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November 16th-18th, 2012


Our last show of this year was the HorrorHound show in Indy, which was being called Curtis Con by a few people.  Of course, we all know that Jamie Lee Curtis made her one and only appearance at a convention here, signing whatever the fans were bringing up.  All of the money she was making there at the show was going directly to the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.  So at least we knew the cost of her $80 autographs and such were going to a good cause.  Sure, that is a lot of money, and there would be no way in hell I personally would drop that kind of money.  But if you’re a big fan of HALLOWEEN, and knowing that this might just be the one time you could get something like that signed, you were going to be there.  And a lot of you were there.

We almost decided not to do this show because we knew that most of the people that would come to this show were going to be HALLOWEEN fans and would be coming for those autographs, not really to spend money in the dealer room.  Not only was Curtis there, but Nick Castle was making a rare appearance.  Having played Michael Myers in most of the first film, his autograph seems to be a hot item for collectors, along with Nancy Stephens who has appeared in a few of Carpenter’s earlier films.  Plus fans of HALLOWEEN 2 had a decent reunion there as well.  Throw in a group of celebrities from THE FOG, a few other guests, and you had a decent guest list that revolved around Curtis.

But if you by chance were not a huge fan of HALLOWEEN, or just weren’t into the autographs, there really wasn’t much there to draw you into the show.  But here’s the catch, HorrorHound was very forward in letting people that this was going to be a much smaller show than their normal Indy shows.  This show did have a huge turnout and was also the first time I’ve ever seen a show where there were more people waiting out in the hallways, outside of the dealer room, waiting to get autographs, than were in the dealer room at any given time.  Yes, this probably didn’t make the dealers too happy, but again, not sure how you couldn’t have known or at least had a pretty good guess that was the way it was going to be.  All of this being said, it did not stop us from having a good time.  We still had the chance to meet and talk with quite a few horror fans out there and making some new friends.

For me personally, the highlight of the show was actually meeting with Jamie Lee Curtis’ sister, Kelly.  Who?  Why?  Exactly what most people thought.  Being a fan of Italian horror films especially that of Michele Soavi, I knew that Kelly starred in his 1991 film THE SECT (aka THE DEVIL’S DAUGHTER).  So after my friend Buzz walked me around the dealer room with me trying to point her out, we finally caught up with her.  I walked up and asked if she was Jamie Lee’s sister and got a slight “gee…never get tired of hearing that” look, but after she replied that she was, I followed it up with a very excited “You were in Michele Soavi’s THE DEVIL’S DAUGHTER!”  Needless to say, she seemed surprised that someone knew that.  So we talked a few minutes about film and about Soavi.  She mentioned that Argento was on the set every day during the movie, and that working with Herbert Lom was just wonderful.  I could have talked to her for a lot longer about that movie, but didn’t want to keep her from what she was doing.  But it was so cool to meet someone like that, totally out of the blue.  And I did get my photo taken with her (which didn't cost me a dime!).  Truly great moment in my convention-going career.

All of the main Q&A panels were on Friday night.  The reason being was that the room where these Q&A’s were being held was going to be where Curtis was signing.  The first panel, which was supposed to be for the first HALLOWEEN, was cancelled for some reason, which was pretty disappointing since there were a few of the cast from that film there, which would have made a great panel.  But the second one was for HALLOWEEN 2 and featured guests Leo Rossi, Lance Guest, Gloria Gifford, and from the first HALLOWEEN, Brian Andrews.  Not sure why Charles Cyphers or Nancy Stephens weren’t there for this panel, since they were both in the sequel.  But none the less, the ones that were there had some great stories, both about working on the film, the director Rick Rosenthal, and even other films that they had worked on in the pasts.  Rossi is one of those actors that looks and sounds exactly the same as he does in the films, but is much, much nicer than what he plays in those films!

Brian Andrews - Gloria Gifford - Lance Guest

The next panel was for the different actors who had played Michael Myers in the past films.  They included Brad Loree (HALLOWEEN: RESSURECTION), Chris Durand (HALLOWEEN H20), Dick Warlock (HALLOWEEN 2), Will Sandin (the 6-year old Michael in HALLOWEEN), and Nick Castle (HALLOWEEN).  It is pretty interesting to hear some of their take on certain scenes that fans have been talking about for years, on their meanings and how these actors came up with it.  For example, like the famous head tilt that Castle does after stabbing the one guy to the wall, turned out that it was just a comment from Carpenter for him just to tilt his head to the side.  No meaning or explanation from the actor, but just following something the director told him to do.  As for the way he moved, Carpenter just told him to walk.  Same with the other actors that were portraying Myers in the following films, that they would either be trying to copy the performance from Castle, or going by minimal or no direction from their director.

Brad Loree - Chris Durand - Dick Warlock - Will Sandin - Nick Castle

The last Q&A panel that night was a mini-reunion for THE FOG, which featured actors Tom Atkins and Adrienne Barbeau and Tommy Lee Wallace who was the editor, production designer and appeared in the film as one of the ghosts.  Once again, not sure why Charles Cyphers wasn’t on the panel since he was in the film as well.  Ty Mitchell, who played Adrienne’s son, was suppose to be there, but apparently missed his flight and didn’t get to the show until Saturday.  But no matter who shows up, Tom Atkins is a great guest when it comes to the Q&A.  He has some great stories.  The questions didn’t just stick to THE FOG either, as Barbeau talked about her role in CREEPSHOW in developing her role as the wicked Billie, which was pretty entertaining.

Tommy Lee Wallace - Adrienne Barbeau - Tom Atkins

The only other Q&A that weekend was on Saturday night and was for Jamie Lee Curtis (which is available to watch on Youtube…just click HERE).  This was pushed back about 90 minutes because Curtis wanted to make sure that everyone that had paid for an autograph on Saturday would get it.  So she pretty much signed non-stop for well over 12 hours.  Got to give her some major props for that.  You did have to pay an extra $10 to get into this Q&A, which there were some complaints about it.  But since there were so many people at that show and only a limited amount of people that could legally fit into the room, it made sense to do that to trim down the number of people.  None the less, the room was still packed.  Curtis seemed so down to earth and really seemed to love being there with all of these fans.  She had tons of great stories and answers to the questions she was given.  She was very upfront and honest about her feelings about the genre and her work in it.  It really was a once in a lifetime opportunity for fans of her films.  We got a lot of background and behind the scenes information during that hour-plus Q&A panel and it was really entertaining.

We have to give credit to HorrorHound for pulling this off.  I'm sure this wasn't the easiest of tasks to do, knowing that there were going to be those people that were going to complain anyway.  I can guarantee you there was a lot of behind-the-scenes work that they did that nobody knows about.  But I have to say that it seemed to run pretty smoothly, which is always a bonus.  As much as I am against the $80 charge, at least that money was going to charity.  Not sure about the rest of the celebs...though I have a good idea.  But HorrorHound gave the fans a possible once-in-a-lifetime experience that nobody has every been able to do before.

The rest of the weekend was spent chatting with our friends at the show, both dealers and fans.  As I’ve said before, this is one thing about these shows that we have the most fun with.  Heading out for pizza with some good friends is just a blast, so thanks go out to Ken, Justin, Alan, and Freddy and the folks at Night of the Living Podcast, for making our Saturday night so much fun.  Great pizza and some great conversations, and bringing people together for a fun evening.  This is the one thing that will never go away or change with conventions for us.  No matter the guest lineup or the location, the friends and fans that go there will always be the same.  And we look forward to that each and every time.



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