table to say hello.  We've got a bunch of new stuff for our table, so make sure you check in with us quickly.  Never know what you might miss otherwise!

    We're always excited to hear that some Hammer films are going to get the blu-ray treatment.  From a studio that made their name for their glorious use of colors (red being one of the main ones), if done right, these films should just look amazing when they hit blu-ray.  And thanks to Millennium Entertainment, three of Hammer's titles will be released on April 2nd in a "Hammer Horror 3 Feature Film Set".  The films that will be included are DRACULA: PRINCE OF DARKNESS (1966), FRANKENSTEIN CREATED WOMAN (1967), and THE LEGEND OF THE SEVEN GOLDEN VAMPIRES (1974).  Since the regular DVD editions of these movies have been long out-of-print, it will give Hammer fans, both old and new, the chance to see these films either for the first time, or hopefully for the first time looking as good as they should.
    While there are no mentions of what extras will be on this release, just the fact that we might have the chance to see these films looking their best, that alone is worth my attention.

    Okay Soldiers, we're a little over the first week of March, with a quite a few of you already turning in your missions already.  Well done!  But I still have quite a few of the winners from last year that haven't gotten that little photo sent in.  Not asking for much here, just to be able to show that anyone could be winning these prizes.  So PLEASE...send me your photos!

    Last year, I mentioned this little fanzine thing that I use to put out with some friends.  As I mentioned then, back at that time, these types of fanzines were put out by passionate fans that were putting a lot of hard work into these things, with the cost coming out of their own pockets.  Once again, it was that undying passion that we have that causes us to create something like a fanzine, website, or whatever, in hope of connecting with other like-minded fans.  Plus, the creators of these publications weren't tied down by any studio or any connections, so they were free to speak their mind and give their honest opinion, whether they liked a movie or not.  They didn't have to worry about pissing off a PR rep that might lose them a Set-Visit on the next film.  They were honest.  Brutality honest at that.  I have to say that is something that is genuinely lacking in today's online journalism, at least if you ask me.  There were tons of these types of homemade publications floating around at some points, with titles like Gore Gazette, Sleazoid Express, Slimetime and many more.  Some of them are still around.
    Now thanks to the hard work of  John Szpunar, we're going to be able to learn quite a bit more about them with his new book Xerox Ferox.  For some of us, it is going to be a stroll down memory lane.  The book hasn't been published yet, due out in September of this year, but you can pre-order it now on Amazon by clicking HERE.  The retail price is $29.95, but can save $10 by getting it through Amazon.
    For anyone that is a serious fan of the genre will get some entertainment out of this book.  Plus, they will get a peek into the lives of those who's passion drove them to do what they did, no matter the cost or the time spent, they did it for the love of it.  And for that, I can't help but give them all the respect I can.  And you should to, especially by ordering this book and remembering these people and their passion.

    Our photo from last week was from the Val Lewton classic THE LEOPARD MAN, directed by the talented Jacques Tourneur.  Can't recommend the Lewton films enough.  Classics, and rightly so.  Congrats to the following for correctly identifying the movie:  Hoby Abernathy, Aaron Christensen, Craig Clark, Dustin Moravick, Mike Shields, Matt Wedge.  Well done, people!
    This week's photo might be pretty easy...or not.  But those that get it will understand why it is this week's photo and the see methods to my madness!  Just click HERE to send in your answer.

3-3-13  RONDO AWARDS 2012
    The Eleventh Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards have been announced and yours truly has been nominated for Best Magazine Column for my They Came from the Krypt column in HorrorHound magazine.  To say that I am honored is an understatement.  With the rest of the talent in that category, I am in some damn fine company.  Congrats to all the nominees in the other categories as well.  The HorrorHound family ended up with a total of 9 nominations.
    As we are all horror fans, with quite a few of us out there running our own sites, blogs, message boards, or other groups, we all know that our passion for this genre is the main reason we are doing what we do.  "For the love of the game", as they say.  But it always great to be recognized for the hard work that we all do.  So please take a moment to head over to the Rondo Awards page and place your votes for your favorites.  You don't have to vote in all the categories if you don't want, but I urge you to vote in many as you can.  Make sure you send in your name, along with your picks.  You can copy and past the ballet, or however you want to do it.  Of course, we are hoping that when it comes to Category #15, Best Magazine Column, that you will throw your vote our way.  All votes must be in by April 7th.  Just click on the banner below to get to the official ballot.

    The world of cult movies has lost another one off their talented people.  Writer, director, producer, and sometimes actor, Del Tenney past away on Feb. 21st at the age of 82.  Tenney had been acting at an early age, working on Broadway to extra work in films like STALAG 17 and THE WILD ONES.  But once he got behind the camera and started writing and directing his own features, that is why we still remember him today.
    In 1964, he wrote, produced, and directed a film called ZOMBIE BLOODBATH.  While that title might not register with you, it was later re-titled to be the 2nd feature in one of the all time greatest double features.  The new title was I EAT YOUR SKIN and was paired up with I DRINK YOUR BLOOD.  But he would also go on to direct one of the best and most entertaining party beach movies, THE HORROR AT PARTY BEACH (1964), featuring one of the most memorable monsters in movie history.  His next feature later that same year was THE CURSE OF THE LIVING CORPSE, featuring the acting debut in a feature film of Roy Scheider.  This movie was released on a double disc DVD with PARTY BEACH.  I honestly had never heard of this movie before, so was really blown away at actually how well made it is.  Highly underrated.
    So for fans of the lower budgeted films of the '60s, Del Tenney may have only made a handful of films, the ones that he did are pretty entertaining and ones that will be remembered by genre fans for a long time.

    One of the things I love about being close to Chicago is all the great movie events that take place throughout the year.  From the great festivals put on by Chicago Cinema Society, Movieside, as well as the great stuff that shows at theaters like the Music Box, the Portage, and now it seems the Logan Theater and thee Patio Theater will be doing these kind of events as well.
    This weekend, there are a few choices for movie fans to decide.  At the Music Box Theatres midnight show, they are screening Dario Argento's INFERNO on March 8th & 9th.  Other midnight shows coming up at the Music Box include THE SHINING (March 29th & 30th), and Ruggero Deodato's infamous CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST (May 24th & 25th).  Of course, we would be heading into the city to see INFERNO if we already didn't have plans to go to the Sci-Fi Spectacular taking place at the Portage Theater from noon on Saturday to noon on Sunday.  That's right, 24 hours of movies and madness.  They have got some great titles playing, plus special guest Frank Henenlotter will be there as well.
    Also happening that same weekend is the Albert Pyun Triple Threat event at the Patio Theater which is taking place Saturday the 9th.  Pyun will be there, along with writer/producer Cynthia Curnan, actress Dru-Anne Perry, and film editor Rozannne Zingale.  They will be screening ROAD TO HELL, the director's cut of CYBORG, and NEMISIS.
    And the same guy running the Triple Threat programs is also setting up Night Scares, which will be midnight screenings at the Logan Theatre.  The first one they have is lined up is DEAR GOD NO! on April 27th.  They have also scheduled William Lustig's MANIAC on May 31st, and then Lucio Fulci's ZOMBIE on June 22nd.
    So lots of great opportunities to catch some classic movies on the big screen.  Make sure you come out and support these type of events or they will disappear before you know it.

    Anytime a Spanish horror film gets a release on DVD, it is cause for celebrating.  But what is even better when they release TWO of these films on one DVD!  And to make that even better, the versions on these discs have never seen the light of day here in the states since back in the bootleg days.  Code Red has released a Leon Klimovsky double feature disc that has THE VAMPIRE'S NIGHT ORGY and Paul Naschy's DR. JEKYLL VS THE WOLFMAN!
    Now, ORGY had been released before but it was in either an edited version or one of the 'clothed' version.  I don't believe JEKYLL was released here in the states before, but Mondo Macabro did release in on an Region 0 PAL DVD.  But again, that was the 'clothed' version.  Now for those of you who are not sure what we mean by "clothed" version, let me explain.  Because the filmmakers knew that some of their markets wouldn't allow them to have nudity in their films, while other countries wanted it, they would shoot certain scenes twice, once where the actress was nude, and then again with the actress having clothes on.  Both of these versions are the uncut prints that have the nude sequences.
    ORGY is kind of like a Paul Naschy movie without Paul Naschy in it.  It has a lot of the same familiar faces that we see in his films, including Jack Taylor and the beautiful Helga Liné.  Another example of great Spanish horror.  And of course, how could you not want a copy of Naschy's film where he not only plays his famous werewolf, but also is injected with the famous Dr. Jekyll potion and turns into one of the more sadistic Mr. Hydes you'll see.  You can only order it directly through Code Red's website (just click HERE) though sometimes they say they are out of stock.  If it does, just check back in a day or two.  For Naschy and Spanish horror fans, this is a must for the collection.

    For this week's Horror History lesson, we are going to learn a little bit about an Oscar winning director who only made a few horror films, but are well worth seeing.  Now get to the classroom before class starts!

    As expected, our photo from last week was a pretty tough one.  But that didn't stop Gavin Schmitt from correctly identifying the movie.  The shot was from Jess Franco's REVENGE IN THE HOUSE OF USHER.  Though I'm guessing that more of you out there have seen this one, but have done well in trying to forget it, since it really isn't the best that Franco has given us.  But kudos to Gavin for naming it.
    Now onto this week's photo.  We're going with a black and white classic.  Might not look like we're giving much to go by, but if you've seen this movie, you'll remember it.  Just click  HERE to send in your answer.

2-24-13  OSCAR NIGHT
    Watching the Oscars was something that my wife and I use to do on a yearly basis.  Even if no horror films were up for any big awards (yeah...right!), at least we were always curious at the makeup and visual effects category.  But now, even when there some big effects-laden movies, they never get nominated.  So over the last few years, we usually missed them.  We have decided to watch them tonight though, but even before they have started, it once again makes me sad that more attention is put on what dresses are being worn, then the real reason these people should be there.  And that is for making serious, action-packed, thought-provoking, or simply just entertaining movies.  More and more it seems that technical and achievement awards are done somewhere else at another time and just briefly mentioned, so they can focus more time on the stars and what they are wearing.  Oh bother... 

    One of these days.  One of these days, we are going to make the trip out to the east coast to make one of these Hudson Horror Shows.  Each year, they always have a great line up of films, and this one is starting to be no different.  Starting at noon on June 8th, they have already added ARMY OF DARKNESS, THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE PART 2, INFRA-MAN, with 2 more films to be announced.  Having the chance to see INFRA-MAN on the big screen would just be epic, since that one was the first film that I had ever seen at a drive-in theater in my youth.  Such fond memories.  All the films are shown in 35mm and they will also have plenty of vintage grindhouse movie trailers throughout the event.
    For more information, head to their Facebook page HERE.

    And while on the subject of movie marathons, after adding some titles, moving them around, the Sci-Fi Spectacular has finally announced the finalized line up to this year's event, the very first 24-hour one!  They have got a lot of great titles in store for us fans, with the usual plentiful array of stuff to keep us occupied and entertained throughout the marathon.  In case you missed it, this event takes place on March 9th, starting at noon.  The doors open at 11:00am (though they never open on time) and the features are suppose to start at noon.  Cult director Frank Henenlotter will be in attendance at the show and will most likely be doing a Q&A after the screening of BRAIN DAMAGE.  Also keep in mind that that night is Daylight Savings time, so we technically lose an hour at 2am.  For all the details, go to their event page on Facebook HERE.  Below is the line up and the scheduled times:


  • 1:15pm - MATINEE

  • 3:00pm - THE HEART OF THE WORLD (Guy Maddin Short)

  • 3:05pm - THE DARK CRYSTAL

  • 5:00pm - SOYLENT GREEN

  • 6:45pm - Roger Corman '50s Trailer Competition

  • 7:15pm - DEAD-ISH (Short Film)

  • 7:30pm - BRAIN DAMAGE

  • 9:45pm - CAMERA (Rare Cronenberg Short)

  • 10:00pm - INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS (1978 version)


  • 1:45am - DARK CITY

  • 4:50am - SHOCK WAVES

  • 6:30am - THE LAST MAN ON EARTH

  • 8:15am - SILENT RUNNING


  • 11:00am - BATTLE ROYALE

    Okay, years ago before the DVD market, I was a collector of VHS tapes, especially the ones in the big boxes.  With such glorious artwork, they were just great to have in the collection, even if the movie wasn't the greatest.  It seems that Charles Band has found a stash of original boxes from these Wizard Video releases and is planning on selling them online.  Now, before you video collectors get all excited, lets take a little closer look at this offer.
    He is charging $50 for the box.  The video you get inside is just a dupe of the original tape.  So you are basically just paying the $50 for the box art.  Now I had gotten out of the VHS collecting way before it has gotten crazy like it has over the last few years.  But if you are a die hard collector, then you want an ORIGINAL release, not an original box with a duped tape inside.  It's kind of like buying a classic '57 Chevy, that has a brand new engine in it (and not a good one either).  Sure, looks great on the outside, but it is not the same.  (Geezz...can't even believe I made a car reference...must be getting old)
    So in other words, to all you die-hard collectors, you are paying that $50 for just that box.  And making it even worse, if you ask me, Band is signing and numbering the side of the boxes.  As a collector, having Band's autograph on the side wouldn't really increase the value of it.  In fact, it probably decreases it.  An original release, in the original box art WITH the original VHS cassette is always going to be well more valuable than these.  We just wanted to make sure that everyone out there realizes what they are actually buying from Band before they start sending him money.

    This week's lesson is for a British character actor that you've most likely seen a few times over the years.  He's one of those actors that we want to bring to the forefront, that way the fans can remember this talented man, even if he is only playing a simple innkeeper.  So let's get to the classroom to learn more.

    As we thought, we seemed to have stumped a few people with our last Photo.  Believe it or not, but it was from Dario Argento's SLEEPLESS.  But we did get a few correct answers sent in.  And they were: Ulrika Loftager, Dustin Moravick, and John Pata.  So major kudos to you three for identifying the movie correctly.  But...the tough photos continues!
    Take a peak at our latest photo, one that features probably the worst eye makeup since THE BLOOD OF THE VAMPIRE back in the late '50s.  In reality, it is probably one of the most entertaining elements from this movie.  Before we give you anymore hints, let us see what you can come up with on your own.  Good're REALLY need it on this one.  Just click  HERE to send in your answer.

    After his low budget sci-fi monster film SCARED TO DEATH, William Malone's first big studio film was CREATURE (1985).  Originally titled TITAN FIND, it starred the one-of-a-kind Klaus Kinski, which is enough to cause anyone to reconsider a career  in filmmaking.  But none the less, for a sci-fi / horror flick, it's pretty damn entertaining with a great rubber monster running around chomping on people.  Damn, do I miss those days.
    But finally, fans of this film (as well as the new ones it will get) will now get to see the film as it was originally intended!  On March 16th, it will be hitting DVD in a completely new high resolution transfer from original camera answer print, in the widescreen scope (2:35.1) format, which is the first time to see this film in this format on DVD.  And if that wasn't enough, it will also be the original longer cut of the film, under the original TITAN FIND title with never before seen footage.  Need more?  Then how about director's commentary, art gallery, pre-production art, and interviews with the director and cast members.  For right now, this is the standard DVD release, with a blu-ray to follow but no date yet on that.
    Can not express how excited we are to see this get a release.  If you have not seen this movie before, then put it on your 'need to see' list once this new disc comes out.  Speaking of which, Malone will be appearing at Dark Delicacies on March 16th, where he will be signing this new DVD release.  Even if you're not able to make it out to California, you can order them through the mail for only $14.99 (plus postage) and have them signed by Malone.  For more information, just click HERE.

    For those that really don't need any sleep, or might be too busy to attend the Sci-Fi Spectacular at the Portage Theater on March 9th, you could always head there Friday night for a special Terror in the Aisles 14 for a BASKET CASE triple feature, with director Frank Henenlotter appearing.  They will be screening all three of the BASKET CASE movies, starting at 7:00pm.  Tickets are only $12, unless you have an advance ticket for the Sci-Fi Spectacular that is happening the very next day, then the ticket will only cost you a whopping $5.  For all the details, head over to their Facebook page HERE.

    We are suckers when it comes to documentaries on the horror genre.  And when someone decides to make one dedicated to one of our favorite films, it gets us even more excited.  UNEARTH & UNTOLD: THE PATH TO PET SEMATARY is a new documentary by John Campopiano & Justin White that is going above and beyond when it comes to finding about this great movie.  They will be looking at not just the making of the film, but also the origins, stories from the people who made and worked on the film, or even just had connections to the production.  There's interviews with tons of the cast and crew, such as director Mary Lambert, composer Elliot Goldenthal, cinematographer Peter Stein, actors Dale Midkiff (Louis Creed), Denise Crosby (Rachel Creed), Miko Hughes (Gage Creed), Beau & Blaze Berdahl (Ellie Creed)Brad Greenquist (Victor Pascow), Andrew Hubatsek (Zelda), and many, many more.  The documentary will also be giving us a tour of the filming locations, never-before scene photographs, behind the scenes footage, original props from the film, local news stories and tons more.
    There's no date yet on when this will be finished and available, but to keep tabs on it's progress, head over to their Facebook page HERE.

    I've always said that it is hard to gone wrong with Nazi Zombies (and yes, I am blatantly ignoring Franco's ZOMBIE LAKE).  SHOCK WAVES did a great job with this theme back in 1977, though they might not be considered 'zombies' in the traditional sense.  But then in 2009, Norwegian director Tommy Wirkola gave us one of the best zombie movies of recent times, with a gore and fun filled comedy horror that we found just damn entertaining and one of the best films to come out that year.
    Now after his success with his latest film, HANSEL AND GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS, he will now be returning to continue the story he started with DEAD SNOW.  The sequel will start off with the sole survivor of the first film who now will battle an even bigger zombie army, but this time he will have the help of an gang of American zombie killers.  Wirkola said "We have a script that I am super excited about, which is bigger, scarier, funnier, more action-filled and gorier than the previous one, and I can't wait to unleash another horde of undead Nazi zombies onto the world again."
    If this movie is half as good as the first one, it will still be a great movie.  Really looking forward to this one.

    We don't have all the details, but we stumbled across this while on Amazon.  It seems that Mike Mayo has a new book coming out called The Horror Show Guide: The Ultimate Frightfest of Movies.   Now for those that don't know, back in 1998 Mayo wrote Videohound's Horror Show, which is one of my favorite film guides.  This new version has approx. 500-600 entries from the original edition, with another 400-500 titles added to this newer addition.  So that means you will still need to keep that original edition, but now will have a newer one with even more titles in there.  The book should be out early this summer.  The retail price is $19.95, but Amazon has them listed for about $15.  Such a deal.

    And while on the subject of film guides, we have posted our review of Peter Normanton's recent book The Mammoth Book of Slasher Movies in our Reference Library section.  Just click HERE to get there.

    Just a little note to those soldiers out there that still are working on this month's mission report.  The month is more than half over and don't forget Feb. is a short month.  So lets not waste time and think we have a lot more time to get those movies watched and those reports send in.  March will be here before you know it, so better be getting to them now.
    Also, we have added another photo to our 2012 Army Winner section as well.  Still waiting on those other photos, know who you are.  Let's get them sent in.  Otherwise next month's mission might be another Turkey month or something else cruel.

    I've known Don for quite a few years, first meeting him at the Cinema Wasteland shows.  Don yet another good friend of mine that is an artist.  Not one of these computer graphic guys, but one that actually hand draws his work.  I have to tell you, over the years that I've known him, his work just keeps getting better and better.  I was just about to publish this update when he posted his latest piece of work, a little montage from David Cronenberg's VIDEODROME and it is just awesome.  I'm sure this will be getting printed on a shirt in the very near future, as well as prints, but it is just another example of how talented this guy is.  He always comes up with a creative layout for what he is drawing.  Not just your typical portraits, but a great blend of images and ideas.  And his talent doesn't stop with the drawing either.  Head over to his website and check out the paint jobs he does on model kits.  In fact, right in front of me in my office desk sits a large bust of Oliver Reed from CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF that I bought from Don last year.  Once again, stellar work.
    So we just wanted to take second to give a big shout out to Don and his incredible work.  Don does quite a few conventions throughout the year, many of the same ones we do, and he always has a huge selection of t-shirts and prints for sale.  Even got some great TCM and MOTEL HELL aprons as well.  So take a few minutes and head over to his website and take a look at some of his work.  And the next convention you're at, make sure you look to see if Don is set up there.  If he is, make sure you check out his table.  I have a feeling you might be walking away with a t-shift or two.
    You can get to his website by clicking HERE.

    This week's history lesson is about one of the many beauties that help make the Italian giallos what they are today.  May have trouble remembering how to pronounce her name, but you will never forget the look of her.  Head over to the classroom to learn more.

    Well, I did mention last week that I was going to put up a photo that was going to be a little tougher.  But we still got 3 people that sent in the correct name.  The shot was from the 1992 film THE JOHNSONS, directed by Rudolf van den Berg.  If you haven't seen this one, I would definitely seek it out.  It's a great entertaining film with a pretty original story.  It is available on DVD,  though I believe out-of-print.  But if you come across it, I think it will be worth your time.  The three scholars that correctly identified the movie was Aaron Christensen, John Pata, and Will Wilson.
    Our photo from this week might not be as obscure, but it just might be another tough one.  I have to say this seen in the movie was very memorable to me since it made me cringe every time I watch that sequence.  In fact, it made me cringe just trying to get this frame grab!  So let's see if we can stump everyone this time out.  Good might just need it.  As always, just click  HERE to send in your answer.

    There hasn't been any official announcement but director Albert Pyun is no longer listed as a guest for the Sci-Fi Spectacular next month.  Honestly, it wasn't like he was a big draw for me personally, since I'm really more excited about the movies they have announced.  But just wanted to throw that out there in case anyone was looking forward to meeting him.  Though, have to say it would have been nice if they would have at least made an announcement that he was no longer a guest.  I know it says things can change on their page, but a little 'heads up' would be nice to fans that might be coming out specifically for that guest, or even maybe buying up some memorabilia or DVDs just to get signed there.  Not a big deal, but just a little courtesy to the fans that fans that come to these events.
    None the less, we are pretty excited with the line up of films they have, just announcing that they have added SOYLENT GREEN as well as rare short films from David Cronenberg (CAMERA) and Guy Maddin (THE HEART OF THE WORLD).  Hope to see a lot of you out there for a fun 24-hours of movies and fun.
    But Pyun will be appearing in Chicago that same night, just at the Patio Theater in Chicago.  They will be screening a Pyun triple feature: NEMESIS, a director's cut of CYBORG, and ROAD TO HELL.  For  more information, head over to their Facebook page HERE.

    The writers/producers of this film, David Bond and Manda Manuel will be at next month's HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati, bringing an early version of their new film, THE PROFANE EXHIBIT.  It is anthology film that has quite a few famous directors involved, such as Ruggero Deodato, Coffin Joe, Richard Stanley, Uwe boll, Sergio Stivaletti, and many more.  For more information about the film, head over to their Facebook page HERE.
    I know we are excited to see Coffin Joe involved, not to mention Richard Stanley.  Really looking forward to this.

    Have you heard of titles like THE DEATH CURSE OF TARTU, STING OF DEATH, STANLEY, IMPULSE, or THE JAWS OF DEATH?  All of these films came from director William Grefe, who was a Florida based filmmaker that was cranking out these films in the '60s & '70s, and always turning a profit on them.  Well now, Grefe is getting back behind the camera for a new feature film called MAROONED.  If you'd like to help out Grefe get this project off the ground, they are taking donations through Indiegogo.  Just click HERE to get more information on the project and what you can do to help.

    We have the first pics of our 2012 Army winners posted on our Army page.  Click over there to see all those happy faces with their wonderful prizes in their hands.  Can't you just feel all the love?  Thanks to you that have sent in your photos so far and looking forward to getting the rest of them...meaning hopefully the rest of you unruly lot gets them sent in pronto before we have to send out our elite Kill Squad.
    In all seriousness, I'm thrilled to see those involved are having a good time.  For something that I started over 3 years ago, just a short term idea to give people a reason to watch a couple of movies a month that they haven't gotten to yet, has turned into something much bigger.  So thank you for your continued support.

    Flashback Weekend has made their first announcements for there upcoming convention.  It seems the dead will be rising when they have their DAWN OF THE DEAD reunion with all four of the main stars: David Emge, Ken Foree, Scott Reiniger, and Gaylen Ross.  I'm sure they will have plenty of more guests to announce before the show takes place on Aug. 9th - 11th.  For all the updates and information, head over to their website HERE.

    This week's lesson is about an actor that was more known for his voice than his looks.  Special thanks to Alan Tromp for putting the idea for this one in my head.  Now head over to the Classroom to learn who we are talking about.

    Our photo from last week was from the Roger Corman classic THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM, with those eyes being that of the lovely Barbara Steele.  Such an incredible ending to a film, never losing it's impact.  It was great to see so many people recognizing that shot and sending in their answers.  We got quite a few to commend this week, so let's get started.  They are Hoby Abernathy, Gregory Avery, Derek Botehlo, Aaron Christensen, Craig Clark, Jerry Downing, Erik Martin, Dustin Moravick, Gavin Schmitt, and 0Gert Verbeeck.  Well done, people.
    So it is obvious  now that I have to try to come up with something a little harder to make sure nobody out there gets too cocky.  I hope you understand.  So gaze real hard into the abyss....and see what comes out.  Just click HERE to let us know what you think.  And of course, good luck.

    Since our reference library has been slowly overflowing, it was time to get a bigger bookcase for our office, which is looking less and less like an office and more and more like a library, not saying that is a bad thing by any means.  Though, I do hate the fact that I have lost some poster space on my walls.  Can't have everything, right?  I do have to say that I just love Craig's List though, since I found a 6-shelf book case that is damn near 7 feet tall for only $25.  Not a bad deal at all.  But I have spent most of the weekend getting the books organized and re-organized, trying to get them in some sort of categorical order, which that alone is quite a feat.  Between biographies, film guides, books on specific films, general reference, is quite the task.
    Makes me smile to once again be reminded on how low the horror genre is thought of in society, but yet each year there are quite a few new books that are published on this red-headed stepchild.  Granted, some of them are those wonderful psycho-babble books where 'educated' people write their thesis's trying to explain why people like horror movies, as well as why characters act the way they do in these movies.  For the longest time I just figured the actors where just following a script.  Had no idea they were acting that way because of sociological and historical influences.
    But there are quite a few other titles that are written from passionate fans, just like us, that want to not only show us their love of this genre, but to help spread the gospel.  Whether it is film guides, biographies, or film studies, they are all trying to do the same thing we do here, trying to help people learn more about these great movies and the people that make them.  Film guides are a great way to show you some films that you might have either missed, or maybe knew about but had forgotten about them.  Biographies are a great way to learn more about the people behind the films, showing us a possible insight to why they made some of the movies they did and what they put into them.  The books on films might give us a look into these pictures, making us possibly think of something that we might not have before hand, or maybe we did and now realize that we're not the only ones that caught that hidden subtext or wink at the audience.  Or just learning the bumps and bruises these filmmakers went through, sometimes it gives you a new appreciation for the final product, making it even more enjoyable.
    I guess my whole reason for this little message to to express my hopes that all the other horror fans out there never stop their passion to learn more about this wonderful genre.  There is so much more to learn and appreciate out there.  And the more educated we are, it just proves even more so that we are not the degenerated and diseased outcasts of society that some think that we are, but passionate, smart and very knowledgeable about something that we love so much.  So let's keep the fire going.


    With February just a few days old, it means that March is right around the corner.  And that means our first convention of the year is almost here.  That would be the HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati on March 22nd-24th.  With a lot of big guests such as John Carpenter, WALKING DEAD guests, HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES reunion, and many more, it has all the makings of another great convention.  Then a couple weeks after that we'll be heading back to Ohio again for the Cinema Wasteland show.  And as usual, they have one hell of a guest lineup this year as well.  While they have reunions for JUST BEFORE DAWN and SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE, they also have Italian legend Sergio Martino, director of such classics like THE STRANGE VICE OF MRS. WARDH, ISLAND OF THE FISHMAN, MOUNTAIN OF THE CANNIBAL GOD, and of course....TORSO!  So needless to say, we are pretty excited for this show.
    After those two, our next show will be our return to Wonderfest in Louisville.  This will be our 2nd time at this show, hopefully having as much fun as we did last year.  Such a nice change of pace to the rest of the kind of conventions that we usually go to.
    With Flashback Weekend on the verge of making some guest announcements for there show this year, as well as the film screenings and marathons coming up in the next two months, we have plenty enough to keep up busy.  I know we all have our 'real lives' that keep us way too busy these days.  But make sure you take time to have a little fun here and there.  These breaks in reality are what keeps us going and helps us deal with those harder days.  Doing something you enjoy, spending time with friends and family, going to the movies, or something as simple as just taking some time to sit and read a book, really can make a difference in your everyday life.  It is something that we tend to forget or just don't have enough time for.  We need to change that.

    Okay soldiers...everyone that won should have gotten their prizes by now.  If you haven't, please let me know.  But if you have, PLEASE remember to send me a photo of you holding on the your prize.  I've already gotten a couple sent in, but need the rest.  Don't make me have to get mean and make next month's mission watching the TWILIGHT movies or something.
    Our new month is only a few days gone and we've already gotten some reports which is very impressive.  Not that it is a tough mission this time out, but glad to see you soldiers moving quickly.  And don't forget that once you sent in your mission report, they will be posted on our message board (though some of you are doing this yourself, which I do appreciate).  I always make a reply to your report, as well as some of the other soldiers do as well.  Please feel free to make your own comments on the other posts as well.  It is always fun to hear other's opinions on these movies, even if we don't always agree, sometimes it makes you think a little bit more about a particular movie, or even just making you want to go back and re-visit a certain title.  You can get to the Kryptic Army Message Board by clicking HERE.

    This week's lesson is about a director that made a lot of films in his career, but only a handful of horror titles.  But the ones that he did, while only 1 might be considered a real classic, the others are all still remembered and watched regularly by fans to this day.  Head over to the classroom to find out more.

    Last week's photo was Bill Paxton's directorial debut, FRAILTY.  I know there were more than a few out there thinking this was one of those '80s slasher films, but not quite.  We did get a few correct answers though and they were from: Hoby Abernathy, Aaron Christensen, and Brian Fukala.
    This week might be pretty easy, or might be one of those that makes your brain going into overdrive because you know it but just can't place it.  But don't torture yourself too hard.  It'll come to you at some point...just hopefully before our next update.  So take a peek, then send us an email HERE to let us know what you think.  As always, good luck.

    Hard to figure that there is a horror fan out there that hasn't seen the classic version of DRACULA starring Bela Lugosi.  But how many of you have seen the Spanish version that was filmed on the same sets as the Lugosi version, but was filmed at night?  There are some out there (me included) that say it is actually better than the English language version.  But now you have the chance to see for yourself, because on Wednesday Feb. 13th, the Portage Theater in Chicago will be screening a rare 35mm print of this classic interpretation.  Directed by George Melford, who didn't speak a work of Spanish, using a translator directed the cast of Carlos Villarías, Lupita Tovar, Eduardo Arozamena, and Pablo Álvarez Rubio in a much more racier version than what most fans realize.
    This is a must for any fan of the genre.  Even if you have seen the film, I pretty much guarantee that you haven't seen presented in a 35mm screening.  And if you haven't, then now is your chance to see this great example of classic horror.

    More announcements have been made about this 24 hour marathon, though it seems to be leaning more towards horror than sci-fi, not that we are complaining one bit.  But they have officially added ATTACK OF GIANT LEECHES, which is just going to be a hoot seeing that on the big screen, LAST MAN ON EARTH, and BATTLE ROYALE.  But they have also added another guest, cult director Albert Pyun, so I'm sure they will be adding one of his films to be played.
    Once again, this takes place on March 9th through the 10th, so make sure you plan to attend.  Great movies, great friends, great times.  For all the info, just head to their Facebook page HERE.

    If you are a fan of the HALLOWEEN franchise, then you might want to keep an eye out this fall for a new book coming out called Halloween: The Complete Authorized History, by Justin Beahm.  Not a lot of details on the book yet, but it will cover all the movies in the series, including the two that Rob Zombie did, with dozens of interviews and tons of photos.  While the love on these films range all over the place, no one can say that they are not an important series in the genre.
    Once we get more details, we'll pass that information along here.  You can also follow the progress on their Facebook page HERE or the official page HERE.

    Some of our Army winners should have already received their prize in the mail.  Those that haven't should have them early next week.  Once again, please remember to get a photo of yourself holding the prize and send it to me, that way I can add it to the Army Winners from previous years.  Good way to show people who might be on the fence just what they might be able to win if they sign up.  Not some shabby promo prizes, but some pretty cool items.  For those who are still on the fence about joining, head over to our Army page and see what all the fuss is about.  You'll have fun.  I promise.
    And while on the subject of prizes, while we have had some DVD's donated to us in the past, most of the rest of the items from our Prize Coffin comes either from our personal collection or items that we have picked up at conventions over the year, that we get specifically to giveaway.  We have never asked for monetary donations to help run this site because in reality, it doesn't cost us that much.  And since we do this for the pure love of the genre, a few $$ here and there is no big deal.  But we could always use some help with prizes that we can give away to our readers.  So if there are any people out there that work for a DVD company, or a celebrity manager/handler, artist, or however you might be connected to the horror business and would like to donate something to our Prize Coffin that we can use for future Army prizes, or even trivia prizes throughout the year, we would love to hear from you.  Just a signed celebrity photo or two, a DVD or two, or whatever you feel like you can donate to our cause, it would be greatly appreciate it.  Of course, if you do, it will be well advertised where the product is coming from, with a link to a website or whatever you want.  Just throwing it out there.  If you would like to donate, just send me an email HERE and we'll talk.

    We have posted our 2nd half of our interview with writer/director Billy O'Brien as he talks more about his film ISOLATION and some upcoming projects.  Just click HERE to head over to there.

    We have posted our review of this low budget film about something from beyond that comes through to cause some terror at a hurricane party.  Head over to our Reviews section to read our full review.

    Class is now back in session.  Sorry for the long break, but we figured you might need a little rest.  This week is another lesson in art.  Poster art, that is.  This talented man's work is not only probably familiar to you, but is just some amazing work.  I wouldn't be surprised if you don't own some of his artwork right now.  So head over to the classroom and see who we're talking about.

    Last week's photo was a tough one.  We knew it was going to have a lot of you scratching your head.  But that is the whole point on these.  The ones you don't get will be ones that you'll be looking for at some point.  But we did a few correct answers from some of our regulars.  And they were: Hoby Abernathy, Aaron Christensen, Mike Shields, and William Wilson.  And of course, the move is called WICKED, WICKED.  That split screen is how most of the movie takes place, giving the viewer two different camera angles.  Very strange idea and takes a little while to get use to, but is still a pretty twisted and creepy film.  Maybe one day it will get a proper DVD release.
    But let's get on to this week's photo.  As always, just click HERE to send in your answer.  Good luck.

    After our last update, with the talk of sequels and whatnot, I was having a conversation with a friend, welcoming him to the "Grumpy Old Man" club.  And it got me thinking a little more about this whole situation.  I've mentioned before about being a "students of the genre" and by that I mean anybody who is a serious fan, not just someone who "likes scary movies", but one that lives for this and wants to learn more about it.  So for us students out there, we all know that there are going to be plenty of movies that we just don't agree on.  Ones that we can't understand why other people like them.  Makes you just scratch your head and wonder what you are not seeing.  But that is the beauty of the films.  It is all a matter of opinion.
    If we don't agree with someone's point of view, that's fine.  It's going to happen.  But here is where we need step up our game.  Ask why this person likes or dislikes the movie in question.  Make it an intelligent discussion, as opposed to " don't know what you're talking about."  Easier said than done, trust me I know.  But if this person has some valid points, you never know, you just might see or understand the movie a little differently.  Not to say that it is going to change your opinion, but maybe at least you'll have a better understanding of their point of view.  But if you don't see their point, let's say because it is so un-original, maybe you can point out to this person that if they liked that film so much, maybe they should check out these other films that are very similar.  In other words, get them to maybe check out a movie or two that they might not have heard of yet.
    As die hard fans that we are, I do feel that it is our job to try to help educate other fans to learn more about the genre.  I keep mentioning being a student, but we are also teachers as well.  It should be our job to help spread our passion to other like-minded fans in hopes of expanding their passion as well.  Remember, there is no wrong opinion, we all like things for different reasons.  But there could be an un-educated one!

    After last week's post about the new EVIL DEAD remake not having any CGI elements in there, according to the director, Fede Alvarez, a good friend of mine, John Pata (who is probably the biggest EVIL DEAD fan I know) pointed out that in the Red Band trailer, at approximately 1:46 into the trailer, there is a shot of a girl being set on fire. got to give them credit for that because if that is not CGI, then I guess they either really set that girl on fire, or that is one of the most realistic makeup jobs I've ever seen.
    Now, I don't care if there is CGI in there or not.  But if you're getting a big press buzz out there saying one thing, then you better make damn sure you're going to back it up.  Sure, to some this might not be that big of a deal.  But for me, a little honesty and integrity goes a long way.  Once again, maybe Alvarez had every intention to go CGI-less.  But that trailer had been out way before the quote about him not using any CGI.  So it is a puzzle to me.  As I mentioned last month about the prequel to THE THING, it sure sounds pretty similar.  And I know I was not the biggest fan of that movie, which had nothing to do with the fact that there WAS CGI in there.  I hope that this EVIL DEAD remake is good and does well.  I really do.  But as I told Pata, after getting poked in the eye a few times, it is going to be pretty hard for anybody to convince me that this time it won't hurt.

    We have posted part 1 of our interview with writer/director Billy O'Brien, who gave us the film ISOLATION.  We've decided to break up the interview into two parts because it was such a long piece.  Part 2 will be posted in a couple of weeks.  Head over to our Interview section to read some great low budget filmmaking stories about method actors, fake cows, and slurry pits!  Or you can just click the graphic below.

    On January 26th at Chicago's Portage Theater, they are having a triple feature film fest that is out of this world!  They are screening 3 classic films for a whopping admission price of....FREE!  That's right, you get to see these 3 great films for free.  All you have to do is show up.  For more information, head over to the Portage Theater's website HERE.  Here is what they are screening:



  • 8:00pm - WAR OF THE WORLDS (the original classic)

    Last week's photo was from Jim Mickle's movie MULBERRY STREET, a movie about mutated rat-people.  As strange as it sounds, if you haven't seen it, I would highly recommend checking it out.  Mickle and his buddy Nick Damici can make some damn good movies.  The folks that sent in the correct answer are as follows:  Hoby Abernathy, Adam Cesare, David Friedman, and John Pata.  Well done, people.  Shows you're paying attention!
    Of course, we are going with something a little more tougher and obscure this week.  This photo has not been tampered with or doubled, or anything.  This is just like it is in the movie.  Not the greatest quality, but since this one is still waiting for that official DVD release, we're going to go with what we got.  So take a look and see if you can figure out what movie this is from.  Just click HERE to send in your answer.  Good Luck!

    We lost a couple faces from the horror genre recently.  These are not huge blockbuster stars, but for us fans of these movies, they are faces that we remember from our favorite films.  So to us, they are just as important and should be remembered.
    Jon Finch was a British actor that enjoyed the craft, but would have rather avoided the stardom that most actors seek.  He actually turned the role of James Bond, which would be replacing Sean Connery.  For myself, I will always remember Finch from his first two film roles, which were for Hammer Films.  He had been working as an actor for quite some time in his youth, before going off to the service.  When he came back, he started back up and appeared in quite a few television shows before Hammer came calling.  His first role was in THE VAMPIRE LOVERS, quickly followed by HORROR OF FRANKENSTEIN, both in 1970.  A couple of years later, he would work with Alfred Hitchcock in FRENZY (1972).  While playing in a lot of Shakespearian roles, he did appear in a few more horror titles, like Full Moon's LURKING TERROR.  He was originally cast as Kane in Ridley Scott's ALIEN, but had to drop out due to a sudden illness, both being reported as either bronchitis or diabetes.  He was even married to Catriona MacColl for a few years in the early '80s.  He was found dead on December 28th of last year.  It has not be released what the cause of his death was.  Our thoughts go out to his friends and family.
    For the fans of Spanish horror films, it is sad news to hear that actress Patty Shepard passed away earlier this month, on Jan. 3rd from the result of a heart attack.  Shepard moved to Spain in the early '60s to study philosophy and ended up living there for the rest of her life.  She started to model and then worked on a few television before moving into films.  That is where us horror fans are going to remember her from.   Her first horror film was with Paul Naschy in the 1970 film ASSIGNMENT TERROR.  The following year, she would join Naschy again as the Countess Wandesa Dárvula de Nadasdy in THE WEREWOLF VERSUS THE VAMPIRE WOMAN.  She also appeared in a couple Jose Larrez's last films, REST IN PIECES (1987) and EDGE OF THE AXE (1988), as well as appearing in J.P. Simon's slimy film SLUGS.  Shepard was one of those actresses that you'd always think that she looked familiar but couldn't place where from.  But it is up to us horror fans to keep people like Shepard and her work alive and remembered.  Our thoughts go out to her friends and family.
    Because of their work in the horror genre, fans like us will keep their memories alive.  With each viewing of one of their films, they will never be forgotten.


    Just because 14 hours wasn't good enough, and because of the outcry of the fans, the madmen at Movieside who are behind the Sci-Fi Spectacular have decided to make this event into a 24-hour marathon!  This means more movies, more madness, and more importantly...more FUN!
    They haven't officially announced any new titles, other than maybe Vincent Price's LAST MAN ON EARTH, but on their Facebook page, they've been throwing around titles like SHOCK WAVES and ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES.  Again, none of these have been confirmed as of yet.  When they official list the new titles, we will list them here.  But no matter what, we will be there for sure.  They have already got a great line up of films and know it will only get better.

    During the holidays, we had the great opportunity to interview writer/director Billy O'Brien, who gave us the incredible dark film ISOLATION.  We are still working on getting it ready to publish here on the site.  Because of the size of the interview, it will probably be posted in 2 or 3 updates.  I just hope that everyone takes the time to read through it because there are some great stories and some cool insights to some of these films that get made outside of Hollywood.  So stay tuned.

    You might have noticed that there hasn't been any mention of this new remake of EVIL DEAD here on the site.  Or at least until now.  We had seen the trailer when it first came out, but am waiting on actually seeing the film before I am going to post any thoughts about it.  But because director Fede Alvarez has come out and announced that there is not a single shot of CGI in his new version of this film, it gives me a little bit of hope.  I'm amazed that he was able to do this without the studio getting involved and changing that.  It even reminds me of when there was talk on the prequel to THE THING, that they had all this live action animatronic creatures in the film.  But then when the final product came out, we seen that most of that was left out and had tons of CGI effects instead.  So I am impressed with Alvarez decision to do that and now am very curious to see how this film turns out.  I just hope that the same thing doesn't happen and it gets "fixed" by the studios.

    While on this rant, let me go a little further.  Most of us hate remakes because it shows a lack of originality, other than how they are going to try and do the same thing differently.  Of course, doing it differently doesn't mean doing it well.  Actually, I think I would be safe is saying the reason we don't like the remakes and sequels is because they are just poorly made.  The producer's goal is just to make money, not a well made film.  So any extra time and effort to try and do this is usually whisked away and replaced with 'cheap and easy'.  I know it is easy to get on the "I Hate Remakes" bandwagon, which I have done several times myself.  Trust me, I know this as well as the next horror fan.  Just reading the synopsis for the new FRIGHT NIGHT sequel, it is basically another remake of the original once again, except with the setting in Romania and the vampire a woman.  Same characters, same basic plot.  It is enough to make any movie fan turn away in shame.  This is what Hollywood thinks that we want.  The same old rehash, time and time again.  And when we go to the theaters to see it, and give them our money, that proves they are correct.
    Yes, I understand that not all remakes/sequels are bad.  And even if 90% of them are, it is because of that 10% that we have John Carpenter's THE THING, which is one of my all-time favorite films.  So we can't blindly write them off, even though that most of know how bad they are going to be.
    So I guess my point to all of this is simple.  Sure, you can go out and see these new movies on opening weekend.  But if you are disappointed with the film, let people know.  And don't just tell them it sucks or was terrible.  Show them how intelligent us horror fans are and tell people why it was bad.  Same goes on if you liked it.  Explain why.  We all don't have to agree on the same movies.  People that don't like the same movies as me is fine.  As long as you can explain why you don't like it, I can't argue with that.  Not that I won't try, mind you.

    Last week's photo was from Michele Soavi's THE CHURCH, which happens to be one of my favorite Italian horror films.  Such great imagery and camera work in there, not to mention a very cool story.  Here are the ones that sent in the correct answers:  Hoby Abernathy, Ashley Crisman, Aaron Christensen, Craig Clark, Dave Friedman, Wayne Teeter, Tom White, and Will Wilson.  Well done!
    So let's get to this week's photo and see if you can identify this one.  Might be a little harder for you.  Of course...that's the way we like it!  Just click HERE to send in your answer.  Good'll need it.

    We have gone through our list of active soldiers for the 2012 year of service and have drawn the 12 names of the soldiers that will receive commendations (aka a prize) for their hard work.  Once again, I appreciate all of the feedback, participation, and support that everyone has shown for this little project over the years.  As we go into our 4th year, I hope to see more soldiers joining the ranks, getting out there on the front lines.  Because when it all comes down to it, watching more horror movies is what is all about.  Getting to discover some little gems that you might have missed otherwise, as well as struggling through some titles that are better left unwatched, but nonetheless, you're a stronger, more educated, and just a better horror fan for doing it.  So for that, I thank each and everyone of you who has joined in our little movie watching project.
    If your name is listed below, I ask two things of you.  First of all, please send me your address where we can mail off your prize too.  Email them to me HERE.  And secondly, and most importantly, I ask that once you receive your prize, please send a photo of you holding the prize to me so I can add that to our Army page.  That way other people that might be debating on joining, can see some of the prizes that could be waiting for them the following January if they enlist.
    But let's get to this year's 2012 Kryptic Army winners!

  • Justin Allison - PAN'S LABYRINTH poster signed by Doug Jones

  • Craig Clark - Mini-poster repro of SOCIETY signed by director Brian Yuzna

  • Jerry Downing - Copy of Joe Kane's Night of the Living Dead book signed by Judith O'Dea

  • Lance Ford - STANLEY lobby card signed by director William Grefe

  • Damien Glonek - Reproduction of THE STUFF container signed by director Larry Cohen

  • Stacey Hanlon - KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE 8x10 still signed by creators Charles and Stephen Chiodo

  • Patrick McCarter - Min-poster for RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD signed by James Karen, Beverly Randolph and Brian Peck.

  • Ashley Polnow - Mini-poster for HOUSE OF THE DEVIL - Signed by director Ti West

  • Jay di Santo - H.G. Lewis 8x10 signed by H.G. Lewis

  • Steve Sapsford - CD Soundtrack for THE WOMAN IN BLACK

  • Gavin Schmitt - 8x10 still from MY BLOODY VALENTINE signed by director George Mihalka and actor Peter Cowper

  • Wayne Teeter - CD Soundtrack for CREEPSHOW

    Because we need another book on Hammer films (and I'm completely serious), McFarland has another one coming out this June, entitled The Woman of Hammer Horror: A Biographical Dictionary and Filmography, by Robert Michael and Bob Cotter.  One of the things that Hammer was known for was the beautiful women that they cast in their movies.  But not only the actresses, but also the ones that worked behind the cameras as well.  Now we have a guide book to all those wonderful ladies.  The book will have a Hammer filmography, a biography if available, as well as other horror film credits.
    I love these kind of books because it is about the people who helped make these movies so memorable and they need to be remembered just as much as the films themselves.  Since it is a McFarland, I'm guessing this hardcover edition is going to be in the $50 range, which does make it a tough sell.  But I know it will be on our wish-list as long as it takes to get my hands on one for a good price.

    Speaking of Hammer, this year will see the release of Hammer's DRACULA in the most definitive version ever released.  While most of us fans in the states know this under the HORROR OF DRACULA title, this will be released in the UK on Blu-ray on March 18th, in a 3-disc double play (1-Blu-ray and 2 DVDS).  This will be the very first time the film will have the correct 1.66:1 aspect ratio since it played in the theaters.
    There will be two different versions of the film here, the 2007 BFI restoration print, plus the 2012 Hammer restoration which as the additional footage was that discovered in the long-thought-to-be-lost Japanese prints.  This lost footage was originally cut from the BBFC when the film was first made, and shows Dracula's seduction of Mina, as well as Dracula's disintegration at the end of the film.  The set will also feature brand new featurettes, a new commentary track, and more bonus extras that have not been released.
    While there has been no word on when this will be getting a release here in the states, I can only assume it won't take that long.  They know the market is big over here for these films, so it would only be a matter of time.
    And while on the subject of Hammer DVDs, it looks like Scream Factory has announced the extras on their upcoming Blu-ray release of THE VAMPIRE LOVERS.  Brought over from the original DVD release is the commentary by director Roy Ward Baker, writer Tudor Gates, and actress Ingrid Pitt.  There is also excerpts from the novella Carmilla that the film was based on, read by Ingrid Pitt, as well as the original trailers and radio spots.  But new to the disc will be a new interview with actress Madeline Smith, as well as new interviews with Hammer Films scholars.

    After announcing that cult director Frank Henenlotter would be appearing at this year's Sci-Fi Spectacular, they have added his film BRAIN DAMAGE to the already awesome line up.  The other titles include MATINEE, THE DARK CRYSTAL, SILENT RUNNING, INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS ('78 version), and IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS.
    Also, there are rumors that they actually might make this event a 24-hour marathon.  If you'd like to see that, then make sure you order your tickets now.  If they get a big enough response, it just might happen.  That means more great movies and more fun!  You can order your tickets HERE.
    Lastly, they are having a Roger Corman trailer competition, where filmmakers had a chance to make a 1 minute trailer for a movie in tradition of Corman's earlier sci-fi monster pics.  Here is what they so far that will be screening for that competition:

  • The Day The Earth Spun - by Ryan Oliver

  • The Abominable, Maddening Tale of the Atomic No-Goodniks -by Joey Gallimore

  • The Gamma Ray Man - by Jason Coffman

  • The Thing That Should Not Be - by Dustin Moravick

  • The Day The Earth Spun - by Ryan Oliver

  • The Monster Between Us- by Jen Lemasters & Dane Kissel

  • Screams on Planet Zero - by David Schmidt

  • Attack of the Cosmic Frank-Einstein from Haunted

  • Space and the Moon - by

  • The Bogman From Boise - by Henry Kurtzman  

  • Attack of the Flesh Eating Toilet - by David Bradburn

  • Teenage Gargoyle From Alaska - by Frank Berman

    All of this fun takes place on March 9th, at the Portage Theater.  The doors open at 11am (or some time after that) and there will be dealers, auctions, and much more.  These shows are always a fun time so make sure you mark your calendar to make it out to this event.  For all the latest info, head over to their Facebook page HERE.

    We have posted our review of the soundtrack for Christopher Smith's film TRIANGLE.  Head over to our Soundtrack Reviews to get the full details.

    The Riverside Drive-in Theatre and DVD Drive-In present their next 2-night event of drive-in movies.  While they normally have been doing these in September, this year they are adding a second event and doing one in the spring.  Unfortunately for us, this takes place as the same weekend as the Cinema Wasteland, so we are not going to be able to make it.  But they have one hell of a line up scheduled for this event.  Taking place on April 5th and 6th, they are doing a classic '80s lineup on Friday and a '70s lineup for Saturday.  Each night, they have a great selection, all being screened from 35mm prints.  For all the details, just click HERE.  Here's what they have lined up:

Friday Night:





Saturday Night:





    If you're in the Chicago area, there are a few different movie happenings going on this month that you might want to look into.  The Music Box Theatre has a couple of great midnight movie screenings this month that are great opportunities to see some classic films on the big screen.  John Carpenter's THE THING is showing next weekend, January 11th and 12th, while David Cronenberg's VIDEODROME is showing on January 25th.  For more details about these screenings, and more, head over to the Music Box Theatre by clicking HERE.
    There is also the annual B-Fest, the 24 hour marathon of B-movie madness.  This is taking place on January 25th & 26th at the Northwestern University's Norris University Center McCormick Auditorium in Evanston, Illinois.  For more information about this event, just click HERE.
    Of course, for all the details about all the other great Chicagoland stuff going on, keep following Chicago Creepout for all the details.  That is where we get a lot of our info.  You can read the blog HERE or the Facebook page HERE.  Follow both...can't hurt, right?

    For our first Mystery Photo of 2013, we went with something a little more current than we normally do.  The shot was from John Gulager's FEAST, which is still pretty damn entertaining.  Can't say that about the sequel though.  Hated it so much that I refuse to watch the 3rd one.  But that is just me.  Anyway....we did get a few emails with the correct answer.  And those people would be: Hoby Abernathy, Todd Barwick, Ashley Crisman, Jerry Downing, Dustin Moravick, John Pata, Christopher Perrault, Kristin Wicks (didn't forget this time!) and Will Wilson.  Well done, people.  Give yourself a good pat on the back.
    So let's get to this week's photo.  Again, might be a little easy, or maybe not as much.  But hopefully if you don't know it, when you do find out what it is that it sparks you to want to watch it.  So take a look, scratch that head a bit if you need to and then click HERE to send in your answer.  As always, good luck.