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March 27th-29th, 2009

After the last HorrorHound show, we were a bit nervous about this one.  Sure, we always have a great time at these shows.  But as a dealer set up there, itís also nice when you can make some money.  So while we had a lot of fun there, itís wasnít good business wise.  There didnít seem to be a lot of people coming through the door, and the ones that did, were giving their money for the $20 autographs.  So we had made up our mind that we were going to this HorrorHound show if only to have fun.  That is really what it is all about for us.

So imagine our surprise when the doors opened up on Friday and the crowds just kept coming in and more coming in, and even more.  I havenít been to a show in a long time where it was this crowded for a Friday.  Apparently the recession either isnít affecting horror fans, or that we just donít care.  But the crowds were there, and they were spending their money.  Then when Saturday came around, the crowds were even bigger.  There wasnít a time during the day that you could see down any of the aisles due to so many people strolling through.  It was a great and amazing site.  Even on Sunday, which is usually quite slow at any show, there were still a decent crowd.  As we mentioned, we were nervous about the future of the HorrorHound shows, but after this one, we can tell these guys are going anywhere.  And from what I understand, itís going to get even better.

Making the trip out to Indianapolis this time out were some of the usual Chicago crew.  Kristin and Matt (aka amazing artist Putrid) were along for the ride, along with a horror convention virgin, Joe Wallace.  Since this was Joeís first convention, it was great to almost experience the show through his eyes as a first-timer.  But after the weekend was over, I donít think this will be the last time we see of him.

And there was another ďfirstĒ for me at least, which really blew my mind.  Weíve been coming to Indianapolis for a couple of years now, to the very same hotel.  So imagine my surprise when I discovered that less a mile away from the hotel, there was a street called Kitley Avenue.  Since my last name is not the most common, I found that pretty bizarre.  And as much as a temptation it was toÖ"borrow" the sign, we chose just to take a photo instead.

But letís get to the show.  Set up right next to us in the dealer room was J.D. Feigelson, creator/writer/assistant director on one of the scariest made-for-TV movies, Dark Night of the Scarecrow (1981).  With an all-star lineup, like Charles Durning, Lane Smith, and Larry Drake, this movie gave a lot of kidsí nightmares anytime it aired on TV.  Over the years, even though it had gotten a video release, it was one hard-to-find movies.  HorrorHound even listed it in their most requested DVD release article a few issues back.  And low and behold, that is just what is going to happen this October.  But during the show, we had several conversations with J.D., who is a super nice guy and had some really great stories.

Another real surprise for us at the show was getting to meet actor Kevin J. OíConnor, who was just there attending the show as a fan.  Weíve enjoyed OíConnorís work in films like Lord of Illusions, The Mummy, Deep Rising, and even Van Helsing (yes, we do like that one).  For someone to have worked in some big budgeted Hollywood films, heís still a very down-to-Earth person and had some fun stories.

One of the things that were new to this show was the Mask-Fest, held by the Halloween Mask Association.  Not being a collector of masks, I didnít think it would be that interesting.  But as I walked through this part of the show was like walking through an art exhibit.  Sure, a twisted exhibit, but an exhibit none the less.  There were some really talent piece of work on display here, some of them just mind-boggling at how realistic they looked.  These exhibits had people going through them the entire weekend.

And as usual, these HorrorHound shows always seemed to take place the same weekend as other strange events that are at the same hotel.  One year there was a Mary Kay conference, another a karate tournament.  And these year was no different with some womenís religious event, that even included a Friday night pajama party.  At one point during the weekend, there was a bunch of the horror crowd hanging out in the hotel hallway listening to some strange noises coming from one of rooms, apparently some of these zealots were speaking in tongues.  Although, from I was told, it sounded more like a cross between a UFO and one of the mogwaiís from Gremilins.  And us horror fans are considered strange?

There were quite a few movies that were showing throughout the weekend, including the much talked about Martyrs, which had our fellow traveler Kristin needing some alone time after watching it.  But again, one thing sadly missing from these shows are the Q&A sessions.  There was a small one with J.D. Feigelson after a screening of Dark Night of the Scarecrow, but that was about it.  Hopefully we can see this change at their upcoming shows.

Of course, how can we go through this report without mentioning Cory Haim.  He was there as part of the Lost Boys reunion, which also included Billy Wirth, Brooke McCarter, Chance Michael Corbitt, and singer/songwriter G Tom Mac (aka Gerard McMann).  Once again, not sure whatís more amazing: the fact that these guys are charging $20 for their autograph or that people are actually paying it.  But what was even more amazing was seeing an impromptu musical jam session with G Tom Mac and Cory Haim.  Iím sure the amount of alcohol the crowd had ingested might have something to do with the positive reaction they were getting, or maybe itís just me seeing this as the train wreck that it really was.  But letís not dwell on the negative.  Haim looked in pretty good shape and really was enjoying the crowd he was getting at his table.

All the other guests seemed to be having a fun time there as well.  We were right down the aisle from Amy Steel from Friday the 13th 2, and C.J. Graham (Jason from Friday 6) and Warrington Gillette (Jason from Friday 2) and they seemed to be having a lot of fun with their fans, both young and old.  A new face to the convention circuit is Luke Goss, who played the main villain in Blade 2 and Hellboy 2: The Golden Army.  Weíve always enjoyed his work and it was great having a chance to talk to him, brief as it was.  John Kassir, voice of the Crypt Keeper from HBO's Tales from the Crypt was there as well.  Several times over the weekend, we would get convention announcements via the Crypt Keeper shrieking voice.  Fun stuff.

So the show was a great time for us, and it seems for a lot of people.  Major kudos to Nathan, Aaron, and Jeremy from HorrorHound for making this happen and making it a fun time.  Anytime we can hang around all of horror friends for the weekend and geek out, itís always going to be a good time.

We didn't get too many celeb photos this time out, but we did get a lot of the amazing masks that were on display.  So enjoy!

J.D. Feigelson