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    I can't think of another scary time of year than the Christmas season. But hopefully you have wonderful holiday, however you choose to celebrate it. This is probably our last update for the year, so thanks again for all your support and we'll see you on the other side.

    Really hate to end the year with another passing of such a memorable actress, but here we are. Actress Billie Whitelaw passed away early this morning at a nursing home in London, at the age of 82. Most horror fans will remember her from her role as Mrs. Baylock from THE OMEN (1976), who was one of the characters from that movie that I remembered the most as she was so quiet but so damn terrifying. She was even nominated for a BAFTA for Best Supporting Actress for that role. She had won two BAFTAs in the past, one for Best Supporting Actress by playing Hayley Mills' mother in TWISTED NERVE (1968). She had also was nominated for Most Promising Newcomer to Leading Film Roles for her role in Val Guest's HELL IS A CITY. While it's not a horror film, it was one of the early crime thrillers from Hammer Films. One of her earlier roles was in what I consider the best adaptation of the Burke and Hare story, THE FLESH AND THE FIENDS (1960). But she also appeared along side Jack Palance in the 1968 version of THE STRANGE CASE OF DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE, as well as in Hitchcock's FRENZY (1972). Her last role was in Edgar Wright's HOT FUZZ. But one credit that might not have known was that she did the voice of the grumpy old Aughra in Jim Henson's THE DARK CRYSTAL (1982).
    While she did have her screen credits, it was her stage work that she is probably most known for. She was said to be playwright Samuel Beckett's muse, where he called her "the perfect actress". He would write parts for her in strange experimental plays, one which only her mouth was visible to the audience, while another she was buried up to her waist in the sand. She started in the arts at a young age, after developing a stutter, her mother enrolled her in a drama class in hopes that it would help her with her confidence. She was only 11 years old when she made her radio debut on the BBC's North's Children's Hour. In 1952, she made her first TV appearance in a BBC adaptation of The Secret Garden.
    She would continue to work on stage and screen for many years. So while most of us horror fans will remember her as the demented nanny in THE OMEN, she definitely had very wide range of roles throughout her career. She will be missed, but never forgotten. Our thoughts go out to her friends and family.

    I can't think of a better way to start off the new year with a nice little movie marathon, especially when it means we get to make a trip up to Oshkosh, WI. It has been a couple of years since we've been up there and am really looking forward to seeing all of our Wisconsin friends there. But the reason for this that the Time Theater in Oshkosh is having great triple feature event called Terror at the Time. Taking place on Saturday, January 31st, they will be screening AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, MOTEL HELL, and the 1988 version of THE BLOB. There will also be some short films, such as THE PRIDE OF STRATHMOOR.
    We will actually be setting up a vendor table there as well, so if you're looking for some good and in-expensive horror reference books, as well as some pillows and totebags from my wife's Horror Slave shop, now will be your chance. So we hope to see a great turn out for this event, as well as getting to hang out with some great people while there.
    For all the information, head over to the Facebook event page HERE.

    Once again it amazes me some times when a soundtrack from some cult movie from decades before gets a re-mastered release on CD. This has been a score that I have been wanting to see a release for a very long time. I always felt that the electronic score used in this film was so effective and damn creepy. And now thanks to the wonderful people at Howlin' Wolf Records, we now will have the chance to hear Richard Einhorn's score.
    While this release is only a tad over 30 minutes, I still think that it will be one well worth having for the collection. I know it will be in mine very soon. But this has been re-mastered from the composer's personal 7.5 ips master tapes. What that means, I have no idea, but I am just excited as hell to have this come out. The release also comes with a 12-page booklet with photos and liner notes by Benjain Chee. You can order it directly from Howlin' Wolf Records website HERE.

    Sure, there are you out there that bitch that Guillermo del Toro has his fingers in too many projects at any given time, while most of them never come to fruition. But I have to say that for the most part, most of what he's been involved with has been at least entertaining, so for that, I have to give him props. Plus, I am still hoping that his Lovecraft epic will happen and will be amazing.
    But in the meantime, it seems he is trying to bring back the gothic haunted house genre with his new movie CRIMSON PEAK. While it isn't set to be released until October of next year, here is the official synopsis of the film:
    In the aftermath of a family tragedy, an aspiring author (Mia Wasikowska) is torn between love for her childhood friend (Charlie Hunnam) and the temptation of a mysterious outsider (Tom Hiddleston). Trying to escape the ghosts of her past, she is swept away to a house that breathes, bleeds… and remembers.
    I would love to see a nice old fashion gothic haunted house movie again and I really hope that del Toro can deliver it, showing that he still is an incredible filmmaker.

    I have to say that I was pretty impressed to see this new collectible figure from Distinctive Dummies posted online. Impressed that it is actually a pretty decent job, but even more so that they decided to do a figure of cult icon Paul Naschy's famous hombre lobo! Distinctive Dummies have been making some pretty cool looking figures from a lot of British horror films, like Hammer and Amicus, as well as American horror figures like Count Yorga. This is an 8" figure that is individually hand painted, custom hand made clothing, with the likeness sculpted by Ron Gearing.
    Now, if I had and endless bank account, I would definitely be adding the Daninsky figure to my collection, as well as most of their other figures. But I have seen some of these in the past at different conventions and they usually run from $80 to $100 each. So as cool as they are, sorry guys, but there is no way I'm paying that much for a little collectable figure. Now, this is just mean. Not trying to snub my nose at other collectors out there that collect items like this, or like the Sideshow figures. This is just a personal feeling. Of course, if anybody wanted to get one for me for say an early birthday present, I wouldn't complain!
    But if you are interested, if only just seeing the other figures they have, you can see them at their website here: Distinctive Dummies.


    Okay kiddies...this will be our last lesson for 2014, so we better make it a good one, right? Head over to the classroom and learn a little about an actor who didn't appear in many horror films, but the ones that he did, he made quite the impact. Sometimes without speaking a single line of dialogue.

    It seems we stumped everyone on our last little photo. Some say that might be unfortunate, but to me I hope it means that a few people are going to seek out the movie, which I think they should. The movie is SCHIZO, from director Pete Walker. Not SCHIZOID with Klaus Kinski, but SCHIZO, which is actually a better movie.
    So before you go seeking out a copy of SCHIZO, take a peek at our latest photo and see if you can do a little better. You might recognize someone from the photo...but maybe just not the movie. Think hard and good luck. Just click HERE to send me your answer.

    On Black Friday, while some people where out in the stores killing each other to save a few dollars on stuff they probably didn't need, I did what I have been doing for the last 11 years before....celebrating movies that some would call Turkeys. But for me, and the 12 other people that joined me this year, we called them damn entertaining. We set a new records with the number of demented film fans that came out to enjoy this tradition and it was a lot of fun. Click HERE to read all the details of our latest escapade.

    I actually meant to chime in on this in my last update, but totally forgot about it. Guess that shows how important I think it is. I had a few people ask my opinion of the little news bit a few weeks ago about Universal's announcement that their latest ideas about bringing their famous monsters back from the grave. I've read they're going to be more action/adventure films, I guess. I've heard they are going to be all intertwined and in the same universe, like what Marvel has been doing with their super hero movies. And the news/rumors go on and on.
    So here's my thoughts. You might want to sit down and have a minute or two to ponder this because it is not only quite deep but also very reflective in terms of depth and possibilities. Ready? Here it is...I don't care. This is one the of the greatest things about the horror genre. No matter what crap is put out, no matter how many SHARKNADO movies get made, the genre is still there and will always be there. The classic movies that we love, as well as the tons of undiscovered titles we have to see as well, are all still there. Stephen King had remarked (though not sure if he was quoting someone else) when someone had asked him what he thought of one of the recent films adaptation on one of his books (which wasn't too good), in regards to what it has done to the original source. His reply was that it hasn't done anything to his book and that it is still sitting there on the shelf. The exact same thing with the horror genre. They can remake DRACULA and FRANKENSTEIN as many times as they want, even making them crime fighting duo (wait...haven't they done that already?) but it is never going to affect the original classics.
    So go ahead Hollywood...keep making those films that lack any sort of intelligences or creativity. I surely won't run out and see them, but might eventually get to them. I mean, I finally did get around to watching I, FRANKENSTEIN, which is a perfect example of another piece of crap that Hollywood churns out. But I've still got more than enough films that have already been made that I still haven't gotten to. Not to mention a few books I need to read. So carry on, Hollywood. I'll be here in the Krypt enjoying some good movies.

    Full Disclosure...Yes, I was interviewed to appear in these documentaries, but that has nothing to do with what I'm promoting them. These are well made and a lot of fun. They have interviews with the directors and actors themselves, as well as film fans and historians, plus plenty of film clips and great information. For a newer horror film enthusiast, these would be a great place to learn about the different eras of the genre, with each one covering a different era. These are great ways to really learn more about the history of the genre. The first 2 volumes are out now, with the 3rd one coming out next month, and a 4th volume sometime next year.
    Now if you really want to save some money, these are normally $20 each. Amazon has them listed for $15 each. But if you order them from Midnight Marquee, they have them for only $10 for each title! Can't be that. For ordering information, just click HERE.


    We have a two new book reviews with this update. The first one on the new book Zombies on Film: The Definitive Story of the Undead, while the second one is called Hollywood's Maddest Doctors by Gregory William Mank, about the lives of Lionel Atwill, Colin Clive, and George Zucco. Click HERE to hear what we thought.

    We have also mentioned this upcoming book before too, but now they have the final cover. Running Scared is written by Phil Campbell and Brian Reynolds, who youngsters that started working Hammer Studios in the early '70s. They got to work on films like THE VAMPIRE LOVERS, HORROR OF FRANKENSTEIN, BLOOD FROM THE MUMMY'S TOMB, DEMONS OF THE MIND, and many more. Not to mention the fact that they got to hang around people like Caroline Munro, Madeline Smith, Veronica Carlson, Kate O'Mara, just to name a few.
    They both have plenty of great stories to tell about those days, like giving Ingrid Pitt a piggy back ride to the set of THE VAMPIRE LOVERS or getting completely picked up off the ground when David Prowse puts you in a headlock. Being a huge fan of Hammer, I can't wait to read about all of these stories in this new book, which should be out soon.
    For all the info, head over to the publisher's website by clicking HERE.

    THE CRIMSON CULT, also known as CURSE OF THE CRIMSON ALTER, has never got a release over here in the states in its uncut format. But now, thanks to Kino, we'll be getting a blu-ray release of this rare British film next April. The film stars Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee, Barbara Steele, and Michael Gough star in this tale of witchcraft. I've seen the cut version of the film and didn't find it all that amazing, but still is a British film with a great cast, and I'm looking forward to seeing if the uncut version will make any difference.

    Yes class, we are back with another entry in our little Horror History lesson. Head over to the classroom to learn about one of man responsible for making a few cult British films look as good as they did.

    Our last photo was from the film WAKE WOOD, which was released under the new Hammer banner. If you haven't seen this one, I highly recommend you do since I feel it is one of the best British horror films to come out in a long time, and one that really feels like an old Hammer film. Hoby Abernathy, Kevin Matthews and Gavin Schmitt were the only three to send in the correct answer. Well done, lads!
    Okay, so this one is going to be another tough one. The movie isn't that obscure, but maybe this shot isn't one that most think about when thinking of this particular movie. Even more confused? Take a peek at the photo and see what you think. Just don't stare too long or you might just look like the person in the photo! Just click HERE to send me your answer. Good luck!

    The original FRANKENSTEIN still remains one of my favorite films to this day. Being somewhat of an outsider when I was young, I felt a kindred spirit within the character of the creature, as well as a lot of fans even still today. In fact, my very first tattoo was some simple stitches around my wrist, which was my little tribute to this character. It is a powerful figure in both film and literature with much more of a deeper meaning than most people will ever give it credit for.
    Granted, there were many people responsible for making James Whale's movie as good as it is, one of the main ones was that of actor Boris Karloff. Playing the creature gave him a huge boost in his career which lasted the rest of his life. Karloff is one of those actors that is entertaining in no matter what film he is appearing in, how bad the film might be. It is still worth seeing even if only because of him. He really was an incredible actor and human being. So on his birthday, I just wanted to take a little moment to not just remember this talented actor, but also to show that while he is still gone, his work, his movies, and his legacy is still as powerful and remembered as ever.

    With the holiday of gift-giving soon approaching, for any horror fans on your list, a lot of times there are questions as to just what to get them. I know one of the things that pop up quite a bit are movies. But the problem with that is with some serious collectors is not knowing if they might already have that certain movie you were thinking of picking up. Plus the fact that even finding them at any retail outlet is getting harder and harder. So here is my them a book.
    Even though the public keeps hearing that print is dead, I can tell you just from my own personal book wish list, there are still more and more titles that are coming out that I want to add to my library. So print is definitely not dead. The creative minds are still out there and still churning out some well worth volumes that are filled with knowledge to be absorbed. Plus, by purchasing books, it also shows the publishers themselves that their hard work is not in vain either, that what they are producing is still a valid product that people want and are willing to invest their money into.
    Yes, books are an investment. One of the definitions of the word investment is "a devoting, using, or giving of time, talent, emotional energy, etc., as for a purpose or to achieve something." Devoting the time and energy to read through a reference book will help you achieve more knowledge about the movie or person, or whatever the subject may be. And isn't that what all horror fans want? To learn more about the genre? Maybe I'm just hopeful, but I know that is something that I strive for here with this site.
    So please consider picking up a horror reference book for someone this year. There are plenty out there if you do a few minutes of searching on the web.  Just look at some of the titles below for example. I'm sure you could find something to put a big smile on the face of someone this year. And like they said back in the Schoolhouse Rock days, "Knowledge is Power!"

    We don't get too excited about movies making their debut on Blu-ray that often, most times being very happy with the regular DVD release. But the news of Grindhouse Releasing putting out Lucio Fulci's THE BEYOND in a 3-disc edition has done just that. Being one of my favorite Fulci's, this is one upgrade I will be making without question. While ZOMBIE is still my personal favorite, THE BEYOND is a very close second. Such a perfect example of Italian horror from that era, it is one that I could watch over and over.
    Due out in February of next year, this edition will contain 2 blu-ray discs that will feature a hi-definition digital transfer from the original uncensored director's cut of the film, a 5.1 DTS-HD Master audio surround sound remix by Academy Award winner Paul Ottoman, optional Italian language soundtrack with original mono mix, and the commentary track with Catriona MacColl and David Warbeck (which I believe is the one from the laserdisc release).
    But there are also new interviews with actors Catriona MacColl, Cinzia Monreale, and Giovanni De Nava, U.S. Production manager Larry Ray, makeup artists Ginannetto DeRossi and Maurizio Trani, cinematographer Sergio Salvati, writer Dardano Sacchetti, producer Fabrizio De Angelis, composer Fabio Frizzi, original U.S. distributor Terry Levene, and Fulci's daughter Antonella. Plus there are rare archival interviews with Fulci and actor David Warbeck, along with the full color German pre-credit sequence that was lost for a long time, and a few more goodies.
    Plus, the 3rd disc will be the original soundtrack album by Frizzi, which has been newly re-mastered in 96khz sound from the original studio master tapes. Being this is one of my favorite soundtracks and that I already have a 2 different editions of this score but am still excited to see what this is going to be.
    Granted, I was never a big fan of this artwork that they used when Grindhouse first re-released in theaters, but that seems to be my only complaint about this. Really looking forward to this.

    With the recent release of Clive Barker's NIGHTBREED in the special edition Blu-ray, with an impressive retrospective on this movie, which happens to be a favorite of mine, fans got to learn more about this film and the making of it. But there is another feature length documentary in the works on Barker's first cinematic creatures that he gave us. Producer Gary Smart had co-written the amazing book The Complete History of RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD, which he later turned into an incredibly entertaining documentary More Brains. Now, with director Kevin McDonagh, they have set out to make the definitive documentary on the first two HELLRAISER films, which is called LEVIATHAN. With interviews from most of the major cast, as well as makeup artists and many more (which continues to grow), they are setting out to give HELLRAISER fans an inside look at one of the most original horror films every to be created.
    No details on when it will be finished or released but we'll post more when we hear more.

    We have two new reviews posted with this update, reviews of JESSEBELLE and WARNING SIGNS. Head over to our Soundtrack Reviews page to hear our thoughts.

    Okay so our last photo was a bit easy. It was of course from TREMORS. But we like to throw you a bone every now and then just to keep you coming back. Here are the ones that sent in the correct answer: Hoby Abernathy, Aaron Christensen, Dave Friedman, Erik Martin, Dustin Moravick, Raymond Rich, Gavin Schmitt, Matt Wedge, Will Wilson, and Greg Wojick. Well done, folks. Well done indeed.
    Of course, that just means that our new photo is going to be one that is a little trickier. If you've seen the movie, you'll probably remember this little item. But if just means that you'll be adding a title to your To-Watch list once you find out what it is. Just click HERE to send me your answer. Good luck to you.

    Sorry for the delayed update but I was still recovering yesterday from our annual Halloween party on Saturday. It is a pretty big event and one that takes several weeks of planning and preparations for, but it is always well worth the work and effort that myself, my wife and son put into it. To have a group of your friends and fellow horror fiends come over to help celebrate not only the horror genre, but the fact that we are all so connected because of this genre. Pretty much everyone that attended yesterday, I had met because this genre that we love so much. Either meeting them at conventions, through message boards, or this website, these are the people with the same interests, love and passion for these movies. And because of that, we have become an extended family, not just seeing each other at conventions, but even getting to hang out at other times, and usually just having a blast.
    I guess my point of all of this is that when you have a passion for something, it really can become a way to meet other like-minded people that can share that same interests, which in turns can create not just a friendship, but one that can last for decades. There is nothing better than having someone else you can talk and discuss your passions with, even if it is only through email. That connection is still there and is a wonderful thing. So to all of my friends out there, from ones I've met at conventions over the last 25+ years, to the ones I've met through this website, or any other outlet or medium, I just wanted to say thank you.

    We recently had the chance to see this new documentary on the Spanish horror genre. Click HERE to hear what we thought.

    Yes, there is a remake to the cult film from the '70s, strangely enough from the same director as the above documentary. You can check it out HERE. Definitely looks interesting. Caroline Munro is one of the stars of the film, along with cameos from several actors from some classic Spanish horror films like Lone Fleming (TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD), May Heatherly (PIECES), Antonio Mayans (OASIS OF THE ZOMBIES), Conrado San Martín (THE AWFUL DR. ORLOF), and even has Colin Arthur doing the makeup effects, which he also did on the original film.

    We recently picked up Horror Movie Heroes from Rue Morgue magazine and wanted to take a second to highly commend them on this publication. As you frequent followers of my site know, I really preach about learning the history of the genre, since there is so many great things out there for us fans to still discover, and strive to do that here. Once I started to page through this new book (sort of like a small magazine, but much thicker), I was delighted to see some names listed and getting attention that normally wouldn't be mentioned. Sure, they are a lot of the usual suspects, like Romero, Carpenter, Cronenberg, Hooper, but there are also a few in there that made me give them a nice thumbs up from the Krypt. They have William Girdler in there, who gave us GRIZZLY and DAY OF THE ANIMALS. They have Ray Kellogg in there, who gave us THE GIANT GILA MONSTER and THE KILLER SHREWS. They even have a nice piece on the Cardona family, who have given us three generations of filmmakers, who gave us titles like NIGHT OF THE BLOODY APES!
    Sure, some of these only get a page or two, but the fact that they are in there is a great way to open the eyes and ears of newer fans who might not know these names and/or movies. And maybe, just maybe, it might drive them to seek some of these out. And to me, that should be the ultimate goal for any publication, both in print and online, to strive to get their audience to experience more of the genre. So well done, RM.

    In 2002, author John Hamilton put out a book entitled X-cert - The British Independent Horror Film: 1951-1970. The covered some of the smaller films that were not released by the likes of Hammer, Amicus, or others, but titles like PEEPING TOM, or FLESH AND THE FIENDS, or DOCTOR BLOOD'S COFFIN. Now Hamilton is back with a second edition to this series, called X-Cert 2 - The British Independent Horror Film: 1971-1983. Published by Hemlock Books, this one covers titles such as Pete Walker's FRIGHTMARE, TOWER OF EVIL, and Vincent Price's THEATER OF BLOOD. Being a huge fan of the horror films made in Britain, I know I will be adding this edition to our collection as well.
    Hemlock Books have always put out exceptional editions and have always impressed us. While it is not available through them yet, it might be at some point in the future in an American edition through Midnight Marquee Press. I know you can get the first book through them. Just click HERE to find out more about this title, along with quite a few other great ones.

    I've had discussions with some of my friends (much to some of their bewilderment) about how I generally won't pay for than $50 for a movie poster or some other sort of memorabilia, usually because I just don't have the money but mainly because I don't like putting that much money into one item. Simply is just too expensive.
    Now I know I have spoken about my love for horror reference books and continue to add titles to my library. We all know that books can get quite expensive as well, but have also mentioned that the cost for your average book isn't that much when you compare the content to one of the many horror magazines out there. But recently I have ordered a couple of books that went beyond my comfort level when it came to the price. They were two that I thought quite a bit about and at first decided against them because of the price. But then went back and ordered them anyway. Here's the two titles and here's my reasoning.
    The first book is all about the 3 films that featured the title star from THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, called The Creature Chronicles, written by Tom Weaver, David Schecter and Steve Kronenberg, with the introduction by Julie Adams. Now this is published by McFarland which right there tells us the price tag is going to be high. Which it is at $75. You can order it from Amazon for $60, but that is still a bit steep. Now, this is a 408 hardcover edition with close to 300 photos, so we're not talking about some little trade paperback. But the way I was looking at it, if there was ever a time I needed to do some research about any of those movies, this would be the book to go to. Plus, the Dark Delicacies book store in California was having a signing event recently where you could get the book signed by author Schecter, as well as Julie Adams, Rex Reason, and a few more. So I knew that this book would definitely not lose any value while it sat in my collection, not to mention having all that information at my fingertips.
    The second book is one that I've mentioned here a few times: Hammer's Film Legacy by Wayne Kinsey. I have several of Kinsey's other Hammer books and not only are they just exceptional volumes of information, but most of them are hard to find these days without paying 3-4 times the original price. This new book is from the UK and is also a 400+ page hardcover which is a limited edition of 500 copies, and covers Hammer's films from THE QUATERMASS EXPERIMENT to the DEVIL'S DAUGHTER. The normal retail price for this is £45 (approx. $71) but are having a sale price right now of £35 (approx. $55). The other problem is the shipping cost. The cheapest way to get it here, by using Surface mail, is almost another $30. So you'd basically be looking at around $85. Decisions, decisions. Being the Hammer fan that I am, I knew if I didn't pick this one up, I would regret it. So I ordered it. You can find out more about the book by clicking HERE.
    Honestly, one of the things that pushed my decision in that direction was I know these volumes will never go down in value, most likely increasing by quite a bit. So while I am buying these for practical uses, they really are an investment. But beyond that, I also wanted to make show support to the book publishers. The Hammer book is from Peveril Publishing which is a small press company in the UK. By showing them support and buying this book, it shows that the hard work they are doing is not in vain and that the fans out there are willing to spend the money for what they doing. So yeah, while I'm not thrilled that I paid that kind of money for two books, I know once I have them in my hands, all of that will be forgotten and know they would be very special editions to my library.


    We have posted our review of the score for the new Daniel Radcliff movie, HORNS. Just click here to get to our Soundtrack Reviews.

    The photo from our last update was one of the later Hammer films, CAPTAIN KRONOS: VAMPIRE HUNTER. Nice to see a bunch of people sending in the correct answer for this one. Damn shame the movie didn't do better and start another series of films for Hammer. Could have been cool. Kudos to the following that sent in the correct answer: Hoby Abernathy, Cate Cameron, Craig Clark, Kevin Matthews, Raymond Rich, Gavin Schmitt, Mike Shields, Mark Turner, Mike Tutino, Tom White, and Will Wilson. Well done. Always great to see people still showing the love for Hammer films!
    Okay...take a look and see if you can't wrap your head around our latest photo! As always, just click HERE to send me your answer. Good luck.

    This month marks the 16th Anniversary for this little website. Hard to believe that I've been hacking away at this thing for so long. I started this to basically to give myself a soapbox to spout my opinions, views, reviews, rants, and ramblings. And 16 years later, I'm still doing it. But the strange thing is that over the years, a few people actually started following the site. And even stranger, they actually liked what they were seeing/reading! I know I'm only doing updates every other week now, but hopefully you are still getting the same entertainment and info that you are used to when you visit the Krypt, without being bombarded with ads and the same news stories you see at every other website out there. I really strive to be unique in what I do here and really making this site an extension of my demented little mind. And I'm still having fun doing it, so I'm going to keep at it.
    I know I'm doing something right when I get a random email from a reader thanking for putting out a site that is filled with passion. I really do appreciate all of you out there that do continue to stop by the Krypt and hope you continue to do so. I also appreciate all the comments and kind words that I have received over the years. You have no idea how much it means to me. So from the bottom of my blackened heart, I thank you. Here's to another year!

    Are you in the Chicago area and want to get in the mood for this Halloween and maybe get some ideas for some horror films to watch that you might have not have heard of or seen before? Then head over to the Harold Washington Library (400 S. State St. Chicago, IL 60605) tomorrow night at 6pm for the Hidden Horror Author Event! Editor Aaron Christensen, myself, along with several other of the contributors will be there to celebrate all of those Hidden Horrors! We will have copies of the book for sale (which make great Christmas presents...just saying), as well as a few copies of Horror 101, Aaron's first book. The authors will be more than happy to sign your copies as well at the end of the event. Or if you just want to come out and chat about horror movies, we'd love to have you as well. I'm sure if you're looking to increase your To-Watch list for this Halloween season, you will leave with quite a few.
    Click HERE to get all the other details about the event. Hope to see you there.

    Last night, my wife and I headed up north to the McHenry Drive-In for a night of classic horror. They were screening originals from the Universal classics, DRACULA, THE WOLF MAN, and THE MUMMY. Seeing DRACULA on the big screen was the final title in my checklist to see all the Universal monsters on the big screen. Granted, it has taken me a few years, but I finally did it last night. I was also pleasantly surprised to see a ton of people there for this event. To see this many people coming out on a Saturday night to see some films that they could easily see on Netflix or cable made this grumpy old horror fan very happy. Sure, watching the movies at home is great. But taking the time and effort to come to a drive-in to watch these movies on the big screen shows that they understand that it is more than just watching the movies. It is the experience.

    As we reported in our last update, we had just made it through the first of this month's  two 24-hour marathon. Granted at that one we were vending, so I didn't get to catch that many flicks while there. But last weekend, we were at the Massacre at the Portage Theater as a fan, so we got to sit and enjoy the movies this time out. Of course, we had to move several times throughout the event because of idiots that think that it is okay to have a conversation at a normal level during the movie, or get out their phone to do some social networking. I know we're all there to have a good time, but when we are in the theater, we are there to watch movies. You want to chat either online or in person, please move it out to the lobby.
    This marathon had a couple film prints of the titles they were screening, but the sound on two of them weren't that great. During TARGETS (where the color was so faded it almost looked black and white) the audio was so warbled that I had trouble making some of the dialogue out. But once they switched to DVD projection, they were fine. That really does bring up the debate on what kind of format is best? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a nice 35mm print, as long as it looks and sounds good. But if the picture is all red or faded, and/or the sound is messed up, or it's cut (like THE HAUNTED PALACE was) I'd rather have the digital format.
    But all that aside, I did have a good time there. It was great to see a lot of the Chicago horror crowd turn out and got to hang out with some old friends and made a few new ones as well.

    While there are a lot of books out there on zombie movies, with more and more coming out all the time, one of the best ones that we had read was Jamie Russell's Book of the Dead, which FAB Press put out back in 2005. It was a bit pricy, but like all FAB Press books, it was worth every penny. But now, Titan Books has released a "updated and fully revised" version of the book. And even's a bit cheaper than the original version.
    Titan has put out some amazing titles, quite a few of which I have in my own collection, like the wonderful titles they put on Hammer Films, like Hammer Glamour and the Art of Hammer movie posters. So we're looking forward to see how good of job they do on this revised edition. Once we know, we will let you know as usual.

    I have posted our review of Gunnar Hansen's personal account of making "the world's most notorious horror movie". Want to skip the review? Just buy the book. It is that good. Want to read more, then head over to our Reference Library for the full low down.

    I have a couple of new soundtrack reviews this time out. The first one is for Ronen Landa's score for AT THE DEVIL'S DOOR, and the second is Ceiri Torjussen's score for THE CANAL. Head over to our Soundtrack Reviews for all the details.

    I know we still have a week before Halloween is here, but don't forget that our next big celebration is not too far after that. That's right folks, Turkey Day will soon be here. And on that Black Friday, a good number of people will be doing battle over saying an extra few $$, even if it means cutting people off, fighting over the last of an item, or just being an asshole, all in the name of Christmas. But for myself and a few fellow deviants, will be doing what I've been doing for the last 11 years...celebrating some of the finest in cinematic train wrecks. We always suggest everyone holding their own little Turkey Day event as well. Just make sure you don't do it alone. It can be too dangerous, as well as being a lot more fun in bigger numbers. If you need some suggestions, head over to our Turkey Day recap to see what we've endured over the last 11 years.

    So somehow I completely forgot to upload the Mystery Photo in our last update. I guess that is what happens after a 24-hour movie marathon! But this time we made sure the photo is there...actually putting it in there before I started typing this out! Since we don't need to go over the lucky ones that guess correctly on the last one, we can get right to the photo. Take a look at it and see what you can come up with. As usual, just click HERE to send in your answer.
    Thanks to the few of you who did contact me to let me know that I forgot the photo. Granted, it took over a week....

    Yeah...kind of missed our update yesterday. After getting home from a 24-hour movie marathon at about 9am yesterday morning, then getting about 3 hours of sleep...not sure if working on the computer was the greatest idea. We started to try to get it done but the thought of doing anything that took the slightest bit of brain function was not a good thing. But we are rested up now and back at it will full strength. And that was even after having to deal with Comcast earlier in the day. Trust me...the fact that I'm not in jail right now is pretty surprising. But enough about that...let's get to our update.

    We had such a blast this past weekend at the Music Box of Horrors at Chicago's best theater, the Music Box. I've been going to this theater for decades where I have had the opportunities to see some great features over the years. And seeing so many die-hard fans come out to the 10th anniversary of these 24-hour marathons, and to celebrate the genre and some of the best, wild, and craziest titles the horror genre has to offer is always a great time. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our table and picked up a copy of Hidden Horror, as well as some of the other books were were selling. It was great just being there and chatting with the different like-minded fans that were there for the fun.
    I do have to say that one of the highlights for me, besides watching a couple of the flicks while we were set up, were the original paintings from Gorgon Video that were used for the video box art used ago. Years ago when I was a collector of VHS tapes, the artwork on the covers was something that was one of the reasons why I, along with a ton of people that still do, collected these tapes. But to be standing a mere foot away from the actual painting used was just amazing. My favorite of course was the one used for NIGHT OF THE BLOODY APES, but they were all just incredible. It is a shame that these artists didn't get more credit for the work they did. For those that weren't able to come out to see them, I've posted pics below.
    Thanks to Dave and the entire Music Box crew for putting on a great event. I know the front lobby of the theater is under construction but it didn't seem to put a damper on any of the moods. I can't wait to see what the theater is going to look like when it is completed. Especially what we could do for next year's marathon. Stay tuned.



    Next weekend, we will be at our 2nd 24-hour marathon of madness. This time at the Portage Theater in Chicago. It has been quite some time since we've been to the Portage so hopefully things are in order there. We won't be vending there, but just going to enjoy the movies. Though honestly, wish they were screening actual 35mm prints instead of DVD projection for most of these titles. But they do have some great titles they will be playing, but am very excited to see Lon Chaney's THE UNKNOWN, which I think is one of Chaney's best. Of course, seeing TWINS OF EVIL would be pretty cool as well, but really don't think I'll make it to 7am to catch that one. We'll see. Below is the list of titles and times.

  • 12:00 PM THE UNKNOWN - with Live Organ

  • 1:00 PM THE HAUNTED PALACE - Starring Vincent Price and Lon Chaney Jr.

  • 2:35 PM TARGETS - Starring Boris Karlofff

  • 4:15 PM TRILOGY OF TERROR - Zuni Fetish Doll and Karen Black

  • 5:40 PM Short Films Block

  • 6:30 PM CHOPPING MALL - with director Jim Wynorski in attendance

  • 8:15 PM DEADLY SPAWN - with director Doug McKeown in attendance


  • 12:00 AM TRICK 'r TREAT


  • 3:20 AM TENBRAE - one of Argento's best

  • 5:15 AM EATEN ALIVE - Early Tobe Hooper

  • 7:00 TWINS OF EVIL - One of Hammer's best!


  • 10:15 AM DAY OF THE DEAD - Romero's zombies!

    Two weeks ago, we were at the 26th show of Cinema Wasteland. It boggles my mind each and every time we go to this show that it not only has last this long, but that it really hasn't changed since that very first show, back in September of 2000. But 14 years later, Pam and Ken Kish still continue to put on the one show that I would go to every single one even if I wasn't a vendor. It is still one of the most down to earth and easy going show that I attend. The guests are approachable and easy to talk to without given the evil eye by their handler. There are plenty of events going on throughout the weekend to keep one busy and entertained.
    Something happened at this show that has happened quite a few times before over the years. I brought in some new blood. It never fails to happen, but after going on and on about how much fun and different this show is, when a friend comes to the show for the first time, they not only see that I have not been exaggerating, but they make the comment that they will be coming back each and every time from then on. This show is like crack...once you get a taste, you will be back.
    For fans of Romero's DAY OF THE DEAD, you might want to start making your plans now since they are doing a 30th Anniversary of Romero's last great zombie film with one hell of a reunion. They have the main cast of Lori Cardille, Terry Alexander, Joe Pilato, Antone' DiLeo, Gary Klar, John Amplas, as well as Phil Kellams, Howard Sherman, Tom Savini and Taso Stavrakis. That's 10 guests from the movie. Not a bad reunion, huh? Head over to their website for all the details by clicking HERE.

    We all know that I have a strong love for the work of Paul Naschy. Years ago, I had my good friend and unbelievably talented artist friend Putrid design a Naschy design that I was going to get made into a T-shirt. The main reason for that was because that I had already seen any Naschy shirts out there. So I wanted to make sure I changed that, even if only a little bit. Well, the deviant folks over at Evilspeak magazine have created a great looking Naschy T-shirt, giving some love to his film HUNCHBACK OF THE MORGUE, in some gruesome green and white design. I know I picked mine up at Wasteland right away. Of course, they also have quite a few other killer designs that you might want to add to your collection as well. Head over to HERE to order yours today. Money well spent. And of course, that other holiday is coming up and these would make great gifts for your fellow horror fiends! Just tell them that I sent you.

    We have a new review posted for the new film STONEHEARST ASYLUM, which has a great cast so we are very hopeful about it. If it is good as the score, then I think we'll be very happy. Head over to our Soundtrack section to read our review. We will be having some more soundtrack reviews coming next time as well. Stay tuned.

    I have to give this company credit for releasing some titles that I think always need more attention. Not sure if they really NEED a blu-ray release since they were already on DVD, but if they might be out-of-print, or more importantly, it is getting the fans attention because of it, then that is something to celebrate. Next February, they will be releasing a double feature of BLACULA and its sequel, SCREAM BLACULA SCREAM. Not sure of any extras, but hopefully they will at least be able to score an interview with Pam Grier about her work on the sequel.
    They will also be releasing another double feature disc, this time featuring a killer animal theme. Coming out next summer will be Bert I. Gordon's FOOD OF THE GODS along with FROGS! While FROGS is fun at best, anytime that Mr. B.I.G. gets some love, I'm all for that.

    Just in time for Halloween, editor Aaron Christensen and myself will be at the Harold Washington Library (400 S. State St. Chicago) to celebrate all the Hidden Horrors out there. There will be several other of the contributors of the book attending the event as well. So if you by chance don't have your copy yet you will be able to purchase one there. Or even if you just want to sit with other like-minded horror fans and discuss some of the wonderful films out there. We'd love to have you come out and joining the fun.
    For more information, click HERE.

    I know there are a lot of fans of horror movies out there that are just that, fans. They just like watching some scary movies every now and then and that's it. Nothing wrong with that. But for those out there that have a stronger passion for the genre, ones that might be considered a little obsessive, I have this simple requests for you: Never stop. Never stop seeking out movies you haven't seen, especially older ones. Never stop learning about the people that made them, whether it be the directors, actors, makeup people, art director, or whoever. Or simply put, never stop learning.
    Why? Simple. Because it makes you a better and more knowledgeable movie fan. The more you know and see, the better understanding you have of the movies and the genre itself. Trust me, I am not expert on the genre. The only thing I have going over the next guy is maybe that I've been doing it longer. And there is still a ton more I need and will learn about this massive collection of flick flicks before all is said and done. And I still probably won't even get close to knowing it all. That is the beauty of the genre. So all I can do is hope that there are more and more people like me that have that yearning to learn more. And every time I am at a convention, film screening, or even kind of genre related event, I usually talk to meet and talk to someone that shows me that there are plenty of us out there. So just keep it up and make me, and all the other students of the genre proud.

    Our last photo was from the last film from British director Pete Walker, HOUSE OF THE LONG SHADOWS. That is poor Sheila Keith meeting a nasty end in the film. Or did she? While not up to the usual standards of Walker's films, it does have an amazing cast that is well worth the watch, if only just for that. Kudos to the following for sending in the correct answer: Erik Martin and AJ Wagar. Nice job, guys.
    Okay folks, here is our photo for this update. See who of you out there might recognize this shot. I'm sure there's a few of you. Let's hear it. Just
click HERE to send in your answer.

9-28-14  BUSY, BUSY, BUSY
    As our favorite time of year rolls in like the early morning fog (before that Christmas holiday takes over completely), with plenty of events to keep us busy, we have to remember to make sure you enjoy it. I know for me, we have so many things going on that there are times when we just seem so busy that we don't take the time to really enjoy it. With the last of our cons coming to an end, 2 different 24-hour movie marathons coming up, plus much more, October is going to seem to fly by. But we wouldn't want it any other way.
    So make sure you enjoy these events, even if it is just sitting in front of the TV watching a movie...hopefully with some other like-minded friends. To me, that is the best way to enjoy this holiday season, or any time of the month...celebrate our love and our passion of the horror genre with friends. It makes it so much more fun and enjoyable.
    Hope to see you next weekend at Cinema Wasteland!

    On September 6th, Jacinto Molina (aka Paul Naschy) would have turned 80 years old. Since his passing in 2009, his popularity has not faltered in the slightest, but seems to have grown. Though we Naschy fans still have a lot of work ahead of us because there are still plenty of horror fans out there that have not discovered his incredible work in the fantastic cinema. One of the best websites out there promoting not only Naschy and his work, but all of the Spanish horror film genre is Spanish Horror. This last month, they had been running a month long tribute to Naschy, with one of the contributors winning a copy of the incredible book MUCHAS GRACIAS SEÑOR LOBO. We totally spaced this out and didn't contribute ourselves, but there are plenty of great articles and essays posted there that are well worth your time. So check them out. As well as maybe making it a point to celebrating Naschy's 80th birthday by sitting down with one or two of his movies. Lucky for us, there are quite of few of his that are available on DVD and even some on blu-ray. No better way to celebrate this man and paying tribute to him then by keeping his memory alive.
    We still have our page of Naschy tribute from a Blogathon that happened back in 2010, where we talk about some of favorite Naschy flicks and some other interesting points. You can read that by clicking HERE. Of course, the other more recent tribute that I did accomplish was getting a new tattoo, one that I hadn't originally planned, but after seeing the artwork by Steve Bejma, I knew it was going to be my next piece. As you can see in the photo, I think it came out pretty good. Thanks to Steve from Mark of Excellence for transferring Bejma's work to my skin. I wear it with pride.

    While on the subject of Spanish Horror, the film WAX, starring Spanish icon Jack Taylor, will be premiere at in time for Halloween. It will also be released on DVD in December. This was the first feature film by Victor Matellano (who had previously directed the documentary CLAWING on Spanish the horror genre).

    Dr. AC has a new project that needs your help. We are working on new book of trivia questions and are looking to the experts out there to help us compile a bunch of fun and mind bending questions. AC's idea is to have four different levels of difficulty, such a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and then finally Senior. So we'd be looking for the whole range from easier ones to the real head-scratchers, from the more common titles like EVIL DEAD or THE EXORCIST to the more obscure titles like ALUCARDA or VALERIE AND HER WEEK OF WONDERS, to give the readers a wide range of questions. And since I'm sure a lot of us will be watching their fare share of horror flicks this next month, this would be the perfect time to have a little notepad by you while watching them, jotting down a question or two while your watching.
    If you feel like helping out, just send your questions and answers to HERE (

    Last weekend, we attended the From Dusk To Dawn show at the Midway Drive-In in Dixon and just had a blast. Sure, we were bothered with a little bit of rain that made us breakdown our table sooner than we expected, but still a lot of fun. Had a great time chatting with a bunch of like minded horror fans, all coming out to see some classics on the big screen. Speaking of which...WOW did those films look amazing. Seeing PHANTASM on the big screen like that was just incredible. Not to mention DAWN OF THE DEAD and TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE as well. So thanks to Mike and Mia Kerz for continuing to keep the drive-in experience alive! You really owe it to yourself to come out and support places like this. It really is a special kind of time and is always a lot of fun.
    If you're in the Indianapolis area, the Skyline Drive-in in Shelbyville is doing their Skyline Scares series all next month, which includes some incredible classics there, which would be awesome to been on the big screen. Below is what they are screening on what dates, but you can get all the information HERE.

  • Oct. 10th & 11th - TCM (1974), DELIVERENCE (1972), EATEN ALIVE (1977)

  • Oct. 17th & 18th - THE EXORCIST (1973), CREEPSHOW (1982), THE BOOGEY MAN (1980)

  • Oct. 24th & 25th - FRANKENSTEIN (1931), FREAKS (1932), SPIDER BABY (1967)

  • Oct. 31st & Nov. 1st - THE EVIL DEAD (1981), NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968), CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD (1980)

    Okay Hammer fans, time to order your copy of the latest issue of Little Shoppe of Horrors that will be coming out next month. Issue #33 will cover the making of DRACULA PRINCE OF DARKNESS. Just like with each of their issues, it will be filled to the brim with tons of information about the movie, the studio and all the people involved. This issue, along with every other issue that LSoH has released is a must for anybody seeking information and reference about Hammer Films. Click HERE to get to their website where you can get ordering details.

    We've been a fan of BearManor Media's books for some time, with several of their titles in our collection. For a fan of movie reference books, they have a huge selection of great titles. What is even more impressive is that they subject matter on some of their books. They cover a lot of obscure and not-so-well-known figures in movies that they feel need more attention. And I can't agree more. People like Richard Gordon, Robert Lippert, and quite a few others. Of course, they also put out titles on some names a little bit more recognizable, like Dario Argento. Just take a few minutes browsing through their catalog and I'm sure you'll find something that you'd want to add to your collection.
    But now, to help you save even more money, they are offering a Book Club for their fans. With an annual fee of $25, you will receive 25% off of all of their titles, and 10% off their titles.
    For all the info, just click HERE.

    In case you had missed out on getting a hardcover copy of Stephen Thrower's amazing book Nightmare USA, FAB Press has re-issued it once again in hardcover format. This is one massive tome that features some unbelievable in-depth coverage on some obscure titles in the horror genre, featuring interviews, rare poster art and behind-the-scene footage and much more. This not a book that you can knock out in a weekend, but one that will not only open up a treasure trove of information to you, but also will probably introduce you to some fun and cheesy flicks.
    Click HERE for more info. This very well could be the last time this could be in print in an hardcover edition. So yeah, the postage might be a bit steep, this book really worth the money.

    In our lesson today, you'll learn a little bit about the man Time Magazine called "The Quickie King". Head over to the Classroom to find out who this was?

    Our last photo was from a little movie called VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED. No, not the Carpenter one, but the original 1960's version starring George Sanders and Barbara Shelley, which still remains a classic. Kudos to the following for sending in the correct answer: Hoby Abernathy, Dave Friedman, Erik Martin, Raymond Rich, and William Wilson. Well done!
    Now onto our latest Photo. Don't stare too long at the photo or your own eyes might just pop out like this person's! Just click HERE to send in your answer. And as always, good luck!

9-14-14  OUR SEASON IS HERE...
    After that heated summer, I'm thrilled for this time of year. The temps drop, we get to break out our favorite horror hoodies, the stores have already been busting out the Halloween goodies, and its the perfect time to sit down and watch some of our favorite fright flicks. Sure, this time of year gets pretty busy for us here at the Krypt, but we wouldn't want it any other way. This is the time of year where we almost seem normal amongst the rest of the population, which I'm sure feel the same way. Damn shame it couldn't be like this every day.
    So make sure you enjoy this time of year when you can. I know we tend to have so many things going on that we are just to busy, but that is exactly when you need to make sure you take the time to stop and enjoy it. Take a break and watch a movie. Read some of your favorite book. Go for a walk and enjoy the cool brisk fall air. No matter how....ENJOY IT.

    Although admittedly not the biggest James Bond fan, but my first Bond was THE SPY WHO LOVED ME, which featured the villain I've always remembered the most, the gigantic hulk of a man, Jaws, played by Richard Kiel.  While he only made a few appearances in horror films, any time he did, they were memorable. Of course, one of the most famous appearances was back in 1962 on an episode of Twilight Zone, entitled To Serve Man. But he also appeared in EEGAH (1962) HOUSE OF THE DAMNED (1963), THE HUMAN DUPLICATORS (1965), as well as countless other TV appearances. One of my favorites, even though he was completely covered in a costume, was in an episode of Kolchak: The Night Stalker called The Spanish Moss Murders.
    Kiel was a staple on the convention circuit, appearing any many shows around the country. I had seen him countless times and never heard a bad word about him. He really seemed to enjoy meeting his fans there, and putting those giant hands around the heads of his fans for photos. So we were sadden to hear of his recent passing. Our thoughts go out to his friends and family.

    We made it through our trip to Indy for the HorrorHound weekend where we had a blast. We were able to put a copy of Hidden Horror in the hands of quite a few people over the weekend, which is always a great thing. We also had several great conversations with different fans throughout the weekend, both new friends as well as our old ones, so thrilled to hear from other passionate fans out there. That really is the highlight of these shows. Honestly, there could have been no guests at this show and it wouldn't have changed my enjoyment from the weekend. More and more for me, shows in general are less and less about the guests and more about the fellow fans. Though, I do have to admit having huge smile on my face when John Jarrett walked by me Saturday morning before show opened, and replied to my "Good Morning" with the stereotypical "G'Day, Mate!"
    Didn't spend a lot of money there, even though there were several dealers tempting me with their merch. But I did pick up another print from the amazingly talented Daniel Horne. A few years ago, I got the print of Dr. Phibes print from him, which has been hanging in my movie room since then. So this year I went over to see what other ones he had. But the minute I got there, I knew what I was going to get, even before looking through his other prints. Laid out on his table was that of the creature and the Bride from THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN. Such a heart-wrenching and memorable scene from this movie, I knew I had to have it. Can't wait to get that one framed.
    So we did have a great weekend, getting to hang out with a ton of our friends, chatting with our dealer neighbors Billy and Vanessa from Razorback and Evilspeak, continuing our plans for world domination! Of course, what would be a trip to Indy without making our annual pilgrimage to Jockamos Pizza. And as always, it was epic. See you there next year.

    While we were at the HH Show, we had the opportunity to be part of the Night of the Living Podcast and HorrorHound Radio show. It is now posted HERE where you can not only hear me ramble on a bit, but also interviews with John Jarrat, Mads Mikkelsen, William Butler, Todd Wieneke from Dark Sky Films, and more. Just click HERE to get to their page where you can download it.

    In less than 3 weeks, we will be making our bi-annual trip out to Ohio for the Cinema Wasteland show for their 26th show! This is the 15th year they've been holding this shows and it still remains my favorite one out of all the ones that we attend each year. It really is like no other show and one that we look forward to twice a year. This will be our last convention in the 2014 Kryptic World Tour, even though we will be set up at the Music Box of Horrors later on in October.
    But the Wasteland folks have yet another great show in store for us, with 3 lovely ladies who were part of the reason the term Hammer Glamour was created: Veronica Carlson, Caroline Munro, and Martine Beswick. For me, they would be reason enough to come out to the show. Actually, this is the show that could have no guests at all and I'd still come out for it, so this is just a bonus! But they also have a few other lovely ladies that made impact in the horror genre, such as Geretta Geretta who didn't fare two well in Lamberto Bava's DEMONS or Bruno Mattei's RATS NIGHT OF TERROR for that matter either, along with Patty Mullen from FRANKENHOOKER, Kyra Schon from the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, and Mink Stole from a slew of John Waters films. And let's not forget about Greydon Clark who's name is attached to many cult films, both as an actor, director, and more. Thankfully his cult film WITHOUT WARNING has recently been released for the first time so now fans can see how fun this movie is.
    So make your plans to head out to Strongsville on the first weekend of October and come out to join the party of a bunch of crazy film nuts that love to talk about movie titles that most people never heard of! If you are coming out, please make sure you stop by our table and say hello.

    Big News for those of you that are coming out to the Midway Drive-In next weekend. Not only will we be setting up a vendor table there, but we will also be giving away some free stuff! Well...not exactly free. We're going to have some trivial questions to test your knowledge on the horror genre. But if you're on your A-game, you might just be going home with one of the blu-rays we have (donated by the lovely people at Dark Sky and Severin Films) as well as some posters or whatever else we might have lying around the Krypt. We will have some books out for sale but probably not for long, since once the sun goes down and the moisture in the air picks up, it doesn't do well for printed material. But we will have some pillows and tote bags, and maybe some more goodies.
    The main reason we're doing this is because we want to make sure you enjoy your time at the Midway and the whole drive-in experience. Mike and Mia Kerz work very hard and keeping this place alive and running and we personally can't thank them enough for this, for giving many more people the chance to enjoy something that many of us thought was once lost.
    And just in case you didn't know what was going on next Saturday at the Midway, they are having their annual From Dusk to Dawn show, screening 4 classic movies. First they are screening Don Coscarelli's PHANTASM. Honestly...very excited to see this one. Next up will be Romero's classsic DAWN OF THE DEAD. Then will be TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE. Again, what better place to see films like these then at a drive-in? Finally, the night ends with CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST. Make sure you get all your food and snacks consumed before that last one starts! For all the details, head over to the Midway's page HERE.
    Hopefully we will see a nice big crowd out there supporting this great American tradition and come out to have a lot of fun. See you there!

    There's been a few titles and news since our last update about the 2 different 24 hour marathons going on in Chicago next month. For the Music Box of Horrors, taking place on Oct. 11th, they posted an announcement on their facebook page recently since they've been having issues with their website. But they stated that they will be screening a new 35mm print of the Swedish silent film THE PHANTOM CARRIAGE, DEAD SNOW 2, Takashi Miike's AUDITION, NIGHTMARE aka NIGHTMARE IN A DAMAGED BRAIN, and Hammer's CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF. They also mentioned John McNaughton as well, so not sure if they will be screening one of his movies, probably not HENRY since the director typically refuses to talk about that film. There is also now no mention of Jim Wynorski, so not sure if he is still a guest or not. Tickets are only $25 through the end of this month, then they go up to $30 until the day of the show, which then will be $35. I believe those prices are a bit cheaper than last year.
    For the Terror in the Aisles, they have added director Doug McKeown and his film DEADLY SPAWN to the lineup. McKeown made his first appearance at I believe the first first Terror in the Aisle show. Anytime fans get a chance to see this great movie on the big screen is definitely a must see. They have also added George Romero's DAY OF THE DEAD and John Carpenter's THE FOG. Tickets for this show are only $20 until today, then $24 until the day of the show, and then they will be $28 at the door. Although, last year, I know they extended the cheaper price, so you never know.
    Either way, no matter which one you go to, or both (like I am) it is great to have these opportunities to see some of these classic films on the big screen like they were meant to be seen. Whether it is Lon Chaney's THE UNKNOWN to Takashi Miike's AUDITION, as a horror fan, you owe it to your self to go.

    We take a look at Abel Korzeniowski's score for the Showtime series PENNY DREADFUL. Head over to our Soundtrack Reviews for the details.

    Are you a fan of Larry Buchanan's work? Ever hear of him? How about THE EYE CREATURES? Or ZONTAR THE THING FROM VENUS? Whether you have or not, Mr. Buchanan is the man responsible for these fine piece of cinema. And author Rob Craig has written a book on him and his films. Head over to our Book Review section to read more about it.

    This lesson we take a look at an actress that might have only made a few genre films, but they are ones we still remembered. Head over to the classroom to find out more.

    I figured that I wouldn't get too many correct answers for our last photo, if we got any at all. And as it turns out, we just got one. The shot is from the film THE NAKED WITCH, the first real genre picture by Larry Buchanan. And the person that got it correct was Alan Tromp, which is pretty funny since the topic of Larry Buchanan is how I first met Mr. Tromp at a Flashback show years ago. For those of you who don't know the works of Buchanan, or more importantly, haven't 'experienced' his work yet, seek them out. But it might be better in numbers and not by yourself.
    Let's get to our currect photo. I'm sure it will be a little easier than that last one. At least, I hope so. Just click HERE to send in your answer. Good luck.

    As much as we tried to get our update done yesterday, it just didn't happen. Honestly, wasn't even sure if we were going to be able unload this update. Spent more than a few hours on the phone with Comcast about our internet service not working properly. But it is working enough to get by...barely.
    It also has been a busy 3-day weekend, from spending Saturday evening at the McHenry Drive-in watching some great flicks while eating (expensive) chocolate covered bacon, to trying to finish up some writing projects that are looming over me. But I wouldn't want it any other way. The Halloween season has already started, with some stores already having their displays out last month. Granted, they'll be removed before the end of this month so they can make way for Christmas stuff....ugh. Anyway, here's to the next two months of fright-filled fun and horror!

    If you're coming to the HorrorHound show next weekend in Indianapolis, make sure you stop by our table, where you find our usually display of horror film reference books that you should be adding to your collection. Or if you just want to stop by and say hello or talk about movies then that is okay too! The show has a wide range of names for this event so hopefully we will see a good turn out. Looking forward to seeing our friends from that area and enjoying those late night/early morning movie discussions! Going to be a great time!

    Followers of this site know my distain for the way that conventions have been changing over the last couple of decades, where they really have become about celebrities making money off the same fans that have supported their careers, as opposed to celebrating this wonderful genre and the people that have contributed to it. And this is no way towards the conventions themselves or the people that bust their ass to make them happen. I can only imagine having to deal with some of these elitist celebs that want to be treated like the gods they think they are. I'm sure their managers and handlers are even worse. And I know they do their best to make it a good time for the fans. So I'm not bitching about them. It starts with the guests. I've complained before about certain names that are considered "guests" as a show, when their only real contribution to the genre was being a zombie on screen for 15 seconds, which apparently then makes it okay for them to charge $20 for an autograph. But then again, the second problem are the fans. If the fans line up and hand over their money. So who is really at fault here?
    Recently, I read a great piece on this by John Squires called Horror Convention Culture: It Ain't What It Used To Be (click HERE to read the full article) and he brings up so many valid points, especially the one that we quoted at the top of this page. But he mentioned something that made a little part of me die inside, something that I really do think that this is the final straw for conventions. We all know what the popularity of that zombie series on AMC has done to conventions, even starting up a con to pretty much celebrate the show itself, Walker Stalker, where anybody and everyone related to that show now can be a guest and demand $20+ for an autograph. But for their show in Atlanta, the show has announced that Anniston and Tinsley Price, who play the baby Judith Grimes on the show, will now be guests at the show. These are 2-year old children, people! But I'm sure there will be fans lined up to give their parents money to have their photo taken with them or whatever else their going to do to exploit it.
    Younger generation of fans think us older ones are just bitter about the way the shows are run these days. And they're right. Because they don't remember when the shows were not about the celebrities making money off the fans. It really did use to be about fans getting together to celebrate these wonderful movies and the only "paying" that was being done was in tribute by the fans to the people that were responsible for it. Now since anybody can be a guest and ask their fans to pay for it, and the cattle just line up to do it, this really is the turning point for these shows. And that, my friends, is very depressing.

    The final lineup has been announced for the From Dusk To Dawn show at the Midway Drive-in on Sept. 20th. It will be PHANTASM, (1979), DAWN OF THE DEAD (1978), THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE (1974) and CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST (1980). There will also be classic horror trailers, vintage concession ads (one of my favorite parts of these shows), and much more. Tickets are only $12 for adults. Not a bad price for getting to see 4 classic horror films on the big screen, especially at a drive-in. For all the info, check out their Facebook page HERE or the Midway's site HERE.
    And if you're saying to yourself, "But I've seen these movies before...why do I need to drive all the way out to Dixon to see them again?"  Easy. Because seeing some of these classic movies outside on a huge drive-in screen, while eating popcorn, or maybe a cheeseburger, or even a corndog or two, being around a ton of other like minded movie fans, it really just reason enough. Thanks to people like Mike and Mia who have been working hard to keep one of these dying institutions open for people to still enjoy and remember what it was like when we were kids. I have been to the Midway several times since they took it over and have always had a blast. From the vintage trailer and ads, the community of film lovers, it is just a fun and simple time. So make sure make plans to make it out there for this event. It will be worth it.

    Since 2005, Chicago has had a 24-hour movie marathon at the Music Box Theatre, and we've been to everyone one of them. Then in 2012, some of the creative minds behind the marathons separated and now Chicago got TWO 24-hour marathons. One is still held at the Music Box, now called The Music Box of Horrors, and the other is just called The Massacre and has been at a couple of different theaters. This year, it is going to be held at the newly re-opened Portage Theater. First reports I read about the Portage was that it still needed a LOT of work, so hopefully they will have all of that done by the time the marathon takes place.
    I will say that I've been to all of these 24-hour marathons over the last 10 years and they really are an endurance test. But they are a lot of fun, giving the fans a chance to see some great movies on the big screen, not to mentioning opening their eyes to some great cinema that they might not have sought out before.
    The Music Box of Horrors will take place on October 11th, going from noon on Saturday to noon the following day. The only thing they've really announced so far is that director Jim Wynorski is scheduled to be a guest, but one could assume they will be screening one of his movies. They don't have any details up yet on their website, but once they do, it will be listed HERE somewhere.
    Then the following weekend at the Portage will be the Massacre, starting from noon on Saturday the 18th to noon on the 19th, taking place at the Portage Theater that we mentioned earlier. But they have listed a few of the titles they will be screening that are listed below. Have also announced their first guest, strangely enough is Jim Wynorski! I guess he's in Chicago for a whole week. They do have some great titles announced, but honestly I am very excited to see Lon Chaney Sr.'s THE UNKNOWN on the big screen. Such an incredible picture. Check out their Facebook Events page HERE for all the details.

  • THE UNKNOWN - An incredible moving performance by Lon Chaney Sr.

  • BLACK CHRISTMAS - Early Bob Clark stalker film

  • TARGETS - One of Karloff's last roles and one of his best

  • CHOPPING MALL - With director Jim Wynorsky in Person!


  • TENEBRAE - One of Argento's best giallos

  • EATEN ALIVE - Early Tobe Hooper

    If you're in the Columbus area and can't make it to Chicago for their marathons, then make your plans to hit the Drexel Theater on the 18th for their annual 24-hour marathon. For their films, they have INVISIBLE MAN, WICKER MAN, THE SHINING, THE MANITOU, YOU'RE NEXT, TEXAS CHAIN SAW and more. For all of their details, just click HERE.

    Okay fellow book collectors, listen up. Remember the last time you tried to pick up a copy of Stephen Thrower's Nightmare USA or even worse, his Fulci book Beyond Terror, and almost fainted at what the prices are these days? Well, Mr. Thrower has a new book coming out in a couple of months on the amazing career (yes, I said amazing) of Jess Franco, entitled Murderous Passions: The Delirious Cinema of Jesus Franco - Vol. 1: 1959 - 1974. Strange Attraction Press is releasing it in November, in a hardcover edition that is 336 pages, with a retail price now of about $30.00.
    Now...not the biggest fan of Franco? At least not now. But some day you may realize the fascinated career this man has had and want to know more. And if this follows most of Thrower's other books, it is going to be a hard one to come by without paying a hefty price. So you should solve that problem now and just pre-order it. Just click HERE to get to Amazon and place your order now. You might have to add something else to make sure get the free shipping, but I'm sure you could find something to add to your cart.

    We picked up this new book on Argento by Derek Botelho. We'd been chatting few a while about this upcoming book and new when it came out it was going to have to be in my collection. So head over to our Book Review section to read our thoughts.

    We have a bunch of reviews we still need to get through, but we do have a couple for now. Head over to our Soundtrack Review section to hear what we think of Frederik Weidmann's score for the new movie THE DAMNED. We also take a listen to the first two volumes Brian Reitzell's score for Season 1 of the TV show HANNIBAL.

    One of the great things about being a movie fan in this day and age is that so many movies are accessible to the fans, sometimes by just a few keystrokes. Movies that we used to have to search years and years for, now can get quickly found and watched, appeasing that cinephile's need. But the problem that I've found is that because there are SO many titles out there coming at the horror fan, from every direction, some times movies can get lost and/or buried. So here's what I'd like you to do the next time you have a free minute. Think of a movie that you had seen, doesn't have to be recently either. Maybe an old black and white movie from the '40s, a Hammer film from the '60s, it really doesn't matter. But what I'd like you to do is do a little research on that particular movie, more so who was involved in it. Then check out some of the other films that say the director did, maybe even doing through his filmography and making a checklist. I'm sure that person might have had a few good movies under their belt.
    Since there are so many titles floating around out there, a good student of the genre should never be looking for something to watch. Granted, decided on WHAT to watch...that can be a whole different discussion!   

    Our last photo was from Bert I. Gordon's later films, NECROMANCY, also known as THE WITCHING. Starring Orson Wells, as well as one of my favorite actresses of that era, Pamela Franklin. Sure, this might not be one of Gordon's or Franklin's best movies, but it is an interesting one at least. Kudos out to the following for sending in the correct answer: Mike Shields, Lisa Steward, and Tom White.
    So let's get to this week's photo and see what you can come up with. Really might need to get on your thinking caps for this one. Or maybe, just maybe it's not as hard as you think. Or is it?  Just click HERE to send in your answer. Good luck.

    Yesterday I had my annual birthday party, which consisted of a bunch of my friends coming out for a special double feature on our backyard movie screen. This year, we screened two films from Spanish director Juan Piquer Simón, PIECES and SLUGS, which are two of my favorites, especially PIECES. Such wacky but entertaining film. With some amazing gore, incredibly funny dialog, and a great cast, it simply is one hell of a good time. And watching it with a bunch of like-minded crazy horror fans, is even better. There is nothing better than getting a bunch of fellow horror-fiends together to not only watch the films, but also just sit and chat with for a few minutes here and there. Always a good time.
    Of course, my birthday bashes wouldn't be the same without the amazing work that my wife Dawn puts into not only getting everything ready, (with the help of our son Nick) but creating another amazing cake. I'm not sure, but I think this just might be the first PIECES/SLUGS cake ever made. And it was another incredible piece of artwork that she created. Can't thank her enough.
    But we did something a little different this year. In the past, I've always told my friends not to bring gifts. But this year I changed that. I always drive by the Aurora Interfaith Food Pantry on my way home from work, so I thought that it would be a great idea to show that us horror fans are not all crazy psycho serial killers....well, not all of us anyway. So I asked everyone coming to the party to bring something that we can donate to the Food Panty. And I was amazed at the amount of stuff that my friends brought. It was just awesome and does show that we are not the bag of nutters that some might thing. I would also encourage others to do something of the same. Doesn't have to be to this food pantry, or any food pantry, but could be something as simple as giving a little help to those how really need it. Sometimes that is all that it takes.
    So thank you to everyone one that came out. I can't tell you enough how important you are to me and how proud I am to call you friends and family. No matter how big of a horror fan you are, or how big your collection might be, having the friends and family to share and celebrate it with makes it even more special, especially to me. So thank you again!

    This last couple of weeks has been rough on horror fans since we have lost a few people that have made a strong impact in the movies that we love. So much so that I almost thought not mentioning it because it was so many and I really didn't want this update to be just a posting about all of these deaths. But then one realizes that is just how we need to remember them and to make sure that they are remembered and their memories are kept alive by their movies and their fans. So that is exactly what we're going to do.
    On Aug. 5th, we lost Marilyn Burns, star of Tobe Hooper's TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. She was 65 years old. While a lot of women are given the label of Scream Queen, Burns is one that definitely earned it, especially in the last 30 minutes of CHAINSAW, which gives of hell of a performance. Which is even more impressive when you understand the circumstances that the cast and crew were going through to get those sequences filmed. She also had appeared in Hooper's EATEN ALIVE (1977), as well as KISS DADDY GOODBYE (1981), FUTUREKILL (1985), as well as appearing in the made-for-TV movie HELTER SKELTER, as one of Manson's followers. Burns appeared at many conventions of the last several years, meeting her fans, and was always such a sweet lady to talk to. But like a lot of actors, had no clue that the popularity of this movie would last so long. In an recent interview, she stated "Never in my wildest dreams, did I think that almost 40 years later I would be talking about it." Now with this year being the 40th Anniversary, it is the perfect time to re-watch classic and just sit in awe of the amazing performance that Burns, as well as the rest of the cast, give in this film.
    A few days later, on Aug. 9th, we lost actor Ed Nelson, at the age of 85. Now this name might not immediately come to mind, but if you're a fan of early Roger Corman pictures, then you'll remember him. Of course, it also might be from the ton of work Nelson did on television from the late '50s well into the '80s. Nelson was working as an assistant director for WDSU-TV in New Orleans when Roger Corman came there to film SWAMP WOMEN in 1956. He would follow Corman back to the west coast, working with him on several pictures over the next few years, such as INVASION OF THE SAUCER MEN (1957), THE BRAIN EATERS (1958), NIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST (1958), and A BUCKET OF BLOOD (1959). One of my personal favorites is ATTACK OF THE CRAB MONSTERS, where not only did Nelson have a part in beginning of the film, but also inside the giant crabs sometimes making them move. According to Nelson, “I was also one of two people inside the fiberglass crab, operating the legs and claws. The other fellow inside the crab with me was Jack Nicholson."
    Later on, Nelson would make a few appearances at film conventions getting to meet and chat with his fans about his work. He had said "It's nice to know people remember the films I did. The fans know more of the movies and television shows I forgot I did!" This is a perfect example with a celebrity realizes the passion and love the fans have for these kind of actors and their work.
    One passing that we learned of this week is one that didn't seemed to get that much press, even though he is responsible for a ton of movies that we've enjoyed over the years. Producer Menahem Golan passed away on Aug. 8th in the city of Jaffa while taking a walk with some of his family. With his cousin Yoram Globus, they bought Cannon Films and turned into a huge studio, cranking out a ton of films, sometimes 12 a year at their peak. They produced a ton of action films, starring the likes of Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris, and Charles Bronson. But they also produced some memorable horror films l ike SCHIZOID (1980), NEW YEAR'S EVIL (1980), HOSPITAL HORROR (1982), LIFEFORCE (1985), and even TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2! Being a huge fan of cinema, he might not have been one of the leaders in the industry, he definitely made their mark, not to mention making quite a few entertaining films.
    Lastly, this one hurts more because not only did she appear in one of my favorite Hammer films, but I never got around to being able to meet her, or her sister for that matter. Madeleine Collinson, along with her twin sister Mary, appeared in Hammer's TWINS OF EVIL. Not a lot of details just yet of her death, other than she passed away on Aug. 14th at the age of 62. While her and her sister didn't make that many films, TWINS was one of the last great Hammer films and they were part of that reason. Along with sister, they had appeared in Playboy in the '70s, as their first twin pictorial, which helped get them noticed by Hammer, which then would lead to their appearance in TWINS.
    I know that while we have lost these people from this world, all of them still exist in the world of cinema, where they not only will remain alive, but also captured in time to continue to give us hours and hours of entertainment, for not only our generations, but for future ones as well.
    Rest in peace, my friends. But we'll see you on the TV screen very soon.


    As we mentioned before, last weekend was the Flashback Weekend convention in Rosemont. We've been doing their shows right from the very first one, back in 2005. And out of all those shows, this was our best show ever. And not just because we sold a lot of books (though that helped) but because there were so many great things about the weekend. Getting to meet a bunch of other horror fans and being able to talk about movies all weekend...well, that is as good as it can get. But Mike Kerz, the man in charge of the show, was gracious enough to allow me and Aaron Christensen to have a little panel first thing Saturday morning on Hidden Horror. We got to talk about how the book came about, let some of the other contributors that were there mention what they had written about, and even gave away 5 copies to some trivia question winners. Plus, it is also so much fun because we get to see and hang out with our extended convention family. That is always a major plus.
    Seeing the crowds lining up for the show all three days, not only makes the dealers in the vendor room happy, but also made me happy because it shows that the fans are still coming out to support this show. There were a ton of Q&A panels going on throughout the weekend, which we tried to go to when we could. Seeing the PHANTASM reunion was really special. For a movie that is 35 years old, it is so cool to see that there are more than one generation of fans of this series. And it is all because of the people that were on the stage during that panel. It had seemed like years since we had seen our friend Reggie Bannister, so it was great to have a few minutes with him, as well as my wife getting to finally meet him.
    But I have to say one of the most interesting panels that I sat in for was one that I had no real intention of staying for after getting a few photos. And that was with Robert Kerman, star or CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST and Bob Murawski, the man behind Grindhouse Releasing. Kerman had some incredible stories about working on this notorious film, as well as his work in the adult film industry. Fascinating stuff, folks. It goes to show that you just never know what you can learn by sitting in these panels.
    So congrats to Mike and Mia and the whole Flashback crew for putting on a Phantastic show. Looking forward to the next one.

    While on the subject of Flashback, while we were there, they announced the date for their From Dusk To Dawn show at the Midway Drive-in. It will take place on Saturday Sept. 20th. The features that they have announced so far are the one and only, original TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. What a great way to pay tribute to Marilyn Burns! But they are also playing CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST and PHANTASM. They also might be adding a 4th feature, but not positive on that. No matter what, I really hope they play HOLOCAUST last because as much as I appreciate what the film is, I really don't want to see it again. But no matter what, we will be there celebrating the drive-in experience and hope that if you can, you come out and do it with us! Tickets are only $10 for adults. Can pass that price up for 3 features, especially since they are classics! These are the kind of movies that we love to see at the drive-in. Takes you back to a different era and film experience. And Mike and Mia at the Midway work very at giving you the opportunity to continue to experience that. So make sure you come out and show your support. And if you do, take a minute to tell them how much fun you are having and how much you appreciate what they are doing. When people are doing something because of their passion for it, it always helps and shows they've made the right choice when they hear that people are enjoying what they are doing.
    For more information about the Midway, head over to their website HERE. Or you can check back with the Flashback Facebook page for updates about this event.

    Next month is Paul Naschy's birthday. And to celebrate that, the fine folks over at Spanish Horror are holding a contest to help pay tribute to this incredible figure in the Spanish horror genre. What do you have to do? It is pretty easy really. According to the website, all you need to do it "Send us whatever you want to pay tribute to Paul Naschy. It could be a paragraph, an article, an mp3, a video, a picture…. talking about him, his movies, his characters….. whatever  Naschy related. The only requirement is to be written, spoken… in English, as this is the language of our site and podcast."
    And just what can you win for being part of this world wide tribute? Just one of the most incredible and amazing books ever to be published about our favorite Spanish werewolf. Thanks to the fine folks at Creepy Images, they have donated a copy of MUCHAS GRACIAS SEÑOR LOBO by Thorston Benzel. I have my own copy of this book and it is a must for any and all Paul Naschy fans. So participating in this contest is not only easy, but you get to help get the word out about this talented actor/writer/director/werewolf.
    For more information about the contest, head over to the Spanish Horror site HERE.

    We have posted our review of the soundtrack for the film JACOB, by Iain Kelso. Head over to our Soundtrack Reviews for all the details.

    Normally when news of a new film gets the news sites, I usually don't get excited. Reason being is that sometimes the films never really happen, or it is just another title in the constant flood of un-originality coming from Hollywood. Bitter? No, not really. More just tired. But recently we read some news that did grab our attention for a couple of reasons. The first one was that director Neil Marshall is producing a new horror films which is called DARK SIGNAL. But making the news even juicier is that Italian actress Cinzia Monreale will be starring in the film. Fulci fans remember Monreale from his classic film THE BEYOND, not to mention a few other choice titles she appeared in.

    While this new book isn't due out until next spring, there's no better time to add it to your watch list, or even put in your pre-order for it. Writer Adam Rockoff, the man who gave us the book Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film, has a new book coming out, entitled The Horror of it All. According the info on Amazon, "Pop culture history meets blood-soaked memoir as a horror film aficionado and screenwriter recalls a life spent watching blockbuster slasher films, cult classics, and everything in between. Author Adam Rockoff traces the highs and lows of the horror genre through the lens of his own obsessive fandom, born in the aisles of his local video store and nurtured with a steady diet of cable trash. From Siskel and Ebert’s crusade against slasher films to horror’s Renaissance in the wake of Scream, Rockoff mines the rich history of the genre, braiding critical analysis with his own firsthand experiences."
    Since we really enjoyed Rockoff's first book, I know I will be adding this to my collection once it comes out. Even though it won't be published until next May, no reason not to put it on your wish list now. Just click HERE to get to the Amazon link.

    While we're only 2/3 the way through the year, you still have plenty of chances to still participate and win in the Kryptic Army. We've posted some new photos recently of some of last year's Army winners and their prizes. So you can see, these prizes are not just some promo poster that we've picked up free at a con....Okay some of them might be but at least we've gotten them signed by someone from that movie. But the bottom line, and really the whole point of the Army, is to get you to watch more movies that you haven't seen before. The genre is huge with plenty of movies out there, both old and new, for any horror fan to pick from. But that can almost be a problem these days because there there are SO MANY that some of the good ones get lost in the shuffle. So the Army gives you a little theme to work with each month to help you pick out two films. Plus, you can go to our Message Board, read what other solders have watched and if they liked it or not.
    So why not join? All it takes it to sign up for our mailing list and then wait for your monthly mission. Simple as that. And just to clarify, we do not give/sell/trade the names and emails from our mailing list to ad places. Your information is safe.
    Need any more info? Got questions? Check out our Army page HERE or feel free to drop me an email. Hope to see you on the front line.

    Our last photo was of course from THE BURNING. I thought I might trick a few of you out there since you really couldn't see what was going on. But it was apparently enough for a few of you to know which movie this was from. Kudos to the following: Chris Alo, Dahlia Daniels, Jerry Downing, Richard Garcia, Jason Kretten, Erik Martin, Dustin Moravick, Ryan Olson, Tom White, and William Wilson. Well done, people.
    So let's get to this week's photo. This might be another easy one, if you can recognize the woman. Just click HERE to send in your answer. Good luck.

    A few days ago, the movie world lost one of the true greats of the industry, makeup legend Dick Smith. To say what this man did for the industry would take volumes. Not only was he just an incredibly talented artist, and that he advanced the art form itself, but he also was forever passing that knowledge along to anybody that wanted to learn. There was no such thing as trade secrets to Dick Smith. To see at some of the incredible work that he's done in his career in movies and television, some of which viewers never even knew it was his work because we thought what we were seeing was real, it just jaw-dropping astounding. From the GODFATHER to TAXI DRIVER TO AMADEUS to of course THE EXORCIST, his work still looks as good now as it did then. When he won his first Oscar for his work on AMADEUS in 1984, he thanked actor F.  Murray Abraham for bringing his work to life on the screen, knowing that their makeup creation must still be able to let the actor do their job and bring this character to life without being restricted in what they can do. That again shows the talent this man had.
    Smith passed away a few days ago on July 30th at the age of 92. In 2012, he was awarded an Honorary Oscar for his work throughout his career. I'm sure even then there were quite a few people that still don't realize his contributions to the art, the artists, and the screen. You can see this amazing and heartfelt tribute to this incredible talent on Youtube, where protégé Rick Baker presents Smith his Honorary Oscar HERE.
    We usually make the comment on someone's passing that they will be remembered because of their work in films will never die, but I can guarantee that Dick Smith's memory never will because every single horror fan out there will know or learn to know his name because of the films that he's worked on, the amazing creatures and characters he's created, and the hours of entertainment he has helped bring to the screen. Our thoughts go out to his friends and family. Rest in Peace, Mr. Smith.

    Next weekend, we will once again be heading into Rosemont for our annual trip to Flashback Weekend. Seems like forever ago since our last convention, so we are more than a little anxious and dying for another one. Especially when its in our own home state! We always have a great time at Flashback and are looking forward to having another great weekend this time as well. Plus, its always nice to see the local Chicago horror crowd come out and show support to the longest running area horror convention. The show has a fun guest lineup this year, as always, with plenty of Q&A panels to keep you entertained when you're not browsing the dealer room.
    And speaking of the Q&A's, yours truly, along with editor extraordinaire Aaron Christensen, are part of that schedule, talking about the book Hidden Horror. Our panel is the first one on Saturday, taking place at 11am. We will be giving away a few copies of Hidden Horror, though you might have to answer some trivia questions to get it! Just a fair warning, so bring your A-game.
    For all the information about the show, the guests, the schedule, times and everything else, head over to the website HERE. Looking forward to seeing and hanging out with all our horror-fiends once again.

    Well, the Skyline Drive-in in Shelbyville posted their lineup for their Super Monster Movie Fest and they have some gems in there. For all the latest details, head over to their website HERE. But here's what they've announced:

Friday Aug. 22nd:

  • GODZILLA (1954)


  • THE HAUNTED HOUSE (1921) with Buster Keaton

  • TELL TALE HEART (1953) Animated


  • DEMENTIA (1955)


Saturday Aug. 23rd:

  • THE MUMMY (1959)

  • LAST MAN ON EARTH (1959)

  • ASYLUM OF THE INSANE in 3D (1973)

  • LES DEMONS (1973)


Sunday Aug. 24th:

  • GODZILLA (1954)


  • THE MUMMY (1959)

    And while we're on the subject of Drive-in shows, Terror in the Aisles have announced that have added CREEPSHOW as their 3rd feature for their show on Aug. 29th and 30th. Add that with the newly re-mastered print of TEXAS CHAINSAW and RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD...that is a fun night. We are planning to making it out for this fun event!
    But the McHenry also has a slew of other fun weekend features planned over the next few months, including a triple feature of the first 3 JAWS movies, or if you can stand the October weather, on the 24th and 25th, they will be screening the original Universal classics of DRACULA, THE WOLF MAN, and THE MUMMY. For all the information, head over to their website HERE.

    Chicago area fans of the silent horror will have the chance to see some classics on the big screen at the Portage Theatre. On Oct. 12th, they will be screening Lon Chaney's THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. Then on the 13th, they will be screening THE HANDS OF ORLAC. Then lastly, on the 14th, they will screen THE MONSTER. For more info, head over to the Portage's website HERE.

    Sometimes it really kills me all the great books that come out in the UK, which then cost a small fortune to get them mailed over here. Last year, Peveril Publishing released The Peter Cushing Scrapbook, which is just filled with amazing stuff from and about the amazing Mr. Cushing. Now they have a couple more books coming out that really is going to be a must for Hammer fans.
    The first title is called Running Scared by Phil Campbell and Brian Reynolds. These two guys had gotten jobs as youngsters with Hammer, first as office boys moving up to being runners on the sets during films like THE VAMPIRE LOVERS, HORROR OF FRANKENSTEIN, BLOOD FROM THE MUMMY'S TOMB, and more. These two recount their days working at the studio, meeting some of the incredible people there and having a blast at the same time. According to the website, it is "a light, witty, inside account of Hammer during the Hammer glamour period with lots of rare photographs and other images of memorabilia from the films."
    The next title is from one of the best Hammer scholars out there, Wayne Kinsey. He already has a few books under his belt about this famous studio, including the long out-of-print editions of The Bray Studio Years and Elstree Studio Years. But now, Kinsey's idea was "was for a book detailing the making of Hammer's films from THE QUATERMASS XPERIMENT to TO THE DEVIL A DAUGHTER, the essential era in Hammer's history. It combines information I've gathered in my first five Hammer books and 25 issues of The House that Hammer Built magazine." And now this will become Hammer's Heritage of Horror: From QUATERMASS to the DEVIL'S DAUGHTER.
    In other words, there are going to be more books that will be in my library at some point in the future. For all the details and information about Peveril Publishing, head over to their website HERE.

    We've posted our review of this new book on zombies in the world. If you love conspiracy theories and stuff like the National Enquirer, then you'll probably enjoy this book. Click HERE to get to our Book Review section.

    This time out, class, we're going to learn about a low budget actor who not only appeared in a slew of films made in Texas, but even made a few appearances in some big name productions. Head over to the classroom to get more info.

    The photo from our last update was from the classic piece of cinema, HEADLESS EYES. This was definitely one of those titles that you grabbed from the video store shelves back in the day because the box art looked so damn cool. Damn shame the movie wasn't as entertaining as the box art was! Now I thought I had a few more correct guesses come in, but only found these two. So if you did and I somehow lost it, I apologize. But I did have the ones from Erik Martin and Will Wilson, so congrats to you two for knowing this movie.
    Now on to this week's photo. Going to go with something a little easier. Or is it? Take a peek and see what you think. Just click HERE to send in your answer. As always, good luck.

    While most people might know the name of John Fasano, if you were a fan of heavy metal movies in the late '80s, then you knew his movies. Fasano directed ROCK 'n' ROLL NIGHTMARE and BLACK ROSES, as well as THE JITTERS and a few more titles. But he also worked as a writer and producer as well. Fasano was one of these guys has made a couple of movies that Hollywood would have just forgotten about if it wasn't for fans of those kind of movies that really enjoyed them in our youth and are fun to revisit. Sure, they might not be masterpieces, but they are entertaining. A lot more than what usually comes out of Hollywood these days.
    So it is with a sad heart that we learned that Fasano passed away yesterday. The man was only 53 years old. Way too soon. He was going to be a guest at the Sept. HorrorHound show too. Damn shame. So in honor of Fasano, let's make it a point to bust out ROCK 'n' NIGHTMARE or BLACK ROSES, enjoying the film, and keeping Fasano's memory alive. Our thoughts go out to your friends and family.

    Two years ago, we made a trip to Shelbyville, IN, which is just south of Indianapolis, to the Skyline Drive-in. They were having two nights of 4 vintage horror movies. They had a similar event last year, but we just couldn't make it. But next month, they are holding a Super Monster Movie Fest which is going to last THREE DAYS, starting on Friday, Aug. 22nd and going to the 24th. Now they haven't listed any of the titles yet, but we can assume they will be showing at least 3, if not 4 features each night. We are planning to make the trip down there for at least the Friday and Saturday night features. Tickets are only $10 per person and they even have free camping!
    You can check out the website HERE, but as of now they don't have a lot up there other than a basic ad for the event. But once they do post some titles, we'll update it here.

    Well folks, after years of procrastinating...I mean planning, I will be starting a video blog segment called Discovering the Horror. Not sure where or what this might evolve into, but the beginning will be about one of my passions....horror reference books. My plan is to go over some different books that have helped us being the horror fan that we are today. I hope to have the first one done and posted in the next few weeks. But in the meantime, you can check out the intro we made a couple days ago. Major kudos to my son Nick for filming and editing this together for me. Just click HERE to check it out. Feedback is always appreciated.

    After a bunch of you forked over your hard earned cash for one those NIGHTBREED blu-rays from Shout Factory, you know the ones that were only going to be a 5000 copies, it seems now they've updated the "limited" run just a tad 10,000! So thanks to the 5000 of you that forked out the $400,000, they're going to double the limited edition quanities, which means it will drive the price down because not every one is going to spend that kind of money. In fact, I've seen them on Amazon for around $40. Sure, there were a few on ebay charging $250+, but if you were dumb enough to spend that kind of money on a DVD...well....

    While on the subject of blu-rays, Mario Bava's PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES is tenatively set to be released on Blu-ray by Scorpion Releasing this October. The colors in this film are just amazing, so seeing them getting the blu-ray treatment can only be a good thing. No word on extras other than Tim Lucas is involved.

    After years in the making, the Organ fanzine is finally hitting the streets. This is a fanzine like no other, with each and every of the 120 pages are all hand drawn by the insane illustrator Putrid, written by himself, Bob Richards, and many more crazy fans of horror and heavy metal. Features interviews with bands like Impetigo, Asphyx, Undergang, Cianide, and many more. Also features an interview with Mike Minnet from Peter Jackson's BAD TASTE, movie reviews, and features on the likes of Coffin Joe and Tim Ritter. You can order your copy now from Hell's Headbangers right HERE.

    We have 2 new reviews with this update. The first one is for Les Baxter's score for Roger Corman's HOUSE OF USHER. Really can't go wrong there, can you? The second one is for an obscure little flick called DIE SISTER, DIE! You might remember this title from those days of perusing the racks at the video store, but it's not an easy movie to find. But believe it or not the soundtrack has been released! So head over to our Soundtrack Reviews for all the details.

    At the end of August, the McHenry Drive-in will be hosting another Terror in the Aisles event. So far, they have announced that they will be screening the original TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD. Plus, Linnea Quigley will be in attendance! It takes place on both Aug. 29th and 30th. I'm sure they will be announcing one or two more titles, but nothing as of yet.

    We're back with another lesson from the chapter on the Spanish sub-genre. This actress worked with some handicapped monsters a couple of times, besides appearing in a few other fun titles. Head over to the Classroom to learn more.

    I was so tickled to see so many people sending in the correct answer for our last photo. It shows this film is a little more well known than I thought, which is great to hear since it is one that must be seen by all horror fans. The name of the movie is VIY, and is a Russian film about a young priest that must spend three nights reading prayers over a young dead girl, who just happens to be a witch. The visuals in this movie are just stunning, and even more so since the film was made in 1967. Kudos to the following for sending in the correct answer: Hoby Abernathy, Jason Buchanan, Craig Clark, Jennifer Francis, Jason Kretten, Ryan Lieske, Leon Marcelo, David Schmidt, Gavin Schmitt, Wayne Teeter, and William Wilson. Well done. And if you haven't seen this one yet, do yourself a favor and seek it out.
    On to this week's photo. Not the greatest quality but I think it might give you enough to go on. Just click HERE to send in your answer.

    Those of you in the Army have noticed that this year, I haven't been too timely on getting your reports posted on the message board and/or even replying to them. As I've said before, with my new job and longer hours, writing for a 2nd magazine, as well as all the other wonderful things that life tends to throw at you, that seems to have been my excuse. But I recently got an email from of the soldiers stating something pretty obvious that I had lost sight of. And that was the reason why I started this whole thing in the first place. Sure, it was to get people to watch more movies, which is still the main reason, but also to form that little community of horror fans, seeing and talking about what they have watched for that month's mission. Watching them is part of the fun, but seeing what the other soldiers chose for that month's mission and even responding to them, that is where the real fun can be. But while only a few people were posting, it didn't help matters when I, the leader of this whole thing, stopped doing it as well.
    So with that little verbal kick-in-the-pants that I needed, the missions will be posted on a timely basis and I will be back to replying to them. All of June's missions have been posted, as well as my replies. As well as participating in the missions as well. The only thing I can add is that if you feel so inclined to post your own comments to other soldiers missions, that is always welcome.
    And if you wondering just what the Army is and what it might be able to do for you, it is basically a monthly challenge to get you to watch a couple of new movies each month under a specific theme. "New" meaning you haven't seen them. For all the details, just head over to our Army page. If you have any questions, just drop us a line.
    Okay...see you back on the front lines!

    Last Saturday, we did make our trip out to the Days of the Dead show and did make it to the NIGHTBREED panel, which was the main reason for our trip (especially since Argento had cancelled). The panel consisted of Doug Bradley, Simon Bamford, Christine McCorkindale, Hugh Ross, Anne Bobby, and Craig Sheffer. Sheffer was late coming to the panel and honestly wouldn't have mattered much if he had showed up at all. He only answered a couple of questions which were very short. Everyone else had some great stories, insights to their characters, what they had to go through during filming, their thoughts on Barker and seemed very happy to be there talking about their experiences.
    But since that was the only panel we stayed for, the rest of the time we spent walking around talking with our vendor friends and having a pretty good time. But I do have to mention a comment said to me by a friend there (which will remain nameless for his/her protection) that did sit in for the Cory Feldman panel. They said when it was over and the lights came on, it kind of felt like a porno theater since the audience consisted of a bunch of guys that were trying to leave without making eye contact with anybody. Too funny.
    I will say that other talking to friends, there wasn't much that makes me want to come back to the show. Since we're not really there for the guests, or at least not buying an autograph, it doesn't really leave much to do for the day. Other than picking up a copy of Derek Botelho's book The Argento Syndrome, there wasn't that much in the dealer room that was tempting money from our pocket. But none the less, we did have fun chatting with friends for most of the day, and then going out to eat at a Turkish place nearby. Great food, but took forever to get it. So thanks again to all our friends that we saw there and chatted with. That is always a good time.


    While on the subject of NIGHTBREED, Scream Factory as announced the details for their upcoming release of NIGHTBREED: THE DIRECTOR'S CUT. As much as I love this film, even with all its flaws, I have a lot of mixed feelings about this new release. Last year, I got to see the Cabal Cut of the film and while it was cool to see some of the new scenes there was a lot of stuff that still needed to be left on the cutting room floor. This new 3-disc version has what they are calling the Director's Cut, so I guess we can assume that this is a version that has some of the recently found footage but not all of it, edited down to make the film flow better? I would really hope so. This set also includes the original theatrical version on blu-ray, and then a 3rd disc of so far unannounced extras. All for a price tag of $80. Wow.  And I thought the DEMONS and DEMONS 2 discs were pretty pricy at $40 each, but this is kind of silly. This reminds me back of the laserdisc days. They haven't even really announced what the extras are either, probably because they are still putting them together. At the Days of the Dead NIGHTBREED panel, they mentioned that they were going to be interviewed later that day for this release. Sure, you get a collector's book, but is that really worth the extra $55 difference from the normal release? There will be a regular edition that just consists of the Director's cut on both Blu-ray and regular DVD, which has a retail price of around $24.
    Apparently the fans don't care and are throwing their money in since Scream Factory's initial 1000 copies have already been pre-sold. Since their are only 5000 of these being produced, I guess that is the reason why they are charging that much. Again, as much as I'd like to see the extras on that 3rd disc, it isn't worth that much money to me. I know I'll get to see it at some point.

    We have 3 new soundtrack reviews this update: BIG BAD WOLVES, CRAWLSPACE, and GOLIATH AND THE BARBARIANS. Head over to our Soundtrack Review section for all the goods!

    Troy Howarth, author of The Haunted World of Mario Bava, has a new book that is due out around the end of the year. Volume 2 should be out about 6 months later. With so many giallos out there, this is exactly what fans of the Italian thrillers needed. I can't wait to add a copy of this to my library and start making a list of movies that I still need to see. I'll post more information about the book when I get it.
    But you can order your copy of Howarth's recent revised and expanded edition of his Bava book from Midnight Marquee, which should still be having a sale the title. Head over to their website HERE and make sure you tell them I sent you!
    "Print is dead"....Ha!

    Anybody that has followed this site over the years knows of my passion for Spanish horror films. There is a new website that has started up that focuses on this great and immense sub-genre of films, both old and new. The site is called simply enough, Spanish Fear, which you can get to by clicking HERE. While they are still in the beginning stages, you will still be able to find some great information here. Want to see the trailer for the new movie SHREW'S NEST, which is presented by Alex de la Iglesia? Or some news about the directorial debut of Alberto Marini films SUMMER CAP? Marini wrote the script for Jaume Balaguero's SLEEP TIGHT. You can find it all over at Spanish Horror.  So head on over there, save the page, and make sure you keep going back for their updates. And if you like what you see, make sure you send them a note and tell them that

    It seems that Guillermo del Toro might be making his Lovecraft epic AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS after all, but changing the rating to PG-13, which is what made him walk away from his previous deal because the studio demanded a lower rating. Honestly...not sure how I feel about this. Sure, I think that del Toro could still make it scary with a PG-13 rating, but the whole point of his original decision was to keep it REALLY scary. And yes, there would always be the possibility of an un-rated DVD release. But again, when you start making that compromises, then when some other studio head wants a fluffy dog in there for marketing reasons, who's to say that it won't happen. Okay, that might be taking to the extreme, but you just never know in Hollywood these days.
    I'm trying not to get excited one way or another about this, especially since it really is still in the talking stages, but I guess I just hope that what he actually does make is still entertaining and faithful to Lovecraft and his story.

    They are at it again, back with their 9th film festival of madness! Taking place on Aug. 9th, they will be screening MANIAC, the uncut version of THE BURNING, MAD MAX, LADY TERMINATOR (which is a must see for any fans of horror & exploitation), as well as two other mystery titles. Advance tickets are $26 and then $30 at the day of the show. So if you in the Poughkeepsie NY area next month, you should make it a point to check out this fantastic festival. One of these days, we hope to make the trip out for it.

    Our photo from our last update was from the film FLESH FEAST, starring Veronica Lake. This 1970's film was not only produced by Lake, but also was her last film appearance. Unfortunately, the only time its worth screening is for a Turkey Day marathon. Kudos out to the following that correctly identified the movie: Chris Kinniery, Gavin Schmitt, and Mike Shields.
    The photo for this week is a film that I think needs to get a lot more attention. It blew me away years ago when I first had the chance to see it and it has never lost its appeal or ability to just amaze me. So take a look and see if you recognize where it is from. Just click HERE to send in your answer. And as always, good luck.

    Next month, Evilspeak magazine returns with issue # 2. Featuring the same passion-filled, gore-riffic tributes to the movies we love. There's pieces on LADY FRANKENSTEIN, TWINS OF EVIL, Jean Rollin, movies dealing with facial surgeries(!), THE BEAST WITHIN, BLOOD ON SATAN'S CLAW, and much, more more. Of course, I'll have another piece on Paul Naschy, this time covering my favorite of his Waldemar Daninsky films, NIGHT OF THE WEREWOLF.
    And once again, NO ADS! All Filler! Just keep checking on their Facebook page HERE when it becomes available and then you can order your copy HERE.

    We really hate it when we lose anybody known for their connection with the horror genre, but when they start going in multiples, then it is even worse. So it is up to us fans to make sure that these people are kept alive, by watching their movies, talking about them with other film fans, and even introducing them and their work to younger or newer fans to the genre that might not know about them yet. That is all of our jobs as students of the genre: To keep helping others out there to Discover the Horror. Yes, we really do believe in our motto!

    The last real connection of the old days of Universal Studios, Carla Laemmle has passed away at the age of 104. Her uncle Carl Laemmle, founded Universal Studios, which was later run by his son, Carl Jr., who was the one that started the horror pictures that would really make them famous.
    While not really an actress, she grew up in the Universal city, and did have small parts in a few movies, such as a ballet dancer in THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (1925), which starred Lon Chaney. But she is probably best known as the character that speaks the first lines in the 1931 version of DRACULA, starring Bela Lugosi. She is the young girl in the stagecoach reading about "the rugged peaks that frown down upon the Borgo Pass...". She still loved to talk about those days and was a favorite at conventions.

    Fans of Hammer Studios have lost another one of the many talents that made the studio what they were and the films they created. Actor Francis  Matthews, who battled against Christopher Lee twice, the first as Dracula in DRACULA: PRINCE OF DARKNESS and then as Rasputin in RASPUTIN: THE MAD MONK, as well as helping Peter Cushing build a creature in THE REVENGE OF FRANKENSTEIN. He worked with another horror icon, Boris Karloff in CORRIDORS OF BLOOD, which co-starred Lee as well. While he might not have worked a ton in the horror genre, he appeared in a few of the classics and was one of the reasons they were so enjoyable. He recently passed away at the age of 86.
    So even though he really was known for doing to voice of Captain Scarlet for the puppet show CAPTAIN SCARLET, the horror fans will help keep his memory alive due to his brief but stellar work in the genre we love. Our thoughts go out to his friends and family.


    Apparently it does go in 2's this week. We just learned that Dario Argento was involved in an accident involving him falling down some stairs in his home. While he was hurt pretty bad, he is okay and resting. Of course, this means that he won't be making it to the Days of the Dead show next weekend. Major bummer there. But we do wish for a speedy recovery.
    But in earlier in the week, we also learned that director/actor/writer José Mojica Marins aka Coffin Joe, was recently in the hospital as well. His daughter had posted a message to his fans but it was in Portuguese. While we did use Google to translate it, I believe some of it got lost/confused in the translation. But it sounds like he was in need of some heart surgery but really didn't want to go. When he was finally convinced to go in for the procedure, he ended up having a heart attack while there. He was released after the operation where he had 3 stints put in, but then developed other issues, mainly dehydration, and ended up back in the hospital. He is still recovering from everything but things look good.
    Now granted, this is being taken from what I can get from the translation. It was originally reported by Marins' daughter, Liz, who posted this picture on her Facebook page. All we can do is hope that he gets better.

     Next weekend, my good friend Bryan Martinez of Film Deviant and I are making the trip to the Days of the Dead show in Indy. Been a while since I've spent more than an hour at a convention I wasn't setting up at, but since Bryan really wanted to go to meet Dario Argento, I figured I'd tag alone. Unfortunately, Argento had to cancel his appearance from the show due to the accident mentioned above, so that was a major bummer. But we're hoping to get there in time for the NIGHTBREED panel Saturday afternoon. It will be interesting to hear some of the stories they might have. Also, its a good way to get photos of them without having to pay a stupid amount of money. I had thought about bringing my British Quad poster of NIGHTBREED to get signed, but just can't see forking out another $20-$25 a pop for a signature, especially when I didn't pay for the 5 that I've gotten already on there. Granted, this is really is the only draw for me to this show. I mean, other than Stephen Percy of Ratt...I mean, wow that just screams horror, doesn't it?
    But it will be  nice to see some of our convention friends that will be set up there, like Don England, Billy and Vanessa of Razorback Records. So if you're going to be there on Saturday, you'll probably find us wandering around. And if you are an Argento fan that were planning on going to the show, take that money you were going to spend on an autograph and go pick up a copy of The Argento Syndrome by author Derek Botelho who will have a table there. I know we will be picking up a copy ourselves. Always a good thing to support these authors and their work.

    Speaking of The Argento Syndrome, it was published by the fine folks at BearManor Media. In case you ever think that print is dead, just head over to BearManor Media's website and see all the amazing titles that they have been putting out. Every time I go to their site, I see another one (or two) that I want to add to my collection. They are doing a great job in helping keep some of these people involved in the movie/TV world alive and remembered by the fans. And if you think that spending $20-$25 for a 200 page book is expensive, check out what you paid for that last magazine you picked up. Most of them are close to $10 for a 70+ pages, half of which are ads. So when you do the math, a book is a much better investment!
    Anyway, here's a couple of new titles that BearManor has out that had sparked my interest. Being a huge fan of William Castle, this one will definitely have to be added to the collection. Head over to their website from the link above and see if you don't see something that you'd like to pick up. And even if not for yourself, I can't think of a better Christmas gift than a gift of knowledge...aka a book!


    It's been well documented here on my lack of love for independent films. Bottom line is because they usually are terrible. But last weekend, we went to the DEMONS screening event that Film Deviant was hosting at Reel Art in Berwyn. Not only was I able to pick up a copy of the Killdozer comic book for only $2 (Thanks Dan!), as well as getting to watch Lamberto Bava's DEMONS, but they also screened several short films before the main feature. I was pretty impressed with quite few of them, which I want to mention, as well as another short that I got to see recently. Not only because I enjoyed them, but because these people can always use the support and even just encouragement and compliments on what they've done. Some of these are avail to see online, others you will have to wait for a release or the chance to see them at a film fest or convention.
    The first one is called CALL GIRL and was directed by Jill Sixx Gevargizian and stars Laurence R. Harvey and Tristan Risk. Very entertaining. You can find out more information on this one at the official Facebook page HERE. If you're going to the Days of the Dead show next weekend, director Gevargizian and star Harvey will be there.
    The second one is called simply SERVICE and was directed by Jerry Pyle and is disturbing and well acted. The Facebook page for this one is right HERE.
    The next one is called PITY and was directed by our friend John Pata, co-director of DEAD WEIGHT. Sure we might be a little bias on this one, but it is still worth your time. You can check out their Facebook page HERE.
    And the last one is called SCUM and was directed by Zach Shildwachter. You can actually view this one online HERE. Again, very original idea and well developed.
    But the main thing is if you do get to see these, make sure you pass on your thoughts to the filmmakers, good or bad. They need to hear your opinion.


    We reviewed the recent release of Jerry Goldsmith's score for DEEP RISING, a great underwater giant monster movie that you should check out. But head over to our Soundtrack Reviews to read our thoughts on the score.

    This week's lesson is an actor that you've might have seen before but probably had no idea it was him. Head over to the classroom to learn more about this week's interesting and unforgettable character.

    Our photo from our last update was from the film MOUNTAINTOP MOTEL MASSACRE, which came out in 1986 is one of those titles that were sprawled across the video aisles. Sure, not a great movie, but at least it is entertaining for what it is and not the same old retread we get these days. Kudos goes out to the following people for sending in the correct answer: Cate Cameron, Aaron Christensen, Nicholas Johns, Billy Nocera, Vanessa Nocera, Will Wilson, and Greg Wojick. Well done, folks!
    And now on to this week's photo. Not the greatest quality photo, but hopefully it will do the trick. Just click HERE to send in your answer. Good luck as always.

    Well, we survived our recent trip to Louisville for the Wonderfest Hobby Expo last weekend and what a weekend it was. So great to be at a convention where fans come to talk about movies, spend money (on something other than autographs), and just have a good time. It was great again seeing so many amazing model kits and paint jobs, as well as seeing old friends, making new friends, and getting to talk about movies! We really had a blast hanging out with our buddies Don England and Phil Meehan, having one of the most enjoyable and hilarious dinners on Saturday night with these guys. How could that be a bad weekend? Oh yeah...I also picked up my Rondo Award.
    Because I'm terrible at getting up and talking in front of people, my little acceptance speech was much shorter than I planned. So I wanted to say here what I had I planned on saying there. First of all, just the fact that I have a place where I can write about movies that I love is an amazing accomplishment for me. But really when I get an email from someone, or they come up to me at a convention, and say that they've sought out a movie because it was covered in my column, then that really is the biggest reward I could ever get. So receiving this Rondo is just icing on the cake and I am very honored by this, especially when I'm in the same ranks of these other talented writers that were nominated.
    I do have to say thanks to HorrorHound for giving me this platform for my ramblings. Thanks to Aaron Christensen, who has not only made me a better writer in the almost ten years that I've known him, but also has made me a better person.
    And lastly, thank you to my wife Dawn. Who, after being together for 31 years, has not only has never told me to stop watching a movie, but has been my companion on many of these cinematic journeys, no matter how bumpy or twisted the road might have been. I'm sure when the priest said "For better or for worse" 26 years ago when we got married, I don't think he was thinking of having to watch THE GIANT CLAW or Larry Buchanan's THE EYE CREATURES. So thank you Dawn for being so supportive in what I do with my little "hobby" and sticking with me through those "bumpy roads".
    Sitting there through the awards ceremonies was pretty amazing and even emotional. No matter what you might think of a lot of these award things that go around, this one really goes out of their way to highlight the work that people do in the industry, not just the professional ones, but to all the Monster Kids out there. And honestly, I'm not just saying that because I won either. Seeing some of the tributes given at this show, from Dick Klemensen accepting the award for his fellow monster friend (for over 40 years) Gary Dorst who passed away last year, to the Pure in Heart award given to Magoo Gelehrter, who recently lost his battle with cancer, which was accepted by Horror Host Dr. Gangrene (Larry Underwood), as well as a few others, it was extremely touching and very moving. It really shows the friendships that being a fellow monster kid can bring. It doesn't matter how much you know, or what you do, whether you're a writer, filmmaker, artists, or just like to watch these movies, we are all part of this huge fandom family. Most of us do what we do for the shear love of the horror/sci-fi/fantasy genre, so it is so great to know that we are not alone in our passion, that we even can encourage each other to feed that passion as well. So major kudos to David Colton and all those involved with the Rondos, for doing their part to put the spotlight on so many deserving people and projects.

    Some times we really hate to always mention the passing of someone that has made a impact on our love of the horror genre since we really don't want to bring anybody's mood down. But the way I always look at it is that is a great way to remember these people and their contributions, and the reason we need to keep their memory alive. Back on Sunday, May 18th, Radu Florescu passed away. Now, that name might not be that familiar at first, but depending on how big of a Dracula fan you are, you probable know his work to some degree. Florescu was a historian, professor, and philanthropist, who along with Raymond T. McNally, published several books on the Romania Prince, Vlad Tepes, or as most know him as, Dracula. Their first book, In Search of Dracula, was one that I remember finding and devouring each and every page, amazed not only at some of the stories, but also that this really was a person in real life! Florescu spent many years doing research on the original Prince and bring attention to this once great leader, no matter what some of the darker stories are about him.
    So while we may have lost a great scholar, we still have all of his hard work and dedication that he did throughout his life, that will be waiting for another eager young mind, just ready to absorb this information. So thank you, Professor Florescu.

    We were already excited about the release of one of our favorite haunted house movies ever, John Hough's LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE on Blu-ray from Scream Factory. But now we have heard what the extras will consists of and it made us even more excited. While it doesn't have a ton of stuff, like a trailer and a new interview with Hough, but it DOES have a new audio commentary with actress Pamela Franklin. She has always been a favorite of mine, from her many appearances in horror films over the years. So it is going to be exciting to hear what she has to say about this film. This is due out on Aug. 26th.
    In other Scream Factory news, they have also announced they will be releasing a double feature disc of the two Amicus anthology films, TALES FROM THE CRYPT and VAULT OF HORROR. Now, both of these were released on a double feature DVD some time ago by MGM, and while it was great to see TALES, the print used for VAULT was the edited version. But according to Scream Factory, the print for their blu-ray will be the uncut version. Let's just hope the print of TALES is the same uncut print that was on the DVD. Can't wait for this double disc with two very important films in the genre.

    Next weekend looks to be a busy one for Chicago area horror fans. At 7pm on Saturday the 14th, at Quimby's Books, they are having a book event, celebrating the release of Mike McPadden's book Heavy Metal Movies. Now, why are we talking about a book on music here? Well, maybe because a lot of the movies covered in this book have strong ties in the genre. The book covers "Exploding with way over 666 true headbanger classics—raging with disturbing documentaries, bulging barbarians, Satanic shockers, spluttery slashers, post-nuke dystopias, carnivorous chunk-blowers, undead gut-munchers, midnight mind-benders, concert films, killer cameos—plus witches, werewolves, bikers, aliens, lesbian vampires, and vengeful vikings galore...the heaviest sin-ematic sensations of all time!". Sounds like we could find a movie or two in there that might spark our interests.
    But McPadden will be there promoting his book, which you could purchase there (and get a free barf bag). So stop on by, hang out a bit with other horror/music nerds, and check out the book. Everyone could always use another book in their collection, right? I know I do.
    Click HERE to get to the Facebook events page.

    I know we mentioned this in our last update, but the following day, Sunday the 15th, Film Deviant will be hosting their screening of Lamberto Bava's DEMONS at Reel Art in Berwyn, as well as a slew of independent short films. Aaron Christensen and I will be on hand with copies of Hidden Horror (possibly with some of the other contributors of the book too), as well as some of the filmmakers responsible for the shorts you will be seeing. Not to mention being able to browse through the amazing items you can find at Reel Art. We've spent...I mean, INVESTED a lot of our money finding some incredible gems in there. You never know what you might find.
    Oh yeah...did I mention this event was FREE!
    The event starts at 4pm. Head over to the official Facebook events page by clicking HERE.

    The second issue of Evilspeak should be out very soon, hopefully still this month. The layout is being finished and it once again promises to be one hell of a magazine. With over 100 pages of killer content and again with NO ADVERTISEMENTS, we hope to really show horror fans a ride of their life with some great coverage on some awesome movies. We'll be covering titles like LADY FRANKENSTEIN, BEAST WITHIN, MAUSOLEUM, TWINS OF EVIL, and of course some more Naschy worship by yours truly (shouldn't every magazine have that???), along with some more killer artwork by Putrid and the rest of the talented crew of artists contributing, such as this amazing wraparound cover by Don England. Stay tuned here for details when it will be available or you can always check out the Evilspeak Facebook page HERE for the latest details. Meanwhile, we are all hard at work on issue #3, which has all the makings of another great and grue-filled issue.

    We have posted our review of the new flick THE SIGNAL from a composer that actually made his own instruments to create the music. Pretty damn cool, huh? Head over to our Soundtrack Reviews for more info.

    While I'm not the biggest horror host fan, I do appreciate what they do and keeping it alive and thriving these days. What once was a dying artform, Koz and hundreds of others have worked so hard in making sure that the horror host did not become a thing of the past. I did grow up watching Svengoolie myself, or at the time he was Son of Svengoolie, but Rich Koz has worked very hard over the years keeping this loveable character alive for the Chicago fans, and now an even bigger fan base thanks to ME TV.
    But now it seems that even the government is getting behind Svengoolie and has named this October 31st Svengoolie/Rich Koz Day in the state of Illinois. Congrats to Koz and all the people that help him continue to do what he does. Well done!

    While on the subject of books, if you're a fan of Mario Bava, then now you have the chance to pick up a long out-of-print book on the master, that is now being re-released in a newly expanded and revised edition from Midnight Marquee. This new version of Troy Howarth's The Haunted World of Mario Bava will be coming out this Tuesday, the 10th. The retail price is going to be $45, but if you order now, you can save $10 off that price. For all the information on this book, as well as some of the great titles they have announced for this year, head over to their website HERE. We have more than a few Midnight Marquee titles in our collection, and plan on adding this one as well.

    When the new American version of Godzilla hit the screens last month, there were a lot of people anxiously (and some cautiously) awaiting its arrival. Once it hit the screens, the lines were immediately drawn in the sand and people were forced to take sides. There is the side that just loves the film, being extremely happy with the results. But unfortunately if you were one of those that didn't love it, or had questions about it, or just had some things about it you didn't like, you were immediately cast to the "haters" side, with really no choice in the matter.
    Now as film fans, we know how passionate we can get about the movies that we love. I'm right there with you. That is one thing I love about these kind of films and the fans. But I think one of our major challenges that we have is the fact that we tend not to respect other people's opinions. Again, I'm guilty of this as well, especially years ago when my normal response would be a simple "dumbass". If you love a movie, great. If you hate a movie, great. But when discussing it with someone with an opposing view, let's at least try to keep an open mind and try to see that other person's point of view. Doesn't mean you have to agree with it, just listen and maybe understand what they like or what they have a problem with it. Just because someone doesn't feel as strong towards a movie as you do shouldn't put them in the "haters" side, just as someone who loves a film unquestionably shouldn't put in the "kool-aid drinkers" side. As the saying goes, we don't have to agree on the movies, as long as we agree on the genre as a whole.
    Otherwise, we'd be the same as a bunch of those sports fans that get into fights with the people that like the opposing team. And I think we're much better than that, don't you?

    One of our favorite actors of the '70s Spanish horror films was Jack Taylor. Maybe it was those glassy blue eyes, but we always found him entertaining. So when we heard the news that he was going to be appearing in a new horror film, we were pretty excited. The film is simply called WAX and was directed by Victor Matellano, who's name might sound familiar to regular visitors to this site. He is the director of the documentary CLAWING: A JOURNEY THROUGH THE SPANISH HORROR! The basic story of WAX is one of a reporter to has to spend the night in a Wax Museum that is suppose to be haunted. Taylor stars as Dr. Knox, a "sadistic cannibal surgeon who loves dressing up as Vincent Price in HOUSE OF WAX."
    This will be an English speaking film that is trying to hit different feelings from new and old, from the found footage aspect, to the gothic feel of the Hammer films. Along with Taylor, the film has a few other appearances of famous Spanish horror stars. One of them will be Lone Fleming, who appeared in Amando de Ossiro's TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD, as well as a few other horror titles. Also, there will be the appearance of a voice from the grave, when a old theatrical recording of Paul Naschy will be used from an animatronic wax figure.
    You can check out their Facebook page HERE or watch the teaser trailer by clicking HERE.

    For you Army members out there, you might have noticed over the last few months that I haven't been too timely on getting your missions posted on the message board, or even replying to them. My time seems to be very limited these days. No excuses here, just trying to explain that my time seems to be divided up even more than it used to. I'm going to try and stay on top of these a little more, but when it comes to the message board, please feel free to post comments on other people's post if you want. I would want nothing more than a nice place where we can talk about movies in an nice open forum without having to worry about trolls and whatnot. So please...let's here what you have to say.
    And while on the subject of the Army....still waiting on a few photos from last year's winners.

    I know it has been a while since we've had a new lesson in our Horror History, but I think it is about time we get back to class, don't you? This lesson will be an easy one, since it is probably someone that you've seen on the screen before...probably more than once. So grab your books and get to the classroom.

    Yes, it has been a while since we've had a new Mystery Photo as well, mainly because it's been 3 weeks since our last update. But we have a new photo now, which might be a little tough, but we kind of like it that way!
    Our last photo was from one of our favorite William Castle movies, MR. SARDONICUS. I love the fact that someone came up with the idea of having the skull in the background of the house with the lighted windows. Brilliant! We have a few send in the correct answer too. And they were: Hoby Abernathy, Chris Kinniery, Kevin Matthews, Richard Schellbach, Gavin Schmitt. Well done, lads!
    So on to this week's pic. As I said, might not be too easy, but was inspired to pick this one because of our friend Vanessa Nocera. Can't go into more details without giving it away. So take a peek and enjoy.

    There wasn't anybody more surprised than me when I read that I had won this year's Rondo Award for Best Column last Monday. For someone who pretty much despised reading and writing all through school, it just amazes me to think that I actually write a regular column in the nationally syndicated magazine, HorrorHound. If I could go back in time and attempt to tell this fact to the 15-year old me, I probably would have been told to go somewhere very warm or do something sexually impossible to myself. But I guess that is one of life's mysterious, where we just never know what is going to come of our little journey through life.
    So with that being said, I can not express my gratitude enough to those who cast their vote for me. Even coming up as "Runner Up" last year was pretty amazing, let alone just being nominated along side so many talented people. Since I usually cover older and more obscure flicks in my column, it really gives me hope for the horror fan community that sometimes make me think that they are interested in nothing more than what the latest piece of garbage Hollywood throws at them. But that cynical side of me is getting proved wrong more and more each day. So thank you to each and everyone who voted for me. Words can not express my deep appreciation and what this means to me.
    And making it even better was learning that Hidden Horror was also a winner for Best Book. But this award goes out to every single person involved with this title, from all the writers, to the reviewers, and to all the people that help promote it over the last 5 months. This was just icing on the cake.

    In the world of movie monster making, it is a never ending up-hill battle to create a new and different kind of monster, one that not only has nobody seen before, but one that will just blow away the audiences. And back in 1979, Swiss artist/sculptor H.R. Giger gave movie audiences something that did just that. Creating his own style of bio-mechanical creatures, he was one of the reasons that movie terrified people when it first came out. Giger was one of those artists that really created his own unique style of images, both in print and in his sculptures, and one is that is always memorable. His work would also be seen in films like SPEICES & POLTERGEIST II. My favorite quote that I came across of was of what he thought of the people who liked his work. "My paintings seem to make the strongest impression on people who are, well, who are crazy."
    Unfortunately, the world has now lost this talented creator of these monsters. Giger passed away at the age of 74 on last Monday. His work will go on to inspire many generations to come and will never be forgotten. Our thoughts go out to his friends and family.

    We have two new Soundtrack Reviews with this update. The first one is for a Mexican film called THE DARK SIDE OF LIGHT (aka EL LADO OSCURO DE LA LUZ), which we had never even heard of before. The second one is for Greg Mclean's following to the nasty adventures of Mick Taylor, in WOLF CREEK 2. Head over to our Soundtrack Reviews section for the details.

    We have posted our review of the autobiography from producer Harry Alan Towers, published by BearManor Media. Head over to our Reference Library for the details.

    Last night, we went to the Midway Drive-in out in Dixon to see the new GODZILLA flick (as well as the abysmal SPIDERMAN 2). This was the first time we've been there since they got their digital projector. Well, as much as I like seeing classic horror films 35mm, I was pretty impressed with the look and sound of this screening. Sure, there were some sequences that were kind of dark, but you could still see the action. Overall, very impressive.
    But the real point of this little rambling is that I was thrilled to see so many people out there last night. And even more so, the amount of younger fans that were out for the evening. I know at the all night horror marathons that we've been too, there are usually a lot of kids there, but I was wondering if they would still come out to the drive-in for a 1st-run picture. And after last night, the answer is yes. Granted, it might be because of where this is located and that they're might not be a local theater close by. Not sure, since I'm not familiar with the area. But I was just thrilled to see so many people out there last night, seeming to really enjoy the evening. Seeing parents with their kids was cool because I got to see this kind of movie fun being passed on to the next generation. In other words, it made me feel like this was 40 years ago, when the drive-ins were a great place to go for some fun entertainment. It really is a movie-going experience so unlike going to a regular theater (or hard-top, as they used to be called).
    So high kudos to Mike and Mia Kerz for working their butts off to keep this kind of experience alive and well and there for future generations to enjoy. They are really keeping the spirit and feel of the drive-in alive and well, with some really fun events coming up in the future. The price is great for a double feature, the food is great (and they have corndogs!), and you'll have this incredible fun and memorable night that you will remember forever. I can't recommend this truly old-fashion movie going experience enough. And I'm thrilled to be able to say that after last night, using the term "old-fashion" really doesn't apply anymore. Long Live the Drive-Ins!

    The fine folks at Film Deviant have gotten together with Reel Art in Berwyn for a special night of some movies. Taking place on June 15th at 4pm, they will be free screening Lamberto Bava's DEMONS, as well as some amazing short films from some independent filmmakers. The short films that will be screening are PITY by John Pata, SERVICE by Jerry Pyle, CALL GIRL by Jill Sixx, BLOOD by Zach Lorkiewicz, and DRAIN by Nathan Waters & Tyler Young. Some of the people behind these shorts will be in attendance. Did I mention this event was FREE? There will be food and refreshments provided as well as some cool horror giveaways too. Of course, I will be there, along with Aaron Christensen, with copies of Hidden Horror.
    Reel Art is a great place to spend....ah...INVEST money in your movie memorabilia collection. You can find some amazing deals and a huge selection of movie posters, toys and much more. So while you're not watching some great stuff, or chatting about horror movies with other like-minded fans, you can browse their incredible collection of goodies.
    For all the information, check out official Facebook Event page HERE.

    Okay class, we are back after that little break from learning. But now time to get back to the books and start your education once again. Because, when we're talking about the horror genre, you really can never stop learning. So lets head over the classroom and get started. Everybody got their pencil?

    We used the shot from the film ATOMIC SUBMARINE for our last Mystery Photo for something other than just to find an interesting pic. We had recently read (and reviewed HERE) Mark Thomas McGee & R.J. Roberton's fantastic book You Won't Believe Your Eyes!, which is a great and passionate read about the sci-fi/horror films of the '50s. One of the movies covered here was ATOMIC SUBMARINE, which is a film that I never would have sought out, basically because the title doesn't really seem like a horror title. But this is why I love reference books so much and keep saying how they can really open your eyes to new worlds (aka...movies). After reading their review of ATOMIC SUBMARINE, I knew I had to see it and quickly picked up a copy, watched it a few days later, and really enjoyed it. Any time when you have an alien creature that is made the old fashion way, with plenty of imagination, you're going to get a high-five from me. Plus, the fact that there were a few makeup effects that  must have been pretty chilling for a young viewer back upon it's initial release. So if you haven't seen this movie, please do yourself a favor and seek it out. You'll have a blast watching it, especially if you are also a fan of those 50's flicks.
    We did get a few correct answers sent it and they were from Hoby Abernathy, Craig Clark, Denise Orlando LoRusso, and Gavin Schmitt. Nice job, people.
    So let's get to our latest photo. This is a shot from one of our favorites but just shows the brilliance of the director, or somebody working on the film. Take a peek and see what you might come up with. But don't look too long....or something bad just might happen! Just click HERE to send in your answer.

    Voting ends tonight for this year's Rondo Awards. Have you placed your votes yet? Click on the banner above and cast your votes. Sure, we are up for Best Column (#16 - They Came From the Krypt) and Best Book (#11 - Hidden Horror), but even if you don't vote for us, there are still a lot of talented people being nominated. So give it a look over and show that what these people are doing matter to the fans out there. It doesn't take long to do, but the results will effect those people for years to come.

    Okay, not that we need excuse to buy another book, but we recently came across this soon-to-be-release book that looks just amazing. For 60 years, Japan has been creating incredible fun and entertaining movies, featuring kaiju, or giant monsters. Now, thanks to monster fan Sean Linkenback, we will have a nice coffee table book filled with amazing poster art that we can drool over. Linkenback has spent many years compiling more than 1000 color photos from poster art and advertising material on 75 different film titles, from 20 different countries.
    This hardcover book is a bit pricy (at around $40), but knowing that it is filled to the brim with amazing color photos, I think that it will be a worth while investments, especially those fans of Godzilla and the rest of these great characters.

    We have posted our review of Mark Thomas McGee's book on Sci-Fi/Horror films of the '50s. Great stuff here, folks. Head over to our Book Review Section for the details.

    I've been going to conventions for over 25 years, setting up as a dealer for most of those. But these days, it is getting to be more and more of a hassle because some things that happen that just makes me scratch my head (when it's not pissing me off). When you pay for a dealer table, the way it is suppose to work, is that you get your table, usually a 6ft one, and then back space behind the table for you to be able to sit, put up a display, keep your inventory, or whatever. It may vary in size but is usually around 4ft back. But some conventions promoters out there figure the more tables they squeeze in there, the more money they make, which is true. But what they don't realize is that some people are getting screwed out of their back space. Now for some dealers, it isn't a big deal. But for someone that has a particular set up or display, they depend (and need) that space. So when these promoters jam in too many tables, they are not taking into account what the dealers need. Are they getting refunded any money when they don't have appropriate space? Of course not. Now there are some out there that will try to fix the problem, maybe by moving you to another spot. But the next show, the same thing happens. Just common sense, people. It really is that simple.
    But then, to make it even worse, there are dealers that don't seem to understand this concept either. Now don't get me wrong, most of the shows that I've done, I've had little or no issues with my neighbors, usually becoming quick friends with them over the weekend. But I've always made it appoint to be aware of my space and to make sure that I'm not moving out of my designated area into or blocking their table and merchandise. But there are some dealers that just set up their stuff, paying no attention if it is blocking another dealer's area, moving into their space, or basically just being an asshole. You shouldn't have to ask your neighbor to move his shit out of your way. Again...just common sense. But some of these just don't get it. And some times, these little things can really add to the stress level to the show when you're trying to get set up for the show. People that know me and have been to cons with me, know that I can get a little....aggravated at times. Things like this just doesn't help matters.
    So a little advice to promoters and dealers: Have a little respect for the people that are paying you for a table and make sure they have adequate space. And if you are a dealer, have a little common courtesy for your fellow neighbors and their space.
    Okay...bitching done. On to the rest of the update.

    Speaking of conventions, our next stop on the Kryptic World Tour 2014 will be at Wonderfest Hobby Expo in Louisville, Kentucky, taking place on May 31st-June 1st. This will be our 3rd year at this show and it is one of our favorites. It is one of the last remaining conventions that we go to that is still about the movies and the people that help create them and not about paying a stupid amount of money for an autograph and photo ops. Shame conventions have become what they are these days, but this one still holds on to the old days. Even if you're not a model person, just walking around the dealer room or the models on display for competition is always a treat. Such talented people out there creating some wonderful kits from moves that we love so much.
    You can get all the info HERE. Hope to see you out there.

    First of all, let me apologize for now keeping the Message Board up to date with all the missions that have been getting sent in. Lots of stuff going on here at the Krypt that have been keeping me pretty busy. I will try to get back to getting them posted as they come in.
    But while on the subject of the Army, I realized that there were still quite a few of the winners from last year that still haven't sent in a photo of them holding their prize. John? Erich? Lance? Thomas? Damien?

    DVD Drive-In keep putting on these great drive-in shows, now twice a year, I think we are going to have to plan another mini-vacation again. Their next show will take place on Sept. 12th and 13th, with some great titles lined up, as usual, as you can see in the ad before. Anytime you get to see some Mario Bava or Hammer films on the big screen, it is a great time waiting for you. Only $10 per person each night. So that is only $2.50 per movie! Plus, to make it even more fun, you can camp out in the back of drive-in for the weekend. Just click on the ad below for all the info.

    This new t-shirt place was recently brought to my attention. I'm not really sure how long they've been around, but the artwork they have on their shirts looks just incredible. Done by Rick Melton, who's work you might recognize from DVD covers and such. Now, don't know what they look like on actual T-shirts, but just look at the amazing use of colors below, not to mention coming up with some pretty interesting designs. They are obviously based in the UK, so shipping my cost you a few $$, but it just might be worth it. You can reach their website by clicking HERE.

    Yeah, okay so that is a lame lead in. But we are pretty excited to have this film finally get a release on Blu-ray, let alone on DVD! A very underrated film, once could even say it is a 'hidden horror" film. Gee...could it be a title that is actually covered in the book Hidden Horror? As a matter of fact it is! So of course we think it is a worth while film to check out. Starring John Vernon and Samatha Eggar, it is a pretty damn entertaining slasher film from the '80s.
    It has been re-mastered in 2K resolution from the original vault material that will have special features like a making of retrospective, audio commentary, and more. Like all of Synapse's releases, we know it is going to look amazing. Can't wait to see it on something better than an old VHS transferred DVD-R!

    Speaking of Blu-rays, MPI will be releasing Curtis' version of the Count on Blu-Ray on May 27th, which stars Jack Palance in the title role. The teleplay was written by Richard Matheson and is a pretty damn good adaptation of the novel. It is being transferred and restored in 2K High Def from the original 35mm camera negative.
    Plus, if you're a fan of soundtracks, then you will be happy to hear that for the first time ever, the score for this will be released on CD from Varese Sarabande. The score was by composer Robert Colbert, who worked a lot with Curtis, scoring projects like DARK SHADOWS, THE NIGHT STALKER, and many more.
    For all the information, head over to Screen Archives Entertainment.

    While we're not really sure where it is going to playing, but really hoping somewhere in the Chicago area, but Álex de la Iglesia new film, WITCHING AND BITCHING should be out on June 13th. Being a pretty big fan of him and his work, I'm pretty excited to see this one. When we hear of a local screening, we will make sure we post it here.
    Also, playing at the Music Box Theatre in the next week or so, during the Chicago Critics Film Festival, there are several horror titles being screened. The one that I'm most interested in seeing is DEAD SNOW: RED vs. DEAD, which will be screening on Saturday, May 10th, at 9:45pm. Stars Martin Starr and Jocelyn DeBoer are scheduled to appear.
    Other screenings are HOUSEBOUND, which is showing at Midnight on May 9th, WILLOW CREEK, a new film by Bobcat Goldthwait, will be screening on May 14th at 7:30pm. Goldthwait is scheduled to appear. Plus, on Sunday the 11th at 7pm, they will be screening the new documentary, THAT GUY DICK MILLER. The star of the feature, Dick Miller himself, is scheduled to appear.
    And of course, with the new GODZILLA film opening up shortly, the original will be re-released once again, starting May 9th. If you've never had the chance to see the original GODZILLA on the big screen, you really need to see it this way. This is the original version, without the scenes of Raymond Burr, the way the film was originally meant to be seen. Pretty powerful stuff here, folks.
    For all the details about these and other screenings, just head over to the Music Box's website HERE.

    Last week's photo was from a movie that is a really a oddity. It is not a well made film, but damn is it entertaining, not to mention having some wonderful and gory special effects. The film is called AMOK TRAIN, though it was released on video back in the day under the strange title of BEYOND THE DOOR III. Not sure why it got that title, other than the producer, Ovidio G. Assonitis, was the same producer/director that created the first BEYOND THE DOOR movie. But no matter what, with the right group of people, this is a real hoot to watch. We did get a few people that sent in the correct answer. They were Matt Dean, Chris Kinniery, and Gavin Schmitt. Well done!
    Now our photo from this week might be recognizable...or maybe not. But once again, there are methods to my madness in picking certain photos. I'll explain more next update when I reveal the movie this particular shot is from. But for now, take a good long look. Might help if you close one eye while doing it. Just click HERE to send in your answer. And as always, good luck.

    We figured that since we were going to be Motor City Nightmares next weekend, we'd get an update posted this weekend to hold you over. If you happened to be coming out to Motor City, please make sure you stop by our table. We will of course have copies of Hidden Horror as well as a few copies of Evilspeak. So make sure you stop by and pick up your copies! We had a blast there last year, so we're looking forward to doing it again.

    Speaking of Evilspeak, the cover of the 2nd issue has come out and once again, artist Don England has outdone himself with this wrap-around piece. The new issue should be out sometime in the next couple of months. Filled with tales of LADY FRANKENSTEIN, Hammer's TWINS OF EVIL, Paul Naschy, and much, much more. If you enjoyed the first issue, then you won't be disappointed with #2. And if you haven't picked up issue #1...why not? Get yourself a copy before they are gone. Just click HERE to order your copy.

    I recently started reading a new book on the Sci-Fi/Horror films of the '50s by Mark Thomas McGee and it really got me thinking. While these are traditionally called Sci-Fi movies, we've always knew they were firmly in the horror genre. I mean when you have a alien intruder or giant monster out devouring towns, sure sounds scary to me. But none the less, the point I wanted to make is that was a time when most of these films where not big budgeted films coming out with the biggest stars. But what they had instead of all that money was some extremely talented and creative people that were coming up with title characters from these films. Sure, they were guys in rubber suits, puppets super-imposed over the backgrounds, or large creatures created out of whatever materials they could find, but none the less they have a special charm to them. They were usually something that we had never seen before. And even watching them today, they are still unique in their designs that still make them memorable. Sure, they are not going to compete with effects of something like the title beasties from ALIEN or PREDATOR, but I still think they are effective, and even more so, enjoyable.
    But I also think it is something that is sadly lacking with a lot of today's filmmakers. They seem to take the easy way out instead of trying to find something really different and unique that will thrill and terrify their audience. Hopefully that fad will pass and things will change for the better.
    Take a look at some of the movies of that decade, and think of how cool looking those monsters are. The alien visitor from IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE, the giant mollusk from THE MONSTER THAT CHALLENGED THE WORLD, the tree monster in FROM HELL IT CAME, and the list goes on and on. Sure, there are a few that had more hype than bite, especially in THE GIANT CLAW, but they are still fun to watch and create some fond memories. Plus the fact, these films are great for younger fans in training. No need to worry about them seeing anything too terrifying or bloody with these. But you can start them off on the right path.

    Gee...another reference book on zombie films. Just what we need, right? do. Click HERE to get to our Book Review section to find out why you need this new book by Alain Silver and James Ursini.

    While on the subjects of reference books, we have a new title coming out on Dario Argento, called The Argento Syndrome, by Derek Botelho. Published by BearManor Media, the book covers all the Argento's films, written as part academic study but also having Botelho's personal input about them as well, including a set visit on the filming of SLEEPLESS. The book includes plenty of interviews with the likes of John Carpenter,, Tony Musante, Leigh McCloskey, Luciano Tovoli, and Asia Argento.
    Of course, it is a given that we will be adding this title to our collection. I mean, we all know that you can never have too many reference books, but especially ones on Argento and his work. There are both soft cover editions as well as hardcover editions available. For the soft cover, which runs $26.95, head over to BearManor Media by clicking HERE. For the hardcover version, which will cost you $36.95, just click HERE. And while you're over at BearManor, make sure you browse through their other titles that they offer. This place has a ton of great titles that are a must for any horror fan.
    The will be an in-store signing event next month at Dark Delicacies on May 18th at 2pm, where author Botelho will be there, along with illustrator Micah Mate, Sean Keller, David Del Valle, Vera Gemma, and Mick Garris. For more details head over to their site by clicking HERE.

    We have also posted our review of the newly remastered release of Jerry Goldsmith's score for PSYCHO II. Click HERE to get to our Soundtrack Reviews.

    Well, I have to say that I am very surprised that I got anybody to correctly identify our last Mystery Photo. And the main reason for that is that it is a shame that other people had to witness this terribly boring movie. It is the movie SCREAM. No, not the Craven one, but the 1981 slasher that has to be one of the most boring films I have witnessed in a very long time. Just terrible.  Even worse that after this opening shot of these little figures that I thought was pretty cool, it goes south right after that. So my main reason for using a shot from this movie was simply to warn readers NOT to watch this. As much as I hate to even say it, there are films out there that are truly better off being forgotten. But kudos (and apologies) to the following that had witnessed this film: Hoby Abernathy, Matt Dean, Billy Nocera, Gavin Schmitt, Wayne Teeter, and Will Wilson.
    So for this one, let's go with something maybe a little bit more fun. Take a peek and then click HERE to send in your answer. Just don't stare too long or you might end up looking like the character from this shot.

    With all the events we have going on these last few weeks (and weeks to come), it almost feels like October. And of course, with it snowing now here in Chicago, it could be. We had ever intention of getting this update done yesterday, but just didn't happen. But just a day here it is.
    Saturday was a bittersweet day for us when we attended the Sci-Fi Spectacular at the Patio Theater in Chicago. We had been to this place a few times in the past year or so, but this would probably be the last since a couple of days ago, the news came out that it would be closing near the end of the month. Really a damn shame because it is a great looking theater and so sad to see these older ones fall by the way side.
    So it while it was sad to know this might be the last event there that we attend, it was great to see a nice crowd turn out for it, not to mention just having a great time there. One of the main reasons I was excited for this show was the chance to see GODZILLA VS KING KONG on the big screen. There is something about seeing this kind of films in that format, screened from a beautiful 35mm print, that just turns back time and makes you feel like a 10-year old kid again at the Saturday matinee. It was just incredible and so much fun. Also, while we've seen it a few times, seeing the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD on the big screen is just great. Yeah, the film print wasn't the greatest, but seeing this classic on the way that it was meant to be screen still shows how much of an impact the film has had on the genre.
    Of course, getting the chance to see our buddy Doug Jones once again is always a treat. And when I say, "our buddy" it is because Jones treats every single person that comes up to him like a dear friend. Such a special person and so much fun to see and talk to, even for only a few minutes. We also had a great little conversation with Kyra Schon about JAWS, which happens to be her favorite movie.
    But honestly, the best part of these events is being able to see our other friends in the local horror community that comes out to not only support these events but just hang out, talk about movies, and have a good time. Always a treat when we get to do that.
    We hope that this won't be the last time we go to the Patio and wish them all the best in continuing on.

    Unfortunately we have two people that we have lost in the recent weeks that have made some special contributions to the horror genre, both through the written word. The first one was Everett De Roche, who passed away on April 2nd, after battling cancer for the last few years. De Roche was screenwriter who was one of the key people in bringing Ozploitation (Australian films) to be known what it is today. Writing such films as LONG WEEKEND, PATRICK, ROADGAMES, RAZORBACK, plus many more, he helped bring the country's movie industry to a higher level. According to producer Anthony I. Ginnane, he called De Roche's films "ground-breaking Australian genre titles that have never been equaled in my view." But like a lot of screenwriters, their credit doesn't seem to be as apparent as it should.
    Another death was that of Phil Hardy, who passed away on the 8th. Now Hardy wasn't a filmmaker but a journalist. In fact, he was mainly known for writing about the music industry than movies. But in he edited a film book, one of a series, that covered more horror movies than any other book at the time. It was originally titled The Aurum Film Encyclopedia: Horror, published in 1984, was later published in the US under the title Encyclopedia of Horror movies, and later the updated version in 1993, under the title The Overlook Film Encyclopedia: Horror. As a growing horror film fan in the early '80s, this book was an amazing gateway to new movies and filmmakers that I had never heard about. This book seemed to cover it all, with films from all over the country and throughout time, starting at the late 1800's going through each decade to the present. At that time, this was my main go-to film guides when trying to find out more about a film. So many of the photos in this book were burned into my psyche from paging through it so many times. So because of Hardy's work on this book, I have him to thank for helping me discover so many wonderful movies over the years, a debt that could never be paid back properly, other than trying to continue that process by helping other fans do the same.


    We did make it through the Wasteland, for the 25th time. Still amazes me that this show has been around that long, but also (and more importantly) that it still hasn't changed and continues to be one of our favorite shows. With one of the best dealer rooms around, as well as so many great friends (both old and new) to hang out with and talk about the genre that we love so much, this show is always a good time. We had plenty of them at this show. We had a few of the Hidden Horror contributors there, as well as a good chunk of the people responsible for unleashing Evilspeak magazine unto the world (see photo below). And we're only just getting started!
    If you still haven't made it out to one of the Wasteland shows, you really need to come out and see what it is all about. And this October is a perfect time for it. With some of the lovely ladies from Hammer, to a demon woman and zombie girl, and much, much more, it will be another great time as usual. Hope to see you there in the fall.

    The next show in our Kryptic World Tour will be Motor City Nightmares, which takes place April 25th-27th. Last year was our first time there and we had such a blast that we are going to do it all over again. They have quite a big guest lineup this year, so we're looking forward to the big crowds that we witnessed last year.
    We will, of course, have copies of both Hidden Horror as well as a few copies of Evilspeak at our table. So if you haven't picked up both of them yet and will be at the show, make sure you stop by our table. We will also have our usual supply of horror reference books to keep your mind occupied while giving you new movie titles to seek out!
    For all the information about the show, just click HERE.

    Fans of Fulci and composer Fabio Frizzi will be thrilled to hear of this new release of Frizzi's score of CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD. This latest release from Beat Records has quite a few bonus tracks and was mastered by Enrico De Gemini and supervised by Frizzi himself. It also contains a 16-page booklet with liner notes from Frizzi, Stephen Thrower, Fabio Babini and artist Graham Humpreys. You can pre-order the disc now for $19.95 from Screen Archives Entertainment by clicking HERE.

    I have posted our reviews for two new soundtracks that have just come out. The first one is for OCULUS from the Newton Brothers, and the second one is for SOMETHING WICKED by Kyle Newmaster. Head over to our Soundtrack Review section to read more.

    The fine folks at the Chicago Cinema Society are hosting the Chicago premiere of this new Italian horror film entitled ACROSS THE RIVER, that was directed, edited and co-written by Lorenzo Bianchini. Click HERE to check out the trailer for what looks like to be a very creepy film.
    The screening takes place on Saturday, June 7th at 8pm at the Chicago Filmmakers, located at 5243 N. Clark St., Chicago. Tickets will be $7 at the door. Click HERE to get the Facebook Event Page. You need to come out to this for two reasons. First of all, and the most obvious one, so you can check out this new Italian horror film. But the second one, which really is more important, is because is shows support of people like the Chicago Cinema Society and others like it, that strive and work very hard to bring these opportunities to fellow film fans. So it is important that we come out and show our support.

    Okay Chicago...who likes Hammer? Who would like two free passes to an advance screening on the 24th of this month? Just click HERE and fill out the required info to get your two passes. Keep in mind though, seating is first come first serve and the passes do not guarantee you a seat, so you'll need to make sure you get there early. The screening will be at the Showplace ICON Theatre on April 24th, at 7pm.
    Hammer Films is back with their latest chiller, THE QUIET ONES, which is about a professor who uses a young girl for some strange experiments. The girl has a dark secret that just might be revealed during the process. Inspired by a true story, the film is directed by John Poque, and stars Jared Harris, who is always entertaining in his roles (and usually creepy).
    We normally don't promote too many newer horror films, but since this is coming from Hammer Films, we want to make sure they know they still have a following. We've enjoyed what they've put out so far, so we are excited to see them continuing their long tradition of creating films for horror fans.
    You can visit the official site of the movie  by clicking HERE, or the Facebook page by clicking HERE, or their Twitter page HERE.

    The last great Frankenstein movie from Hammer was Terence Fisher's FRANKENSTEIN AND THE MONSTER FROM HELL, starring Peter Cushing, Shane Briant, Madeline Smith, and David Prowse as the creature. This is getting a new Blu-ray release in the UK later this month. Other than the Japanese laserdisc back in the day, I'm not sure if there is a release out on DVD that is the same complete version the LD is. I have been searching the web looking for reviews of this new disc and only can find comments like "the longest version available". That doesn't tell me its uncut but just longer than that previous release. I really hope it is uncut since it is a favorite of mine (granted...most the Hammer Frankensteins with Cushing are favorites of mine). But once we get some more definite details, we'll post them here.
    Of course, if it is uncut...that just means I need to start looking for an import Blu-ray player!

    I came across this news piece about a new statue that is being built for Baltimore to honor Edgar Allan Poe. Artist Stefanie Rocknak's design was the one that was picked out of 265 that were submitted from around the world. Not only is the design just incredible, especially with the heart and papers flying out from his case behind him, it is just a treat to see that someone of the likes of Poe is getting the treatment he richly deserves. In a society that doesn't usually highlight figures that weave tales of terror, it is nice to see that someone as great as Poe is able to achieve that ranking.
    The statue will be unveiled this October, on the 5th at 2pm, at the corner of Boylston Street and Charles Street South in Boston, which happens to also be named Edgar Allan Poe Square. I know the next time I travel to Boston, that is one spot I will have to make sure to visit.


    Last week's photo was that of the title character from William Grefe's classic Florida-made monster flick THE DEATH CURSE OF TARTU, being the one and only Doug Hobart underneath the makeup. Hobart also played the Jellyfish creature in Grefe's STING OF DEATH the year before. And it saddens me to announce that we had only received one correct answer for this one, though we did get a few emails wanting to know the answer so they can find the movie! So I guess our little plan works after all! Anyway, the congratulations goes to Will Wilson for correctly naming the movie. Well done!
    Okay...we're going to throw another obscure one out there, for a reason that we'll explain with our next update. So for now, all you can do is take a look at this interesting little screen grab and see what you can come up with. Good're going to need it. Gaze into the abyss, then click HERE to send in your answer.

    Not sure why, but since we've gone to updates every other week, it seems that we've got a ton of stuff that we want to mention. Maybe there was just a lull in the news then, but we've got plenty of stuff this week that we felt the need to mention. So take your time and make sure you go through the whole update. Plenty of items there that might have you going off in another direction, which is fine, just make sure you don't miss anything here.

    Last week was our first show of the 2014 Kryptic World Tour and what a way to start it off. Compared to last year's show, this one was way more organized, fan friendly, and just a great time. Sure, there were still a ton of people paying ridiculous amounts of money for autographs, but what are you going to do. But that aside, 110% improvement over last year. So well done, people!
    This was the convention debut of Hidden Horror, where we have a nice chunk of the contributors there throughout the weekend, hanging out at the table, signing copies of the book for the ones that purchased it. Such a incredible group of (very talented) people, that I am more than proud to be part of this illustrious mob. But I have to say, while it was just amazing all the people that came up to buy a copy, what I was most impressed with the excitement in their eyes, really looking forward to not only reading the book but then also seeking out the movies cover within. Everybody who reads this site on a regular basis knows my feelings towards reference books, but it just thrills me to no end when I see that in other people. So that really was one of the highlights of the weekend. Of course, having a nice conversation with composer Christopher Young, who even came over to our table to purchase a one of the many other reference books we were selling, is pretty high on the list too. We hope to be doing an interview with him at some point in the future.
    So it was a great way to start the year off, and hope the rest of the Kryptic World Tour is as much fun as this one was. Below is one of the many shots we got of some of the contributors that were there. I've listed not only their names, but the film they covered in Hidden Horror. Special shout out and huge thanks to Dan Kiggins and Anna McKibbin for working the Hidden Horror table most of the weekend. You guys rock!

(Left to Right) Myself (ISOLATION), John Pata (PIECES), Kristy Jett (MAY), Aaron Christensen (HABIT), Anna McKibben (THE PHANTOM OF PARADISE),
Dan Kiggins (OLD DARK HOUSE), Denise LoRusso (VIOLENT MIDNIGHT) and Shelly Jarenski (CARNIVAL OF SOULS)

    After barely resting up after HorrorHound last weekend, we will be making our bi-annual trip to Strongsville Ohio for Cinema Wasteland, this being our 25th time doing so. So we plan to do what we've been doing for the last 24 shows, and that is have one hell of a good time, hanging out with tons of like minded horror fiends and friends. Of course, we will not only have copies of Hidden Horror, but at least three other of the contributors will be there at the show: Dave Kosanke, BJ Colangelo, and Kristy Jett. So if you haven't ordered your copy of Hidden Horror yet, then make sure you stop by our table and fix that! And just like we did at HH, any contributor that is there will have a Hidden Horror badge on, so if you do buy the book, you can always pester them to sign it for you.
    Also, will have copies of Evilspeak there as well. Damn proud to be part of this magazine so check it out. Billy and Vanessa Nocera, the brains and publisher behind this epic piece of nostalgia, will be there as well. Not set up, but wandering our the show having a great time, as well as many of the contributors of the first issue as well. So if you're heading out there next week, make sure stop by our table to chat! For all the latest details about the show, just click HERE.

    Do you know Doug Jones? This incredible and amazingly talented man has been added to the Sci-Fi Spectacular that is taking place on April 12th, starting at noon and running to 2am or so. They have an incredible line up, including PAN'S LABYRINTH where you can see Jones creating two beautiful and terrifying characters in one movie. A must see if you haven't already. For all the details, head over to their Facebook page HERE. They have some amazing titles lined up and we are pretty excited about it.
    While we won't have a table there, we may just have a few copies of both Hidden Horror and Evilspeak with us. So if you see us walking around there, feel free to stop us if you're interested in picking up either one. Though, the copies of Evilspeak are going to be very limited. So if you are interested, drop me a line ahead of time so I know can kind of judge how many I might need.

    To make sure you're weekend is full of excitement, the Sunday right after the Sci-Fi Spectacular will be a Hidden Horror author event at the Bucket O' Blood Books and Records in Chicago, from 4pm to 6pm. A few of the contributors will be there hanging out and talking about horror movies. How could it be a bad time, right? So once you stagger out of the Sci-Fi show, go home and grab a few hours of sleep, then head to Bucket O' Blood to continue the fun! Bucket O' Blood is located at 2307 N. Milwaukee. Check out the Facebook events page HERE for all the details.

    The World of Hammer have lost another great and talented beauty. Kate O'Mara, who appeared in Hammer's THE VAMPIRE LOVERS and THE HORROR OF FRANKENSTEIN, as well as the Peter Cushing film CORRUPTION, has passed away at the age of 74 in a nursing home in England after a short illness. While the lovely Ingrid Pitt always had my attention in THE VAMPIRE LOVERS, O'Mara was a close second. Just a beauty, with some amazing eyes. She later would become known for appearing on the TV show Dynasty  here in the states, but even had made a couple of appearances in DR. WHO, battling two different Doctors, as well as continuing to work in the theater.
    But for us fans of Hammer Horror, she will always be remembered and never forgotten for the wonderful work she did in those two films. Our thoughts go out to her friends and family.

    For those of you that were lucky enough to catch Goblin last year when they were touring, you know just how incredible that was. Of course, right in the middle of that tour, Claudio Simonetti left that line up and formed what he is calling Simonetti's Goblin. According to Simonetti on his website, "We don’t want to ignore any band that is currently active with a similar name, we simply want to continue spreading the great legacy of Goblin’s music in our own way, music that has inspired so many bands and so many generations of musicians over the years." Have to admit, that is pretty classy that he just wants to spread the legacy of the band's music that he's been a part of for many years.
    But none the less, this May, he will be in Chicago with his new lineup and will be scoring a viewing of SUSPIRIA live. Can only imagine how freaking cool this is going to be to watch and hear.  It will happen on Saturday May 3rd, at the Metro. Advance tickets are $27, or $30 at the door. Doors open at 8pm, show starts at 9pm. Click HERE for the info.

    There are certain classic monster movies that just need to be seen on the big screen. The problem is that for a most of us, those films were played years ago, sometimes way before we were born. But that just means that when we have the opportunity to view one of these epics in a real movie theater, then we need to make it happen and go. Not only are you supporting the theater that has decided to play it, but also giving yourself the wonderful experience of seeing these films the way they were meant to be seen. One of these titles is the original GOJIRA (better know as GODZILLA). With it's 60th Anniversary, as well as the new American remake coming this summer, they are releasing the original GOJIRA to selected theaters for a very short time. By clicking HERE, you can find a list of the the theaters in your area that will be hosting a screening. If you have any chance of making of of them, I urge you to do so. It really is an amazing movie and well worth seeing it like it should be.....BIG!

    Continuing our Big G theme, one can not really imagine a scene from a Godzilla movie and not have the famous music going through your head. Composer Ikira Ifukube created one of the most memorable film scores  in history when he created this one, one that is still as strong and as powerful as when it made its debut 60 years ago. Like all great scores, it weaves itself into the film itself attaching to the action that we see on screen.
    While I'm not a big fan of Kickstarter, since everyone seems to have one, this one seems like a great cause to support. Godzilla fans John DeSentis and Chris Oglio are trying to raise $25000 to be able to bring a live concert at this year's G-Fest that will pay tribute to Ifukube and his amazing Kaiu music. They are very close to reaching their goal, but only have less than a week left. By donating as little $25, you will receive a CD recording of this historical performance. So head over to their Kickstarter page HERE, read through it for all the details, then please show support anyway you can. Even if you can't donate a lot, every dollar would help. As well as passing the information along to others that might be able to help as well. Let's make this happen. You can get more information through the Facebook page HERE.

    And for news straight out of nowhere, it seems that a fifth installment in the PHANTASM series is not only going to happen but apparently has already been made, or at least started filming. Hitting the net earlier this week was a trailer and poster art for PHANTASM V: RAVAGER, which seems to bring back just about everyone from the original. It seems that Coscarelli is not the director, but producing the film that he co-wrote with David Hartman, who is the guy that is sitting in the director's chair. Hartman worked with Coscarelli on BUBBA HO-TEP as well as JOHN DIES AT THE END, but seems he has directed a lot of animated projects. Does this mean a lot of CGI going on? Now I love the first two films, and am moderately entertained by the 3rd one. But that 4th one....ugh. So I am very hopeful that this new one will end on a much higher note. We will just have to wait and see.
    But I do have to give Coscarelli and company credit for keeping this news pretty much hush hush for the last few years, since they have obviously been working on it for a little while.

    One of my all-time favorite soundtracks just happens to be from one of my all-time favorite movies: George Romero's CREEPSHOW. The music just fits perfectly with the movie, comic book feel and all. My very first horror convention that I went to, I picked up the soundtrack on LP and it immediately become one of my favorites. John Harrison really created something special here, surrounding the images on the screen with the perfect blend of musical notes and cues. Many years later, when La-La Land Records released it on CD, I was ecstatic and immediately ordered my copy. Well, now they have a newer expanded version of the score being released on CD, featuring many quite a bit of additional music, sound cues and more. According to La-La Land, the score comes from "an all-new limited edition supervised by the composer, re-sequenced in film order, and remixed from original 24 track elements." The extra tracks features "never-before-released and long-sought-after library cues" that were in the movie but never on the soundtrack. It even includes the song "Don't Let Go" that is in the Father's Day segment, meaning you can learn to dance as well as Ed Harris now! This is a limited edition CD of only 3000 units, so if you're even the slightest interested, click HERE to get over to La-La Land Records and pick up your copy before they are gone.

    So the first quart of 2014 comes to an end. And for some reason, there are still quite a few photos of last year's winners that we still haven't received yet. Strange. Must have gotten lost in the email. But one would think that with all the technology out there now, with camera phones and whatnot, that getting a quick pic would be pretty easy. would think. Really hate to send out the troops to get those turned in. You wouldn't want that, would you?

    I may say this with each issue, but if there ever was a magazine that I say is a must buy each and every time, it is Little Shoppe of Horrors. Each issues is just filled with some much information and is always a treat to read. With their new issue hitting the streets this spring, they cover one of Hammer's lesser known titles, THE LEGEND OF THE SEVEN GOLDEN VAMPIRES. Sure, it might not compare to their classics of the earlier years, but it is still a fun movie to watch. And especially after you get done reading the retrospective in here, I'm sure you're going to want to watch it again.
    For information about the new issue, you can check out their official page HERE, or their Facebook page HERE. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up, as well as any issues that you don't have. Tons of great info within these pages.

    While their April Ghouls Drive-In Monster-Rama is a few weeks away, DVD Drive-In have announced the dates and the films for their September Monster-Rama. And as usual, they have a great lineup of fun and entertaining films. Taking place on Sept. 12th and 13th, they will be screening 8 different features. On Friday, they will having a Mario Bava night, screening PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES, DR. GOLDFOOT AND THE GIRL BOMBS, KILL BABY KILL, and HOUSE OF EXORCISM (the 'modified' version of LISA AND THE DEVIL). Then on Saturday, the titles are TASTE THE BLOOD OF DRACULA, DRACULA A.D. 1972, TROG, and THE HOUSE THAT SCREAMED. These are all from 35mm  prints. Details and ads won't start until after their April show, but keep checking DVD Drive-In for the info.

    At the HorrorHound show last weekend, we got to meet and hang out with Kevin...oops, Bryan Martinez from Film Deviant, who is another Chicago area horror journalist, and his buddy Craig Medeiros, and Robert Poole from IndieHorror.TV. One of the best things about these events is getting to hang out with like minded horror fiends and just talking about the genre we love. We were up to the wee hours of the morning talking shop and just loving it. These guys are fellow fans that want nothing more than to help promote the genre and it's movies and really appreciate it for what it is. We really need more people like you guys.

    This 1980 film by Greydon Clark is one of those films that some fans have been dying to see get a DVD release for a long time. And why did I say "some fans"? Because I don't believe it was even released on VHS let alone DVD before, so there are a lot of people that have never even heard of it. But now, thanks to Shout Factory, that will be changing. With an all-star cast that features the likes of Martin Landau, Jack Palance, Cameron Mitchell, and a very young David Caruso (in some very scary yellow shorts), the movie features a very tall alien (with some killer frisbees) played by Kevin Peter Hall, who happened to be the same actor inside the suit in the first PREDATOR movie. This one is definitely getting purchased when it comes out.

    I know we mentioned it last, but wanted to send out that reminder that if you haven't voted yet, now would be the good time. There are a lot of different categories, but you don't have to vote in all of them, just which ever ones you want to. But there's a lot of hard working people out there nominated so give it a good look over and cast your vote.
    Of course, we have to make mention that our book Hidden Horror is nominated for Best Book of 2013 (#11) and myself was nominated for Best Column (#16) for my column in HorrorHound. For all the info, just click HERE.

    With this update, since we've mentioned more than a few things about composers, I thought it would be good to continue this trend and highlight one of our favorite composers this week. If you're a fan of Italian zombies movies, then you know this man's incredible work. So let's get to the classroom to learn more.

    Now this is a funny story. After we posted our last pick, I got a few emails from people stating the shot was from 1962 movie THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN'T DIE. Of course, they were wrong because it was from the 1956 movie THE BLACK SLEEP, which featured an all-star cast of Basil Rathbone, Lon Chaney Jr., Bela Lugosi, Tor Johnson and even John Carradine. But then, one of our Mystery Photo regulars, Hoby Abernathy, wasn't satisfied when I told him BRAIN was the wrong answer and sends me a clip from the movie. And low and behold, the exact shot that I grabbed from BLACK SLEEP is cut into the BRAIN film. Pretty bizarre that it would be that exact shot that I decided to do a frame grab from.
    So kudos to Mr. Abernathy for pointing this out. And to those that sent in your guess of BRAIN, I have to give you credit as well. I might have deleted some of the emails, so if I don't mention you, I apologize. But to Dahlia Daniels and Mike Shields, as well as Mr. Abernathy, congrats for correctly guessing ONE of the titles this shot was from. Funny thing is...didn't get any guesses of THE BLACK SLEEP. If you haven't seen this little gem, I highly recommend it. Lots of fun, great cast, and some pretty intense surgery footage for the mid '50s.
    But let us get to this week's photo. Hopefully it is only from ONE movie this time! Take a peek, think real hard, then click HERE to send in your answer.

    The debut issue of Evilspeak is now out and available for order. We are so proud to be part of this killer old school style magazine, featuring articles on many different aspects of the horror genre from yesterday, to also highlighting people and films that need more attention. There's something on Chas Balun, a huge 9-page retrospect on Gore Shriek comics, some heavy metal horror, interviews with cult director Ulli Lommel and ELM STREET stars Heather Langenkamp & Amanda Wyss, Donald Farmer's Drive-In Fever, as well as covering movies like HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP, TOURIST TRAP, WITHOUT WARNING, HUMONGOUS, THE DEMON LOVER and much more. Of course, when I was asked to be a part of it, writing something on Paul Naschy was a must, so there is a retrospective of my personal favorite Naschy flick, HORROR RISES FROM THE TOMB in there from me, as well as taking a look back at the Blood Island films from the Philippines. Throw all of that in, filled out with killer art by Don England, Putrid, Splatterbeast, Slasher Dave, and more, and it really a must buy for die-hard horror fans.
    One of the special things about this magazine is that it is 80-pages of killer content, with NO ADVERTISEMENTS! Most magazines this days are 1/3 of ads that you're paying for. But not Evilspeak. Like they point out in their ad "All Killer, NO Filler!" So head over to their Facebook page to order your copy today. If you order fast and are one of the first 250 people, you will get a free limited edition "Beast of Blood" retro monster mask. So don't delay and click HERE for more info. You can also order it HERE. If you're coming out to HorrorHound Weekend next week, then make sure stop by the Razorback Records booth to pick up your copy!

    They just announced the nominations for the Rondo Awards and it seems my column for HorrorHound was nominated for the 2nd year in a row. Maybe this year we can beat out that Bowen guy! Just kidding, John. Kind of.
    Also, Hidden Horror was also nominated for Best Book as well. Going to be some tough competition for this one since are some great titles listed in there.
    Right now, they only have them posted on the Classic Horror Film Board but I'm sure will have them posted up on the actual Rondo site soon. But just click HERE to check them out now. Then make sure you cast your votes for your favorites in each of the categories. You don't have to vote in each, but we recommend voting for the ones you know. And as much as we'd like to tell you to do it the Chicago way and vote early and vote often, we do want to be fair about it. There's a lot of talented people in there who's hard work all deserve a look.

    Speaking of Hidden Horror, we've updated the Hidden Horror page with a few more recent reviews that have been popping up. It seems that people are quite taken with this book. Just click on the book to the left to be taken to the Hidden Horror page (or here) that has all the reviews and info on how to order your own copy.

    Of course next weekend we will be heading out to Cincinnati for our first official stop in the 2014 Kryptic World Tour. Been a long, cold winter, and we are in much need of some convention fun. And this one should do the trick. With pretty much all the cast from the first two EVIL DEAD movies, as well as cult ICON (yes...I used the word icon) Clint Howard there, a great list of composers (that I think need much more credit than they get), not to mention a few other names there, it is going to be a great show. Not to mention getting to see and hang out with a bunch of our convention friends again. For all the latest details about the show, just click HERE.
    Of course, this will also be the first show that Hidden Horror makes its debut at. They will be available at the Hidden Horror table, which will be located right next to our table, so it will be pretty easy to find.  Quite a few of the contributors to the book will be at the show wandering around throughout the weekend. So make sure you stop by our table and add this highly praised and reviewed edition to your collection.

    Movieside Film Festival presents this year's Sci-Fi Spectacular which will take place on April 12th at 12pm at the Patio Theater. Once again, it will feature 14 hours of some great and classic movie titles on the big screen. I can't tell you how excited I am to get to see GODZILLA VS KING KONG in the theater. This was such a childhood favorite of mine that it will be so cool to see it on the big screen. And of course, they also will be screening the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. I know we've all seen this movie many, many times. But how many times have you seen it in a theater? Really makes a difference. Plus, Kyra Schon, the original little zombie girl, will be attending. They will also be screening the Georges Méliès silent classic A TRIP TO THE MOON (with live organ music), which is something that EVERY film fan should see. Also on schedule is John Carpenter's ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, BUCKAROO BANZAI, Ridley Scott's LEGEND, Dario Argento's PHENOMENA, and a rare screening of David Cronenberg's STEREO.
    Tickets are $25 at the door or $20 pre-sale, so get them now. There will be the usual fun stuff there, with dealers, auctions, movie trailers, and much more. For all the current info about the event, head over to the Facebook event page HERE.

    If you've gone to a convention or two in the last 15 years, you've probably seen Jill from Lix, selling her incredible selection of shirts, hoodies, and all sorts of cool apparel for you and your home. Out of all the years that I've been going, I have never met someone as friendly and gracious as Jill. And now with her husband Gregg, they just make another reason why we love going to the shows. And she always makes killer cookies!
    Well, now they have officially opened up their new store in Champaign, IL, located at 22 E Springfield Ave. The grand opening was this weekend and if it wasn't for us having to get ready for our first convention next weekend, we would have been down there to show our support. But you can still stop by there and browse their goods and wares! You can check out their website HERE. Always good to support the local business like this one. Not to mention that Jill and Gregg are just great people.

    Our good buddy Dr. AC (aka Aaron Christensen) recently chatted with independent movie mogul Larry Fessenden recently about his latest film, BENEATH, which is just coming out on Blu-Ray from Shout Factory. He has posted the interview on his blog, which we enjoyed so much that we want to make sure you go over to his blog and read it. Fessenden is a very important driving force behind the independent film scene and has not only directed some damn entertaining movies, but also has produced a few good ones as well.  Head over to AC's blog by clicking HERE.

    Of course, we love every time we hear news of a new book coming out that we immediately want to add to our ever-growing collection of horror reference books. And now it looks like another title will be added shortly.  Dustin McNeil, who wrote the PHANTASM retrospective for HorrorHound back in issue #17, now has a book coming out detailing the making of this strange and entertaining series, called Phantasm Exhumed. With over 60 interviews and plenty of never-before-published photos, anybody that is a fan of this series (and how could you NOT be) is going to want to pick this up.
    Now HorrorHound states it will be shipping this month, but there hasn't been an update on the official blog since January. And we can't find any other info on the book, so we're waiting to hear back from McNeil himself to give us an update on when it will be available. When we find out, we'll pass it on here.

    While on the subjects of books, there's news that Hammer scholar/writer Bruce Hallenbeck will be having a new book coming out in May of this year from Hemlock Books. While they are a UK based publisher, they always put out some quality products. But this time, instead of Hammer, it will be on their rivals, Amicus Pictures. The book is entitled The Amicus Anthology. That is really only the info we have, coming from Bruce himself. Anybody that has read any of his Hammer books, as well as the countless articles he's penned for Little Shoppe of Horrors of the years know he is not only a talented writer but always has so much great information. Really looking forward to this book. Once we get more info, such as the cover and where you can get it, we'll be posting it here. So stay tuned.

    Of course, since we mentioned Hammer films, we need to mention this other little news bit to get some help with. There is an online petition to get the Hammer titles that Warner Bros. owns to get them released on Blu-ray. They need 10,000 signatures and at the time of this writing, they have a little over 2800. Doesn't take but a minute or two, so please click HERE, fill out the info, and then once they get released, we'll all sit down to have one big Hammer viewing party at my house! Sound good? Then get to it.

    And....since we're talking about Hammer Horror on Blu-Ray, it would be the perfect time to mention that Synapse Films will be releasing COUNTESS DRACULA on Blu-Ray/DVD this May. The film will be presented in 1080p HD in a 1.66:1 aspect ratio, with extras such as actress Ingrid Pitt, director Peter Sasdy, screenwriter Jeremy Paul, and author Jonathon Sothcott (which I'm assuming is the same one from the original MGM release),, as well as a featurette entitled Immortal Countess: The Cinematic Life of Ingrid Pitt. There will also be an archival audio interview with Ingrid Pitt, still gallery, theatrical trailer, and reversible cover artwork.
    So far Synapse has knocked their previous Hammer titles right out of the park, so we are very excited to add this one to the collection.

    This entry in our little Horror History lesson has the honor of being the very first cinematic vampire to actually have fangs. Head over to our classroom to learn more.

    Our last photo is from a movie that features the monster that I will always remember as the "Burnt Casserole Man", because of the comment made by Gilda Radner in IT CAME FROM HOLLYWOOD. The film is actually a pretty entertaining sci-fi flick from the late '50s called FIRST MAN INTO SPACE that has an astronaut coming back from a test flight in not-so-good shape. Kudos to Craig Clark and Mike Shields for sending in the correct answer. Well done.
    So here is our latest photo...a nice head shot, don't you think? Well, don't think too hard or you might have to have this little procedure on you. Just click HERE to send in your answer and as always, good luck.

3-2-14  END OF AN ERA?
As you might have noticed, I didn’t get an update posted last week. There were a few reasons for it, such as car shopping/buying with my son. But mainly I was just too busy to get to it, which seems to be the case more and more lately. I know these last few months I have been putting in some long hours at my new job, and while that’s not helping, honestly I don’t think it’s the problem. Years ago when I started this site, it was pretty much my one and only outlet for my ramblings. But these days I seem to have more than a few places to let my rantings run wild, such as in the pages HorrorHound and the newly spawned Evilspeak, not to mention other avenues that I haven’t had time to explore, such as the video blog idea that I’ve been wanting to start up for a few years now. And of course, there is my own book project that I haven’t spent much time that is sitting there waiting for some attention.

Over these last few years, I was always aware the site’s days were numbered, which had nothing to do with my passion for it but the technology of it all. I started this site back in 1998, using Microsoft’s Front Page program, buying the upgrade each time they came out, the last one was in 2003. So I’m using a program that is over 10 years old. In fact, it’s not easy finding a web host that even offers Front Page extensions. My last provider told me they were no longer offering them…starting the previous day. I happened to find this out when I noticed my site was down and heard the news when I called tech support. Nothing like advance notice! But I know that at some point, this program isn’t going to work anymore or be compatible with the next version of Windows, or it will be too difficult to find a host that still offers FP extensions. Upgrading to a new program would just mean more money and more time to learn how to use it, as well as trying to transfer over everything. More time is what I'm trying to free up.

Plus, these days, nobody has “websites” anyway. They’re blogs! Even the biggest websites out there are just blogs with a little more flash to them. What I’ve been creating over the last 15 years…honestly…is a dinosaur.

Now a few weeks ago, I was ready to throw in the towel completely, or at least put it on hiatus for an indefinite period. I figured freeing up the time I spend working on the site every week would give me more time to work on those other projects that I keep putting off, not to mention maybe watching a few more movies and read some of the ever-growing collection of books here. The last thing I wanted was this site to be is work, and something that I didn't look forward to working on every week. And there are times where the “work” outweighs the “fun”, more and more it seems. But do I need to stop it completely? Since the weekly update was a schedule that I set for myself, it doesn’t mean I couldn’t change that and go with bi-monthly updates, or something similar. I know that if I did stop the site, I wouldn’t be complete off the web, and would probably start a regular blog to post my thoughts, reviews, comments or even just a little rant every now and then. Who knows?

But as of now, I still need to put more thought into it before I make any official decisions or change over anything. I just wanted to let everyone know that I might not be having my regular updates like usual. Going to ease off those for a bit and see how things play out. I would like to say thanks to everyone out there that has given me support over the years and that keep coming back to the site. You are the reason I’ve been doing this for as long as I have been. Can’t thank you enough.

Okay…enough whining…let’s get to the update.

    One of my favorite films of all time, THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE, is going to be getting a Blu-Ray release from Shout Factory this summer. This title was the first title I rented when I got my first VCR. Though I had seen it before, I knew that was the one that was going to christen my new VCR. Yes, that was a few years ago. But I feel that even today the film holds up quite well, from a stellar cast, a well written script by Richard Matheson, who adapted it from his own novel, and a wonderful and creepy direction from John Hough. Very excited to hear it getting a release on blu-ray, but really hoping for some nice extras. Commentary by Hough, by chance? Interview with Pamela Franklin? Come on...lets really make this an amazing release.
    Shout Factory has also announced plenty of other titles that they plan to release this summer, some that I'm particular excited about is EVILSPEAK and DOG SOLDIERS, the later of which really needed a nice crisp and clean Blu-ray edition since the last one wasn't up to standards. Plus, seeing EVILSPEAK get a grand treatment would also make me a happy camper. The old Anchor Bay version had a very entertaining and informative audio commentary led by Clint Howard himself. FINAL TERROR also has been announced which is one of those films that needs to be seen by more people. Great little flick.

    Little confused on this bit of news. But this May Scorpion Releasing is set to put out SCREAMERS on Blu-Ray and DVD. This isn't the Peter Weller Sci-Fi flick, but the slighted edited American version of the 1979 Sergio Martino's ISLAND OF THE FISHMEN, which was released already on DVD by Mya back in 2009. As the story goes, SCREAMERS was the American title that was given once New World Pictures picked it up for distribution here in the States in 1981. Somebody came up with the disclaimer on the poster "Be Warned: You will actually see a man turned inside-out." Both Joe Dante and Jim Wynorski claim it they were the one that came up with it too. The other story is that when they first released it to the drive-ins, because there are no "men turned inside out", it was causing a lot of trouble because people wanted their money back. So Corman had a film crew and a few actors (Cameron Mitchell, Mel Ferrer, and a few others, as well as a creature created by Chris Walas, and tacked that on the beginning of the movie. There is one other shot in the movie, near the end of the film where the camera starts to pan across one of the fish creatures that is in mid-transformation. That shot was replaced with another very similar shot but of a different creature, one that looks more like the fish man from THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON.
    So...I'm just confused at why Scorpion would go through the trouble and do a brand new transfer of a film that technically has been released in its original form, just to have some new footage in there? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for having this version released, but it seems strange that to do a whole new release of it. Plus, the extras are suppose to include interviews with Dante & Wynorski, so maybe we'll get to hear both of them take the credit for it! But there is also interviews with Roger Corman and Clark Henderson, with trailers for both SCREAMERS and the other re-titled version called SOMETHING WAITS IN THE DARK, along with some behind the scenes stills from Miller Drake's personal collection. Again, I can only assume these stills would be from the new footage that was filmed.
    Just too bad they couldn't have put these out as a single release with both versions of the film. But alas, since I am a big fan of this movie, I will be picking it up when it comes out. But maybe now we'll have the definitive story on all this bally-hoo!

    Thanks to Vincent's daughter Victoria, we have an official website dedicated to this wonderful and talented man. While it might not encompass all the news about Price, since it is coming from his daughter, you'll likely get some inside scoop on some things sooner. I have to say that while Victoria is not a fan of horror movies herself, she gives credit to the horror fans out there that have kept (and keep) her father's memory alive. Nice to see when the horror fans get recognized for all that we do.
    Just click HERE to get the site.
    But one of the other cool things about this site is that there is a section about Price and his cooking talents. Now, anybody that has been to one of the events at the Kitley household knows of my wife's (and now son's) passion for cooking. So that gives us that second connection with Vincent Price. I remember being excited to find an old beat up copy of his first cookbook, A Treasury of Great Recipes that Price wrote with his wife, and was published back in 1965. Well, next year, they will be releasing a 50 year anniversary edition of the book. Wait...I was born in 1965. That means next year....
    Anyway, Victoria Price is taking a road trip, visiting the different restaurants that her parents ate and and gathered some of these recipes and blogging about them on the Food section of this website. So if you happen to be not only a horror fan, but a foodie like are, this would also be interesting to follow.

    Okay, how come I missed this? Not sure how long these have been available, but I'm pretty bummed that I hadn't heard about it. Of course, I would have been bummed even more if they were sold out. But thankfully they are still available. What am I talking about? Well, while doing a little research on one of my favorite Naschy films, NIGHT OF THE WEREWOLF, I came across the artwork that was used for the 2007 DVD release. Clicking on the site where the image came from, I found that it from a site called Savage-Eye and it has several prints from different DVD releases that you can purchase, including the one from the NIGHT DVD release. They also had prints from LEMORA which is also very cool. Strange that it doesn't list the artist at all, although when you purchase it, the payment is made to Wes Benscoter, so one can only assume. But none the less, I have a print of this amazing piece of art coming to me soon, and will make a nice addition to the Naschy collection.
    For more information or to pick up your own print, head over to the site by clicking HERE.

    Earlier today, I was honored to be a guest on the Spanish podcast Horror Rises From Spain, hosted by fellow Hidden Horror author Elena Anele (she covered HUNCHBACK OF THE MORGUE). We got to talk about different Spanish horror films and some of the people involved, and of course Paul Naschy. You can hear the podcast for free by heading over to the blog by clicking HERE.

    Our last photo was from the 1946 film THE BEAST WITH 5 FINGERS, starring the always amazing Peter Lorre. I was so happy to see so many people sending in the correct answer, because that means pretty much that they had seen the movie before. I really is a fun little flick that actually does have some creepy moments, not to mention it is just fun watching Lorre on screen. So a huge kudos to the following: Hoby Abernathy, Cate Cameron, Aaron Christensen, Craig J. Clark, Dave Friedman, Chris Kinniery, Doug Lamoreux, Gavin Schmitt, Mike Shields, Wayne Teeter, and Tom White. Nice job, people.
    So this week's photo might be a little dark, but hopefully you can make out enough to recognize the picture. Just click HERE to send in your answer. Good luck!

2-16-14  DR. AC ON THE RADIO
    Our fearless editor of Hidden Horror was on WGN radio last week, on the Nick Digilio show. You can hear them talk about the book as well as plenty of other horror films out there by clicking HERE.

    Speaking of radio, for those interested in keeping up with what's new with HorrorHound magazine, you can check out them out on HorrorHound radio. Once or twice a month, some of the HorrorHound staff gets together with Freddy Morris from Night of the Living Podcast to talk about the new issue of magazine, as well as what else might be going on in the world of horror. Just click HERE to find out more info.

    The two horror fiends behind this Rondo Award winning blog are having a Hidden Horror contest, where you can win a copy of the book Hidden Horror, along with some other great prizes.  Head over to their blog HERE for all the info.

    Movieside Film Festival has announced the date for this year's Sci-Fi Spectacular, which will be on Saturday April 12th, starting at noon and running until about 2am Sunday morning. So far the only titles that they have announced so far is the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and Dario Argento's PHENOMENA. Not two titles that me think Sci-Fi, but ones that I would love to see on the big screen again none the less.  They'll be adding plenty of more titles, as well as short films and other fun stuff they usually have.
    This will be taking place at the Patio Theater in Chicago, located at 6008 Irving Park Rd and tickets are only $20.  For all the updated info, check out the Facebook page for all the updates.

    This week's lesson in about a Spanish actress that might look familiar to you, especially if you've watched more than a few Paul Naschy movies.  Head over to the classroom to learn more.

    Our photo from last week featured a bunch of beach girls and a monster and was called...THE BEACH GIRLS AND THE MONSTER. It is another one of these cheap beach movies where they throw in a monster for good measure. Lots of dated dance numbers that will have you wondering how we made it pass that time era, not to mention a very creative looking monster.  Well, not really, but fun to watch.  We got quite a few correct answers sent in which makes me either proud that you guys know your movies or that you have a lot of free time on your hands!  None the less, kudos goes out to Hoby Abernathy, Chris Kinniery, Ray Kukurka, Doug Lamoreux, Gavin Schmitt, Mike Shields, Wayne Teeter, and Greg Wojick.  Well done!
    Now lets get to this week's photo. Another black and white one, but maybe a little bit more of a classic than our last one.  So let your fingers click on the photo to the right to get a better view. Just because not to let them wander off on their own....
    Just click HERE to send in your answer.  Good luck.

    Okay, so I've taken a few liberties with a line from Coleridge's Ancient Mariner tale, but I had to mention this email that I recently received. Actually it was the second time I got this particular email that was from a person at a marketing agency. The first email was deleted right I realized they wanted to put an ad up on my site. Then a couple of weeks later, I get another one, even telling me that they've tried to contact me before but never heard back. They're consistent...I'll give them that. They wanted to make sure I understood that they would pay me "$190 annually for a professionally written guest editorial". I have to admit I was pretty damn curious what this editorial would be about, not to mention what would qualify them as a "professional".  I mean, obviously it would be them trying to sell something to promote something, but would it really fit into the Krypt's theme? When I replied to their second email, telling them that I am not interested in having ads or sales pitches on my site, even for some money, they didn't seem to understand how I could turn down this easy profit. They didn't seem to understand that I have never have ads, banners, or whatever up on my site, unless it is something that I myself have chosen to promote, not because I'm getting paid for it. That you will never see the usual random ad banners pop up and flood all sides of the content of my site, like these other larger sites out there. Never have, never will. I hope that is one thing that set me apart from most of the other sites out there.
    Which brings me to another point. I want to give some major kudos out there to all the other people that run sites and blogs that are doing it for the passion of the genre, not just in hopes of getting a writing gig out of it. Not saying there is anything wrong with that, just as long as it doesn't make one lose their integrity. But the sites out there that have that need/desire to help promote different aspects of the genre, to give their opinion on a movie or something else going on, or even as simple as wanting to let people know what they thought of a particular movie. For example, one of these sites that we've been following for a little while, that we recently just met 1/2 of the creative minds behind it, is Terror From Beyond the Daves. This Rondo Award winning blog is run by Dave Fuentes or David Albaugh and show their passion with each and every post. We met Dave Fuentes a couple of weeks ago at the Hidden Horror book launch, in which Dave is actually one of the writers in the book, taking on the film DARK NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW. Now we're not mentioning Dave and his site because of this, or the fact that the other Dave just reviewed Hidden Horror. The reason is because it doesn't take but a few minutes of reading their posts to see their passion for the horror and monster films, and the people that are involved it in. What they speak about comes from the heart and that is what is most important. Not to mention the fact that they run a pretty damn entertaining blog that is fun to read. So check it out when you get a chance.

    While we've never actually been to Dark Delicacies, we've gotten a few things from them over the years. If they weren't located out in California, we might make it there more often!  But on March 8th, they will be having a signing featuring Hidden Horror and 4 of the contributors: Nate Yapp (ALUCARDA), Lawrence P. Raffel (FASCINATION), Paul Hough (THE BEAST MUST DIE) and Michael Klug (SHOCK WAVES) will be there to discuss the book as well as signing it for you.  So if you're in the area, head on over there and check it out.  For more info, head over to their site HERE.

    I think we might have posted about this before, but even if we did, nothing like keeping the word out there. Director Víctor Matellano presents a documentary on the Spanish horror films of the '60s, '70s, and '80s, entitled ZARPAZOS!. Un viaje por el Spanish Horror, translated in English....CLAWING! A Journey Through the Spanish Horror. This documentary features interviews with the likes of Joe Dante, Jack Taylor, Caroline Munro, Paco Plaza, Jorge Grau, Engenio Martín, José R. Larraz, and many more.
    Spanish horror films are a great sub-genre, featuring some amazing gothic pictures, beautiful and atmospheric landscapes, a wonderful array of talented actors, and some amazing monsters! The look and feel of them really set them apart, not to mention the passion that they were made with. So we are excited to see this new documentary and hope that it can bring more of these films and the people that made them into the spotlight and help people discover more of these great films. Just click HERE to see the trailer for it.

    The nominations for the 2013 Rondos were suppose to be announced today, but they have extended the nomination process one more week, meaning they will be unleashed on Sunday, Feb. 16th. Then you'll have 6 weeks to place your vote for all the different categories. But in the meantime, you still have a week to send in your nominations.  Such as...oh, I don't know...the best book like Hidden Horror?  Or maybe even best website, magazine column, or anything else that you might be thinking about?
    In all seriousness, please head over there and let them know some of your favorites from last year, from magazine article, best DVD, book, and plenty of other great categories. The reason is simply because there are a lot of hard working people out there that do this for the love of the genre. And we always want to applaud that.  So head over to the Rondo Awards page by clicking HERE, or go to the official message board HERE to cast your idea in for a nomination.

    While this book doesn't cover just horror films, I'm sure there are quite a few titles in there that most horror fans are going to be familiar with. But this just sounds like a fun book to read through no matter what. With 666 movie reviews, filling out close to 600 pages, author Mike "McBeardo" McPadden gives us another great looking book for movie-fans collections. Covering movies like BLACK ROSES, EVILSPEAK, HARD ROCK ZOMBIES, as well as a slew of other titles that most metal fans would enjoy, like CONAN THE BARBARIAN, ROBOCOP, MAD MAX, and plenty more.
    You can pre-order this volume now at a special deal through the publisher's website (click HERE) and not only save yourself $10, but also score a full color cover art patch as well as a barf bag!  How can you lose?

    Midnight Marquee has got a few new book titles coming out this year that I know I'll be adding a couple of them to my collection. I don't have any real info on these books, other than that they were announced on their website, so I don't have dates or prices. But I wanted to help get the word out because they sound pretty cool. First off, it seems they will be putting out an edition of Troy Howarth's Bava book, The Haunted World of Mario Bava. Originally published by FAB Press in 2002, this book was pretty damn impressive, until of course Tim Lucas put out his tome, All the Colors of the Dark. But none the less, the FAB Press edition is hard to find and is damn pricey. So it will be great to see it become available and more costly than that through Midnight Marquee.
    But they also have announced two books that are on two actors that I think are highly underrated. The first book is called Ralph Bates: An Actor's Life, by Christopher Gullo. Bates was mainly known for his work in the later Hammer films, though did make a few non-Hammer horror films. But I've always found him a talented actor and fun to watch. The second title is called Lionel Atwill: The Exquisite Villain.  Ever since seeing THE GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN, I have always loved seeing Atwill on the screen. Whether he was in a minor bit part, or the lead, he was always a joy to watch, where he could chew the scenery better than most.
    So we are very excited to add these two volumes to our library, not to mention digging into them to learn more about these two talent men. For more info and details when they become available, head over to Midnight Marquee's website HERE.

    We have posted our review of the score for a new movie called CRIMSON WINTER, with the score being from William Piotrowski.  Head over to our Soundtrack Review section to read our thoughts.

    What better way than taking your special someone to a midnight screening of the original 1981 Canadian slasher film, MY BLOODY VALENTINE.  Screening at the Music Box Theatre on Friday the 14th and Saturday the 15th, this apparently will be a "vintage 35mm print featuring extra gore never shown theatrically".  Little confused on that one since the theatrical prints of this film was cut. But even seeing this film in the original version on the big screen would be a special night for that special someone in your life. Sure, in a twisted horror fan nut sort of way, but still special.
    For more info, head over to the Music Box's website HERE.

    Do you even know what an Asphyx is? If you do, then you must be familiar with the 1973 British film starring Robert Powell about a scientist who discovers the secret of immortality, just by capturing a little thing called an asphyx.  But thanks to Roving Revivals, you could have the chance to see it. They need 75 advanced purchased tickets to make this happen, which is set to take place on Thursday, March 6th, at 7:30pm, at the Muvico Rosemont 18 Theater in Rosemont, IL.  Tickets are $11, which might seem a bit high, but you also have to understand this is a rare chance to see this film on the big screen.
    For all the information, head over to the website HERE.

    This week's lesson is about a director in the '40s that didn't make too many films, but the ones that he did, he did really well. Head over to the classroom to find out more.

    I have to say I was pretty impressed with the two who guessed our last photo correctly. I thought I was going to stump everyone on this one. This little gem is called TRACK OF THE MOON BEAST, released in 1976, but had one great looking VHS case, which is probably why most of us rented in back in the '80s. Great movie? Not really. But fun? Oh yeah. Kudos to the following that did send in the correct answer: Craig Clark and Don England.  For some reason, I thought there were a couple more, so if you did send in the correct answer and I missed it, I apologize. Feel free to email me and use all CAPS!
    But let's get to this week's photo. It's an old black and white classic. Just click HERE to send us your answer.  As always, good luck.

    With just a couple of days into February, all of you soldiers out there should have received your new mission for this month.  So let's not dilly-dally too long and get started on it.  If you're not joining in all the army fun, then why not?  Where you can you be rewarded just for watching a couple of movies a month?  Need more info, then just click HERE.
    For those of you that were one of our lucky winners from last year, I still need your photo!  I've gotten a couple, but am still looking for more.  Just need a little snapshot of you holding the prize, so we can post it on our Army page, letting everyone else be envious of you and your prize.  Plus, it shows all the potential soldiers just all the cool stuff they could be winning.
    And lastly...if you're in the Army, let's try to increase our numbers here.  So put on your recruitment hats and convince your friends to enlist.  Here's the deal...if you get a friend to enlist and participate, make sure they drop me an email and let  me know you are the one that got them to enlist.  Then you will be a bonus of having your name being put into the pot an extra time at the end of the year.  For example, if you complete all 12 missions throughout the year, your name will be in there 12 times.  But if you do that, AND get 2 people to enlist and participate, then you would be in there 14 times.  So how that all works?  Any questions, just let me know.  See you on the front lines.

    I really don't like having all of these updates with announcements of people that we have lost.  But I guess it is the best way to make sure that we remember these people and the work they have given us, that never goes away and continues to bringing entertainment to fans from around the world.
    The first one is Gordon Hessler, who passed away on the 19th at the age of 83.  He was a producer and director that started his career working with Universal Studios on the TV shows Alfred Hitchcock Presents and The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, staring as a story reader and making his way up from associate producer to producer, even directing.  He worked with AIP continuing the Edgar Allan Poe series that Roger Corman started, with films like THE OBLONG BOX (1969), CRY OF THE BANSHEE (1970), MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE (1971), as well as SCREAM AND SCREAM AGAIN (1970).  He also directed THE GOLDEN VOYAGE OF SINBAD (1974).  And of course, he was also the man behind the camera for the cult classic KISS MEETS THE PHANTOM (1978).  While his films might not hold us as great classics, they do represent a special time in horror movies that they generally were entertaining in the least.  Something that some movies these days have forgotten.
    Our second name was someone that had a huge impact on children growing up in the '60s and '70s.  And that would be Arthur Rankin Jr., one half of Rankin/Bass Productions.  Rankin Jr. passed away a couple of days ago, on the 30th, at the age of 89.  Not only has he been involed with so many children's programming over the years, but him and his partner Jules Bass gave us holiday classics like RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER (1964), THE LITTLE DRUMMER BOY (1968), FROSTY THE SNOWMAN (1969), SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN (1970), and many more.  He also was a producer for the American version of the Turkey-Day favorite KING KONG ESCAPES (1967).  Of course, as much as I enjoyed those holiday shows, there was one of them he made that had a huge impact on me as a kid.  And that was the MAD MONSTER PARTY? (1967).  Even using the voice of Boris Karloff as Dr. Frankenstein, and having all the classic monsters coming together in this children's program, as a young monster kid in the making, this was one program that I watched every time it was on.  It was one that you'd search through the TV guides each week to see if it was going to play and then make sure you were glued in front of the TV when it did.  Such fond memories of that show, as the others he worked on, are ones that I cherish even to this day.  He definitely made an impact on my childhood, and know I am not alone.  So again, while he will be missed, his work will live on for many future generations to come.
    Although, I was amazed to find out that Rankin's wife was none other than Olga Karlatos.  Fulci fans remember her as the poor woman that meets the nasty end of a huge splinter in his film ZOMBIE.  Wow...had no idea.


    If you'd rather not go through Amazon, you can order your own copy of Hidden Horror right from us.  Just click HERE for all the info.

    Scream Factory has announced their plans to release the 1982 killer rat movie THE DEADLY EYES on DVD and Blu-ray sometime this year.  This one brings back fond memories for me since we had this at the theater I worked at.  Directed by Robert Clouse, who made a few martial arts pictures, including ENTER THE DRAGON.  Most might not know, but Clouse was completely deaf, which might explain why his films tended to be more visual than most.  In any case, this one might be a bit cheesy with little dachshund dressed up like rats, but we were impressed with the gore, and just a lot of fun.  No real details on the release, but this will make the first time it hits the digital age, so we're pretty excited about it.

    In a little over a month, we will be starting this year's round of conventions, and boy are we ready for them.  Seems like forever since our last one and are chomping at the bit for them to start up again.  We've got 7 shows planned so far this year, and may throw one or two more in there, even if we're not vending.  With some great guests scheduled, we are so looking forward to getting back to being able to hang out with our extended convention family, as well as getting the chance to talk horror movies with so many like minded people.
    So here's what we have scheduled so far.  Hope to see you there.

  • HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati, OH, Mar. 21st-23rd - With an EVIL DEAD and EVIL DEAD 2 reunion, several composers for a Composing Horrors event,this looks to like a great show.  Of course, the fact that they have Clint Howard there is just makes it even more awesome.  Plus, this show will be the debut show for Hidden Horrors, so we're excited for that.  Of course, we'll have them at all the shows this year, so no worries.

  • Cinema Wasteland in Strongsville, OH on Apr. 4th-6th - A couple of weeks later, we make our bi-annual trip to Strongsville Ohio for our favorite show.  Always have a great time here and know this one will be no different.  And with guests like Larry Cohen, we know it's going to be a good one.

  • Motor City Nightmares in Novi, MI on Apr. 25th-27th - Last year was our first trip to this show and we just had a blast.  So much so that we've made it a regular stop on our yearly World Tour.  They have a bunch of icon guests lined up, so it should be another fun event.

  • Wonderfest in Louisville, KY on May 31st-Apr. 1st - This will be our 3rd time going to this show and once again looking forward to it.  This one will be there 25th Anniversary show with Chris Walas returning as a guest, among other talented people in the industry.  Just love seeing all the great model kits on display and for sale there.  Some really talented people there.

  • Flashback Weekend in Rosemont, IL on Aug. 8th-10th - Chicago's longest running horror con and one that we enjoy every year.  With the recent announcement of the PHANTASM reunion, we're pretty excited to get to see our favorite dwarf-kicking, guitar-playing, ice cream man around, Reggie Bannister.

    We have posted our review of the soundtrack of this recent release.  Head over to our Soundtrack Reviews to check it out.

    Last week's photo was from Larry Fessenden's brilliant film HABIT, which just so happens to be covered in Hidden Horror.  Coincidence?  Could be.  No matter what, it is a great movie that should be seen by all.  A modern day vampire movie that is extremely well done.  We only received one correct answer this week and that was from Gavin Schmitt.  Congrats to you, my friend!
    But if you're hoping that this week's photo was going to be an easy one, you are sadly mistaken.  This one is going to be tough as a thick skinned lizard, one could say.  The weird color thing going on in the photo is just like it is in the movie, so its not your computer.  Take a good look and see what you can come up with.   Just click HERE to send us your answer.  Good luck.

    I wanted to say thanks to everyone who came out last weekend for the official book launch for Hidden Horror.  This was the one of the reason for no update last week.  We had a pretty damn good turnout, sold a few books, and had so many great conversations with so many great people.  We have posted plenty of photos on the Hidden Horror Facebook page from the event, so you can head over there to see all the fun, not to mention the amazing cake we had for the event.  While my wife Dawn didn't actually make the cake, her little add-ons is what made it so damn special.  Once again if it wasn't for the hard work that John Pata put into laying out this fine tome, and of course, Dr. AC himself, Aaron Christensen, for gathering together this massive group of horror enthusiasts to take part in this project, it makes me feel even more proud to not only have been part of this great book.  But also that we had so many friends that came out to show their support for it.  Can't thank you guys enough.  Below is a shot of the contributors that were able to make it out for the launch, minus Joe Wallace who is just off to the left (Sorry Joe!)

    Who this, you say?  Ortolani is one of the many people that have an impact on movies and you never see them or their work.  Of course, we HEAR it.  Riz Ortolani was a composer that worked in just about every film genre out there.  Horror fans of course will know him for one that is probably most known for, the score for Ruggero Deodato's 1980 film CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST.  He also composed scores for films like Antonio Marghereriti's CASTLE OF BLOOD (1963) and HORROR CASTLE (1964), Lucio Fulci's DON'T TORTURE A DUCKLING (1974), KILLER CROCODILE (1989) and it's sequel KILLER CROCODILE 2 (1990).
    But Ortolani's music has developed quite a fan based in the industry, with Quentin Taratino using his music in both his KILL BILL films, as well as INGLORIOUS BASTARDS and DJANGO UNCHAINED.  He was nominated for an Oscar twice in his career, the first time was for Best Music, Original Song titled "More" that was used in the film MONDO CANE.  That's right folks, that film actually had an Oscar nomination.  He was also nominated for four Golden Globe awards, winning one of them.  His song "Oh My Love", which is sung by his wife Katyna Ranieri, was recently used in the film DRIVE as well, which was from a 1971 film called GOODBYE UNCLE TOM, made by Franco Prosperi, who also had directed MONDO CANE.
    Ortolani passed away last Wednesday, at the age of 87, just a few days away from celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary.  Not only did Ortolani work on film scores, but he had established the Pesaro Riz Ortolani Foundation, which is used to help promote music "through scholarships, seminars, debates, concerts and exhibitions."  It's one thing to create some incredible music, but also to want to pass that love on to other people is signs of a great person.  He will be missed.

    With Hollywood's latest entry into the Frankenstein genre proving that the only thing that can destroy Shelley's creation is poor numbers at the box office.  Now, I'm sure there are studio heads shaking their heads telling some subordinate that they knew they shouldn't have invested in such genre films.  With an budget reported to be around $65 million, which I'm sure went to all the fancy special effects and CGi work, and bringing in around $10 opening weekend, it is going to be a while before they start making money on this one.  Maybe, just maybe, one day they will realize that all the fancy looking CGI does not make a great picture.
    But the real sad part is that since this one is a failure, it pretty much means that any Frankenstein themed picture that was in the beginning stage probably just got knocked back, since the studios would assume that since this one failed, they all will.  Granted, while that might not be such a bad thing, I still have hopes of seeing Guillermo del Toro's version of Shelley's novel come to the screen, with Doug Jones, of course, playing the creature.  Maybe some day it will happen.

    I don't think you can be a fan of Italian cinema and not love the music of Ennio Morricone.  I think it is actually illegal in some states.  Seriously.  While there has been a soundtrack release before of the work that Morricone did for Lucio Fulci's 1971 film A LIZARD IN A WOMAN'S SKIN (aka UNA LUCERTOLA CON LA PELLE DI DONNA), thanks to the fine folks at Beat Records, you can now own the definitive 2-disc edition of this score.  This long out-of-print score now comes in a 2-disc edition that has approx. 90 minutes of music.  This is only a limited edition of 500 copies, so to order it, just head over to Screen Archives Entertainment.

    While it's hard to get me more excited than when HorrorHound announced that Clint Howard would be at the their March show, I figured that since we were on somewhat of a film score kick, it would be a good time to pass on the news that composer Christopher Young will be at show as well.  He is part of the Composing Horrors tribute they are gathering, along with composers Alan Howarth, Harry Manfredini, Joseph Loduca, Richard Band, and Don Peake.  I'm thrilled that someone is taking the time to put the spotlight on some people that really can make the movies we watch even more special.  Being a huge fan of soundtracks, we are very excited for this, and really hope they are doing a Q&A panel for these guys!

    The last of the Prizes for the 2013 winners have been mailed out and should have arrived by now.  Once again, PLEASE send me a photo of you holding on to your prize so we can add it to our Army page.  We've already gotten a couple of there, so please send them in!

    Being a die-hard horror fan, I just love me some good trivia.  Great way to challenge your fellow fiends as well as showing that you really have way too much time on your hands.  Thanks to author and life-long horror movie fan James Newman, we have a new book filled with "hair-raising" trivia that is a lot of fun.  It is called James Newman's 666 Hair-Raising Horror Movie Trivia.  Normally I don't just repost something from a press release because I always want to put it in my own words.  But this explanation really sums it up what it means to be a horror fan and it made me laugh.  So here it is:

"Ever been called a “weirdo” because you know more about Night of the Living Dead than you know about current events?  Do people look at you funny because you have no interest in reality-TV but you can name every film in which Vincent Price appeared?  Do you feel like an outsider because you’ve never cared about sports, yet you cheered at the top of your lungs when some kids played soccer with a severed head at the end of Hostel Part 2?  If you would rather visit Count Dracula’s castle than take a trip to the beach . . . if you’d prefer hanging out with Pinhead, having lunch with Leatherface, or babysitting for Rosemary instead of spending time with your real friends and family . . . this book is for YOU."

    You can order this book from Amazon or directly from the publisher HERE.  And the real beauty is that the price is only $9!  Hours of fun for a great price.

    If you are in the Bloomington Indiana area this March, the Indiana University is having a special event in their Cinema Department.  During two weekends, they will be celebrating the iconic talent that is Roger Corman, who is scheduled to be in attendance at some point.  On March 8th, they will be screening THE CONVERSATION (6:30pm) and THE TERROR (9:30pm).  Then the following Saturday, the 15th, they will be screening PAPER MOON (6:30pm) and then TARGETS (9:30pm).  We're not sure when exactly Corman will be appearing there, but will posting that when we find out.
    For more information, you can go to the official website HERE.

    Since the studios have stopped sending out actual films now and are going with the digital format, if theaters don't convert, they won't be able to show any newer movies.  This has put a huge dark cloud hanging over a lot of these theaters, especially the drive ins.  The Midway Drive In, owned and operated by Mike and Mia Kerz (who put on the Flashback Weekend convention) is needing your help.  They are asking for donations to help cover the expensive cost of converting to digital projector, that usually runs around $125,000.  So even if it is just what you'd normally pay for a movie ticket or a DVD, it can really add up and help keep this great place open and running.
    We've been out to the Midway quite a few times over the years and have always had such a great time.  Not only is it a nice nostalgic trip back for us older fans, but it is a great chance for younger fans to experience the same fun and excitement we had when we were younger.  So please help keep that alive for us, as well as for future generation of movie fans.  Head over to the Midway's website and click on the Paypal button to donate in either $10, $25, or $50 totals.  You can also contact them if you'd rather pay by credit card at 847-647-3124.  You can always email them at for more information.  But please, whatever you can spare.  It all adds up.

    Okay fans, here's a little story that shows you that dreams can come true with some hard work and dedication.  Some time ago, super fan (not to mention a stellar writer and talented PR machine), Kristy Jett started a Facebook page to bring some attention to the fact that one of her favorite movies, POPCORN, has not been released on DVD and needed to be.  She worked very hard on this, getting Michael Felsher from Red Shirt Pictures involved and then finally Synapse Films.  According to Synapse's Don May, they have "some amazing materials, including the original camera negative and 35mm Interpositive material to go through, to make sure this release is the best it can be.  We just got a  palette of amazing stuff we have to sort through for extras, including never before seen behind-the-scenes photos, documents, vintage interview tapes and even an alternate, never used original movie poster design."  They are hoping for a release this Halloween, but that has not been confirmed yet.  But we know, like all of Synapse's releases, once it does come out, it will be more than worth the wait.  To get all the updates, head over to the Facebook page HERE.
    But it just shows that if you really want something to happen and work hard enough at it, it can happen.  While not to take anything away from Synapse and Felsher for their work in this, we want to give a special shout out and "GREAT JOB" to Kristy for her undying dedication to this project, as well as the horror genre in general.  It's great to have her on our side.

    This is why I couldn't be totally against remakes.  Because of all the hype of the new Godzilla film coming out this summer, it means that other companies are going to do stuff to try and ride the promotional wave that comes along with the movie.  Kraken Releasing is a newer sub-label that will be unleashing 3 classic Godzilla films on Blu-ray and DVD.  As much as I enjoy the newer Godzilla films from the last couple of decades, I still enjoy the old classics, even if they are a bit more cheesy.  So I'm pretty excited that the following films will be getting a release: GODZILLA VS HEDORAH (aka GODZILLA VS THE SMOG MONSTER), EBIRAH: HORROR OF THE DEEP (aka GODZILLA VS THE SEA MONSTER) and finally GODZILLA VS GIGAN.  No details on the release dates, or any if any extras, but they will have both the English and Japanese versions.  Stay tuned for more details.

    Okay class, we're going to do something different this time.  We're going to open the floor to you, and ask you who YOU think we should highlight in a Horror History spotlight, as well as WHY you think we should.  Kind of like a little reserve teaching.  Send us an email with a name(s) of something that you feel needs more attention for their work in the genre, and why you think they are important.  If we like your idea, we'll use it in an upcoming post, and of course give you credit for it as well.

    For last week's photo, I did something different.  I used a shot from a fairly recent film, Jim Mickle's WE ARE WHAT WE ARE.  Sure, I know it's not something that we normally do, using something so recent.  But I wanted to not only change it up a bit, as well as put a little spotlight on Mickle's latest film, which we really enjoyed (other than the ending...sorry, had a bit of a problem with that).  So even though we got a lot of people sending in RAVENOUS, we did get a few that got the right title.  They were: Aaron Christensen, James Newman, and Matthew Wedge.  For those that haven't seen it, I urge you to check it out.  We'd love to hear your thoughts on it.
    For this week's photo, going back to something a little more classic and old school.  I promise....this one is definitely older than the year 2000....honest.

    Sure, I know we posted something in our last two updates, but it's not every day we have the first book under the Kitley's Krypt Press banner, so we just wanted to make sure that everyone is aware of the launch for Hidden Horror next Sunday at Spyner's Pub, which is located at 4623 Western Ave in Chicago.  Quite a few of the contributors are going to be there, plus we'll obviously have copies there for sale.  There will be trivia games and prizes, so make sure you bring your A-game!  We'll have movie trailers playing and plenty of fellow horror fans to hang out with and talk movies with.  So it you're guaranteed to have a good time.
    Once again, for the Facebook event page with all the info about the launch, just click HERE.  See you there!

    In the day and age where printed material is said to be a dying art form, there are some out there that are fighting to prove that not to be true.  And one of those is Billy Nocera from Razorback Records.  Being an old-school horror fan, one that grew up with reading about the horror films that weren't your typical mainstream fare, the cult, the obscure, the twisted, the gory, he was tired of not seeing the films that he loved being covered in current magazines.  So he decided that he would create his own, making it look and feel like the magazine that he would want to see out there.  So Evilspeak was then born.
    Last year at one of the conventions that we both were at, Billy told me his ideas about what he wanted to create and I thought it was a great idea.  I was even more thrilled when he asked me to contribute an article or two.  I mean, it isn't hard to get me going when you ask me to write about not only Paul Naschy, but my favorite of his films, HORROR RISES FROM THE TOMB.  Of course, to make the piece shine even more is this incredible piece of artwork that Don England has created for the cover of the debut issue.  No photoshop or computer coloring here, but good old fashion hand drawn piece of art.  I mean...just stunning.  I also wrote a retrospective on the Blood Island films, which was a lot of fun to revisit. 
    But this is going to have plenty of other highly talented writers that have turned out some great work for the debut issue.  Here's a list of what other topics you are going to find inside the bloody pages of Evilspeak:

  • Ulli Lommel interview, director of THE BOOGEYMAN, TENDERNESS OF THE WOLVES


  • HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP by Thomas Sueyres from Video Junkie fame

  • Retrospective on Gore Shriek comics by Mike Howlett

  • A Chas Balun article by Leon Marcelo, author of Creepy Crawls: A Horror Fiend's Travel Guide

  • A feature on the magazine's namesake, EVILSPEAK, by Liquid Cheese guru Dave Kosanke

  • Donald Farmer talks about the Drive-ins

  • Article on Heavy Metal horror movies, like ROCKTOBER BLOOD

  • CANNIBAL GIRLS article


  • Interview with Heather Langenkamp & Amanda Wyss

  • Much more

    They are hoping to have this ready in the next couple of months.  We'll have info here when it is, but you can also head over to their Facebook page HERE for more information and to show your support.

    The genius running Good Bad Flicks posted a video about movie posters last November and I just got around to catching it.  Just click HERE to watch it.  I've bitched about the lack of talent and creativity used for modern movie posters, but this video really takes it to another level and really shows how lazy the studios are, or even worse that they just don't care.  In the days before the internet, and even further back, the movie poster was the one thing that was used to get people to see the movie.  In fact, for studios like Hammer and AIP, the posters were created even before the script was written to sell the movie to the distributors.  If they liked the idea, then the studio made the movie.  So it had to be catchy, it had to draw the viewer in, and most of all, it had to make that person looking at that poster want to see the movie.  But so much has changed over the years, where it really looks like the studios are too stupid to realize it looks the same as a dozen other posters out there, or more likely, they just don't care.  It is a throwaway art form right now, which is a damn shame.  Because people like Reynold Brown, Tom Chantrell, Drew Struzan, Macario Gomez Quibus, and so many other talented artists, they are the ones responsible for making us want to see these movies.  Seeing the poster art for a film like THE DEADLY MANTIS is going to get me to see it.  But the poster for SCREAM?  Sorry...just the opposite.
    So what can we do, as fans of these posters?  Learn who created them.  Learn their name and the other work they have done.  Let's make sure that their names are just as important as the rest of the filmmakers.  A lot of these guys never got any respect, credit, or even paid enough, for what they were creating, usually on a very short time line.  So the next time you're looking at one of your favorite posters...see if you can find out who the artist was.  Maybe take a few minutes and do a little research.  Give them the credit they deserve.

    Some of the prizes have been mailed off to this year's winners and hopefully we'll have some photos of them to post soon.  If you're not joining in our little monthly challenges, then head over to our Army page to check it out, as well as seeing all the great prizes our soldiers have won over the last 4 years.  Granted, the bottom line is to get people to watch more movies, but winning some free stuff is pretty cool too!  So come on and enlist!  And get your friend's to sign up as well.

    Sure, I've been known not to have much love for Walkers, the fanatical Walking Dead fans that love the show.  So why would I even mention that there is a new convention going on called Walker Stalker Con?  Because I'm thrilled they have started these shows up.  Why?  Simple.  Because then it will draw the stars and fans of this TV show to this convention instead of clogging up the regular horror cons out there, where the fans that go to there are fans of things BESIDES Walking Dead.  So these Walkers can lineup to pay people like Addy Miller $20 to $30 because she was in one episode for about 30 seconds.  Better at this show then the other ones.  So good luck to the people running these shows and I hope they do well enough to keep these guests from the shows that I go to.  Maybe you should try to get the people that did the catering for the TV show too.  I'm sure those Walkers would pay $20 for their autograph too.

    This week's lesson is about an artist that was one of the key figures responsible in corrupting the youth in the '50s.  Or so some would have it.  But we know better, don't we?  Head over to the classroom the learn more.

    Our photo from last week was not from FRIDAY THE 13th, which a few people thought it was.  It was actually from LET'S SCARE JESSICA TO DEATH.  Granted, I can see the similarities, but sorry...not this time.  But a few of you did recognize this highly underrated film.  Kudos goes out to the following: Hoby Abernathy, Dahlia Daniels, Dave Friedman, Chris Kinniery, Billy Nocera, John Pata, Raymond Rich, Gavin Schmitt, Mike Shields, Kristin Wicks, and William Wilson.  Well done, people.  Pat yourself on the back.
    This week's photo is from one that we recently watched for the first time.  As you can see in the photo, a very tasty one at that!  Just click HERE to send us your answer.  Good luck!

    Not a good way to start off 2014, when we hear about the passing of someone that has worked so hard at making sure some of the most obscure, strange, bizarre films & shorts ever made, were not lost and still available for movie fans, both old and new, to still enjoy.
    Mike Vraney, the founder of Something Weird Video, passed away last Thursday after a long battle with lung cancer.  He was only 56 years old.  In 1990, he started Something Weird Video that gave fans of cult and exploitation movies a place to find some of the most rare and otherwise lost pieces of celluloid.  Always on the search for something new (and weird), Vraney knew that these little bits of cult & exploitation gold were history and needed to be remembered and enjoyed, and worked very hard at searching and discovering what would have been lost to the world had it not been for his never-ending quest. 
    As someone who is always waving the flag for people to learn more about the genre and film, I commend Vraney for what he's done for the cult & exploitation industry, by bringing a lot of attention to filmmakers that most would have never heard of.  Names like Dwain Esper, Kroger Babb, Doris Wishman, Howard "Pappy" Goldman, David Friedman, and the rest of the notorious "Forty Thieves".  These were  the early purveyors of exploitation film makers and distributors, or as David Friedman calls them "light-footed carpetbaggers of cinemadom".  Coming into a small town with film prints and posters, to make a quick buck and then gone in a flash.  Friedman and Dan Sonney had even called Vraney "the forty-first theif", which was an name Vraney took with honor.
    Vraney also was the one that brought a lot of H.G. Lewis' films to the public on video and later DVD, not to mention countless other titles and film shorts that use to pack full Something Weird's DVD releases.  It is because of him that we all can still enjoy the film BLOOD FREAK too.
    So we honor this man who has worked so hard to keep the strange alive and watched, and are sorry to hear of his passing.  Our thoughts go out to his wife, family and friends.  He may be gone, but what he has given to the film community will never be forgotten.  Rest in Peace Mike.  And thank you so much for the many hours of strange entertainment.

    At the very end of 2012, we interviewed filmmaker Billy O'Brien about this film ISOLATION, which we were covering for the upcoming (and now released) book Hidden Horror, which you can read HERE.  But during the interview, he mentioned a film that he had just been hired to direct, that was going to be a sci-fi/horror film.  It seems the film is now finished and is called SCINTILLA.  Working with O'Brien again is actor John Lynch, who starred in ISOLATION, as well as appearing in Richard Stanley's HARDWARE.  O'Brien said this was a low budget film but you'd never know from the look of it.  I for one, am very excited to see it and hope that it gets picked up at some point for a release.
    You can check out the trailer HERE.

    We have an official Facebook Event for this.  Just click HERE for all the info and details.  The book is now available on Amazon for purchase as well.  Just click HERE or the book link in the Navigational menu on the left.  Please post any feedback on the Amazon page.

    We have posted our review of this sequel to a film from over 50 years ago, that even has the star of the original returning.  That's right, James Best, Rosco P. Coltrane himself, returns for this lame ass sequel to a very entertaining and fun '50s monster movie.  Head over to our Review Section to read all of our thoughts on this and learn once again why we have a negative attitude towards low budget films.  As we mention in our review, in the audio commentary for this movie, Fred Olen Ray makes the comment that “Anybody with an internet connection can be a critic.”  Well guess what, Fred?  Anybody with a camera can apparently be a movie director too.

    Ladies and Gentlemen...I give you the winners of the 2013 Kryptic Army!  The below individuals have shown great strength and courage to fight their way through many different horrors they have witnessed over the last year, especially the Battle of the Turkeys last November when we almost lost a few soldiers then.  But before we get to the names, I want to thank everyone that continues to participates in our Monthly movie challenges, even if you are not listed below.  Hopefully you have enjoyed our monthly challenges and have had a good time seeking out and watching some fun movies.  While the missions are getting more and more challenging to come up with some new ideas for the themes, it still remains a lot of fun to read all the different movies that are being watched.  So we appreciate your support throughout the year.  But let's not stop there.  While your struggling through the missions, it is always better to have more on your side.  I'm sure you know a person or two that is a die-hard horror fan like we are that would be a perfect soldier in our army.  So spread the word and let's get our numbers bigger and stronger.
    And now, let's get to the winners.  If you're name is listed below, please email me your mailing address and we'll get your prize mailed off to you.  And remember, if you can, PLEASE send us a photo of you holding the prize so we can add it to our Kryptic Army page.

  • Thomas Brennan – 8x10 still signed by H.G. Lewis

  • Craig J. Clark – PHANTASM mini-poster signed by director Don Coscarelli

  • Dahlia Daniels – NIGHTMARE 3 Spanish LC signed by director Chuck Russell

  • Jerry Downing – 8x10 still from HOUSE signed by director Steve Minor

  • Lance Ford - BASKET CASE mini-poster signed by director Frank Henenlotter

  • Damien Glonek – STANLEY Lobby Card Signed by director William Grefe

  • Doug Lamoreux - SATAN’S CHEERLEADERS DVD signed by director Greydon Clark

  • Erik Martin - 8x10 still from VAMPIRES signed by director John Carpenter

  • Dustin Moravick - TOURIST TRAP mini-poster signed by director David Schmoeller

  • John Pata - MANIAC mini-poster signed by director William Lustig

  • Erich Polnow - Slug repro from NIGHT OF THE CREEPS signed by director Fred Dekker

  • Stephen Weakley – DEAD & BURIED Spanish mini-poster signed by director Gary Sherman

    We thought all these mission reports were being archived on the Message Board we've been using, but unfortunately do to space, they get automatically deleted when we reach a certain space.  So we are slowing going back and retrieving the past mission reports from the message board and archiving them here on the site.  We have just finished getting all of the reports from 2012 transferred over and posted here on the site.  If you go to the Army page, under the listing for that year, right before the winners from that year are listed, there is a link for reports for that year.  The reports for 2010 and 2011 had already been deleted.  We have put up a page that lists what the original missions were if you are interested.  We're going to start working on getting all of 2013 transferred over as well and we'll announce that once it is done.

    Well I'm actually kind of bummed that more people didn't get our photo from last week.  That just means that everyone has some homework to do.  The shot was of one of the poor victims in Paul Naschy's HORROR RISES FROM THE TOMB.  This was my first foray into the works of Mr. Naschy and still remains as my favorite after all these years.  Couldn't recommend this movie enough.  Put it at the top of your To-Watch list for this year.  But at least we did get one person that correctly identified the movie, and that would be Chris Kinniery.  Well done, Chris.
    I guess we should use something a little easier this week.  Something to start the new year off on a nice easy one?  Sure...why not.  Hehehehe.....As always, just click HERE to send us your answer.  Good Luck!