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JOHN AMPLAS - Fans of the early films of George Romero will know Mr. Amplas from the title role in Martin.  Starting in acting at a young age, Amplas has continued his work in the arts, but mainly in the world of the theater.  But that wasn't before appearing in several of Romero's films, like Knightriders, Day of the Dead, and even as a rotting corpse in Creepshow.
    A new face to the convention circuit, we had the chance to talk to him at the Cinema Wasteland show in Oct. of 2008.  He was a great guy to talk to and amazed at how many horror fans out there that according to Amplas "know more about these films that I was in than I do!"

BAD TASTE Cast - These interviews were conducted through many emails with Pete O'Herne, Craig Smith, and Mike Minett.  Don't remember when exactly these interviews were done, but I think it was somewhere late in 1999.  We also had plenty of photos that Pete O'Herne had sent us to use for the interivews.  But those were lost in a hard drive crash.  But the interview and a couple of the photos are still intact, and still should be interesting and enjoyable to fans of BAD TASTE and Peter Jackson.


MARIANO BAINO - This director first burst into the horror scene with his short film Carnucula back in 1990.  After getting quite a lot of attention from film festivals, he took on his first full-length feature film, Dark Waters, made in 1994, which in the making the film itself is quite a story on it's own.
    Baino showed a great eye for film making, as well as unique style and imagination.  We are looking forward to anytime he gets back behind the camera.
    We caught up with Baino at the Cinema Wasteland show, in October of 2008, where he sat down with us for a few minutes to give us a little history on his background, as well as what he's been doing since Dark Waters.

MIKE BARONAS - Creator of the DVD Paura - Lucio Fulci Remembered: Volume 1, which documents what it was like working with Italian director Lucio Fulci from the people who worked with him.
    Baronas has spent many hours tracking down these people to ask them what was their fondest memory of Lucio.  This shows the passion of a true fan of Fulci's work, who wanted people to see that Fulci was not some hack director, but a very talented and even more so underrated filmmaker.
    So we wanted to spend a few minutes with Mike to let him share his experiences with Fulci work, and the countless people from the Italian film industry that he talked to.  Our admiration goes out to anyone that is trying to expand the knowledge of film fans out there.  Especially horror film fans.  This interview was done in June of 2008.

- Breck's name became known to horror fans as the man behind the makeup in Victor Salva's JEEPERS CREEPERS movies.  This interview was conducted at the Flashback Weekend, on June 14th, 2003, where Breck was nice enough to grant us a few minutes to talk to him about playing this wonderful creature, and the pains involved in making this type of monster movie.


DOUGLAS BUCK & JOHN FREITAS - Looking for a series of short films that you will never forget?  Then check out Family Portraits: An American Trilogy.  Buck is one of the most promising up-and-coming directors out there.  His films pack a punch, and a meaning.  Something that most of Hollywood has forgotten how, or never knew to begin with.
    We had a chance to catch up with Buck and his partner John Freitas at Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors in Chicago, in February '08.  He was there promoting his newest film, the remake of Sisters.  We asked him not only about his new vision of this classic film, but also his powerful short films, as well as making independent films.

CORALINA CATALDI-TASSONI - Every fan of Italian horror should know her name, especially if you're a fan of Dario Argento.  The lovely Coralina has been in Argento's OPERA, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, and THE MOTHER OF TEARS.  She also starred in Lamberto Bava's DEMONS 2.
    Coralina sat down with us in November of 2002 to let her know her thoughts about her film career as well as her musical career.  You won't find a more real and more sweeter person to talk to than Coralina.  There's a reason why fans love her.

CHARLES B. GRIFFITH - Fans of Roger Corman's work will know the work of this man of many talents, if not his name.  Most notably, Griffith was a screenwriter, coming up with such Corman classics as LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, BUCKET OF BLOOD, NOT OF THIS EARTH, ATTACK OF THE CRAB MONSTERS, and even DEATH RACE 2000.
    This interview was conducted at the Cinema Wasteland show in April of 2007.  Later that year, in September, Griffith passed way of a heart attack.  His talent will be missed, but his work will live on in the hearts of fans like us.

JACK HILL - This was our very first interview, and I don't think we could have picked a nicer guy.  Once again, Hill's name is very well known in the exploitation film industry, cranking out many great movies, most notably SPIDER BABY, COFFEY, BIG BIRD CAGE, and working with Boris Karloff on his last films.
    This interview was done in June on 1999, and was at the time that SPIDER BABY was getting a it's first DVD release.  So most of the interview dealt with SPIDER BABY and also working with Karloff.


DOUG JONES -  For a man who's face is more famous for being under makeup than without, it's must be due to the enormous amount of talent he possesses.  Even though he's been acting for over 20 years, he only recently came into the forefront after portraying the fishman Abe Sapien in Guillermo del Toro's Hellboy.  And even more so in the Oscar nominated masterpiece PAN'S LABYRINTH, where Jones played two major characters, both under heavy make-up.
    While at the HorrorHound Weekend, at the end of August, 2008, in Jones' hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana, we had the chance to ask him a few questions about his roles, his friend and director del Toro, and just how he works his magic under all that make-up. 

JULIET MILLS - While most people might know Juliet Mills from the many TV shows that she's been on, us horror fans remember her from BEYOND THE DOOR, the Italian film inspired by THE EXORCIST.  I remember watching this one on TV for the first time and having the crap scared out of me.
    We met up with Mills at a small movie memorabilia show in the Chicagoland area, in November of 2005.  She was gracious enough to spend few minutes with us to talk about her memories about BEYOND THE DOOR.


CAROLINE MUNRO - Any fan of Hammer Studios knows who Caroline Munro is from her work on DRACULA 72 A.D. and CAPTAIN KRONOS: VAMPIRE HUNTER.  But she has also worked all over the world, with many different genre icons.  People like Jess Franco, Paul Naschy and Luigi Cozzi.
    It was at the Cinema Wasteland show in April of 2007 that we sat down with her for a few minutes to ask her about working in many different counties and with so many talented people.


JUDITH O'DEA - Every  horror fan has seen George Romero's film NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (at least they better have) knows the poor young woman driven crazy by the onslaught of the living dead.  The way her brother Johnny was tormenting her in the beginning of the film was nothing compared to what was coming that fate day when they visited the cemetery.
    Our good friend Will Wilson had the chance to interview O'Dea back in 2007 on the set of a new movie called WOMEN'S STUDIES that she was appearing in.  Some of the interview was published before, but a good chunk of it has never seen the light of day.  Until  now.
    So enjoy a few words about the making of the cult classic, and other interesting aspects of her career, both then and now.

BILLY O'BRIEN - This is one name that most of you are not familiar with.  Which is a shame.  But we hope to change that.  Back in 2005, this writer / director gave us an incredible atmospheric and dark horror film called ISOLATION.  Taking place on a cow farm in Ireland, not the usual setting for a horror movie.  But with a great cast leading the way, O'Brien created an incredible moving and frightening film.
    At the end of 2012, we were able to connect with O'Brien to get some more information on this film that has sadly fallen by the wayside, as well as what he's been up to since then.  With some great stories of dedication and endurance, O'Brien shares with us how this movie came about and the people involved.  Hopefully this will spark more of you to seek out this underrated classic.

ANDREW PRINE - Another genre icon from the 70's & 80's, Andrew Prine has been in tons of entertaining movies.  Just look up his filmography.  GRIZZLY.  AMITYVILLE II, THE EVIL, and even the TV mini-series V.  You can always count on a good time when Prine is on the screen.
    It was in April of 2005 when we had the chance to spend a few minutes with Prine and get his thoughts on some of his many genre titles.


JENNIFER RUBIN - Fans of the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET series will know Jennifer Rubin from her role as one of the Dream Warriors in NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 3: THE DREAM WARRIORS.  Other genre films that she's been in are BAD DREAMS, SCREAMERS, and the remake of THE WASP WOMAN.
    We sat down were her in December of 2006 to talk about being a Dream Warrior and some of her other movies.


DAVID SCHMOELLER - Mr. Schmoeller hasn't directed a ton of horror films, mainly at the beginning of his career.  But the ones he did still remain classics today.  Titles like TOURIST TRAP and CRAWLSPACE, where he had to deal with the one of a kind Klaus Kinski.  This film has always been one of my favorites, not only because of Kinski's performance, but the movie itself.  He also directed the very first PUPPET MASTER, which started the trend.
    Between making movies and his job as a film professor, Schmoeller keeps himself busy.  He made his first convention appearance at the Cinema Wasteland show in April of 2012, where he was gracious enough to sit down with us for a little interview.  While we only covered a few films from his filmography, I think we hit most of the high points, and still came away with some great stories.


TOM SULLIVAN - If it wasn't for the incredible work of Tom Sullivan, who knows if EVIL DEAD would have been as big as a success that it was, still astounding audiences more than 20 years later.  With no money and very little time, Sullivan delivered the goods when it came to the blood and gore, and some incredible stop animation work.
    He is a regular at the Cinema Wasteland shows, as well as other conventions throughout the year.  If you ever get a chance to see him at one of these, especially if he's bringing along his EVIL DEAD museum, make sure you stop by and talk to him.  As you can tell from this interview, he's got some great stories to tell.


MICHAEL WANDMACHER - Since we are huge fans of horror soundtracks, when the opportunity presented itself to get an interview with composer Wandmacher, we jumped at the chance.  Wandmacher is the composer of one of our favorite scores, Cry Wolf.  But he has also done a lot of work in the horror and sci-fi genre, as well as just about all other genres out there.
    But as long as I've been a fan of movie music, I figured I knew a little bit about it.  But after talking to Wandmacher, I was amazed how really how little I knew about the process.
    Plus, it doesn't help when the composer is a big fan of the horror and sci-fi genres to begin with.  That just made the interview even more interesting for everyone.
    This interview was conducted on Dec. 13th, 2008.

CAROLINE WILLIAMS - Taking the very risky job of the lead role in the sequel to one of the most famous horror movies ever made, Caroline Williams put 110% into her role as Stretch, the radio DJ who has a run in with the Sawyer family.
    Williams is one of the sweetest and nicest people you could talk to.  She goes way out of her way to make her fans know her appreciation for what she has been giving.
    While at the Flashback Weekend in June of 2008, we sat down with Caroline to talk about chainsaws, Leprechauns, and those wacky creators that helped bring this sequel to life.