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September 6th-8th, 2013

Starting our month long adventures for September was our trip once again to Indianapolis for the HorrorHound Weekend, the very same hotel where it all started.  Joining us on our tour was the whole Kitley Klan: Dawn, Nick, and myself, as well as our good friend of the Krypt, Aaron Christensen.  The last time the four of us went to a convention we got stuck in a major snowstorm coming back home.  So we had our fingers crossed that fate wouldn’t cross our paths twice in a row.  And thankfully, other than a little bit of rain, it was fine.  Each year, the Indy show just packs in the fans, between here and the Mask Fest event that takes place at the same time, there is always a lot of cool stuff to see.

The big draw to this show was Robert Englund and the FREDDY VS JASON reunion.  While we had just recently watched this one for the first time, only because we just didn’t care about it when it had first came out, and it still didn’t get us all warm and tingly for it.  Granted, it was a lot better than most of the later day NIGHTMARE sequels, but nothing to drool over.  I hadn’t realized just how popular that movie was.  But then again, any and all of the Freddy and Jason movies have a following, no matter what the public consensus is.  Seeing the Q&A session being standing room only just shows how popular this movie is.  And no matter how many shows or appearances that Robert Englund makes, he still draws one hell of a crowd.  We’ve met Englund a few times over the years and have so much respect for him because of his knowledge of the acting trade.  He was well aware of all the different things that his co-stars from FvJ had been doing or currently working on and was more than happy to point that out to the crowd.  While Englund is one of the nicest (and talkative) of the bigger celebs that routinely hit the convention circuit, I have to say that his management leaves little to be desired, making sure that his fans are getting rushed through the lines, giving people the evil eye if they stay too long talking to their hero.  Such is life.

Included in the FvJ reunion was Katharine Isabelle, who was until recently probably known for her role in the GINGER SNAPS movies.  But now, with the success of AMERICAN MARY, I think she’s going to go on to bigger things.  We really enjoyed her performance in this very original film.  If you haven’t seen it, then check it out.

This year, we were set up in one of the middle aisles, plastered in with a bunch of our fellow Chicago dealers and friends, and were even lucky enough to be right next to Putrid, who had had his own table for the weekend.  Some would say that a very warm place had just gotten a lot colder.  I was very surprised to see him at his table for pretty much the weekend.  Sure, there were those times when he wandered off somewhere, but I got to give credit for being at his table as much as he was.  Plus, it was kind of nice to sit and catch up with him for a while.  Billy & Vanessa from Razorback Records were on the other side of Putrid, so we had plenty of time to chat with them throughout the weekend as well.  Nothing beats having some serious horror movie talk with some diehard fans like them.  And honestly, and you are more than welcome to call me an elitist for this, but it seems that more and more fans coming through these conventions these days are less and less die hard.  Sure, they may collect a lot of stuff, but I wonder how much of it they really know what it is.  How many of these old VHS tapes that they are paying ridiculous amounts of money for are they actually watching?  Of if they do, do they know anything about the people that actually made the movie?  Not trying to bitch here people, but here’s a little lesson from ‘ol man Kitley…if you really want to consider yourself a real horror fan, learn about the genre and the people who has worked in there.  It really is more than just buying autographs and old VHS tapes.

Okay…enough ranting.  Though, you really should be coming to expect that if you’ve read more than a couple of my convention reports!  But I will say that one of the highlights of the show for me, guest-wise, was actor, stuntman, and “suit performer” (as they’re called) Douglas Tait.  We first became aware of this amazing talent through a documentary called MEN IN SUITS that we reviewed some time ago, that shows some of the talented actors that are usually never seen by the camera because they are buried deep with a costume or makeup prosthetics, or both, but are still bringing the same A game that any regular actor would be…if not quite a bit more.  Tait was featured quite a bit in the documentary showing him go through the stages of the character design and the makeup and effects teams building the suit literally around him, as well as showing the amount of physical work involved in just something as simple as walking and waving your arms about.  These guys really have to bring these artificial characters to life, and Tait has done some incredible work during his career.  Just check out his list of movies that he’s worked on.  So at the beginning of the show, we went over to talk to him for a bit, letting him know how much we enjoyed MEN IN SUITS as well as hoping that performers like him and others can start to get the recognition they rightly deserve. 

In the room across from the HorrorHound show is the Mask Fest room.  I'm not a collector of masks and the kind of prop stuff they sell there, but it is fun to walk around there and see some of the amazing work here.  But while taking a little tour through there, I saw a mask that if I ever was going to buy one, this one would have been it.  Someone had actually made a mask from the movie ZAAT!  This would have looked pretty damn cool propped up somewhere in our Krypt, but just couldn't do it.  Maybe next time.

I will have to say that one of the best things about coming to Indianapolis for a convention is being able to hit Jockomo’s Pizza.  Usually we have a large group of people that tend to gather around dinner time so we can continue our little horror family reunion in the evening.  But this time, I think we had somewhere close to 30 people that all converged on this pizza place that we’ve been going to on a regular basis now for about 3 years.  One of the managers there knows us and treats us like kings.  No matter what we throw at him, like a party of 30 coming, they go out of their way to make it happen.  Not to mention the fact that they have some really amazing pizza.  So if you’re ever in that area, look them up and check them out.  And tell the manager that the crazy horror guy from Chicago told you about the place.

Of course, every show that we go to we get the chance to hang out and chat with so many of our friends that we only see at these shows.  So it was great to be able to sit and have some deep conversations on different movies that we have watched since the last get together.  Always a good time.  Plus, do to the hard work and persistence of Aaron and John Pata, we were able to have a little sample of our upcoming book Hidden Horror, which will be out by the end of the year.  So we were able to do a little bit of advance PR on it, working on getting the word out there.  But also having a few of the writers that have essays in there at the show as well, such as Dustin Jablonski, it made it even better.  I know everyone that was involved of this is going to be pretty damn proud of it.  I know I am.

Well, since I’m writing this report about 3 months after the show that is about all I can remember.  But maybe the next one will be more memorable.  See you next time!


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